Janelle says Mike and Frank are going to try and mind fu*k you all week.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!1:50pm – 2:10pm Janelle and Wil head into the kicks room to lay down and talk. Wil says do you know how fu*king lucky we are! Janelle says oh my god this is great. Wil says that he will do what they want him to do. Janelle says that Mike and Frank are going to try and mind fu*k you all week. Boogie is on to me for sure. Wil says if we get rid of his next best player next week that would be great. He says that he is sure they had a deal and that with me going back on Frank make them think. Janelle says I hate to toot my own horn but I am way more trust worthy. Wil says and like hell Frank would save me next week. Janelle says that they did the same thing to us and they are pissed at us, I just did a way better job at it. Wil says we’ve got the two of them on board now .. Britney and Shane. Janelle says yeah for now. Frank comes in and they ask him if he is okay. Frank says it’s not his first time on the block. He says as far as this week goes I am not going to ask for your vote. If you don’t vote for me I am not going to hold it against you if I go to jury. Frank leaves. Janelle says he doesn’t seem bitter. He is being nice Frank now. Frank comes back in and says oh one more thing buddy, supposedly we have a final 2 deal … supposedly I have a final 2 deal with everybody. Frank leaves again. Wil says that he would never turn his back on Joe. They talk about how Ian has nervous diarrhea, he is always in the bathroom. Hopefully this will teach him to think for himself. They talk about getting Ian out next week. Janelle
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2:15pm – 2:30pm Frank is in the pool talking to Shane and Danielle beside the pool. Shane is reassuring Frank that he is fine and that they can talk each day to make sure he feels okay. Shane tells him that they have votes to get rid of Joe. He says that he had to put Frank up so that Boogie’s team doesn’t dictate what happens. Shane says he doesn’t have a vote but says that Frank has his team’s votes and there is another person who is 100% on board (Danielle). Shane asks Danielle if she can trust Joe. She says come on now. Meanwhile on the backyard couch, Britney is talking about how if someone breaks into your house and you shoot them in the back you will go to jail. She says that if they do shoot someone in the back, make sure you turn them over and shoot them in the front. Britney tells a story about how a girl was about to be raped but that she was wearing her spanks and he couldn’t get in there. She says that spanks are like fort knox’s.


2:30pm – 2:55pm Dan, Britney, Frank, Mike and Ian are sitting on the couch talking about random stuff. They are talking about pharmacy drugs and real estate. Dan is trying to convince Britney to get into real estate telling her that she would be really good at it. Frank says that his new job should be an investigative reporter because he is good at getting information. Britney tells him that he would be really good at it too, except for the fact that he has buttery soft hands. Mike say yeah because you should be climbing fences and stuff. The conversation turns to talking about survivor. They all think its crazy how much information Ian remembers from reality tv shows. Britney says that he knows a lot about big brother and survivor but nothing about Toddlers and Tiaras, The Bachelor, or Teen Mom.


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43 thoughts on “Janelle says Mike and Frank are going to try and mind fu*k you all week.

  1. Forget Week One. This is when the games really begin. Epic!

    Adios Tres Amigos? (Yeah, unless the house flips again)

  2. Frank is gonna become super desperate as the week goes on! Can’t wait to see the Dr. Will surogate leave.

    1. What if Ashley decides to go rogue and vote against Joe? She seems to think she is the low man (person) on team Janelle, she could switch her vote, then it doesn’t matter what Danielle does with her vote.

      1. That would be really smart but, she would need some pushing which nobody will do. Boogie and Mike are going to be completely blindsided and won’t go to Ashley.
        Plus, Ashley could pin it on Danielle.
        But, Frank would definitely go after her team and not Shane because he would feel like he would owe him (thinking that Danielle voted for him and not Ashley).
        Now THAT would be a big move.
        Double blindside.

  3. Looks like jannell team is serious about teaming up with shane..hope they give him at leats a week so he can defend himself in two weeks when he is able to play hoh. daniells seems wishy washy..hope she stick to the plan.still not trusting dan. If this goes well this will be the best eviction in my bb watching history to see the face of boogie and frank..thinking they are safe and joe leaveing..Priceless.

    1. Janelle’s gameplay is a la Erika style, floats from one side to another to whom has power, it’s pathetic
      but she’s doing a good job so far, has all her players intact

  4. Ashley is gonna vote against her teammates and Janelle, she will keep Frank because of the crush, she can blame it on loosy goosy I said the wromg name in the diary room. Team up with Frank and tell them the Janelle plan to back door Frank so they can control the power Ashley should also let Boogie in on Janelles plan too

    1. Ashley can say Shane put her on the block as a pawn because Wil was saved by Janelle which could of put her out as a pawn, Ashley you are an idiot if you don’t think you are not the low man on the totem pole

  5. frank isn’t leaving shane is just smart and kinows if he did that he would still have frank on his side and janelles team because hes gonna act like danielle did that on her own. duh.

    1. yep – thought of that too. Now they’ve successfully blamed Ian for him going up – Shane can wash his hands of Frank’s departure to Danielle. But if Ashley turns on her own team then we could be in for a surprise. It’s gonna be a long couple of days to eviction.

  6. Team Shanielle Yo! Shane, still got your back and even Frank leaves you still crush Janelle’s team!

  7. such a dumb move shane. frank is going to get a chance to get back in the game. I mean cmon, no way after losing a HG that they pass up on this.

    not to mention, brit will join the vets to remove the pov/hoh king shane from this game, she finally made a smart move using shane to take out a player, problem is, she took out someone production obviously likes, and someone who is going to get a chance to return. for sure. they have to give boogie someone to play with

    1. so did shane change to frank so they plan on keeping him and voting out joe right? ( I don’t have the feed) thanks

    2. i am confused unless you know something we don’t if frank leaves he isn’t coming back that isn’t the twist the players may think that is the twist but the twist is about the coaches getting back into the game

  8. Shane is going to feel like a complete idiot leaving ALL of Janelle’s players in the house, and then Janelle enters the game! Kiss your stay in the house goodbye Shane. If if he does make it, his road will be a lot tougher.

  9. nooooooooooo, Franky has to stay!! Shane open your eyes!! you can’t let Janelle, Joe, Ash, and Wil stay in the house.. that clique is a major threat compared to Frank

    seriously how can they not see it!!

    but I think Joe is leaving this week lol

    1. most likely after frank will leave..prolly announce the twist in the game..and then after frank leaves tells them what america voter for and then off to play hoh.

      1. i would say she will vote for frank on bbad she seemed to be trying really hard to get shane to put frank on the block and she was mad when shane didn’t put him on the block the first time. I would be surprised if she doen’t get rid of him besides if joe really was the target shane would have just left the nom stay no matter what he says

  10. Dumbest move I have seen in the 4 years I have been watching Big Brother.
    If he was going to screw Frank, he should have waited at least 3 more weeks.
    He just gave up probably the best secret “wrecking crew” alliance for a team of liars.
    Frank is the ONLY trustworthy person in the house except for maybe Dan.

    Now he is the #1 target for Janelle’s team and he is carrying Danielle as dead weight.
    Danielle will make it further in this game than Shane will.

    Seriously shaking my head at this point.

    1. you should watch big brother for more then 4 years this is go movie he will not have had 3 week to go against him frank will have put him up next week just like he did last week

        1. I am still confused why put up frank if it is Joe they want (ed) out? Or are they gona backdoor Frank?

        2. They didn’t have an agreement.
          I have watched many of the private conversations between Boogie and Frank, and Frank was really on board to partner up with Shane.
          If I was in Shane’s spot, Frank would be a good partner. They both have about an equal chance of winning the 500K if they both make it to the end…in fact, Shane probably had a better chance because he seems to win more.

          By screwing his only really reliable ally (other than Danielle, who is useless), he just screwed himself every week he doesn’t win HOH.
          If the coaches joined, they could have added Dan and Boogie and rode it out to final 4, then figured out what to do from there.

  11. joe needs to go, or else boogie has no reason to join the game. IF I were him I’d say no and stick as a coach if they let me

  12. Frank was in No way a loyal ally. Ian gave Brittney and Shane the tell, poor kid, or maybe not poor kid.
    I think he knows that Boogie has placed all bets on Frank. This actually puts Ian and Jenn in a bad place.
    Ian is quite aware that he is expendable, in the eyes of his coach. Today just confirmed it.

    I think Dan is going to switch Danielle over, Shane will not have power, but there is something that could
    hapen that no would see coming, it is a long shot, but possible. I depends on the lesson Ian learned about Boogie today.

    Wil: evict Frank
    Ashley Frank
    Danielle: Joe
    Jenn: Joe
    Ian: Frank

    If Ian learns that Boogie has swayed Dan and Danielle to evict Joe and it is set in stone.
    Ian may decide that this is his chance to get rid of Frank and make it look like Dan and Danielle
    betrayed Team Boogie and used the swing to take out Frank. He can also go to Brittney feel her out
    and then let Janelle and Brittney know that he voted to evict Frank so any deal they had with Dan and Danielle
    was a lie. Dan and Danielle would be thrown off and go to Boogie and all Ian has to do is tell Boogie, they had to
    have voted to evict Frank, him and Jenn voted to evict Joe, “Do you think I m dumb enough to vote out my own Team
    Member?”. It is possible that he can put Team Boogie, Brittney and Shane ,team Janelle all against Dan and Danielle.
    Create an alliance with Brittney and Shane “The Brain Athletic and Social…BAS Alliance. That is good TV.

    Other vote options involving Ian making a big move:
    Danielle: Frank
    Wil: Frank
    Ashley: Frank
    Jenn: Joe

    Of course I flipped. I am not here to win Frank $500,000, I just need an alliance with an athlete, Shane is better for my purposes.
    Boogie ask yourself “Do I want $100,00 or a good alliance without Frank? Because you have a terrible track record with being trustworthy
    and you are a known manipulator, go against me and I will make sure everyone is kept aware of that.”

    Of course the same can be done by Ashley.

  13. Actually Shane is really in a tight spot. Both teams want him out, so if he takes out one of Janelle’s team mate then he has Wil to watch his back on. If he choose Frank he still has Boogie, Ian to watch out for. Poor guy shouldn’t have won the POV. My gut says take Joe out and take a chance on Frank. I think this will be more beneficial for Shane once they find out that the coaches are coming in to play ball. There faces will be priceless. LOL There isn’t a single person but Janelle has figured out what will happen this week. Maybe Boogie but for right he isn’t giving to much outside information on the thought what the twist could be. Last nite Dan looked alittle worried not sure why.

  14. “Britney is talking about how if someone breaks into your house and you shoot them in the back you will go to jail. She says that if they do shoot someone in the back, make sure you turn them over and shoot them in the front.”

    Good Idea Future Murderer LMFAO

      1. but this is true though. if a person break into your house then try to leave, you can’t shoot them in the back because you’re not so called “confronted” at the situation.
        but of course, you don’t shoot somebody from the back then from the front…

    1. A friend of mine that works for PD says if someone breaks into your home, use two shots:

      1. Shoot the intruder first
      2. Shoot the ceiling next

      When pressed, you can say you fired a warning shot to scare off the intruder and the intruder didn’t take heed. If the intruder lives, his credibility is crap because he broke into your house.

  15. Did anyone hear Ashley tell someone today what Shane said to her late last night? My friend said on the live feed she can’t remember who Ashley was talking to but she mention what Shane said and that she wasn’t suppose to say anything.

  16. Shane was screwed either way, because he is a threat. One of these floaters need to step up and make this game interesting!

  17. Danielle is such a ditz. She wanted to be the swing vote, but I think now she’s realizing that whatever she does, she is going to make at least 3 enemies this week. I bet she wishes Shane didn’t use the veto. If Shane is smart, he will let her and Dan take the blame for whatever happens, if Joe leaves, it’s pretty easy to sell Janelle’s team the excuse that Shane didn’t have a vote, Danielle flipped, and it was Dan’s fault, and same thing if Frank goes, will be pissed more pissed at Dan than Shane and Brit just as they enter the game. This could still work in Shane’s favour. I am hoping some of the newbs figure out that the coaches are coming into the game before the vote and revolt. Also liking the possibility of Frank calling out Joe in front of the whole house.

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