Big Brother Spoilers – Frank Spills Protein Powder SNAPS “This is F*CK!NG ridiculous.. this is the sh!t that gets me mad”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

3:00pm Dan and Britney bathroom
Dan is telling her she should write a ebook and if she get’s 40 000 followers and 5% of those buy your book just because they like you. Dan: “thas 2000 copies you’ve sold”

Britney: “I’m like a anti motivational speaker.. what would my book be about”
Dan suggests a book about dating incidents with side her side quips.

3:03pm Flashback… Cam 1-2 Frank and Wil

Wil”So if it’s a tie you know what you are going to do”
Frank: “I hope it’s not a tie.. you know I haven’t given it much thought i keep forgetting it’s 8 votes”
Britney joins them asks him about his date with Ashley.
Frank: “A lady never asks an a gentleman never tells.. “
Britney: “You mean if you go on a date and your friend asks you never tell”
Frank: “THAT’S NONE of their business”
Frank: “It went good THAT’S all you get”

Britney is making a protein shake using the blender. Frank is looking for the shake cup to make protein.Asks britney if there is any.. She says no” she’s is using the blender.
He can’t find one so he’s making a funnel to pour the protein powder in a water bottle. Frank spills protein powder all over: “This is F*CK!NG ridiculous.. this is the sh!t that gets me mad… When I see F*cking joe walking with a Protein Shaker With F*king ice tea.. that makes me Mad”
Joe comes in laughing “I think I walked into some Sh!t..” points out to Frank the celan protein Shakers in the dish drying rack.
Britney: “I know Frank is being rough today.. holy crap”
Frank: ‘Thats what i F*cking get for asking Brit if there was any there”
Watch what happens, AS it happens: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds!

3:11pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Ian
Ian asks who Jenn would put up if she won HOH. Boogie has no idea he never asked her. Ian thinks it’s going to be Britney and Eagle Eye.. Ian: “We would just send eagle eye out…”
Ian: “I feel with the exception of endurance comps.. Eagle eye is a bigger threat than Britney anyways..” Boogie: “I don’t know britney is pretty smart” Ian points out she’s very small and doesn’t do well under pressure. Boogie did notice she pretty much was useless in the have nots competition.

Boogie: “I won’t be surprised if Jenn doesn’t win a HOH”
Ian thinks the next couple weeks the HOH winner will probably be Boogie, Dane, Shane or himself. Boogie: “Joe and Jenn won’t be winning any head of households”

3:42pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Dan, Ian, Ashley, Boogie
Ian is going through the entire Season 10 in detail. (It’s incredible he’s got the season and all the details memorized. It’s very entertaining if you want to have a summary of Season 10)

Ian starts off on a tangent about the week 2-3 of ths season. Says that after Frank won the second HOH Joe ran up to Willie. Ian: ” He said Someone’s going home this week Willie.. Yes Joe that is how this game works.. someone goes home every week” They all laugh..
Ian: “Before the reset this house was power shift city”
Boogie asks to continue the season 10 recap..
They go back to talking about what was happening in Big BRother 10 after Jessie went home.
Dan: “Michelle told me I wasn’t a teacher and she told me I should burn in hell”
Ian: “Jerry is running around calling Dan Judas.. going nuts” …

4:06pm cam 1-2 Bathroom Danielle, Shane and Britney

General Complaining about being a havenots.

Danielle: “Call me into DR Please”
(over the loudspeaker “DANielle please come to the Diary Room”
Shane: ‘Wow That was quick”
Shane: “If we have to be have nots next week i’m going to f**king snap”
Britney: “I know Shane.. I hate this”

5:10pm Cam 3-4 Boogie, Frank, a rocker type character haven’t seen them before on the feeds

Jenn is beating around the bush more or less telling them that there are more advantages to Keep Wil over JOe. She thinks that maybe keeping a target like Wil around is a good idea. She adds that Joe’s major problem is he likes to talk.

Boogie: “He are not trying to work with him we’re just keeping him around for votes..”
Boogie : “I like Wil infinitely better.. Joe is super annoying.. his behaviour this week has been kind of quizzical.. he’s been acting like he’s got a lot of quit in him.

Boogie: ‘Joe isn’t going to blue people together.. He might Glob on some people but he’ll never rally people together”

Jenn: ‘I’m not going to lie to you right now I would rather Wil stay in the game”

Boogie: “I’m shocked how well he’s handled it”
Frank: “This is his second time on the block he’s doing well”
Boogie: “I talked to Ian he’s leaning towards getting rid of joe”
Boogie: “I’m 50/50 right now”
Jenn: “I think it will be a tie breaker”

Boogie talks about a fast forwards this week and they need to have a clear strategy. Boogie is thinking that Joe should go up during the fast forward.

Jenn: “I’m sure you guys are working with Shane or whatever.. but sooner or later..”
Boogie: ‘He’s gotta go soon.. I’m still trying to figure out his relationships.. I don’t want to fire a shot too early”
Jenn wants Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney gone.. Boogie says that Shane needs to go soon.

Jenn: “Britney is being pretty pessimistic”
Boogie: “She’s in my top 3”
Jenn: “I would put up Shane and a question mark and Backdoor Shane”
Boogie: “britney is dangerous she’s smart.. social butterfly”

Jenn says that Britney and Danielle are not as close as they think.. She had a conversation with Danielle and Danielle told her that Britney’s negativity is getting on her nerves.

Jenn doesn’t think danielle will put Shane up but she’s sure she would vote him out.

Boogie tells her everything they have talked about in the HOH will stay in the HOH room. Jenn says that in her opinion it’s going to be a tie vote.
Frank: “Going back to the Danielle and Britney thing… Danielle has to hate that Britney acts like she’s 10 years older than her and there is really only a year apart”

Around 5:35-5:41pm Rocker girl whose new on the feeds really starts pushing that Ian cannot be trusted. She warns them all what they say to him because it goes around to other players.

5:41pm Jenn Leaves Boogie: “I think we’re real good with her.. the one thing I don’t like is… Ahh F*ck ” (Ian is around the chess table)
Dan and Ian etner the room. feeds cut to fish..

Feeds on and off… Boogie is talking about a power.. he thinks something is happening? Frank really wants them to get the power this week.

Boogie wants next week to take Joe out then the following one they will make the first shot. Frank wants them to have a clear plan of what to do when it’s double eviction so they are not scrambling in a huddle.

Frank brings up a scenario where one of (Brit, Dan, Danielle, Shane) win HOH and Joe /Ashley get nominated then Joe wins the POV. Frank at first would say put up Jenn.
Boogie: “I don’t think she’ll make a move on us.. she got no one…“I kind of want to take out britney over Jenn”
Frank: ‘Ys but if THEY win HOH they will not put up Britney”
Boogie agrees.. he adds if it’s a regular week they might be able to pull it.

Frank and Boogie are getting pretty confident.. They think if it’s Dan, Boogie and Frank no one can touch them. Boogie isn’t worried about Shane as much as everyone else is he thinks someone else will nominate him.

Frank: “Poor ian.. thats why I didn’t want anyone to know I kissed her to hurt the poor guy’s feelings”

6:03pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Wil Arcade Room Britney inspecting the ball game.. She Notices that the lock on it doesn’t really hold anything.

6:06pm Ashley and Wil in the Bathroom Wil tells her that it’s a done deal he’s going home tomorrow. Wil: “I don’t know things can change but it comes down to whose the biggest threat”

6:23pm Cam 1-2 Wil and Danielle
Wil has campaigned to Britney and Dan.. now he’s working on Danielle. Nothing important is being said between any of the participates.. Dan mists him.. Britney talks for every and steers the conversation away from game and Danielle spins the conversation onto her..

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Danielle's Prozac

I hope I win the next HoH so I can get a letter from Trey. I’m sure Shane would be so jealous. Buh-bye Wil…and Ashley will be right behind you.


It seems like Boogie will get rid of Frank before Ashley. Boogie commented early in the season that Ashley would be a great person to be in the finals with.

Caren in Canada

Jeff returns for a visit on Thursdays show, wonder if Danelle will ask him who is the best looking in the house and do I look fat in this outfit! And then after he leaves we will all hear about how jelous Shane was cause Jeff was checking her out! LMFAOOOOOOOO


LOL, No, here’s how it’s going to be

Danielle: Are you still with Jordan?
Jeff: Yes/No (Either way, doesn’t matter in Danielle’s head)
Danielle: Do you think I’m fat?
Jeff: What?
Danielle: OMG, does everyone hate me for taking out Janelle? I mean they saw all the mean things she said about me, right?
Jeff: Huh?

(later on)

Danielle: OMG, Jeff was flirting with me so hard. I mean really. Of course, I am prettier than Jordan (there’s the crazy), so it’s normal that he’d want to be with me. Especially since I’m such a better player than Jordan (Jordan actually won). Maybe I should call him when I get out of here. Did you see how Shane was soooo jealous when Jeff talked to me? (Shane was actually looking the opposite directions talking to Britney)

Caren in Canada

LMFAOOOOOOO Way to funny! Then I am sure even though she has never met Jordan she will be all about how she can evict her even though she is not even playing the game, Seguay to second restraining order! lmao

MU Tigers

At this point, Trey may need to consider entering a witness protection program just to rid himself of both Danielle and any fans she may have, as they have to be as disturbed as she is. Poor guy did nothing wrong other than express interest in the WRONG girl.


I think Frank is just on edge about tomorrow, and snapping at whoever is in sight.

Boogies HAT


Boogie's Hat


Frank's jacked up hair



@Franks Jacked Up Hair- Your name made me laugh out loud….ty =)


franks jacked up hair says cut me off!!


Frank has blue balls, that is why he is snippy today.


Shane might be able to help him out with that.




I wish!


If he plays his cards right, he’ll wait til after she gets her “fix” they will get emptied….


I read that Frashley are saying that what happened was some kissing and Frank grabbing Ashley’s butt.

However, both of Frashley seem to be doing a lot of big smiling, and seem like they are on their ‘honeymoon’.

Maybe they figured out that they would be a big target if anyone thought they were a couple, so they are downplaying?

I missed the part about how they got this date in the first place…

It seems like Frank being crabby was just arrogance, now that he envisions himself as super-stud.


Ian’s trying his best to plant seeds–deflect any thought of Britney being a threat in this game. A ppears he’s counting on getting to the final two with her. I’m certain none of this is lost on Boogie. Just as he’d warned Frank about speaking too openly with Ian, Boogie’s on top of this too I’ll bet. Ian’s Rainman-esk recall is intriguing, he’s obviously smart but I doubt he’s got the capability even allied with Britney for either to make it to the end.

Danielle's Ex-Husband

Ian is playing a very delicate game right now. He better be careful or he’s gonna get burned and it will all fall apart…just like my marriage.




My rankings:




4. Most UNSTABLE and a little SCARY: WILLIE and DANIELLE





Agree with most
-Brit most intelligent- in a general sense, but in the game she is most paranoid?
-Brit most sincere- not so sure
-Brit should def be on list of best looking
-Shane best lookin? that’s because there are no attractive guys this season!!!!(Production, pls take note for future!)


…. >>

My rankings:

1. Most INTELLIGENT players: Dan , Boogie.

2. NICEST and MOST SINCERE: Frank, Dan, Jenn, Ian.

3. BEST LOOKING: Ian, Janelle , and Shane.

4. Most UNSTABLE and a little SCARY: Danielle.


6. Most CLEVER: Janelle , and Boogie.

7. Best BODIES: Shane, Janelle , & willie ;p



My rankings:

1. Most INTELLIGENT and MANIPULATIVE players: Britney (very manipulative), Dan and Boogie

2. NICEST and MOST SINCERE: Dan and Ian

3. BEST LOOKING: Shane, Dan (my wife’s choices), Kara and Danielle

4. Most UNSTABLE and a little SCARY: Willie and Danielle

5. FUNNIEST: Britney

6. Most CLEVER: Dan and Boogie

7. Best BODIES: Shane (wife) and Kara

8. Most INVISIBLE: Random rocker girl who’s new on the feeds


Simon I think those of us in Canada must have missed an episode, I was wondering the same thing! 🙂


How could you leave Danielle off of the best bodies list? She even said her and Janelle have the same body type.


danilelles zing was soooooooooooo funny (and sad but true)


I wish zingbot could visit every day! Danielle was so angry- she turned several shades or red and purple! Too bad zingbot didn’t say something about her fat arse! BTW- while Danielle is not obese, it appears that her behind has expanded during the season, Either that or she must stop lying around with short shorts!


okay so I take it back this ep is funny and the baby zing is cute (cant say anything negative about this show else risk being censored) freedom of sppech only applys in america) 🙂


OMG the ZingBot on Danielle was PRICELESS….. BWAAAAHAHAAA


double dipping dan (on the quak pack n slient 6 LOL


My 75 year old grandmother is a BB fan. She loves Jeff and Jordan; hates Rachel and thinks Brenden is a jerk. She watches the network show ONLY, although I discuss BBAD and the discussions on this site with her once a week. The following are some of her observations and comments about this season:
-I don’t get this coaches and teams thing
-Is there something wrong with Ashley?
-That Shane, I think he is queer and I don’t like his flat hair.
-I don’t like that Boogie. He seems dirty.
-Why did they get rid of Janelle?
-I like Dan, he seems nice
-Frank is OK too, but he has to do something about that awful hair, Why is he wearing that purple outfit all of the time?
-Britney is such a pretty girl- too bad she whines so much
-I hate that kid Ian. He is such a nerd and he kisses everyone’s a$$
-Jenn? Which one is she? Was she evicted the first week?
-Wil has an annoying voice. Why does he have to talk through his nose?
-What is wrong with Joe’s face- does he have that skin eating disease?
-Danielle is the most annoying person this season. She is much worse than Rachel! She is crazy. First she’s a nurse, then she teaches kindergarten and then she works at the mall. And what is her problem with the guys. Why is she so interested in Shane- I don’t think he likes girls- he definitely does not like her! Whos is this Trey person that she dated or broke up with or is engaged to. I can’t keep up and I don’t want to!

When I ask her who she think will win, she says Dan or Frank. I hope its not that Danielle or Britney!

Who agrees with grandma?


Thanks for the laughs, I love and agree with your Grandmother!

Carol & Steve

Grandma is awesome! I especially loved the insight on Joe’s face & Jenn! 🙂


I think shane is straight… maybe Bi… but just because a man doesnt want a certain girl does not mean hes gay…. he may like someone else outside the house…. He thinks Kara is hot…. so i feel he has higher standards….models …. playboy bunny girls….just sayn…


I fear for Zingbot’s lifespan…..


dan wear’s the same red shirt this red shirt is giving me a headache . …….


Does anybody know how many double evictions are needed to whittle the numbers down to the final three by the season finale?

Ice Princess

Why is Jeff coming back. I like him but cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff is going to be a special host. He and Jordan hosted during season 12 as well, I think.


simon could you download season 8 to your youtube thanks


jeff is coming in the pandora box lol spend a day with him or houseguest get a bonus lol

Frank Has Never Voted

“rocker type character haven’t seen them before on the feeds” hahahahaha

BTW Ian is in trouble. I mean if even Jenn can figure him out his game must be very transparent


hope britney gets hoh now to see with jeff instead of money dropping from sky or the cou de tat comes in to play


I just do not get why Jeff is going back. BB, it’s getting old. Get someone else to host the comps. He gets shoved down our throats every year. More than likely, CBS wants to promote Jeff and Jordan’s upcoming pathetic reality show.


I read that Shane told Dainelle that he had a crush on Dani Donato. They should have Dani Donato host a comp next week. Maybe even flirt with Shane a little. That would drive Danielle up a wall.


Lmao. That makes perfect sense. Danielle would never stop talking about this moment on the feeds, because she is so easily jealous. Better than seeing Jeff, yet again.


LOL – who would Shane choose? Jeff or Danielle Donato???




They can’t put their people in dangerous situations. Those fish in the HOH room would be boiled! Shane would wake up one night with Danielle standing over top of him with one of Ashley’s pills in a syringe about to rape him.


Jeff is INFINATELY better than the last HG the kept shoving down our throats: Jesse.


But Jesse is the man, the myth, the legend..


Jesse – The man, the myth, the legend: Only in his own mind. I think he is my #1 most hated houseguest ever yet the kept bringing him back over, and over, and over again. Almost everyone, even my hated Boogie, is better than Jesse.

Mikey Fresh

With Jeff being on the show tomorrow it will for sure be a double eviction. They are going to use him to play up last year’s incident with the shoe game that ultimately sent him home.


Damn too bad the POV was before Joe’s night makin his “special sauce” for the HGs food… that would’ve been the best Zing, and the look on his face? PRICELESS

Zingbot: Joe I hear you for a new sauce for the house guests to try? Does it have DNA in it the ingredients??? ZIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG


**have a new sauce** not “for”


i feel bad for danielle…i seriously think allison grodner should give that girl therapy…and i dont blame jojo for saying she has fat thighs lol…the girl wears short shorts that expose her thighs, and they arent that great, u would think by looking at her she would have a nice body, but her thighs and butt are disgusting…i like men but still lol…anyway, i seriously think she needs to be provided therapy. I bash her alot because she makes it so easy, aside from the constand bashing, i do feel bad for her, she feels the need to lie, and then she believes her own lies, anybody that elaborates on lies as if they are living with it, believe their own lies, i wonder if that’s why her family didn’t want her on the show!


She suffered from anorexia, give her a break. She is insecure. Anyway you shouldn’t be talking about her body. She is skinny and hot. I doubt you are good looking like she is and you can have thunder thighs for all we know.


I don’t believe she had anorexia.


she is so not skinny , and she’s far from hot , she dont look good (:
you are an idiot .
She has FAT thighss , its nasty . 🙂


Just because someone does not agree with you does not make them an idiot, it makes them an independent thinker.

Danielle is very attractive, is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. (My wife says this too.) She is also insecure, needy and can be very scary at times.


I think she made the anorexia up. I want to hear her speak Chinese, personally.


I agree with Andrew , Danielle is a sweetheart and she is very attractive . Jenny you need to grow up and stop beeing a hater , stop making silly comments about someone’s looks because I am pretty sure you are not perfect also.


She is not a sweetheart , she’s a bitchhh , not attractive at all , i didn’t say i was perfect now did i ?
i know i’m not , but i do look good 😉 !


8/12/12, on BBAD: Shane and Danielle were laying in the hammock talking about the first competition, the Teddy Bear Bed Hop with Ian, who was sitting next to the hammock. Danielle is upset about the shorty shorts they had to wear. She said she promised her mother she would be modest on TV, and she hopes that her mom knows she didn’t pick those shorts out.


8/15/12, via photo of Danielle above: I’ll just lie around with my vag pretty much hanging out (Dani Lovers: bikini or not, she should maybe be a little more ladylike) and talk about guys tossing my salad.

Also I think she said her mom didn’t know she was even going on tv? hmm


Perhaps no one knows where she is…….perhaps she escaped ; )


Char is this your website? While I have been a BB fan for a number of years and lured a bit before posting anywhere, I’m a regular at the TVClubhouse website. I recently found your ? website and now rec. BB Spoilers from here. Good Job!!


It seems that, in the BB house, there is a “freshman 15” thing going on. Remember Porche’s expanding butt last year. It just kept growing and growing. They have all the time in the world to work out, but I can understand why they don’t as I have been unemployed for a while and you get a bit of inertia going on.

One thing you CAN say about Danielle: She is a lot like Kalia, from last year. Lies, lies and more lies about everything they have done in their lives. It serves 2 purposes – to pump themselves up and to put others down. At least Danielle doesn’t seem to have diarrhea of the mouth.


ill will, that was not funny at all, please try again…ZING


wasn’t intended to be


Hey Simon shhhhhhhhh is not just the silent 6’s slogan, it’s also the sound of no one caring what you think! Zzzziiiinnnggggg


If Zingbot ends up in a scrap yard with his wires cut, you know where to send the PoPo


For those of us that don’t watch the episodes, what were the zings, and did you get to see the zingbot fall down?


But you do watch the Thursday eviction episodes, right? Coz for me I watch all episodes even though I know what to expect on Wednesday and Sunday. It is the Thursday episode that seems ‘new’ because of the eviction and the HOH.

Carol & Steve

can’t remember the zings – sorry – and they did not show or mention the incident with the zingbot.


Simon, did Jenn go up to the HOH ot campaign for WIl?


Jeff coming back is good for CBS ratings. People really like Jeff and Jordan and Jeff is already involved with BB this year (he does the Friday wed interviews with evictees). I would think that a double eviction is possible since Jeff made such a big deal about the shoe that he tossed away, which eventually cost him the game. I would also guess that web show must have done well enough to warrant his return for ratings. I am just glad (and crossing my fingers and hoping) that it is not Jessie returning. With a double eviction tomorrow night, next Thursday would start jury.


True, they probably called ol Douche Bag, soon after they saw how bad the ratings were…..Production’s Sweethearts saving the ratings since 09′


As much as people hate Boogie because of his extreme arrogance and corkiness, I have to say he’s playing the game and is good at strategy. I couldn’t stand him on All-Stars but this season if he makes it far I have no issues with that. He took out Janelle and it seems he’s running Frank’s HOH, next week we’ll see where he lands, but overall he’s doing a good job in the game and Dan has no idea how he survived this week because of Boogie convincing Frank not to put him up.
Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be a big mistake.


These dipsh*ts need to realize that both Danielle and Brit could be flipped if Shane and/or Dan is ousted. They have no loyalty to Boogie or Frank. They will take Ian and go to who is left. It would ensure that Boogie and Frank will not be final two together.


danielle is starting to remind me of leo dicaprios character in shutter island


Spicy Chicken Choker Sauce


brintneys was funny

So britney i found out the name of the charity u donated the half of million to…THE BRIGADE ZINNNNNNNNNNNNG

I forget most of them they really werent that good…except for danielles and britneys


i forget the rest

SHane has a special gift for you after the show…A RESTRAINING ORDER

and danielle was pissed she looked irate and pouted about it during POV


Ashley your smile lights up a room…it is the only bright thing about you. Zing

Joe how do you feel about being the oldest person in the house……….oh sorry Boogie I didn’t see you. Zing

Jenn what do you and a gossip magazine have incommon……….your both covered in bad ink. Zing


Boogie sont be stupid Danielle is a bigger thret then shane or britt,,, shes unstble… and she lies and lies and lies….. if you were soo smart ….you would kick her out soon.


Can wait to see Jeff 2morow.


danielle …u have to give her credit..atleast she is consistently crazy….she is talking to will right now on the live feeds…and shes saying i dont want u go home, i would feel bad about it, but if u can talk to trey that would be awesome! lol, she has made herself convinced that this trey wants to talk to her, rumorville has said that he stated on his twitter that him and danielle were just friends and he has no clue where all of this came from

BB King

It seems from today’s episode that Ian is more loyal to the Quack-Pack than Boogie or Frank.


This season is so lame and boring, I’m actually watching Big Brother All Stars on YouTube! One of the best seasons ever, WRONG WINNER though.

breaking news

ok guys…for all of u that love to protect danielle….i have been on twitter recently, and the former miss alabama usa…has been tweeting about danielle recently, and if u scroll down her page she says i havent talked to danielle for two years…but just so you know nothing that she said is true…i think its so funny…then im not goin to give u the twitter names cause simon might get in trouble…but i looked at treys twitter…and miss alabama tweeted trey and he is so pissed that danielle is saying his name…he is in a relationship…and he tweeted all this danielle stuff makes me want to punt a small kitten…apparently im cheating on her with my current gf…trey is livid and doesnt want to be bothered by any big brother people lol…and that is prove that danielle is just making this relationship stuff up about that i know this and i have hard proof….i am going to watch big brother tonight and enjoy every freaking minute of the showtime show everytime danielle mentions this …i find it funnier and funnier to watch her lie and lie and lie…


Do you think it will be a double eviction.

Caren in Canada

Last week they actually had a tweet on here from Trey, and he did not seem none to happy with his name associated with Danelle, spoke of his gf and how they have been together fior quite awhile! Same comment had a few tweets from former friends who lived with her at one point and one said *just when you think you have seen all the layers of craziness, there is an entire underground parking level you missed! lmaoooo And these are her good friends, you be the judge!


I think Shane if he’s smart could be in a really good position. If he embraces that everyone is after him. He can use that how Joe is staying this week, who has the higher chance of being nominated next week.

Danielle's Eyeliner

regarding Will campaigning….”Dan mists him.. Britney talks for ever and steers the conversation away from game and Danielle spins the conversation onto her.. ” now this made me LOL. Thx!!


Yes,Yes,Yes! My favorite Houseguest & Ridgewood High School Alumni Jeff will be here.


Careful Danielle, Jordan will unleash the cookie dough on you. So better watch out.