Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Janelle says I’m not an idiot you curly haired dweeb!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


12:30am Ashley, Wil, Frank, Shane and Wil are sitting around the hot tub talking about past competitions. Meanwhile, Jenn, Dan and Joe are over on the backyard couches talking. Frank says that the diary room keeps telling them that house guests aren’t teams. Wil tells Shane that he chose not to do what his coach told him this week, suck up to Shane, he says that just isn’t him. Shane says that Britney is 2 years younger than he is and he knows that she has played before but it is tough to just follow Britney blindly because he doesn’t want to get sent home because of a decision Britney makes for him.

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Up in the HOH room, Britney and Danielle are talking. Danielle says that Shane gives her mixed signals. She says he used to flirt with her but now he won’t even give her a hug. Britney tells her she should confront Shane and ask him why he is being weird with her. Danielle hopes that bringing that up to him won’t make things even weirder. Britney says that thinks she should just ask him. Danielle says that she did call Shane out on being mean the other day and she says Shane replied that’s what women want, they want what they can’t have. Danielle asks don’t you notice Shane and I never talk now unless it’s us alone up here. She says that she sees a huge difference in his behavior towards her. Danielle asks how do I talk to him without freaking him out more. Shane has been telling Danielle that he doesn’t want to put targets on their backs because they seem like a couple to the others. Ashley and Shane join them.


12:50am Joe and Janelle are talking on the backyard couch. Janie asks him if they are solid for Thursday. Joe says Dan said they are good. Janelle says that she also talked with Dan and Frank is going home. Joe says it killed him last night when Wil tried to take credit for getting Frank up on the block when it was all Janelle’s doing! Janelle says I’m going to bring you 3 to the end. We’re going to be a target but as long as we get the right people out each week, we might have to bad things later in the game. Joe says that he owes Shane. Janelle agrees. Joe says that he thinks they’ll see a little friction between Shane and Danielle this week. He says that Frank is trying to flirt with her to cause issues between her and Shane. He also says that he doesn’t think Shane really wants Danielle but if he sees Frank flirting with her it will bother him because that’s how guys are. Janelle says that Frank is going to be walking out the door on Thursday if I have anything to do with it! Joe says you will have everything to do with it! Joe says everyone he has talked to today seemed solid, Danielle is the swing vote and she’s on board to evict Frank. Janelle says that she thinks Danielle will be drug to the end by Shane, that’s his ticket to the end. Joe believes if he were up against Shane in the final 2 he would have the votes to beat him. The conversation turns to talking about if it’s an endurance competition this Thursday.


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1:30am In the backyard, Janelle, Wil and Joe are talking. Wil says that he thinks they should make Ian think Frank is staying this week and then when he does get voted out it may frazzle Ian and throw him off his game for the HOH competition. Janelle asks Wil if it gets down to him and Ian left will he offer him a deal. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Wil says that he wants to use Danielle to blindside Ian.

2am Danielle heads up to the HOH and lays down with Shane. Danielle tells Shane that Wil and Janelle just got into a fight because Janelle wants Wil to kiss a$$. She says that Wil said in the stereo room that everyone can see through Janelle’s kissing a$$. She says that Wil was in the stereo room and Janelle came in and Wil didn’t want anything to do with her. Danielle says that Janelle is on my heels. She’s following me around. Her and Frank are suffocating me. Danielle says that Ashley tells Janie everything so does Joe. Shane says that he can’t trust anyone in this house except for Danielle. Shane says that when Frank goes home and Boogie comes after them for an explanation he wants to throw Dan under the bus and blame it on him. Danielle doesn’t want Dan to get blamed; she says he should just tell Boogie he doesn’t know what happened with Frank. Danielle says she cannot get away from Frank. She tells Shane that Frank hit her in the head and she screamed at him that she is sick of his sh*t, that is not me flirting. Danielle tells Shane that she was Harley Davidson’s Miss September 2012. Shane says that’s awesome. She tells him not to tell anyone.

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3am – 4:20am Ashley tells Joe and Janelle that Ian asked her if she wins HOH, if she would put him up. She says Ian told her that he wouldn’t put her up. Ashley says that she doesn’t think Ian really has a crush on her. She says she did the date thing to build his self-confidence. Ashley says that she thinks it was a good experience for him. Ashley tells them that Ian asked her if he could sleep in the HOH with her. Janelle starts talking about her past seasons. Joe says that he needs to start working on his speech for Thursday. Ashley says Frank is already working on his, she says he is opening with an unfunny joke. Janelle says that he has got to go! Joe says he needs to come up with something clever for Thursday. Ashley heads to bed.
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Janelle tells Joe that he should say if you leave Frank in the game you have just signed his $500,000 check because he will win the game. Joe says Frank has 2 completely different faces and is very manipulative. He thinks the women of the house would totally have eaten up Frank’s bull and he could have been taken to the end had the coaches not been a part of the game. Joe says Shane is a better guy than Frank, he’s just not a talker like Frank. He commends Shane for being a loyal person even if it was to Willie. Janelle says I’m not an idiot you curly haired dweeb! Janelle says that Frank was her number one pick to go home after she met him. She says that within two hours of meeting him she knew he had to go. Janelle says that she wishes she would not have mentioned to Wil that she thought Frank may be bi-sexual because it gave Wil false hope. Janelle says if she were single, Frank is the type of guy she would date just to screw him over. She says he thinks he is god’s gift. They decide to go to sleep.


5:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..
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61 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Janelle says I’m not an idiot you curly haired dweeb!

  1. Shane will re-live of Jeff’s mistake. He will end up going home next week. So Shane, better convince Danielle to vote Joe for a eviction. He needs to go because he annoying & pain in the a$$. Bye Joe, have fun talking to Julie Chen. Joe never pass this up.

    1. I’m disappointed Frank’s going but at this point for Shane’s game Frank better be evicted coz he’s coming back with a vengeance, coz if Frank stays he’s out for blood, if Joe stays he owes Shane. Plus it seems Janelle’s team seems grateful to Shane and are not hating on him at all so he might not be their target next week. But with the coaches coming into the game who knows what’ll happen next week.

    2. Aren’t you getting tired of being wrong? You said Frank was going home, and Kara went home. now you were saying Shane wouldn’t use the veto and put up Frank and Frank is now on the block and at this time doesn’t have the votes to stay. now you are saying Joe is going home. Do you see the trend here?

      1. You tell me. If Frank goes home & comes back in the game. He will come after whoever put him on the block. Oh! If Shane gets backdoored next week, Shane should better think twice. That’s why Joe is not be trusted and look at Janelle. She carried three floaters. Are you kidding me? Janelle should admitted that picking three floaters would be bad strategy. They don’t win Sh*t. If Janelle should got a stronger player like Frank,Shane, or Kara. She will make it far. But no, she pick three floaters to float all the way. That why shane would convince Danielle to vot Joe out. Beside, Janelle is afraid of getting back in the game.

          1. Why everyone assuming Ashley will for vote for Joe to stay and Danielle be the swing vote Ashley has been voting what Janelle wants maybe this week someone gets to her especially if her coach opts to enter the game she has protected Wil when needed and her once so where you think she stands on the totem pole

            1. Kinda a fast forwards competitions every other day and pov too fast foward voting no Big Brother after dark during this time

            2. Well based on what I have seen on the feeds, Ashley was ecstatic when she found out that Shane was going to backdoor Frank. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning. So I think if anyone could be flipped, it’d be Danielle over Ashley.

        1. Yeah because Kara did so well. Where’s she at? Oh that’s right, evicted and if or rather when the coaches come into the game, she will be released from sequestor, if she hasn’t been already. And Frank is on the block for the second time and it doesn’t look like he is safe this week. Yeah, these strong players are really working out well. I thought you knew your big brother history. Strong players are almost always targeted early on. Then again, we watch the same show, yet you see something different than what just about everyone else sees.

  2. Hey Dawg,

    You think voting Frank out will happen? Very rarely does a house unite to get someone out like this. Waiting for it to fall apart. I wonder if Frank really would be loyal to Shane if he kept him? I think Boogie is the problem. Can’t trust Frank while Boogie is pulling the strings.

  3. Danielle is the definition of LOSER in every sense of the word.

    Where did they get her from. She lives in some other reality where she is a 10 or something.

    1. Kara was the only girl better looking than Danielle in the house. She is very attractive. BTW the bottom two are Janelle and Ashley in that order.

    2. Kara was the only girl in the house that was more attractive than Danielle. BTW the two least attractive are Janelle and Ashley, in that order.

      1. Lool, Kara , and Danielle don’t look that great, the best lookin chick in the house Is Janelle:) She’s hot;) ! Just sayin.

    3. I love that she turned being the September pic on some local Harley dealerships calendar into being “Miss Harley Davidson Sep. 2012”.
      OMG so delusional!
      Unless I googled wrong. Heart of Dixie Harley Davidson Calendar, in case anyone wants to look into it more.

  4. Straw Poll:
    How did everyone vote for coaches coming back into the game? I voted NO 10 times.
    What did you do? Interesting to see what % here in reference to what CBS will say Thursday night.

    1. I didn’t vote because I know that the poll is skewed. The only reason they bothered to run the poll is because 1) it makes the tv viewers feel like it was their decision and 2) “$1 per text message”.

      Even if 99% vote against the coaches entering, they will come into the game. It was the plan all along, which is why the number of players never made sense. AG knew that a lot of people were pissed last season, so she couldn’t just throw them into the game from the start. She also didn’t want the newbs picking them off during the first 4 weeks, so the coach thing was concocted to force the newbs to bond with their coach and hopefully stick with them until the coaches send them all packing. AG took a great concept for reality TV and is destroying it. Anyone that has a whole year to cast the show and ends up giving us reruns and people that know someone instead of normal everyday people that apply to be on the show should be sacked for laziness. This year most of the players are models or people that already have some exposure. The exceptions are Ian, Jodi, Danielle and Frank.

      1. You can add Frank. Frank is the son of Sid Vicious, a former pro wrestler. I knew he looked awfully familiar but didn’t realize it right away.

    2. I voted yes, but only to see what Dan can do, once he is back in the game, I don’t care Britney, and can’t stand Mike or Janelle

  5. So what do you think the chances of Danielle staying loyal to Shane if it finally gets through to her that he’s not into her that way? Or is that just a false premise, she’s never going to get it?

  6. Joe is going home on Thursday. I would love to see Janelle’s face that Joe is leaving out of the door. He is very annoying and needs to leave.

    1. Danielle and Dan both agreed that the best move is to evict Frank. I’m not sure why you think Joe is going home. Maybe you want him to leave, but all signs point to Frank going home at the moment.

  7. Danielle is stupid. She is the only vote that counts this week unless Ian, Jenn, Wil or Ashley vote against their team, and that’s not going to happen. Everyone will know how she voted, and everyone will blame Dan because she does what Dan wants her to do. There is no way she can deflect the blame on anyone else, her only option to keep her hands clean is to throw Dan under the bus and admit that she is just doing what he wants, but she is too stupid to see that. I don’t think she has figured it out yet that the blood is all on her hands this week. Shane made the nominations, but he can’t vote. He can say that he put up the people that each half of the house wanted and the decision is up to them. All he has to do if people blame him is throw Danielle and Dan under the bus. She even wanted to be the swing vote! Nobody ever wants to be the swing vote because they get the blood on their hands. Poor Shane, he still has to put up with her delusional fantasies of a showmance until Thursday. If Dan or Danielle don’t win HOH, Danielle could be in trouble. I really hope none of the coaches win HOH and two of them get put up together. They had their chance, Boogie and Janelle already had 2 chances. It’s totally unfair that they come into the game after being safe for weeks and knowing their player’s secrets. I really hope the newbs band together and take them all out before they start gunning for each other. Otherwise this will be a rerun of last season, which was easily the worst season ever.

  8. AG, next year! Big Brother All-Stars 2:Rivals
    1.Russell & Ronnie (BB11)
    2.Rachel & Ragan (BB12)
    3.Britney & Brendon (BB12)
    4.JoJo & Joe (BB14)
    5.Janelle & Maggie (BB6)
    6.Mike Boogie & Erika (BB7)
    7.Eval Dick & Jenn (BB8)
    8.Natalie & Lydia (BB11)
    9.Dan & Remey (BB10)
    18 Former Houseguest, twist if one rival leaves. One will have the golden key till Final 10! Make it Happen!

    1. Some problems with that. You can’t call it All Stars with that roster. Some of those players were terrible players and did nothing in the game. I’ll give you a few examples…
      Ronnie (superfan that was evicted superfast)
      Ragan (other than verbally crushing Rachel in that backyard when she came back for a day, he didn’t do much else)
      Britney (sucked as a player, sucks as a coach, not All-Star material)
      Brendon (overrated, evicted three times in two seasons)
      JoJo (what’d she do to be an All-Star)
      Joe (might be too early to say he’s not an All-Star, but I just don’t see it happening)
      And there’s others I could easily say the same about…of course the argument could be made about popularity. But being popular alone shouldn’t make someone an All-Star. They should be good players as well.

      1. I say keep the summers for newbiies have Vets ( All-Stars ) do a show from Thanksgiving thru New Years and see if the don’t keep each other happy thru the holidays Bahahah

        1. I like that idea, but I don’t think that they would get all the HG’s that they want. Asking alot to be away over the holidays. Maybe start early Jan and go through March.

    2. The only twist I want to see next year is a twist where they actually play big brother. All new house guests – no vets and no stupid twists. That’s something the viewers would never expect. Amazing huh?

  9. Frank’s best bet is if the showmance bubble is busted and Danielle votes against Shane’s wishes out of spite. And she’s the type of broad to do such a thing.

    1. You are delusional. No imperical proof that this statement has any basis in reality.

      Catagories of Best:

      Personality – She is mean, spiteful, jealous of other women, a liar, a cheat, and concieted.

      Looks – Pig nosed, faked boobs, and just plain ugghh.

      Intellegence – not a stratagist, lost game 2 previous atempts, and thinks the plural of sheep is “sheeps” (watch season 6 to hear this), thinks that floating to power is the key to vitory in this game (and has turned her 3 players into kiss a$$ floaters too)

      Emotionally – left her infant child to try and redeem herself and recall her glory days, is insanely afraid of Mike Boogie (he is so inside herself), and delusional of her players ablities (Joe OWNS Shane?)

      Competitor – Granted during her time on BB she has won a lot of comps, but she is passed her prime. She has won 2 comps this season one almost by default and the other one was so OBVIOUSLY designed for her.

      Best? Not even close.

      1. We get it, you’re jealous of Janelle. However, you might be letting your jealousy cloud your judgement. Janelle may be many things, but she’s never been a floater. She’s also arguably the best competitor that they have had on this show. Your post also made you kind of come across as the things you accuse her of, mean, spiteful and jealous of other women. Not hating, just stating…

        1. I am certainly not jealous of Janelle. As for her not being a floater? Have you watched this season? She is SO floating to the power.

          Again, in the past she WAS a good competitor. Not anymore. At least she has not proven that to me this season.

          I can’t be jealous of other women as I am not a woman.

          Glad you are not a hater. Niether am I. I have just never understood the Janelle worship. If she was as good as all of you in the “Cult of Janelle” believed then she would have won BB6 and All-Stars.

          Take a look at her objectively, without the worship.

          Just sayin’.

          1. My mistake on the gender, it’s just you are the first guy I have ever seen knock on a woman because she has fake boobs. Personally, I am a fan, actually a big fan of fake boobs. What’s not to like? It looked like a bitter woman hating on her because she’s prettier than her or more popular than her or any one of the numerous reasons that women hate each other. So you can see how I got your gender wrong.

            She’s won two of the 3 coach comps, which is all she’s been able to compete in. She left Willie/Britney while they had power because Willie was too paranoid and making too many deals and calling housemeetings to get the players to ignore their coaches. not sure how that was floating, that was a power move that went againist the HOH. And she worked the current HOH into backdooring an ally he made last week. I think she’s playing a much better strategic game than her previous seasons. I wouldn’t be upset if Janelle entered the game and ended up winning, but same with Dan. I also have no issue with several of the noobs winning. Definitely not a “Cult of Janelle” member, but I do respect her game.

            1. I prefer the natural look. Janelle’s boobs and hair are anything but. Her smile to most people is plastered on as you can tell when she starts talking about them behind their backs. The reason I said that she doesn’t like other women is that I watched her other two seasons and the only other HG that was as catty as Janelle in BB history was Rachel.

              As for the 2 comps she “won”:

              1. She would have been in 3rd place if Britany and Boogie had not been disqualified. (You HAVE to give me that one.)

              2. That was was so tailored to her it isn’t even funny:
              a) 1st part, if Britany didn’t just suck at almost all comps, she and Janelle should have put Dan and Boogie to shame. Definitely geared to a woman.
              b) 2nd part, Guys have MUCH narrower hips (in general) than women. She didn’t have to move as much as Dan or Boogie. Even if Britany had been in that part Janelle would have won because she is slimmer and more petite (not trying to say Janelle is fat).

              c) 3rd part, none of the coaches’ lips are as big as her’s nor a tongue as long as her’s.

              That is my case. It holds up pretty well.

  10. So it burns Frank’s butt that people sit outside on the sofas and pick their feet….at least they don’t STINK!!!! Wear some deoderant dude! If he went to bed without showering after running around in the backyard, can you imagine how bad that bedroom smells this morning???? YUK!

  11. Janelle has been one of the most obnoxious players since her 1st season….ever notice how much she looks in every mirror she walks by??

  12. I just don’t understand why these houseguests think Frank or Wil are strong players. The ONLY game Shane did lose was the Q

  13. Honestly if they vote out Frank its a dumb move on Shane’s part. They should keep their 3 person alliance. Danielle hasn’t won a thing and the only people that have would be in that alliance. honestly losing Frank right now makes Shane target number 1 in the house.

    No way is Danielle winning HOH this week with her weak play in other comps, and Frank would have been good to have compete for the HOH and possibly Veto if needed. Shane has won a lot and every veto but eventually he won’t win and what if that happens this week? He is screwed. He better re-think evicting Frank because its a bad move for his end game. If Frank leaves expect Shane to be gone within the next 2 weeks. Especially after the coaches come back into the game.

  14. Pig face Janelle saying someone else thinks they are gods gift, lol. That goofy hooker never ceases to amaze me.

  15. If they evict Frank tonight, im going to laugh when Shane gets backdoored next week. Sorry Shane you should have never trusted the silicon liar that is Janelle!

  16. I hate Jenelle…..Haha She might be a good player but every ones gonna love it when i see your buttt go out that door!!!!Shane And Danielle Are The Cutest Couple

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