Janelle and Britney make plans to enter the Game: “The votes are locked.. Wil, Ian and Jen will be coming after us”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

5:20pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle asks her what is wrong.. she look like she’s pissed. Janelle says she is fine, she was a bit sad about Wil. janelle: “all I ever try to do is help him out”

Danielle: “Am i good next week janelle”
Janelle: “yes of course no nomination no backdoor”

Janelle: “Ashley has a real chance to win HOH she’s like only 130lbs”
Danielle: “Oh oh she weighs a pound over me we’re the same size”

Janelle wants her to confirm that she will vote out Frank. Danielle promises says shes 100% and that vote will not change no matter what.

Janelle wants to know what Boogie offered her. Danielle: “Oh you know breakfast in bed, do my laundry.. Final 2“
Janelle: “Dan’s has told you can’t trust boogie right?”

Ashley joins them. Danielle says that Frank thinks he’s safe. Janelle: “Oh that is why he’s still so cocky” Danielle adds that she never gave Boogie definite answer so they will find out from Julie what the vote is. Danielle also hopes it will throw ian off a bit if they think Frank is safe and he goes home.

Danielle says that her brother Colt is more buff than Shane.. he’s a model at a mall. Danielle: “He’s got a 12pack all he does is walk around the mall with his shirt off”

Janelle to Danelle: ‘You still going after the same people next week”
Danielle: “Of course”
They all agree that Ian is the target. Janelle: “If ian wins HOH he’ll put Wil and Shane up”

Danielle leaves.. Janelle and Ashley agree that all these one week deals are stupid. Janelle: “She’s safe next week… Would you really target Danielle?”

Ashley mentions that either Jenn, Ian or Frank told Danielle that ashley said Danielle likes to feel important and is 3rd rate.

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5:36pm Cam 1-2 HOH Britney, Shane, Danielle and Dan

Britney telling them that Wil confirmed with her he’s good for voting Frank out. Britney tells them that Frank is downstairs right now saying he’s going to confront Joe and call him out on all his lies. Shane: “Good it needs to happen”

Britney: “NO.. they are going to pull you (Shane) into the fight.. we cannot be a part of it we have to stay up here in the HOH.. If they have a exchanging of words you need to stay out of it”
Dan agrees says that as it gets closer to Thursday he’s going to get more and more desperate.
Dan and Britney tell Danielle that all the shit that Janelle told her about JOJO was a complete lie. Britney: “It was a complete fabrication just like now Janelle is saying that Frank was targeting Wil last week”

They start talking about the votes, Danielle, Wil and AShley are confirmed votes.

DAn: “all we have to worry about is Danielle, Wil and Ashley everything else doesn’t matter right now”
Britney: “Those votes are locked”
Britney tells the players they cannot trust anyone else. Shane agrees.

Britney brings up how danielle made her see the light with Ashley.

Shane: “I think Ashley, Ian and Jenn will do whatever their coaches tell them to do”

Britney: “All I know is major major lies are being told.. “
Danielle agrees says they have to be very careful
Britney: “People in this house are making up lies so that they can control their votes.”

5:50pm Ashley and Janelle join them. Shane tells Ashley she can sit up next to him on the HOH bed. Danielle looks at Dan PISSED. (lol I added the picture of Shane and AShley in the gallery below. I also added a picture of Frank and Wil exercising together). Talk turns to apartments they use to rent.

6:12pm HOH bathroom Janelle and Britney
Janelle is getting nervous about Wil working out with Frank downstairs. Britney: “I think he’s really mad at you for real… I think if you enter the game he’s not going to side with you” Janelle says she still has Ashley and Joe. Brintey is worried about Joe’s back and forth. Janelle isn’t says it was all Frank’s doing.

Janelle: “if Ian wins HOH the targets will be Me, You and Shane”
Britney brings up that Franks plans to confront Joe has to be squashed. Janelle doesn’t think so she think it’ll sink Frank.

britney completely disagrees thinks if the blow up starts between Frank and Joe something could be said that will cost them joe’s vote.

Hanelle: “will Shane come after us”
Britney: ‘No way NO Chance.. he’ll be a little freaked out but he trusts me”
Janelle: “Wi, Jenn and Ian will lead the charge against the coaches”
Janelle thinks that ian is smart he’s probably figured out that they are coming back in. britney isn’t sure she hasn’t heard anything.
Janelle wonders if Wil has figured out that they are coming back into the game and that is the reason he’s pissed. Janelle thinks the reason Wil is saying is stupid she was trying to help Wil last week.

Britney: “Ashley is 100% right?”
Janelle: “yes”

6:31pm Cam 1-2 HOH Ashley and Shane

Ashley telling him that she can help him get hooked up with modelling agencies. Shane wants to move to LA and hang out with Kara and Ashley. Ashley leaves and Danielle comes up.
Ashley heads downstairs to braid Britney’s hair Danielle comes up to chat with Shane.
Shane: “Wheres your head at.. obviously you don’t want to talk more game”
Danielle is 100 voting Frank out, she explains that Frank and Boogie think they have a chance. Danielle gripes that he doesn’t give her hugs anymore she jokes that there is a guy downstairs that will give her all the hugs in the world.

6:45pm Backyard Frank and Ashley Wil tells Ashley he’s hearing that he was going to backdoor Wil last week and the only thing that stopped him was AShley and Janelle. Ashley wants to know if people are saying she’s been sayign that. Frank says no. AShley warns frank that right now the house is filled with lies. She feels dorry for him for being on the block. she tells him he’s a fighter. Frank: “retribution happens next week” Ashley: “What does that mean? ” He explains then heads back into the house.

6:54pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Britney

Frank wants to call Janelle and Joe out for all the lies they are spreading.

Britney doesn’t think it’s a good idea. she tells him that janelle’s entire team will defend Joe. Frank thinks Wil is going to defend him because Janelle has been lying about him as well. Frank mentions that the DR (Diary Room) is wanting him to confront everyone.

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Would be nice if our votes counted, BUT like last season we know our votes are never counted in important situations to change the game…. Ratings Count

Here”s to hop that our votes count this season and Brit’s Eye and Whornelle don’t get to enter the game……..



Team Boogie YO!!

Hey Simon is there a real possibility Wil flips, espicially after Frank’s confrontation or is he playing Frank.


Wait the DR actually wants Frank to confront them?

Is this some sort of joke lol?


Britney: ‘No way NO Chance.. he’ll be a little freaked out but he trusts me”

clueless are we??? noobs will ban together


I hope something good happens tonight on BBAD. Im about tired of Willie “What you say” “What you say” being the highlight of every episode clip……….. so far boringgggggggggg looks like Diary Room is trying to pick up the pace a little


please. janelle, dump brit quickly. I cant stand this girlpower junk if brit is there, she will make me stop watching this season of BB. I think her being there is like inducting ryan leaf into the pro football hall of fame



Red Lampshade

Frank…Of course the DR wants you to confront Joe and Janelle!!! They’re not trying to help you you idiot. They just want drama.


the DR needs to stop trying to rig the game.

Eric CA

What???? I thought that it was against the rules for production to do that., unless they are doing Productions Player this year instead of Americas player.

I have watched every season and they ask questions, of the house guests, but I have never… ever heard of them advising a player to call out another player or players, Outside of Americas Player or Sabetour , has anyone ever heard of them doing that? I have just had a thought, but I need a question answered, first.
When Frank said “They told me in the diary room to Blah,blah,blah”, Did the disembodied voice say “Frank don’t talk about the Diary Room.”… did production Not tell him to stop talking about the Diary Room? If they didn’t maybe production really is cheating in favor of certain players.


Production is the God of Big Brother, they will do whatever they can to keep the drama coming, they make the rules, they break the rules. Maybe they didn’t tell Frank outright but suggested or guided him in that direction. And I do believe production sometimes will ‘help’ out certain players, like with the coup det tait in Jeff’s season. That really fucked up Jesse’s game I mean his team was kicking ass but who cares we hated them and wanted them taken down a notch.Team Production yea!


Production made the rules, and they break them constantly


Danielle reminds me of girls I hate!! How she comments she is the same weight as Ashley when it’s brought up… She is so annoying! And I wish someone would tell her how bad she looks withShane. I think the only person who could tell her that is Papa Dan!


Yes it’s super annoying. She turns every convo back to herself. I want Shane and ashley to cuddle or kiss just for the look on Danielle’s face!


Danielle’s extreme insecurities are sad. I feel bad for her. Ease up on her. Shane is trying so hard to be a good guy and not take advantage. Shane is THE MAN!! Shane FTW, yo!!!

Beyonce Fan

Frank smell like balls.


Is anyone else not surprised that Beyonce fan is well acquainted with the smell of balls?

Beyonce Fan

You mad?

Dae Yum Yum

Janelle is the biggest C**T and worst strategizer to ever play this game!! She doesn’t know what she is talking about! She actually thinks her team will win the next HOH! The rubber ducky has a better chance to win HOH than they do! By getting rid if Frank, there will be nobody left in that house to get Shane out as he is the only one who stands a chance against him!


I am suprised that Beyonce Fan didn’t tell us what Janelle tastes like.


Does plastic have a taste?

Lady Gag Her

Jojo DID say that Danielle had ugly legs. Janelle is not making that up.
Anyway, I really dont care who goes home this week. Joe and Boogie’s left arm aka Frank are both equally annoying.


@Lady Gag Her. “Jojo DID say that Danielle had ugly legs. Janelle is not making that up.” That’s what I thought.Jojo also said that Danielle has a unattractive face.But I can’t remember who she talked trash about Danielle to.I think Jojo told Janelle this.I still don’t think there was a good reason for Janelle to tell Danielle about it.That was just mean.Why would Janelle want to hurt Danielle’s feelings?The scary part about this,is I don’t even think Janelle cared about how telling Danielle what Jojo said,would hurt her feelings.


Simon anything interesting happening on the feeds with Frank?


I hope they take down pig face Janelle first.


I think the DR is always trying to influence the HG’s, sometimes with subtle hints and at times with full instructions for the less experienced noobs.

Eric CA

My god is there something about being locked up in the Big Brother house that jets people back to high school.
“She said you where fay and had ugly legs.” “I don’t care because she is a slut that wore a black robe.” “Yeah, Bimbo”

“She told me that Wil told her that Brittney said to Shane and told Frank that Boogie heard..l. she thinks I am have fat legs.”

for gods sake grow up,. be grateful you have curves because skinny women look like kitchen witches by the time their fifty.
If you have to chose between looking like the puppet madame and having a big ass… pick the big ass, men prefer a big ass over
a women that looks like a leathery crone, take it as a compliment. Hell people have been saying Janelle has a fat ass for years and she is one of the hottest Big Brother women ever. Just had to let that out. It has been driving me nuts.

On the same topic of High School… When has calling people out ever won someone big brother. I do not think it even saved anyone.

I hate to admit it but I would be thinking ,”Damn, I better get his A$$ out of here… before he calls my A$$ out. Need to keep some secrets around here.”


If more men would say that, then the millions of women in the US with low self esteem might eat a friggin sandwhich in the future!!!! eat up girls, curves are sexy


id like to see frank swing another vote his way but boogie is my favorite player of all time so as long as hes still there im still watchin go team boogie


Danielle’s ass looks so good in yoga pants.


The thing with the DR is that, in talking with the players, they will slant a conversation a certain way. They may say, “if it’s bothering you that much, maybe you should address the issue”, etc. I think it is always up to the player what course they ultimately take. I do believe, however, that when they want to change power in the house they will select a certain type of challenge in order to give certain team members a better shot at winning the challenge. I think that is what happened last year when they had an endurance challenge for POV, where Rachel won and saved herself and Jordan.


Why do people hate Brit? I think she’s really funny AND adorable at the same time hahaha


I love Brit. If she wasn’t on this season, I doubt I’d follow it as much. She has a way of turning a phrase and her personality is one you either love or hate.


I dont hate her she is just the type of woman mentally that would make me kick her out of bed after a one night stand so she could get far away.


Janelle would sell her grandmother for a win….or a cigarette……or a mirror……or a compliment

I want to see production talk someone into running a razor across franks head

Danielle just makes me……sad…. and she is gonna hate herself when she sees all this crap about her because she will realize it is true

Boogie….(snore)…is an old man that eats the early bird special at the local buffet and goes to bed….sorry guys, but Chill Town is dead

Dan is a semi-evil Gen-e-ous…..but totally boring

Ashly reminds me of a sweet version of Teresa from Real Housewives of NJ………both had moms that drank during pregnancy???

Ian is the guy I copied off of in high school and then stuffed in a locker

Jenn is……well….hey! Anybody seen Jenn???!!! She still even On the show???

I love Brit, but when she chews with her mouth open it makes me mad enough to punch a baby

The love child of David Lee Roth and Kidd Rock (Wil) is a total snooze fest ….I expect a guy like him that loves acting so much to ham it up a bit more.

WTF is that thing hanging under Joes lip???~~~~ I thought they weren’t allowed to bring their pets into BB

Fleur de Lis

Danielle: “He’s got a 12pack all he does is walk around the mall with his shirt off”

I can’t stand Danielle. She is so pathetic. Guess what girl, Shane is NOT interested in you and doesn’t HUG you for that reason and because he doesn’t want or need a showmance. If you rewatch the first episode she even says she hopes to meet someone in the BB house…. How pathetic! Danielle DOES need to have her ego stroked 24/7 because she is expendable though she would be the perfect choice to bring to the final 2. It will make me sick if that happens though…

Oh…. And by the way her above statement to Shane about a 12 pack is not possible (which she should know since she is a nurse)…. An 8 pack is the highest a person can get.


Thats her MO always trying to elevate herself, a superiority complex. She will need lots of counseling in the future.


omg Danielle really,. “Ashley weights two pounds more than me” what a fucking brat says that shit. I hope she seeks therapy after this, she clearly has issues


I hope I get to see Frankie Stankie walk out the door and the look on Booger’s bird face. I am team Shane FTW but would cringe if Jenn, Wil or Joe wins. UGH. Danielle would be ok just because I feel SO sorry for her.


Be careful, if half or none these coaches will or will not return to the game. America will have another vote for evicted Houseguest return because he/she will come back for vengence & reprecussion. If half or none coaches decided I will or will not return, the America’s votes will bring back Frank.


Ian will be a sell out if he vote Frank out. I feel confident if the coaches decided to return to the game, Shane will not put up Frank & got evicted. Janelle, taking out a stronger threat. How stupid are you?Your afraid of become a three time loser. Your just a coward & afraid they will come after you.