Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie: “a lot of weak players here” Frank: “Ya.. Ian’s rubbing his foot fungus on the mat”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations: Wil / Joe
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

6:30pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Frank and Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan: “I don’t think we’ve done a phenomenal job of covering things up” (Silent 6)
Boogie: “There hasn’t really been a need.. people are isolated and If AShley losses Wil it’ll be a scramble for them”

Dan: ‘Did you build any bridges on your date night”
Frank: “Wil has been spinning his conspiracy theories about all of us teaming up”

They start tossing the idea around if Shane gets backdoored next.. Boogie thinks it might be a great thing because it’s before right before Jury.
Frank: “We can always split the votes 4-3 so she cannot put her finger on it”
Dan: ‘So if tomorrow is fast forward what..”
Boogie: “I was thinking about nominating Joe and Ashley… but if Joe won POV.. “ (Hinting Shane goes up)
DAn: “Gangsters.. do you think it’s a better to skullduggery someone now or later”
Boogie: “Now.. But do we have the votes..”
Frank: “Yes of course”

Talk goes to sports.. Tennis.. Football.. Water Skiing.

7:11pm Cam 3-4 Wil, Frank and Boogie

Wil is saying he wants to stay but he also wants to find people to work with. After lying previously in the game he wants to change his tactic he wants to play a clean game.. he wants to be himself.

Boogie says this is the first day in awhile that his ear isn’t throbbing so he’s finally able to talk to people and start to think about this decision. Wil continues to campaigning to Boogie.. Frank really doesn’t say much.

Wil leaves..
Boogie and Frank talking about how the players this year are very weak.. Frank mentions that Ian has fungus on his feet. Boogie feels sorry for Wil because Wil is now understanding that he’s made some major mistakes in this game and he’ll be going home because of it. Boogie: “This is one eviction I won’t be all HAHHA Get him OUT”

Boogie: “I’ll never understand people that come on this f**king show and say ‘ never conduct myself like this in the business world”.. What the F**k i never act like this outside the house either.. You just gotta let it rip”

Frank and Boogie very confident… Crazy (Danielle Crazy) confident. Frank goes on and on about AShley saying the people in the house are feeling sorry for him for the road he’s travelled in this game. He thinks this will benefit him in the end. Boogie: “thats good keep that train rolling”

Boogie: “I don’t think Dan or Danielle will make a move.. I don’t think Shane or Britney will.. I don’t think Jenn or Ian will.. and Ashley won’t do sh!t.. I’m telling you we’re in a great spot”
They both agree that Dan is super paranoid. Boogie says he always keeps an eye on Dan because he knows Dan’s Sh!t. Boogie: “He won’t make a move on us.. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about going deep with Dan.. but not too deep” Frank chimes in that the way they have it set up they can sit back and watch each side whittle the numbers down a but. Frank: ‘You know Ashley, Joe and Jenn are going to put up one of them”

(They congratulate each other for winning big brother 14 and head downstairs to mingle)

7:16pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan. (Ian is with them some of the time)
I think they are playing 20 questions..
Danielle wants to know from Dan who would he rather have a “girl with a amazing body and a OK face or a girl with a Beautiful face and a OK body.. “ Dan doesn’t say.. he says he has both with his wife. Danielle doesn’t accept that.. She wants him to answer
Danielle: “Baked lay’s or regular lays… “

Watch what happens, AS it happens: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds!

7:41pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Wil and Jenn Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Jenn is saying that Britney is gunning for him, she has no idea why. She brings up that Boogie and Frank are feeling a bit salty about Britney right now. Wil is certain that it was Britney spreading around that Wil was wanting to get Shane backdoored this week.
Jenn just hopes that Shane’s mind hasn’t been too poisoned because he used to really want Joe out.
Wil is sure that Ian will vote Joe to save.. “He told me Joe is weaker and I have 5 thousand bucks..” Wil adds that Shane told him he was 50/50 and Danielle promised him she won’t make it 4/4.
Jenn says she’s a bit nervous if it ends up 4/4 because she’s not sure what Frank will do.
Wil: “Frank is just a lump on a log”
Jenn: ‘Ya he’s been like that today.. he’s still very undecided “

Jenn is stumped about Britney she points out that at one point her and Wil really got along. Jenn congratulates him for going to everyone and campaigning. Wil thanks her says that shane Danielle told him how the vote will go down tomorrow morning so at least he’ll find out before going into eviction. Jenn doesn’t think all is lost cites that danielle and Shane can make up their own minds. Wil: “I get this feeling that Dan doesn’t want me out”

Wil points out that Frank and Boogie are working on Ashley hard core. Jenn has seen that.. she assures him that Ashley will stick by Wil.
Wil: “A big part of people just wants to go.. I miss my family.. my life.. you open up the possibility of thinking of the your outside life.. Hmmm”
Jenn: “You open up that box and it keeps rushing in”

8:06pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Britney

Britney asks her if she’s talked to Dan about what he’ll do on thursday. (she’s talking about what Dan will do if he wins the next HOH and it’s a double eviction)
Danielle: “What are you going to do”
Britney: ‘it’s got to be done”
Danielle: “Ok me to”
(I think they are talking about putting up Boogie/Frank)

Britney: “Ian is really upset about what was said earlier”
danielle: “What?”
Britney mentions something about “They” saying it was the worst season ever.
Britney: ‘Frank is so annoying.. he’s so douchey why does he have to say the F word every 5 seconds”
Danielle: “I know”
Britney: “sometimes he says it 3 times in a sentence.. He’s very cocky.. get over yourself.. he dresses like a orphan he wears the weirdest stuff”

They decide to all go up and watch the poker game. Ashley is going to go as well. She’s going with Ian on a Date to watch the poker game.

8:20pm Britney and Danielle wrestle before heading up to watch the poker game. (Danielle is going to play Britney is going to watch)

9:12pm Cam 3-4 Poker the last hour..

9:36pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Danielle, Britney and AShley

They are going to Nair his armpits.. Britney applies the lotion to his pits. Britney makes remarks that it’s like a dead ferret are in his pits. They put zucchini on his eyes.. and a towel to relax him. Ian: “Where did you get this cucumber.. was if near a onion?” (LOL)

Britney goes in with the tweezers to test if the hairs are starting to come loose.. Britney: “You got roots like a southern magnolia tree.. Ashley “those roots are like tree trunks”

Ian proposes they play Big BRother 10 questions while they wait for the hair’s to loosen up in his armpits.

Britney: “Are you a boy “
Ian: “Yes”
Britney: “Did you finish in the final 5 of your season
Ian: “No”
Britney: “are you from season 8.. 10.. 11”
Ian: “11 yes.. “
Britney: “do you have dark hair.. “
Ian: “yes “
Britney: “Were you portrayed as a bad character”
Ian: “Yes”
Britney: “Did you have big muscles”
Britney: “are you russell “
Ian: “Yes”

They rub the hair off
Ian: ‘OH MY GOD IF BURNS SO BAD.. OH MY GOD.. will this burn for awhile”
Ashley: ”Not after you shower”

Watch this scene on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds!

9:59pm Poker Game Dan, Joe, Shane and Boogie still in it.

10:20pm Cam 1-2 Ian’s arm pits are still burning a lot. Britney rereads the instructions.. “Do not leave on for longer than 1 minutes” Ian: “WHAT!” Britney: “no no do not leave longer than 10 minutes” Britney: “Does it still hurt?” Ian: “YA.. ” Britney: ‘Bad?” Ian: “It’s burning really bad… now just wait tomorrow the competition ill be holding metal bars under your armpits”

10:24pm Cam 1-2 Ian reads the instructions.. Britney: “I’ve used Nair a hundred times.. go stick ice packs under your arms”

10:25pm Bathroom Cam 1-2 Britney, Ashley and Danielle.

They saw Joe eat a spoonful out of the mayonnaise jar and stick the spoon back in the jar. They tell Wil about it and add that they saw him use the bathroom and not wash his hands after it. They are all thoroughly grossed out by this. Wil: “that is why I don’t eat the food”

11:10pm cam 1-4 Everyone but Boogie they are playing some lame game.. (We need a grenade up in here)

11:44pm Cam 3 Boogie sleeping cam 1-2, 4 Housegests playing a game

11:55pm Cam 1 and 4 are on Jenn ( I finally figured out who the rocker girl in the house was.. her name is Jenn apparently she’s been on the show from day 1 )

12:08AM Cam 3-4 Boogie and Dan Dan says the only shot he has is up against Boogie in the final 2. Boogie says that everyone in the house is starting to get along so whoever they are up against is going to be a tough fight. Boogie doesn’t have any intentions to take him with him but he feel that he would Beat JOE in the final 2. Boogie warns that there are a lot of newbies in the game that really need the money which means other people that really need the money will sympathizes with that. Boogie: “I’m super scared of wasting my entire summer and being away from family and business.. ” Boogie is thinking the second half is going to go by very fast because there is so many people still in the house. Boogie will miss it when he gets out and long for the days of lying around.. Boogie: “I am a sucker for nostalgia.. I’ll always go back to a season and romanticise about it.. forgetting it’s a grind” Dan said he longed to come back into the game.

12:20AM CAm 1-2 Arcade Room Shane and Ashley

Ashley swearing that she would never ever ever throw his name out to get him backdoored. She Wonders how everyone thought her and Wil tried to get him backdoored. Shane doesn’t know he thinks it was people just tossing around scenarios. Ashley wants to call a house meeting to find out what is going on. Shane doesn’t think it’s needed he knows Wil and ASHley never tried to get him backdoored. Shane tells her she’s not his target.. the hug it out and leave.

12:28AM Boogie, Ian and Dan Ian tells them he had to go see the medic because his armpits are burning so bad. They sprayed aloe vera on it. Ian jokes that tomorrow’s comp will be a endurance and he’ll have to hold to bars under his pits. (The funny thing is Ian is walking around with ice warped with towels under his arms )

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Britney, grow up.


Foot Fungi is gross, evict Ian NOW


Yeah, sure, Britney who has won nothing and Crazy Danielle want Dan to win HOH and get bloody, so they can look shocked and cry like they did when Janelle left. I wonder if either of them will make such a big move.

Although, Crazy Danielle did get rid of Janelle- that was because she is a good looking female. Danielle will be happiest when all of her competition is gone. She will want to get rid of Ashley. Jenn and Brit are no threat to her at this moment, but after Ashley is gone, Danielle will notice how much time Shane is spending with Jenn (working out) and she will want her gone. Then Britney will be the target because she is closer to Shane. We’ve seen this type of Crazy girl before!

They have to start thinking about who they do NOT want to sit with at the end. Ashley and Jenn have made no enemies and they may be difficult to beat.

ILL WILL×800.jpg

Good looking female? you have GOT to be kidding she needs a ton of makeup just like Rachel and Daniel , to look remotely pretty

Ashley is actually better looking than both of them


LOL , hell noo .
Janelle is very pretty with or without makeup .
best looking chick this season 🙂
don’t hate.


no hate, and when she takes care of her skin, but in that mugshot, we saw her true face….


dont you remember kara? did you ever look at janelle’s lip?


Janelle is way better looking then Kara 🙂
Kara didn’t look that great 🙂


No one looks good in a mug shot…

Caren in Canada

Brittany is really starting to jump on my last nerve ending! She has won nothing, done nothing (but pick her face which is rather bothersome) And yet she sits up there in her ivory tower with Danelle at her side and slams and ridicules everyone in the house for their poor gameplay! Seriously biatch practice what you preach! If you want some mad respect wake up and make a move! Is it just me or are these people just insanely stupid as to how exactly this game is played out?” lmaooooo

Big Sister

What did Zingbot say about Wil? I missed that one. If it is indeed a double eviction tomorrow, please somebody send Mike and his cocky attitude packing!

Danielle's Prozac

Umm that would be Mr. self-righteous douche, Dan…However, the game would get very boring without Mike…




Slow errr down Frank and Boogie, don’t get so comfortable, I love you both but sounds like you are going to regret Not getting Dan out. Pad your pants for the bite that’s coming

Danielle's Ex-Husband

If Danielle’s poker faces are anything like her mirror faces then she’s got this in the bag


Wat up?
Pls get rid of frank and boogie.

Rocky Maivia

Danielle looking like Brock Lesnar with that body slam she landed on Britney. Lol

Frank has never voted

Would lovr to see another coach leave if tomorrow is a fast foward. I really a newbie to win this season. Would be great if Da went I knos everyone loves him but he hS son this game before


Please learn to type or provide a decoder ring with your postings


I’m hoping for a final 4 of Ian/Dan/Boogie and Frank that would be epic!!!!
sorry but the girls this season.. are just bad…

I can see a guy winning this season…


I wonder why people pick on Danielle when it’s britney who clearly has some issues she is the one talking shit all the time behind people’s back.


Britney and Danielle should have made the wrestling more entertaining……they should have done it naked.


How about naked in a pool of Slop.


i wonder why jeff is coming back was there a pandoras box maybe and he was in the room like jesse was or maybe reading a little to much into what frank said whn he mentioned getting out 2 players but he was imediately called to the dr after so maybe he has the power to evict joe and wil so that jeff can enter i kinda hate jeff and think hes dull although not a complete dumbsh*t like his girl but if that was a choice hed kinda owe frank a favor most likely hes just there to host the hoh or something stupid like that

Caren in Canada

The one great thing about (if Jeff entered the house) is that he is known for making huge moves, I know he would not hesitate to take down Frank and Boogie, and with the rest of them, he would own that house cause of his great social game skills, he is always liked by everyone when he is in the house! Would definatly make it exciting again! And with the loss of viewers BB has suffered this year due to bad casting, I could definatly see them adding him to pick up viewers! He did win Americas Choice once already!

BB King

Boogie is right. Too many floaters this season. If you look at the comp history you will see that the majority of comps were won by only two people (Frank and Shane). Out of four HOH comps (Willie’s HOH doesn’t count because it was handed to him), Frank won two and Shane won the most comps (4), followed by Frank (3).

So basically two players have done all the physical work in the house.

Also there are no good fights in this season. I would welcome back Rachel just to see the fights!


Are they on lock down?

Ian's pit hair

Wow, watching BBAD and these folks are just getting sick….de-hairing Ian’s pits and what is the facination with zip popping, UGH! LOL. I am starting to highly dislike Ian. He tries too hard to fit in, talks a big talk but doesn’t play. He disses girls looks and acts like he’s so cool, look in the mirror dude! He tries to be cool and swear/use the F word too often for it to be his natural way of speaking. I was rooting for him but now hope he goes soon just to knock him down a peg.


Yeah BoogieFrank, congrats on winning BB14, even though production saved your butts with the non-eviction week…


If Danielle, Shane or Brit win HOH they need to nominate Boogie AND Frank to ensure that one of them goes home. I think that Brit could convince Ian that this is a good move because having them both in the game is dangerous to the Quack Pack and let him think it is to get rid of Boogie (if Ian wins HOH). In the off chance that Joe stays and wins, I think that they could get him to do this – he would think he is making BB history by making this big move. They take Dan out of the equation. It will force Dan to show who his loyalty is to. He can save Boogie or go with the house on who to vote out. Personally, I think they should finally get rid of Frank. Now that he has won 2 HOH and a Veto he is extremely cocky, thinking that they can run the house, marginalizing the women, etc. They are assuming that if they take out Shane or Dan, the women will fall apart and just follow along like sheep. They will soon learn what assume really means. Personally, I do not think that I would want the ire of Danielle aimed at me. Brit, is more into ensuring that two women are in final 2 – remember she had the convo about no woman winning sitting next to a man. I think it would serve Dan & Boogie if Ashley, Brit, Danielle and Jenn were final four. I think these four need to put their heads to bring the douches back to reality.


“They decide to all go up and watch the poker game. Ashley is going to go as well. She’s going with Ian on a Date to watch the poker game.” Is Ashley the lady of the night/slut of the Big Brother house?Lol.I mean just last night she went on a date with Frank,and they kissed and she let him grab her butt.I guess Boogie will get his turn with her as well.Lol.


Ashley thinks she is actually on that dating show she applied for. The HGs thought it best not to shatter her delusion in case it might cause a total mental breakdown!


although i think it was a mistake for boogie and frank not to backdoor a big target this week and it could bite them in the rear i dont think it will the four people in the core of both major alliances has to know that they still have to wait another week unless they can backdoor one of them putting them up against each other only ensures that one of them will be gone the week after they could try to get one of the floaters to do their dirty work but lets face it none of them but dan can match boogie in the mouth peice department and he barely compares i hate to say it but i think we might be in for another boring week danielle and britney would love to put them up against each other but if it happens that one of them goes home rest assured that all the floaters including ian will flock to the rally cry of either frank or boogie and there is no one else who can rally the troops like they can


Do you have something against periods? I run out of breath reading your posts.


no but you must be on yours ziiiinnng




Dan is playing great. He dodged a huge bullet by teaming with boogs. He now will throw HOH comp to Shne/Brit/Danielle with hopes that they will vote off Frank. HE can say he had nothing to do with it and then ride with boogs to the end. Thats my theory.

Danielle's Prozac

So will there be a double evict this thursday?…I was tired and fell asleep during the CBS show tonight…


no word on what will happen only that Douche Bag and one half of Production’s Sweethearts, the Technotronic Extraordinaire himself Jeff will be on the show Thursday

MU Tigers

Oh yay!! Because that talentless waste of flesh isn’t on TV enough? Sounds like I need to DVR tonights show so I can fast forward through dickheads time on the show.


I will be surprised if it is a double eviction since they didn’t promo it BUT with Jeff getting slammed last year during the POV comp cuz of the clown shoe it would make it an “appropriate” time for him to host an HOH or quick POV. HUMMMMM…


Brit FTW (I think). I didn’t like her attitude in her season but this time she is growing on me and she cracks me up. People like her. I hope Danielle gets HOH and does the dirty work getting Frank or Boogie out so Brit can keep her hands somewhat clean.

The Frank and Ashley thing is disturbing. He’s just nasty.


If I was Ian I would tell them to hell with my pits and send all 3 down to manscape my crotch.


and butt hairy butt

Danielle's Prozac

For some reason I get the feeling that Dan is going to protect Boogs and Frank, and wants to work with them(if they’re not already working together)…Ian is starting to seem clueless, Dan is coming off as more loyal to Boogs/Franks with each passing day…The rest of the HG’s need to get rid of Mike ASAP, he seems to know the “pulse” of the house way too well…


dan has one goal. final 2 with boogie. if possible. best chance for him to win (besides of a floater sitting next to him, but thats not realistic).

so, im sure he wants trust from frank and boogie. and he knows that frank is target no.1 in his alliance. so his moves this week are brilliant once again. he hopes frank will be evicted/backdoored by brit, shane or danielle. and then he ll try to get shane out. when frank and shane are gone he will be in pretty good spot. with boogie as a bigger target.

i fully expect him to throw the next HOH if possible and let shane, brit or danielle win to take a shot at frank.

Danielle's Prozac

If Mike survives the next couple weeks he’s going to knife Dan in the back, he’s already made that clear…


if he survives it’s either because he won hoh or pov, or somebody fucked up

Danielle's Prozac

Mike’s big test is next week, if he gets through that, bye-bye Dan…He essentially told Frank he wants to get rid of Dan, but it’s too early…Mike will knife Dan in 2 weeks if they are both still there…Contrary to popular belief, Mike beats Frank in the the finals…


@cornerback. I agree with most of what you said.There’s no way that Dan has any intentions on working with Frank.Dan never wanted to work with him and he most definitely won’t work with him,after being told that Frank was extremely close to back dooring him.Frank shouldv’e went with his gut and back doored Dan.Right before the veto ceremony,Frank told Boogie that he knows Dan wanted him out,so Dan can work with Boogie.He also mentioned that he thinks Dan feels like three is a crowd.Which means that Dan wants Frank out of the game,so Dan&Boogie can run the house.Then in the DR,Frank basically said that getting rid of Dan will benefit his game.Yet he decided to not use the veto.I’m happy that Frank didn’t go with his gut and back door Dan,because I want Dan to win this game again.Lol.But just like Dan said in the DR,if he was Frank he would back door him(Dan/his self)because he already won the game and he’s a threat to Frank’s game.I’m sure Dan is thinking of ways to get Frank out of the game with out letting it be obvious to Boogie that he’s responsible for Frank’s eviction.But Dan also have to be the master mind behind Frank’s eviction.That way he will give the jury members one more reason to make him the winner of this season.

Danielle's Prozac

Say what you want to about Mike, but he’s extremely loyal to his alliances…He will carry Frank through if he has the opportunity to do it, Dan is getting played by Boogs unless he makes a move…Dan has played a sub-par game compared to his original season…


Mike things there all stupid and I agree, it the pros that are amking this game. Its better if they stay in the bb lock down because they will never make it on the outside


I naired my armpits once and it burnt for 3-4 days, it was horrible I had to cover them with Vaseline just to be able to put my arms down and walk normal. I bet ian is pissed at them tomorrow LOL


Britney needs to go…….Soooooooooooo tired of seeing her pick her damn Chin, and bitting her thumb……she did that last time and it was really annoying…she isn’t as pretty as she think’s she is either………………….does she ever comb her hair? Could have done without her this year, please somebody, get her off, and surprise the you know what out of her……………she has to go…………..and so does Daniele, wish she would realize Shane cares nothing for her, but then, think she is Dumb

Danielle's Prozac

I don’t find Britney attractive at all…Janelle was the best looking female this year, and her body has faded a bit…25/26 year old Janelle was smokin’ hot, in my opinion…Britney has never looked great to me…


i agree why did they put britney on this year all the other coaches were great players shes just a floater who everybody hates they should of brought danielle reyes back

BB King

CBS has a medical staff on watch all the time during reality shows. I have seen medical staff come to help Kalia last season for instance. Why doesn’t a medical professional just treat Ian’s foot-fungus?


He has to request it I’m sure…. They’re not just gonna follow people around assessing them for ailments. And they may already be treating it… Foot fungal takes awhile to go away


.“They congratulate each other for winning big brother 14”. I know you said Boogie&Frank is “ (Danielle Crazy) confident”.But I don’t think Danielle or anyone that I can remember,ever congratulated themselves for winning the game,when there is a lot of game left to be played.Boogie&Frank confidence is almost like they were told by a little birdy(production)that they(Boogie&Frank)will definitely be in the final 2.Dan is still in the game and he’s one of the best that played this game.So,I wonder what makes Frank think that Dan will sit back and let Frank make it to final 2?I guess it’s the little birdy(production) again.Lol.On a side note.Are Boogie&Frank aware that there can only be one winner of Big Brother 14?They seem to have forgotten about that.I mean they’re congratulating one another for winning this season.Earth to Boogie&Frank,there can only be one winner.Lol.


why is Ian getting pampered? is he goin on a hot date, they’ll end with hot sex???

Danielle's Prozac

Ian is the poster child of a life long virigin…Ashley did like him orginally, and then he never continued the pursuit of her, Mike tried to help him…Women liked to be pursued…

Danielle's Prozac

Like I said before, Ian, is poster child of a lifelong virgin…Ashley liked him originally in the show, and then he stopped the pursuit of her, Mike actually tried to help the kid…Women liked to be pursued…

BB King

Damn! Joe is disgusting as hell. Reminds me of what’s that guys name from BB 3, I think Gerry who didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom and started mixing and tossing salad. I think it was Gerry but I am not entirely sure.


BBAD sum it up boring,boring, man scaping Ian (hillarius) burning his armpits, boring, boring, Please stop singing, Please stop singing, boring Alphabet game


Snoring tonight.


Britney is such a bitch love how she calls frank a douche while her an danielle talk when britney’s pms attitude creeps in for no reason and dani has lost her marbles. This season will end a joke i know the final 3 won’t be people that deserve to be there which at this point it looks like frank, shane and danielle since they have competed in the game instead of just talked about letting other do the dirty work like there coaches.


I don’t believe she had marbles to begin with… maybe the hamster runnin the wheel keepin her brain workin, had a heart attack from all the stress??

Danielle's Prozac

At the rate she’s going, Britney is eyeing another 4th(this year probably 5th/6th place finish)…She doesn’t want to make a big game move, she would be respected a lot more if she did something big instead of making an alliance full of men to help her–she’s pathetic…

production rigged it

maybe u need to lay off the prozac because apparently u missed her telling danielle that it needs to be done which means putting up boogie and frank, get your information right before u post talk about pathetic.


” It needs to be done” – That doesn’t mean she is going to do it. Or that she will even have the chance. So you get your facts straight. You are speculating on what she will do and the first comment was basing their opinion on what she has done in the past and continues to do.

Danielle's Prozac

Britney has a good social game, but she’s a leach to men in this game–it’s pathetic what her game is…


simon (or whatever your name is )
censorship is not cool
I have decided to not participate any longer on this site (and have told others) as you choose what to post and what not to!
you still have your 10 or so loyal fans so…you should do fine.
according to canada censorship (ohhhh only things that we deem (aka) good things about BBUS get posted)
only in america is freedom of speech still an amendment
Canada do you have an admendent such as
BTW glad you canucks are getting your own BB series
you hate americans yet you love our shows (culture way of life etc…)
we americans don’t have anything to say about canada except that when the draft was going on we dodged it by going to canada (just saying “cowards”)


If the coahes were not in the game the rest of the players would not have a clue to play this game, they are aall so stupid and have so manu insecuritys


Ian is a wimp. His armpits do not look red or irritated. Having to call medics to help him with it? Suck it up dude.


I will be sad to see Wil go. IMHO he is a very funny and talented guy. He also has the ability to see through people and is able to keep it to himself. There is something very vulnerable about him too. I know he is crazy stressed right now. You never see him not twirling his hair. Reminds me of Jordan when she got stressed, she would constantly play with her hair. The stress really does some of these people in. In the last day or so, you can see in Wil’s eyes that he is either medicated or stressed to the point that his eyes are glassy and have a “dull” look to them. Anyway, if we don’t see Wil model, dance, do voice overs…..etc., I will be surprised. He is very marketable…….again IMHO!


OK. You guys are just nuts.

Britney (though sometimes annoying) is very cute. Danielle (though sometimes crazy) is very attractive. Kara (though evicted first) was the best looking woman to have been in the house this year and has an increadible body. Janelle (though a three time loser) has lost what little looks she has and is desparately trying to hang on to her former “beauty” that she had to pay to get in the first place. Of course her abrasive, abusive personality just makes her that much more ugly.


YEA!! From Someone who agrees totally. I agree you have it Waiting for Danielle to realize whaat a small person Shane is. really makes fun of people by wearing a fat suit out in public, uses a condom in addition to pulling out wow what fun he probly isnt as a lover geez and so hung up on perfection as if hes close to it himself yuck what a schmuck!! Gods gift not even close sorry buddy boy you suck would prefer poor Ian to you.

MU Tigers

Of course her abrasive, abusive personality just makes her that much more ugly.

I would say the very same thing about both Britney and Danielle. Britney doesn’t have a kind word about anybody. And Danielle’s flaws are well documented on these boards. Kara was the best looking female on the show this year, no doubt about it. But I don’t agree with your assessment that both Britney and Danielle are attractive. If it was just based on looks alone, Britney would be cute, but Danielle isn’t. And when you factor in personality, well both of them become even less attractive. But hey, at least Chief agree’s with you, that’s saying something..

Danielle's Cellulite...

We are Danielle’s cellulite. We don’t die, we multiply. And do we ever have plenty of room for expansion, between that big bootie and tree trunk like thighs. We will continue to expand, while her fanclub dwindles.


Don’t evict Ian.. Just keep him til Jury time. Evict Joe next week.


@BB KING! I was thinking a same thing but Will see.


Why in the world did Ian agree to get rid of his armpit hair? Now, instead of looking like he is 15, he looks like he is 12. But, maybe that’s his strategy, to be the cute little kid.


Ian probably has a chemical burn under his arms.


Frank: “Wil has been spinning his conspiracy theories about all of us teaming up” You really are dumb, Frank. It isn’t a “theory” if it is true.