Ashley says I just wanted some ice cream, and I got a lot more than I bargained for..

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


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12:30am – 12:45am Ashley and Frank are still up in the HOH room. Frank starts talking about how the tickle monster went away after Danielle put him up on the block. He says that he wasn’t going to play with her anymore. Frank comments on how the diary room asked about the tickle monster. Ashley says that they didn’t ask her. Frank tells Ashley about how mean Janelle was to him. Frank says that he heard her comment that the tickle monster better not come after her because he stinks. Frank explains he was stunk that night because he had just worked out. Frank says that Janelle was nice to Ashley. Ashley says Janelle was always talking about showmanaces. Ashley says that Janelle asked if she was mad about Shane and Danielle were having one. Ashley and Frank start making out. When Frank grabs her a$$ she laughs and they stop making out. Ashley says I just wanted some ice cream, and I got a lot more than I bargained for.. Frank says what you didn’t think I would make out with you. The conversation turns to Wil masturbating and how it’s not helping his game right now. Frank tells Ashley that he hasn’t done it. Frank tells Ashley that she can sneak up to the HOH later tonight and they can hide under the blankets after Showtime. Frank talks about how Danielle has two sides to her personality, one insecure and one fierce. Frank and Ashley decide to head back down stairs so that people don’t start wondering what they’re up to. Ashley is trying to figure out what to tell them down stairs. Frank asks her to come back up later. Ashley says that she isn’t sure. Frank tells her that they can just bring up the fish when people ask up what happened upstairs and everyone will want to see the fish and they will have forgotten what they were asking. Frank tells Ashley to come upstairs later and he will show her the palm technique. Ashley says that she thinks about the palm technique when she is going to sleep at night. Ashley talks about how she feels bad for lying to the others. Frank says that he thinks its okay to tell them they kissed because he will probably tell Mike. Frank says that the only one he is worried about is Ian, he doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Ashley jokes that they can pretend to not like each other tomorrow. Frank and Ashley head downstairs and realize that Showtime has been over for a while.

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12:45am Ian comes up to Frank and asks him about the date. Frank says that it was good. Ian asks if there was any smoochie. Frank tells Ian that a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells. Ashley heads into the kitchen and starts talking about the fish. Ashley and Frank are out in the backyard sitting around the hot tub talking with the other. Frank tells them that the cameras were zooming in on the fish while he and Ashley were talking up in the HOH room. They think the fish are being starved. They head inside to eat Joe’s cheese cake.


Danielle and Jenn head into the arcade room to talk. Danielle starts talking about Shane. She says that he was asked about a showmance with her and that he shook his head. She says that he did it in a way that it wasn’t about the showmance and more in a no not with her way. Danielle says that Britney keeps asking her if Shane is what is bothering her today. Danielle says that Britney is always negative. Jenn tells Danielle that she just needs to do things to distract herself when she doesn’t feel too good. Danielle tells Jenn that Shane is really mean to her. She bring up Trey and says that she is worried what he sees on TV and that it isn’t like that with her and Shane. Jenn says that she has noticed Shane taking jabs at her. Danielle says that she called him out on it in the HOH room. She says she told him he was mean and that she cried. Jenn says that she thinks the showmance is being blown up in TV because the diary room asks about it all the time. Danielle asks what do you say? Jenn says that she says she hasn’t really noticed. Danielle starts talking about the zing bot and the zing he made about the restraining order. She says that it isn’t like I go looking for him. Danielle says that Trey thinks something is going on which it isn’t. Danielle tells Jenn that she is the only one she can talk to about this. Danielle says that she is lonely and then starts crying. Jenn tells Danielle that lots of guys will be after her when the show is over. Danielle asks really? Danielle says that’s another thing, I feel like such a fat cow in all these mirrors. Jenn and Danielle leave the room.
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2:50am Dan and Britney are talking about if they will have a guest host for any competition this season. Britney says that the Zing Bot was an epic fail. She jokes that someone needs to bring the heat and then says maybe they don’t because the Zing Bot had a heat stroke in the backyard. They wonder if there was a guest host, they say that they think it would be someone who lives in LA like Memphis or Rachel. Dan says that he is partial to Memphis. Shane starts talking about how he pranked his mom by filling a tub with fake bloody water and put razor blades around him and exposed his wrists so she thought he slit his wrists. Dan tells him that is going too far. Dan and Danielle are horrified by Shane’s story. Shane tells them that he and his dad dress up in fat suits some times and go bowling for fun.


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Danielle and Dan are alone talking. Dan asks her what’s wrong? Danielle says that this has been a bad week for her; she has been upset about being lonely and the Trey situation. She says that she is upset about being portrayed on the show and the Zing bot comment. Danielle says that she is starving and can’t eat because she is a have-not. Danielle says that she is close to a state of depression. Meanwhile, Britney, Shane and Joe are talking. Britney explains that there are usually two luxury competitions during a season and that one is usually a movie screening and the other usually involves clothes or money and prizes. Britney tells them that she won 10 grand in a competition. Britney says that she made out better than Enzo did. Britney comments on how after last week’s vote she knows there is no America’s Player because she says whoever was America’s Player would have voted to keep Janelle so that it would have been a 7-2 vote instead of the 8-1 vote. Britney says that Janelle was tacky for making Shane a have-not two weeks in a row. Shane and Britney agree that if they get to choose who will be have-nots for the week they will pick the people that haven’t been it yet.


2:50am Joe is talking to Dan and Danielle trying to get their votes. Joe asks Dan what he has to do for his vote? Dan says that he is open. Joe assures them safety if he were to win HOH. Dan asks him how can Joe offer that to everyone that votes to keep him. Joe says that he hasn’t offered that to everyone. Joe tells them he hasn’t broken his word to anyone in this house. Dan says so you are saying if I vote to keep you in this house and you win HOH. Joe says that he and Danielle would be safe. Dan says he is open to that but he will let him know for sure tomorrow. Dan thanks Joe for coming to him; he says he hasn’t been approached by anyone else this week. Dan says it has been awhile since they talked game and this is a good first step.

3:40am – 4:25am Dan, Britney, Joe, and Danielle all head to bed. The have-not crew talk about food and other random stuff in bed. Wil is the only one in the backyard, he is sitting with his legs in the hot tub. Wil then heads to bed.


6:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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First time I’ve posted on OBB (love the site Simon!), but I don’t understand why so many commenters think this season is so much worse than previous ones.
I’m a fan of the show, and while I’m not happy with the increased heavy hand of production trying to protect certain players, I have to say this season is the best one since season 10. In part because the returning coaches are very entertaining and likeable, but mainly that the majority of players are are actually playing the game with various strategies. This is the first season since 10 that I have actually wanted to keep the latest up to date info on the house….actually caring how some players are

Obviosuly the below is just my opinion.but…
Playing arguably well: Dan, Frank, Boogie, Frank, Ian
Playing but arguably flawed/poor: Shane, Britney, Danielle (yes she’s becoming less likeable but I think she’s is trying)
Not playing at all : Jen, Wil, Joe, Ashley

Ratings may be low but that may be due to many reasons: changing from Tuesday to Wednesday, Olympics, low expectations from past dissapointing seasons, better competition, etc.

Sure past players coming back in may seem unfair, but every time (last season and this) they were in the minority and it only shows how good some of the returning players are (and sometimes how bad/uninformed some new players are) that they last so long. Someone who is good at the game would not have opened Pandora’s box with their two biggest threats to winning on the box, would not have volunteered to get voted out, would be more aware of the recycled competition types and have better strategies (eg. using your legs and not just your arms to hang from something), and would not play like coaches coming in was impossible.


Welcome Dozenz! I agree this is a much better season, that the last few. I actually liked the coach twist because it threw the vets off their game a little. And it threw one vet, Janelle, off her game a lot 🙂 That month also gave the newbies sometime to make alliances, figure out the game, kinda like a couple practice rounds, before the vets played. This is the first season in awhile where every week was not a majority rule vote.


I disagree completely. I have subscribed to the feeds for the last few years, and this is the first year that I subscribed but barely watched them. I just don’t care. The coaches twist was BS and totally predictable. There is no way that the coaches didn’t know they were coming into the game. WE all knew. They didn’t start the game with enough “players”. They started with 12 and went to 11 players in like the first 3 hours when they cut Jodi on the first day. They normally start with 14. Do the math.

In interviews, Janelle said that she had to fill out her HOH request sheet. Like, in case they got HOH… as in, a player that wins HOH. The returning players were not shocked by this, regardless of what the producers at CBS would like for you to believe.


you mean one Frank is playing well not both Franks, Ian could be between playing well and playing flawed.
i don’t remeber it being on Tuesdays for a couple years now.


I agree with you. I feel the same way. It says a lot that the returning players can come in and just take over. I always want to know what is going on this season, whereas last season I didn’t care as much.


It’s a lot easier to take over if you have played the game before. The atmosphere is quite new for the newbies — being away from home with no entertainment, have not’s, etc. — so they are under way more pressure. The vets have seen it all & done it before.

I don’t see it as a starter game for the newbies at all. They were on the block and were evicted while there was no threat to the coaches. The vets got to came into the game after several weeks of feeling very safe, unlike last year, when they all started together. They didn’t have to compete or suffer the have nots so they were in quite the cushy position compared to the newbies.

I also think part of my disappointment in this season is the lack of drama. I certainly don’t miss Rachel’s crying, but she sure could be fun to watch sometimes. Everyone is just kind of blah, except Boogie, who I can’t stand because of his giant ego and the self-congratulatory diary sessions and dances. I haven’t liked him since season 2. The only fun person to watch, in that respect, is Danielle because she seems just looney tunes, but not in a fun way. Brittney does talk a lot of crap behind everyone’s back, though. I can’t get through AD due to the boredom. I just can’t seem to get excited about it at all.


poor ian 🙁



how did Ashley and Frank go on a date.? was this big brother’s idea like
Ashley and Ian?


a[[apparently it was franks idea


Simon, I have some insight about Willie’s “explosion”. Am I allowed to post things like that here?


yes please


I thought Ashley asked him out on an ice cream date, then Frank turned it into a booze date


On BBAD last night when Britney and Ashley were talking while Ashley was preparing for ‘the date’, I could’ve sworn Ashely said she’d asked Frank.


i totally missed the post where frank asks ashley on a date? when did this happen, does anyone know which post it is so i can go back and read it lol?


yeah, when did this happen? when did the idea even get brought up? it seemed to me that frank was interested in her when she was on the meds lying on her back and they were talking in the bathroom, it was about a week ago at night…

Dark Horse

Danielle has real issues, and its really not funny at this point…no one in BB history has been so obsessed with a showmance, and a non-existent one at that. Then all of sudden remember an ex bf, and profess her love for him…and let’s not forget her obssession with Janelle as well.

For someone who’s worried about editing it’s like…well STOP talking about Shane, Trey & Janelle…you are an obsessed crazy houseguest and yes we all think that about you!!!


I have to agree with you regarding Danielle. I do not have live feeds, but I read these posts and updates daily, and I am getting sick of reading about Danielle and her insecurities. (no disregard to Simon or Dawg either) Does she ever talk about anything else besides Trey, Shane, or her weight on the live feeds? I feel sorry for her and am sure she will be in therapy after the show is ended as she has some serious issues.


I’m tired of reading about Danielle’s thoughts on Shane, Trey, Women Who are Jealous, Her Modeling, What a Great Competitor She Is, ….ummmmm wait that is all she talks about. Time to give her the boot


Danielle will fall apart after she starts to read what people have said about her. Trey will not be there when she gets out if he knows what is best for him, he should run for the hills. Shane wants a trophy wife, and although Danielle is cute she isn’t Kara who Shane thinks is “hot”. I’m excited about Frank and Ashley…that’s the showromance of this season. Ian, sorry pal, you just lost out,.


I don’t get the feeds either, but I LOVE hearing about Danielle’s insecurities and blatent lies…. first she says “Trey wouldn’t ask me to be his girlfriend” then it was “I’m afraid Trey’s not waiting on me” and then “ENGAGED TO TREY”. I expect them to be married with 3 kids by the time she gets evicted from the house.

I’d be going crazy in that house with her… Would have already confronted her with these “conflicing stories” and asked her to pick one and stick with it PLEASE!

I feel sorry for her family, any friends she might have had, and most of all for Trey….if in fact there is a Trey.

Dark Horse

^ comment @ Tucker

@Gigi I have a feeling that Trey will have her served with a restraining order…as well as Shane. Shane will not be safe…even in vermont!

Dark Horse

Just ignore me…I agree with you all, above.


Danielle keeps going on and on about Trey and Shane, but she has said she was trying to get on a dating show when she was cast on Big Brother. She has serious issues and BB should be lining up help for her. When she gets out of the house she’s going to go off the deep end reading all the posts about her.


Thanks for laying that out because that’s what I THOUGHT I read but you confirmed it.

He wouldn’t ask her to be his girlfriend because she wasn’t. It was probably very similar to the Shane situation now.

“If there is a Trey.” My thoughts exactly. Only, not as in “Does he exist in the real world?” because, from what I have been reading, he does. But more of a “Did she ever had a relationship with this guy at all other than in her head?” kind of way.

Dark Horse

I think Simon & Dawg may be a bit annoyed with it too…

when she starts up..I crack up at their reaction, which is usually in parenthese.


When Danielle was HOH she layed down some solid game talk abut it seems like this week has been a lot of her fishing for compliments.


I totally agree with you. I thought that these people were subjected to some kind of psychological testing. Danielle clearly has some issues that should have been easily spotted. Her insecurities alone are really unhealthy, coupled with her anorexic propensities. That should have been picked up on when she was vetted.


Who else obsessed over a showmance you ask???? RACHEL!!!! Rachel evicted that person Brendon first started flirting with before her!!!

Dark Horse

The difference is Brendon grew to really like/love Rachel, while being in the house…

we are still waiting on Shane to develop some feelings for Danielle….won’t hold my breath.


noooo, brendon and rachel were both lusting/obsessed with each other from pretty early on, even if it was a bit much, at least it was mutual


Totally agree… its just flat out disturbing to me now. I don’t get angry or laugh… I just get creeped out. I also think of what meltdown she’s going to have when she finally gets out of there and sees how she came across.


I’m getting the impression she is ‘psychotic scary’. She has these phases, as Frank told Ash, where she goes from sweet and vulnerable to stone cold and vindictive. Add to that the fact she obsesses about whatever some girl might have said about her (fat) or a guy she’s into at the moment. The thing with Trey is really creepy. I wanted to like her, but I give up. She needs help.


Why everything written on that page look like the bullshit your read on TMZ? LMFAO Ill bet money this was some Janelle fan who made up the shit posted on there.


Wow, Shane has a dark sense of humor.


Not just dark, but quite a bit out there!
“Shane tells them that he and his dad dress up in fat suits some times and go bowling for fun.”

I read that and was like LOL W….T….F !?!
Who goes through the trouble to buy fat suits and go out on the town?
I dunno about everyone else, but I would LOVE to see more of this Shane on the show.
So far he has been pretty bland, hearing about his “pranks” makes me want to see more of that Shane.

PS- Anyone think the correlation between Danielles depression stems from the fact that she is not HOH this week and therefore has no lips attached to her ass? I know there are lots of other factors, like Shanes rejection, being a have-not, etc. But I think it’s the lack of attention myself.

Dark Horse

Yea his bathtub story was crazy…who the hell thinks to do THAT as a JOKE!!!

I am starting to see a different side of Shane…between that & the sex talk.


I don’t have 24/7 live feed, can anyone tell me if Ashley ended up in bed with Frank?


I don’t think so


I hope Ian wins HOH and put’s Ashley up against Jenn. That will send Ashley home real quick. And I think Ian has moved on from Ashley as he is getting close to Britney. not that it’s the same type of relationship, but still.


Long time reader (great site Simon!) but my first time posting. Thought I’d share some news:

A coworker of mine was on the Amazing Race a few seasons ago. Over the weekend he was at a charity event and a lot of people that were on Amazing Race and Big Brother were there. Willie was one of them. Willie said he exploded the way he did not because of the other house guests, or what THEY did, but that when everything started to go crazy he very much wanted to go into the Diary Room to vent, but BB locked the DR door and wouldn’t let him in. THAT was when he got all bent out of shape. Production was hoping for some drama? Well, they got it but at Willie’s expense — he lost his chance at the money.

Another piece of info my coworker got from Vanessa/Ralph of Amazing Race is that Rachel (as many of you may know) is a completely different person when the cameras are rolling. Off camera she is all “Let me help, how can we do this?” but once the cameras are on she’ll start whining to Brendon. Also, Vanessa/Ralph and Brendon/Rachel were asked to go back on AR again but Vanessa/Ralph said no since they have since broken up.


Hey Dianne, Thanks for sharing the Info. I heard rumors that they wouldn’t let him in the DR.. too Bad I thought Willie was a lot of fun to watch on the feeds.

I’ve heard that about Rachel from other people..

Fleur de Lis

Vanessa was such a B!tch to Rachel on the Amazing Race. I couldn’t stand her.


Dianne – thanks for posting that. I was watching the feeds the day that Willie blew up and could see the anger and frustration start to rise. He went to the DR door and pushed the button a number of time, but they refused him entrance. I thought at the time that they were working to increase the drama. Then Joe, who should have been punished in some way for his involvement, decides to wave a red flag in front of a raging bull. What did they expect would happen. Production is entirely at fault with this as they could have done something to bring everything back down. I mean, they did it with Rachel when she had her nuclear meltdown last season and even brought in a counselor for her so she could remain in the game. The reason that I think Joe should have been punished in some way is that he intentionally escalated things and also went into that fight posture – a somewhat aggressive action. Boogie and Dan were talking about this yesterday or Monday and they are of the opinion that the famous headbutt wasn’t a real headbutt at all. If you watch – it wasn’t. They were forehead to forehead, but Willie pushed off against Joe’s shoulder. I am beginning to think that this was in the CBS playbook all along for this season.

As for Rachel, I am glad that more and more people are talking about the fact that, in person, she is nothing like she is on camera. Ray-chel (who is on camera Rachel) is almost like a character she is portraying. Too many of her former on-camera enemies have come out and said that after the shows they are friends and that she is really nice. Jordan had her figured out last year. Rachel has a heart of gold, but is quite insecure about many things. She is incredibly competitive. It may sound odd, but I see Rachel and Jordan in Danielle this season. Rachel was all about drama, insecurities and competitiveness and Jordan was the sweet southern girl. I would like to have seen Danielle without the coaches interference and without Production pushing the showmance.


“I mean, they did it with Rachel when she had her nuclear meltdown last season and even brought in a counselor for her so she could remain in the game.”

I remember last season, and I believe Production told Rachel, Brendon would be coming back in the game for 1 week to help calm her down, because she calmed down way too fast, and even a counselor and drugs don’t work that fast….. Nobody actually believes America really choose Brendon to come back, that was productions magic to save a super entertaining Vet from leaving the show in turmoil, America’s Choice when it can effect the game never mattered for some time now, since Season 11, Ratings drive Big Brother outcome, sometimes we’ll hate it, but most of the time we will understand… They led a Fuckin Legend to the big W, instead of letting the floaters run the house…. GREAT WORK PRODUCTION

I don’t know about Boy George being sweet, but I can guess she’s not like she was on TV when the pressure is off


I guess I liked Rachel because you could see the vulnerability and insecurity. She opened up to Jordon in the backyard about her childhood and it sounded kind of tough. You could tell she wasn’t very popular and I felt she was bullied into some of her reactions by mean girls in the house on both her seasons. She also had a very volatile relationship with Brendon causing additional stress to someone so insecure. I did see the nice side of her a lot too.

Not to say that I liked a lot of her behavior and that she couldn’t give as good as she got sometimes.

On the other hand, Danielle just seems delusional about her relationships and a whole lot of other stuff, which is a totally different story.

Dark Horse

hmmmm yea I do remember reading here that Willie was trying to get into the DR and it was locked…still no reason to act the way he did.

I would have asked him about his OWI, did he think he was cool riding a yellow camero…then running from the cops LOL

Not surprised about the Vanessa/Ralphbreak up either…geez I thought u really had a scoop.

…but Welcome!


Sorry! I didn’t mean to disappoint…I don’t have the live feeds so I wasn’t aware you guys knew about the DR being locked. And I assumed everyone knew about the breakup but thought people would be interested to know CBS tried to get Rachel and Brendon on the show again. I wasn’t really trying to imply I had a huge scoop, just wanted to pass on little tidbits. I personally love those.


I hate when the cameras is on her, man can she whine like she bout to win an oscar…….


It would be funny if Ian wins HoH & put up Ashley and Frank (Which it would never happen).

Frank has never voted

Finally a real showmance, not something made up in some insecure girl’s head.

@ Simon btw, love the Danielle avatar. Some people are saying that will have a meltdown once she leaves the house, but I think its going to happen before that…she’s gonna have a big meltdown if either Shane, Dan or Britney leave her.


Simon, I love the comments here, you and Dawg make BB real entertainment. And that’s all it is, real entertaining. I want to say to all your wonderful followers that the HG’s make all kinds of outlandish statements and promises including contractual agreements to provide entertainment for CBS during the application process just to get on the show. Once they get selected they feel some obligation to be puppets to BB. So, it’s no wonder production guides half of what happens on the show. And the ‘cabin fever’ of being in the house and saying stupid stuff is all part of the show and their commitment to do their best. Let’s not take this too seriously and just enjoy. Again, I could not handle just the CBS version until I found OBB. Thanks.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Hey ya’ll stop stop trashing Danielle – that’s not being sweet.

She’s been working since she was 15 and it’s ‘painful almost everytime she goes’. Plus when there are conversations in the house dont you notice how when she is talking about herself and the things she does other people talk about stuff that dont even have anything to do with her???

Also her Bowel is getting even more irritated when she refers to having IBS – makes it feel like a thing, a syndrome, and not a Bowel. So she’s got a lot on her plate and she was brought up to clean her plate and since TV adds 10 pounds it makes her look like she’s fat but obviously that’s not the case because she’s a model and knows a lot of people in the Miss America pageant.


I’m betting her and Donald Trump are “like besties”!

My sister was in Miss Teen USA and she has a face like a horse, bless her heart, and made it to the top 15. ??????


Ha ha ha….brilliant!


It’s sucks Ian! Just get over it. There’s plenty more fish in the sea.

chilltown yo!!!

Hey Simon and dawg does FRASHLEY have any real chance of
happennIng or was this a gameplay strategy from each side??

Jody H[

| think it’s sad how Danielle feels she has to do all that obsessing. But | was thinking about Ian and the fact that he keeps volunteering to be a have not. As we have discussed, Ian probably has Asperger Syndrome. Therefore, many times gets overwhelmed by sensory input. By being a have not, or even being the ‘dog,’ he is able to minimize it. Helps him and makes the others want him around because he will take the punishment, win win..

| wanted to let you know how much this site is appreciated. You guys do an amazing job and | enjoy it immensely. Thank you !!


WTF is with all the fish right now?


Frashley Yo!


Danielle really is crazy. I tried to like her, I did but I mean, her stories are not adding up. Everytime she talks, it’s about her weight, Shane, or “Trey”. I’m almost convinced that Trey is a random guy that probably complimented her and she just ran with it and made up a story about him. I am not sure there really is a Trey tbh.
As sorry as I feel for Ian (poor guy), I’m happy that there is going to be a real showmance and one that is not forced upon us by production. I can’t help but think that Frank is getting w Ashley, not because he likes her but because of his sexual frustration lol.

I don’t think Danielle will have any breakdown of any sort. She seems like the crazy type that gets fierce when someone talks about her or turns her down. I don’t see her as being weak for some reason, crazy but not weak.


Gross. I was about to eat lunch until I saw the photos of Frank and Ashley.
Where the hell did this come from?


She asked Frank on a date & it took off from there.
I was shocked too.
But did we really think a relationship w her and Ian was going to happen?


I just realized there are only 3 women in the house. Danielle, Britney & Ashley.
Such a limited choice of females to choose from and it gets smaller since Brit is married. These poor men lol.

This season is good but it’s kind of boring. Nobody is really funny. Except for Boogie sometimes but he’s more mean than funny. The cast is stronger than previous seasons though.


LOL, you forgot about Jenn!
OOPS that’s right, everyone forgot about Jenn…..


Lol ! I always forget about her. That girl is gonna float her way to the end.


Glad to see I’m not the only one who forgets about her. I almost always have to stop and think, “Who?” when they mention her.


WOw trash much people?
I appreesh the site simon.
My vote is for Dan the man
Id love to see Ian win second ,only cause i’td kill boogie
Danielle is ok people just insecure about herself shouldn’t be good body nice skin better than poor Brit and she’ got a life/job/profession
Frank I liked but he’s paranoid bad and insecure too.
Last the rest could take or leave mostly leave.
Woulda liked Willie to stay he had Hutzpah


Hey Frank! Is that palm up or palm down???


Ian really thought he had a chance with Weedhead?, um did he not realize when him and Ashley kissed she didn’t even like it? That’s like 3rd strike, you not gettin in them panties, Carrot Top stinky and all gonna wax that…

Wils Head Scab

Wonder if Ashley would still have gone on a date if she knew Frank said the other night that he doesnt go down on girls?


BB14 Ratings are low because It is No longer the BB that we loved : a show about peoples interaction in a closed environment whil competing in a game! … It is Now, a Scripted program where producers manipulate the players and the competition, in order to achieve a certain outcome! – BB Cheats!
The Irony is that BB is Cheating FOR Ratings … but That has negatively affected the Rating!


Wish I can say that was all bullshit, but there’s A LOT of TRUTH to how BB been going since season 11……. Ratings now influence the game


Carrot top hit that or what?


Frankley are cute togethr….


She seems to know a lot about Danielle… like she knows her…