JC “What is going on with you & Angela? You have to tell me right now!”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: Haleigh & Scottie Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

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8:05pm Big Brother puts them on an indoor lock down for maintenance in the backyard. The house guests head inside. In the kitchen Brett talks about slimming down in the summer and bulking up in the winter to hibernate. Scottie asks why bulk up in the winter and slim down in the summer? Brett – you want to look your best during the time you would have your shirt off the most.

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8:30pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler are laying on the bed holding hands and chatting about random things. Tyler and Angela see JC coming on the spy tv so Angela runs to the couch. At 8:39pm JC rings the doorbell and walks straight in without waiting to be asked in. Angela – hey little girl. JC sits down and looks annoyed. Angela heads downstairs. JC – what is going on with you and Angela, you have to tell me right now! You have to tell me. Tyler – how many times? JC – you have to tell me. I was literally walking here and heard running towards the couch. Tyler – she wasn’t running. She was walking. JC – I literally heard running towards the couch as I was coming. I literally don’t care. Tyler – oh my god JC! I don’t know how many times! JC – everyday they ask me about this. (production) Tyler – that’s because you always ask me about it. JC – they ask me about it. And now I was walking here and I hear little legs towards the couch. Tyler – I don’t know how many times I have to tell you. Now that that is stuck in your head .. its stuck in your head. JC – I believe you every single time since we’ve been here. And right now it is just out of control. Tyler – I know its hard for you to believe me but.. JC – right now I am not believing you. Tyler – okay then don’t believe me until I get a chance to prove it. JC – I was walking here and hear her. Tyler – she was walking from there. JC – why the coincidence? She 100% ran from that bed to that couch. Tyler – dude you’re paranoid man! I know you’re not stupid. JC – of course I’m not stupid and if you were clear with me and stuff … you know I don’t open my mouth about what you an me talk about.

Tyler – why does this make you mad? JC – it doesn’t make me mad, I just need to be able to plan. I know how it gets in here .. everyone feels lonely. I am not being a b***h to you and telling you, you can’t do this and that. I just want to know what is going on. So we can talk about it and stick to the plan and see what we can do. Tyler – we are sticking to the plan. JC – I know but you make me feel stupid. I trust you with Haleigh because I know you would never work together. You would have to be the stupidest guy. Tyler – I don’t let people get in my mind. JC – I just want to know where she (Angela) stands. If she is BFF’s with you right now. I want to know whats going on. So when people come to me and tell me stuff. I am working with you and sticking with you till the end. Even if you win in the end, I am sticking to the end with you. JC – she was here last night until like 4 or 5 in the morning. Tyler – we’re just talking. We’re from the same place dude. JC – ok, so five hours talking about the same thing. You think she is super smart but she is not. Tyler – you said she was smart. JC – so the other ones are less smart than her. She waits in the kitchen until no one is looking and then comes up here. Something is going on here. Something has to be that you don’t want to say. Tyler – I told you this before .. I like hanging out with her. But what you need to know is its me and you dude. I would never throw everything we’ve done away. Its been 75 days. JC – I’ve defended your game as much as I’ve defended mine.

JC – Brett comes to me and tells me something is up. I told him he’s just being paranoid, stick to the plan. Get Scottie out. I keep telling him that Haleigh is someone you cannot trust. She voted you out every single time. But I cannot push the boundary. Tyler – I am not asking you to. I just don’t understand what the big deal is?! You think I would pick her over you? JC – basically. Tyler – I told you. JC – basically its not about that. I worked my a$$ off and I don’t have any other alliance in here. And if this happens I will just sit back down on the block and be like I deserve this. Tyler – what can I do to prove it to you. I will when its crunch time. JC – I think Brett is going to put up Kaycee and Angela. Tyler – when next week? JC – but at least its not you. Tyler – its stupid. Its too early but whatever. I genuinely think its not a good idea for me, you or Brett. JC – the only thing that Brett is concerned about is separating Kaycee and Angela. If we separate them as soon as possible we are going to be completely fine. Tyler – you are. She (Haleigh) put me on the block. JC – worst case scenario Haleigh wins HOH next week .. she is going after Sam. Tyler – so you put up Kaycee and Angela.. one of them come down and Sam goes up. Sam goes. Now you have Angela and Kaycee coming after you. JC – not me, I’m not putting them up. Brett is. Tyler – you vote one of them out and they come after you for voting them out. There is just an order we have to do things. JC – if I win this week and its a double eviction.. I am probably going to take out Haleigh. If its not a double, I would sit down with you. JC – we should let Brett win and put up Kaycee & Angela and we vote one of them out. Tyler – you have to be careful Brett could turn this all around on you. JC – I have come backs .. not just a come back .. I have come backs to destroy him. JC – you’re already made a top two deal with the love of your life. Tyler – you’re a f**king idiot. Yeah, I did. With you.

9:13pm – 10pm Sam comes out of the diary room with a card to read from POP TV. Sam – havenots can participate until midnight. Dear houseguests big brother after dark only has eyes for you even on labour day. That’s why we want you to chill and grill in a backyard party. Food is in storage and the beer is on ice. The house guests go crazy yelling and screaming. They head out side to the backyard to find a BBQ and beer in a cooler.
Brett start BBQ’ing. Angela and Haleigh get in the hot tub. The others are eating and playing badminton, boccie ball.

11pm – 11:30pm Angela and Haleigh shower together in the HOH room shower.

11:20pm Angela and Haleigh in the hammock. Angela – Sam has a weird protective thing over Brett. Haleigh – Sam has a weird protective thing over any male. Angela – the only comment that really bothered me was when he (JC) said this is going to make great tv. (When Brett was giving Angela a massage with her shirt off in the HOH bed.) Haleigh – that’s a weird comment to make. Angela – its a weird comment to make and it makes me feel degraded in a way. Like how dare you. Haleigh – I don’t think he thinks about what he says and how he speaks. Angela – That was the day I was super sensitive and I just lost it. Haleigh – I remember when he did that and he was like what’s going on? Their f**king… go look. On national television. Angela – Brett is giving Angela a massage because her back hurts. Its the end of the world. Haleigh – he is also starting to get snappy. Angela – he told me that I had an attitude.

Angela about Sam – I am excited to have all her sh*t gone and all her trash. Haleigh – its not even items… its trash! EVERYWHERE! In my mind I know exactly what her house looks like. Everywhere.. just sh*t! Angela – its trash! It drives me nuts! I hate clutter. Haleigh – I can’t! I hate sh*t Everywhere! Big Brother zooms in on Sam’s “trash” on the kitchen table (see photo below). At first I thought she was doing it just for attention. Now I just genuinely think that’s how she is. Angela – you know what I think .. hoarders. Haleigh – no sh*t! That’s exactly what I imagine her house looks like. She takes sh*t and more sh*t and puts it together. Angela – the psychology behind it, is she is trying to fill a void. There is an empty spot, that she fills with things. After the hide the veto comp.. I thought that she was going to lose it. I thought she was going to LOOSE it. To be honest I was happy. Haleigh – I just took her sh*t and threw it everywhere. They both laugh. Haleigh – do you notice where she goes every morning. She is medicated. She didn’t the first two weeks. I think she lost her sh*t.

11:57pm – 12:05am HOH room. Angela and Tyler. Tyler – I’ve got some bad news. Angela – what? Tyler – JC heard you running over there. I heard her run from the bed to over there. I said you were just walking from here to there. Angela – Dammit now he is really going to be trying. Cool, I’ll just sit up here tonight. F**k. Tyler – I know. You just need to be careful with hanging out with Haleigh when she follows you around. JC is going to be acting weird and Brett is going to be acting weird. They’ll feel threatened that you won’t out Haleigh up. Angela – do you think JC’s plan is to catch us so hecan s

12:35pm Hammock. Brett and JC. JC – She (Angela) is acting weird. She is acting so weird. Like she hasn’t laughed. Did you see when I was washing cans? She told me to stop. She walked right over and threw them in the garbage. I was like B****H! Get the f**k out of my way! I do whatever the f**k I want here! I’ll f**king throw the cans in her face. I took that so personal. Brett – even to me she is being weird. Its like she disapproves of everything I do. JC – HUH? Brett – its like she disapproves… Like she doesn’t approve. JC – you know I will vote someone out her out of here. I don’t do anything different .. she can f**King suck my di*k! Brett – I’m not doing anything different either. Also did you notice? I thought Sam was going to freak out on Haleigh. For nothing! For helping!

3:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Regardless what you think of him, JC is very perceptive regarding his discussion about Angela. He went into detail about Angela’s body language and how she goes to the kitchen, walkis around and then sneaks to the HOH room. And, he’s right on the money about them.

Who said that!

If he could win a comp he would have been dangerous.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Exactly. If JC or Brett would actually win something they might be able to put their nefarious plans in motion but until then it is just talk.


neither one of them is going to desert old Tyler. But I would love to see one of them win and actually put KC and Angela up.


I think JC has thrown most of the comps.


Honestly I think a blind person could see this……the baby bird is showing his stupid stubborn side not putting this silly cuddling with Angela aside for a couple of weeks…..it seems lazy and sloppy which is out of character for Tyler…..hes been cruising why now?


It’s about to hit the fan anyway. They are running out of non-aligned folks to target. Even if he stopped all activity with Angela it’ll be too late, the gossip is rolling.


Why can’t Ty and Angela pull it together for another 3 weeks or so and spend nights apart? Spending so much time together is causing a rift. When BB season is over, they can do what consenting adults do behind closed doors when 500k is not on the line!

BB Fan

Who cares if Angela and Tyler spend time together. They aren’t doing anything but talking. Why is it such a big deal to everyone? No one bitched about Haliegh and Fester always being together unless Fez was pouting about something.


who cares? apparently jc, sam, brett and dr (prod) care- that’s who. most of the rest of us can’t care about it

Swaggy's Missing Brow

JC is quite intelligent…when compared to someone like Fessie. L4 has seen through him and used him almost since the start.



JC to hive member #1: “hive member #2 said (lie) about you.”
hive #1 to hive #2: “jc says you said something about me.”
hive #2 to hive #1: “i didn’t.”
hive #1 to hive #2: “You’re a liar!”

JC to L6 member #1: “L6 member said (lie) about you.”
L6 #1 to L6 #2: “jc says you said something about me.”
L6 #2 to L6 #1: “i didn’t.”
L6 #1 to L6 #2: “yeah, jc’s such a liar.”


This is so funny and so true.


lmao you are so right.L6 is not Fessy.


Yeah but I’m watching Tyler smirk over this and it’s reminiscent of how Tyler has played the entire game. I’m not saying Ty doesn’t like Angela he does. BUT — this move is in concert with how he’s played since Day 1 — i.e. spend as much time with the person you want to sit beside if you do by chance get nominated. First it was KK, then it was Scottie, now it’s Angela. Who does he spend the LEAST amount of time with? ….. Kaycee! (and she’s his true F2).

So, I watch him smirk and think to myself he’s laughing b/c if he was really worried he’d take heed to the warnings from Brett or JC — he’s not worried b/c he knows beside Angela he stays every time. It’s smart game play and he’s having fun in the interim.

Meanwhile JC is losing his mind over it and now every single little thing Angela does is a problem (similar to how Hal sees Sam). It’s comical to watch.

I do think the DR is also goading JC b/c TPTB probably want him out sooner than later, so they are poking him to act even more irrational. L6 kept him around bc he was a useful tool to the other side and b/c there is no concern of him winning. Now with just Haleigh remaining his only usefulness is he’s easy to beat. But if he keeps trying to stir up *hit they’ll just as easily move him up the pecking order. I expect he’ll be the target in DE (and thought this all along) b/c JC would be a nightmare on the block.


will jc or sam be worse on the block though?

meanwhile, i agree there’s no downside to tyler hanging out with angela. if he’s put up on the block next to her, she goes, and she’s a vote for him in jury. i think he wants her to finish third (after he throws the final hoh comp (everyone’s taking him anyway)) and considering how many allies they have, there’s a good chance that happens, but next week also probably works for him.


Oh JC would definitely be worse on the block. JC isn’t rational, especially when it comes to Ty = look how strangely he acted over Ty’s hair being straightened. I think he’s smitten with Ty and he’s frustrated b/c Brett isn’t as pliable as Faysal was (nor is Tyler).

All this time L6 let JC assume he was driving the direction of house events when in reality they were just using him. L6 decided in week 2 or 3 to let JC take credit for everything – they’d already figured out how JC worked so they decided as a group to tell him “need to know” items and let him assume he was in charge.

Now that his usefulness has diminished he (JC) is still trying to dictate actions, but with only Haleigh left L6 don’t need to pretend anymore. I mean look at Tyler as he says to JC right you want to take out Angela b/c it’s better for you, but leave Haleigh here who has put me on block and will come for me — it’s not a guess – it’s a given.

JC lacks empathy – he is willing to put Ty’s game in jeopardy but perish the thought of JC even being considered to be a have not (he thinks TPTB did that on purpose to punish him lol) let alone go on the block. It’s just like everything else JC does —everyone gets up at 10AM = JC gets up at 1- 3PM and doesn’t give a chit what TPTB say to him. Unfortunately they (TPTB) also gave him this ridiculous mastermind edit so now they have to find a way to spin things to show he was being puppeteered by Ty & L6.


well, that was the major flaw in jc’s game. he did all this work getting faysal to trust him when he shouldn’t where he never created the same relationship with brett or tyler. none of his information was ever anything they couldn’t figure out on their own and he almost always voted with them and was never underhanded.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I think the downside is that jC might not target Angela or Kaycee. He might target Tyler. Let’s say Hayleigh/Brett/or jC win HOH this coming week. One of them puts Tyler up and if the other two vote him out he is gone via the tie breaker. That would be a huge move for them and it would bust this game wide open.

JC Needs to wake up

JC sitting in HOH room right now telling Tyler how Brett is going to take a shot at Angela and Kaycee next week if Brett wins HOH. Tyler tells JC that move is not good for Tyler’s game. JC says Brett does not believe AT ALL that Tyler is working with KC or Angela and so Brett does not associate Tyler with them.

At that moment you can see Tyler’s eyes light up as he finally just figured out who has been lying to him between JC and Brett about wanting to take out Angela or KC.

JC pushing so so hard to break up Angela and KAycee next week is going to be the cause of death to JC’s game. He has played his mind tricks too long in this game and now that he lost Fessy, JC believes he can use Brett as his puppet to take out one of the girls. JC’s fatal mistake is not knowing Brett is more apart of Kaycee, Angela and Tyler then JC ever has been.


JC is so smart sweetie……..but he pushes to hard…….and its finally gonna catch up with him lol.

Just Sayin...

Everyone says Sam will go nuts when she’s put on the block but I think that will pale in comparison to what JC does. He’s gonna go ballistic!!!


But the bigger picture revelation, which Tyler is seemingly blind to, is that he’s playing a masterful…2nd place game.

Tyler has overplayed, covered so many bases in order to get to the end, that he’s completely abdicated any jury strategy. He’s trying to make Scottie blame the house for his 2nd eviction…but Scottie knows Tyler put him up. Tyler’s gone so far, he might even start throwing votes to pin on others, mistakenly thinking he’s so solid with the evictee, they’ll assume it was him. For instance, he can throw a vote to JC and pin it on Brett. He’s constantly telling Kaycee to hang with Brett, so he can pin a thrown vote on her. He may not even do this, but it’s sort of irrelevant because each evicted person will feel betrayed by their “final 2” partner. He just assumes his in game “mist” will continue in jury

It’s really no different than Paul and Dan’s 2nd seasons and hopefully for superfan contestants moving forward it’s a revelation: You HAVE to take some truth risks in the game in order to win the jury. This jury is going to be filled with people Tyler betrayed. That’s all they’ll see…and not that he deserves credit for making them look like fools on national TV…

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It will all balance out in the end given how many people have been playing the go to jury game.


i think tyler is playing better than dan or paul. dan and paul got people to make dumb moves and were personally vindictive, tyler has mostly all been about game. he can beat angela and brett for sure, possibly kaycee and sam. maybe even jc.


He will not beat JC or Haileigh if he is sitting next to then F2.


Only because the jury is a bunch of nasty people who won’t reward game play…..

BB Fan



jc i’m most unsure he can beat. everyone actually beats hayleigh. she has four votes, but won’t pick up a fifth.

BB Fan

Neither one of them has played a great game. The only positive for JC & Hail is that Hive is a bitter jury toward any L6 player


RE: Tyler’s masterful…2nd place game

Judging by the feedback given to Ronnie’s above post, I’m disappointed at how clueless MOST viewers are. Of course Tyler is playing the perfect game if your goal is to finish second place. Just all the final 2 deals alone would doom him in the end. He has more baggage than that. Every single person in Tyler’s alliance will beat him in a final 2.
There’s something else that most viewers are really confused about. Too often we hear things like “Tyler DESERVES to win” And that makes NO SENSE. If you are talking about who the viewers at home feel played the best game and deserves to win, then you are describing a game OTHER THAN and completely different from Big Brother. Big Brother is not the game where you the detached viewer gives an opinion as to who “deserved” to win. Big Brother is BY DEFINITION a game where the last nine people voted out get to vote on who among the final two gets half a million dollars. That’s a whole different animal and it’s a much more difficult game to win.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’ve a feeling there’s going to be a lot of hurt feelings when the winner, second place and America’s favorites are named.


yep couldn’t say it any better than you JC Needs to wake up

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively


JC is like a jealous girlfriend.

Who said that!

Jealous girlfriends are usually right.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Uh, no. That’s a broad stroke. Some are right. JC isn’t Tyler’s girlfriend. He’s not even Tyler’s #2 or #3. He’s more concerned about them “canoodling” than anything else, which should be irrelevant to him. He’s not going to get that close to Tyler while he’s awake.

Who said that!

Tyler has allegiance to only two people-#1 Kaycee #2 JC,Tylers final 3.


I think it’s a mix of jealousy and strategy. He needs to know if Tyler is a reliable f2


JC is a very unlikeable person, I just hope Tyler tells Angela this convo and send him packing. Yes he’s smart and if he wins the game I’d understand because despite being in the middle, he’s playing the game. Definitely not a fan but i will say he’s good.

I’d like to know if he has fans that truly like him and why, because the man is just so unlikeable. Something off about him.


Funny ,authenthic, smart , cute !
J.c is great.


CUTE?? JC? I think he looks creepy, especially after he shaved his head!! That being said though, I’d say he’s incredibly articulate for someone who speaks English as his second language. Hell, he has a better vocabulary than plenty who were born and raised here.


Not in his look as for overall personality wize and becuse of his size and nice body.. he is cute

Cray Cray

his personality is not cute


I can’t understand him. The caption people don’t get half of what he says. I can’t imagine why casting thought this was a good idea.


I think he’s just this season’s bitchy queen ……every season has one lol.

BB Fan

He is creepy

Houka Inumuta

People were asking me why I think Scottie should get America’s favorite!!!

1) He’s not afraid to make big moves. He spilt up the bros.
2) His game got screwed up by Fessy. Fessy got rid of his own number.
3) He fought his way back into the game!!!
4) He’s one of the best players in the hive/forte side of the house

People were also asking who would I root for after Scottie’s gone. I’ll root for Tyler “Scooby Doo” Crispin.

Why you ask?

1) To prove to the guys that he has NO SHOT of Winning
2) He keeps postponing my eviction parties so I want to jinx him
3) He actually likes EDM.

Scottie FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1) got out winston! Wow! Angela got out bigger players which shr wanted to.
2) his game screwed by himself . You can see him going home again when fessy is not in the game .
Scottie thinks he can go far without real conections and alliance. Bailey and rockstar still to this day dont remember including him in an alliance. Fessy also was saying he didnt talk game with him.
3)fought his way… cuz he was voted out!! Angela j.c brett tyler and kaycee fought thier way and stayed!
Brett and kaycee survived the block twice
Angela and tyler won hoh twice
Scottie voted out twice
Whats better?
4) so you just saying he is better than fessy rockstar and bailey.. mybe
Still a lot other house guests
No one said its the hive side who needs to be the favorite


Scottie to me was a scary player early on with his cold HOH killer attitude when he put up Brett/Winston……what a disappointment he turns out to be…. kinda dumb which I never anticipated lol.


You obviously have no clue about whats going on. Scotty is not a good player. He has no idea whats going on in the house. He even admits it. His favorite phrase is “I don’t know.” Even after being in jury he still can’t figure things out. He had a chance once, the he surrendered his game to Haleigh and followed her around like a lost puppy.

He can’t keep a secret and He has terrible reads on people. Those two factors alone make him a terrible player.


Uh i think i said he was dumb and a disappointment…..did you miss that part……read.


Number four is only partially correct: He joined the Hive recently after being l) a floater hinky voter and then 2) hanging out in Angela’s HOH being a part of that side.

Miss Conception

Scottie is a nerd and socially inept.He tries but his nerdiness overcomes rational thought. Not that it is bad,it is just who he is.


What does Houka Inumuta mean? Is it made up? It sounds made up.

Tyler’s raging hormones

Jc is a racist
Jc is a sexual assaulter
Jc cannot be respected and should have been removed from the game.
If a straight male did what jc did to Tyler to a woman they would be insta-ejected, charged, and arrested.

Anyway now that I got that out of my system. I’m really enjoying this season. I do hope Hayleigh wins HOH though so she can have the opportunity to either a) prove them wrong and make sure a L6 goes or B) prove that she is as dumb as all the other hive foutte members and put up Sam and JC

Who said that!

Can you explain the racist part?

ednamay torres

Even if she puts one of L6 up,they will not go home


“If a straight male did what jc did to Tyler to a woman they would be insta-ejected, charged, and arrested.”
In fact, Caleb was not. He was cast on, like, 4 more CBS reality shows.

BB Fan

Caleb as in Beast Mode Cowboy? What did he do to be removed from the game?


He was obsessed with Amber. She said she wasn’t interested in him, even went so far as to build herself a wall of pillows to keep him away. He kissed her while she was sleeping. Then, when he finally got it through his head that she really wasn’t into him, he went on a rampage to destroy her game and get her evicted. He went full Weinstein.


If you are saying JC is racist because of the conversation he had with bay, that isn’t fair. He used that word to show her that it is as insulting to her as the things she said to him. It was a very ignorant conversation on both of their parts. Bay just thinks he was more insulting then she was, but to him, she was just as insulting. TO any little person they would feel the same way as would anyone of colour. But, it was equally as insulting/hurtful to the other person. Certainly doesn’t make him racist.


Am I the only one that reads what JC says in his accent


LOL. I have caught myself doing this very thing several times. It’s funny/weird to catch yourself doing it.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yep. I asked for a Snickers bar at the gas station this morning and got an angry look from the attendant.

Smitten Kitten

FYI, last night Tyler & Angela FINALLY kissed a few times.

JC had better stop pushing Tyler so hard to put up Angela & Kaycee next, because Tyler sees right through his whole “I’m not the one coming for them, BRETT is” act.

Up until now JC has been able to manipulate the other houseguests with ease, but he’s met his match with Tyler.

Who said that!

Tyler know JC is an empty threat,he can’t win a comp and has nowhere to go so he’s just an annoyance to Tyler until Tyler used him in whatever plan he has.


They did,? Is there a clip?

Smitten Kitten

Not sure if there’s video, but the time of their first kiss was 2:35am on 9/3 & then again a little while after that.


Whoever thumbs downed Angela & Tyler’s first kiss is a pretty miserable human being.


People thumbs down for no reason .. they see angela and tyler so they thumbs down even though it just a comment about when they kissed .. wtf..

BB Fan

Funny that a thumbs up vote also shows a thumbs down vote. Something strange going on here.


“JC has been able to manipulate the other houseguests with ease”.

Only Fes tho.


Oh….JC….it’s gonna come back at ya with a vengeance!?

Hope Tyler gets together with Brett because Brett hasn’t been pushing Angela & Kaycee to JC….JC has been pushing that to Brett!

I think JC just got Sam another week in the game. And JC has one foot out the door.

It would be great if this Thursday was double eviction, but I don’t think so because Julie didn’t announce it last Thursday.

I think JC’s time is comin’ soon………..

Great Season!!!!

Just Sayin...

I think JC is about to talk himself right onto the block.


It would be awesome if Tyler realizes that Scottie and Haileigh can be evicted at anytime and are no real threats. Even if Haileigh wins HOH and puts Tyler on the block, he has the votes to stay. All they have are each other. JC however is in everyone’s ear and trying to turn alliance members on each other.


You can not be evicted anytime when you are good at comps and hay just becomes stronger by the day.
J.c is the one you can evict anytime.
No one realy listens to him brett just playing along.
By the way brett is more dangerous than j.c

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If Haleigh were to win HoH there is no question but that she would nominate two L4. If Scottie were to win HoH there is also that potential however, he also dislikes JC and Sam and listens to Tyler. JC doesn’t seem capable of winning the HoH, unless it’s a limbo competition, and L4 are completely on to his efforts.


I just laughed out loud….thanks! (Limbo competition)

Cray Cray

JC only turned the Hive against each other. L6 is just playing along with him. They know his game. JC thinks he has controlled every HOH and actually he only controlled Fez.


I wish Tyler would tell angela what JC is doing because she would put him up as I also think Kaycee would. He put it in Brett’s head and now he blames him. I don’t like JC, I never have. I think he should go next.

Who said that!

I think Tyler plans to take JC farther than Angela and Brett.


Tyler already said in one episode at that time his ideal 4 is him, Kaycee, Angela and JC. His 3 his him, Kaycee and Angela and F2 is him and Kaycee. He 100% will let one of the girls take him out


He didnt say angela for final 3.. he said than kaycee final 2 cuz i have more chance against her than j.c … sounded like angela is 4.

ednamay torres

If he takes Kaycee he could lose,I think the jury as of now will vote for her.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And thanks to Scottie letting them know how bitter the Hive jury is towards Angela, Tyler could very well be reevaluating his final-final two.

Sam's Nicotine Patch

I wish Steve hadn’t been voted off so early. I wonder how long it would’ve taken the cop to figure out if this “mystery” showmance exists? He would of set up a night-time, crawling on the floor, covert sting operation! Lol! (At least envision it for the comedy) 😉

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I liked Steve. But he made several errors and set himself up for an early exit. He talked too much; especially being in an older demographic, you have to “blend” to get further in the game. Being closer to his age than anyone else in the house, I was hopeful and wanted to see his game play out (much more than RS’s prolonged stay). Granted, we see the showmance between Angela & Tyler; there are so few numbers, everyone can see it in the house. But they haven’t seen them hang out anymore than Haleigh with Brett, Haleigh with Fez, Haleigh with Scottie. I think they are deep enough in the game they will both need to stay on their toes as the best players are remaining once they get Haleigh and Scottie out. He’s a clear target whether he cuddles with Angela or not. No more no less. JC is extremely threatened and insecure. He sees Angela as a possible road block. But he does NOT see Angela, KC & Brett as a road block and doesn’t realize the four have been together since the beginning.

Carolina girl

Tyler has AMAZING self control.. I would have lost my sh*t on JC!


The battle is coming between JC and Tyler…JCs game is better than others in this house this season but no where near Tylers. Do I think Tyler will pick the money over Angela yeah I do. Will he pick JC over Anglea no way I say in Tyler’s mind the pecking order is Scottie, Haleigh, Sam then Brett, JC, Angela then him and Kaycee at the end. The problem with JCs game play right now is Tyler’s not buying it!


JC’s game is much better than Tyler… Imagine if he had Tyler’s power for the same amount of weeks… Tyler would be gone by now!!! It was easy for Tylor to be confident (arrogant?) knowing that no one could touch him because of a stupid power…! BTW…my favorite player is Brett! This guy makes me laugh so hard!


Tyler did not use his power….and there were times that he took chances to save it for a better time. Somebody COULD touch him because his power wasn’t for a week; it was for a competition and he had to GUESS when he might be nominated and STOP the nomination. It was, by far, (except for the duration), the worst of the three chosen powers.


Tyler didn’t even reveal his power until the end and then only to Sam. His was a very weak power. t was really only good to prevent a nomination at the veto. Plus he’s have to know he was going to be nominated. Using it for initial nom just means he may not be able to play in the veto to protect himself from being re-nominated. All the strutting in the DR is scripted nonsense to make the power seem relevant.


Tyler really hasn’t played that great of a game. Everyone knows he is a threat. His best move was aligning with L6. That’s it.

All things considered, JC has done more with less.

Cray Cray

That makes Tyler game great…if everyone knows he’s a threat and not touch him then he is doing something right.


JC is the one who has been keeping Level 6 safe as he was always in the hives ear, if it wasn’t for him at least 1 if not 2 of level six would be in jury right now.


The only person JC has influenced all this time is Fess. Level 6 has kept themselves safe by smart game play and strategy.

Crazy T

Tyler can’t afford for his game to be the one that goes after JC. He has to get rid of him though. Hopeful at the double eviction, that is when JC could do the least amount of harm.

JC is really screwing up though.. I’m kinda surprised honestly.. he is making a huge mistake.

Rigged Game

Jc acting like a jealous bitch.

No brains

I don’t think JC is jealous of Angela, I think he is threatened by her thinking Tyler will take her further than him. He is afraid that their showmance will come between their deal


Oh, he is jealous of Angela…..

Smitten Kitten

Tyler is SO slick!
Whenever he & Angela want some privacy to get a little more intimate, he turns the volume all the way up on his headphones.
He knows that it’s a violation for production to air the songs being played in his headphones on the live feeds, or they’ll have to pay big $$ in royalties for doing so.

I’m not sure if any past HG has ever utilized such an ingenious plan for privacy, does anyone know?

If this was all Tyler’s idea, I have an even greater respect for him than I did before.
Tyler definitely deserves to win.

Bb fan

Yes, it’s slick, but how long until production revokes music privileges? He may just be ruining for future bb contestants.


Unlikely, more likely they will simply tell him to turn it down just like they do when the house guests sing.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

JC just outed himself (his lie) to Tyler. L6 has been great all season about filling each other in on what other people are saying, so there’s no way Tyler would believe JC over Brett about going after Kaycee & Angela.

That said, the more suspicious people get about Tangela, the more Tyler should consider taking her to the end! With what Scottie said that the Jury Hive will vote as a block to decide the winner, as much as they hate Angela, he’d be crazy not to take her to the end! This way, he gets the girl AND the money!

Attaboy T!!


I am bored to tears with this season I’m just waiting for the backstabbing to begin

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, when alliance members turn on alliance members, blindside them and kick them out…oh, wait…FOUTEE and the Hive already did that.

BB Fan

Then you must have loved BB19. Most hateful, nasty people ever. Paul made evil dick look like a kitten


Is there any precedent set for th situation that’s happening with Tyler and him not really winning the HOH against Haighlee? Have they ever gone back and made it right?


Season 16


That situation was corrected on the same day shortly after the comp ended. There is no way they are changing anything.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, they’re applying the “caught trying to take notes” rule to it.


I think there may have been an overturned HoH in bb16, but I also believe that the rule Tyler violated has been violated before without being flagged.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, but this is Tyler. He IS the evil and the darkness.


I don’t see how they change anything with Kaitlyn already screwing up the schedule. But I do see them making sure Haleigh wins HOH next week. I read something evel Dick posted about making production review tapes right then before he would step off when they told him he was out of a comp and he said he wasn’t. Which I did not know they ever did anything like that.


Don’t criticize zitface! He and mustache are perfect players! They can break all the rules… Common… be fair? (read with sarcasm)

My Two Cents

Wait. What?? Haleigh actually won the HOH?! What did I miss?


I am also confused. Which rule did Ty break?

ednamay torres

No she did the same thing,if they give it to her they had it planned


Tyler’s feet came off the disk, he put them back on. Haleigh fell off and they said Tyler won. Big Brother continues to move forward with Tyler as the HoH (probably because they don’t see the violation as a big deal), some on the internet have lost their minds and many hissys were thrown.

What Now

There was no rule that you couldn’t lift your feet. There was no violation, big or little.

BB Fan

Small minded complainers need something to whine about.


she didn’t

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The only thing that Tyler did when he “cheated” was to:

1) do something that did not give him any advantage whatsoever and was actually dangerous to his game; he could have easily slide down the rope onto his butt just like others did, and

2) he didn’t deliberately try to hide under a blanket while doing it.

She said...

What happened?

ednamay torres

I think that’s BS all of them were sitting and doing the same thing.

What Now

Tyler won the HOH comp, not Haleigh. No rules were broken. There are some fans on the boards speculating that there were additional rules that were not broadcast by CBS.

Big Brother stop being lazy

this whole season makes me think theyre all just paid actors because no ones actually trying to win anything Tylers Crispin was on others shows like TKO over acting as well hes constantly looking into the camera for attentions. Seems fake and this has easily been my least favorite seadon to date


WTF this has been a great season…..

OMG Noooo

its been the most boring season for feeds ever, but gameplay has been great!


It may be the only season watched.


Most of the people on “reality” TV are some level of fame whore. This years fame whores are actually entertaining and playing the game even if some are absolutely horrible at it.


And now Angela’s a psychologist…smh


Why Tyler is throwing his game away over Angela? Have you guys seen Angela in a bikini? Men have thrown away marriages,went to war and powerful politicians over hot women. Tyler is just a guy letting his hormones interfere with fattening his wallet. On the other hand if he goes to the end with Angela he will win 500,000.

Penelope Taynt

Please help me understand – why it is that Level6 believes it is more advantageous to evict Scottie over Haleigh? Scottie has proven himself to be a twit in this game while Haleigh is a legitimate threat to win mental or physical comps and is much more in tune with the interpersonal dynamics of the house (although she never fought hard enough to be heard by her alliance members).

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m pretty sure Tyler would agree with you. He did argue for taking out Haleigh first but eventually accepted the alliance consensus to take out Scottie first. He knows that Angela is a bigger threat to him (and Angela) but the rest of his alliance doesn’t know that he has a quasi-alliance with Scottie.


I bet before Thursday Tyler changes his mind and tells everyone to vote out Haileigh.


Scottie also has performed well in almost every comp. No one trusts him and they don’t want the complication of figuring out Scotties angle. Haleigh is isolated and no one believes anything she says.

Oh come ON!

Tyler sure was doing a lot of preening last night. He touched and fussed with his hair more then the girls ever do.
Furthermore, Tyler is acting. Over acting!
Does look for the camera all the time. Is smug and over confident. Almost like he’s being spoon fed his lines.
This season has been mediocre at best.

who me?

Tyler: Well JC it’s like this. Angela got ahold of my little head and it’s making it hard to play right now. But once all my F2 rubbers start breaking like yours, I won’t have to worry about it. We will both be evicted and I can be with her in jury and for life after that.
JC: And after jury? She will kick you to the curb and curb stomp you…you won’t have any money. Just your little head to hold onto on your own.
Brett listening outside the door: heeheeheehee my plan is working…I will win this!
Angela: How does anyone know anything?
Rest of house (production): THERE ARE CAMERA’S EVERYWHERE…DUH!!

wait wut

I’m sorry…did….did you say showering together?


Someone’s getting the feeds and wearing out the flashback button like Phoebe Cates and her red bikini…


Now I’m curious how many people googled Phoebe Cates and red bikini…

BB Fan

LOL. DUDE!!!!!!!!!

Smitten Kitten

One of the greatest classic movies.

If I’m flipping through the channels & Fast Times is on, I’m watching it 100% of the time.


i think everything is gone…yippee…gdbye


How about Sam taking a beer and wine and shot gunned it suoer fas before anyone noticed. She is such a B@%ch!

Rocky's Mom

Tyler gave Sam the beer and wine they knew she had it!


JC and Sam are very selfish. I would have smacked that little thing if he opened my beer and drank it before giving it to me.


I hope L6 stays loyal until final 4. JC might be a bitter jury when the L6 alliance is revealed.