Big Brother Spoilers – Janelle: “What will you do If Frank Stays” Britney: “Kill myself”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

3:08pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank in Arcade room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie brings up his chat with Dan. Boogie had asked Dan earlier about when he found out about Shane using the POV. Dan told him that Janelle was in the room at the time. Boogie freaked at first. Boogie: “I said Look you better get your girl in check because now she’s messing with your paper” Boogie warned Dan if Danielle floats both ways he’s going to go after her and take her out on principle. Boogie explains that after he went for a swim and calmed down Dan told him Janelle was not in the room at the time. At that point Boogie offered Dan a deal for him to roll with Boogie and his 3 players after they get dropped into the game. Boogie explained to Dan that his players are more capable than Janelle and her 3 players. Boogie thinks his team has a much better chance of getting to the end and they need to drill that into Shane. Boogie told Dan that the only way to take out Shane is with Frank.

They are talking about taking Shane out next week. Frank plans to win HOH and put Shane up on the block and tell him “Look Shane You never trusted me last week so I Can’t trust you this week, your the fu** out of here”. Shane: “It will be so great if we can put Ashley and Wil up next week and Backdoor Shane”
Boogie: ‘Shane needs to go first chance we get.. It’ll be better if Ian wins HOH and we stay buddy buddy with Shane”
Frank: “They are so wishy washy…” (About Brintey and Shane)

Boogie warns Frank they should not count on Danielle’s vote they need to work every person. Boogie feels good about this he thinks they can get through this week.

3:30 Cam 1-2 Kitchen Frank and Danielle Frank telling her they should call their alliance threes company. Danielle can be John Ritter and Shane/Frank can be the 2 girls. (Shane would like that)

3:34pm Cam 1-2
Frank gets called into the Diary Room. Joe walks in.
Joe asks Danielle about what Dan is thinking about the nominations. Danielle says he’s in suprised from the outcome. Danielle hints that she really doesn’t know exactly what Dan is thinking. Joe mentions how shocked Dan looked when Shane used the Power of veto

Danielle: ‘This week is going to suck”
Joe agrees says they are going to run his name through the mud.. he’s OK with that he’s ready. Danielle suggests he doesn’t freak out.

4:00pm Cam 3-4 Backyard couch Not much going on they were talking about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (A OBB Favorite). Ian jokes that that they should get Joe to go crazy like Willie so they get a Chinese dinner. Talk drifts to the Pizza Dinner they received after the Willie incident.

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4:18pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Boogie and Frank

Frank saying he might start a fight with Joe. Boogie says that Frank is going to look good coming out of it regardless of what it’s about so better do it closer to Thursday

Frank is hesitate to make a deal with Wil. Boogie: “At the end of the Day it’s going to be hard to get them to vote against Janelle”
Frank mentions that Wil was trying to get Ian nominated. Frank and Boogie agree that Wil is getting a annoyed with Joe. Boogie says he been working on Wil. Boogie: “Planting seeds.. see if I can grow a Kentucky tobacco plant”

4:22pm Cam 1-2 Janelle and Britney

Janelle is positive that Wil is voting out Frank. Janelle is worried about Danielle. britney mentions how Boogies players are all over Danielle and she has such a good poker face Britney can figure out what she’s thinking. Janelle plans to talk to Dan tonight tell him that they saved him last week by keeping Danielle in the game.

Janelle thinks Dna is going to take one of the ‘Stupid” noobies to the final 2. Britney says the only way for them to have a chance is to make it to the end together. There is still a huge fear amongst these 2 girls that the noobies will be gunning after them on Thursday. Janelle says after Frank leaves there is no one left with the leadership abilities to rally the noobies against them in a organized fashion. Britney: “With Frank gone Boogie will be cut in Half”

Britney: ‘dan is playing a really good game.. all the noobies like him.. all he does is talk about his wife.. He’s playing a really good game and having a blast doing it”

Britney mentions how Boogie has no friends in the house if he gets put up on the block he’ll have a tough time to campaign for vote. Janelle wants britney to promise she won’t throw this next HOH like she threw one in Big Brother 12. Britney explains She threw the endurance comp to matt because she had a fake alliance with Rachel She swears she will not throw it this time around. They both plan to try and get Boogie out next week. Janelle warns Britney that taking out players like Frank and Boogie takes week.. but at least with Boogie he doesn’t have anyone that is why it’s so important to send Frank home this week. Janelle goes back to her theory that Frank possess some leadership skills that will enable him to bring together the Newbies.

Britney starts talking about how weird the Dan/Danielle relationship is. (Britney brings this up a lot.. almost every time she chats with Janelle)

Janelle: “What will you do If Frank Stays” Britney: “Kill myself”

Britney points out what will happen when production tells the coaches to wear competition clothes. She thinks it’ll give a hint to the Newbies that something is up and might give Frank time to rally them. Britney proposes they start talking about have the coaches competitions on Thursday night right after the HOH that way the newbies don’t clue in.

Ashley comes in they start talking about how Frank has really picked up his social game being nice to everyone.

4:50pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan
Dan says they need to talk to Janelle and her players and cut some deal. Danielle mentions that Shane keeps telling Frank that the target is Joe so if she goes thru and votes out Frank boogie will target her.
Danielle: “Why do I get the feeling I’m you reliving Big Brother 10″
Dan: ‘this is how I’ve been trying to manufacture this season for you”
Danielle asks him when he was the swing vote on his season what did he do. Dan went with the people he liked and could trust.

(Dan and Danielle are both on board to get rid of Frank)
Danielle says she may need to turn up the flirting card with Shane.. Dan wants to know if Shane said specifically that he wasn’t going to put Danielle up. Danielle says Shane told her very clearly that he wants Final 2 with her and he will use the POV to save her.
Dan: “He plays a twisted integrity Game.. but if he told you specifically you can trust him”

Dan says Boogie is going to be scrambling after Frank leaves because he put all his energy into One player. Dan mentions that Boogie never really built a relationship with another players he’s kinda stuck with no one.

5:16pm Cam 3-4 HOH Shane and Britney

Britney tells him that Danielle really important this week he needs to whatever it takes to secure her vote. Britney: “Snuggle her.. spoon her do whatever you can.. She really likes you”
Britney brings up that Janelle is super paranoid and the more I talk to her the more paranoid I get.

Shane: ‘She’s not sleeping her.. she’s way too attached as it is.. she’s a sweetheart but.. “
Shane says he likes Danielle as a friend but he’s not going to take it any farther.. he doesn’t want to lead her on.
Shane: “I don’t want to be a douchebag to her .. I didn’t come on this show for a showmance”

Shane says that Danielle’s clinginess makes him feel very uncomfortable.

Shane: “To be honest I liked Kara more than Danielle.. but she was gone week 1”
Britney :”Well ya she was playmate of the year.. “

Shane really doesn’t want to come out of Big Brother 14 being known as the douchebag of the season. He was glad when Dan and Britney told them to stop the showmance because he’s completely not interested in her and doesn’t want to break her heart.

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MU Tigers

That bikini top Ashley is wearing is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

Where are the pics of that Simon?

MU Tigers

I don’t think there was any slips, but the way that top appears to be held together, looks like it could happen at anytime.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik


I’m Team Ashley wardrobe malfunction now!


Brits eye is definitely “going places” LMFAO

They need to get rid of Frank, or shane is out next week regardless who wins, but then again he has won all 3 POV’s chances are he’ll win again…

Fresh Prince

It seems like the vets are talking about entering the game like it is a done deal. Does anyone else get that vibe?


there are too many hints in that direction. they know how TV an BB works.


Shane will be screw next week and all because of Janelle’s jealously and she wanted to win so bad. I can’t wait the coaches coming in and Mike Boogie will maul Janelle!

Beyonce Fan

Why you so pressed over janelle? You mad joe staying? Hahahaha.


you too deserve each other (beyoncefan) the way you both write is straight outta compton clearly you both are from the same hood.

Big Sister

You can’t talk. There are just as many errors in your grammar. No need to take it to compton or the hood. Keep it classy


LMFAO sorry I got you all wound up. I wasn’t even addressing the comment to you.

Big Sister

Beyonce Fan wasn’t addressing you either. The Compton and hood part of your comment was out of line. I think you should be able to figure out why.


LMFAO i can say what I want if you don’t like then tuff titties




What Boogie is able to do with regards to Janelle all depends on how quickly he can hustle up a strong alliance. If Janelle gets Shane on her side, Boogie might be in trouble. Boogie or a member of his alliance would nee to win HOH. If Janelle, Britney or whomever they ally with wins HOH, Boogie is probably toast. The noobs outnumber the coaches and would want Boogie out asap.

Eric CA

Hopefully Frank goes home. Janelle and Brittney are absolutely correct, Frank could rally the newbies and help Boogie. If Frank leaves it does not look good for Mike Boogie. I do think Ian could rally the newbies with Shane. Create a priority with them to take out the coaches. If that happened it would look like
Janelle attempt
Jannelle attempt

Janelle is a competition Beast she maybe able to go to the end with Brittney or two newbies. If the Newbies are smart take out Dan if he decides to through a
competition, then take out Boogie. It is strange I would think that the Newbies would have the edge over the Coaches, they should know there flaws and tactics…. but they seem to become star struck and forget who they are dealing with.


Janelle WAS a competition beast. This season she won 1 comp because the 1st and 2nd place players got disqualified and the other was CLEARLY designed for her considering her slutty past.

Jen W

Production had to have told Janelle last night that they were going in the game. She was so adamant last night when trying to convince Britney. At first I thought it was just her strategy to scare Britney but after today, it sounds like they definitely told. I don’t watch Live Feeds though, so for those watching what do you think? It just sounds to me like they let the theory go for quite a while & then all the sudden last night & today it’s the topic of conversation. They are saying things like Thursday when we go in, not if. It kind of sucks for Frank (even though I’m not a fan) because I don’t think there’s anyway Britney would have decided to flip on Frank unless she was sure she was coming into the game & knew it was best for her. Before Janelle told her last night that they were for sure coming into the game, Britney was scared for Shane to turn on Frank & didn’t think it was best for him.


Production didn’t need to say a thing. Janielle know the game too well. A simple ‘Is the twist happening Thurs?’ is enough to read a production assistants face for Jani to confirm the twist is Thurs. What none off the coaches know is there is a choice to enter or not.


They never told the houseguests there was a big twist this week. They just told the viewers so how would janelke know that they are coming in this week. Why didn’t she think they are coming in the following week. I would agree if they told the houseguests there was a huge twist this week but they didn’t do for janelke to think its coming this week is too much of a coincidence

Janelle's worn out lip

It wouldn’t surprise me if production has already decided to let the coaches into the game.

…but they are still collecting $1 per text vote until Aug 1st, right?

I would love to see the discovery material resulting from a class action or Attorney General fraud suit against BB.


Shane is a moron. It’s obvious Brit is playing him knowing that the coaches are coming into the game.


Shanielle is falling apart.. ;[

Danielle is a raging idiot...

Oh my gosh…………..I have never ever seen a more self involved person than Danielle – it is really starting to get laughable……………….she actually conducts conversations with others that somehow ALWAYS end up about how she looked, how she sounded, it is so unreal to me……………I would feel bad for her because she is making a complete ass of herself in front of millions, but I do not think that she would even care. She thinks that Shane became so incredibly jealous of Frank rubbing her legs that he switched the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone get a message to Danielle that the world will spin without her help today? I cannot wait until Boogie rips her a new one!!!!!!!!!


There are 2 kinds of people in the world.
The one’s who wake up and wonder what they can do for the world.
The one’s who wake up and wonder what the world can do for them :)


I’m glad Shane is finally admitting what we’ve all known this whole time…I wish he would just tell her so she would stop embarrassing herself.

Jen W

He better not tell her before Thursday!!!! LOL

Danielle is a raging idiot...

amen! Well said.


The vibe I’m getting is that Shane thinks himself between the devil and the deep blue sea with Danielle. If he says he wants to just be friends she gets her feelings hurt and she’ll be mad and won’t vote his way. If he doesn’t say anything, she votes his way, but her feelings get more involved and the longer he waits the harder it gets and the worse it’s going to be for both of them. This situtation seems a little reminiscent of BB9 with Matt & Natalie. My opinion is that Shane needs to man up and just get it over with before it goes any further.


He is still giving shout outs to Kara. A while ago him, Boogie and Ian were in the BY and Shane shouts out to Kara and says, “I’m still single”.


I am very impressed with Danielle’s gameplay , she is looking like Dan in Season 10 she is the swing vote and everyone wants to her at their side , and I am starting to think that Shane is not that smart after all , coaches are coming back this week shane wont complete for the hoh I think everyone will be gunning for him unless britney dan or danielle wins hoh , we will see what happens, interesting season so far.

Beyonce Fan

Mike and frank think they have the votes lol hahahahahaha. Joe just sit back.


I really want to know what Danielle’s Orange Dress thinks about this.


I agree! Where are you “Danielle’s Orange Dress”. Dont’ stop just because a few fuddy duddys don’t like your comments…


Me too!


MetooMetooMetoo. I thought for SURE there would be another gem after the comment above about her being so self-involved. Come on DOD, your fans await…


In the famous words of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction Tell that B*** to chill! Chill B*** Chillllll…… talking about Janelle. As long as she remains calm Frank will be leaving Thurs.


My opinion it was a bad move. Now if frank goes then Shane is the biggest threat in the house. If frank had won HOH he would not have put Shane up. Now the house doesnt know if the coaches are coming in for sure so lets say they go by what they know and that is the game stays the same And let’s say will or joe wins hoh. I honestly don’t think they will put jenn up because they like her. But let’s say they do and they put up jenn and Ian. And then let’s say boogie boogie wins coaches comp. he will take Ian off and then joe or will will not put Danielle up. They will 100% put Shane up. And joe can use the excuse that he didn’t owe him because he took Ashley down not him. Now Shane will go home. Now if frank had won hoh then he would not put up Shane because he seems to be a smart guy and realizes Shane in the game is a target as well. So if joe went home I think he would put up wil and ashley and then if janelle saved one of her players he would put up daniele and boogie would vote out ashley so this way the 3 coaches would have 1 player left and he would have his 3 So Ok now let’s switch it and let’s say Shane is thinking about the coaches coming in the game. Then the smart thing is to keep frank so they can take out the coaches. So in my opinion Shane made a big mistake either way. But again that’s my opinion


Uh, Frank is already saying he IS going to send Shane home next week, so getting Frank out before he can get Shane out is the VERY smartest move Shane can make right now.


Yes he’s saying that after he got nominated as the replacement. He wasn’t saying that when he thought he had a deal with Shane. In fact he said in the DR that if he was safe this week he would know that he could trust Shane. I believed Frank would have worked with him – but coaches coming back throws everything for a loop now anyway – whole house will turn over and split up…


Yea that’s now. I’m talking about him not putting frank up in the first place.


When the coaches get in the game it would be interesting to see who will win the ultimate battle; Boogie or Janelle. Boogie ‘s here to prove he can do it without Dr Will and Janelle, well she’s the comp queen and would be really embarassed if Boogie took her out a second time, so she needs redemptiom. So no matter who aligns with who and who takes out who, I wanna see who’ll go first between the two of them.


I hate the way Janelle is playing this season so far, but I despise Boogie so would love to see Janelle kick his ass at everything. I started out rooting for Janelle because she’s my all time favorite player, but have been disappointed in her game play so far. Hopefully once she enters the game, she will get back to the old Janelle, win tons of comps and play like she did her past two seasons. After Boogie, I would like to see that whiny, filthy, annoying, judgmental Britney go home. I don’t really have an opinion of Dan, he seems to play a really smart game but I don’t particularly like or dislike him. Really don’t want to see a veteran win again. I have a really sour taste in my mouth after last season and HATE that they brought back past players AGAIN. Last season was the worst one and I actually quit watching it after they somehow managed to dream up a way to bring Brendon back in after he got kicked out. One season of Rachel and Brendon was too much and two seasons of Rachel and Brendon was unbearable, but then for her to actually somehow manage to win it, that was overkill. Not sure who rigged it to end up that way, but they should be fired. I have a feeling I’m going to stop watching this season if Boogie stays very long. Not sure what’s going on with Big Brother (did they get new producers or something) but it is going downhill fast. Just wish they would go back to the formula that made it a great reality show (all new players PERIOD)…Survivor do you hear that? Just much better when no one knows what to expect. It’s so predictable that even the newbies know exactly what competition (endurance, physical or mental) is going to be next. Pretty bad when Britney knew week one that the coaches would be coming back. MIX IT UP A LITTLE, PLEASE.


I agree with you. They need to go back to all newbies and no teams from the start. Let them all have a chance to make there own alliances. I never liked this team thing they started doing. They should have saved, Dan, janelle, boogie and brittney for an allstars season Where there all return players


@jen. I think your right about someone telling janelle. Why would she be so adamant that the coaches are coming in “THIS” week. Why not next week? And then the whole whispering last night during BBAD and cutting away when her a Brit were talking about it.


I feel like watching the feeds is pointless for the rest of this week. I don’t want to watch a bunch of back and forth game talk of who’s going home. And it’s pretty apparent Frank is going to go at the present time. I just hope that Shane is ready for Mike Boogie to take his place.

What a waste of an HoH. Smh.


I’m happy to hear Shane say he doesn’t want to lead Danielle on. She’s sweet and cute, but does seem really, really clingy. I am also thrilled that Shane put up Frank and will be even happier if he goes home Thursday. FINALLY something is happening!! I didn’t trust Frank from the beginning and he didn’t hesitate to put Shane up. Now that he’s saying he is gonna send Shane home next week it shows just how untrustworthy he is (Dr Will clone) and I can’t stand Boogie, so I hope he goes home next week!!


If I or anyone else were frank they would do the same thing. If Shane didn’t put up frank then frank would have kept him safe but now that Shane put him up why would frank try to save him? Frank put up Shane last week because Shane voted against him week 1. But after they had that talk you could see a different frank. Shane made the same mistake Jeff made. If Jeff had stayed with Russell he may have won. If Shane had kept frank then frank would always be the bigger target. Now Shane is target #1


I personally don’t think Shane would have been safe next week with Frank. I think it was Frank’s plan all the time to get rid of Shane as soon as he could. Just his “social game” telling Shane what he wanted to hear. I think he had instances when he would think about possibly working with Shane, but it wouldn’t have lasted long. He didn’t start thinking about this because Shane put him up, because he thinks he’s totally safe and just a pawn. I could understand him wanting to put Shane up next week if he knew he was the target this week, but he doesn’t know.


Yea but if you remember on BBAD will and joe said that even if they get taken off the block they will go after Shane. They kept saying that to janelle and janelle kept telling them that they have to just tell Shane what he wants to here. Frank said he would not put Shane up all the time. Even to boogie. But he did say if Ian put him up then he wouldn’t have gone against his word. Plus frank is a smart guy he knows if he kept Shane here then Shane is another target. They actually need each other. Shane is stupid for trying to make a final desk with Danielle. These guys don’t understand that they need each other because they can win every comp. they need help. Just like Jordan didn’t help Jeff, Daniele will not help Shane. Listening to frank in his DRs and on BBAD he sounded like he realized this and would not have put Shane up. . I believe janelle would keep the deal but will and joe will take Shane out if they can’t get Ian.


Peeps last year players got in big trouble revealing how production clues them in whats coming up so Janelle has to have inside info she keeps whispering to Britney so microphones cant hear her. I believe Janelle gave some info up last night about signing contracts How Allison G the producers say s expext the unexpexted so why else would Janelle leave a baby for a chance at only $100.000 duh


Expect the unexpected (sorry typing in the dark)


I think Frank doesn’t care if he thinks there is chance he could re-enter the game he knows Jury will start soon and he can beat Jodi, Kara and JoJo at an competition


Maybe coaches will only enter as their teams are eliminated, then they would be stuck with a real interesting choice of who to keep around.


“Britney points out what will happen when production tells the coaches to wear competition clothes. She thinks it’ll give a hint to the Newbies that something is up and might give Frank time to rally them. Britney proposes they start talking about have the coaches competitions on Thursday night right after the HOH that way the newbies don’t clue in.”I hope Britiney&Janelle don’t forget to bring that up around all of the newbies,because Britney’s right about worrying that the newbies might want to keep Frank,if they feel like the coach’s are coming in the game.I obviously could care less about Britney,Janelle or Boogie.I’m only rooting for Dan.It’s just that this plan that Britney has,will not only help her,it will help Dan.Lol. Frank has to leave this week.


I really don’t understand why Brit is back in this game let a lone a coach all she did was ride the coattail of the brigade. Dan won, Boogie (as arrogant as he is) won, Janelle won a ton of competitions. What has Brit done? Don’t get me wrong I am for team shane but just wish he had a better coach. Maybe its just Brit’s attitude that shes too good for this game and the people in it.


I agree. Maybe they just felt bad for her like America did. Lol


I could not agree more!!


I think she’s back coz she won Americas Player so the producers must have felt that if people love her they’ll like to see more of her. I mean in this game it’s either they bring the people that are liked or that bring the drama, liked or not.As for me I couldn’t stand her in her season but I’m liking her better now, but yes I do agree that she’s not one of the best players ever to play the game.




I guess the main problem I have with her (Brit) is that she does think shes top notch like Dan, Boggie, or Janelle. She is arrogant and if you notice she never likes to have an intelligent conversation unless it leads back to her… The other night she was complaining that she was in the BB house on a Fri night and how bored she was. Meanwhite Ian is loving it and the experience as are most houseguest


Shane is a good guy!!! NO doubts. Shane FTW


not to go off of the BB show but I am watching the glass house and it is nothing like BB US it’s alot more like BB UK though (which I like) I don’t like the limbo twist though (just vote someone out not keep them in limbo for a week) uggggggggggggg !


WTF this show does suck. They kept Jeffrey the fat assed big mouthed stereotypical militant gay. Ouuuuuch. :( I want the cop to win the whole show.


Which of the newbies does not think the coaches are coming into the game to play against them for the 500K? Danielle, Shane and Ashley are my guess. Joe, Jenn, Frank, Wil and Ian have guessed that it is happening and probably this week. Wil said the other night that there are two BB’s going on right now. Shane has lost track of that train of thought and now he’s screwed.


. Just so I’m clear.After reading what you post about what Boogie told Dan.It sounds like Boogie basically tried to threaten Dan,by saying if Danielle doesn’t vote to keep Frank,he(Boogie) will come after Danielle.I got that from reading this,“Look you better get your girl in check because now she’s messing with your paper” Boogie warned Dan if Danielle floats both ways he’s going to go after her and take her out on principle.”Is that how it seems to you Simon?And from what you could tell,did it look like Dan was rattled by any of Boogie’s lame threats?


Thank god shane finally came clean about not likeing daniell..but im like brit keep her close.

Eric CA

I have no idea what will happen on Thursday. People make paranoid decisions as the week goes by.
Some people that where the ones set to be the one staying go home because they screwed up, someone
they aligned with screws up or the person set to go screws up that persons game.
It is best to keep Joe and Wil in the dark to the plan to evict Frank… those two will do something out of
cockiness that will screw the plan up and save Frank. Dan and Danielle may get really paranoid and vote to save Frank.

Then on the flip side, Boogie has not been his usual cool self this week, Jenn is acting angry and these to things could seal Franks fate.

the person I would be watching this week is Ian. I think he is about to bust a move that could result in Franks eviction. If any of them is going to smell
the blood in the water that is the coaches entering the game, I think it is Ian. Ian knows that Frank is the newest resident of Chilltown. He is also
very aware now that Jenn and himself are not being offered the ability to enter that planned community. So the move I want to see is the person who can use their analytical reptile brain and separate emotion out of their game play. I think that person could be Ian, I would love to see Ian vote to evict Frank, if for no other reason he knows it would throw Boogie off his game. He knows it could separate Brittney and Shane from Dan and Danielle. It could send a flase message to Boogie about Dan and Danielle. He could then broker that to deals with Janelle, Wil, Joe,Ashley, Shane and Brittney
Ian should know the way to keep HIMSELF in the game is to make deals outside of his group. He needs to get Shane, Ashley and Jenn on point and between them they could rule the house. Every year that I could remember the first challenge for the last HoH is mental (that win gets you a pass to the last challenge. Then the next is Physical. The last is endurance. I think Ian could win Mental, Shane could win Physical against Ashley or Jenn, and I think Ian could beat them all in endurance. making him the last HoH. Ian could win this, and no one would see it coming. You have to have the ability to see “What is the best way to get me to the end. People always say they played and ethical game “I played this game clean, in all honesty Nobody has played a completely ethical Big Brother game and won the game… not even Jordon.

Of course I could be wrong and Ian will miss this golden opportunity and go home in about two or three evictions. I would also say Shane is a much better choice to take to the final three over Frank. Shane has short term memory problems, Frank does not.


Damn Eric bet your not a fan of twitter. I just read the book you wrote and thought it was interesting what you had to say.A big Ian fan I take it? :)