Big Brother Spoilers – Wil tells Danielle she’s safe “I can even put Joe and Ashley up”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

7:46pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Wil and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle asks him if he’s going to vote to evict Frank. Wil says that Frank is a nice guy and all but he has to leave the game soon, he’s just too strong a player. Danielle asks him who he would target if Ian and Jenn are safe from a POV next week. Wil says he would put Joe and Ashley up, he points out that is the worst possible scenario and it means that Ian or Jenn win a power of Veto and only one of them are on the block. Wil says if any of Janelle’s players win HOH they will put both Ian and Jenn up. Wil says he will not put Danielle or Shane up next week they shake on it. Danielle: “Right now I’m sending Frank out.. How does the rest of your team feel.. cause right now I feel like I would go up.
Wil says that before today wil thought Shane was an a$$hole in disguise but after the Power of Veto Wil realized that he had Shanes head was in the game and he felt like he could work with him. Wil: “If we get HOH we are going to work together next week.. We owe you big time”

Wil says he wants to Rattle Ian as much as possible before the Head of Household competition

to prevent him from winning. Wil is sure Ian would put Shane and Wil up if he wins.
Wil says he’s not playing Janelle’s game she has a better chance to win money than he does he needs to play his own game. Wil points out that yesterday he did everything Janelle told him not to when he talked to Shane in the HOH Room. (LOL and it almost didn’t work because Wil made them think he had a deal with Frank)

Danielle tells him she only cares about where is stand next week and she wants a guarantee that she’s safe. Wil gives her that guarantee. Wil recommends she goes and talks to Ashley and Joe.

(Wil wants Ian gone and Danielle successfully plays down her relationship with Shane)

Wil has a strange feeling that the coaches are coming back into the game. Danielle is very fast to shoot that idea down. She thinks that at the very least one of the evicted players will be brought back. Wil mentions how unfair it is because the coaches were safe from eviction for the first weeks and they know everyones game.

8:40pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Britney Arcade Room
They are having a joking conversation about Britney and her Stink eye. Dan is trying to figure out why Britney is so Negative. Britney start talking about her husband and how horrible he is at buying gifts. She recalls a story when he bought her a gross lamp for christmas when she was in college. She says she hated the Lamp but liked that he put time and effort into getting it for her. Britney adds that she will not accept anything but the best option. Dan asks her if Option A was a college and she wasn’t able to ge4t in would she go for a option B. britney says no if she cannot get into to the Option A college than its not option A another option is OPtion A. Dan asks her if as a welcome back present her husband made her cupcakes with lemon in it would she eat them (Evidently Britney hates Lemon and Onions) britney says she wouldn’t eat them but she would still appreciate the effort.
Dan: “I think it’s a crapshoot every time he buys you a gift.. Am I going to get Stinkeye” Wil Joins them and Dan tells him about Britney and the lemon cupcakes. Wil totally understands he says that if his husband made him cupcakes with Bananas in it he would tell him to go F*** O**

9:15pm Cam 3-4 random conversations going on around the house nothing that impacts game. Joe shares with us that he’s never been in the same room with his wife when she’s doing a number 2. The conversation with Dan and Britney has grown to include Wil, Boogie and AShley.. they’re still talking about the same thing.

10:12pm Cam 1-4 Volley Ball
The teams are Frank, Joe and Wil Vs Britney, Danielle and Trixie (ohh shit i’m saying it now) Jenn joins them after a bit.
Wil keep yelling “Get it FRANK” (Very Funny)
Danielle constantly gives her team praise. .”Goof job jenn.. Good job Brit… Good Job.. ”

everyone having a good time playing Volleyball. Girls are really getting into it.

10:47pm Cam 1-4 They change up the game and just start counting how many times they can knock the ball back and forth with the other team. They get up to 19.

11:12pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Ashley
ian asks her if she would nominate him. Ashley asks him the same question back. Ian says Of Course not. Ashley now answers him tells him she won’t put him up.

They start talking about the next head of household. ian says he needs it badly he doesn’t think Ashley does. Shane’s working out off to the side.. Ashley is watching him says “ that is straight up gangster right there” (Shane is having a pretty heavy duty workout”

11:31pm Backyard Cam 1-4 Dan beats Janelle at a chess game. He chases her around drinking to spray a drink on her because she won’t declare him teh greatest chess player.

11:36pm Cam 3-4 Storage Room Dan and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan wants to work with Janelle. Janelle claims that she’s been wanting to work with him since week one. She tells him that Danielle is 100% safe next week he should not worry.

Dan: “Lets say Joe wins HOH and one of the 2 come down who do you put up” (Ian and Jenn come down does Shane or Danielle go up)
Janelle: “Danielle won’t go up. “
Janelle asks him what who should they target after frank. Dan thinks they should take out a team first “Whichever team it is I don’t mind I just want to keep Danielle safe next week”

Janelle brings up “Half Time” (code word for the coaches coming back in the game) she asks him what Boogie has been saying about it. Dan explains that Boogie thinks the coaches will have a choice to come in or not. Dan thinks there might be 2 that go in and 2 that stay as coaches. Janelle thinks it would be better for her to stay as a coach because she has 3 players still. Dan: ‘it really comes down to do you think you can beat these new players?” Janelle thinks she can but she doesn’t want it to be like Allstars where she’s the target every week. Dan reminds her that she won’t be the only coach.
Janelle says that production asked her if given the opportunity to play the game would she. (She doesn’t say when they asked her this )Dan is down to one player so going into the game is probably best for him but for Janelle she’s got 3 players might be a better chance to stay a coach. He thinks the game would be more exciting with her in it.

Janelle asks him if she should enter the game. dan thinks she should.

Janelle proposes that the coaches team up when they enter the game. Dan agrees says they should bring 2 newbies with them to help out.

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Wil tells Danielle she’s safe “I can even put Joe and Ashley up”

  1. I’m so glad I am getting all the attention that I deserve, y’all. I think even Wil is lusting after me now, y’all. I think the BB14 twist is that Wil is str8 and he wants to date me. Too many guys, I just don’t know what to do.

  2. I want to stay true to my alliance y’all. And I will vote to evict Joe so I can have a threesome alliance with Frank and Shane. What do y’all guys think?

        1. thank you I did not want to have to change my name as I am now known on here as the one the only jasonvoorhies a cut above the rest
          Just curious I have a peer blocker on my computer which supposedly blocks my IP addy. Does this work? (not that I care if you see my IP)

            1. HA!!! so much for that! I am only using it on a free trial but now I know I won’t be purchasing it. Thanks

              1. You didn’t invent the name jasonvorhees pal. I used to be a camp counseler at Crystal Lake and there was this kid and…. well anyways you didn’t invent the name.

        2. Simon, why they impersonate me as Captainwedgiearchnemesis. I’m a really Captainwedgiearchnemesis. Every time I post something. They still continue impersonate me as Captainwedgiearchnemesis. I’m really get pissed off! I look at every post and it pops out that they still impersonate me. That’s not fair.

        1. LMFAO!

          You two are some of the better posters on here.

          Keep it up. ;)

          As for recent game play I am just glad that Shane is going to get out Frank because Frank is so shady and was planning on backdooring him next week.

          You know that prick is going to be all upset that Shane is doing it to him before he can do it to him when it finally becomes clear to him he is going home Thursday..

          I can’t wait to read the updates that day. ;D

          Shane FTW!

          1. I don’t get how it’s shady when one person does it but a good game move when another does it.

            I guess it all depends on who your favorites are.

  3. Did the HG’s smoke a joint tonight? Did BB give all of them cupcakes dosed with xanax or something? Everyone’s chatting, no one’s campaigning. A super snooze fest. I loathe when they’re all fake like they really get along. This site and the comments are more interesting. I think it’s time to start thinking avatars!

    Oh no, they’re playing vollyball. Make it stop!!!!

      1. leave Jenn the bearded tattoo lady alone muffy , after all you dive into muffs too :) oh and what (who) did Jenn just eat she is picking pubic hair outta her teeth :)

  4. Question for Dawg/Simon

    Ok I remember a few years ago when I first started using the website, you guys would post videos of the live feeds. What ever happened to that?

    1. realnetworks the company that distributes the feeds went on to war and got youtube to remove them all.. You can also not have live feed videos and sell the live feeds on a site.

      1. I think allowing sites such as this one(or any) to post videos, would temp people to actually wanna buy the feeds. It’s not like they arent making enough money as it is.

        Anyway thanks for the clarification.

        1. it’s crazy with all the “copyright” rules. I agree if you could put clips from the feeds on here some of us might be more tempted to buy the damn feeds :)

    1. Simon was born and raised in Rverside, Ca where he resideds to this very night. As a child he fell in love with surfing, skatebording and computer programming. He enjoys long walks on the beach and prays for world peace while also having a penchant for latin porn.

  5. This is seriously the most boring season I have ever seen. I can’t believe everyone brings up how good Dan, and Dr. Will were. What about Season 11 Russell? He was the ultimate antagonist, and at least he made BBAD and the game itself interesting. Why don’t they bring him back of all the people? Mix things up. You bring him into the house as a coach and I guarantee things would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than this garbage.

  6. People voted for Frank to stay, now they might plan to get him out? They had a chance the first time. Then again circumstances change in the BB house.

    1. I think Britney is the only one that won’t come in. She has a good shot with Shane so she will probably keep it that way. I also think Britney is the kind of person that doesn’t want to take blame, so if she loses, it can be Shane’s fault and not her own. I would say Boogie won’t come in, but without Frank he may. Dan is 100% and that’s the only reason I’m still into this season. Janelle is on the fence but I don’t think she can resist.

    2. All of them LOL.. Who passes up a chance at 500k

      And tbh WHEN all the coaches come back I feel like there will be some type of newbie alliance made(with or without frank, they can’t honestly be that dumb).. Forcing the coaches to all work together.

      And If janelle can take Shane out next week, then I don’t really see what’s stopping her from winning.

      1. How about the fact that she is now WAY beyond her prime, can only win comps that are designed for her, and that she has no ability to stratagize. She is now the ULTIMATE floater. (She is a coach who is coaching her players to be a bunch of floaters.)

    3. If Dan had the opportunity and decided to go for it, I would love to see him win all over again. I wonder at this point, though, how he would feel about having to play to win challenges. He has been throwing them and coaching Danielle to do the same, so as not to put targets on their backs.

      Speaking of Danielle, I cannot imagine how she would have survived if there had been no “Coach Twist” this season. I was glad when Dan hung her out to dry in an effort to light a fire under her lethargic feet. She seems to expect him ( and now Shane, as well) to do ALLL of the heavy lifting. It would serve her right if Dan were free to play just for himself.

      That said, I’m questioning the fairness of allowing the coaches to become regular players, especially at this late date. In general, I don’t like the whole business of having coaches.

    4. If Frank goes, I see Boogie coming back in. If Frank stays, I see Boogie staying out. I also see Janelle and Dan coming back in – Janelle because she’s super competitive and thinks being in the game would be the best way to redeem herself and Dan for his own stated reasons: him being in the game would be his best chance to win at this point.

      The only person I don’t see coming back, if given the choice, is Britney. She seems interested in hanging out in the house and coaching but not actually playing the game. Every conversation she has concerning the coaches possibly being tossed into the game makes it feel like there’s a gun to her head.

    5. Hmmm I think they all might want to play, probably because they have a chance to play for half a million dollars. Oh man if Dan wins a second time, I’ll be so happy. They’re gonna be targets, though.

  7. Dan’s gift is one of subtlety. That is how he advances himself. Anyone can be loud and wrong. Dan could have been eliminated from the game weeks ago. And yet here he is, still wheeling and dealing, but doing so from a position wherein he blends with the wallpaper. That is a gift. Britney refers to it as “the mist.” She once warned the others to be careful, ” when he (Dan) speaks, you’ll hear a chorus of angels.” LMAO I love the way Dan plays the game.

    1. He played a great game Season 10. I’m rooting for him this season! If a noob is gonna win, I’d want Shane to take the prize.

  8. All of them their ego’s think they still have it but tonight with Janelle and Dan talking in the storage room someone from production needs to get fired for letting Janrlllr know about the twist and having her broadcast to the coaches, just change the Veto to being used and getting Frank out Janelle such a big mouth needs to go first So guess what everyone the votes are in they do get the option to enter the game No surprise for Thursday night here if Big Brother and Alison G would let this game be fair and not just for ratings and stop with the leakage of twist I might still enjoy this show. I pay for Showtimes BBAD I feel as if I already knows the final 4 is or least the final 5
    Wheres the suspence any more

  9. any coach entering the game will be a target along with all of their players and Boogie will start the ball rolling

  10. I think all but Britney would jump at the chance. Britney would hesitate, unless she aims for redemption. She would have to bring her A+++++++ game

    1. Britney doesn’t have an A+++++++ game. Her only game is being a raging bitch and getting played by the other HG’s. Britney should stay as a coach, Shane is her ONLY chance to win money.

  11. Ok bullS**** on Wil & Jen sayin they didn’t want to spend a G on Spice Girls reunion concert!! Because I went and spent under 300 Dillars and had a VIP bar service thanks toy seat I got at stub hub. And Posh wasn’t a bitvh like what Wil said making me dislike the trashy side of Wil! eff that that means both wil and Jen didn’t have under 300 dollars to see spice girls hence why they’re on this show competing for money!

    1. Not sure which is more shocking to me. Someone actually paid 300 dollars to see the Spice Girls or that they would admit to going. Wouldn’t go to see that garbage if they were paying me 300 dollars to go.

  12. Joe needs to go! Watching after dark show time 2 and he’s just is annoying when he’s not cooking he killed it being buddy buddy with Willie and taking a lot about bistro and his whole 2 Weeker stay exit thing whatever jury vote she had is the only interesting thing goin oh and the fact he could cook in the jury house but speaking too soon. Give me all the names you think will make jury!

  13. well so the coaches are going to enter the game.

    as a fan of mike boogie, this worries me. as I am also as much on the booooo brit club. If ANYONE else had been put in there instead of brit, I could handle what will be the fall of mike boogie’s game due to basically not talking to half the house because he thought he just had his 3 he was coaching. but for him to possibly be eliminated from the game before brit, is one of the most disgusting and horrible things I can think of.

    Id have no problem with janelle besting boogie, or dan using his skills. but brit? ughhhhhhhhhhhh. she honestly makes it hard to watch big brother. I cannot stand her attitude, I cannot stand how she has this almost “im better than you and everyone you have ever met in your life” vibe. please, cbs, eliminate her for being mean, I dont know, find something.

    1. and yeah, boogie is cocky, but he uses it to really mask how insecure he is, its kind of obvious. the way he dresses sort of screams this. hes trying to be different, so different that people look past whats underneath the clothes etc, its classic insecurity. but brit, I think she is a mean person to the core. a classic mean girl, whereas boogie is moreso a classic bullied kid who found some success and is just shoving it in their faces, but even he seems to have grown up and isnt playing the same game as he used to.

      1. Exactly what Bah said lol….Boogie has an even worse “I’m better than you attitude.” He thinks he’s so great because he won BB allstars.

  14. Lmao how most houseguests played volleyball but Shane kept working out with the dumbell? #tool who might win the whole shebang! snooorre

  15. For the first time in years – i have to stop watching the feeds – i literally cannot bear to see or hear Danielle – she is delusional to the point that it scares me a little……..she is so self absorbed that she fails to get any knowledge from the reactions that people have to her…………………………..I have to turn the computer off…………..Poor Shane – he has moved so far off the bed to escape her – he was actually surrounded by pillows when she came in and she just picked them off one by one…..that poor bastard.

    Complaining to Shane that Frank is “all over her” she chased him around….now she is revealing her big secrect – she is a nurse………….I mean, my god – nursing is a noble profession, but she acts as if she has split the atom.

  16. I understand strength and endurance is important on thus show but It’s not the Olympics!! Shane over did it tonight with the bro gay porn work out. I love how Britney played pool with Ian during Shane’s workout and she basically implied to Ian that women like guys that ate Funny versus super hot and only easy girls like super hot guys– as Shanr is working out lol and she’s Shane’s coach lol

    1. Just goes to show, no prove, that she doesn’t have a nice thing to say about anybody. I can only imagine how pathetic her husband must be to be able to live with her. Probably a spineless shell of a man that is not allowed to make decisions. And if he hasn’t already, he should turn in his man card.

  17. There was sure a lot of rough-housing tonight. Janelle and Dan chasing each other. Frank lifting Danielle over his head and other thing, name calling, pornography talking, etc, How come no body got in trouble? I don’t know why Willie got put pulled out and not Joe. He was leaning into Willie, provoking him, with his fists up.

    1. I am definitely not a fan of Joe but he put his fists up because Willie was charging him. It was a defensive stance and I don’t blame him one bit for taking it.

      1. But you are forgetting that Joe followed Willie around provoking him. Then when Willie was about to blow, he tried to get Frank to go downstairs and be in the explosion zone. He was hoping Willie and Frank would get into it and both would be thrown out because he knew he couldn’t beat either of them. Talk about a pussy move. He went to HOH and said, “If you want to get Willie out now, he’s about to blow, come downstairs”. Frank fortunately didn’t bite. Joe stirred the whole thing up, and then plays the victim. I don’t agree with violence, but I blame Joe for the whole incident.

        1. Houseguests are permitted to say just about anything. They are permitted to verbally provoke, insult, and do whatever damage they can, but they must do so ONLY with words. It is up to the person on the receiving end to make good choices for him/herself. It is a fine line, but it is, nonetheless, a line. With respect to making physical contact with another houseguest, clearly it is allowed. But in that instance it is adjudicated based upon the context in which physical contact is made. Janelle and Dan, Frank and Danielle, etc., were being playful and not one of them was acting in anger.

          Willie had to go because he broke the one non-negotiable rule: You cannot resort to violence, no matter how angry you feel. Joe understood that and was slick enough to keep his hands up and visible to anyone who might want to review the tape. He was clearly trying to block Willie from punching him and very much aware that if he seemed to be participating in a fight, he too could get the boot.

          A head bump, or even an attempted one is an act of aggression. Willie probably would have preferred to simply punch Joe, but he decided to take the shot he thought he could land more readily. Joe was not hit hard, but he was hit; and it was definitely done in anger.

  18. Reply to Simon: Dan and Britney stay out…Boogster and Janelle join the game (Janelle too greedy and competitive to not join, I think). I may be wrong, as Janelle said…she has three players still intact so maybe she won’t. Boogie has three (temporarily) and after Frank gets the boot up the kazoo he will definetly join as his remaining two aren’t strong players. Not sure why everyone thinks Ian is considered a threat (even with his so called memory retention) as he doesn’t seem the type to have lots coordination, strength, or drive even.

  19. I think that it will be the opportunity for coaches coming. Janelle is so scare that she needs to come in. Janelle, Are you scare? Chicken! Prove to me if you are scare to come in!

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