Angela “You can say it all you want but unless you get HOH next week, you’re going up.”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: Haleigh & Scottie Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

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8pm HOH room. Haleigh, Kaycee and Tyler. They’re talking about gambling. Angela joins them to shower. Kaycee – the best odds are blackjack and craps. Brett joins them. Brett – I can only stand two days in Vegas. It chews me up and spits me out. Brett leaves the HOH room.

8:53pm Bedroom. Brett and Angela. Brett – Sam just gets on her tangents. Angela – oh my god, she drives me nuts. Brett – I feel like I haven’t hung out with you guys in ages. Angela – I know. Has Scottie pitched to you? Brett – he thinks he is the pawn so he thinks 100% he has you and Kaycee because he thinks you and Kaycee will do whatever Tyler wants. So he thinks he’s confident there’s two votes and all he needs is mine. He is also pretty confident will have Sam. Angela – yeah. So he didn’t really pitch it that hard because he thinks he is good either way. Angela – I think so too. Brett – I think he thought that he didn’t even really need mine. Angela – And JC told me he just pitched him too. Brett – oh did he? What did he say. Angela – same thing. He thinks he’s the pawn. He just wants to see where everyone is thinking. Another blindside. An almost unanimous blindside. Brett – I know. Except for Sam.

Brett – What did Haleigh say to you and Kaycee? Angela – I talked to her last night in the shower. She was like .. Scottie told her that he was the pawn so Haleigh freaked out. She was like I would never come after.. I came after you and Tyler but I would never come after you guys. She was like its done now. You took your shot, I took my shot. Like we’re past this, lets just move on. I wouldn’t put you guys up. I was just like sure thing sweetheart! No way in hell. She thinks I am that dumb to believe that. Brett – its insane to me. Angela – you can say it all you want but unless you get HOH next week, you’re going up. Brett – its f**king crazy. I think back to my conversation with Fes and he was like consider it a vacation. Oh!? Really!?

Brett – Scottie was saying that before he came back Rockstar told Fess and she gave him explicit instructions to put you and Tyler up. And he was saying that b***h Rockstar HATES you and I. Brett – Will Haleigh put Sam up? Brett – its kind of f**ked up how Sam treats him. She literally treats him like a child. She is in her own world in here like she is a mommy and he is her kid. Likes its weird! Angela – he’s a 25 year old man. Brett – he is very aware of what he is doing. Getting down near the end they can’t be here because they will get the votes. Angela agrees. Brett – and you know if Haleigh is in jury with Scottie she is going to get him to do whatever the f**k she wants. Angela – if we figure out how to all four of us make it to the end… they’re going to have to pick one of us. Brett – they have to pick one of us. Angela – its like the last (jab). Brett – knife stab. Brett – it has to go that way. I would love to watch her crawl out of her skin to have to vote for one of us. Brett brings up the jury conversations. Brett – remember last year. Angela – if one of them talks bad about one of you, I am going to go off! Brett – if I ever have a conversation with Rockstar again .. I will only refer to her as Blockstar and never anything else.

10:12pm HOH room. Tyler and Scottie.
Scottie – Bayleigh told me that she has a final two with Haleigh called Bay & Hay. Rockstar told me she had a final two with Haleigh called Slitherpuff. They told me that Fes has a final two with Haleigh. Rockstar eluded to the fact that she had a final two with. She had a final two with em. That’s five that we know of. And plus she tried to make a deal with you guys.
Scottie -I don’t know if you were in the bathroom for this, it was right after you got put up by the hacker. I came in and Fes said people are blaming me for it. Tyler – he was one of them. Scottie – he was THE ONE! Scottie – Bayleigh and Rockstar both told me that Fes was the first one to blame me for the Kaitlyn thing, He was the first one for that. But here is the funny thing he was in the room with Bayleigh, Rockstar and Haleigh …

12am Brett, Kaycee, Angela and Haleigh all head to bed.

2am All the house guests are asleep..

9:06am ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

10:28am wake up!

10:21an As Sam drinks her morning coffee “I’m going to clean this mother f*ing floor today… UGH”

10:48am here’s a nice shot of Sam’s collection of things.

11:28am Zzzzzzz

12:10pm they’re still sleeping..
Haleigh called to the Diary room Sam roaming around getting ready to start the days crazy.

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Who said that!

I’m wondering how Tyler is going to handle jury management,he seems to have successfully played up the innocent sweet baby bird act with HIVE so will he continue that or expose himself as a mastermind,and with the jury so clueless will he be able to convince them either way?


I’ve been curious about the same. Does he own all the manipulation and the lies he told and explain what each one led to. Or does he continue the “act” since he’s facing a bitter jury. If L6 members fight for him in jury they will most likely talk about some of those things. So he has to own all of it I think. So. He’s left with taking Angela to F2. I don’t think he’s winning with anyone else unless a couple of the Hive get over themselves and vote based on game.


Tyler’s game is out there. In the end he will say that he loves each and everyone of them and praise them. Say stuff like I consider you a friend, but you would have easily beaten me in the finale so you had to go. I hope you can remain close outside the house. He even said that to Bayleigh after she had that big blow-up at him.


I think Ty has to own his game in order to be honest and to demonstrate his control of the game. Most people can respect a player that makes things happen, rather than a player that has things happen to them (baby bird).

The thing that killed foutte/hive is that they underestimated Ty from the very begining- from Swagz, who thought he could control Ty’s HOH, to Bay, who thought he was a lost lamb/baby bird, to Fez, who thought Ty would fall for a fake alliance. (Not to mention Kaitlin and I really don’t want think of her ever again!)

What is unpredictable is how the jury will perceive it.

who me?

IF he makes it to finale 2 I don’t think he will own his game, and that will be his downfall


I think he will be smarter than that. I’m not sure he will own to scottie in his GBM but I think he will own everything and tell them exactly what he did on finale night with the question/answer period. I would love him to own everything to scottie because scottie is a super fan and I think he would respect that and perhaps try to tell the hive that playing sore loser isn’t really going to be a good look on them. I think hay/bay might be convinced by scottie but I honestly don’t think little fessieboy nor rocky will show they actually have class and respect for the game and vote for the person who deserves it more instead of who they like the least of F2. Sadly, I think sam and JC will be sore losers as well. Sam has done nothing this game at all so she might be hurt if tyler votes to evict her and JC just has this sense of entitlement and he has shown he is a poor sport already with his whining and pouting when Tyler didn’t agree with him about putting up Angela/Kaycee next week. Even with Brett if/when he gets evicted I think he will vote for the most deserving. Tyler is going to have to own everything though, all that he has done to get each of them put OTB when he wasn’t HOH, as well as all of his F2s, if he lies or denies anything, he may kiss the 500 grand good bye..BUT again, that is assuming he is in F2, which I’m not sure he will be anymore. I would hope the others see their chances of winning against him as slim and one takes him out, it would play well to the jury to be able to say I got him out. Tyler is going to have to play this really carefully if he hopes to get to F2. He is in the F2 and he gets to chose who comes with him, OMG I hope he picks Angela you just know the hive will not vote for her no matter who she is sitting beside. I don’t think they would give sam the win either though, her craziness and rudeness to so many of them have rubbed them wrong, especially hayleigh and I think she will have a lot of pull with the hive when it comes to voting. I am looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks play out, can’t wait to see L6 start to go at each other, I just hope they don’t take personal shots at each other the way fessieboy did and the ignorant comments that rocky made about almost all of them. Tempers will run high, so it will be fun to watch..LOL

Who said that!

Should Tyler reveal himself on finale night as a mastermind of this season I am concerned he won’t have the time to explain the nuance of his game play to players whose game view has been quite dim.


Geez, use a paragraph… or four.

Who said that!

I hope we’ll get to see more of the jury house to get a better understanding of what they are thinking and more importantly what they learn,if that’s possible.


I would like to see that too but sadly I don’t think the hive will have learned anything. I think they will still be making personal attacks about anyone who wasn’t part of the hive. I don’t see any of them actually going about how they will vote with maturity, least of all from rocky/fessieboy. I can honestly say though, that I hope they prove me wrong because the way scottie said they are going to vote was the dumbest thing I ever heard. They got out played and I hope they start to see why it went the way it did for them all. No need to be poor sports about it. Be p1ssy be upset but look for answers to questions you have when you can ask the people in F2 and vote due to how they respond.

Smitten Kitten

Totally agree.
That was Paul’s biggest mistake & greatest downfall last season.

When it came to devious game play & intricate psychological warfare, Paul was an absolute mastermind (in house full of star-struck sheep mind you, but still great), however when it came to stepping up and owning each & every cunning move he made; he didn’t.
Instead, Paul chose to deny, retreat, belittle & blame others, becoming increasingly more defensive when he started getting called out for his game play.

Listen… the jury knows that he played them, that’s why they’re in the jury house & he was sitting in the final 2!
They were just looking for some ownership, they wanted him to be a man & fess up to his moves. Paul taking accountability for the moves that got them out wouldn’t have come as some great shock to them, but it would have earned him their respect.

The fact that Paul acted SO arrogant, smug, defensive & defiant when questioned, was such a complete & utter slap in the face to them & an insult to their intelligence, I truly wasn’t shocked when Paul lost.

All Paul had to do was take accountability… *THAT * WAS *IT!
If he had just owned his bad behavior & took an ounce of responsibility for each & every eviction, I have no doubt Paul would’ve won.
I’m guessing he’s had plenty of time in hindsight to gain that much needed insight & perspective that he so sorely lacked.

Probably wasn’t such a great idea for him to wear that same losing shirt that he wore to the finale of BB18 again on the finale of BB19.
Why wear the shirt you lost in once again??

Hope he burned that thing, it’s got some kinda bad ju-ju all over it.

My Two Cents

Dawg or Simon – In your arsenal of screen grabs do you happen to have one that shows Angela’s mustache? I keep seeing people mention it. Thanx!


I really haven’t seen a good shot myself. Enough people have talked about it inside and outside the house I gather there’s something there.


It’s more a darker area between the nose and lip in certain lights that I think most people are talking about.


I think you’re right. It looks more like melasma than facial hair, to me, too. It is most noticeable in DRs, when the light is really bright. Her latest HOH basket had sunscreen in it, so I feel her family is aware and trying to give her the heads up that she should be using sunscreen to minimize further damage. My melasma is under my right eye and above my lip, so I get comments from time to time.

Besides, Angela is in front of the camera all the time. I’m sure she is well aware of her facial hair and melasma. Put the two together and it could look like a moustache. She’s a gorgeous girl, regardless. I don’t know why she bothers putting on the fake lashes everyday. She doesn’t need them, as she is a natural beauty. All of those girls are.

When Angela was first getting comments about the moustache, I noticed that her upper lip looked swollen. Maybe it was too much sun or reaction to a face mask/product. It also could have been a collagen product. Who knows.

Janie Haze

It’s pretty easy to see in her diary room sessions. Poor gal should’ve asked for some bleach or wax in her HOH basket.


Join the discussion…The stache is not really defined but it’s like a 5 o’clock shadow, she must don’t wax herself otherwise she would’ve bought a kit in with her, bet that’s the first thing she does when she get out…

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I believe it’s called jealousy.

OMG Noooo

Maybe shes not getting enough HRT while inside the house!!
Audrey 2.0


Back in the olden days, I lived near the beach. If I wasn’t there, I was at the pool or out on the boat, trying to lift my big butt out of the water in an attempt to ski. My friends and I would slather on the suntan oil, minus the sunscreen of course because we were stupid. I was a summer blond with peach fuss all over my face, barely noticeable in winter. Come summer, the darker my skin got the more noticeable the hair on my face became. Same for my arms and legs. I didn’t think my mom was ever going to let me shave my legs. After so much teasing from my brother and his friends, I figured it was worth the consequences and shaved my legs. However, I kept the blonde mustache. Waxing wasn’t a thing back then.

Okay, enough with the nostalgia. My point being. Since Angela is baking in the sun every day her mustache is probably becoming more noticeable. She has darker hair but change in skin color would make it more noticeable. Given Angela is a model though one would think that she would normally have it waxed. ????

Maybe she should have asked for some wax strips in her HOH basket. Lol!

Angela's upper lip

It’s just a shadow it’s for sure not facial hair otherwise you would see it on the LF.


Live feeds. More boring stories from Sam. About how good she is. How she helps people. How she gave away her tip from someone. And on and on and on.
I have NEVER heard someone talk themselves up like Sam does.
SO offputting.


Please put her up and let her self evict. I can’t stan to listen to her. She should have gone week 1!

Leopold Stotch

I get what you’re saying. I really do. But I’d rather listen to Sam talk about herself the way she does than have Swaggy in the house all this time talking about himself the way he did. Two weeks of him was too much; nearly 3 months would have been unbearable.


I’m to that point with JC. He is worthless. He does nothing but run around and talk about how much he is doing in the game. If they didn’t cook for him and wash his clothes he would starve to death a nasty little ragamuffin. And, I know production is sick of him singing all the time, so am I. He needs to go.


I agree I didn’t like Jc about 3 days into the game, I found him annoying nothing funny about him. What I laughable though, was a few days ago when he went on and on to Tyler telling him how many times he saved his game. JC didn’t save tylers game once. I would say JC should go before hayleigh BUT, the comps will soon start to be mental, knowing days etc and hayleigh is good at that, not sure anyone else in there will be able to beat her with that comp. Jc doesn’t try to win he thinks he will go all the way because everyone likes him and will want to keep him around. But the things he has done to the other HGs and the things he’s done to Tyler over and over doesn’t make him a good guy nor one that they would want to keep around. It’s pathetic when BB has to tell you to stop licking and kissing Tylers arm pit while he is sleeping. If I were Tyler I would have told JC straight out, you can’t sleep up here anymore instead of saying “I want to sleep alone tonight”. I find JC disgusting, nothing funny nor entertaining about him IMO.


What?! Swaggy was the best! He was so modest and kind……. NOT, he was the WORST, I totally and completely agree with you! Sam can be annoying but she’s ten million billion times better than Swaggy. Or Bayleigh. Or Rockstar.


I’d rather neither of those 2 lol


Sam was annoying from the first episode. All she did was whine. I could not believe all the people that felt sorry for her and thought she got a bum deal being the robot. She whined about it so bad that I doubt we ever see the robot again, because she turned people against the idea. Here voice causes my spine to crawl.


With the exception of BlockStar, the rest of the ladies in the house this year are all good looking. I especially like Haleigh who has the best combination of legs and butt and a pretty face. She’s the one I’d most love to give one of those Aussie kisses. Gonna miss her when L6-5-4 kicks that beautiful butt to the jury house.

The real rockstar

DJT are you Bill Clinton


Mr. Creapy McCreaperton


I LOVE the way she chews on her ? yummy nails. That’s a real turn on


She cannot keep her fingernails out of her mouth. It is so annoying. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty.


hahaha she eats her hand sexier than anyone :p

Janie Haze

DJT is a troll

The real rockstar

He’s probably a 70 year old perv who hangs out at playgrounds taking pictures.

Does JC Wear a Diper?

He sounds like a Hiver.


Wrong on both counts.


I don’t share your take on hay…but I didn’t think u were a 70 year old. Hay does have her moments…but I’m sorry, Ang is sexy af every waking moment of the day. Sam is not at all, but I did see a pic of her from some time ago and she was a hottie

Tom A

Honestly, pretty damn good campaigning from Scottie tonight. Some of the best campaigning to save yourself all season.


Yeah, he can tell the jury all about it Thursday night.

JC’s Tikitiki

Unfortunately, he should have known that all previous houseguests who came back to the BB house via battleback got sent right back to jury (Cody, Victor, JohnnyMac)…and that he had to win HOH or veto or else he would share the same fate as his predecessors. Most of Scottie’s campaign is that Hay cannot be trusted… & L6 already knows this. L6 is primarily targeting Scottie ahead of Hay solely because he is more of a physical threat than Hay… just as Fes was more of a physical threat than her last week. Hive just made too many mistakes this season (Otev, hacker, evicting their own alliance member) that their chances of survival after next week is highly unlikely.


JohnnyMac didn’t get sent back to jury right away. Vanessa kept him safe. James, his gal pal (can’t remember her name) and then Austin left the house. JohnnyMac made it to final four. I wish he would have won HOH instead of Steve, then Vanessa would have sent Steve home instead of Johnny.

Paul the Punk

I though Victor lasted longer after winning the battle back too???


From the beginning Scottie made a lot of mistakes. First off he came into it saying he thought Andy was the best B.B. player. He said he was going to play Andy’s game, which is basically a rat running back n forth from side to side. He failed. He attached himself to Steve then Haileigh. He’s never developed any true loyalty to anyone. I’m not sure he has the ability to focus. He’s very erratic. IMO


And his gravest mistake…targeting my boy Brett and breakin the bros up

The Beef

Didn’t Judd stay around for a while after winning the battle back?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It is however, he still doesn’t seem to realize he is the target (which could change of course) and if he has a next move other than aligned with Tyler I’m not seeing it.


I thought the same. Some lies. Some truth. But I just don’t think Tyler trusts him at all. But I’m really thinking for Tyler’s game it should be Haleigh going. So hoping it works. He did say this week he’s doing what’s best for him. Not L6. So we will see.


Come on Callie! He put Scottie on the block. If he really wanted Scottie to stay…he puts up a pawn next to Hayleigh. He did what was best for Level 6’s game not his.


Not exactly in my opinion. There really was no other choice going up next to Haleigh. He can’t put someone up even as a pawn that he has a final 2 with right now. And he does want them both out. So he could have them both up then decide. And I think voting Scottie out is best for Angela and Brett. Not necessarily tylers game. So maybe he sticks with Scottie being voted out. But Haleigh is a tough competitor and I think would be Tyler’s best option to go this week.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’ve been of a similar opinion since Tyler won the HoH; take Haleigh out first as she is the bigger “direct” threat, but I’m starting to rethink that.

Haleigh keep saying that she would target Sam and JC. I would normally not believe her given the history between her and Tyler/Angela. Now I’m not so sure she wouldn’t target Sam and not them.

If she targets them she knows she’s gone the next week; she can’t play HoH and has no one to really align with.

If she targets Sam she could hope to ingratiate herself with them, perhaps last a little longer and maybe even work a deal from within L4.

Either way, her and Scottie need to go one, two.


i agree the strategy for both scottie and hayleigh should be to convince the house your targets are jc and sam. the animosity between sam and hayleigh probably gives hayleigh a leg up, but scottie should have a lot of ammo to use against jc that he’s completely ignoring.

whoever stays this week competes in the next hoh, and are eligible to compete in every remaining veto starting the following week, so winning out comps is a possibility (just a real unlikely one).

imo the targets should be whoever knows the days better as that comp is yet to come up. this puts sam in final 5 as i’m pretty sure she hasn’t studied them at all, but it’s unclear the order of scottie, hayleigh, and jc.


But to L6/5/4, the targets of Scottie and Haleigh are irrelevant. Neither of them can help the others get further than the current alliance. There is no reason to abandon a winning team especially knowing the hive is voting as a block against the L6/5/4.


the person targeting jc/sam is way more attractive than the person targeting angela/kaycee/tyler. it buys L6 an extra week.


I agree, doesn’t matter how hay/scottie go out, they will bring it back to the hive who will all sit down and discuss how evil they all are for not keeping them in the house til the end. I didn’t believe it at all when scottie said his plan going back in was to resurrect scyler at all, I think it was pure BS. scottie/hayleigh if given the chance would both put up Tyler/Angela…the I hate sam and the I hate JC is fiction. They know that sam/jc suck at all comps so they wouldn’t get rid of them cause they would believe they would beat those two in the end. Tyler is right is getting out scottie, and whoever wins HOH next week (if its not hay) they will put her up. The 2 hivers need to go. Then Jc/sam, in that order. I am looking forward to L6 tearing each other apart, it will be fun to see how it plays out and who makes the first big move of them all.. LOL

No brains

Yes he is doing a good job campaigning but I still can’t believe Scottie and Haleigh do not see that the 4, maybe 5 others are running the house and unless they get HOH they are gone. He should start taking a new angle and work something with JC and Sam. They are kissing Tyler’s ass for weeks and do not see that get’s them now where. The sad part is the idiots in jury will pick the winner and will probably screw that up too, just like they screwed up everything they did since July


Haleigh has a clue. She just has a problem trusting herself. At this point, Hay really has few choices but to try and latch on to those most capable of taking her out. Tyler and Angela have every reason to think she would put them up.


I definitely think Hayleigh tried to make her big moves and got burned every time. I think she sees things more clearly now that the moron , I mean Fes is gone. If she wins HOH I think she will definitely target Sam and JC. I trust her now more than Scottie (aka Andy) If Scottie were to win HOH I think he would go after Angela first.


And not going to do him a bit of good. They aren’t even listening to him. Their minds are already made up.


Angela – if we figure out how to all four of us make it to the end… they’re going to have to pick one of us. Brett – they have to pick one of us

The wheels are coming off for Team Chaos and any ember of entertainment is being stamped out. They think it’s a team game for f**k’s sake….

Eh eh



No, I think that statement reflects the fact they realize they can only take the other L6/5/4 folks to the end at this point if they expect to win.


Good to know that while so many of us were crowning Fez the dumbest player, Scottie was just chomping at the bit to get back in the game and tell Bay and RS to hold his beer….

Just consider: The only player unanimously evicted this season has returned only to be blindsided. He actually thinks it’s week 2 and ratting out Haleigh as an enemy will be a revelation to those left in the house

Sams insatiable ego

Sad part is if Sam was evicted as a robot we would still be crying foul and wishing she was still in the house… in fact depending on how the cards fell we may have not had such an amazing season… so I put up with her…


“Angela – if one of them talks bad about one of you, I am going to go off!“
Is Angela being loyal and protective or is she trying to make sure she gets taken to the end?

Eh eh



I was asking a question dumbass.

Haleigh's Melanoma

She and Brett realize the jury is already pretty well stacked against them, and the jury members are already colluding about who they are not going to vote for, she and Brett both agreed that in the event they wind up in jury since they have been biting their tongues for the whole game the gloves will come off and fur will fly. They have a lot they want to say.

who me?

To the end. And she seriously would NOT go off on anyone, she has Tyler, Brett & Kaycee do that for her.

Szn 20

As much as I love Tyler and kaycee and if they made it to the finals they would be very deserving. But an Angela/Brett final 2 would be absolutely amazing having to see the hive pick between the two people they hate the most. Also, seeing Angela in the final 2 at all even know she would most likely not win would be entertaininment in itself because not only does the majority of the hive hate her, JC will still have to deal with the fact she’s made it to final two and is still getting 50k assuming he’s in jury. Really hope L6 stays loyal u til final four !


I was thinking the same thing about the Angela and Brett final 2. It would be entertaining to watch the jury hash out who to vote.

Eh eh

Even more hilarious & apt would be if the hive majority are bitter A.F. and there’s a bunch of shrill, emotional explosive crybullying (Bay-style) efforts to get the others onside with voting for whichever they personally despise less… and then the non-hivemind votes end up putting whoever’s voting the other way into the majority anyway. I don’t care which of L6 wins but the more it pisses off the worst of the hive, the more fun. 🙂

The real rockstar

The jobs for members of the hive after Big Brother.
Rockstar- still stay at home mom collecting a welfare check and food stamps and complaining about pretty privilege people to the rest of the trailer park.

Bayleigh- selling Swaggy C T-shirts with Swaggy at the Saturday morning flea market.

Scottie- the shopping cart guy at Walmart

Haleigh- marries a 97 year old business tycoons.

Fessie- Hillary Clinton’s 2020 comeback campaign manager.

who me?

You’re a very unpleasant person

The real rockstar

Who me – I try my best to be unpleasant but very unpleasant is a nice compliment. Thanks.

Does JC Wear a Diaper?

LOL real rockstar.


Sam stars in her own craft show on CBS called ” Crazy For Crafts!”.



oh boy

Haleigh is the bigger threat to Level 6 right now. She has put them up in the past, realizes how tight the others are, is currently warming up to some of them, has friends in the jury house, and is smart in mental comps (which should be due soon). I think this is a mistake sending Scottie home first.


Scottie jumped from side to side and has proven completely undependable. Hay will put up Sam and probably JC. Between the two everyone (ie Tyler) thinks they’re safer with Hay for now but she’s positively the next to go.

Nobody ever feels comfortable again with someone who switched sides and took all your secrets with him to the others like Scottie die. He proved how well he lies and cons and it sunk him.


Not to mention…he’s a thief.


Angela and Brett are so happily speaking about how great it will be for all 4 of them to make it to the end, and that they have to vote for one of them. Hello! Only two of you will be in that spot which means two of you are outta there. It actually looks like she might be playing for jury herself because she says if one of them talks bad about any of you, I am going to go off. These people don’t think beyond their noses. If she had any sense she would be trying to secure a final 2 with somebody. I think she is the only one in the house who has no final 2 deal with anybody. Yep, she is playing for 4th place, which is no better than being the first person sent to jury. Hello Bailey.


I think Brett and Angela’s logic is pretty good. If anyone outside of level 6 makes it to final 2, level 6 probably loses. Their odds of winning or being second place are better by staying together. If an outsider makes it, each level 6 member has a slim chance of winning and each member only has a 25% chance of second place.
Angela doesn’t need to make a final 2 deal, I think she feels like she’ll either win the comp or be taken by who does because the jury hates her.


Angela is does not need an F2 she is sleeping with Tyler. Do you really think he would go to F2 without her. He knows how the jury feels about her! He would be a slam dunk to win it all!

who me?

Which is the only reason why she sleeps with him, he is her meatsuit to get to the end


So that moustache really works for you guys here huh?




I am aware the ranking system has been duplicating the entries.. I hopefully will have it fixed tonight.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Well that’s just crap. I thought it was the Black Seal Rum.

By the way, thanks for the site. Yours has become our go to Amazon link.

Hurricane Bayleigh


Damn right you’ll have it fixed tonight. If not Thursday is an eviction night and I’ve asked JC to “look in” on you while you are sleeping.


Watching BBAD. What is all the stuff on the table?


Sam’s sh1t


That crap on the table would drive me nuts! I wish Haleigh tell her to clean it up.

who me?

Sam has stated she is not used to not working (apparently all the others are..but kids thats another story), so she keeps herself busy with cooking, cleaning and crafts.

Sleep With One Eye Open

Those are all of Sam’s ingredients for her Tyler love potion.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Hmmmm, I’d love to see JC lick that spoon.

Eh eh

What, no love for Blockstar’s panties? I mean this has to be absurdism, right?


I’m just waiting for JC to hopefully win HOH Thursday and he can finally get blood on his hands (you know his main target is Angela and to get her away from Tyler, send her to jury so Bayleigh and Rockstar can really lay into her).

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Well, if the HoH contest is a Limbo competition he might have a chance.


I think JC has about as much of a chance of winning a HOH as my 10 year old son. He’s actually shorter than my son. He may be stronger, but these challenges aren’t designed for child sized people. The only way he could possibly win a challenge is if it was in the intelligence category, but I don’t think he’d even win one there. Maybe he has a good memory, but I don’t see him putting in the effort to study dates. He can’t win on his own merit; best shot he’s got is a Luck Challenge. Good luck to him ( but not really!).


Regarding Sam:

After the 1st few weeks of listening to her repeatedly saying how honest she is … she will never lie to anyone … what you see is what you get … etc., I thought there was definitely more to her story. Experience tells me that anyone who has to work so damn hard to convince people that they are the most honest and self giving person you will ever meet is anything but that.

I’m not saying Sam is a bad person. She may have good intentions and aspirations to be the person she describes but I think there is more to her story.

I was excited when she won HOH and gave her little speech in the HOH room thinking, wow! She just threw everyone a curve ball. Then, she crumbled. I have a hard time believing this is strategic gameplay and this all an act. It definitely seems like she is sporadically attempting to play game, lining up jury votes in her favor.

Maybe this was her game plan but she just overplayed the goody act, didn’t think it through and got in over her head, setting herself up for a a rollercoaster ride full of suspicion, paranoia and mood swings.

Or, Sam is mentally unstable and shouldn’t be on BB.

I’m admittedly clueless here. For some reason, I still kind of like Sam and she has definitely been an interesting character on the show. Whatever the case, I do wonder what the aftermath will be for her.


Is it just me or is Angela eating something sticky off of a spoon in every single episode? Does she not eat normal food??


Nope… she’s got some food issues. I think she even discussed it on feeds at one point. She seldom eats a whole anything… crumbs of this and parts of that. She seems to be loosening up as the season goes on.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Earlier she ate half a grape. Just one half. She likes spooning out the empty peanut butter jars too.


Just have lunch and have notice how LAZY the BB houseguests are with the exception of Sam. Well done. Sam. They call you crazy but you’re the one active and getting up, doing things. Funny how Brett says Sam treats Scottie like her child. Hey Brett she treats all of you like her child. She picks up, cleans, and does the dishes for all of you children. LOL

Is Tyler my daddy???

As bad as The Hive was playing. As delusional as Hay and Scottie still are. That game was must see TV and must read BBOnline fodder. This game has hit a lull.

Best case for me is that Hay wins HOH and nominates JC and Tyler. Sadly, she will nominate Sam and probably Kaycee. “Easy, no blood on my hands, blah, blah, blah.”

The game needs to blow up again and I think JC and Tyler on the block would provide that. I think Brett and Tyler would nominate each other because they both seem to have the hot for Angela.

I hope the last couple of weeks are as interesting as watching the Hive dissect itself and be clueless to what was actually going on.

Is It just Me

I watched BBAD last night during Scottie’s jury house revelations speech to Tyler. I got the feeling that Tyler was believing it and that Hay is a bigger threat than he realized. It was funny that Scottie was telling a guy with multiple F2s about a girl with multiple F2s. Ty complained about Hay always being in HOH, while that’s been his M.O. as well (flirting with the HOH) Oh, the hypocrisy.

So I am waiting for Ty to tell L6 that Hay must go this week and she will. So Hay has once again been screwed by her alliance. She would never have revealed she was the hacker if it wasn’t for Bay getting the blame, and Tyler wouldn’t feel threatened by her. And now Scottie throwing her UTB using the Hive convos in jury house. Yeah, production has really “helped” her in the game (sarcasm in case you can’t tell)


This is a bit “old news” at this point but I just stumbled across this article on how Tyler should have been DQ’d. Lots of video evidence, the conspiracy is real.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, just as Fessie was DQ’d after he hid under a blanket and trying to write with an eyebrow pencil.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Water, bridge, under.