Haleigh “The only thing that could f**k me up is Sam. She is pushing me so f***ing hard.”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: Haleigh & Scottie Have Nots ?

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8:25pm Bedroom. Kaycee and Haleigh. Kaycee – how are you feeling about that? Haleigh – I don’t know. Kaycee – you should be good. Haleigh – I’ve already had people come to me like Brett and JC. Kaycee – about what? Haleigh – about if it stays the same I am good. Its literally a repeat of last week. Kaycee – you just have to keep your mouth shut. Haleigh – I’m not saying anything. The only thing that could f**k me up is her (Sam). She is pushing me so f**king hard. Kaycee – just (gestures keep your mouth shut), even with Scottie. Haleigh – I know. 100%! Kaycee – that’s the last thing you need. Don’t say sh*t to him. They talk about how immature Fes is. Kaycee – he is just really inconsiderate and selfish. Haleigh – you are a grown a$$ man. My dad at 26 had a 7 year old and worked. You know what I mean. Kaycee – that’s why for the longest time I didn’t know his age. I thought he was younger. Haleigh – I thought he was 22. Kaycee – because of the way he was acting. Haleigh – yeah. Kaycee – this kid is very young. Haleigh – I’ve never met anyone .. well a couple people that act that young.. but I don’t hang out with them. Kaycee – he talked about spoon feed.. I feel like if anyone in this house was spoon fed, it was him. Haleigh – and he wasn’t getting his way so that’s how he acted. Kaycee – I am sure his mom did everything for him. Haleigh – he doesn’t know anything about her (Angela).. he doesn’t know anything about me, you… like literally doesn’t know that much about any of our lives. And he attacks her.. for what because she put him up? Kaycee – that is going to make him look so bad. People are really going to see that. Haleigh – I didn’t even want to look up. That was the worst one. At the end of the day we still have to see each other again. He is going to look even more dumb when they run that store. I’m sure they’ve already run that story. And he doesn’t even know it at all. Big Brother switches the feeds.

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HOH room. Tyler and Angela. Angela – I wonder if Scottie knows he’s the target. Tyler – I tried to tell him he isn’t. Angela – and you don’t even vote. Its perfect. I am just so glad that Scottie is gone. He would have come after me and you. Tyler – yeah, maybe. I don’t know. Angela – what do you think Scottie is going to do? Tyler – I don’t know, he definitely isn’t going to leave quietly. Angela – I think he is going to call us out.

9:10pm – 9:41pm Tyler – are we still going to go on a date after this? Angela – MMmmhhh.. Tyler – what are we going to do? Angela – I don’t know. What city are we going to? Tyler – honolulu. Tyler – its just funny how all these people think they know you. I don’t think I could ever date a girl like Rachel. I mean I like Rachel but she was too over the top. Angela – yeah, she’s not the type you bring home to mom. Tyler – she was just over the top.

Tyler – You’re going to have so many opportunities when we get out of here. Will you still talk to me when you’re on the Sports Illustrated cover? Angela – don’t even say that. Tyler – I’ll probably go back to being scared to talk to you. This might be too forward but can I get your phone number after this? Angela – of course. It starts with 843. Tyler – really? Angela – yes. Tyler – that’s cool.

Tyler – are we the good side or the bad side? Angela – the good side. Tyler – I go back and forth. Angela – I think we’re more entertaining. Tyler – I think they’re just not very good. Angela – at least we’re funny and entertaining.

Tyler – you’re so perfect. What’s wrong with you? Tyler tells Angela that he’s had a crush on her. Angela you’re good at hiding your emotions. She admits that she said that about him during her twitter questions in her first HOH week.

9:44pm – 10:20pm Bedroom. Brett, Haleigh, JC and Kaycee are playing would you rather. JC – Would you rather have Steve’s flat nose or Haleigh’s wart .. I mean mole and its right beside your eye so if you removed it you would go blind. Haleigh laughs .. I am not even going to the wrap party .. I am going to get mine removed. She says she would rather have the flat nose because she couldn’t stand having the mole in the center of her face. JC – would you rather have Rockstar f*rt on your face with your mouth open… Haleigh – what the f**k is wrong with you! JC – or have Rachel lick every meal you eat for a week. Haleigh – Rachel licking every meal because I would make out with her. Kaycee – Rachel, I would make out with her. JC then changes it to Rachel spitting him every meal they eat for a week. They all say they would rather have Rockstar fart in their mouth. Brett – Fartstar.

10:30pm – 10:45pm The house guests get a POP TV girft. Scottie – Dear house guests that competition was tough but you handled it like champs. Here are some items to let you relax and refresh. Your friends at POP. Havenots can also enjoy.

10:50pm – 10:55pm Tyler jumps up and says how have we not noticed that the backyard is open! They head outside. Angela and Haleigh and Kaycee continue making the havenots meal for when they’re off it.

11:00pm Food prep..

Scottie and Tyler playing Pool talking about 80/90’s horror movie characters.

Tyler is pissed that they edited the goodbye message he did for Scottie.. Feeds flip to cooking..

11:05pm Brett joins them.. – I feel like I have a wet pillow sheet on my face..

11:08pm My god does JC look look freaky

goofing around that the mask is melting his face SCottie – where is the mail in rebate..

11:20pm Scottie and Angela
Scottie tells her he’s assuming the three people in jury are going to be biter and not going to vote game wise.
Scottie points out to her that’s 3 votes she doesn’t have. So the next 5 people have to be people that love her.
Angela says she’s just been busy staying in the game.
Scottie tells her about his nickname in high school being skittles.
Scottie – did you have any nicknames..
Angela – Killer..
Scottie – KILLER
Angela – my brother calls me princess.. so does Rockstar..
Scottie – I call my sister stink..
Angela hopes that there’s one person in the Jury house that doesn’t hate her.
Scottie says there’s people that are talking this game too seriously.

They agree they’re cast is very diplomatic with their Have nots selection.


12:10am KAycee and Tyler
“COast to coast” They laugh that it’s a repeat of last week.
Kaycee – dude lets go
T – lets f*ing go.. you are a beast.. I don’t know how you did that it was hard as F*
K – lets go.. do we wait for Brett..
T – you’re my best friend in the house..
T – take that one to the dump..
They chug their beers…
Kaycee – that’s f*ing cold.. that’s perfect though dude..

Tyler tells her that no one suspects them

Brett comes up with the mc griddles.. Tyler hands him a beer..

Brett to Kaycee – You are savage..
Brett – Sam straight threw that comp.. straight up.. couldn’t be more obvious..
Brett says it pisses him off that Sam does these things..
Kaycee brings up Sam always throwing out the rouge.

Haleigh and Angela join them.. they quickly hide the beers.. .

Kaycee, Tyler and BRett go downstairs to eag nachos.. Angela tells her that it looks like Scottie is getting evicted. Angela goes to sleep Haleigh says she thought everyone was hanging out up here.. She heads downstairs with Angela.

12:30am Brett gives JC his MC Gregor .

JC, Brett and Tyler are in the HOH starting the Veto win Celebration (AKA have one of Tyler’s beers) . Angela and Kaycee run up .. Scottie looks up from doing the dishes. When they girls make it into the HOH room they whisper to them “HAleigh’s coming.. she’s coming”  Tyler hands the beers out to Angela and JC.

1:11am Tyler, Brett and JC in he HOH chit chatting about crazy Kaitlyn and Rocks. Brett tells them the story about when Kaitlyn came at him after they got in the fight.
Brett says that KAitlyn was claiming she had a dream about their fight.
BRett adds that Kaitlyn was treating him like a boyfriend that had cheated on her..

1:20am Scottie, HAleigh, ANgela sleeping. The boys up in teh HOH chatting about the season’s notable events.

They laugh that up until the day he Left Fes really thought that everyone made their mind up about the vote Thursday morning.

An uneventful evening.. makes you think what could have happened if any of them checked out the storage room.. LOL

7:31am everyone sleeping…

9:05am sleeping

10:30am We Got movement..
It appears that the alcohol has been removed from the storage room. Production must have taken it back.

10:45am only Sam is up on the feeds.

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Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Scottie may be this week but you are next Hayleigh.

Wendy Barrantes

Not if she wins POV or HOH suckers

Reality bites

The term “sucker” means someone who is easily deceived. So you are really misusing it. If anything Haleigh is the one who has been deceived over and over. If she isn’t gone next week it will come the week after. She is not good enough to win out to the end.

I found it funny how she was basically trashing Fess today, calling him a immature child who has had everything handed to him. How quickly she turns on the people she cares for. And they say Angela is the bitch.

JC Meltdown

The term “sucker” or used in the urban way “sucka” also can mean fool. As you are a sucka for responding in such a serious way and claiming misuse.

Although, Haleigh is a sucker if she thinks her a$$ ain’t going home next week. Who sits next to her, JC or Sam? Can’t wait for the drama to kick up!


I wonder if she is just playing along with the Fes bashing or if she has taken a step back and realized he isn’t all that. I’m not so sure that the intention of his speach was really to help Hayleigh and was more about his personal revenge on Angela.


I thought about that but there really was no need for her to say the things about Fes she did. She could have just said his speech was terrible and left it at that.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

Hayleigh is history. With all the idiot Hive members in the jury there is no way Hayleigh survives.
The real suckers here are the Hive alliance.

Scottie is Out of Cheese

Dawg what is up with that banner pic of Hayleigh? it looks like an elephant finished on her face.


said it before will say it again. Haleigh needs to go BUT, I would love to see her win HOH next week. If she did I would be hoping that she actually does put sam and JC OTB. I wanna see those 2 lose their minds when they are finally put up. Would make for a great week, is the only reason I hope for it. Sam would think tyler would have everyone save her and jc would go nuts in 2 possible directions, 1 – thinking they are doing to him what they all did to fessieboy last week and to scottie this week 2- he would just go around high and mighty thinking they would just get rid of sam because that is what haleigh wants, forgetting they haven’t voted any way the hive has wanted except with scottie only because it was Brett up there with him. I just quietly hope that would happen..LOL I just think sam is fake, she is not this sweet nor funny girl that I originally thought she would be. The way she acted at this HOH really showed what type of person she is. Doesn’t matter that you don’t like haleigh to scream only for tyler is just ignorant, even L6 were still cheering haleigh on and asking how she was doing when she got hit hard by the pie, fake ass sam goes running when haleigh falls off. Just didn’t like that at all. Even though sam is useless, I know they would vote out JC before her and truly look forward to that – him I haven’t liked from the start. But this HOH really changed my opinion of sam.


Man, Hayleighs game is rekt… The only way I could see her staying in the house is if she wins HOH and gets sam out in the DE to gain some faith… She then publicly hooks up with Brett, and then they team with JC (She would lose Fez’s vote and maybe even Scotties). Then this new group would have to miraculously win the next HOH… Finally, JC/Brett target ang/hay…

Why did there have to be a battle back? Last week was boring, and this week will be too.


Why? It’s just another chance for Scottie to pick up some more supplies and condoms.

Scottie's Condoms

Production made him give all that stuff back when he got to the jury house.

Dirty Harry Reid

Well I’m sure Fessi will be glad to see him back at Hive Manor.


That was so stupid and immature of him. Besides, he knows production is watching. What was the point. Did he think the remaining house guests would have to go w/out toiletries the rest if the summer?


I thought he said he was always broke and could use the stuff at home.


He needs to figure out a game plan to smuggle them out discreetly.


Prison wallet…


I don’t like the battle back….such a waste. The houseguest usually gets evicted again anyways. And they have time away in the jury to enjoy, chill out and get information from the other evicted houseguests. Doesn’t seem fair to the houseguests that were never evicted.


The only Battle Back that I ever actually liked was Victor (BB18). I respected that he won Battle Back 2x and he actually stayed awhile his final tour in the house. Well, I guess I have to add Cody in BB19 only because it pissed-off Paul and got him the deciding vote. 🙂


Ugh, Victor. I didnt understand his following. That was a flip vote of public opinion, if I have ever seen one! Everyone couldn’t stand him the first part of the game, then he became a hero after doing something…. But somehow, everyone seemed to forget him being such a cocky prick.

Dat Signal

And now he is with Nicole.

another name

Gee, what will they do next week for hoh in order to ensure the final member of the HIVE sticks around for another week? Is it time for one of those Which evicted juror said this comps? Production knowing full well that HIVE clustered and didn’t socialize as much with everyone else, so only the remaining HIVE member would have a great chance?


Production/DR helped Hay win Hacker & HOH before, so I wouldn’t put it past them again.

Chuck U Schumer

Maybe the next HOH will be questions about moles?


I don’t even like Angela but I’d have mad respect for her if she chopped off Tyler’s balls!

Eh eh


Melted Snowflakes

That would be Rocks or Bayleigh.

Just my opinion

So at this point does any one know who Tyler plans on bringing to the end….I believed that it was kaycee…but she is stepping up and liked all jurors… Not sure if that would be best for him…taking Angela I think would piss off L6 the most…bitter jury or not Tyler wins against sam…

Houka Inumuta

I still can believe Scottie’s is getting out on Tyler’s HOH of all people.

Tyler even brought a stuffed toy in his HOH room. If this doesn’t scream he’s a 5 years old I don’t know what will. At least Scottie didn’t bring a stuffed animal to the game.


I’m sorry your brother won’t get to play any more. Must be really hard seeing him go out like this but at least he got to play. He’ll remember this forever.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet


Scottie is going to the Hive Motel to hang out with Rockhead, Bitchleigh, and Fesidiot. Tyler is lying in a bed with Angela. I think we all know who the winner is here.

Rocky's Mom

Scottie has a stuffed cupcake from home that he carries around!

BB Fan

And Scottie also carries around a pair of stolen panties from Hayleigh.


Maybe it was a stuffed animal from his father. Who are we to judge.

BB Fan

Jealous of Tyler and your not even in the game Houka!!!


Give me a break! Scottie plays up his innocent act which includes his fake little boy voice. Every now and then he steps out of his caricature and his man voice comes through. I’m not saying he is an evil or bad person (definitely not evil genius), just that he is playing a role and your off base in your characterization of the 2.


With all the cuddling, petting and holding hands Tyler and Angela do, they may as well kiss already. It’s ridiculous if they think they are not in a showmance – because they already are emotionally there. And I love them together – I hope they get together outside the house.


RE: Tyler

There’s a very good reason that Tyler is just cuddling, petting and holding hands with Angela (but not even kissing her in private). There’s also a good reason that Tyler has not dwarf tossed JC from one end of the house to the other repeatedly for all the sexual harassment and molesting JC has treated him to. Angela is not Tyler’s type. Tyler enjoys posing with pretty girls. It’s just good for his image. But I’m willing to bet that Tyler cannot be seduced and can show super human restraint at all times no matter how beautiful a woman is…or how drunk and throwing herself at him (in the case of Hayleigh earlier in the season).
In other Tyler news, it is now pretty obvious that Tyler is not going to win the game. There’s nobody that he can take to the end that he will be able to beat (when you consider who will be on the jury). He IS public enemy #1 to that bitter jury. I realize none of this is obvious to the Tyler fanboys and fan girls out there. We need to clue you in early so that the disappointment is not too great in the end.

Eh eh

“I realize none of this is obvious to the Tyler fanboys and fan girls out there.” As a Tyler fan, that’s the only part of what you said I disagree with. Although saying he absolutely loses to every other option I wouldn’t go that far. Depends, there’s a lot of bitterness that will need to sort out its priorities.

Go To Your Safe Space

I can see why your name is gullible.

Keeping it Real

I don’t know who you think you are or where your thought process forms, but your mama named you well.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Angela cannot beat Tyler!

BB Fan

Angela is the one respecting herself and showing great restraint.

Bee on the wall

The dislikes are from all the wishful thinkers.


Or he’s trying not to be distracted from a significant payday.


Angela is just doing what she has to to keep Tyler under control. I doubt she will ever speak to him again after the show is over,

who me?

Once there is no more use for him, he will be friend zoned


Talk about self control. Tyler and Angela are perfect candidates for Tantric sex.

Smitten Kitten

Haleigh is just so dang obvious & clingy.

I’m not sure if she realizes it, but she’s completely transparent.
She constantly repeats over & over & over that Sam is her target & she only wanted to win HOH just to put up Sam & she’s not sure WHO she’d put up next to Sam, but it definitely would NOT be Tyler or Angela.

It’s truly exhausting listening to her rattle on with this script & she manipulates any & every conversation into talking about Sam, no matter what anyone else is discussing.

“It’s a nice day outside, Haleigh” – “You know who doesn’t like nice days? Sam!”

“I feel nauseous from that HOH comp – “You know who doesn’t feel nauseous? Sam, because she was too busy cheering on everyone else & against me”

“What’s everyone want for dinner? – “I know what Sam wants for dinner, my a$$ on a platter & out the door on eviction night!”.

It’s like this never ending PETTY, immature diatribe, all in the hopes of convincing Tyler & Angela that Sam is her “real” target (wink-wink).

The more she insists, the more convinced Tylet &’Angela will be that she’s still coming for them.

King Silva

Totally agree.

Tyler and Angela totally see through it so she needs to stop.

I wish she would just go hibernate for a couple days like her controlling stalker boyfriend Fessy…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL Spot on! (And you know who isn’t spot on? Sam. Because that B!tch has been after me since Day 1)


Hay has a convenient memory. She bitches about Sam not cheering for her in the HOH comp, neglecting to remember how she jumped up-and-down screaming and cheering for Rockstar in OTEV.

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

And then Rocks in her head broke Hay’s heart……priceless.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

You’re right. She reminds me of when Rocks was on her Brett rant. How sweet would it be if Sam wins HOH and evicts Hayleigh?


Haha. What Sam wants for dinner. That was a great one. I seriously have to mute her now. Last night’s rant hating on Fes. Her supposed best friend and showmance. I couldn’t listen to the entire thing. Man. I would not want to be her enemy seeing how she treats the people she supposedly likes. And honestly. She was not able to seduce Tyler even with her bikini on in the bathtub. Angela told her and Fes in her speech a day late and a dollar short. They have seen through her since day 1 and they are the ones she is trying to cling to She just needs to go be with rockstar.

BB Fan

Hayleigh hates that there is one person in the house who isn’t enthralled with her.


Who’s enthralled with her? Fez is in the jury house, the camera guy is behind the wall and that owl has dead eyes…


I don’t think it’s so bad her constant repeat of Sam. I would enjoy watching her win the next HOH and finally hitting a bullseye on L6/4. Not that I’m a fan of hers but would like to see if the others stay strong or start to crumble. There’s already little cracks starting to form. I’m just curious if they would handle their alliance in the same manner if left to their choosing or someone throwing a granade into their plans.
And with that said I would like to see Tyler and Brett F2.

Michelle Green

This is boring tonight don’t want to watch a rubbing show eek

King Silva

I’m gonna need Sam to say to Haleigh, “Whatcha gonna do girl? Whatcha gonna do?” so she can snap lol.

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

I just want Kaycee to say to Hayleigh “Let’s Go” after she gets evicted.

another name

One question:
who actually listened to Bayleigh’s self entitled bitterness, Rockstar’s rich kid whining, and Fes’ misplaced arrogance and thought to themselves, “yeah, they’re going to be a totally fair and impartial jury.” No. Really??

Janie Haze

Rockstar is rich?


I heard she knows someone that knows someone that owns a marina.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstar


Rocks was always complaining about rich entitled people because they are not perfect like her. Barf.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

It is going to be fun listening to Dr, Will spank the jury for their voting as a block plan. The Hive will be the symbol of incompetence in Big Brother forever.


As much as I like DR. Will’s and the concept of the jury segment it’s pretty much him reading from productions notes.

I’m just happy it’s DR Will thats doing it and not Dan, Derrick or Paul…

BB Fan

Just shoot me if it’s Paul.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

…or Frankie?


Don’t ever suggest that.. if it spreads even as a joke GROD will do it and call it a fan favorite decision.

The quiet one

That’s true. In response to Frankie I couldn’t figure out if I should do thumbs up or down. No way I want to see even a minute of his face.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I wrote that and I wouldn’t even know which way to go. I am not a Frankie fan. He rates up there with the other eyebrow and a half on Swaggy Cya for me.


Imagine if it were Victoria…20 minutes of dead air.

BB Fan

Dead air or dead hair?


I think she had nice hair, it’s the only thing she paid attention to during her time in the house.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Fessy will see Dr.Will and go “Who’s this jerk?”

Rocky's Mom

I would love to see Haleigh leave this week! I am so sick of her calling Sam names and threathing to go off on her which I would love to see because Sam would stomp a mud hole in her chest!! She does a lot of talking behind her back but she is to scared to say anything to her face! I guess now she moved off of Fesayl and now moved on to rubbing all over Brett. Sam was right when she called her out on using the boys and you never see her doing anything around the house! Send her to jury please!!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She’s trying to play the same “reverse psychology” L6 has played all summer. Like the rest of her game, it’s just really bad. The fact that she was more comfortable hanging out with Bitter Party of Hive speaks volumes.


No Longer Literally, But Figuratively,
I’ve wanted to tell you all season that I love your name! The word “literally ” has to be the most misused word in today’s society.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Thank you Nance. Beginning of season, Kaitlyn, Bay & Haleigh started almost thru sentence with “Like Literally” & I thought it would be the death of me. Then sometime on here hijacked my name (with bad grammar) so I added the rest. Literally 🙂


I agree, it’s really getting old. I guess she forgot when Sam defended her when JC tried the bathroom door open.

When Sam started cheering only Tyler on during the HOH competition, I knew Haleigh was going to make a big deal out of it. Prior to Sam only cheering Tyler on she was encouraging all of them even Haleigh. I guess she didn’t hear her. Sam was the only one who went to help Haleigh after the competion.

It was ok for Haleigh to go crazy when she thought Rockstar was going to beat Tyler in OTEV but Sam can’t do the same.


This comment is probably going to show my age but I can’t help but cringe every time I hear Haleigh say the “f” word. I think back to how upset she was when Sam called her out when she put her on the block, worrying what her grandfather and uncle would be feeling. Something tells me you’re not making grandpa proud with the ease in which you say that word. NOT that I haven’t said it before but I have more respect for my elders than to let them hear me say it.

Janie Haze

Funniest thing I’ve heard Sam say was “stomp a mud hole in her chest”!

BB Fan

Wouldn’t that be “curb stomp a mud hole in her chest”?


Curb stomp was something else. Sam was going to stomp a mudhole in Kaitlyn’s chest over something Kaitlyn said about or to Tyler I think. The curb stomp explanation creeped out JC though.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I have relatives from the south and is never heard that phrase or “curb stomp”.

Sam Has Guns

I would love to see Hayleigh go off on Sam. How many pieces do you think Sam would tear Hayleigh into?

BB Fan

More than the number of puzzle pieces that Kaitlyn failed to put together


Jury Battle Back weeks are sooooo boring! If they didn’t have that, then this week would be Hay’s final song.

Then we could get to the good part which is L6 going after JC & Sam. Then each other.

But nooooo….we’ve got to sit through 2 booorrrring weeks! This game is terrible when everyone knows what’s going to happen.

I suppose it’s too much to hope for that this Thursday would be Double Eviction.

Janie Haze

Yes please! Thumbs up the above comment in favor of a double eviction! Let it begin, let it begin!


JC on the block will be very entertaining. It’s coming !! And I can’t wait.

JC Meltdown

I have been waiting for JC to be on the block for over a month now. He is going to lose his cool and whine like a little baby. What a great week it will be when the put JC on the block. I pray they don’t backdoor him so I can enjoy the entire week of him on the block self-destructing!


At least Scottie will get a proper send off. How he got on the block last time was really messed up. I’ve never seen people in this game straight up lie before the way that Brett and Kaycee did. They covered their asses by calling it “acting” but it still wasn’t right.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I know. Lying. In Big Brother. Shocking.

Skylab blue star fire burn

I don’t know why they’re even bothering to go through the motions.
Let’s be real the next few weeks are going to be predictably boring.
All these fools are going to cake walk Tyler to the finish line.
After Scottie and hayleigh are gone
Brett, JC, Sam, are the next morons leaving because they never made any contingency plans.
So much for Brett having any brains.
Or Sam being an example to other women as a strong independent boss bitch. She’s led by the nose by a dude. Big disappointment!
It will be a pleasure watching JC leave for jury.


Brett just makes me smile. I love his happy go lucky demeanor.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I like him, too. But I hate how much he drags Rachel. It’s not necessary. I think they really misconstrued her. It was the right choice to let both her and Winston go over Brett, but no need to be mean.


Same here. I was getting so annoyed listening to him trash her. I get she was annoying. But no need for all he was saying

BB Fan

Agree. Rachel was loyal to them.


Until she decided to believe Bay over her own alliance.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Bingo. There have been several epic “misunderstandings” this season which have lead to harsh consequences…and Bayleigh was often at the center of them.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Which is why she had to go. I said it was the right choice. But the dragging of her on After Dark last night was gross. That’s the point. She forgot that hanging out with Bay was recon and blew her game up. Two weeks later, she was somehow responsible for the flip votes, everyone’s lies, and for shooting J.R. & the Kennedy’s.


Ahaha! J.R.! Good one! 😉

Haleigh's Melanoma

She made it very clear to Brett on several occasions that she wanted to knock boots with him and he didn’t like that idea.


These people need to make big moves lol quit trying to be safe and im sorry I know Sam and JC dont do shit but if they go to end they will win that jury so dam bitter.


That is what’s keeping them from making big moves level 6 knows that if they make it to the end with Sam jc hay or Scottie they have zero chance of winning so why team up with up with them the only chance they have to win is sitting next to one another. Plus I believe they will cut kaycee first since she is the most liked by the hive out of the four of them my final three is Brett Tyler Angela


0.o What is with the enormous brown guck-smear on Hayleigh’s face??
:-/ I will apologize in advance because I *hate* when people bring politics into BB… but… all I could think of when I saw her pic was the CNN headline…
“The official most incredible reason Trump wanted alone time with Putin”

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

LOL I think it’s a charcoal mask. It’s really a good exfoliater and props to these girls that they aren’t so fake and done up 24/7. But it’s alarming if you don’t know what it is. JC’s pic above looks straight up demonic. Tyler said it best, “Cute as a button but pure evil.”

Eh eh

That would be a skid mark from all her butt-kissing of Julie.


“I *hate* when people bring politics into BB” – then don’t do it.

Al Goreon

BBSniper should turn the gun on himself.

Haleigh's Melanoma

So you think President Trump and Putin were exfoliating?

Gimmie a Break!!!

Tyler just kiss her already n get it out of the way so u can get ur head back in the game for 500k…


For real tho. Love them together. So kind and loving to each other. Just get it done and get your head back in the game. I do think he is fighting with himself trying to not let feelings get too deep.

who me?

No he knows he’s not in her league outside the house


I had to laugh. Haleigh said she forgot names. So she asked Sam how she spelled her name to cover up the fact that she couldn’t remember.
Sam said : S.A.M.
I did the same thing once. Asked the person..(I couldn’t remember his name..and I have an english accent)
I asked him ( How do you pronounce your name? He replied slowly: DAY-VID. I was mortified.
That..and Hay’s awkward bunny hop when finding level 4 celebrating. I still laugh when recalling it.
It’s been dull on the feeds. Scottie unfortunately not doing well in comps.
Hay being super fake and clingy..and OBVIOUS.
Example. * JC..we are going to Vegas together. NO PAUSE. What are you doing with your vote?*
I understand her campaigning. But overdoing the big time.


Lol. I had to rewatch that little hop Haleigh did as well. Cracked me up At first I was like. What was that ?


Does Kaycee winning this veto seem like a very bad move to anyone else? Even if Scottie or Hay won, she would not of been the replacement nom and she actually helped Tyler not get more blood on his hands. It’s like level 6 is playing to help Tyler win.

Pickled pepper

Angela should trim her moustache.
Tyler should do something with that mop.


I remember the good old days when Angela was a bitch to her final two!!


Angela needs to bleach her upper lip.

Fake angela

Angela likes getting her massages from Brett with her bra undone no less!!
But this time she got busted and she had to put on the fake.
Oh by the way what the hell is the problem with her eyes? She doesn’t have the slightest clue how to put on those fake eyelashes like she puts on the fake personality.

Rabbit Stew

Jealous much?

BB Fan

They are permanent fake lashes. They are always on

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Haleigh, you really need to just shut up. You flirted a very large, dim witted man into what he believed was true love. I’m not too sure how he’s going to feel about being played, but to pour salt in the wound by trash talking him. Incredibly stupid.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And it looks like that vacation of Swayleigh and Faileigh has been called off…

“ok first of all, dude was so torn when Julie asked him who he would use the veto on had he won … an inconsiderate selfish man would’ve said “me of course, wtf.” But instead, dude was crying because he loves you & bit the bullet. Hales .. *sigh*”

…so cheer up, you dodged that bullet.

BB Fan

Boo-boo. He knew it was himself, he just didn’t want to say it out loud. He is a control freak. Hay needs to jump ship and swim fast.


Tyler is going to bang the walk out of Angela at the after party.

who me?

Don’t see that happening. 2 VERY different people. In HOH convo Tyler said he would take her to Hawaii, but she wants fancy hotel room with a view and he wants hostels and waterfalls. He likes PB&J and she likes sushi.

who me?

Resting bitch face is playing Tyler like a fiddle. Good God, she’s a (supposedly) successful business person/model outside of the house, and lives in L.A. Self admittedly (in a pre-show interview) likes her “boy toys”, nothing serious. Tyler going all shy on her when he asks if he can have her phone # when they get out, and she says “it starts with 843”, thats Hilton Head (where she hasnt lived in years) not L.A. Watching them snuggle and cuddle makes me gag as much as Hayleigh & Fes did, most people/fans do not like showmances, they are idiotic, not view worthy, and 9 out of 10 times, just one person using another to get ahead (like Resting bitch face is trying, but the ones on here that don’t see it will thumbs down or come back with…but she has won things! Yeah…go back and re-watch…handed to her).
Tyler takes anyone but maybe Sam or JC to final 2 (yes we already know he is Final 2, have known it from about Day 3…uh hmm production), he won’t win. He has stretched that Final 2 to a very thing string that is going to snap back on his ass.
Brett is showing his ignorance more and more in this game. Kaycee has won some things but never HOH. Sam just gets more and more annoying, as does JC (who should have been kicked out of the house long ago for his actions). Hayleigh is Hayleigh but as a Hive she is still there…so far. And Scottie needed to change his game once back in, won HOH and gone after L4 (like production was hoping), but didn’t so he’s next to go. The rest of the Season is going to be one long snooze fest, even when the numbers get lower.


Wow…why r u even watching?????

Teri in Oregon

Excellent question, Yikes!….wondering the same. More people should just to tune out rather than bitch about every single person. Ugh.

who me?

So I can come on here and show people how ignorant their comments are? Or because its a way to pass some time until Survivor is on? Or because everyone has a right to their opinion? Pick one

who cares?

That seems fair since you showed us how ignorant your comment was.


Hate Much?


A lot of people keep their cell number from before they moved. I grew up in cali but live in texas and have for decades. My cell number is still a cali zip….

As for this season…its been great. If you cant see the potential for great gameplay and feeds from l6 turning on each other….then I don’t know what to tell you.

Teri in Oregon

Ron, I did the same when we moved from So. Cal two years ago. And yes, this season has been amazing, totally agree!

Scottie is Out of Cheese

This has been the best season in years imo.


It’s the age of the cell phone, the area code is pretty irrelevant.

Cray Cray

Her Resting B**** Face looks pretty and has landed her a modeling career. What can you say about yours?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

FYI, people who have had the same cell phone number for years (not those pre-order disposable phones from Wal-Mart) keep the same number. I’ve had mine for 18 years and the area code is on a completely different state. Do a Google search on Angela. She’s had some national endorsement deals. Probably not rich but makes a nice living.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Absolute! Yes, Angela has done well for herself which is an accomplishment that should be admired.


Fartstar….HAHAHAHA :p

Mitzi Ritz

I’m just happy that homophobic ,bigoted Jeff Schroeder guy has finally been given the boot …why he was even allowed to be the offline face of big brother is a mystery to me….

Rainbow Sherbet

i hope JC stops by your place with his ice cream scooper.


He was given the boot? Who’s doing the interviews now?

JC is Pervy

Two fat toads. From celebrity B.B. Nails on chalkboards.


Wow! I’m given thumbs down just for asking a question.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Jeff got a real job, not in LA. Ross Mathews from Celeb BB does the interviews now.


Thank you for answering the question. I appreciate that. (No commentary on Jeff. Just wondering since he has been doing it for so long.)


KC is to Taylor what Josh was to Paul. If Taylor takes KC, she wins because of a bitter jury and she played a great social game – she’s well liked. Taylor has 4 final two deals. I think his only chance is bringing JC or Sam to final two to win because they are perceived as doing nothing in the game.

Bayleigh Blows

TYLER would stand a great chance against Angela too.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’d be happy with ANY of L4 winning. I believe the best jury reaction though would be Tyler and Angela final two, with Brett and Kaycee on jury with absolutely no reason to hold their tongues. An ideal situation to bitter the crap out of the Hive one last time. It would probably make for some decent drama.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

She’s so out of his league, he’s so out of her league.

This month will be the 43rd year of being happily married to a woman completely out of my league. Imagine that, some people don’t see “leagues”.

Good luck Tyler and Angela…make your own league.


100 million thumbs up to this !!!


Angela is beautiful but she needs some kind of cosmetic intervention regarding her eye makeup choices.

Hi my name is Scott

So, the Hive thinks that they will actually vote as a block on finale night? Seems like they have not been able to control anything that they appeared to have control of all season…..Can see it now, the one that was agreed upon to vote against will actually win. Can’t wait to see some Hive jaws drop one last time. At least there will be no speculating one who “flipped the vote.


Hopefully not on Rockstars daughters birthday!

Scottie Pilgrim

If i recall correctly, JC has been flipping votes that Hive thought they had all season… so im pretty sure Bay, RS, Fez, Scottie, and Hay can keep it together and vote unanimously. If JC, Brett, or KC makes it to the end, Hive will vote any one of them to win.


Pretty sure Fez, Bayleigh, Angie and Haleigh have voted together every time. I doubt it will change now, I mean if it ain’t fixed keep it broke (like Blockstar).