Wil says that he isn’t campaigning because he doesn’t have jack sh*t to offer..

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


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12:50pm – 1:30pm Wil, Joe and Jenn are in the kitchen talking about the votes this week. Joe talks about how no one has committed their votes yet, they all keep telling him they will let him know. Joe says that he thinks it might come down to a tie vote this week. Wil says that he doesn’t have jack sh*t to offer. Joe agrees we don’t have much to offer. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Danielle, Ashley and Frank are talking. Danielle complains about how she keeps having to move in and out of rooms each week. Ashley talks about wanting to win HOH so bad! They talk about food. Ashley says that she can eat a whole watermelon to herself. Danielle and Ashley head down stairs to get ready to lay out by the pool.

Jenn, Ashley and Joe go out into the backyard and lay out by the pool to sun tan.
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2pm Wil and Frank are running and walking back and forth in the backyard, while Ashley, Jenn and Joe suntan in silence. Lazy afternoon in the BB house..


2:10pm Danielle, Shane, Dan and Britney are in the backyard talking about the day when the coaches were picking players. Britney comments on how the first episode will show Kara wearing playboy bunny ears accepting her key and next they show Dan picking her. Dan tells Shane and Danielle that being in the house for a month is like dating in the outside world for a 6 months. Britney says well if that is true your guys are taking it SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW! Shane comments on how they haven’t seen them up in the HOH room together them when they see the episodes week 3 & 4. Danielle says that’s not true. Britney says oh now you want to be in a relationship. Shane says they had some special moments.



2:20pm – 2:30pm Danielle and Shane head out into the backyard to sun tan. Big Brother tells her to put on her mic. She says BB I have it on, god! I always get picked on, I have it on! I feel like I am getting picked on. When ever I go into the diary room too, they ask me why I have a problem wearing my mic.

2:40pm – 2:55pm Dan and Britney are still in the bathroom talking about their homes. Meanwhile Frank and Wil continue to work out by doing their laps back and forth in the backyard. Ian is swinging on the hammock.

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Watching BBAD last night I thought I was watching a teen high school melodrama, not Big Brother.

and : What’s the word on Avatars?

Team Biig Willie-style

This showmance?/friendship between Ashley/Frank is going to be Mike Boogie’s ace in the hole, if Ash does somehow manages to win HoH…


“Ashley says that she can eat a whole watermelon to herself.”

ME TOO… no seeds though


That must be a proud moment but later your in the bathroom


HAHAHA You’re right

production rigged it

this is irrevelant to this post but i found this last night just thought i would share in case nobody has seen it, it’s an interview janelle gave during a live chat, here is some of the highlights
Janelle doesn’t like Britney anymore. She doesn’t understand her lying; they had a final 2 deal. She was going to forgive her until she saw Britney trying to get her out week 1 with Willie. She trusted her too much and trusting Britney was her downfall. She said it was really disappointing because she had nobody to work with in the house.
Janelle says Allison Grodner asked her in the green room after she was evicted to come back for an All-Star season. She also said Allison apologizes and said she tried to stop it. Janelle says she would only if Dick, Jeff and Rachel are in there because they would have her back 100% and want to work with her.
When asked if she would call Britney out at the finale for all of her lies, she told us that the producers already told her she has to call out Mike Boogie at the finale.
let’s look at these things she’s mad a britney for lying to her yet she lied to everybody in the house except for joe and i don’t remember her telling brit about her deal with dan so that’s a lie by omission, can you say hypocrite. i don’t know what the hell she is talking about brit wanting her out week 1 with willie the coaches weren’t even in the game yet so that doesn’t make any sense and she’s says that her downfall was trusting brit, no her downfall was lying to everybody in the house and all of her lies and her conversation with boogie,dan,danielle and brit up in the hoh coming back and biting her in that big a$$ of hers.
also for you people who say it isn’t rigged at least to some degree what exactly would you call the producer of the show allison grodner telling her that she tried to stop her eviction, then later on in the interview she says that she doesn’t think BB is rigged, can you say contradiction, i would call the producer of the show trying to stop someone from getting evicted rigging the show to a certain degree maybe not the winner but you get my point.
if she wants to be mad a anyone besides herself she should be mad at boogie and dan, theyre the two main reasons that she left boogie convinced danielle to put her up and after a couple of back and forths dan finally gave in and said ok let’s do it.
here is some more things she said
Janelle thinks Frank can win. She says that since Ian told Dan/Brit Franks backdoor plan, it will come back to bite Frank. She is really hoping that Frank does win just so she can look at everyone and say I told you so. Her dream would be Frank wins the game and she wins America’s Choice, that would satisfy her.
Janelle thinks Ian can win the game and that Boogie is underestimating him.
Janelle knew about the Silent 6 alliance when she was locked out of the HOH room while they were forming the alliance.
Janelle thinks the Silent Six is broken since Frank wanted to back door Dan already.
Janelle won’t be friends with Mike (Boogie) after the show because he brought up Erin when he was voting her out.
Janelle asked Allison Grodner when the next All-Stars will be, but Allison didn’t have an answer.
Janelle wants to win America’s player to piss off Boogie, Danielle and Britney because they said so much about her and say that she is so bitter after leaving.
Janelle’s husband was watching After Dark that last week and listening to the entire house bash her. He called production and told them he wanted her out of the house, he was going to fly to California and pull her out. Said he was just going to walk into the house- fuck the money, she doesn’t need it, but Allison and Rich talked him out. Janelle says he’s allowed to take Janelle out (by contract?)
Janelle did NOT hear the DR Leak on her eviction night. No one told her what was said, she just heard Boogie running around screaming. She was filled in about what leaked and she says she wish someone told her that.
Janelle knew she was going when she was nominated. Janelle knows that she is not pawn material, but she had to try to stay. When asked if the DR tipped her off, she says they didn’t. She was alone and had nobody in the house but Joe.
let’s look at some of this now, she knew about the silent six alliance but yet didn’t tell anyone before she left, she knew she was going home when she was nominated yet she’s bitter about it, if she knew about all of this then she also knew that everyone except joe was lying to her then, so why so bitter guess it’s because she’s a 3 time loser now. funny how her husband was going to drag her out of the house because everybody was talking bad about her, like she never ever talked bad about anybody while she was in there she was a little angel, also does anyone know what the dr leak was on eviction night that she’s talking about i didn’t hear it

i can give the link out to the entire interview if simon says it’s ok

Team Biig Willie-style

Thanks for posting, Janelle sounds very bitter about her eviction…The show would’ve been more entertaining if she was still on…

production rigged it

no problem and here is the link to the entire interview.

Wil is the Worst
production rigged it

thanks i appreciate it.


LMFAO I already knew the game was rigged, just nice to see facts to back it up………… PRODUCTION FTW… AGAIN?

production rigged it

i know right pretty much every single year, hey at least production is consistent right?


I have no doubt that production messes with things, but if Janelle is lying and contradicting herself in the same interview, don’t you think that the part about AG trying to save her might be another lie to make her seem more important than she is? It basically says, “Look at me! I was so important to the sucess of this show that even the biggest “Kahuna” on the show, Allison Grodner, wanted to save me and wanted me on the show.”

My feeling is that if AG wanted to save Janelle, she would have been saved.

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

I’m sure AG is no where to be found for a statement………AG d-bag status I believe is growing

Simon Says

hey simon whats up with Frashley… is something gonna happen with em or was it like a one time thing???


Dunno.. haven’t watch too much of the feeds this morning.. I’ll start at 3pm


Wil probably get screwed if it a tie. Hopefully, he will end up going home or stay.


what captain you said joe go home 8-0


If Joe does not blow up or start stirring crap. He will stay. Right now Wil will end up going home.

Danielle's Prozac

Damn, Danielle is depressed…


We should know tonight if this week will be double eviction. There are too many people in the house. If it is, then the HOH will probably be a quick Q&A competition. Probably majority rules or before or after. If so, then the next comp will start right before the end of the show and carry on into the evening. I bet it would be something like the one where they have to make trips with some kind of container and fill up a bigger container. I really want a double eviction. Wil gone, and hopefully Dan or Boogie go home right after him. I hate these early big alliances and I want the house shaken to the core so that some natural alliances happen instead of coach imposed alliances.


Can’t they extend the season?? I mean they can save potentially evicted veteran HGs with an unplanned box, i mean we witnessed that last season julie never told us that Pandora’s Box was back at play, they brought it in to save the vets from being sweeped by noobs who were capitalizing on the vet’s turning on each other.


I don’t think they can extend the season. Survivor usually starts the week after the finale. I think they will have to do two double evictions to be on schedule. They won’t bring anyone back unless it’s a lame 24 hour Pandora’s Box thing. There are less than 5 weeks to go and after tomorrow’s eviction there will be 10 HG. If the final two are decided on finale night, that means they have to evict 7 people between now and then. If DE isn’t this week, it will for sure be next week.


Damn, now I see why them bringin the vets back into the game, was a horrible idea, something tells me, this wasn’t their intention screwin up the scheduled like this, UNLESS we’re gonna have more than one HG evicted this week and next with another lame twist….


Thanks for the breakdown.. You’re right


Chloe, some good points but I heard Ian say there will not be a double until they are at least starting Jury Hse and I think he could be right. So that would be next week Aug 23 after the first eviction they could do a fast forward.


CBS usually runs a Promo a week before a DE.

Danielle's Prozac

So what is the over/under that “Trey” is mentioned tonight on BBAD? lol


Trey is her Teddybear she makes passionate love to at night, bet it smells like vagina juices too, it’s face like ass, since she claims to have had her salad tossed


Wil has something to offer but he’s too much of a defeatist snob to see it. He should be working Danielle and Shane to get them to keep him, use the angle that he would rather see any one of them in the finals than a coach. Convince them that a coach will win if they go to the end (whether it’s true or not). If Danielle and Shane flip, they will be five strong (Dani, Shane, Ashley, Wil and Jenn). Frank can’t play HOH, so they will be competing against the coaches and Ian for HOH. That’s 5 -4. And if you’re Dani or Shane, they should like their increased odds because of their connection to Brit and Dan. But Wil has rolled over and died. At least he could go out with a bang and be able to say he tried to stay!


Janelle was asked by fans/viewers and she answered the questions. It is one thing to talk about someone and another to attack them. Wil, Danielle, Ashley and Britney made up lies about Janelle. I understand it is a game, but they were personally attacking her body, appearance, and husband. I had to stop watching the feeds because it got too much. Now Danielle is doing it to Ashley. I follow Janelle on twitter and watched her interview with Evel Dick and she was not bitter at all. She was laughing about the situation. Evel Dick was telling her what the HG’s were saying about her and she said that it is to be expected. ED asked her if she would be friends with Britney after the show and she said maybe in time, but to hear what she was saying about her it will be hard to.

On another note, I hope Delusional Danielle is voted out next week. That would make my day!


Jani isn’t completely innocent in making personal attacks toward Britney. It’s hard to take anything anyone says at face value when it comes to BB.


Your 100% right, she isn’t innocent.


For all the people who are defending Danielle. Do you all watch the feeds? Because out of all of the HG’s she is the one that is the most catty and DELUSIONAL! She thinks everyone stares at her all the time, that Shane is in love with her and jealous of her and Frank, that all the girls are jealous of her and threatened of her. Danielle is a mean girl and anyone who says otherwise clearly do not have the feeds.


Not to mention Shane was jealous of a gay man holding Danielle up in the air. You gotta wonder why NO ONE in that house ever calls her out on ANY of her bullshit.


And if she were sane, all that stuff Danielle says would stay in her head and not be spoken aloud, because she would KNOW she sounds like a mental patient. Haven’t you all ever noticed that all the batshit crazy people you run into in everyday life DON’T REALIZE they’re crazy?

Caren in Canada

Could not have said it better Sarah, Janelle got a bad rap because of a bunch of jealous insecure people who saw here aa a huge threat, and the only way to get rid of that threat was to lie and defame her character! I truly believe she did have Danelle and Brittanys backs and this is how they repay her! Is all good though neither of them stand a chance of winning! And off the topic, what is the deal with Brittany always picking her face, it is really starting to bug me! lol


How about this for a final twist. 3 people in the finals instead of 2. Means 1 less eviction and an earlier Jury. What do you all think?


Has anyone considered the possibility of a triple eviction?


OR a complete recasting? just 5 HGs to round out the rest of the season, would be better than what we will see

Frank has never voted

we should start a drinking game. Everytime Danielle says ‘fat’ ‘Shane’ ‘Treyplease write Drink in parenthesis


I better make a “Drink” hot key


NO, we gonna get Alcohol poisoning, and go broke from buyin all the booze…

Danielle's Prozac

I think there may be some new twist that evicts several people…I don’t know how they could get to work, but I think if a twist is coming it will be something never done before with this many HG’s left…It will also break-up alliances and have people turn on each other quickly for production purposes…Just my 2 cents…

danielle +shane

Wow stop picking on Danielle about her wait I bet half of u that are saying She is fat are properly fat so shush!!!:/


I’m pretty sure most of the people calling her fat don’t believe she’s fat but are doing it because they’re just annoyed at her constant insistence that she’s fat and waiting for someone to compliment her.



I think she got an amazing body just like Janelle does, but they’re both annoying, so we talk shit LOL


Agreed , Danielle is a sweetheart , people forget that these guys live in a house together 24/7 we cant really blame them sometimes for saying some weird stuff I mean what do u expect.

danielle and shane

I hope either Danielle or Shane wins(:


I don’t think there will be a double eviction or pandora’s box until Frank can benefit from both…Just my opinion..I think he is suppose to be the winner this year as much as I hate this idea.

I really do think the rigging by production is ruining this game and it’s so sad because I enjoyed watching BB every summer..I hope we can watch BB Canada here in America.


The game has been “controlled” by BB for several years. I am usually glad it is because it usually benefits a favorite if mine. :-). I am struggling with a favorite this year. I was a fan if Kasar years ago, Janelle, etc. I was always team Jeff/Jordan. Jeff is such a hottie. I actually found myself rooting for Rachel the end if last year because she was so good at comps. I was SO happy about the Pandora’s Box that saved Rachel/Jordan.

Anyone except Frank, Wil, Joe, or Boogie FTW, YO!!


Stop talking shiznit on Danielle! Jeeeze! Everyone of those people in there do annoying shit! Leave the girl alone! If that’s your idea of fat,you must be dating a nasty anorexic bag of bones. think she’s really pretty,smart and funny.Who cares if she has a complex? Your all just going to make it worse.If you dont like her,skip it.And I love Shane and Brittney too!!

shane lusts Kara

Danielle is a delusional fatal attraction….she will never have shane…

shane lusts Kara

Shane has said many times he wants to hang out in La to see Kara after bb … im sure there gonna hook up… and if shane doesnt win he will win amercas fav player…