Mike tells Frank that he is super, super blessed at home dumb this cast is..

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


8:45am Frank is awake, he grabs a coffee and heads outside. He starts talking to the camera and complaining about the other people who sit out on the couch and start picking their feet. He says that they then go and touch doors and shake peoples hands. It’s gross. He points out all the dirty cups and bowls laying around.

Frank says that Joe has been talking porcupines about me.  He says that he is thinking about calling Joe and Janelle out. He says that the Janelle lied the other day to Wil saying that I wanted to back door Wil, which I didn’t I never said that. Frank says that he really like Wil and would want to work with him. Frank comments on how Shane is a bigger target than him because he keeps winning competitions. He apologies for the fight with Willie and says that he hopes he didn’t embarrass himself or his family. He says that they funniest thing he has said all summer was when he told Willie to eat his fu*king froot loops. He says that Joe lied and said that I came up with the final 2 deal. Not true! He came to me the second day.

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He says that he hopes he isn’t being too trusting of Danielle and Shane. He says that they really want to work with and that they aren’t lying to him. He says that he understands why they put him up, but that’s okay. He explains why Britney was getting paranoid about the votes and that they wanted to control them. He says that he doesn’t think Shane and Danielle are the type of people that would look him in the eye and lie to him. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t know. He figures he has 3 votes and that he will still be here. He says that he wishes he hadn’t won that second HOH. I am too big of a fan though to not win an HOH. He says that he didn’t really like anyone on the show when it started, he says that he did like Willie before he flipped out. He says that he doesn’t like Joe or Janelle for lying about him. I do like Wil, I would like to work with him in this game. He says that he almost had Ashley pulled away from Janelle.
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9:10am – 9:45am Frank says that Shane putting him on the block, now I will need to have to go after him and maybe even try and back door him. He says that he can’t exactly trust me, which means that I can’t exactly trust him. Mike joins him. Mike says obvious Wil feels targeted by Shane. What if we say if you rely on your team and I leave then who is going to get Shane out.  They want to see if Wil will work with Frank. They think about floating the idea by Wil tomorrow or Thursday morning. Mike talks about how the coaches being in the game really messes up their game. He says that Dan is really convinced we are coming into the game. Mike says that he thinks once we get down to 9, we will enter the game. Franks says that one thing that got him thinking is how Janelle asked if she had to go to sequester because she wants to go home to her baby and they said no she didn’t need to go. Mike tells Frank that he is playing the game like he has played before and all the others are a bunch of amateurs. Frank tells Mike if he wins the coaches challenge he needs to trade (Jenn). Mike says that he has already though about that. Frank says that Jenn can’t win anything. Mike says that if you (Frank) go home, I am going to spend every waking hour hunting him down. Frank says you could trade for him. Mike tells Frank that he is super blessed at home dumb this cast is… They have had 13 other seasons to learn from too. Mike says that on Friday for the coaches competition he is going to be an animal, Janelle better look out. Frank says that he talks to Shane and Britney that if he next week if he wins he would put up Jenn or Ian. To make them think that he would go after his own players. They joke around about how Ian couldn’t just give a straight answer. Frank says if I get sent home because a 21 year old kid can’t give a yes or no answer I am going to be pissed. Mike gets called to the diary room. Frank than show the camera how you clean up after yourself and clean a cup. Boom down! That’s how you do it, its not that hard.


10:15am – 10:30am Mike says that he had another idea to give Britney a chain of confidence. That he or both of them go to Britney and sell them on how his only chance is to hitch his wagon to Frank. He says to make them think that he is ready to get rid of Ian and Jenn. Frank says that the only thing he is worried about how Britney already feels bad for Ian, so it might go the wrong way and she might tell him. Then he ends up voting me out. Frank says maybe just say it a different way like don’t mention names. Wil joins them out on the couch. Mike floats the idea of Wil possibly voting out Joe this week if he is done with the teams or not. Wil worries about being put up next week if he goes against his team. They start talking about Ian and how he has no idea how to play this game. Mike says that he has a problem with how Ian can recite every eviction from all the season in order but you have no idea how to play the game. Wil talks about how he is trying to break away from Janelle. Mike and Frank explain that he never said that he was going to back door Wil last week. Mike tells Wil that people that go to the jury change the way they vote after they have been there for a while. Wil asks Mike if he is willing to lose some of his players. Mike explains that he would be a fool if he thought he could take all three to the finals. Not to mention Ian is the reason why we are in this position. Frank tells Wil that if he keeps him he will give him his vote down the road, and that he can pretty much guarantee Jenn and Ian too as well. Wil tells them that if they are going to badger anyone, they should badger Joe. He doesn’t shy away from drama. Frank says that he is already thinking about calling him and Janelle out.


11am – 11:30am Mike and Ashley are out in the backyard talking. Mike says you don’t get too bored in here do you? Ashley says no. Mike says you like it here don’t you. Ashley says yeah. Frank and Joe join them outside. They talk about random stuff. Ashley jokes that she got them good last night when she told them she had some HL pills in her bag if they wanted any. Mike says high on life pills. Ashley says yeah. Britney joins them. They talk about what its like in the house and how hard it will be to get back to normal.


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51 thoughts on “Mike tells Frank that he is super, super blessed at home dumb this cast is..

  1. I really don’t want Frank to go home, but I am sooooooooo excited for Boogie to come into the game and ruin Shane’s entire game plan. The next HOH is probably going to be endurance, so I think Boogie and Ian have a great chance of winning!

  2. Pignelle is reminding me more and more of Natalie with her obnoxious bragging “in my season i won 4 HOH’s and 5 POV’s” and “i dont mean to toot my own horn but I’m better liked because i’m trustworthy”. I loved her as the underdog in season 6 but was less enamored when she was so easily played by the boys in season 7 – now as a coach her true personality has come out and it aint pretty even with implants and peroxide.

    I was all for getting Frank out as Shane’s best move but now I kind of want him to stay – he sees through Pignelle’s BS and is not afraid to call her out on it and that’s why she’s on such a rant to not only get him out but make all the nasty personal attacks against him. And with coaches coming into the game I defintiely see Shane and Frank teaming up to take them out – I dont see anyone else in the house with the same backbone – Wil is the only one with that potential but he’s still a wild card – i do like his trash talking P’nelle when she thinks she’s a gay man’s goddess so there’s hope for him yet.

    So if some coaches dont enter the game they have a better shot at the 100K right? And what happens to the players whose coaches join the game? do they get picked by the remaining coaches? If so that also increases the coaches-who-stay-coaches odds. I think P’nelle and Boogie’s egos will make them join the game and Brit and Dan may choose to stay as coaches if they can pick up the players that Pignelle and Boogie abandon and have a 50-50 shot at 100K.

    1. HAHAHA! Pignelle!

      Oh, gawd! I could not stand Natalie! “I can crush pumpkins with my armpits!” At least she didn’t spray breastmilk in people’s faces like what’s-her-name.

  3. I commented before that at the beginning of the game I heard Janelle say something like I said in my contract that i dont want to go to jury house. If im not winning then i dont want to be in the jury house away from my baby.
    If thats the case then i dont understand how the coaches are coming back in. As when they are voted out they go to jury so i wonder if they get voted out another past guest comes back or something. Jodi has given interviews but Kara and Jojo have not and seem to be in sequester so maybe they will be able to come back if the coaches are voted out and that would bring numbers the same if they do double eviction or whatever. Does that make sense at all? Let me know your thoughts????? Maybe im wrong about numbers. Someone please explain????

    1. remember that the americas vote question is not “should the coaches be put into the game” but it is “should the coaches be offered the chance to enter the game” the key word to me is offered and I take it to mean they are under no obligation to enter. So if Janelle doesnt want to risk jury house she can remain a coach or if coaches are done away with completely she can take her share and screw. I would think that who ever is in sequester as well as who ever is voted off this week will compete to fill the spots not taken by the coaches who choose not to come into the game. So if Janelle chose not to come in herself Frank would have a very real chance to come back as well and in turn team with Boogie as players and go directly at Shane, could make things VERY interesting.

  4. After reading that Boogie said this, “Mike tells Frank that he is super blessed at home dumb this cast is… They have had 13 other seasons to learn from too.” I hope more than ever,that no one becomes wishy washy with the votes.I can’t wait to see Boogie’s face,when Julie tells Frank he’s been evicted.On Thursday night show CBS,should show the viewers the footage of Boogie saying what I just quoted,before Julie tells Frank he’s evicted.Then after she tells Frank.They should keep the camera on Boogie’s face.Lol.Boogie’s arrogance is unbelievable.If Frank walks out that door this week.Then maybe that will humble Boogie,atleast for a little bit.But I doubt it,but it will show that atleast the entire cast isn’t dumb.They will be voting out Boogie’s puppet(Frank),which will cripple Boogie.

    1. you just dont get it. people just fail to get it

      playing big brother is just as much about playing production as it is the rest of the hg’s/

      example—boogie knows willie got kicked, boogie knows that creates a extra week. boogie knows they did the “phone calls” aka chilltown’s go to.

      if you think that boogie isnt setting this up so that CBS says “hey, I think we need frank back in the house” leading to frank vs jojo vs kara in a strength competition, then you really dont know this game

      1. Bah, YOU are absolutely giving Booger too much credit. You sincerely think that Booger is not only playing the HG’s, but also production????? You are absolutely delusional. Production manipulates the HG’s HOWEVER they want, WHENEVER they want. Mike Booger may be a decent BB player, but he is not the super genius mastermind you are making him out to be…….or Frank wouldn’t even be in jeopardy, while they BOTH get manipulated into thinking it’s Ian’s fault. Wake the f— up and stop drinking the Mike Booger Koolaid.

        1. no. I believe that he knows what production wants. I said it wrong. He knows the drama and what they put on cbs, and I think hes watched enough seasons to know that they WILL bring back an evicted HG, and that if he plays up the hatred over the loss of frank, then frank will return(see rachel last year with brenden)

          1. @bah. I just read one of your post,“no. I believe that he knows what production wants. I said it wrong. He knows the drama and what they put on cbs, and I think hes watched enough seasons to know that they WILL bring back an evicted HG, and that if he plays up the hatred over the loss of frank, then frank will return(see rachel last year with brenden)” I must say,now I think I understand were you were coming from,with your original response to my comment.I wrote a long response to you,before I read this post.Atleast you’re aware that in your original post,you wasn’t as clear as you are now.The bottom line is,I get it now.I don’t want any newbies coming back.But I get it.Lol.

          2. Bah, do you think you are Mike Booger trying to play us like a houseguest with that whole…”I said it wrong, that’s not what I meant”….. um, did you READ your first post? There is no misinterpreting what you said….let’s refresh…you said: “if you think that boogie isnt setting this up so that CBS says “hey, I think we need frank back in the house” leading to frank vs jojo vs kara in a strength competition, then you really dont know this game”. You can NOT deny that you are saying that Booger is “setting this up” to manipulate CBS. You HAVE been sipping the Booger Koolaid way too much, you’re acting like him. And personal attacks?? How can it be a personal attack to call Boogie, Booger, especially when I don’t personally know him? If I called McGuyver, McGoober, would you take offense? You’re a Booger Zombie… the guy bragged about having genital warts…Booger is the least I could call him.

        2. I actually believe boogie SHOULDNT enter the game, its a bad move because he ignored half the hg’s.

          you are the one calling him “booger” so I question why im having this discussion when you already go personal with the guy making weak attacks molding his name like a six year old

      2. @bah. In my opinion,the fact that you wrote“you just dont get it. people just fail to get it”,as it concerns Boogie so call master plan,that involves him being able to not only fool the house guests,but fool production.Is a risky statement to make,here’s why I say this.When I make a comment on here,I usually would make it clear,that I’m not saying this or that will happen.I’m guessing/just giving my opinion.Which gives me room,if what I said“ might” happen.Doesn’t go down,the way I thought it would.I avoid looking like a fool,because I never said that I was sure that it was definitely going to happen.To me,your response to my comment,seemed as though,you think you have the power of knowing what exactly Boogie is planning and everyone else that doesn’t see it your way,you say“you just dont get it. people just fail to get it”.And you also think,if I don’t hold the same view as you,as it concerns Boogie.Then you say this about me.“then you really dont know this game”.The point I’m making to you is that you might want to hold off on making such bold statements like,Boogie is not only playing all of the house guests.He’s also playing production.If you think that Boogie is that skilled that he can pull this off.You might want to phrase it in a way that makes it clear you aren’t for sure,and this is just your opinion.Since,your not God,you don’t know for sure that Boogie is even thinking about planning this elaborate plan(or he’s already planned it,and now he’s in the process of executing his master plan out).If what you said doesn’t happen.You know,your idea if Frank gets evicted, he gets to compete to get back in the game doesn’t happen.It will make you look foolish.Not because,you thought that this could happen(key word is COULD).But because your talking like you know for a fact that this is what Boogie is thinking,and it will happen this way.The people that don’t see it as you do.You claim we don’t get it and don’t understand the game.Give yourself some room,just incase your wrong.I’m rooting for Dan,but when I talk about him.I usually make sure I write words such as:I think,maybe,in my opinion,If, it seems to me,should,or possible.I use some of those words in my comments when discussing what I think Dan might be thinking.Or what I think Dan’s next move is.All those words give me room,just in case I’m wrong.I won’t look like a fool,because I never sound like I know without a doubt what will happen.You might want to try that. Lol.

  5. Still not sure who my favorite is this season. I like several. Dan, Frank, Ashley, Janelle, Ian and Shane. I think the only way I will be disappointed with this season is if Britney, Boogie or Jenn win. Still on the fence regarding Wil, Joe and Danielle. The “team” concept is lost on who I root for.

    1. Like quite a few. Ian, Shane, Frank, Danielle, Brit. Wil and Joe I don’t care for and Ashley and Jenn are just there.
      Boogie’s Boogie and Janelle is Janelle. ‘Nuff said with that.

  6. I apologize if someone else said this idea, but with the vote being for the coaches being given the option, does anyone else think they’ll ask the coaches privately if they want to come in so no one knows what anyone else answers. Maybe Boogie will be the only yes, or maybe just Dan.

  7. What does option for the coaches to come into the game mean? I think it means that the next coaches challenge will be a 1,2,3,4 finish. The first place coach will have the choice to come into the game or remain a coach, same with the second place coach. Depending on the decisions of the first and second place coaches, the third place coach may have a choice. The fourth place coach will not have a choice. The result will be that 2 coaches will enter the game and play, and two coaches will remain as coaches. Then a re-pick of teams will be done with only 2 teams.

    They could tie this in with a chance for one player that has been evicted to also come back into the game.

    What do you think of this idea?

    1. I have a feeling that not all the coaches will enter the game. The ones I believe will not are boogie and janelle I don’t have a clue how this will all play out. It seems like Dan is the only one excited about going back into the game

      1. even though they’re not acting too excited about it i think boogie and janelle will both enter the game because of their egos, boogie could become the first 2 time winner and janelle wants another chance since she’ already a 2 time loser if anybody doesn’t i think it’s britney because she said earlier this season that she didn’t want to come into the game.

      2. I think Dan and Jannelle will def go in as players- Jannelle is salivating over this (remember her convo with Britney 2 days ago). Britney is kind of lazy and her team player is strong (but dopey) so he can do the heavy lifting and if he wins, she collects too. If Frank stays or if all hopes are placed upon Ian (Ion), Boogie will remain as a coach, as its a more important position- he’s used to being a boss in his real life. Otherwise, he will go in as the Chilltown Avenger.

      3. It would be tough if they had to choose tho. For instance, if Dan enters the game. He will be the number 1 target. I think BB has to realize that any coach dropped into the game will be a huge target right away. Also it just gets complicated if only a couple come into the game and a couple don’t. How would the coaches comp work? Will they just be gone? What about the players with no coaches? Too many complicated scenarios.I believe it’ll be all or nothing. They probably all choose to come back or not at all.

      4. just realized, no way they leave any as coaches unless its 3 of them. because it wouldnt be fair to the other hg’s who would then not have a coach, and just target those who do. I See that being too much of an issue. something has to be done where its either ONE of them, or ALL of them, or NONE of them

    2. Ok i have a gripe… BB nvr let their first twist play out…. Since day 1 the game was…. “when a team is down to the last player, and they r voted out, then that coach has been voted out”!!!! BB gods, can we plzz plzz pretty plz stick to that twist for now. AMEN!!!!!!! And all the coaches knows everyone strategy and secrets… Thats an edge they have to manipulate and win everything.. So dont vote the coaches in fans.. Please!!!!!!

    3. I’m in between. I also vote Yes for coaches offered back in the game. If Janelle is cowardly scare of getting back in the game, she would be easily be target. Even Mike Boogie & Dan will offered back in the game, they will team up to eliminate Janelle’s players. The newbies better form the alliance so they will gang up their coaches, starting Janelle to Britney. I would love to see Janelle a three time loser.

  8. some just dont get it

    mike-knows he cant get the jury votes to win, so is going to go for as much splash damage as possible when he takes out shane for betraying frank.

    if anyone thinks hes going for the win now….HA!, hes going for the flash, the style. hes going to try to evict any big name he can before the new hgs turn on him.

    think about it

    instantly this is my move

    hey, new hg’s, the coaches want to team up, get me out, then get the rest of you out, lets all team up vs the 3 coaches and danielle? bet everyone joins up with boogie to rid the 3 coaches from the game

  9. Simon if you could what percentage would you give each nominee’s chances of leaving plus percentages of each coach entering the game … Thanks in advance

  10. If the coaches get back into the game Thursday…then they should allow Shane to play in the HOH.

    It’s almost like Big Brother wants a coach to win the game in the end and not a noob.

    1. of course. they would much rather have janelle win her first, with her baby there at the finale. what a moment-yawn. #justsayin

      or dan, 2 time winner, boogie 2 time winner. brit would make me vomit.

      probably all better than anyone but maybe wil making a push past them, or shane doing the same

  11. I started thinking boogie would be in trouble if he went F2, and I do believe he will sell that. but the more I think about it

    if he went crazy, and just won a ton of comps, took out shane using someone else, etc….

    he can get a vote from dan if a floater is against boogie, he could get frank, ian, and jenn, he could likely even get shane who respects gameplay. I have to say, if boogie REALLY wants this, he could go far, he just needs frank to come back into the house over jojo and kara, which I think is REALLY likely.

  12. you know what would make amazing TV? what if they said, OK, coaches, you may enter the game(right before eviction) then julie says “HOWEVER” those with houseguests currently nominated for eviction, if you choose to remain as a coach, you may pull your player off of the block, if one remains, they are automatically evicted, if both are pulled, we go on to the next HOH with 2coaches 2 new players(also keep frank in house to annoy janelle, drama)

    just saying, it would be interesting to see say boogie go, ok, ill be a coach, then have janelle say, sorry joe, I have to enter the game, and he gets evicted. would make great TV

    1. also would be great TV if boogie went “sorry frank”

      then realize, both would be able to come back fighting vs kara and jojo. could create even more drama if someone decided to enter the game and elim their player over entering the game

  13. Don’t attack me, but, I have always enjoyed Chilltown. Frank is no Dr Will- not cute, not smart, not charming! Boogie is a little creepy, but I am amused by him. Boogie’s team is weak, so he has to do all of the thinking and intel for his team and that’s hard.

    Shane is not so nice and dreamy. He is sikking Frank on Dannielle, even though she told him she did not like Frank- Shane seems amused by this. Further, he has talked about playing an “honest game,” yet he pledged loyalty to Frank, gave his word and shook on it and now he’s stabbing Frank in the back- not giving him a chance at POV or working the house. OK for gameplay, but don’t go around thinking the high road was taken. Bakstabbing an ally (like Frank) in this manner has historically resulted in eviction of the former HOH (Shane).

    If Boogie wakes up and realizes (before eviction) that Shane and Dannielle are now disloyal to Frank, he needs to work Ashley. He has to convince her that she is the bottom of the Britney-Dan-Janelle alliance- that makes her fifth out of five. She could be better off with Team Boogie- at worst she would be number 3 or 4! The eviction vote would then go:
    Evict Frank= 2 votes=Wil + Danielle
    Evict Joe = 3 votes=Ion, Jenn + Ashley= Frank stays
    The game is then 3 on 3= Shane, Wil, Dannielle vs Frank, Ion, Jenn

    Then expect the unexpected: coaches become players

    1. I hope so. I definitely like boogie and chilltown. I think he embraces his goofyness and trying to be cool in the 90’s look. good for him. he knows who he is at least, where he came from, the fat kid, its part of why he works out so hard. I dont fault people for how they look, I think brit is a far more mean person at this point in their lives than boogie is, who has sort of stopped being as evil without will.

  14. Since the coaches evidently know they can enter the game and the noobs arent even talking bout it Im calling BS. Brittney and pig face Janelle are basically sabotaging poor Shane. If the coaches enter Thurs BB better return this weeks evicted noob.

    1. agree, for once I will give brit some credit, or maybe its all janelle I have no idea, both get it, because they used shane to do their dirty work, thats just good big brother.

  15. I really hope that Frank goes home and the last laugh is on Boogie, only because they think they are just so bad ass. And Danielle needs to get from under Shane and figure out how she is gonna win HOH thursday.

    1. be careful what you wish for. they will likely have them fight to get back in the house. the last 2 are in sequester. think about it

      1. I was thinking same thing. Frank will come back in the game if the coaches offered to come back. My suggestion is to keep Frank or he will return as vengence.

  16. What would be nice is if BB allows the same number of HGs to return as coaches entering. In eviction order of course.

  17. Big Brother is somewhat, consistent in bringing back people each season.
    Frank will eventually come back into the game. I don’t comment much, but I see a lot of Chilltown hate. I dig the chilltown 2.0
    But you have to be crazy to think that CBS will not have Frank, with the sequestered house guest battle it out. So, if frank goes home
    it will basically be a throw-away eviction, won’t really mean anything only that Boogie is down one for only for a week or so. I also feel
    Ian will do excellent in an endurance.

  18. Oooh!!!!
    I think I have an idea!
    The twist will include the coaches still having to have their players stay in the game. They can’t vote out their players and they have to protect at least one of theirs.

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