Joe tells Janelle Wil has only gotten worse, he is insanely mad at you, I think he is switching teams.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


11:40am Ashley, Mike, Frank, Britney, and Janelle are talking out in the backyard about baby names. Janelle starts talking about pre-marital counselling at her church. Dan says that he and his wife did that pre-marital counselling too. Dan talks about how he would always stand behind his wife even if his family disagreed because in the end you go home to her. The talk turns to talking about video games. Meanwhile, Joe, Ashley and Danielle are in the kitchen. Danielle goes to lay down. Joe and Ashley go into the arcade room to talk. Joe says that this morning Wil told him that he doesn’t trust Janelle and then said that they are in serious jeopardy. Joe says that he thinks Wil has flipped. Ashley says what?! What does that mean? Joe says that Wil is saying that he doesn’t want to be around Janelle anymore essence he is leaving our team. We are in trouble. Ashley says oh my god! Joe says that Wil thinks Janelle thinks he does nothing and that she saved him. Ashley says this is terrible! Joe says this is worse than terrible. Joe says if he flips we have to get Jenn. Ashley says that Jenn isn’t going to flip she is so tight with them. We need to figure this out. Frank is going to live up Wil’s a$$. We need to get Janelle in here right now. Ashley goes to get Janelle.

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12:20pm Janelle, Ashley and Joe are in the arcade room talking. Joe says that Wil has only gotten worse. He is insanely mad at you. I think he is switching teams. Janelle says what? Why? Joe explains what Janelle said to him last night about how she said she does everything for him. Joe says that he told Wil that’s not want Janelle meant at all. Janelle says OMG, he is such a nutty guy. Joe says that he couldn’t even talk to him anymore because Boogie came out. Joe says that when you came out he rolled his eyes and left. Janelle says no, he will calm down and I will talk to him. What is wrong with him. Joe comments on how Wil and Frank were doing dishes together this morning too. Janelle asks why would he do this?
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Joe says that Wil is either considering a deal with them or he already has a deal with them. He is getting really close to Boogie and Frank. Janelle says that he is being so dramatic and blowing this way out of proportion. Joe tells Janelle to lay off the hate on Frank, just say you don’t like him and don’t trust him. Ashley says don’t worry, we will talk to him. Ashley heads back to bed. Janelle tells Joe not to worry, that she will talk to him. She says that he is not stable in this game, he is crazy. One little thing sets him off. Joe asks why now, we had everything going for us. Janelle says that she is going to go talk to Britney. Joe asks are you sure you want to worry her. Janelle says no, I’m not going to talk to her about this until I need to, and if I do I will get everyone in a room and lay out the numbers for Wil to show him what he is doing.


12:45pm Mike, Dan, Jenn, Britney and Ian are talking about how strict Big Brother is about what type and colour of clothes they are allowed to bring into the house. Meanwhile, Shane and Janelle are eating breakfast at the kitchen table. Shane then heads up to the HOH room to do his HOH blogging. Joe and Ashley are laying out by the pool in the loungers.

12:50pm Britney tells Janelle that Ashley was talking to Wil the other day and he is livid about the coaches coming into the game. Janelle tells Britney that Wil is already mad at me and they are already working him for a vote. She says that he won’t even talk to her today. Britney says that Wil swore on his dogs life that he would vote Frank out. Janelle says that her hatred for Frank has driven Wil away from her because he has a crush on Frank. Janelle says that she won’t be able to work with Wil if the coaches enter the game. Janelle asks why they took off Ashley and not Joe. Janelle says that she thinks Ashley would have the votes over Joe and Britney felt Joe had the votes over Frank. Janelle says that Boogie si mad at her too. Janelle says that it is week 3 and he is flipping on his coach, who does that?! Britney says that Wil thinks we are coming into the game and he thinks that he, Frank and Boogie can get you out of the game.


Danielle joins them and they talk about bra sizes. Danielle leaves. Britney says that if we don’t get Wil’s vote we are screwed. Janelle says I fu*king saved him this week, with the safety thing and if I didn’t his ass would be on the block. They talk about how crazy it will be if Julie tell them to get on their athletic gear. They discuss what the competition might be like. Janelle tells Britney that Wil told Joe that their whole team is in jeopardy. Britney says yeah in jeopardy because of you Wil.

Janelle says why don’t you make up a lie and say that Frank came up to you and asked you to put up Wil and to vote him out. Britney says yeah that could work. Or we could throw it on Jojo. They talk about what to tell Wil saying that they could tell him that Frank asked Jojo for a deal, so that he would then go after Wil and back door him. Janelle asks why is Wil doing this to me right now. Britney tells Janelle that Boogie brought up that he thinks he is going to be dropped into the game in front of everyone out there. Janelle says that she is just going to bring up the whole contract thing and tell him that she is not going to jury, that she is just going home. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


1:25pm – 1:45pm Britney talks to Danielle in the arcade room. Britney tells her that they think they have lost Wil’s vote. Danielle asks why, he told me last night we are good. Britney says okay that makes me feel better, then Janelle is just being paranoid. Danielle asks why Janelle hasn’t talked to her in two days. Danielle tells Britney that Janelle told Wil that the only reason he is here is because she has been kissing a$$ all week. Britney is shocked. Danielle says that Janelle tells Ashley to kiss our a$$ too. Britney says that she had no idea this was going on, I need to stop going to bed early. Danielle says that she doesn`t trust Janelle. Danielle and Britney talk about how all the drama comes from Janelle and her team. Britney talks about how Janelle tells so many lies. Danielle says that if she get HOH this week she will put up Wil and Ashley. Janelle joins them.


Shane comes down with the HOH camera. Britney is mad that Big Brother won’t let her into the HOH room to get her make-up and clothes. She tries to open the door twice and Big Brother tells her to stop that. Britney says stop locking me out of my make-up and clothes when we have digital photos to take. Britney goes to talk to Shane up in the HOH room, and says we have to have a conversation about game, nothing serious. She says that Danielle and I have put our heads together and come up with craziness. Britney says the thing is that Frank is not pissed, that’s CRAZY! Shane says I know!


2pm – 2:20pm Janelle and Ashley go into the arcade room. Janelle asks Ashley what Wil said last night. She says that Wil was talking about the coaches coming back into the game. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Shane and Britney are talking about how none of Janelle’s players have talked to Danielle yet. Britney says that she isn’t helping it because she is telling them that they are good. Photo day continues. Mike doesn’t want his photo taken. Britney bugs him and gets everyone to individually take a photo with him. Mike says Britney you biotch.
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2:30pm – 2:50pm In the kitchen, Frank comments on what Wil said Janelle said to him last night. Frank says that he is so close to calling Joe and Janelle out on all their lies, but I just don’t want it to look like I am picking fights. Frank says that Wil is a nice guy too. Meanwhile on the backyard couches, Janelle and Shane are talking about the coaches coming into the game. Britney and Mike join them. Janelle and Ashley head into the arcade room. Janelle tells her that if she needs to, she will need to start balling her eyes out and tell Wil that he is screwing her over. Ashley says she knows, I will. Janelle sends Ashley into the bedroom to make sure Wil and Frank aren’t talking. Ashley checks it out and finds out that they aren’t talking. Ashley and Janelle comment on how Joe exaggerates everything. Janelle suggests that they all hang out in the HOH room together away from Frank so that no one gets paranoid. Janelle tells Ashley to stick to Wil like glue today.

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59 thoughts on “Joe tells Janelle Wil has only gotten worse, he is insanely mad at you, I think he is switching teams.

  1. I would like to thank Simon for this website , I have been a fan sin 2008 , I just found out about your youtube channel a week ago and I already watched all the seasons u uploaded , I was wondering if you can maybe Upload more seasons , that would be awesome , thanks in advance and keep up the good work

      1. Can you post a link to your youtube channel Simon I want to watch some previous seasons especially pre Season 9. :)

        As for game Wil’s ass better not flip.. WTF if they don’t get Frank out this time they are all really fucking stupid. How many times can you not eliminate the biggest threat in the game? Like really…? O_o

      2. Never mind I didn’t think that link was to the videos on youtube but is is !

        My God I now have a LOT shit to watch!

        Thanks so much. <3

  2. HAHAHA!!!! A fish out of water doesn’t even do this much flip flopping. Hmmh, it’s only Tuesday, should be an interesting couple of days…

  3. What is up with Wil?? I know he said he would follow Frank around to allude Shane but WTF? I thought he was Janelle’s carbon copy.

    Boy Janelle really picked the drama queens…aside of Sleepy Dopey Ashley.

    1. Ashley is kinda dramatic too, did you see her the other night when she was “fighting for what she believed”? Post discussion with Britney she flew downstairs and was stirring the shit. Even after they decided to put up Frank and the whole thing with Wil was worked out she continued to stir up Britney bashing with Wil. She plays dopey but she is bipolar at times.

      Ian needs to put a shirt on too, these shots of his nips in backyard is creeping me out.

      1. Nah dont have the feeds. Thats why I come here to have Simon & Dawg [+ comments] fill me in.

        So I guess Janelle DID pick all the Drama queens! LOL

    2. i can’t stand wil i’ve been saying i can’t wait until he’s gone, all he did was bitch all week about his team being on the block and then they make a deal and he says he would work with shane if he put frank up and now it looks like he’s switched over to frank, looks like he’s turning into the lying 2 faced b***ch this year like shelly was last year and now he’s mad at janelle for saving him this week what a dumb*** he would have been on the block if she hadn’t stupid drama queen moron, janelle already told him the coaches r coming into the game what does he think that boogie and frank r gonna take him to the end yeah right what an idiot.

  4. I will laugh so much if Wil flips and keeps Frank!

    Can you imagine the looks on everyones faces if Wil saves Frank? Shane’s “BIG MOVE” will end up looking like a “BIG FLOP”…HA!

    It might actually be better for Wil to flip, so he can then have Boogie’s entire team protect him for a few weeks. Whereas, Shane might be gunning for him after Frank is gone. I hope Wil sees the light and switches sides for his own protection.

    How sweet!

    Boogie & Co. 2012!

    1. unless boogie comes into the game how r they gonna protect him none of them hav won anything except when frank won that true/false hoh, in every physical comp shane has beat him pretty easily, so if it’s protection he’s looking for he better stay with shane who can actually win something, i also think wil has a crush on frank so if he flips i think that will be the reason why.

      1. Once Frank is gone, Wil is going to be Shane’s #1 target.

        If Wil keeps Frank in the game, Wil knows that Frank and Shane will be the main targets, not Wil. It makes sense for Wil to get behind Frank in the short-term and try to evict Shane next since he can’t compete for HOH. And, Boogie’s team (plus Wil) have the numbers to control votes.

        FLIP WIL, FLIP!!!

    2. Shane needs to tell Boogie that this was Janelles pushing to guarantee his safety and even mention her ring before the eviction make for good scrambling during the new Hoh comp Hell Shane call her out in front of everyone so she has egg on her face

    3. But the whole great part about Shane’s big move is he’s telling Frank he’s safe and Frank is buying it, so if Frank goes it doesn’t matter cause he’s gone, but if he stays he would think it was what Shane wanted to happen

      1. I heard there was no interview with jojo and kara leading some to think they are sequestered. If this is true are they setting up a return to the game comp like last year. if so and frank is booted then he has a real chance at returning and if he does all those backdoor plans explode in shanes face.

          1. Yeah, but simon what if half of coaches will get back in the game and half will still coaching? Can they still have America’s vote of returning evicted Houseguest?

    1. What if none or half the coaches will be back in the game & Another America’s vote for evicted Houseguest return to the game.
      Evicted Houseguest:Jodi,Kara,JoJo,Frank
      Former Houseguest vs Current Evicted Houseguest
      What you think Simon?

      1. I Thought the same about only half coaches coming in and evicted houseguests coming back. Jodi for sure wont be back as she has been on twitter and doing interviews and said she was told for sure she wont be returning to the house. Kara and Jojo have not been seen or heard from so i think they are in sequester(sic) and they will have the chance to play again.
        What the weird part is that Janelle has said since the start of game that she put in her contract that she wont go to jury house. That if shes done then she wants to go home to her baby. Everytime she mentions that they cut the feeds right away.

        1. I also found that weird, but I think since they are offering the coaches a larger grand prize if they enter the game it changes the ground rules? Someone said that in the house.

  5. Case secenario 1
    Frank out & 2 out 4 offer yes (includes Janelle/Mike offer no & Dan/Britney Yes)
    8 newbies 2 veterans
    America’s votes:Frank will come back
    Scenario 2
    Frank out & 3 out 4 will offered chance comes back
    8 newbies & 3 Veterans
    America voted: Frank comes back in the game.
    What you think Simon?

  6. How to save Frank

    Boogie has to realize before eviction that Shane the worm has turned and the plan is now to backstab and backdoor Frank. I suggest each of the following steps;
    1) Boogie has to work a different angle== convince Ashley or even Wil that they are at the bottom of the food chain intheir present alliance- they would fare better with Chilltown.
    2) Work Danielle’s insecurities- tell her Shane thinks she’s fat; she’s not his type; he’s hoping to hook up with Cara after the show; he’s flirting with Ashley… so she should turn on Shane before he tosses her away like an old shoe. That wouldn’t happen if she moves to Chilltown
    3) Split Britney and Janelle- tell Britney Janelle is going to take Dan to the end and Britney is being played like she was with the Brigade. Britney could be the mayor of Chilltown if she moves to their side
    4) Make Britney and Janelle fear Dan’s friendship with all of the newbies and his “scary good” coaching abilities and that he will be impossible to beat= he is re-using the play book from his winning season. They are welcome in Chilltown, but Dan is not!

    1. You are so right on – all of these are do-able. I like #2 but I don’t really know if Boogie really sees the “insecure” Danielle that we all see. Maybe and if he’s as good as he says he is he would exploit that weakness immediately. #3 is so easy – they distrust each other already. All you’d have to do is plant a tiny seed and they’d be yelling at each other within hours….

    2. Chilltown isn’t even in the big brother house. Only one of the former members is, and he’s just a coach! Do you really think that Frank, Ian, and Jenn are worthy of being Chilltown members?! Not taking anything away from them, but those three are not deserving to be in the ranks of Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, or even Shannon. So i would love it if you did not call Boogie’s team Chilltown, because Chilltown does not live in the Big Brother 14 house.

  7. wil is such a fcking you gon consider turning on your team when janelle saved his soft azz. if wil fks this plan up he will be the most stupid player after lawan dum azz.

  8. I have this feeling that Janelle’s constant flip flopping and lying is about to bite her in the ass. It seems as though Danielle and Britney are starting to figure a few things out as well as Boogie and Frank. I have a strange feeling that Joe will be walking out the door Thursday because of his BS as well as Janelle’s BS. I used to be a huge Janelle fan…can’t stand her anymore. I’m definitely rooting for Frank this week. Joe is just painful to watch and listen to.

  9. How fair is it really for the coaches to come into the game? 1.) They have played before and had a chance to win 500,000 (some already have) 2) they were excluded from being nominated so far 3) They haven’t had to put anyone up personally on the block………… Whats the catch BB

  10. I am confused as to why Wil seems as if he is going to turn on his team…was something said last night? I know that he has had issues with Janelle on the low for a while, but why did he suddenly chose to flip now? He was so easily receptive to Frank and Boogie’s deal…something is feeling weird here.

    1. Do hey have that as an option? I was under the opinion that they just enter the game if America Votes them into the game.

      What i think about Jannelle and Mike staying coaches, yes that would be great. Janelle rocks a competition but her social game is always a tragedy (I am not hating on Janelle I loved her in both her seasons, but her social game is a train wreck.). I must be honest, I was a Dr Will fan, but never cared for Boogie, he is a bit of a schmuck.. I think their best move is to stay as coaches, as players it would turn into a season of everybody focusing on evicting those two and nothing else. Production would work real hard to create Boogie and Janelle friendly competitions to keep them in. So yeah, I watched those seasons already keep them both a coach.

      What do I think of Brittney and Dan entering the game? i wanted to see both of these players on an All Star Season. I hate the mixing of Newbies and All Stars.
      Out of the coaches I would like to see these two over the other two.

      Though I do wish Big Brother would have learned from last Season that this mixing of Newbies and All Stars is a bad idea. If CBS wanted to do a twist, and bring back All Stars and people that we Have NOT seen before. They should have done an All Star International Season…. Get the best Big Brother Players from around the world to fight it out American style. (Other countries still do Big Brother like Season One…House guests nominate, the Audience votes to evict. That blew so bad CBS changed it.). Of course they should do the showers European style Co-Ed Gym style no doors. I thought they might do that this being an Olympics Year.

      1. I thought if America(aka production)votes for the coachs to enter the game,then all of the coachs will be allowed to play the game.I also think it makes more sense for them to allow all the coachs in the game,not only the one’s who decide to come in the game.I also think that production wouldn’t mention the idea of a major shake up in the house,Like having all the coachs playing the game.Unless they had this planned that no matter what,after Willie was kicked out the house.They(production)will think of a way to allow the coachs to play the game.It might have something to do with them thinking it will bring in more ratings.I want all the coachs to play the game,and I’m well aware that I’m in the minority with that opinion.Lol.

    2. People seem to vote NO but I say yes let all of them enter the game, not some, but all, so they start playing as indivuduals without the ‘teams’ if you know what I mean. And hopefully it’s the last we see of vets in the game with noobs.

    3. nah, i think boogie and janelle are going to want to enter the game as well. when it comes down to it, their greedy and cocky so they’ll think they have a good chance. especially after boogie loses frank, there will be no reason for him to stay a coach.

    4. I think its the other way around…not really butt;

      Janelle is definately entering the game.
      Boogie is probably going to, DEFINATELY if Frank is evicted because his other two players are not grand-prize material.
      Dan is going to because he only has Danielle. Who is….Danielle.
      And Britney, I don’t know…she’s the only one I’m on the fence about.

  11. I think Dan, Shane, Danielle will stay aligned at least I’m hoping they seem to be the ones that would deserve it most

  12. I mentioned this earlier, but Simon and everybody.
    Would you watch a special season of Brig Brother International All Stars?
    Take the best players from around the world and the US and watch hem fight it out.
    US rules, but Olympic style BB Competitions.
    I would watch that. Would you?

    1. wouldnt make sense! im from germany. and the rules here are COMPLETLY different. as it is in many other european countries. here, the viewers evict people via televote (or sms). this changes the game completly. because the only thing the candidates worry about, is how the viewers judge them.

      1. It was like that in the US… Season One. I watched the whole season and voted occasionally, but it
        was not as exciting. The whole house was in a constent state of trying to be Americas Darlings.
        Chicken George and his writting messages on himself, talking about how the money will send his kids to college. The
        guy with one leg gets the dog with one leg. The sugar coated yum yum showmance between a surfer and an anime girl.

        I think he other countries could adapt, great Eye candy on some of their seasons… it would be fun.

  13. Wil just spoke with Joe on the feeds. He assured Joe that he still had his vote. Wil also told Danielle and Britney the same thing. At this point, it still doesn’t look good for Frank.

  14. Wil is a little bitch. WHY, oh why, does he have to go and try to screw everything up? I wanna see Boogie (who I do really like) have to work for it a bit. I really, really, believe, that Frank still goes home, but now Wil has me very worried. I want Frank to go home.

    That being said, I wanted Wil to be put up and go home this week, but Janelle saved her useless bitch. Wil sucks at comps, and I SOOOO cannot stand him. He is truly an irritating bitch (that looks a lot like Kid Rock–for realz). And no one in the house needs to mistake Wil as being trustworthy. He is absolutely NOT!! He will flip the instant he thinks his behind is in trouble or believes he has been disrespected.

    I’m all about Dan winning it all, IF he comes back. And ‘mind ya, I don’t want the coaches back in the game, but it seems to be inevitable, so I am very pro-Dan once that happens. The “Mist” will be in full effect. Go Dan!!!!!

    Britney is so very useless.

    Janelle is just way too much to bear.

    And Boogie is GREAT!!!

    I just like Dan bettter and I hope, if he comes in, brings his A+ game and wins it all AGAIN!!

    GO DAN!!!!!

  15. I am not understanding Shane’s game plan. Is he gunning to take out Frank or is he gunning to take out Joe? I thought he was wanting Joe out ? When did he decide to take out Frank? I thought they had a secret alliance or was that a lie? I am so confused over his strategy. He keeps telling one group of people one thing but tells another group something else.

  16. Simon, please focus more on the important things like the details of the discussion about bra size. :)

    Unrelated note: If the coaches enter…I’m done with BB. I might as well watch WWE wrestling and believe the wrestlers have anything to do with the outcome.

    1. her main prob is that she only has one thing in mind: beat boogie. beat boogie. beat boogie. maybe thats possible but with this kind of thinking you cannot win the whole thing.

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