Big Brother 14 – Britney to Danielle “Janelle’s game is so obvious to me.. it’s so transparent and fake”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

3:17pm Backyard Cam 3-4 Dan, Ashley, Britney , Danielle and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Talking about Poop. Janelle asks him what does he do when he has to poop. Dan explains that he goes into the bathroom closes the door. Janelle: “But do you announce it” Dan: ‘No we just go” Brit and Danielle say they both do not feel comfortable using public facilities so they usually squat. (had to post about something that wasn’t period talk… ugh)

Talk moves to dogs.. Ashley loves dogs she goes on and on about how sweet they are. Britney suggests to her that she gets a dog Like Britney has. Ashley: “I can’t even take care of myself how could I take care of a dog”

They start talking about how when you have a baby and attached Dog might start acting aggressive. AShley asks britney what she would do if her dog is jealous of a baby. (britney talks about having a baby all the time)

Britney says the baby will come first she jokes: “I guess when you have a baby it’s when you shave the hair off the dog and put it in the bathroom” Janelle agrees says once she held her baby the dog become a

3:29pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Joe and Wil

Joe asks him if he’s going to vote for Joe. Wil says of course he is. Wil planes on playing his own game from here on in. Joe was getting worried because Wil and Janelle are not getting along anymore. Wil: “ what I’m trying you do is get Ian blindsided” Wil is thru with Janelle and Joe tells him he’s 100% with him
Wil: “I don’t like how Janelle represents me and I don’t like how she does things”
Wil: “We did not come in here to win them 100K we came here to win 500K.. I’m tired of these coaches”
Wil brings up that Janelle plays this game by kissing a$$ to everyone, Wil: “She did it in both her season.. I’m not”
wil tells him he has nothing to worry about him and Danielle are sold they are makign it look like.. feeds cuts

3:38pm Cam 1-4 Kitchen Britney and Wil

He Tells her he’s still 100% Good. Britney aks him if he’s sure. Wil wants to talk to her tonight about Janelle but he’s still on board so don’t eorry (He’s voting out Frank)

3:39pm Cam 1-4 HOH Bedroom Britney and Danielle

Britney asks her if she’s sure taking out Frank is the best route to take. Danielle most definitely wants to still evict Frank she thinks they are screwed if he stay in the house.

Danielle saying that she had a talk with Shane about him not giving her a hug every morning, he use to talk to her all the time and now he barely is around her. (Shane is 1000% not into Danielle) Britney avoids this conversation..

Britney: “Do you know what Ashley said about you the other day.. “
“Danielle likes to feel important we need to make her feel important because she feels like she’s 3rd rate in this house and so unimportant…”
Britney mentions that the only reason she’s telling her this is because ashley said it in the kitchen and Danielle could’ve heard. Britney adds that Ashley was with Janelle at the time but said it really loud. Danielle doesn’t know how to take that.. She doesn’t really like ashley says she hasn’t spoken with her for days. She caught Ashley and Janelle in the arcade room ‘Scheming” they acted funny towards her. Danielle thinks Janelle is giving her funny looks all the time.
Brintey brings up Janelle plays, She’ll go up the buTTH**** of whoever the HOH is. Points out that week one she was buddy buddy with Willie week 2 buddy buddy with Frank now Week 3 back to being buddy buddy with us.
britney warns Danielle if they win HOH Janelle will be all over Dan. Danielle says that Janelle has already been flirting with Dan (She has been big time)
Britney: ‘her game is so obvious to me.. it’s so transparent”
Danielle has trouble trying to figure out why Ashley would say Danielle feels unimportant. Britney mentions that what Janelle told her about JOJO was a lie, JOJO never called danielle fat with disgusting legs.
Janelle comes up and they all confirm that Wil is good. Britney asks her what is Wil made about. janelle explains that last week there was talk about Frank putting Wil and JOJO up and her and “Trixie” would hang around Frank and ‘Do Stuff” to keep wil off the block. Wil got pissed because that isn’t how he wants to play the game. (The conversation in the arcade explains Wil’s feelings on this.. he doesn’t want to play the type of game janelle is playing suck up to whoever has the power)

3:46pm Cam 1-4 Joe and Ashley
Joe telling Ashley that Wil is a bit pissed about Janelle and he wants to play his own game. Joe is fine with that, he’s glad they have the coaches speaking on their behalf.

janelle joins them they talk about Wil being pissed at her. Ashley points out that wil is getting a bit paranoid. She doesn’t ink he ever really watched this show and hasn’t a clue about what is going on in the house. Ashely claims to have watched ever season since season 1.

4:20pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room
Ashley wants to confirm with Danielle that she has her back and Shane’s back next week. Danielle says she’s heard that Ashley has been talking shit about her. Danielle explains That she heard AShley saying that Danielle feels unimportant, 3rd rate, and is always wanting to feel important. (See conversation above)

Ashley is shocked and denies it says she said that all the girls are insecure in the house. Danielle says that she kind of heard it and another player heard it in detail because Ashley said it in the kitchen.. Danielle: “I didn’t really know how to take it anyways”.

Ashley is really caught off guard starts saying that Danielle is all alone in the game and that her 3 really want to work with Danielle yadda yadda yadda.. AShley: “I feel like everything I say is being twists in a negative way”

Danielle says that it’s all good she understands, but she warns Ashley she needs to really watch what she says because people in the house are desperate and will twist her words. Ashley wants to know if it was someone in her team of britney’s team. Danielle says it was somebody from Boogies team that told him. Ashley swears that it was never meant to be malicious. Ashley adds that she said it not to belittle her ashley was sticking up for her. They hug it out.. and ashley leaves Big Eagle Eye comes in

Danielle tells eagle eye joe that he’s safe this week

Joe confirms that he’ll not put up Shane or Danielle next week if he wins HOH nor will he backdoor them. Joe is worried about tonight because Frank is going to confront him in front of the house. Joe thinks Boogie is going to go on a smear campaign. Danielle tells him not to worry in the end Frank is going to look like the stupid one. Joe mentions how hard Frank and Boogie are trying to get Wil’s vote.

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44 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 – Britney to Danielle “Janelle’s game is so obvious to me.. it’s so transparent and fake”

  1. Hopefully Wil will stay on board and vote to evict Frank’s arm pitts……. Go team Shane!!

  2. Britney is so dumb, “Omg Janelles game is so obvious to me she sucks up to every HoH” then why did you let her convince you to nominate and evict Frank?

    1. EXACTLY!!!! Does Britney not realize that her team has had 2/3 HOHs and Janelle’s team has gotten everyone they wanted out?!?!?

  3. whats joe gonna do ask them every 10 minutes if their gonna vote for him? i’d get sick of that real quick.

    wait till the coaches enter…if they hook up with shane, it’s going to be a blood bath!!! wil, joe, ian, ashley, danielle and that other girl with the red hair might as well self evict!!!

  4. Considering the amount of vets that have come back in different seasons, I cannot think of anyone whose image has been dragged down more than Jani’s.

      1. It’s a little bit different, IMO. There were a lot of people who disliked Jeff but liked Jordan (and vice versa) so they were tolerant of the other one. But I’ve never seen BB fans just turn on a player so forcefully as they have on Jani this season.

      1. I think Dani’s image was split between people who thought she rode her dad’s coattails and people who generally were mostly indifferent towards her before last season. Aside from guys that thought she was hot, I didn’t get too much Dani love vibes from fans her season. Maybe I’m wrong.

  5. I thought that when coaches enter the game Janelle would probably stick with her team but now with Will pissed at Janelle……looks like drama coming. I want the coaches to enter, even though most don’t. Will vs Janelle, Janelle vs Boogie, Shane vs Boogie, Ian vs ?????. Let’s see where Jenn goes and Joe too. Just let the coaches in and get it over with.

    1. If Janelle does enter the game Wil will be so far up her a$$ it will be sickening. I agree with a previous post that Wil has probably never watched BB and has no clue how to play. He’s been a total douche since Janelle saved his ass. He needs to learn how to play without offending his team members.

      To tell the truth…. I don’t remember a season of BB where everyone’s mouths can’t stay F’in shut. “this is our secret” actually means its everyone’s secret…. How many times has it been brought up that Ashley and Joe tell Janelle everything? A lot…. And yet they still tell them things they don’t want Janelle to know.

  6. what is very interesting is there will be a major twist be it this week or next just based on the numbers.

    The numbers to which I speak are the number of players. As it stands now there are only 8 players currently playing. At final 2 that leaves only 6 with no one named to jury house yet so that means as of now jury is one short.
    Also Ian made the comment when asked about slop he could do it all 72 days. So that I think was a slip as to the duration planned for the show which would be slightly more than 10 weeks. We have gone through 3 weeks so far since they were in the house about a week before the first show. that means 7 weeks to go and only 6 players to eliminate, again it doesn’t ad up.

    1 scenario has the coaches entering the game though by the clues it cant be straight forward. There is first americas vote to “offer them the chance to enter the game”. However if you have listened to Janelle she has been adamant that her contract does not allow for her to be required to go to jury house and she would rather go home. Couple that with the word “offer them” in the vote and it looks as if the coaches will be given the choice to enter the game or not. personally I think they will be given the option of entering and playing for the 1/2 mil or not entering and splitting the 100k with any of the other coaches who choose not to. So if say Janelle and Brit both choose not to enter then they would each get 50k but that is my guess.

    another scenario has america saying no to coaches entering. If that happens then the game is still 1 player down. If that happens either we have to have a situation like last year where the already evicted players play a game to re -enter OR there is a twist and the player evicted gets to immediately re-enter the house.

    However if all 4 coaches come into the house then it puts the player numbers at 11 with 7 weeks to go. Could make it interesting and set up possible multiple dual evictions.

    Really looking forward to seeing how it works out.

    1. I like your theories Henry… the numbers dont add up…so I was thinking (to add on to your theories)…what if the coach twist is the OPTION to get in the game OR bring back one of your players? Dan would love to bring back Kara (& so would Shane…which would be big Drama for the Shanielle showmance..LOL) Boogie would also like to bring back his recently evicted Frank (which makes for MORE drama in the show). Brittney could bring back JoJo & since Janelle doesnt have any players gone she has the option to get in the game or just keep coaching her players in the game. But that would make the numbers right…3 more people back in the game to get us to the end of the summer. Your thoughts?

      1. I like the ideas but I doubt it would happen.

        Assuming Joe goes home It is way to bias against Janelle. She has stated she doesnt want Jury house so I doubt she would want to come into game. That said she has had the best game from a coaches point of view to then and is unable to bring back a player while the other 3 could.

        To possibly bring back 3 players against her team knowing she dont want in is a bit much. I think if the coaches are offered at all then the coaching twist is ended.

        1. You are right none of the other coaches would come in so Janelle wouldnt either…

          My theory is just a way to bring back 3 players in the game & make it all even to get us to the end of the summer. I guess we will find out Thursday! The suspense is killing me!

    1. i am a firm beleiver that danielle reyes is the best player never to win she was robbed season 3 and chil town could have easily used her to get rid f janelle in season7 but they went the opposite route

      1. 100% agree Danielle played a smooth game, she was a snake disguised as a puppy. She would have won ,what screwed her was in that season the houseguests went home instead of jury and were therefore able to see her DR sessions and her gameplay the whole season. She fooled them to the very end. Janelle’s up there also as one of the best players, but yes Danielle is the best player to never win the game.

    2. Go Dan! Plant those seeds of doubt. Lol. I think later on,Dan will start trying to turn the newbies against the other Vets(Boogie&Britney).But,you guys know Dan likes to do things in his on time.He’ll probably drop seeds of doubt in a subtle way.That’s how Dan rolls.He’s Mr.Smooth talker.Lol. Oh,and I most definitely think that Danielle Reyes is one of the best players that never won.I also think she was robbed on season3.

    3. @Simon. I don’t know about you,but to me Danielle is really surprising me,with the way she’s starting to play the game.I’m referring to this conversation she had with Ashley,“Danielle says that it’s all good she understands, but she warns Ashley she needs to really watch what she says because people in the house are desperate and will twist her words. Ashley wants to know if it was someone in her team of britney’s team. Danielle says it was somebody from Boogies team that told him. Ashley swears that it was never meant to be malicious.”I like the way she caught Ashley off guard with that.I aslo like how she put the blame on one of Boogie’s players.Remeber earlier in the week.Danielle tried to get Shane to put up Joe and Frank.One of her main reasons was that it would cause Boogie&Janelle’s team to fight eachother.So I think Danielle’s logic for telling Ashley that someone on Boogie’s team told on Ashley, was Danielle’s way of possibly creating more tension amoung the two teams(Janelle&Boogie’s players).I thought it was a good idea.I wonder how Dan will feel about Danielle confronting and then lieing to Ashley,about who told her that Ashley was talking about Danielle.

  7. Hey Simon loving the updates if more seeds start to be planted or Frank’s outburst if you and my man Dawg update regularly myself and others without the feeds would love that that. This week could end well thanks for all of your guys work I really am hooked!!!!!

  8. Danielle is getting on my nerves with this shane shtye., you would have thought she was a freaking 12 year old if you did not know anybetter. Its so obvious he likes her only for a friend.. jeezz. Wils acting alittle to shady for my taste.

  9. Wil is a BITCH. And his gameplay ain’t even average. He’s a miserable human being. He bad mouths everyone. I don’t know THAT anyone has been left out. He talks shyte about everyone in the house and SWEARS he’s going to win something…. and hasn’t won anything. He’s a cancer in the house.

    ALL that being said, I’m so wanting to see it when his ass is really in jeapordy. I want to see how he reacts when it’s for real and his backside is absolutely on the line.

    Real D-R-A-M-A!!!!!

    Vote Frank out this week and SOMEONE, anyone, make Wil think he is next. IMO–That’ll be great viewing.

  10. Who has the least functioning brain cells? So many to choose from…Britney, Danielle, Frank, Joe, Ashley…

    Who is most annoying? Again so many to choose from…Britney, Danielle, Frank, Joe, Ashley, Janelle, Wil…

    Whats your vote?

  11. for wil to “not play his coaches game” sure is ungrateful for being saved from being nominated. he could have done this 1 week later. he looks bad doing it now. social game=damaged

    1. @mhptexas. I was just was about to write something similar to what you said.Wil isn’t making sense to me.He said he doesn’t like how Janelle plays this game(kissing the person in power butt)he should be thanking Janelle for saving him,after she won the coach’s competition.Isn’t Janelle kissing butt in order to try and keep her team untouched?In my opinion Wil is making a big deal out of a none issue.Janelle has been clearly favoring Wil over her other two players(Joe&Ashley).Therefore I don’t think he should be complaining about her.It’s sort of like if Frank started complaining about the way Boogie is playing the game.I used Frank as an example,because it looks like Frank is Boogie’s favorite player on his team.And Wil was Janelle’s favorite player on her team(I’m using the word was,because after this unnecessary drama that Wil is creating, it makes sense for Janelle to not want to work with Wil anymore).Any house guests that is their coach’s favorite,shouldn’t complain about the way their coach trys to keep their team together.I hope Frank leaves this week,but after that,I want Wil evicted from the house the following week.I think if Wil can flip on Janelle despite her clearly favoring him over her other players,and saving him this week.Then Wil is likely to cause problems in the house over none issues.Which can possibly mean he’ll try and cause problems for Dan,and I can’t have that.Go Dan! Lol.

  12. Danielle will be pissed when Britney enters the game.. ever since JOJO left a major talking point of hers has been that she’s the smallest girl in the house.

  13. Big Brother 14 – Britney to Danielle “Janelle’s game is so obvious to me.. it’s so transparent and fake”

    FYI Britney….. It’s called at least attempting to PLAY the game! Janelle realizes she’s been used in 2 seasons and is finally playing a game where she is using others and not the other way around. Britney does absolutely nothing except complain. I couldn’t stand her on her season and she hasn’t improved. At least Janelle is working for it and doing a damn good job, especially If she can get Frank evicted this week (long overdue…BTW). I can’t stand Boogie or Frank or their retarded DR attempts to reenact Chilltown.

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