Dan tells Danielle “I’m coming into the game… who are we going to run with” Danielle: “SHANE!”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

9:58pm Cam 1-2 Dan, Boogie and Frank Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie says that britney husband is loving life right now with her gone. Dan: “She the type of person to Control all aspects of her household.. I couldn’t live that way” Boogie jokes apologizes to her husband says that Britney is coming home next week sorry.

Dan asks boogie if he nervous that Frank is his only player with a chance to win competitions.
Boogie doesn’t think Jenn will win anything, he thinks Ian might win endurance.
Boogie about Jenn: “I thought she was going to be the rocker chick who can fire it up.. JOJO was.. No I don’t have any hopes” (Any hopes for Jenn and Ian to win)

Frank: “I want to get Janelle out next week.. I wish there was a way “
Dan asks them if they have any conspiracy theories about the twist.
Frank thinks a player might come back on Thursday but if the coaches come back in he thinks that it will be 2 or 3 coaches and it’ll happen the following week.

Dan brings up the possibility that they will be given a choice to come back. Boogie says if he has 3 players left in the game he would choose to stay as a coach. Dan agrees says he only has 1 player so chances are better for him to join.

Boogie says his 2 predictions about the twist are a) The winner of the coaches competition will get to choose one of the evicted players, Jodi, Kara, JOJO and Whoever leaves this week. b) All the coaches get dropped into the game in 2 weeks.

Boogie: “They don’t care they’ll flip this house all up.. it’s their show”

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10:14pm Cam 3-4 Arcade room Janelle and Wil

Janelle asks him if he’s mad. Wil say no he is not he just wants to know what janelle is doing that will affect his game. Wil was upset about her and ashley “Sucking up to frank” to keep him out of the game. Wil doesn’t like the word MAD he wasn’t mad at her.

Wil tells her that Frank thinks he’s safe and when he leaves on Thursday it’ll rattle ian so much. Janelle: “Ian needs to go next week”

Wil mentions that Frank is saying he’ll pull a willie on Joe and call him out for stuff. Janelle hopes he does because she’ll bring up that Frank went up to Ashley and told him that Wil was his biggest target.

10:34pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Danielle saying that Ashley is driving her crazy right now. Dan: “What does your gut tell you” Danielle: “get out Frank.. he’s the bigger threat”

They head to the arcade room
Dan tells her he just got finished with talking to Frank and Boogie they’re good really good..

Dan: “I would rather work with his team but frank is a big threat he’s the safer choice to go home”
Danielle: “What should I do”
Dan: “Either way you are good.. you’re going to lose someone”

Danielle says that Janelle’s group is intentionally trying to piss her off. Danielle brings up that Janelle was saying in the kitchen that Ashley should hook up with Shane.

Dan recommends she forget about Shane… she might get 2 nights of passion from him but there will be nothing there. Danielle: “Right now I only like him as a friends.. nothing more”
Dan calls her out on it says he doesn’t want to lose 100K for some highschool crush.

Danielle goes on and on about Janelle and all her Snide remarks

Dan points out that Janelle has no idea what she is doing.. her previous season were all about winning comps. she’s not used to playing this type of game, She’s not in control.

Danielle is really pissed at Janelle and Ashley she says that it takes a lot for her to get Mad but when she does it’s big. Danielle: “They are getting me close to being that MAD.. WHY is Janelle tryign to push my buttons.. Why is Ashley stalking me.. why ”

Dan: “It’s girl things and she’s dancing with clowns right now “

Danielle now knows that Ashley’s lalallala attitude is a act and that Ashley is 110% behind Janelle. “I would trust Joe over Her”. Dan: ‘that’s scary”

Dan whispers to her ‘I’m coming in”
Danielle asks how he knows about it., dan just has a gut feelign.
Dan: “who do we run with? “
Danielle: “Shane.. boogie will take you out period.. Shanes more physical and trustworthy”
Dan is going to start hanging out with Shane more, agrees with Danielle says that Shane has nobody else in the game he’ll be more likely to stick with them.

Shane joins them.

Tells them he doesn’t trust AShley one but everything he tells her goes to Janelle. Shane says they have Wil’s vote locked in.

Dan brings up that if he drops in the game he wants to run with Shane and Danielle to the end. Shane agrees says him and Britney will be down with that. Dan says that Shane is loyal and they can trust him Dan is serious about this.

Dan asks what the next move should be, Ian or Joe. Shane thinks Ian.

Dan says that Britney is still really mad at janelle and he thinks that will cloud her judgment a bit.

Britney joins them they all agree that Ashley cannot be trusted.

Britney tells them everyone has to be careful, ‘I’ve heard things getting made up out of thin air.. The only people I trust are the ones in this room”

Britney asks her if he trusts Janelle, Dan says no. Dan is worried about Shane and Danielle next week.
Shane mentions that maybe he should take the ring.
Dan: “you think she brought a fake one in”
britney doesn’t think so she thinks it’s 50 grand.. I swear to god.. Shane take the ring especially if you don’t trust her”

They start talking about what to do when Britney and Dan get dropped in. Dan says he wants the 4 of them to roll. Britney: “Janelle’s players will be gunning for the coaches”

Dan and Britney agree if given the choice they will enter the game. Dan wonders if Janelle will because they still 3 players. Britney: “but they are BAD players.

Dan asks them if he gets to pick who to come back on his teams who should it be. Shane quickly answers “KARA” (LOL Shane really likes Kara)

11:25pm Cam 1-2 Talk is about Janelle and how much lying she’s doing around the house. Dan watched her season and doesn’t remember her lying so much. Britney: “The only reason Janelle wants Frank out of the game is because she believes the coaches are coming in and doesn’t want to have to deal with Frank”

They all like Wil the most of the 3 Janelle players and think Joe should go next week than Ian.

11:41pm Boogie joins them

11:47pm Janelle joins them Janelle and Boogie say DR. Will had liposuction before he went on Big brother 7

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Shane, Dan, Danielle, Brit alliance if the coaches get dropped in……………….HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYES my 4 favorite players in this crazy ass season


Me too. All my favorite players sans Danielle. The powerhouse (shane) The Mist (dan) The sarcastic bitch (brit) and well, Danielle (?) Maybe she’ll magically become a player I can like, not holding my breath.


Dat Dumb B!tch Skank, oh wait that was Janelle


The Hitch Alliance because Danielle, Britney, and Dan are all hitching their hopes to Shane.


west coast nut crackers…megapower…fire breathing rubber duckies? viscious and delicious…quartet of Ignorance


“fire breathing rubber duckies”!! LOL Love that!


How about Double D BullShit alliance.

MU Tigers

New Age Renegades and the Meat Shields

Shane and Dan as the final 2 with Britney and Danielle used as pawns.


Mine too!!


wow. if somehow frank isnt sent home, that would be a freaking miracle to team boogie. danielle is now on the fence it seems as well

you really wonder

I also question if boogie will enter the game, hes he one who seems almost…..meh…about it


With Boogies ego, I think he would, just so he can have the chance to be the first player to win BB twice.


Shane wants to give Kara the bone and I dont blame him.


Best alliance Of the season! So excited to see Dan at work!


Danielle is seething inside everytime Shane mentions Kara coming back into the game, which has been multiple times in this convo. lol


I would love that but, I think Dan might still want to join with Boogie for some reason especially if Boogie is desperate after Frank leaves.
Thank god for Danielle to keep pushing him on Shane. I would like that alliance even if it meant hearing Danielle obsess about herself for the next couple of weeks.
But, she can’t find out that Shane doesn’t like her or she’ll go totlly rogue and try to get him out…Then she’ll take a nap and wake up in the final 2.


@Ana.I’m ok with Danielle taking a nap and waking up in final 2.As long as Dan is the one that brought her to final 2.He will obviously win against Danielle.Which will make Dan the first player to ever win Big Brother twice.Go Dan!


I don’t think so. The newbs are going to be so pissed when the coaches come into the game that they will probably vote for any newbie that makes it to the end against any one of the coaches. Dan would win against Boogie, Brit or Janelle. I don’t think Boogie can win, which is the only reason he might stay on as coach if they really have a choice, which I don’t think they do. AG had this planned from the start, and no America’s vote or coaches decision is going to stop that.


@Chloe.If the newbies did that,then that will make them pathetic.I can understand if some of them get mad when Julie announces that America(aka production)voted for the coach’s to play the game(except for Shane&Danielle,because they were already given a heads up that it’s a big possibility the coachs will be allowed to play the game.Danielle&Shane said they are on board with being in a alliance with Dan&Britney).But the thought of the newbies in the jury,still being mad about the coach’s playing the game.And if they vote for a newbie just because they are a newbie,even if the newbie in question had an inferior game than which ever vet is next to them.That would make those newbies a bunch of babies.They will probably be put in the same catergory as the other butt hurt jury members.Like season’s3&4.Big Brother is now in it’s 14th season.If these newbies aren’t aware by now,that Big Brother’s motto is “Expect the Unexpected”(which means the newbies shouldn’t be that surprised if the coachs get to play the game, because anything can happened in the game)then they shouldn’t try to get on the show in the first place.The words fair and Big Brother don’t mixed well.Whoever auditions for this show and gets cast to be a house guests.They should know that Big Brother is known for throwing curve balls in the game.It’s up to the house guests to try to make it to final 2 against all odds/curve balls that are thrown at them.I know what you’re saying can definitely happen.But that would be extremely disappointing if after the jury had time to think, while in the jury house.And after they ask the final 2 questions.After all of that is over,the newbies still decide to vote for a newbie to win,just because they’re mad that the coachs were allowed to play,is disappointing.They should be able to put their personal feelings aside,and focus on who played the best game.There were a lot of house guests in the jury that wasn’t too happy with Dan on season10.Ollie is one of those house guests,yet he still managed to put his personal feelings aside.Ollie even mentioned to the other jury members that were mad at Dan,that they(including Ollie)shouldn’t be mad at Dan for playing the game.He(Dan)did what he was supposed to do in order to get to final 2.If I’m not mistaken the entire jury voted for Dan to win.My point is if someone like Ollie who wasn’t Dan’s biggest fan,still voted for Dan.I would hope that these newbies can also put their personal feelings aside(them being mad that the coachs were allowed to play)and base their decision on which house guests played the best game.


Agreed, but Dan was on equal footing with the rest of the people on his season. Nobody had 4 weeks of safety, like the coaches this year. The other disadvantage for the newbs is that the coaches forced them into alliances that they probably wouldn’t have chosen themselves, the coaches have had weeks to get to know them because most of them trusted their coach. They have all said things to their coaches that they never would have said to any other player. The vets have a huge advantage. Any newb that makes it to the end without having those advantages, and overcoming the disadvantages deserves consideration. I think, however that AG wants a showdown between Janelle and Boogie or Dan.

King Silva

LMAO about your Danielle nap/final 2 comment..

She would be a perfect person to take since she has done shit to win atm..

I just hope her, Dad, Britney, and especially Shane get really far since Shane is my # 1 choice and I also really like Britney and Dan.


Wil will go with BSDD more than likely since Frank is gone. Joe and Ashley will stick with Janelle. Jenn and Ian are crapshoots but they’re pretty useless anyways. Boogie will definitely abandon them if Franks out.


And Frank Tha Stank Fool!!!!!!!!!

Lady E

Trying to catch up on feeds, but correct me if I’m wrong: are they still voting Frank out? I think if they want to take out Janelle, they need Frank to stay, to align with Boogie.


I think they will stay in their groups. Wil may flip if he will quit being such a pussy and falling for Pig Face Janelles antics.

Danielle needs to take a close look at Pig Faces hips cause her will be just as wide after she fires a pup out of the baby cannon.


Simon you dirty dog what happened to my last frank tha stank post? Lol


Frank talking bout fingering chicks. Bwahahaha! Frank Tha Stank has a whole new meaning.

King Silva

Wow that is just classless to talk about and unsanitary..

I mean knowing his nasty ass, he probably didn’t wash his hands since he can clearly withstand the smell of his nasty body funk, Mr. No Deodorant…

Frank is so disgusting.. Doesn’t he know that adding the smell of pussy on his hands isn’t going to help him smell any better…..? O_o

Beyonce Fan

I hate danelle she need to go I can’t wait for janelle to get in this game and take over brit say janelle fake? What she is then? And wtf is going on with ashley is she that dumb? And danelle need help shane is not your men get over she gets mad when a girl tallk to shane ugh I hate her and britney shane danelle think they will last? Danelle can’t win brit can’t win itch I hate these fake ass people janelle fuck them up. And will? Never mind at all and joe is not hiself.


What language is this posted in?


Wow. This Janelle worshiper is way over the top. Hates everyone but the Goddess Janelle (just got back from throwing up after typing those last two words). Also, please learn english and puctuation.


Really, Really, Really. Are you delusional? Everybody knows that Janelle sucks and she making lies & manipulating people. It would be funny if Dan Mike Boogie or the newbies easily take Janelle out. So Janelle worshippers If you listening, Janelle sucks! PERIOD! BTW, RACHEL RULES! JANELLE DROOLS!


Feeds are over and its funny convo night. Crap.


DDBS need an alliance name if it the coaches do get dropped into the game Thursday make it official lmao and more original than “The 3 amigos”

MU Tigers

Here are some ideas…
DS and the Dead Weight?
3 Brunettes and a Blonde Raging Bitch.
New Renegades and the Meat Shields

I like the idea of Dan and Shane working together. Unfortunately they are linked to Danielle and the most worthless BB player/coach ever, Britney. Perhaps Britney should find a show where being a raging bitch would help her out. Boogie has been right about one thing, her husband has to be LOVING life right now.


honestly danielle is a dumbass if she votes joe out against frank becuase no way in hell danielle can win anything against him


DDBS- Don’t do Bull Shit

Beyonce Fan

Do cp3 have a ring lol aww ok team janelle.


Makes no sense. Be quite while the adults talk. I was going to say if you have anything important to say, post it, but being a Janelle worshiper you have nothing useful to say.


I don’t know why,but I feel a little nervous about Dan telling Shane that he might come in the game.When I read the title of the update.I felt like Dan shouldn’t have told Danielle that because she might tell Shane.Obviously after I read a little more,I found out that Dan told Shane his self.I know Danielle is the only one he’s close to,and I get that Shane is Britney’s only player.But Danielle&Shane are still newbies.I guess what I’m trying to say is,why allow Danielle&Shane time(until Thursday)to think?The thought might cross their mind to keep Frank to help the newbies beat the vets.If it was me,I would be extra careful of what I tell the newbies,especially when there’s still plenty of time for them(Danielle&Shane)to think about keeping a strong newbie(Frank)in the game.I really hope for Dan’s sake that I’m wrong,and Danielle&Shane won’t try and keep Frank.I know that Dan is one of the best to ever play the game,but I also know that he’s human.Which means he’s capable of making mistakes.Hopefully this isn’t one of those mistakes.


if frank goes i hope boogie comes in and wins hoh or ian or jenn win ive always hated janelle and britney the sooner their off the show the better am i the only 1 that sees that frank leaving is good for everyone but shane and ditzy danielle i guess danielle is resigned to only winning 50k cause the only people she can beat in the end are jenn and ashley


OMG she just doesn’t hear it…..or get it!!!


ive developed a crush on britney, but i doubt she’ll go far in this game. Shane will stick to this alliance and if they can keep him safe for the next two weeks, he’s in the final two. as much as i hate this whole vets vs newbs thing production is going after i feel like its appropriate to make this mostly useless cast squirm. its almost as if they’re honing future all-stars for future seasons


Is it just me or does anyone else think that this season there is so much going on? Cuz I actually don´t even know who is going to be evicted. With Wil flipping sides and Ashley being a total floater, I´m not even sure if they are going to vote to keep their team member Joe… However, I think that it was such a big mistake not evicting Frank the first week… I guess all the HGs watched season 2 and 7, they have to know Boogie´s strategy… are they all dumb or what?!


I really don’t know what to think about Britney these days. It’s like she can’t make up her mind & calling Janelle fake?! That’s a little pot calling the kettle black isn’t it? But I’m sooooo glad that it’s looking like Frank is leaving Thursday. I can’t wait for the Boogie temper tantrum!! :D It’s going to be awesome… my picks for the rest of the season will have to be Shane & Ashley for the newbs, Janelle & Dan for the coaches. Hopefully one of those four can pull it off.

also, Wil is getting on my last nerve!! He should be thanking Janelle for saving him this week! I like how he said he did the opposite of what Janelle told him to do (& it almost got him nominated). This guy needs a clue & I couldn’t agree more with Janelle when she said the gay men of Big Brother get TOO emotional & bitch around. But I can’t wait to see how everything plays out on Thursday!! FRANK, YOU ARE EVICTED FROM THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE! :D :D :D


Loosen up. Wil is just trying to play HIS game, not Janelle’s. This is why Dan has been the best coach. He has asked Danielle what she wants to do, what her gut tells her and advises her. She listens. She whines a lot but she listens to Dan and could be a good player.

Wil does not like being controlled by the Queen of Mean. She has been playing vicariously through her 3 players. She has controlled them so much that Ashley’s nose is becoming more pig like. She is turning into another Janelle sans the comp ability. She is trying to play the ditzy blonde but no one trust her. Her days are numbered. Joe came in the house with Shelly like tendencies but it has quickly been transformed into general mean talking bitchiness ala Janelle. Everyone has noticed how more female Wil has been looking and how many masculine traits Janelle has taken on.

All three of them have been floating with thier coach to the power in the house. Just look to whose a$$ Janelle has been kissing at any particular moment and you know who is in power and her minions will be close behind.

Wil (and I don’t like Wil) is the only one that wants to play HIS game. It may be a bad game but it would be HIS not Janelle’s.

As a coach, her job is to ADVISE her players not control them and certainly not PLAY for them.

BTW: I feel that Boogie has been playing Franks game. I don’t approve of that either.


Maybe u r right, but say what u will about Janelle’s harsh coaching, but this time Friday she will be the only coach with all her players ( as of now)


Harsh coaching? What coaching? She is playing for them. Tells them what to say, when to say it and how to say it with their lips attached to someone’s a$$. The only reason that no one has eliminated one of her players is that the only ones who have been available suck so bad that everyone else is a better target. (That and Ian being non-commital with Shane)

Big Brother's Big Brother

WW, who needs your approval for game play? Who are you exactly? I see that you also do not understand the word forseeable. Perhaps you, Shane and Britney can look that up. I mean this is Big Brother, what did Shane want 5 weeks of safety?

Get over yourself with your messages pal, you’re not the comment police and the stench of your smugness and condescending tone are pouring through my computer screen.


I am sorry that you don’t like people expressing their opinions.

As for the word “forseeable”, I do know what it means. It does not appear in anyone’s post but yours and this one. I don’t know what you are talking about.

I do not control (nor do I try to control) anybody’s playing of BB. I express my opinions just like you. You do not preference your coments as being your opinion (you didn’t in your rebuke of me) so I don’t have to either. Lighten up, this is about a game. It isn’t polictics or religion.

I could care less who goes home on Thursday as Joe and Frank are not the the players for whom I am cheering.

I am truly sorry that you feel that I am being condisending to you and am smug in my opinions.

I do not like Janelle, never have. People who follow her seem to have a worship type quality. The opininos they put out seem to imply that she is flawless in her game play, coaching style, looks and personality. They are the only ones that I bag on. If you are one of them then I can see why you do not like my posts. I do contend that they are my opions and I am entitled to them.


Danielle is stupid and getting more annoying by the day. She has the most to lose by being the swing vote and she’s not thinking past her imaginary showmance with Shane. Boogie is going to go mental if Frank leaves. If Frank stays, he is going after Janelle, not Dan and Danielle. I don’t even think he’d go for Shane. I think he’d try to make an alliance with Shane to get the vets out. That’s why Brit and Dan are pushing for Frank to go. If Dan manages to tame Boogie after Frank leaves, I will be impressed. Boogie actually made an indirect threat, that he will ban them all from HOH if Frank goes and Ian wins HOH. He made it sound like he was talking about team Janelle, but he was really telling Dan that if Danielle screws Frank over, the war is on. Everyone is going to know how Danielle votes. If the other 4 vote with their teams it will be obvious. Either way, she will make 3 enemies. I am hoping that Wil votes to keep Frank, just to make things interesting. Danielle says if that happens she will claim that she voted to keep Frank, but that’s silly. Wil would know the truth, and he would need to tell Frank or it was pointless to throw him the vote. They need to get Janelle out next week, and Frank seems to be the only one with the balls to try it, since Shane can’t be HOH. I would love to see Kara come back, just for the drama. Guaranteed Danielle meltdown! Don’t think it will happen though. Last night when Dan told her that at the most she would get is two nights of passion at the end, but nothing more (I really can’t see Shane getting passionate about Danielle, when Kara and lots of other grown up babes will be at the after party), Danielle accused him of treating her like chopped liver. Guess what Danielle, you ARE like chopped liver next to the kind of woman Shane is into. Danielle is cute until she opens her mouth and her insecurities take over. Bottom line is that Danielle isn’t even on Frank’s radar, but Janelle is 100% untrustworthy and mean. If Frank goes, it’s pretty much a sure thing that 2 coaches will make it to the end, and that would ruin the season.


Even Frank leaves, I’m still down with Team Shanielle. If half,whole, or none of coaches decided to return, Shane will never regret of putting Frank on the block. If America’s votes decided to bring back evicted houseguest, America will bring back Frank. What you think Simon?


Frank mini me boogie jr.