Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Shane says as a precaution, even with a cond0m he pulls out.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


12:30am Dan and Boogie continue to talk. Boogie says that he thinks they need to keep Shane around as a target for a few more weeks. They talk about how they can get one more HOH out of him. Boogie says that he wonders what Ashley would do if she won. Dan says that he isn’t sure. Boogie says that he doesn’t think anyone will be targeting Dan or Boogie. They talk about the banging coming from the HoH room and wonder if it’s Pandora’s box. Ian joins them. They ask him about the towels and ice packs under his armpits. Ian tells them that he had to go to see the medic because he got a chemical burn from the waxing. Ian asks about tomorrow. They talk about the possibility of a double eviction tomorrow and how it would work with the POV. Ian tells Boogie how it worked when Danielle and Jeff went in the same night. Ian says that he would be fine with that instead of an endurance competition. Boogie agrees and says that he isn’t in the mood for another endurance competition. Ian talks about what happened with the Nair. Ian says that Britney did it wrong and says that you should not rub it off. Ian says that he is now pink with hives from it.

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12:50am Jenn, Ashley and Wil are talking in the stereo room. Wil tells them what they need to do. He tells them not to go after another girl, Joe or Ian. He tells them to go after a bigger target. Jenn says that she wonders why Frank and Mike can’t give Wil a chance to prove he can be trusted. Wil tells Jenn of Ian’s comment about the $5000. Jenn says that she thinks Frank and Boogie want to keep Joe around because Joe is easy to throw up on the block. Wil says that they messed up during the HOH competition with the people they put up against each other. Wil talks about how he and Ashley were put up against each other to get one out of the competition too. Wil talks about how it’s a silly game and that he is looking forward to getting back to his real life.

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Meanwhile, Joe tells Brittney, Shane, Frank and Danielle are talking in the bathroom. Shane talks about how he was requested to wax down to his shaft. Joe questions him getting his shaft waxed. Shane says no just down to it. Joe says okay because I don’t have any hair on my shaft. Britney says this is too much information. Joe talks about how he was changing his pants in the have-not room. He says that he was checking himself out in the mirror; just making sure everything was okay and swinging his junk at the mirror. He says he totally forgot the cameras were there. They all laugh. Danielle says oh my god, what if there was a girl back there? Joe says talk about your sh*t on blast!




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1am Frank says that he thinks Wil has been getting it in on the reg. Shane says yeah a little trumpet action. Frank says yeah. Joe says not when he is bed with three people. Frank says not in bed, I think he does it in there. Shane asks if there is anything a girl can do to make them just go limp and fall asleep. Joe says makes me limp, yeah! Shane says no like if a girl scratches my back it makes me fall right asleep. Frank says you know what a girl does to make me fall right asleep, she goes the fu*k home. They all laugh. Britney says she actually likes that one. They talk about one night stands. Frank says that he doesn’t like to have s*x with girls he would not want to have s*x with again. Danielle asks how does he know he would want to again? Frank says that he tells her to take off her clothes to see what she looks like naked. Frank laughs and says he’s just joking. Ashley joins them. Frank starts talking about a move a girl can do to end a session the right way. Ashley says okay come on do it on me right now. They all laugh. Shane says WOW! Frank says its not a move I do it’s a move she has to do. Ashley says oh, what is it? Frank says I like to finish on a girls stomach. They laugh. Danielle says whatever its better than her face. Frank says he likes it when the girl takes initiative and finishes for him. Britney says that she had never done that before she was married and that after she was married she wasn’t on birth control anymore and used the pull out method. Frank says so before you let him come inside you? Damn Brit! Danielle says that she does that too. Shane says that he never has, even with a cond*m he pulls out. Danielle asks what?! Shane says just as a precaution, just in case. Britney says her husband thinks it’s the worst punishment ever to have to pull out. Frank says its alright if them help finish it. Ashley asks with the hand or the mouth. Frank says hand; well the mouth would be nice too. Britney says that she was taking a poll, because the first time she didn’t know who was like the responsible party, who should take initiative and finish it off. She says she was like what are you doing?! Am I supposed to touch it, but its got all that on it! Ashley says but its your stuff its okay.


Frank talks about having to get the girl to roll over if they are doing it doggie because he doesn’t want to clean it up off their backs. Ashley says yeah or you could just roll all over their sheets. Everyone laughs. Danielle says or you put on one of their shirts. Frank says or he goes to the shower and gets warm water on it uses that to get all the stickiness off. Danielle says that’s sweet. Britney asks if it’s the first time you’re having s*x do you tell them or just yank it out and go all over their stomach. Danielle says yeah in the moment just pull out and go. Britney looks shocked. Shane asks what would you rather someone go inside you or on your stomach. Britney says oh my god don’t ask me personal questions like that, ask those girls, I am married. Ashley says what if you are with someone that just has a working properly di*k and just pulls out and comes and you don’t have to touch it or anything. Joe asks Britney why she brought us to this point in the conversation. Britney says its Danielle’s fault. Danielle says no its not its Joe’s fault. Britney says you’re right, Joe brought up showing his junk. Danielle says that if we don’t let you get off, you will just complain about blue balls for days. Frank says he would not complain he would just say get the fu*k out, I’ll call someone else. Danielle is shocked. Frank says I am just joking.


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Frank says what can guys do? Danielle says talk dirty. Ashley says pull my hair. Ian comes in, they ask him if he wants to join the conversation. Ian asks what is that conversation topic? Ashley says hardcore sex. Ian says I’ll pass. Shane says you could learn a lot. Britney says that she like to be man handled, like throw me around the room a little. Britney says when I am on top, just pick me up and throw me on my back and then flip me over. Danielle agrees. Ashley say that she likes it soft and to get lost in the moment. Joe says that is where its at. Frank says boring. Joe says then you have never had real s*x.


1:20am The girls talk about I love you s*x. Britney and Danielle say that they love that and that they’ve cried. Frank says that he has had it and it’s boring. Danielle talks about the guy getting off too quick that she takes it as a compliment but that 10-15 minutes we are going again. Frank says you got to heat it up before you beat it up. Danielle says that she love sweaty steamy s*x. Joe asks Danielle how many org*sms shes had in one session. Danielle says three. Joe explains to them that girls have two types of org*sms one is “clitorious” a more inner, there are two different buttons that can be touched, and a lot of guys just worry about the one, till you learn about the second one they you ain’t working it out. Frank talks about his palm technique. Joe says that a clitoris is like a boner. They all laugh. Dan explains getting a girl to org*sm is like stepping on a land mine, you try and recreate it and you can’t so you have to get down there and dig for the land mine and disassemble it. They all laugh and clap. Frank starts going into detail about what method he uses with a new girl. Britney says wait Ashley is all hot and sweaty right now, look at her. Frank continues saying he gives the girls half a log for several strokes and then the full log, he says the half log is slow and the full is quite abrupt, He says you would be surprises at how quick you can get a girl off with that.


This explicit conversation continues for another 25 minutes:

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2:30am – 3:20am Joe and Shane talking about if there is a double eviction what they would do. Joe says that he would think about putting up Jenn and Ashley. Britney and Shane tell Joe that if he wins HOH in a double eviction he should put up two people he wants out and not to put up pawns. Joe asks if he should put up Frank & Boogie or Ian & Frank or Ian & Boogie. Britney says that they won’t tell him who he should nominate, that is his decision. Britney says as long as he doesn’t put up one of them up they would back him. Britney heads into the have-not room and is talking to Danielle. Britney says holy crap, if Ian, Boogie, or Jenn win HOH then Joe will sell us out. Danielle says that is why we need to just deny, deny, deny and say its Eagle eye. She says that’s why I told Shane in the bathroom not to give Joe too much information. Britney and Danielle agree to let Joe offer up names instead of giving him ideas of who to nominate. They are annoyed that Shane gave Joe too much information. Danielle says that she is especially annoyed that he told Joe that he would throw the competition to him. Danielle says that Shane is not good at the game except for the physical competitions. They talk about how they are scared that it might not be a double eviction and say that if Boogie wins HOH Joe will go upstairs and tell them everything. The talk about how Shane is a liability because he doesn’t think about how things could come back to bite him and that he only thinks of the moment. Danielle wonders why Shane would not want to put up either Boogie or Frank if he won HOH. Britney says that she wonders if they should just vote out Joe now. Danielle says no, we can’t do that. Britney says if he goes then no one can know about this conversation. Danielle says but with Joe, no one can trust his word. Shane and Joe come into the have-not room and they all go to sleep.

4:15am – 5am Joe and Shane aren’t able to sleep. They leave the room and go to the arcade room and study the events of the competitions / house.

6:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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funny stuff



Ok, I had a slight laugh at that…LOL


shane, shane, shane, have you learned nothing these first few weeks??? as soon as joe tells everyone in the house, the target on your back just doubled. danielle and brit should be happy, they just moved down to the bottom of the eviction list.


If they didn’t mention a double eviction last night on the episode, I don’t think it will happen. They usually give the tv audience the heads up. At this point it’s looking like Boogie and Dan are going to steamroll through the game and that would suck. They had 4 weeks of safety, they had the luxury of using their players to make big moves, those moves put a target on the players but not on them, and then they come into the game knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the newbs. The newbs, especially Frank and Shane have had to fight to stay in the game from the start. Why does production want the coaches to win? Why do they give them advantages? If I was a veteran I would want to win based on my own merits, not get the win because production set it up, like Rachel’s win last year. Frank is a nice guy. I like him, but he is so far up Boogie’s ass that he can’t think about his own game. Everything he’s done so far is good for Boogie, but not for him. He is setting himself up to get burned by Boogie, of course Boogie will make sure the blood goes on someone else’s hands, because he wants a vote, but Boogie is going to be Frank’s downfall. The only chance the newbs had of getting to the end was sticking together and abandoning the coaches until they were out, but Shane, Danielle and Frank are still playing the game as if the coaches were still coaching, not playing the same game as they are. Didn’t they watch last season?

Before the season started, I thought Ashley and Shane would be my least favourite players, but as usually happens, they have grown on me. Shane isn’t the brightest guy when it comes to game, but he is pretty straight and honest. That’s why he won’t win the game unless he dominates all challenges to the end. Ashley might be the only person that would put up Dan and Boogie together if she won HOH. I thought Ian might do it, but now I don’t think so. I would love to see Ashley get the coup de Jeff and make a move like that. But I am guessing that production will find a way of getting Dan or Boogie the wizard powers. If America were allowed to grant the power, Dan would definitely win it, because the tv viewers only get to see the nice Dan, not the douchy Dan.

Willie was right. Nobody listened. They turned on him and now they are exactly where Willie said they’d be – vulnerable. If something doesn’t shake the house up this week, the newbs are going to get picked off until there are two coaches and someone undeserving in the final 3.


Technically, the coaches only got two weeks of safety (Kara’s eviction and JoJo’s eviction). And if you think about it, only one of the coaches at most would have gone home anyways. Say, all of the coaches were regular Houseguests from Day 1, but were able to choose their players like did on that night. The teams would have remained the same, and the coaching concept would have been intact regardless of the coaches’ status as players or not. Willie would not have put up two coaches in the first week. Even if he had, he would have nominated Dan and Mike Boogie. During Week 1, Janelle hated Boogie so much that he would have been evicted over Dan. Willie’s fight with Frank never would have happened, and he would not have been expelled on Day 14. The second HoH, Frank, would have wanted revenge for Boogie’s eviction. Willie and Shane would have been nominated together. Shane won the Memory Chip POV, and took himself off the block. The only possible replacement, JoJo, would be the replacement nominee. Willie would be evicted. Week 3 HoH Shane would actually have had a successful HoH week as Frank would have been evicted. The week’s eviction would not have been cancelled as the coaches were Houseguests from the start. Yes, the alliances would have been drastically different had the coaches started as Houseguests, but regardless, the only former player who could have possibly been evicted was Mike Boogie. One final argument that an be pleaded is that the only coach to be deserving of a spot in the game id Dan. I say this because Dan was the only coach who was treated like a player from the beginning. No one wanted to get Kara out or get Danielle out; they wanted Dan to leave. Thus, it can be argued that Dan only had one week of safety. In that first week, Dan would not have been evicted as per the argument stated above. Do I like that the coaches entered the game? No. Is it unfair for the new players? Yes and no. While the new players had growing targets on their backs because none of the coaches had to nominate others for eviction or even vote to evict, the coaches had to choose sides. Some stuck by their original teams, while one (Mike Boogie) abandoned his players for Frank. The only reason the coaches aren’t targeted (witht he sole exception of Janelle) was because Dan and Britney were left with only one player on their team each. It only made sense they those two teams would come together as an alliance. Are Danielle and Shane playing their coaches’ games? No. Danielle had a personal vendetta against Janelle, while Dan only agreed to go along with it as soon as Boogie and Frank swore allegiance to the Silent Six. Shane is not playing Britney’s game because he is too busy opening his mouth to Joe and letting too many secrets out. Ian is not playing Boogie’s game because he was abandoned in favor of Frank. The only people who can be argued to playing their coaches’ games are Frank and Joe. We all know how far Frank is up Boogie’s butt, and Joe was the only person on Janelle’s team who did not vote to evict her. Despite the long-winded arguement, the only coach who is truly deserving of a win is Dan. He was forced to play the game from Day 1 despite being a coach. He is taking advantage of his situation and playing the best game possible at this point in time. Boogie doesn’t stand a chance to win, even though Frank and him both truly believe they have already won Big Brother 14. Britney has a decent shot to win, but may be picked off early, or will have to settle for another 4th place finish. And Janelle… well, she’s already gone, so she doesn’t count. Production saved Frank in Week 3, not the coaches.

And as a side note: Just because someone doesn’t agree with another person (whether it’s sexual or drug issues) doesn’t make him a douche. Unless someone can find me a real example of Dan being a douche, please show it to me. The only argument I have seen is the argument about marijuana. If I have missed something, please point it out to me.

Also, can’t we just lay off of the Houseguest’s personal lives. I have seen some horrendous comments about Danielle, Ashley, Joe, Ian, and Dan. Leave criticism to gameplay, not personal issues.


Yeah, I’m not going to read all of that.


I did read all of that and it made sense. (I’ve been saying most of that for awhile now.

In a nutshell:

Dan was forced to play like a player since week 1 and has had to save himself – no advantage.

Boogie would have been the only coach to go if they had been players from the beginning.

Nothing else would have changed.

Danielle's Prozac

Dude, Dan is getting played hard by Mike…You don’t think he already knows Mike saved his ass from being backdoored by Frankie?…Keep Mike for another 2 more weeks, and Dan will get stabbed in the back by Boogs…It’s funny too that Britney “I need men to carry me” Haynes, is scared of Mike…

Not A Shocker

Rachel won last year because she earned it. Can’t believe people are still hating.


Production help her, be honest!


I loved Rachel in seasons 12 and 13, but I do disagree there, as much as I screamed of joy when she won competitions, I was disappointed when the duo twist came… the second I heard about it, I and everyone else knew that there was going to be a competition fixed for Rachel or Jordan (either hanging up on something or golf.) So as much as I wanted her to win, I found that it was unfair because they fixed it.


They didn’t fix it. They may have had competitions that favored Rachel, but she actually had to come through and win them. The only obvious thing that they did to assist Rachel was the Pandora’s box that Porsche opened. If Porsche or Kalia had won OTEV, things might have ended differently. If Rachel & Jordan hadn’t worked Adam so hard at the end, it might have ended differently. So, my point is, they didn’t hand the win to Rachel.


Come on. That competition was one that only Rachel could have won. She won the same competition first week. The only person that had a chance was Porsche. Do you really think Adam, Kalia and Jordan could have beaten her? Give Rachel something to hang onto and she will go the distance. It was fixed. Without that stupid twist, Rachel would have been gone.


I have to disagree slightly.

Yes the duo twist coming back was a manipulation of Production to HOPEFULLY save Rachel and Jordan. There was no GARANTEE that it would work. Porkche was a good competitor when she wanted to be and could have won that comp and left the nominations the same. Rachel won and saved both herself and Jordan and eventually won the game.

She earned it. (and this is coming from a non-Rachel fan)

Lady Gag Her

Right on. Production helped Rachel out in 2 way, #1 they brought Brendon back into the game ( making Kalia’s HOH useless) Then the POV competion was one that she was GUARANTEED to win. I mean she sis win this competition already on Day 1 where none of theremaining houseguest could hang on for as ling as she did, Rachel did NOT earn her way. She had the win handed to her.
Also Shelly voting for Rachel to win??? lol, give me a break. Shelly hated her with a passion. Obviously production got into Shelly’s ear and let her know that that was the only way she could “redeem” herself after the Jeff fiasco ( which was absolutely hilarious I must add)


I still cant believe that the poor woman was receiving death threats because of the cat ladies. It makes me dislike Jeff & Jordan so much more.
Dreading seeing Jeff for the millionth time on BB.
CBS needs to understand that although they were favorite players the first time around, too much of anything get annoying.


Did Jeff and Jordan ASK the cat ladies to send death threats? No. So why would that make you like them less? You don’t need a reason. You are just a hater.


Jordan going off on Shelly was what sealed my dislike for the both of them. They are uppity and ever since their season believe that they should have their minions that can be cut off whenever need be, which I did not agree with. They wanted people to carry them the whole way through.

I smell a cat lady.


Arguably, I’d dare to say that the only difference between Rachel during both her seasons and Danielle this season is an actual boyfriend. Just my opinion.


With all due respect, I believe one hundred percent that her win wouldn’t have happened without production’s assistance. We all want to believe that BB isn’t scripted or manipulated in any way, that it’s all above board. But those of us who’ve been watching, really watching, know this naive belief is bullshit. Still, there’s alot of interesting viewing to be had, regardless.

Eric CA

My god how dare you say that production would in any way help players out, I am sure Rachael’s brilliant social game, of shrilly whining “…WHY!….Why!…WHY DO THEY HATE TRUE LOOOOVE!!!!”, in a voice that would make anyone question the existence of a loving god, need help from production.

Or Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto, just as the Brigade had decided to get him out.

It wasn’t some wonky Super gift that saved Jeff and Jordan’s game, and screwed Jesse, why would BB want to save the couple who renewed our faith in goodness, chivalry and the American Way.

I mean Frank wasn’t saved by the Reset, just as every house guest was about to give him the boot. We should in no way think that Frank might get some glorious Big Brother gift, because Jeff is cumming 🙂 No How could you ever think, such a thing.

Production has always been the very pillars of fairness and would never do anything as odious as that. AG has integrity, and all of that kind of stuff, like that. yeah.




come on, that’s not fair, she was very strong in competitions on both seasons, her weak point was her social game, which she improved (not tremendously, but enough) during season 13, so that win makes sense and was very much deserved…..does anyone thing porsche deserved to win instead?? i definitely don’t


Shane honest? He tried to stab Frank every chance he got!


To be fair, after Frank made his deal with Dani and Shane, he was down with Boogie talking about getting Shane out. They all lie.


What a twisted web we weave…….. Joe is the Older version of Ian. Can’t wait for this to get out. Frank/Boogie will believe him. He safe why does he need to lie?
Time to stir the pot, can’t wait to taste the brew!!


Shane is a power house physically, mentally..Not so much ):


Ewwww, Frank is a pig and I can’t imagine who would date him or have sex with him after this.


or before this!!!!


I would 😉


I figured it out. Boogie will win the game, and in appreciation, Boogie will give AG free food, all she can eat at his restaurants.


haha yes you’ve figured it all out.. Boogie will get a power this week just to make sure he wins ensuring free food for AG.. Makes perfect sense.


I thnk she got that pass already from All Stars


I watched that convo…It was EFFING HILARIOUS!!! What the hell else is there to talk about???


Strength & Weakness
Weakness-Q&A, Puzzle
Strength-Q&A,Mental,Puzzle,Physical (Half)
Weakness:Physical (Half)
Weakness-All four of them
Weakness-All four of them


Although we’d like to think Ian is good at the mental comps. He hasnt been. He’s better at physical comps.


That’s not true.. how does Ian have more strength than anyone but hasn’t won anything?


Wow, i can’t believe how dirty these people are talking, knowing they are on camera. Not saying I don’t talk or think like that, but I sure wouldn’t talk about it for all the world to see.

Not very classy at all

Rocky Johnson

LOL Britney is a Super freak SUPER FRRREEEEAAAK!!!!


why do people hate on dan and boogie…they are the only people who play the game the right way….frank plays the game with too much emotion…u have to be heartless in this game…dan and boogie r playing the game the way it should be played….frank is playing the best game out of all the newbs….danielle is just relying on dan to float her along…i wonder what the next letter danielle will get will be…because by now her family knows about all the lies….because every single one of her former friends has called her lies out by now….this is fact….i wont state anything else but all of her friends have called her bluff…im hoping shane wins this thing…i really hope he does…and if shane doesnt win i would like to see dan or boogie win….ian to me is just a whiny little punk….he handled that ashley thing as bad as danielle will handle when shane hugs kara..britney is playing for fourth place just like her season…i dont care how mean britney is to joes family i love it….u have to be able to take a joke….ya she hits home from time to time but hey big brother hit home just as bad as she does….danielle has a right to be mad at AG for the joke the zingbot told her…even tho she brought it upon herslef…and does anybody else notice , that they are portraying danielle to be a stalker now lol….they showed shane on the live show saying danielle makes him uncomfortable…thats awesome!!!!!!…….poor danielle


Shane needs 4 more plus the double eviction pov win to break Janelle PoV record.


Tonight is going to be interesting to see where it all goes. With CBS not talking about a Double Eviction all week tells me that they aren’t going to do it, but then again, anything is possible. I assume this comp will be either a True/False or Step Up/Step Down comp. What do you peeps think?


Before or After Coaches enter the game questions


I think that the coaches will skate through this game.
None of them have won anything notable.

The newbies are dumb because they are still playing as though they have coaches.

Dan isn’t winning anything; he’s throwing comps and relying on Danielle.
Britney will never win anything, she’s relying on Shane.

Boogie isn’t winning anything, he’s relying on Frank.

Each coach teamed up with their star player and is going to ride on their backs for as long as possible.

I feel bad for Frank because I feel that he is going to regret not trying to get Dan out. Whether or not he tried to get Dan out, he would still have a target on his back next week, for the simple fact that no matter what he does, they still don’t trust him (because of Boogie). Now, because he didnt try to eliminate Dan, he will simply have one extra person gunning for him next week.

Boogs is sitting pretty right now because he knows deep down that he isn’t the threat, Frank is.


I agree with your comment about Frank regretting he didn’t get rid of Dan, however I am glad that he didn’t as I have a strong dislike for both Frank and Boogie and would like nothing better than to see both of them evicted. My reasons for wanting them evicted have more to do with their attitudes and discussions about women than anything else. It is one thing to talk like they do when they are along – but they are both aware that they are on camera 24/7 – so their conduct is on display to all.

Wils Extension

Ok, just found Wil’s youtube channel, called…”TheWilshow”


Good to know. Now I can avoid it like the plague.


No Sh!t, Shril is so annoying his hair extensions are attacking him.

Godless Monkey

Going to see the live eviction in Studio City tonight with my hubby and cousin, woohoo! Only wish it were Danielle being evicted — would love to see her ask Julie Chen if she think’s Danielle is the skinniest, hottest, smartest girl to ever play BB, you know, way better than Janelle 😉 Now that will be the live show I’d really love to be at.


Wil makes a better looking woman than Janelle.

Godless Monkey

Hell, Wil’s better looking than most women I know.


Screw Sensa… According to the commercials I keep seeing, you can either shake Sensa on your food for six months and lose an average of 30 pounds, or you can watch the sex talk on BBAD and the feeds and lose twice that in half the time. Not kidding.

Danielle's Cellulite

Are you suggesting that it’s not hot and sexy when I talk about having IBS and then mention that I have had my salad tossed? How is that not hot??


lmfaoooo. ew, i didnt even catch that.

thats so grossss!

Danielle's Prozac

Dan still kissin’ Miake’s ass lol…Dan is a great player, but why, oh why in the world would he want to play with Mike Boogie?(shakes head)…

Just Thoughts,YO

I think Dan wants to add on to his BB legacy, and it doesn’t look to impressive if he wins again against a newbie. Dan wants to be sitting in the final two with Boogie because thats the only way he can win and add onto his legacy, becoming a two-time champion and winning against Mike Boogie.


Boogie is an evil genius. He can manipulate people into doing anything. On top of that, Dan would definitely win against Mike in the final 2. I mean. who wants to see a millonaire, who is somewhat of a douche bag, win another 500,000$

Frank's Blue Balls

Is it me or since frank thought he was going to get more than a kiss …he has treated everybody poorly…..and ian is a little whiny punk….he would be the kindo f boyfriend that would get jealous if a girl went out with her friends

Danielle's Prozac

Shan is probably bi, no totally straight man would say some of the things he does about sex…


Shane Shane Shane … You can’t get a guy pregnant – why bother pulling out?

Danielle's Cellulite...

All this talk is getting me hot. Roll me in flour and look for my wet spot.

Chicago BB Fan

Frank is claiming to “invent” the phrase “preesh”….. Jeff was using that in his first season all the time…… Frank is such a wanna be Jeff.

Kara tells me maybe

Im sure during these steamy conversations that they have, shane wishes Kara was there…