Kaycee “Did you tell her that you love her yet?” Tyler “Yeah, I proposed.”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: Haleigh & Scottie Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

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6:25pm HOH room. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee – you know where I’m at. Tyler – I know. I never doubt it. Kaycee – You know you’re my number one. They don’t know about us. Tyler – nobody does. They dont’ have any clue. And Angela has no clue either. That sucks but. Kaycee – how are you guys? Tyler – we’re good. Kaycee – how’s the showmance? Tyler – shut the f**k up! Kaycee – did you tell her that you love her yet? Tyler – yeah, I proposed. Kaycee – you guys are good though. Tyler – yeah, just worried about people thinking we’re in a showmance. Kaycee – people notice you guys together and they’re going to assume. Tyler – Haleigh asked if we were in a showmance. I was like no, we’re you in a showmance with Fes? No. Okay. Kaycee – that’s funny. You guys do hang out and the house is getting smaller. Hopefully it doesn’t cause anything.. Tyler – no I don’t think it will. Everyone is trying to set themselves up for the future, especially with me. Kaycee – you’ve got it all coming from different angles. Tyler – I keep all this bottled up till I talk to you. I don’t tell Angela everything like I tell you. We talk about a whole lot of random stuff .. not much about game.

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Kaycee – so Scottie goes this week. Then next week if Haleigh wins hopefully she won’t put me up. Tyler – she is saying she won’t put me up. Kaycee – I know she feels really bad. Worst case she puts up Sam and one of us. (No, worst case she puts up two of you) Tyler – we talked about how the people in the middle are waiting for us to take each other out. Tyler – people keep throwing things at me to see how I will react. Kaycee – we need to practice the days because its going to come down to him and us. What he doesn’t realize is him practicing with us is helping us. Tyler – I’ve got them down now because of him. Like completely. It is going to come down to who knows it and then speed and I think I know it faster than him. Kaycee – he would probably pick Angela (for final 2). Tyler – yeah because he thinks the whole jury hates her.

6:45pm – 7:05pm Angela and Sam painting their nails in the backyard. Kaycee joins them and tells them about how “Asian” cook rice using their finger to determine how much water to use.

:7:10pm – 7:20pm Tyler tells Haleigh – just don’t freak out. Haleigh – are you sure. Tyler – remember all those things I said.. its not beneficial for me if you go. Haleigh – I don’t want you to think that because you think that’s what I want to hear. Tyler – I don’t. I put you up and I think that. Haleigh – would you tell me if I was the target? Tyler – yes. Haliegh – no you wouldn’t. Tyler – did I tell you you’re the target? Haleigh – its what you tell a dog before you put it down. You give it hamburgers and give it the best week of its life and then you put it down. Tyler – just don’t freak out. Haleigh – its hard when I see him getting in so good with everyone. People have more fun with Scottie. Tyler – people were like that with him before he left. The worst thing you could do is you going to Scottie and say you’re safe. Haleigh – I would never.. why would I tell Scottie that. I didn’t even tell Fes that. Tyler – good. Haleigh – the only person I am coming for .. and not even actively .. but Sam is the only person I want out.
Haleigh – I don’t have Kaycee and Angela explicitly saying I’m good like they did last week. Tyler – I think because Fessie was a di*k. Tyler – I think you’re scared of me. Haleigh – if I stay this week I won’t be scared. I just want to make sure its over.

8:25pm Tyler comes out of the diary room and says Hey everyone! Gather in the living room. Tyler is carrying a slop bucket and card to read. Eat those gold fish! Everyone gathers in the living room. Tyler reads the BB card – This week the havenots are the first 3 house guests that dropped first during the last HOH competition. This means JC, Sam and Scottie are the havenots for the week. Sam – Okay. Tyler – I am kind of pissed I really wanted to be tied with the most with you for 3. I am sorry guys! JC – its okay, its not the end of the world. The first three that dropped are the weakest .. why are you making them weaker!? Haleigh comments on how Scottie has done it for a month. JC and Kaycee laugh. JC – I don’t know why I am laughing, I’ve done it for 3 weeks.

9pm Tyler is going around with his HOH snap chat glasses.

9:48pm – 10:10pm Kaycee, Angela and Tyler. Kaycee asks what she should say in her speech. Angela – just say out of respect for Tyler’s I choose to keep the noms the same. Tyler leaves. Kacyee – we have to keep winning. Worst case is if Haleigh wins HOH. Angela – she (Haleigh) keeps saying that she isn’t going to keep coming after Tyler or I which I think is bullsh*t. Kaycee – she told me the same thing because she feels bad about the whole thing with me or whatever. She said I promise I won’t put you up. Okay so worst case is if she wins… she puts you up .. at least its just one of us. So its perfect. Its good. Its looking good. Angela – I just don’t know who the other person would be because if she said that she isn’t going to come after me, you or Tyler. And if she does then you’re a liar. She is guaranteed to go next. Kaycee – oh for sure. We’re looking good. Angela – I hate getting too comfortable though. Always when I’m HOH. Hacker. Jury buy back. Fes being a D*IK! F**K! They talk about how Fes made himself look like a damn fool.

10:50pm Hot tub. Brett, Scottie, Haleigh and Angela. Angela got a sun burn today so she is using a freezer owl to soothe the burn.

10:55pm – 11:07am Angela joins Tyler in the HOH room. Angela whats to know what his twitter questions were. Tyler – I’m not allowed to talk about it. Do you have any better names? Angela – I feel like it should have been Tygela. Tangela is like… they could have just split it in half. I can’t wait for the house guests to find out. Tyler – like they don’t already know. They don’t though. Angela – I feel like they’re dumb enough not to know. Tyler – they just don’t. It probably drives them nuts. Angele – I don’t think they can be sure until they catch us in the act. Tyler – its been close. Angela – there have been a lot of close calls. Tyler – I can’t wait for them to find out about our game. JC breaks up their love fest. Angela jumps out of bed and runs to the couch. Angela asks him if he is going to take the big saucer. JC – no that’s Scotties but only until Thursday. They laugh. Tyler – are you going to tell him that? JC – no.

11:10pm – 11:20pm Hammock. Haleigh and Tyler. Haleigh – I am so f**king mad at Fes. He did this to himself. Scottie – when he came out he looked like I was going to hate him. He apologized and said he was sorry. I said its all good. Haleigh – you were the only f**king person we had. All three of us were all we had. And now one of us is leaving. Scottie – coming back in here thinking you (Fes and Haleigh) were both still here.. I wanted all of them to think that I wanted revenge but its not want I really wanted. Haleigh – well now we have no moves to make. Scottie – we (whoever stays) just need to win HOH next week. I don’t think they are thinking about jury votes. Haleigh – they’re not. They don’t care. Scottie – With you or me in the jury .. we literally pick who wins. Haleigh tells Scottie what Fes said in his eviction speech. It was bad. Then when that door bell rang I wanted it to be you or Fes obviously but more you after that speech.

11:33pm – 11:45pm The house guests get wine and beer. Angela is feeling good. Tyler – it hits her quick.

12am – 12:30am Haleigh is sitting by herself in bed drinking her cup of wine and crying. (She thinks she is the target and that everyone is lying to her.) Haleigh – I don’t want to be here any more. Scottie joins her but doesn’t realize she was crying as she keeps her head under the covers. Scottie are you going for super safe or humor? Haleigh – whats the point.. you’ve been told that you’re the pawn so I am obviously the target. Scottie – I have been TOLD that. Tell them that I have another life growing inside me and if it comes out at any time it will also be a player in this game. Tell them I’m a horrible player. Tell them I’m Freddie Kruger .. blame me for famine .. that’s always a hot topic. Drought .. that’s a hot topic here in California. Tell them I am actually a couples therapist and that I’ve been lying to them this whole time. Get them to hate me.. I have a lot of bad qualities. Tell them I beat up clowns at childrens birthday parties. Then they’ll evict me. Tell them that I cause global warming. Tell them that I drowned fish and throw birds off cliffs. Haleigh laughs. Scottie – Tell them I bury worms alive. Tell them I hit a school bus full of children with my bicycle.. with no remorse.

Kaycee comes into the bedroom and tells Scottie she wants her bed. Scottie leaves. Kaycee hugs and tells her everything will be okay. Heleigh – he was telling me about everything that happened in jury and then said it doesn’t really matter you’re going home this week. I was like what? He said I don’t know if its true but whenever Tyler nominated me he said you’re the pawn but after the veto he said that Tyler told him not to stress out and that he’s the pawn and I’m going unanimously. Kaycee – he told you that? You have to stay calm. You’re not going, I promise you. Haleigh – it just made me sad. Kaycee – he doesn’t really know what’s going on. Trust me. Haleigh – it just made me sad. Kaycee – I am telling you, you’re good. Haliegh – thank your checking on me.

12:50am – 1:10am HOH room. Brett, JC and Tyler. JC – a bitter jury almost never happens. Bitter jury’s really never, never happen. Angela joins them. Brett talks about his bizarre conversation with Sam earlier today. Brett – She was making problems out of pixie dust. I don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about?! I just woke up! I don’t know where that came from .. like literally blindsided. Tyler – its from them. (production) She will go in there fine and come out freaking out. Brett – its just like Kaitlyn. Tyler – And they don’t even do that. Brett – no, they think their smarter than everyone and think that based on the questions they’re being asked that they can piece together other things that are going on. Its literally identical to Kaitlyn.

1am – 1:20am HOH room. Tyler, JC, Brett and Angela. More of the would you rather game. Angela refuses to answer JC’s questions and it annoys him.

1:50am – 2:05am HOH room. Tyler and Angela… Angela – remember when we used to share a bed for a week? Tyler – yeah. I remember waking up like this and thinking this is amazing. Angela – awww… Angela and Tyler see Brett and JC together heading to the bathroom. Angela – they’re like a team. Are we f**king up our alliance?

2:05am Brett and JC. JC – if they’re (Tyler & Angela) in a showmance then I have to start working. Brett – dude they are. JC – that’s what production is f**king doing the havenot sh*t. Brett – that’s not what they’re doing. JC – they are! They have them get drunk and then we have them in this situation right now. You need to go up there and pretend that you forgot something or something. Brett – its not going to change anything. Every time I would go to bed at 4am she wouldn’t be there (in bed she would be with Tyler). JC – production put the havenot thingy.. big brother changes the feed.

3am – 4am Mostly just them almost falling asleep and some 7th grade I like you, I have a crush on you stuff. At 4am Angela heads out of the HOH room and to bed.

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Botox Pelosi

I hope Tyler is smart enough to listen to everyone who is telling him to slow his roll with Angela. There are 500,000 reasons to cool his jets.


You’re not wrong. But he’s got thousands of years of testerone, genes, and history waging a inside his head and his pants. Lmao 70+ days is long time to fight the urge off, Man has been battling this forever, and I don’t think 500k is gonna stop that. Kingdoms have fallen, building razed, fortunes squandered, this will be no different. If he still wins, it won’t be because he rebuffed Angela (who lets be honest, knows how men are, and she’s working that angle well), it’ll be because everyone else gave him the win, but if he does lose, it will probably be the “showmance” and the other HGs fear of it.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

LOL! My husband and I said that tonight in watching the episode. Tyler made a face at the camera and threw himself onto the HOH bed after talking about Angela versus his focus on the game. He’s incredibly mature for 23 and focused, but those 23 year old hormones are likely beating the heck out of him 🙂

Double Ds

She was sitting next to him on a bed wearing a towel. I’m 3000 miles away and my hormones were roaring.


Truth!!! Tyler is incredibly mature and restrained

Is It just Me

For TWO HOURS she laid up there wearing nothing but a towel and her diamond necklace!! It was obvious she wanted Tyler to make a move. He either has a whole lot of self-control or very little testosterone.

Walter Sills

Join the discussion…Haleigh should be HOH. If anyone saw, Tyler had both feet off the disk, just before Sam fell off. Rules say feet must be on disk.

MAGA Rules

Hayleigh should be IHOP serving me pancakes.


I re-wound the show on my PVR and the only caveat Angela gave was “at no time can you sit on the disc”. This was why KC & Scottie were eliminated. When Ty’s feet came off he was standing and no where near sitting so it wasn’t illegal.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The blogosphere is melting down but my personal favorite is someone trying to get everyone to notify Newsweek that Tyler broke the rules and Haleigh should be HoH.


Walter that is fake news. Tyler is a beast! Cue the Hayleigh tears.


Right? Those tears are getting OLD!!


But he lied about the fries!


damn did he ever lie about those fries..

Teri in Oregon


MAGA Rules

Last nights show was great.
That face that Tyler made to the camera after Angela left was awesome. They do make a cute couple.
Kaycee is really a valuable team member and she deserves to be in the running to win the cash.
Both Scottie and Hayleigh need to go because they are always going to cause trouble for Level 4,
jC may need to go before Sam.
Give Angela credit for have the guts to do the heavy lifting during her HOH’s getting out Bayleigh and Faysal.

Michelle Green

I can’t stand Tyler those who laughs first never laughs last

JC The Silent Assassian

But we do laugh at you Michelle.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

You might want to quit watching Michelle because Tyler is going to bounce Scottie this week and Level 4 is going to evict Hayleigh right after that.

Red Wave

I still think Tyler is in a good spot. I’m guessing that Angela is his number one right now but I think he is smart enough that his number one will change as the season goes on.
JC’s number one is JC.
Hayleigh’s is Hayleigh.
Brett’s is Tyler.
Kaycee is Tyler.
Sam’s is Tyler
Angela’s is ?


Well put. He literally does not hear EVERYONE else telling him they know about his showmance because he is helpless to stay away from her. It’s adorbs but it’s screwing up his entire game, not that he cares at at the moment.


“rebuffed Angela (who lets be honest, knows how men are, and she’s working that angle well)”

Do you know that women have urges too, and when they hook up with a man it isnt always out of vixen prowess, like you suggest.

Sexism strikes it’s ugly head… Because Angela has stood her ground, made bold moves and has an ultimate alliance… She must be using her vagina to further her game, right?

MAGA Rules

Anagela has played a great game and please notice that she hasn’t made a final 2 with Tyler. This girl knows what she is doing. She does need to put a lid on the nasty good bye messages though.


She literally repeated what Rockstar and Bayleigh said about her…


I want Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee to be in the final 3 just to see if Tyler picks Kaycee over Angela. Kaycee has a good shot at winning over the jury though.


Yep- KC will win over Tyler if it’s a bitter jury.
Even though she’s now won a few comps, she’s still a follower of Tyler. She hasn’t been the brains of the group.

Hey Y’all

What if Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee were final 3, and Angela was the one to pick who goes to final 2 with her? I wonder who she would choose?

MAGA Rules

I’m not sure who she would pick but as of now those are the three people who deserve to be there at the end of this game.


Didn’t Bay and RS say they would vote for a female in the end no matter who she was? Ty and Angela final 2 would be their worst nightmare.


I would blow my chances at $500,000 for Angela. I am weak and can’t fight my penis.


hahaha I think about that too…no pun intended wit blowing your chances lol


Perhaps Tyler and Angela could stage some ‘damage control’ by Tylersaying that he is using Angela- she is really pretty and she helps him keep is sanity in the game, but she is not his type and he thinks she is not that into him either. Angela could say the same. Similar to Feyleigh.

Do you think anyone would buy it? The hive would, but what about L4?

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

Kaycee didn’t use the veto so another Hiver is history, I think Tyler and Angela’s plan is just to evict everyone else in the house.


500k is value is great, but Angela might be worth more than that to him, and might literally be worth more than that without winning.

Houka Inumuta

I really want Haleigh to get evicted. She’s openly after Tyler and Scottie is after JC not Ty. Scottie has bigger fish to fry than T.

I hope they changed their mind to Haleigh so Scottie can leave to see another week.

Scottie for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smitten Kitten

Haven’t you been listening to Haleigh all week??
Haleigh is coming for Sam… Sam only… nobody else… that b!tch Sam is her target… she can’t wait for Sam to leave… if she leaves before Sam she’ll be pissed.

How could you think she’s still coming for Tyler??
I mean, she’s so convincing… amirite?

BB Fan

She has to put up someone else along side Sam


Haleigh is definitely targeting Tyler. She has made it very clear in her drs

JC The Silent Assassian

Hayleigh “Mt Rushmole” is not fooling Level 4 at all. They are all telling her what she wants to hear until they leave her in a ditch on the side of the road.

Eh eh

Tyler has been HOH all week. That’s the only reason H is “coming for Sam” all week.


The only way Scottie can save himself is to do a Funeral meeting.

King Silva

He is NO Dan and the majority of the voting members are smart people in Level 6 so they would never fall for that.


It could work. Frank and Tyler look almost alike.

Very Dirty Harry Reid


There are no bigger fish than Tyler in the house.


Hay wants Sam out? I had no idea! LOL. It’s actually too bad that she’s obsessed with Sam because she could potentially last a couple of weeks if she wins HOH and gets a strong player out. Another Hive member bites the dust.


The only way she will last is if she did take Sam out. Let’s say she wins hoh this Thursday and takes out one of the four out of the three left one will most definitely won hoh the next week and take her out. If she sticks to her word and puts Sam up and they take her out I could see them taking jc out before her then she would have to win a comp a week to stay but taking out Sam first could buy her a week before she gets to that point where she has to win a comp a week to keep going

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

I agree. With all her Hive friends in the jury Hayleigh has to be evicted. Scottie didn’t do her any favors letting the cat out of the bag about the bitter jury either. That is ok though because Hayleigh belongs with the other mean girls in the hury house.


She’s saying Sam because that’s the safest person for her to be after. She’s not totally stupid. She’s almost, sort of, thinking maybe Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and Brett might sometimes work together. So she can say, Sam or JC and JC was close to Fez so that may not be believable but Sam is totally believable but she’s oversold it. L6/5/4 knows she’ll target Tyler and Angela most likely.

Gimmie a Break!!!

Agreed!!! She totally is overselling Sam, to make them think shes not coming for them but we all know she wants Tyler gone bad n will def put Tyler and Angela up for putting her up and to try to get one out… Problem with this strategy is shes gone right after… Her best bet is pulling Brett n Jc in but there both to afraid to go against Tyler since they both have final 2’s with Tyler… Plus they have a double eviction coming up so anything can happen…

Roses are Red Hivers are Blue

Hay will do what she always does go straight to the HOH winner and pucker. Her goose is cooked.

Hayleigh's Jury House Reservation

I don’t think it matters what Hay does. Level 4 is on to her and they are going to vote her out after Scottie goes.

Smitten Kitten

Hay wants Sam out?
I hadn’t heard that…

Hurricane Bayleigh

It sure would be fun to see Hayleigh pull a Bayleigh if Sam won HOH and evicted Hayleigh.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Haleigh has just had the misfortune of playing with much better players with killer instinct and as Angela said, she’s a dollar late and a dollar short. Once she and other Hive members are out in the real word, they’ll discover how badly they’ve been outplayed since Day 2. Haleigh really doesn’t have anywhere to go now. It doesn’t benefit one player to team up with her now.

Hay Down

She sealed her fate when she targeted Tyler and didn’t get him out.


Haleigh sealed her fate when she admitted during a household meeting that she was the hacker. Worst move possible.
And when they still didn’t believe her, she stuck to her story.


Haleigh is almost as obsessed with Sam as you are with Haleigh, San_Diego_Gal.

Papa Smurf

Hayleigh sucks and I’d get blue with San_Diego_Gal anytime.


She wants to keep Angela and maybe Tyler because of what Scottie told her about jury. They won’t vote for Angela next to anyone or so they say. Hay told level 6 about what Scottie said about jury. They will get everyone else out before the alliance because they have now been told about the bitter jury who will vote everyone else a win over the level 6 alliance. Hay will put up Sam and Tyler. Then it’s up to the house to vote out who they want.


Somebody give Hayleigh a bunch of hamburgers


Or a bunch of fingernails maybe?

What to do?

I think of they want to shake things up they should do something dramatic like bringing Paul back. Having someone with his prowess would really put l6 in their place.

I’m not sure if they will though as it seems they like Tyler as he gets all the breaks.

C’mon A.G. bring back the King of Mean and get things shaken up a bit.

Please bring back Paul.

Who said that!

If I could give you an infinite thumbs down I would.

Rachel’s Vixens

In the words of Nicole Franzel Bb18, “ARE YOU SERRRIOUUUUSSS??!”

Eh eh

Aaagh! That voice!!

Sam's Nicotine Patch

Ok Paul..are you not able to pay your bills right now and need some side work?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

A thousand curses on you for mentioning the bearded troll! (Getting out my salt shaker and burning sage. Not really. I don’t believe in that sh!t.)

King Silva

What a silly troll you are lol.

Paul the Punk

The only reason to bring Paulhole back would be if you need him for a dunk tank.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Or to infect his beard with anal lice.


“Own it!”

L6 is in the exact place they planned. The Hive, on the other hand, never had a place to begin with. Just sayin’!


Someone likes downvotes.


I am assuming you are joking! Would be nice to see him make final 2 again and not win for a third time….lol.


And btw the “king of mean” is reserved for Evel..Paul doesn’t even deserve THAT title

Who said that!

Wouldn’t it be better for Tyler’s game to throw Scottie a life line remove him from the block,replace him with JC as a pawn to show him who the real boss is,then have the house vote out Haleigh.That way next week no one would be coming for him.

King Silva

Except his alliance members want Scottie out the most and if he pawns JC for no good reason but to save Scottie, who JC REALLY wants out again, then that is going to cause issues.

Scottie had his shot and he he lost. He got another but still failed in two crucial competitions.

It just wasn’t meant to be so sorry but he has nobody to blame but himself.

If he is smart he will try to redeem his terrible game by NOT becoming a mindless member of The Hive’s jury voting block.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes. It really seems like Haleigh has always been Tyler’s choice to be evicted first, but he’s going along with his alliance’s preference of taking Scottie out first.

JC's Cold Hands

Except Scottie and JC.




On Instagram- Swaggy is visiting Bayleigh’s family again. I think it’s sweet but a bit strange at the same time.

King Silva

I think it is always good to prepare for an upcoming child.

So good for him and her side of the family.

Swaggy C Ya

Were they painting the baby’s room?


He’s trying to extend his 15 seconds of fame into 9 months of fame…

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I do actually feel sort of bad for Bayleigh’s father. He sure looked like he didn’t have much to say when BB did their Swaggy visit. Then again, from that BB video and Swaggy’s efforts to tweet himself into the public eye, the father is noticeably quiet/absent.

The poor guy has to be thinking to himself that after all that money he poured into her beauty contests and college, THAT is what she brings home.

Rigged Game

He is more pissed that she is a flight attendant after all that education.

The Hive Total Fail

Was a flight attendant. No more planes, she is now riding the Swaggy Sea.

BB Fan

She isn’t a flight attendant. She works in customer service at the airlines LOL can you imagine getting her if you had a problem? What a nightmare

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

I’m sure someone at that airline watches Big Brother. I would not be surprised if she was “re-assigned”.

Tick Tick Tick Boom!

You can’t make this stuff up. Bayleigh in customer service? You have to be kidding me.


You could tell that her parents weren’t that impressed with him on his 1st visit.
I mean if some boy showed up in a tshirt AND jean jacket with his name bedazzled on in it trying to date my daughter, I would think she straight up lost her mind. Only a boy child would do that…and how is a boy child going to support my daughter, hold a professional job and the earn respect of others. Dude, at least call yourself Chris and wear a f*ing suit.

Art Vandalay

And you know they were thrilled at his thriving babysitting career. Day trader my ass.


Haha – I just love your handle Art Vandalay- I’m a huge Seinfeld fan.


AHA! In the kitchen..JC says something about slop.
Quick as a flash, Sam says : Donnie was on slop 2 weeks in a row and still had to compete.
WOW. Yep…she applied as a superfan. Her whole shtick is a lie.
On another note…Hay has been chirpy and flirty. Believing she is not the target.
Lying on the hammock with Scottie for a long time.
And THEN…….Scottie mentions he’s not the target.
There’s booze in the kitchen. Hay rushes inside..has some wine…but has a whole different demeanour when coming inside.
Goes to bed..crying that she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore.
Hasn’t been truthful with Scottie about anything either.
I know she wants to win badly..they all do.
And the game does take a toll. But..whoa….forget about feeling for Scottie or Fess.
Hay is fine as long as she’s going to be in the house.
No empathy whatsoever.

Brett FTW

Sam and Hayleigh are both fake.

Eh eh

At least she’s consistent. And they called Angela soulless.


Sam dodnt say Donnie, she said Scottie, the guy they are voting out


Nobody wants to take risks in the house. It seems people scramble when they’re on the block or in danger of leaving. Brett goes and tell Tyler what JC told him. Brett you are Faysal #2. You might be good with computers but your personal skills suck. Why would Brett think Tyler is his #1? He spends most of his time with Angela and Angela is probably the most hated house-guest, a perfect person to take to the finals. Tyler is not dumb he’s going to keep JC around as long as possible because he can’t win anything. Tyler and Angela should be thinking we got to get rid of Kaycee soon. She’s athletic and smart. Wins POVs and the hacker comp. Brett needs to go too. With the athletic threats Angela, Tyler and JC would be the best final 3 for Tyler. Angela and JC. Maybe Tyler wants Sam and JC in the finals with him. I still like Kaycee to win the whole thing. Kaycee thinks Tyler is her ride or die. He’s her biggest threat. He can beat her at comps. She needs to take him out of there before final 3.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, Tyler does spend more time with Angela…and Kaycee. For the same reason that Brett spends more time with JC. It’s the role each are playing within their alliance. Who else would Tyler hangout with, Sam and Haleigh?


WOW! KayCee comforting Hay. Hay throwing Scottie UTB. Says tht Scottie said it would be a unanimous vote to get her out.
Scottie NEVER said that/ He said Tyler said he wasn’t the target but that he didn’t really believe him/ That’s it.
What I’d like to know is this.
Why does Hay expect level 6 to feel for her..and save her? She was against them the whole way.
She knew Fess was going to say mean things about Angela.
She never let Swaggy know he was going up.
She never told Scottie that he was the target when he got evicted.
And..when telling Scottie about what Fess said to Angel..she looked proud.
She can go/

Eh eh

Ironically, Fes told Haleigh the reason he was going to throw all that shade on his way out was to try to make sure he got voted out over her, when all along, he was the only one of the two capable of liking Angela & Tyler enough to work with them (and A&T knew that — H was the reason they never could trust H & Fes). She’s got zero shame, and zero game, apart from using anyone dumb enough to actually feel something for her.

JC better wake up

JC doesn’t know it but he has begun to dig his own grave and day by day he is digging a little faster. Showmance or no showmance, keep telling Brett you are targeting Kaycee and Angela and now maybe Tyler to split up Angela and Tyler. JC might jump the line in front of Haliegh and Sam to go next. Brett has shown he is loyal to the final 2 with Tyler whether he believes there is a showmance or not. Brett keeps telling JC what he wants to hear.

If Brett can get to L6 in time. Maybe Kaycee should use the veto on Haliegh to build a little faith with her in case she wins next week and put up JC as a replacement. Scottie still 100% goes home but it will make JC panic for a few days and show his hand Kaycee and Tyler were already discussing JC needing to feel the block last night


But not this week. There is no way that works for them. All that happens is you piss off JC and he’ll start throwing crap and he has enough information that can potentially shake something loose in the alliance. They’ll get out the people who aren’t going in the same direction as they are and that’s Haleigh and Scottie. After this week JC can feel the block. JC has one more week before he’s on the block or a real possibility of being the replacement.


I think Brett thinks F2 with Ty is his only shot. Also I think he thinks Ty shares belief in ‘bros before hos.’


So Fes would have been great if it wasn’t for the girls? Bwahahahaha. Are you friends with Fes in real life? All of your posts seem to irrationally defend Fes. Fes nominated and evicted his own alliance member out of jealousy. Fes wasn’t trying to save that side, he was just trying to isolate Hay.


Love your name, and your comment. That is all.


I think if Fez had gotten in with L6 at the beginning, they would have used him as the muscle and steamrolled the game. They would have chopped him the second the other Foutte people were gone. I don’t think the game play would have been as good though just because it would have been competitively as well as strategically lopsided. They wouldn’t have had to cover the votes or manipulate like they did.

Chill Town Lives

I know Scotty is a major threat, believe me, but I think they should get Hayleigh out this week (I thought so last week, as well). I think either one of the noms will put up Tyler/Angela regardless of what they say. However, JC and Brett might take advantage of getting rid of Tyler when the chance presents itself.


Angela being hated by jury is actually kind of beneficial to her game. Now both Brett and Tyler know the one person hated more then them is her. So they’re probably both starting to think any chance they have of winning is sitting next to only Angela. Now I know they have to take what they heard with a grain of salt because who knows if the jury will actaully vote that way but still. If somehow Angela ends up on the block these next few weeks I can’t imagine her being voted out given she’s not up next to Tyler or Brett because now they realize they may need her finale night. Also, I don’t think Brett was starting to be on board with JC I still think he’s loyal to L6 but JC has been clear he wants to target KC/Angela soon specifically Angela and who knows maybe Brett would’ve been on board but now I think that Brett is not going to support that because he needs Angela next to him to win. If somehow KC and Angela did get thrown on block together (which I’ll be shocked if that happens at this point) before I would think Angela would get evicted but now I think if the boys are smart they’ll need to get rid of KC. I mean Angela may not need a f2 deal to make it to f2. Granted I know being hated can’t be that beneficial because she’ll more then likely come in 2nd if she makes it all the way but if she does make it she at least has a good case to pitch to win. I would honestly love to see an Angela/Tyler or Angela/Brett F2 just to see the jury’s faces because even know your picking one winner, second place still gets 50k.

Looney Libs

Unless she wins a HOH or veto Hayleigh will be meeting Julie next week.

Eh eh

(Immediately after Scottie wastes his time trying to cheer her self-pitying, narcissistic ass up):

“He [Scottie] was telling me… it doesn’t really matter, you’re going home this week…. it just made me sad. (sniffle)”

Ohhh, Hateleigh, your charm knows no limits. lol

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I doubt production would have allowed it but I wish Tyler had saved the bottle of wine until just before the veto ceremony; then gave Haleigh all she wanted. Imagine a tipsy Haleigh in her bikini trying to flirt up the guys to save her.

Of course as soon as Scotter walks out (again) she’d be convinced that she still has it.

Swaggy C Shirt For Sale

As soon as Scottie walks out of the house Hayleigh will snuggle up to Brett and Brett will play her like a fiddle.


I don’t know why everyone is saying Angela is a problem for Tyler and L6. Remember she’s the one that got Bayleigh out. She’s also the one that got Fas out. So she’s doing her part. Quit being haters.

MAGA Rules

With the exception of her good bye message Angela has been playing a great game.

Brett FTW

Haleigh- Let’s just enjoy this week. Scottie- If I get voted out, I might see you next week. We will have to vote for one of them to win this thing. Haleigh- Nope. There is going to be a button. Scottie- You are turning into Rockstar

Hayleigh sucks!


What hate most is that if she is not evicted within the next 3 weeks, he is going to credit himself for that speech… Ugh. I cant stand FEZ.


Just curious, can the person who comes in second place be named AFP? Obviously Tyler has a good chance of being AFP, but also a great chance to win or at least be in final 2… just curious how that works. Would they even announce if someone from the final 2 was in the top 3 for AFP or totally not count them in It at all?


No, they are excluded from the running. I don’t think they include them in the voting reveal either. That’s probably because the finalists will receive an inaccurately low number of votes because they’ll be ignored because they may win the big money. Third place sucks because you’ll also get a low number of votes and no $50k.


Okay good to know. I’ve always thought anyone should be able to win the AFP money. If you’re good enough to win the game AND be liked by America you deserve It all, because that’s no easy feat.


No everyone is included in the vote but the final two can’t win. They include everyone because at the time of the vote there are still three people left ( they take three to finale night) for example bb18 Paul had the most votes for afp but since he got 2nd they gave afp to victor


I didn’t realize Paul got the most votes that season! That came out afterwards?


According to the producers he did


Well, that’s as trustworthy as financial advice from Madoff.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And if the polls continue as they are now, there’s a very good chance that F2 and AF will all be from L4. You can expect some serious eye rolling from a couple of folks if that happens.

Dirty Harry Reid

Well Level 4 earned it.

who me?

The fix is in for Tyler? Kaycee states that contestants must keep one foot on the disc at all times. Several posted videos and still photos that clearly show Tyler with both feet off of the disc as he swings back and forth on the rope.
CBS showed Kaycee saying one foot had to stay on the disc and Tyler Crispen later admitting that he did not do that.
The rules … One foot must be on disc, no sitting, and cannot fall below the disc. So Hayleigh should have won it.


Swaggy's Missing Brow

What Kaycee said makes no difference whatsoever.

Do you recall that Angela read the rules, that BB wrote for her to read, out loud before the competition? Nowhere in the rules that she read out loud, that BB gave her to read, did it mention one foot must be on the disc.

I guess I’ll go with the rules that Angela read out loud, AGAIN the rules that BB gave her to read, over the tweets of angry twits.

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

Snowflake alert.

The real rockstar

Seeing Haleigh cry again is giving me flash backs of the Democrats crying after Hillary lost the 2016 election.

Mount Bayleigh

Greatest night ever. Watch the replay of The Young Turks meltdown on election night pulling a Bayleigh. Priceless. Hayleigh would of fit right in.

The Hive is Compost

Pajama Boy is still crying.


It’s past 10:00 Am BBTime!

I think they should send Josh in there with pots and pans to wake up these sleepin’ HGs.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I don’t know if you remember it Granny but RS took a turn at doing that very same thing.

bye bye jc

I wish kc would use the veto and tyler backdoors JC

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

Kaycee did not use the veto.

Appreciate the Game

The job that Level 6 has done so far is amazing. Even the haters need to admit that with hackers, battle backs, and power apps for Level 6 to get this far and only have lost Winston and Rachel is very impressive. Scottie is just about to get evicted for the second time and Hayleigh should just keep her bag packed. This has been a clinic and I can’t wait to see how this end game plays out.

Dirty Harry Reid

I think Level 4 is sending a loud and clear message to the Jury House when Scottie marches back in this week. Level 6 is epic.

The Hive is Compost

I’ll bet Rockhead will have a comment about how unfair it is. Scratch that……several comments.


It it very awkward to watch Tyler and Angela in this showmance. They just dont seem to click together. Fes and Haleigh always looked so genuine.


Tyler and Angela are trying not to get all lustful. They are focused on the prize and that awkwardness is the fact that they are both wanting the cameras to fail for bit or the show to end so they can release the Kraken! (in a good way though)


So, on Twitter, they are discussing Tyler and how his feet came off the disk in the HOH comp. It is up to BB and CBS to monitor the comp. They did not do this adequately during the competition. Therefore, Tyler won. Just like in sports, when an official has made a bad call, it must be resolved at that moment. You can’t go back 4 plays and reverse the decision and erase all that has happened since that moment. UGH!!

Now, having said that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Production saw it and just ignored it because it was Tyler.


The rules are whatever CBS decides and they can change them whenever they feel like it. I seriously doubt the battleback was planned before Kaitlyn kaitlyned the puzzle.

another name

Oh twitter. Just when i start to think i’m the most judgemental tinfoil hat wearing production conspiracy theorist in existence… two minutes after checking twitter, and I feel downright normal (don’t worry, i know i’m still a tinfoil hat wearing production conspiracy theorist… just not the MOST).
thoughts: why are Tyler and Angela being so foolish with spending so much time together? Gee, I don’t know… how many weeks did the Grod’s monkeys push and cajole them in d/r because apparently it’s not big Brother if the Grod can’t manufacture a romance… Oh come on. How many people in the house have had discussions about d/r trying to push them into showmances. Still. Bad social game move.
Scottie and Haliegh DO realize they are on the block against each other… right? Oh that’s okay. Just keep spilling everything to each other. eyeroll. So foutte it’s getting to the throw the racing comp to the broken foot woman level.
The hoh controversy: don’t care. Neither does production. They didn’t disqualify Scottie and Fes for taking notes before a quiz HOH. They didn’t have a problem with a tailor made HOH comp for Haleigh after asking her her skills and abilities. Why would they have a problem with lifting both feet, when precedent was set in season 18 with Natalie lifting both feet off without disqualification when the same rules were in place. Partisan kvetching.
The Jc deal… should he still exist as a house guest? If it were week 1-4, no. It’s not week 1-4 They’re in jury. They’ve already had to alter their storyline projection when Kaitlyn kaitlyn’d the preschool puzzle, adding in the jury battle back that Grod had said would not be occuring this season before said Kaitlyning of the puzzle. Besides… in the latest outrage he clearly said snickers. They were talking about candy in HOH baskets.
So. There’s my thoughts in response to scrolling twitter for two minutes.


Well the Bilderburg group has decided that L6/5/4 will win this season of Big Brother and Tyler will win the whole season because they want to make sure they have a life guard for their annual pool party/world domination barbeque luncheon. Brett’s getting AFP because they want those massages. Sam gets second place because they don’t want to piss her off.

Angela will get a Range Rover for reasons.