Boogie says he would just like to put it on record, that 2 people will be gone by Sunday night.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


9am – 10am Boogie heads out into the backyard. Boogie says that he would just like to put it on record, that 2 people will be gone by Sunday night. The show is over a month from Sunday, and there are 11 people sitting here right now. Technically it’s a month from Wednesday, 5 weeks from today. We got to get some people out of here. Boogie wonders how Franks date went with Ashley. Boogie then starts working out in the backyard, stretching, running around the yard and lifting weights. Boogie then heads inside to shower. Ashley is up and asks him if he feels better. Boogie says yeah.

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

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10:10am – 10:25am Mike and Frank are out in the backyard talking. Frank talks about what he talked about with Ashley last night. Frank says that Ashley keeps telling Wil to leave alone the alliance thing, its just a conspiracy theory. Frank says that he thought the fish dying was going to end the date. Mike says yeah. Frank tells Mike about how he led her to the couch and started making out and that he even got some butt grabs in. Mike asks if he took it a little further. Frank says that he didn’t want to push it too far and that he told her to come back up later but she didn’t. Frank talks about when they came down they didn’t want people to know because they didn’t want people to think they were a showmance or to hurt Ian’s feelings. Frank comments on how Dan wanted to come up and talk with Danielle but that Britney was posted up at the kitchen bar. Mike asks why, to talk about what, Wil is going home. Mike says that he would love to dump an HOH to Ashley, that would be John Blaze! Mike jokes the question would be did Wil go home before or after Frank won the HOH. He says after?! Ashley you just won HOH! Mike says Ashley would be like HuH.. What?! Wil comes out to join them.


10:40am – 10:55am Ashley gets called to the diary room. Frank passes her and says have fun in there, I wonder what it will be about?! Ashley says uh huh! Ashley heads to the bathroom to get ready for her diary room session. All four camera views on her and then they switch to the have-not room where Danielle and Britney are still sleeping. Two cameras cut to the two love birds sitting on the couch together in silence.


11am – 11:15am Frank, Ashley, Mike, Wil, and Joe are sitting out in the backyard talking about random stuff. Ashley asks when the have-not is over. Joe says tomorrow night at 9pm I’ll be out of here drinking, fu*k eating. Wil says that the first thing he will do is drink too. Wil starts to asks if any of them had someone they knew that would not sign the release form. Big Brother cuts all the camera views to Ian in the kitchen. The camera switch back to the backyard conversation, Frank is talking about how shocked he was that Britney wasn’t opposed to the idea of a bumpkin. Ian joins them. Frank, Wil and Joe head back inside.


11:20am – 11:30am Frank and Dan are in the kicks bedroom talking. Frank tells Dan that he watched Britney being posted up at the kitchen bar watching the HOH stairs. Dan tells Frank that Britney definitely trust Frank more after following through with their deal. Dan asks Frank how his date was last night. Frank says good, but having a dead fish didn’t help it. Frank talks to Dan about selling stuff on ebay. Frank tells Dan that he is sure they can find some time to talk to Danielle today. Dan says that she just gets worried about what people with think of her because she got Janelle evicted. Dan says that he told Danielle just not to bag on people in the DR. Frank comments on how he thinks Janelle played a completely different game than her previous seasons and that she will probably lose a lot of fans. Dan says yeah but they may not have edited it that way. Frank says that he hopes Ian didn’t get his feelings hurt about last night. He says Ashley thinks he just likes the camera time but I think he really likes her. Frank leaves the room.


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11:50am – 12:05pm Ian says that on the surface the ice cream date not that bad for me. Boogie says you don’t think Ashley would ever put you up do you? Ian says no. I think she would put up eagle eye. But he would probably get out of it, he is slick, he is so slick he is slippery. Joe joins them. Joe says you need any more campaigning out of me? Boogie says that he thinks he is good. Ian says that Wil hasn’t even done any campaigning. Ian says that he might give Wil the heads up that it isn’t looking good for him. Boogie tells him you don’t want to give any definitive answers or BB will be on you, they don’t like that. Joe asks Ian what he thinks this HOH competition will be like. Ian says maybe like an A & B booth questions or lanes. Ian says they always ask who will pee in the pool and America will probably say me because I do goof sh*t. Joe says and you pee’d on the sailor ship.


12:35pm Wil asks Ashley what her longest relationship was? Ashley says that it was about 2 years. He asks why it ended? Ashley says mostly because of money stuff. Ashley says that she is always that repeat offender going back to ex’s, and they never change. Meanwhile Boogie and Ian are out in the backyard talking about how they are glad the being woken up throughout the night competition is over. They talk about how horrible it was. Danielle joins them and Boogie immediately gets up and heads inside. Ian tells Danielle that he asked Joe and Joe said if he won HOH he would put up Jenn and Ashley, which is good for us. Danielle says we still aren’t locked down so what type of competition will it be. Ian says it will be a who does America will sh*t in the pool type questions. Anyone can win that type of comp. Ian says that this week there will be 8 people voting, so 4 votes to save.


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Boogie , wonder how he figured that one out PRODUCTION help


Ashley probably be thinking that chilltown 2.0 will screw her.


hope you win Hoh Boogie if in fast forward or your man goes home Me personally would put up Ashley and Boogie if Frank doesn’t win POV and Boogie does exchange Frank for Boogie and if anyone else wins beside Frank backdoor him I even think Ian would take out Boogie if needed


i had time to watch the actual feeds yesterday (totally ADDICTING)… I kept thinking that Shane was in the closet but after watching the feeds (and flashback to the sex talk the night before) I have decided he is not only not gay, but a disgusting PIG. If I werent turned off enough by EVERY SINGLE WORD that came out of his mouth during the sex conversation – his story about pretending to slit his wrists so his mother would find him in the bathtub has turned me off to him so much I could PUKE! He is absolutely disgusting. What is up with his hair by the way too? Does he has hair plugs along the front of his hairline? whenever they show him outside in the sun you can see his scalp and a line of hair across the front of his head. I hope they kick him off during this weeks double elimination – he doesnt deserve to spend the summer in jury house… he can go back to Vermont and look for someone to give him oral sex while he takes a dump… GROSS

Danielle is truly psychotic. I actually wonder how she will handle America’s impression of her when she gets out of the house. Is Trey even a real person?

I have said from the beginning – if they dont get rid of Frank, he will win the entire game.

I think Ian is funny… this week is being wasted on getting either Joe or Wil out – they should have focused on taking out a STRONG player.

I would like for Dan to win

Dark Horse

Totally feel the same about Shane…but I don’t think he should get the boot just yet.


I saw the hair plugs a couple weeks ago. I thought I was the only one to see that.


I think Shane could be one of those “He was so quiet and polite!” guys next door who ends up being a psychopath.. and maybe he’s bi, that’s a possibility. That fake suicide shit was disturbing. He and Danielle might be more of a match than we thought. **cue Twilight Zone music**

Frank has never voted

Wow old man is really getting a work out!!


Does anyone else think this date could backfire on Frank? He thinks he is securing a vote from Ashley, but what if this is convincing Ian to put Frank up and get him out?


Yeah, I think it could backfire. Not so much against Frank, but Boogie. Yeah, Ian may be tempted to get Frank out, but I think she is more of a danger to Boogie than Frank. Underneath Ashley’s space cadet personality, I think she is actually pretty smart. She is the only one on team tits that is trying to re accommodate herself. I had the feeling last night that Ashley was playing Frank. Frank gave her way too much information about how close him and Boogie are, and she really didn’t give anything up. When he asked who she would put up, she was careful to not suggest she wants to go after the vets. Frank showed his cards when he told her not to put up Ian, that she should gun for bigger targets (says the guy who put up Jo Jo, Danielle, Joe and Wil). I got the vibe that both of them were thinking, yeah, you’re playing me, but I like you. We’ll hook up later after the game. He even told her to put up her target and the person closest to her target to ensure one goes home. Contrary to popular belief, Boogie is closer to Dan than to Frank. They need Frank and Danielle to take out targets and shield them for now, but they know they won’t win sitting next to Frank, Shane and maybe not even against Danielle because they have already won the game before. They assume it will be a slam dunk if they take Ashley, but I’m not so sure. Frank was very loose with the information last night. Without saying so, Frank was hinting that she should put up Dan and Shane. But if she wants to get to the end, she might want to put up Boogie and Dan. Frank can be useful to her, but only if the Frank/Boogie bromance is severed.


I don’t get why people say that getting rid of a weak player is a waste of an HOH. The weak players need to go in the beginning before the people who are playing and deserve to stay. That way BB doesn’t have another Sandra from Survivor floating her way too two victories.


I think that you need to mix it up some when you decide who to evict. You are right, you don’t want a floater to win, but you do want to ensure that you have a chance to win at the end. Also, you want to make sure that you send the right people to jury.


Or Jordan


and as for the bashing on shane….why do u think he is gay? he is not gay….he just doesnt want danielle….he has stated on more than one occasion that he wishes kara were still here, because she was his type…u cant blame someone for not wanting danielle…i give him mad props for passing up on danielle…i have been locked up before lol….u get horny as hell…and he is doing it cause he knows he doesnt want a relationship with her…if i were him i would atleast take a blowjob from danielle…but hey whatever

Dark Horse

Britney FTW – …it would be John Blaze! LOL I just don’t want her to get backdoored just yet…a lot of other idiots need to bounce first.


Wow! Danillle is one crazy cookie! I honestly thought I was the only one that thought she was a bit obsessive about Shane, the showmance and this Trey guy. I would be so annoyed if I were the others that she is conviding to because all she does is talk about the same thing over and over. How do they have the patience to deal with her? It’s getting harder and harder for me to like her. I hope somebody votes her off before I lose my mind!

Team Big Willie-style

I think it would be in Boogs best interest to throw the next HoH to either Ashley or Dan…Though, Ian and Britney might put him up…


You are so full of crap with this opinion.


Simon I did not post a reply to Scary and Sad. See if you can fix ROB69245 from screwing with your site.


Sorry what is the problem?


People are so stupid as to follow Boogie’s requests. Did they not watch his game play in previous seasons? I can’t stand him, but it would be a lie to say he’s not an amazing player.


At true All Stars would be a Big Brother with the best manipulators from BB and Survivor. I would love to see Boogie and Boston Rob go head to head.


Boston Rob would eat Boogie alive.


It is so annoying when I hear Booger say that there are too many people in the house. I feel like telling him then get out.


Boogie’s comment has to do with the number of people and the time left until finale. They have about five weeks left – in that time they are going to have to do something where they eliminate more than one person per week to get down to final three in time.


Here’s the deal. I think Danielle thought that Shane was attractive and, like any red-blooded girl, flirted with him. I think that Production fed this (to both of them). We have no idea what happens in DR, but we have seen both of them commenting on how there is potential there (in the DR). We have no idea what Production is feeding each of them about the other (they could be telling Danielle that Shane is telling them things he is not in order to get her to “perform” in a certain way). Outside of DR, there is a battle between what she experiences in her interactions with Shane (which is sometimes confusing on his part – spending so much time in the HOH bed with her, in the HOH room, Shane becoming more attentive to her if Frank paid her some attention, etc.) and what Production may be telling her.

As for Trey – I have not heard her tell Shane about Trey. I have seen her go out of her way NOT to tell him. I think she has had a really bad week and I think that the Zingbot restraining order thing was punishment from Production for not fully playing along in the showmance thing. I think it was intentionally cruel and uncalled for.


Shane kissed Danielle after she won HOH, so it’s not just CBS manipulating the viewers. Maybe CBS is manipulating THEM, which wouldn’t shock me because Shane and Danielle’s HOH proved that they’re both easily manipulated.

If “Trey” exists, why is Danielle kissing Shane and feeling him up? She knows that there are cameras around, right?


I honestly think that Danielle has brought up her “boyfriend” from home to the house in hopes that it would arouse desire from Shane. Another benefit of the lie, (if it is a lie) is that the others wont think she is so pathetic as to not have a significant other in her life. I have heard secondhand from ppl that the twitter talk about her is in regards to how big of a liar she is and that Trey IS a real person, but have not been together for some time.


I really would like the Boogie and Frank Alliance to be broken up! I cant stand Danielle she is completely nuts and its ridiculous how she keeps going around talking about Shane and Trey (if l like many others have stated, even exits!!). I would really like for Dan to win and I still feel that he has a good shot but will probably need to get rid of Crazy Danielle eventually. Also, Ian keeps talking about Floaters.. but umm.. what is he exactly? what has he done??

Part of me wants to get the feeds but I know I would probably “slit my wrists” if I have to watch Danielle talk! She kind of reminds me of annoying ass Kalia!


i really believe tray is a made up person in danielle head, maybe just some guy who bagged her food at a supper market. its just madness that she really believe her and shane had a relationship and she is acting as if they just broken up. i mean now, she want to attack brit for trying to bring her back to reality that shanes just not that into you. she must have been abused as a child. And if i was one of the house guest and she comes up to me and ask me do i look fat, i would say HELL YESSSS! you happy now?


Next year theme for big brother:Showmance in the air or Good guys vs Bad asses
If it showmance in the air
Make it 4 veterans (pairs) vs newbies
If it Good Guys vs bad asses
Good Guys
1.Jeff (Good Guys):Big Brother 11 & 13
2.Ian (Good Guys):Big Brother 14
3.Shane (Good Guys):Big Brother 14
4.Jordan (Good Guys):Big Brother 11 & 13
5.Britney (Good Guys):Big Brother 12 & 14
6.Ashley (Good Guys):Big Brother 14
7.Lane (Good Guys):Big Brother 12
8.Drew (Good Guys):Big Brother 5
Bad Asses
1.Brendon (Bad asses):Big Brother 12 & 13
2.Rachel (Bad asses):Big Brother 12 & 13
3.Mike Boogie (Bad asses):Big Brother 2,7, & 14
4.Janelle (Bad asses):Big Brother 6,7 & 14
5.Danielle (Bad asses):Big Brother 14
6.Wil (Bad asses):Big Brother 14
7.Russell (Bad asses):Big Brother 11
8.Eval Dick (Bad asses):Big Brother 8 & 13


I like all of those ideas. Except I would add Willie back in (I know, it will never happen, but he deserves another shot).
I also can’t stand Jeff and Jordan, but what the hell it would be nice to see them back as long as they got bounced pretty early =)


I wouldn’t count on Jeff and Jordan coming back as they have a new reality series of their own.


Wow! You read my mind.
Unless if it (8 guys & 8 girls)
Here is the run-down
Good Guys
1.Jeff (Good Guys)
2.Lane (Good Guys)
3.Ian (Good Guys)
4.Drew (Good Guys)
5.Jordan (Good Guys)
6.Ashley (Good Guys)
7.Britney (Good Guys)
8.Kathy (Good Guys)
Alternate:Shane (Good Guys),Kara (Good Guys),Cassi (Good Guys),Dominic (Good Guys)
Bad asses
1.Brendon (Bad Asses)
2.Wil (Bad Asses)
3.Russell (Bad Asses)
4.Mike Boogie (Bad Asses)
5.Janelle (Bad Asses)
6.Rachel (Bad Asses)
7.Danielle (Bad Asses)
8.Daniele (Bad Asses)
Alternate:Eval Dick (Bad Asses),Shelly (Bad Asses),Matt H. (Bad Asses),Michele (Bad Asses)


Seriously…Simon, name a price to do that poll I asked please????


What poll? It’s not harmless. Believe me! I didn’t harm you.


Wil’s a badass?


I found it interesting last night on BBAD that Jenn said they found Joe for casting on facebook lol…They should have more hardcore fans on the show, this year the hardcore newbies are just Frank and Ian…


they didnt want hardcore fans because they usually end up being a huge bust, like adam


Danielle is so worried about how the show is potraying her, but she should be worried about how she is potraying herself! She says the live feeders nows how she truly feels about Shane. Ya we do, and she is actually more obsessed with Shane than the CBS show potray’s. At least the CBS show makes it seem like Shane might have some intrest in Danielle, when in reality he has none. She is so pathetic!

Eric CA

Will goes home Thursday, nothing has happened to change that. Too late for Boogie to freak out about Ashley and Frank’s date, like he did when Dr Will hooked up with Janelle.
Yes, the root of the long standing rivalry between Boogie and Janelle started because Dr Will cheated on Boogie with Janelle, she tried to steal his brofriend, that hag.

So next HoH, comes down to a process of elimination.

Current HoH:


Jen (I still think she is a thrower, I do not even remember her competing most of the time.)


For some outside reason I think it is another Shane, HoH week. Maye he will throw it to Brittney or Dan
Frank and Ashley (obvious showmance alliance.)
Hah,Hah,Hah Hah I kill myself
Ashley and Joe
Ashley or Joe goes home.
Set your DVR’s

Big Beefy

Shane is gay, should be pretty obvious, I don’t know why the conversation would change anyone’s mind.

As far as Next season, lets just hope that for once every single person in the house is someone we’ve never seen before. This same old group of people coming back over and over and over and over again is getting old.


Highly doubt we’ll ever see 100% new HGs anymore, somehow Production will cram another vet into our TVs, ESPECIALLY if one wins again


Shane is not gay!! He is a man that is secure and knows he can rock the great colored shirts he always does!


Maybe they will bring back half the newbies from last year and half from this year, that way they kind of get a fair chance.


Do you have proof? I don’t see Shane is gay! He look straight to me. I don’t see him being gay.

Eric CA

Who cares if Shane is homosexual or heterosexual, he could be bisexual.
He is good at competitions, ok social game and an utter train wreck at stadegy and manipulation.

I do have one thing to say about Shane being straight or gay. I can tell you a gay man knows 100 ways to get a girl like Danielle off of him, without people getting a hint they are gay. I can tell you this from personal experience. Danielle would be easy.

1) I am usually attracted to fit girls.
2) I didn’t want to tell everybody else but I am Christian, and I do not think our morals would jive.
and if Danielle still couldn’t get the hint.
3) You are making me uncomfortable with your desperation. I love a secure woman.

I shouldn’t be giving the trade secrets away, but there you are. Ladies if he respects you as a person, he is gay. If he stares at your boobs and says you have a beautiful soul or mind, he is straight.

Shane is straight, because stalker girl is still after him or Trey. A gay man would have her moved on to Frank by now.

When in doubt ask a gay man, Shane is heterosexual.
That and he would have cruised Wil, Dan or Frank by now. Not even a casual body check after a shower or around the pool.


And maybe they could pick people who actually APPLY for BB instead of recruiting them after they are rejected from other reality shows, or closing their eyes and pointing at Facebook and asking the person to come on without an audition. You’ll notice several of the lamest players were chosen that way, including Jenn, Shane, Ashley, and Danielle (not sure but Kara may have been recruited through her Playboy connection also; I vaguely remember something to that effect).


I agree that they either need to bring in all newbies, or do another all-star season where they are all veterans. Having half and half is too much of an advantage, and maybe if they do an all-star season it will get it out of production’s system


Are you serious? Whay kind of person are you that you would think this? It is a game. People lie, exaggerate, have emotional breakdowns, fight, etc. in the BB house. I am tired of people saying she is a sociopath, that she is a stalker, that she will boil bunnies, etc. Production has fueled alot of this…1st by pushing the showmance and 2nd by their edit. Danielle said it herself when she was talking to Dan that it is all they ask about and if they don’t get the answer they want, they keep at her. The do things to get her to giggle and seem silly, etc. They cast her to play a particular role (as they did with everyone else). Yes, she has issues. Yes, sometimes these issues become magnified in the BB house. It seems that every year the fans need someone to vilify and this year it is Danielle. Once out of the house and back to real life, she will be fine. The one good thing her friendship with Brit has done is to let her know what to expect when she gets out – don’t look at the blogs, websites, etc. Twitter will be blowing up. As for the former BFF that people keep quoting – I read the so-called article and I believe it is a bunch of bs. It was either written by a Janelle fan who was pissed at Danielle (the poster on Jokers had a Janelle avatar as their identifier) or it is a former sorority sister (which it may be because of the photos I saw attached to it on another site) who had issues with her. Danielle did say that she had issues with one or more of her sorority sisters involving body image and a former boyfriend.


Im srry but danielle is mentally fucked. i dont even really watch the big brother show that comes on tv..but i watch the feeds and the girl clearly has body/image issues,,and is very obssesed with men. And if you cant see that then you may be just as delusional as her.

Scary and sad.....


I assume your comment was meant for me….

Yes, I know its a game…that’s why I don’t get all jacked up over comments on a message board. As far as “what kind of person I am”….well, I’m a fan of Big Brother and BBAD. That being said….I have watched BBAD which is not edited, so its purely based on my opinion.

If you read my comment, I also said that I feel sorry for her. I never commented on what so-called “friends” of Danielle’s are saying. I merely commented on what I PERSONALLY have seen on BBAD and what I have read here.


As you said….its just a game.

Eric CA

I have said his before and I will say in again.
Danielle shows clear signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, please refer to

She also seems to suffer from Sex and Love Addiction, which is common among people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

These are both conditions, that do not deserve ridicule, but they also should not be overlooked or excused. Perhaps all of the negativity on the site is in the long run healthier, a way to acknowledge there is a problem.


“Frank says that he hopes Ian didn’t get his feelings hurt about last night. He says Ashley thinks he just likes the camera time but I think he really likes her. Frank leaves the room.” This shows Frank is a good friend to Ian. Lol.So,Frank knows that Ian likes Ashley and that it will hurt his feelings.So,he decides to kiss Ashley and grab her butt while they kiss.Mean while Ian is pissing off Britney because he refuses to target Frank and kick his butt out of the game.I hope Britney&Dan use this to their advantage(well,I only care about it benefiting Dan’s game.Lol.)This date that Frank&Ashley had is just the kind of thing that Britney&Dan can blow out of proportion,in order for Ian to start to dislike Frank and try and take him out next week.

Team Big Willie-style

Boogie sure knows a lot about Production, maybe it’s just his prior experiences, but he does seem to know a lot when he is just out of his DR’s…


I don’t see why people say Shane is gay. I don’t care one way or the other, but I just don’t see it. He hasn’t set off Wil’s gaydar. Just because he doesn’t want to hook up with a southern ditz on tv doesn’t make him gay. He still does the occasional Kara shout out. I would bet money that he is hoping to hook up with Kara at the finale. He likes attractive, sexy grown up women. Danielle is nowhere near that league.

I watched Jenn talking to Dani about her insecurities and I think Jenn could be the only person in the house capable of making Dani flip on Dan and Shane. All it would take is a Kevin BB11 style lie told the right way to poor pitiful Dani, and she could flip. Jenn could say she was within earshot of Boogie and Dan, and she heard them talking about going all the way together using her to get them there. She could set it all up like she overheard something and it was hurtful to Dani, she struggled all night not knowing if she should say anything, but she respects Dani, Dani deserves to know what’s being said behind her back, etc, and all the while give her lots of reinforcement about how she is the hottest girl in the house, how she is a fierce competitor, and how the guys don’t deserve her loyalty. Then throw in something about Shane being a douche and she thinks he’s working a side deal with Frank and Ashley, and Dani would probably want revenge on Dan and Shane.


hey cruzin….why r u goin after my character? what kind of person am i? for havin the opinion i do? im a person that can see a looney tune when i see one…and its not production …the girl is messed up…she needs help asap…..the diary room doesnt make danielle go after shane and when he says no she talks about trey but when shane is around she is all over him…the diary room doesnt make her lie about all the stuff she lies about….so cruzin before u attack my character realize this…this is a big brother comment forum…im allowed to say what i want …if i dont agree with u…i wont attack u character…u have the right to ur opinion…so let me have mine


Dawg, what do you think the next HOH competition will be? Will it be endurance, questions, or skill?


Didn’t they just do questons (in a way)?

Eric CA

Truth of Dare HoH Competition. Mostly because all these guys can talk about is lies this year.

Fresh Prince

Do you guys think Dan is trying to set up a deal with Frank/Boogie for the purpose of really wanting to get out Britney/Shane or is he still loyal to quack pack and just trying to cover all his bases?


I believe he really is turning on brit/shane because the other night on bbad he told Danielle when they were in a room alone that she needs to start putting herself and dan of head of brit/shane to start kinda distance her self from them in the eyes of boogie and frank..and also it seems lately that any chance dan gets he throws shane under the bus and always trying to put ideas in boogie or franks head about gettin rid of shane an or brit, even when boogie or frank not haveing them on their radar dan always slips in daggers.


Ian is having another episode on the hammock right now.

Scary and sad.....

At first, I thought Danielle was just a nutball…..but the more I watch BBAD and read the updates here, I really do think she has some serious issues that go pretty deep.

As a human being, I feel sorry for her because she seems to be pretty genuinely messed up…..but as a fan and viewer of BB, she makes it so hard to watch because its like watching a person slowing fall off of the deep end.

I knew a girl like her in college….pretty, seemed sweet on the outside, but was actually really, really messed up….told unnecessary lies, told more lies to cover the original lies, was wildly jealous and insecure and constantly fishing for compliments.

One night while her boyfriend slept in her bedroom upstairs, she was screwing another guy on the couch in our living room. When she got caught stealing another one of our roommates underwear, we finally had enough and kicked her out. Years later, the local news reported a story of a girl who claimed to be kidnapped from a convenience store and had cigarette burns on her arms. You guessed it….the kidnapping “victim” was none other than the underwear stealing roommate.

Not saying that Danielle will do something like that….but something isn’t right with her. I feel bad for what kind of life she’s going to come home to when BB is over with.


simon i love your site man…its one of the best…but i cant come here anymore…i have never attacked another posters character….and when someone attacks mine just for stating my opinion that is just going too far….i know its not a big deal to u….i just want u to know that i admire all the hard work u do for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the live feeds with u…good job man…but i will never post here or come to this site again…i almost regret the paypal account i set up to donate


Sorry you are unhappy with the comments.. they are difficult to police.


What’s funny is that Danielle’s edit is really only making herself look a little clingy and gullible/naive when it comes to dealing with both Shane and Dan. It’s only on the live feeds where some of her craziness and real insecurities are popping out.

I also doubt the truthfulness spewing from all of her “friends” that are bashing her. Maybe some acquaintances are mixed in with someone who does know her pretty well, but I would put money that the majority of those are fake who have never even been introduced to her and only know her through BB Live Feeds and happen to live near where she is from.

Honestly, I doubt anybody outside of family would really spend the time to check out live feeds unless they were already a BB fan who does it anyway.


I’m sensing a jenn and Danielle romance in the works Lol


I sense a new showmance in the making… and I don’t mean frashley 🙂 more like jennielle lol


To get rid of Frank or Boogie then both need to go up.

Kara tells me maybe

I dont think shanes gay I think he like girls like kara…he reminds me of brody on the reality show the Hills …brody only liked gorgeous girls…like porn stars… I think shane is after fame… I can see him holding a hammer on HGTV…. he would look sooo hot….Lol…


Hey Simon,

I appreciate all you do for this site & I understand it is difficult to police someone bashing another poster. I must say, however, that the comments are MUCH more controlled and much less nasty than last year. Plus, we don’t have to worry about the CCLs anymore. Didn’t want to spell that one out because they may be listening. Haha


Thanks.. Yeah the comments are a lot calmer now I like it. Thanks for keeping CCL on the down low don’t want any of them to wake up. .