“You can all su*k it, except for you Tyler because you’ve been getting that Hilton Head.”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 8
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 10
HOH: Kaycee Next HOH: Sept 13
Noms: ? Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

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7:04pm The live feeds return. Bathroom. Angela and Kaycee. Angela – was that f**king speech aimed at me and Tyler? From Scottie. He said Hilton Head and D**k. I didn’t get it. Kaycee – I don’t know. Angela – I thought it was funny and then I thought about it and was like .. is that a dig at both of us? Kaycee – I would ask Tyler. Angela – I didn’t even say anything. I don’t even care about it but I was like wait!?
Kaycee – that was rude. Angela – It was so close. (HOH win was close between Brett and Kaycee) It was meant to happen. Kaycee – it was meant to happen. Angela – I am so happy for you. I’m so excited for you. That was amazing!! They head to the kitchen. Brett – I thought I out buzzed you.

7:09pm Kitchen. All the house guests are chatting. Brett – Damn and Scottie told us all to suck it on his way out. Haleigh – he also ..when he jumped he flipped us off. Tyler – he did! I am pretty sure he did it. Haleigh – he did. Brett – I didn’t see him flip us off. Haleigh – he did. Brett – he was like you all can suck it! Angela – Wow! classy! Sam – his hair looked good! (LOL) Tyler – he said I don’t know if I am going to be evicted because everyone’s been d**king around. Angela – welcome to big brother. Haleigh – I don’t know how he thought that would be helpful. Tyler – I feel like they will probably be pretty upset with him about that. Haleigh – yeah! This was live television and he said di*king around. He flipped us off. He said you can s*ck it! You’ve been giving Hilton Head. Angela – Oh that was lovely too. I didn’t it until 30 min after and I was like what the f**k! Haleigh – he said you can all su*k it except for you Tyler because you’ve been getting Hilton Head. JC – I just got it! JC laughs. Tyler – shut up JC! Haleigh – that’s not classy. Tyler – he said he was going to do that but I didn’t think it was going to be like that. Sam – I still like Scottie. Haleigh – it was inappropriate. Angela – and this is why you got evicted Scottie because you’re irrational, erratic and no one knows what the f**k you’re going to do.

Bedroom. Brett, Angela and Kaycee. Brett – this is perfect. Kaycee – I have to figure out what to say. Angela – put Sam up as the pawn (against Haleigh). Brett – yeah, that’s all you say. Just say Sam is the pawn and Haleigh is going. Angela – I had a conversation with Sam in here and said that everyone is on board and if this vote goes smoothly Haleigh is gone. Brett – you could even tell her.. like how you proposition it ..we’re down to slim numbers and you two are the only people have have a problem in the house. Angela – but I already made Sam feel comfortable that she is not going home. She (Haleigh) will have been on the block for 3 weeks now. Brett – we’re good this is perfect!! I honestly didn’t expect Sam to vote Scottie out. JC joins them. JC – I am so happy! They talk about what Scottie did and said during the eviction again. JC – it was very stupid to do that because we have a lot of opportunities when we get out of here.. and they could shut him down. Brett – if they really want they could take his stipend. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:56pm Bedroom. Brett – well its a good thing that Scottie didn’t stay after that speech. It would have been awkward as balls. Tyler – I didn’t know what to do. Threw the f**king dog at him. Brett – I star fished him.

8:10pm Sam talking to the cameras. I will stay for you. I will be happy about you. I will play for you. Because I’ve got to want to stay here. I’ve got to want to be here. I want to be here. I want to be happy here. Things here make me happy. I can stay here. I can live here. 5 more week? 6 more weeks? 20 more days. I can do 20 more days. That’s not so bad. That’s 20 things to be thankful for. Hundreds and hundreds of things to be thankful for.

8:35pm Bathroom. Angela and Tyler. Angela – I hate this game. Tyler – MMMmmmHHHHmm. Its only a game. It will all be worth it. Angela – I am just so sick of being personally attacked. Tyler – I am sick of you being personally attacked. Angela – its been two weeks in a row. Tyler – you’re going to be here ..we’re top 6. Don’t let them get to you. Angela – why me!? Why!? I don’t get it. What did I do to Scottie? Tyler – nothing. Its not going to get to you.

8:40pm – 8:55pm Angela and Kaycee. Angela – I am just so sick of being personally attacked. When he said it I just thought it was some d*ck joke. Then I realized what he said and I asked Tyler if it was a dig at us. Its just so f**ked up. Kaycee – karma will get him. People are going to hate him. Angela – I am like really!? I am getting bullied in this house for doing nothing. I have done nothing but play this game respectfully and honestly and this is how I am being treated. I have people bringing in things that have nothing to do with this game.. its slander! Making up lies about myself and my character and saying it on national television. Its like are you f**king kidding me!? I would never do that to someone. Kaycee – it shows a lot about they’re character. Angela – and I have done nothing to Scottie. I’ve done nothing but been so kind to him. Kaycee – it makes no sense. Kaycee – you don’t have anything to worry about. It makes him look bad and people see that. Angela – it infuriates me and its almost to the point where its unforgivable. And now I know Scottie’s character whether or not I want to have this friendship in my life. And you know I love Scottie. Kaycee – he honestly does too much. I am sorry that, that happened. What these two have said about you is so far from the truth. Angela – why, why me!? What did I do!? Kaycee – you didn’t do anything. Angela – grown a$$ men attacking a girl. Kaycee – it was out of no where.. on their way out. It makes them look like sore losers. I am sure Julie isn’t happy with that sh*t. I’m sure they’ve got your back. Angela – well you won HOH, that’s what’s making me happy right now. Haleigh will try and talk to you. Just say you don’t know yet. Kaycee agrees. Angela – that jury house is a classy group. Kaycee – for real. Tyler – there’s a reason why they’re there and we’re here.
Angela – its bullying. Haleigh – to people that can’t say anything back.

Havenot room. Brett tells Sam – its doesn’t matter what happens here. The house unanimously wants Haleigh out. The key is whoever else goes up.. stays calm .. Sam – its going to be me. Brett – no, I’m saying it could be me too. You’ve got to stay calm, that’s all I’m saying. I am just prepping you and myself because it could just as easily be me. Sam – I’ve just seen a few times now that the “target” isn’t necessarily the “target”. Brett – every time its been the target. I mean that’s true. I’m saying the only reason why it flips is because the other person freaks the f**k out.

9:10pm Lounge room. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh did y’all notice the way he (Scottie) acts like fidgety or grabby or pissy .. that whole new mood he goes in. It was creepy. Can you just imagine you stay and that’s the speech you just gave!? Angela – congratulations you’re the biggest target in the house. The same thing with Fessie that week. I am over it. He (Scottie) said to me that that they just tolerate me. Angela – he didn’t even try to talk to me. I guess that’s what d*cking him around meant. You brought this on yourself. Look at the last time you were on the block. He threw you under the bus and you were his number one ally. Haleigh – I am tired of putting faith and trust in people and getting it thrown around.

9:38pm – 9:55pm Brett, Tyler and Angela. Brett – its smooth sailing now. Tyler – we control the votes now. This week all it takes is two and the HOH and next week it only takes two votes.

10:13pm – 10:25pm Diary room leak. Production “Okay big energy, who wants to see my HOH room” Soon after Kaycee comes out of the diary room. Kaycee – who wants to see my HOH room!!! They all head up to the HOH room. They check out her photos. When kaycee starts reading her letter she start to cry. Kaycee – something is in my eye. The letter is from her brother. At the end of the letter her brother asks her to be his best man / woman in his wedding.

10:50pm – 11am HOH room. Tyler congratulates Kaycee on winning. Tyler – awwww dude! Kaycee – I would have been so pissed if he (Brett) got it. Tyler – Brett? Kaycee – yeah because it was within seconds. Tyler – he was so close dude! Kaycee – So I am trying to figure out what to say to Sam. Should I say something to her in the morning? Tyler – yeah. I think so.. Brett already went there and said I think the whole house wants Haleigh out.. so I don’t know if its me, if its you. Kaycee – I am not going to tell Haleigh. I am just going to say that I don’t know what I’m doing. Just like she was with me. I’m going to be vague. Tyler – she is going to be up here pestering you the whole time. Kaycee – I know. Dude that is going to be so f**king annoying. So for Sam, I will say something to her tomorrow. Haleigh is for sure the target this week and everybody wants her out. I have no other targets in the house and to keep the house happy .. and something to do with the rogue votes. Something about he voting against the house. You voted against the house twice. And be like you are not leaving this house. Haleigh is for sure leaving. Tyler – I think she will understand that. Kaycee agrees. I really want to keep it as simple as possible. It will be a smooth week. I have no other targets. Haleigh is my last target. I need a pawn and I don’t want to piss of the house. Angela – Sam and Haleigh are both going to act calm this week and its giong to peo

12:05am – 12:40am HOH room. Kaycee listening to her music. Angela joins her. Angela – does Haleigh have any idea that you’re putting her up? Kaycee – I think she does because she put me up. Tyler and Haleigh come up to the HOH room.

12:46am – 1am JC heads up to the HOH room. He says if I go in there and they walk out again.. I am just going to bed. Every one but Sam and Brett are in the HOH room. Sam is in bed. Brett is in the diary room. They talk about sequester. Haleigh says that she didn’t know you order wine in sequester. Angela says she did it on the reg. JC thought his room was bugged so he checked everywhere in the room.

1:10am  HOH… chit chat…

1:19am JC and Tyler
Tyler calls haleigh “Fake a$$” points out how she’ll talk sh1t about Sam all night then give Sam a hung good night. He’s done with that bullshit
JC – she’s just a 21 year old give her a break
Jc – how do you feel about the thing I never talk to you about that
Tyle r- about the Scottie..
JC – yeah
T – it was kinda annoying
JC – I hate to say I told you so but I told you so

Tyler says Scottie saying that in front of the entire house didn’t accomplish anything
T – everyone has it in their heads already
JC – that was a BIG a$$ F*ing confirmation there
T – It wasn’t a confirmation
JC – not a confirmation you know what I mean.. no one spoke like that at all.. zero like that
T – I’m fine.. I don’t give a f* about that I just don’t think that was a god thing for him to do
T – those things don’t bother me but I feel for Angela, she’s got her family watching this
JC – this is the second time they’ve done this to her
JC feels bad for Angela because of Scottie’s speech. “Her family is watching”
Tyler – why did Sam vote him out
JC says she asks him and Brett what she should do.
Tyler was shocked by her vote.
JC says this week is going to be crazy when Sam goes on the block.

JC says he’s got a good relationship with Brett right now
T – I think I’m ok
JC – the worst that could happen was Sam wins HOH and if she thinks there’s a showmance..
JC – I could still get in her mind I think I could…

JC says Haleigh is gone this week.
Tyler reminds JC that Haleigh can’t win the veto
JC – her or Sam..

JC – I’m the weakest one in here…
JC goes on to talk about having not won any competitions he’s not making it to top 3.

Tyler- we’re good.. and now Kaycee can’t play next week
JC – are you still down with Kaycee top 3
Tyler- at first she was winning but now she’s winning everything
Tyler says the jury will be biter.. if you take sam you’ll lose.. “Rockstar, Bayleigh , Fes, Scottie all voting for her”

1:21am zittting

1:37am walking on their way to bed. Haleihg and JC are talking about how they don’t even remember “Swagz”
Haleigh – it was so long ago..
(it was … forgotten)

1:51am (Production must think this is adorable)

2:11am Brett and JC
JC – she’s f*ing crazy
B – I agree..
They mention how “Comfortable” and “Crazy” Sam is acting right now
There’s worried how Sam will react when she goes on the block.

2:37am Brett and Haleigh 

Brett brings up how mad JC is that Sam has the big Saucer in the have nots now.

Haleigh says she’s surprised that Sam gave her a vote today. Brett suspects it was because of Scottie’s speech.

Brett says if it was 50/50 and Scottie did a speech like that he would have guaranteed to be out the door. Brett tells Haleigh it’s wasn’t 50/50




2:48am zzz zzzz


9:28am reruns
11:30am reruns..
1:11pm no

2:12pm Feeds are back after almost 6 hours.. They got to see Nicole and Derrick.

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Who said that!

Well it’s about time Kaycee got some blood on her hands.

who me?

She won’t, she will do what Tyler says. But I loved that Derrick didn’t think Tyler could win it


Yeah Derrick the guy that was as exciting as paint drying…..the cast he played against made this bunch look like neuro surgeon’s lol.


I totally agree about Derrick. Cody should have picked the woman to sit with him at the end. I would have evicted Derrick and told him, “Sorry bud, this is Big Brother!”

Who said that!

She’ll have Haleighs blood on her hands even though they’ve been buddying up the past week,plus she’s got to deal with putting Sam up.


Why not put up JC, why Sam?

Who said that!

Because Tyler has a pecking order,Haleigh Sam Brett Angela Jc.


Thinking his order may be changing. He said on the HOH hot seat interview that Brett is his biggest threat long term. And he is constantly saying Brett feels at the bottom of their list. Also now KC is winning everything. Makes me wonder how that list will change now. Depending on who wins HOH. He may not actually take KC to the finals.


Why.. he said anyone could. Except for sam .

Hi My Name Is Scott

Actually Derrick said that Tyler would not win with Kaycee in the final 2 He said he would have chances to win against others because of the bitter Jury.


Stop it! Don’t repeat what Derek said just make something up! Isn’t that easier than the truth?


Of all the many things Sam is grateful for the morning/evening Xanax doses from the DR are top of the list I bet lol.


Derek sucks.
Sam is a waste of space and wasted.


How does a guy that looks like *Derek* find someone to cheat on his wife with?? He looks like one of those old kids’ activity things where you flip the eyes, the nose, and the mouth parts of different pictures to make a face… and some kid picked 3 faces that don’t match.


Officer Wiggly from Simpsons lol.


If Kaycee is smart she puts up JC and Sam so the they have a 40% chance of Hayleigh not even playing in the veto comp. Even if Hayleigh wins veto she is not going to save Sam and she can go. If Hayleigh is not one of the three chips picked for veto she is history. There would be five chips total Brett, Tyler, Angela, Hayleigh, Houseguest choice.


That was disgusting of Scottie to stoop so low and say something so disgusting! Tyler wanted to keep him but house wanted him gone. What a pig! Hope BB takes away his stipend and hope Angela can sue the little prick even though she is not one of my favorites. Also what a prick Brett and JC are! Hope neither of them win. They are disgusting . Hope the 3 of them have no opportunities after BB and Brett was starting to grow on me.


How dare you call Scottie a pig and Brett and JC pricks. They should sue you for bad words and hurt feelings.


JC is disgusting with all of his sexual harassment.. It is sad they threw Tyler under the bus to Scotty. Tyler is the one that kept L6 safe at the beginning. I hate that Brettis listening to JC.


Agree that Scottie showed no class or dignity the way he went out, but the rest of your comment is also classless and undignified in the same way, so your no better than him.

My Two Cents

I think I now understand why Scottie is still a virgin.


I could never understand why Ratso Scottie was a fan fave at the beginning. I could not stand his rat face, crooked hat, whiny voice, creepy everything! No surprise that he could not win a mental comp because he is not too bright and no surprise that he has been disloyal because he is a rat and no surprise that he is classless and dateless- for obv reasons. He is a false alarm.

JC Meltdown

Who are you kidding? Tyler wanted Scottie gone, he just wanted Hayleigh out first. But don’t worry, he gets his wish this week. Hope for a Haleigh veto win so JC can go on the block after he tries to roll the bus over Brett. If not, it is going to be an anti-climatic week.


Kaycees best move for her game would be to replace Hayleigh with Brett if Hayleigh wins veto.

Brett is obviously the bigger comp threat than JC and is at the bottom of L6 totem pole.

L6 can afford to cut Brett at this point since they don’t need him to infiltrate and play double agent anymore ;o)

Brett would have done the same if he had the chance. He is so ready to make that big move.

Kaycee really does pull through when she needs to and will break the tie if need be.

What a smart cookie!

Let’s go! 😉

Fruit Loop Dingus

And three weeks after Rockfart’s daughters birthday…. Disgusting!


Lola might have burned some nike shoes this week..


It’s Big Brother. *None* of them have any opportunities after this except a single 30 second, unpaid appearance on the Bold and the Beautiful followed by 2 years of harassing Evel Dick on Twitter. Just sayin’.

Houka Inumuta

Scottie had the best good-bye message and interview of THIS season!!!!!! He’ll be missed.

It’s time for me to say goodbye. I’ll would like to thank this amazing website for letting me share my BB thoughts and the people who haven’t given up on the Tyler eviction party. I cant wait to return next year.

Goodbye for now!!!!!!!!

I went to a couple of fortune tellers this week and every single one predicted that Kaycee is the winner of BB20. At this point its pretty obvious that she’s gonna be in the final 3 and most likely she’s gonna win. I feel that I don’t need to watch it anymore knowing the winner already.

Tyler’s eviction party is cancelled now unless someone wants to take it over. I’m going to take a break from Big Brother until the finale. I’m gonna make sure AFP belongs to Scottie.

Scottie for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was okay with Scottie until that…what a jacka$$, jealous little punk. He fits right in with Rockstar and Bayleigh…What is funny is that Angela could kick his axx and I hope that she does….

K...bb fan

If only he wasn’t so jealous of Angela getting to spend time with his crush Tyler. I wonder if he thought he had a crush on Hay just because her blond hair reminded him so much of Tyler.

Botox Pelosi

Good luck Houka. Your posts were always good for a laugh and like I have said before I appreciated your Scottie loyalty. I do have to tell you that Scottie’s classless speech has killed any chance he had for AFP.

The real rockstar

What fortune teller did you see? Kaitlyn? Things turned out great for her. My fortune coockie never gives me the winning lottery numbers. I stick with the horoscopes next to the comics in the newspaper.

Eh eh

LOL you just reminded me of Brett’s first block speech. “AAAAUUGGGNHH!! …I just had a vision.” Oh man that was priceless.


Is this a joke? Scottie had the best interview?? The guy can’t even process a question and answer it with words that form a sentence. It was obvious how exasperated Julie was. He has horrible communication skills of an infant. The guy is like a caricature, he lacks a genuine quality. And the way he left the house is the most classless exit I have ever seen on B.B. and shows he doesn’t think through his actions and their consequences. They were right when they said he will have no B.B. future opportunities after this and could potentially loss his stipend (although I doubt he will). It was a cringeworthy move that bombed horribly. Leave the interesting eviction speeches for Brett. Scottie has no chance to win AFP.


Agree with all of this. That was the most cringe worthy exit interview ever. It was all over the place and juvenile. Also Scottie did hardly any campaigning this week. He has no one to blame but himself for his demise. Tyler isn’t a “coward” he’s just better than you at this…


What do you expect from a 26 year old virgin. Pathetic boy-child. I bet he’s super awesome at his improv games. The 14 year old’s must totes dig him.


Did anyone ever think Scottie may have aspergers and that’s the reason he act like that?

Botox Pelosi

And as if that “speech” wasn’t bad enough he has to exit with double birds. Scottie you will be getting a one rating from me for the rest of the season and I’m betting your exit just killed any chance you had of ever coming back to this game. I’m hoping you surprise us with an apology on finale night.

Just leave!

Scottie’s speech and exit behavior wasn’t the worst. It was slightly better than Bayleigh’s “big scary black woman” exit. Scottie show personality flaws, Bayleigh’s shown societal flaws.

Haleigh's Melanoma

He’s one of those people who are always glib, always have a quip or a joke or a cryptic remark instead of sincere dialogue.His personality is so shallow he can’t talk on a personal level. It’s like he’s trying to be charming and witty all the time in hopes it will mask his massive insecurities. No guy celebrates or takes pride in being a 26 year old virgin, never been on a date, never been kissed. What happened to this kid that stunted and scarred him so bad? That cheap classless shot at Angela before he ran out of the house to avoid the beating he knew he deserved. I wish after that speech they had voted to keep him in the house so they could torment him for another week. I’m sure Steve is real proud.


Houka, we have been rooting for different people this season, but I sure do respect your loyalty to your favorite player. See you on finale night!

Survey Says


You are incredibly stupid..

Jon Reremy

Houka. You wont be missed.

True Dat

Houka, you say you no longer feel the need to keep watching Big Brother. Judging by this comment and several others that you’ve made, I have to question whether you’ve even been watching up until this point. Scottie’s interview was definitely not the best. It was even worse than Faysal’s and that was pretty dang bad. For sure the worst interview of the season and dare I say the worst interview I can recall in Big Brother history. I think the real reason you are not going to comment here any longer is because you are ashamed of the way you blindly rooted for that classless phony all season.


He doesn’t follow the feeds at all. Just watching the tv show. That part is obvious, Houka has day after day proven he has no clue what is going on and no concept of what a good player is. He is just a bitter Hive fan who like to troll these boards with dumb comments.

The real rockstar

The only fortune a fortune teller can predict is their own. For every idiot that hands them a $50 bill their fortune gets bigger.


Wow two birds in one. Scottie and you. Good riding.




I like *riding. “Fair weather to thee, squire, and good riding to you!”


i love your sense of humour

My Two Cents

Ohhh… Brent and JC both threw Tyler under the bus during their GBMs! Maybe Brent is finally starting to think about jury management.


Yes I noticed that too. It is clear to me they both planned those messages together. I was a bit disappointed in Brett for it but on the other hand I get why he’s doing it and think it’s not necessarily a bad move.


On the one hand yes it could work for them, but on the other hand it could seriously backfire because they’re making themselves out to be gullible puppets playing Tyler’s game and following what they’re told. Jury might say ‘well, it wasn’t your move it was Tyler’s’.

Why give the money to the puppets when you can give it to the puppetmaster?
With juries you never know what will appeal to them, but they better be careful saying it wasTyler, jury will see him as better than them in the game.


And yes, Paul lost even though he was the puppetmaster but I think he was more unlikeable than Tyler is. The hive wants Tyler out and that’s because they know he’s playing a heck of a game.
Now comes and Brett and JC blaming sheet on him. How then will they answer the good ol’ question: “What moves did you make in the game?”


Way Way more likable……Paul didn’t own what he did…. Tyler will I think….he disarms you that’s his mist.


Tyler doesn’t even have the guts to own an obvious showmance. How will he have the guts to own his game?


I didnt see it as throwing under the bus. Definitely jury management is being thought about.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree – I think they intended to throw Tyler under the bus but since The HIve have all thought Tyler was a wounded baby bird (and a coward as Scottie so moronically threw out), it reiterates that Tyler HAS been playing since day 1 – they were just too blind to see it. Bitter jury is one thing – stupid, weak, and lazy game play with bitterness is just pathetic. All four jury members had HORRIBLE game. As a side note, in Tyler’s Goodbye Message, he revealed he had a power app since week 2 and didn’t have to use it, tell the other jury members that. Scottie replied he wouldn’t be telling them anything. BUT they will see the show that aired WITH his goodbye message. I think inadvertently, Brett & JC added to Tyler’s resume.


Well said! ;o)


Scottie with the “I ain’t tellin’ them nothing” routine… dude is viral. Everything he ever heard in the house about anyone he would spew to everyone else within minutes. It’s one of the biggest reasons he’s been tossed twice.


Yeah Brett is good too……


Who’s Brent?


Brent is Bretts evil siamese twin removed from his butt at birth…..

My Two Cents

I meant Brett, obviously. I blame it on the three Crown and Cokes. 😛

At least Tyler and Angela won't win

Another week not worth watching. I’ll be here for the updates though.


Most of the power resides in the veto from here on out.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

Oh it is worth watching to see fake Hayleigh pretend to like these people and then still get the boot.

BB Fanatic

I’m so tired of this fakemance between tyler and Angela. It was so uncomfortable to watch tonight seemed so forced and scripted.


I disagree. Angela looks so happy around Tyler. She even seems loose and happy in her non Tyler related DR sessions. If you compare her DRs from tonight to the ones from a few weeks ago, she’s like a completely different person. Tyler seems to genuinely care about her too.


Because it is fake……production thinks there has to be one since Fester left. They think we like it believe it or not lol.


I think the producers desperately want a showmance but both Tyler and Angela are there to play a game but they both are also attracted to each other. The awkwardness is how far do they go to satisfy the producers but not screw up their game. Folks are already worried about the Tyler/Angela connection and it jeopardizes both of them.


And it’s starting to make both of them *very* unlikable. Be a couple or don’t be a couple… choose. You’re not 6 years old FFS. Another example of Tyler being gutless… I had such high hopes for him. :-/


I completely agree. It is almost cringy to watch them pet on each other. They are like robots with zero emotions/passion. They will last until the wheels touch down from the Hawaii trip and she will be gone like the wind….


Everybody thinks this way because of Angela’s strong personality. If it was Ty and Hay hooking up, people would be soaking it up… But because Ang doesnt cry every 2 seconds, the relationship feels to you like there is no passion. Angela is my hero.


If Angela and Tyler had strong personalities, they would say, “JC, get the hell out, we’re cuddling.”
Not “Oh, tee hee, she *walked* from the bed to the couch, tee hee. I don’t like boys, boys stink, tee hee.”
Own it. Those two are wearying me.


If Haleigh is the target, why not put JC up as the pawn? Just say that you’ve never been in the block as your reason


I think it would be more obvious to Haleigh that she was the target if J.C. was on the block.

Dirty Harry Reid

I’m pretty sure even Hodor knows that Hay is the target.

Who said that!

That’s not what Tyler wants.


Tyler wanted Hayleigh out last week. Tyler never gets what Tyler wants, he just brags in the DR while Level 6 makes team decisions and executes.


I would love to see JC on the block but he wouldn’t handle it very well. Heck, he can’t even handle being a have-not without whining and pouting. I know Tyler doesn’t want to cut him loose yet, but he had better start thinning the final 2 herd pretty soon.


Everyone has been selling the Sam is the next to go thing all week and they are continuing that charade

The real rockstar

At least Scottie can go to the jury house now and lust after rockstar.


Scottie and Fessie wake up in bed together after a night of passion.
Fessie: “Hey, we *both* flipped!”


If Hay’s “ epic” veto speech was anything like her speech tonight, I can see why they cut it. Also tonight was by far her most fake and annoying Julie compliment.

*edited to remove a question about Scotty’s speech *


He said something about everybody d*cking him around all week. They also cut a lot at the end when the camera went to Tyler where he apparently said something about him “getting that Hilton head.” And apparently at some point he flipped them all off.


I didn’t see him flip them off it looked like peace signs to me

Smitten Kitten

Just re-watched it, definitely were peace signs.

another name

which way were his hands turned? because peace signs with the back of the hand pointed outward has a middle finger meaning.


It was Scottie. They could have just been random hand spasms.

Eh eh

Well, Hay claimed he flipped them off when he jumped up, but the episode showed him on the only two occasions he had to rise from his seat –pre-vote speech and eviction departure, and neither time did he flip anyone off; Brett also denied seeing this, and H (unlike Brett) was behind Scottie when he got up the 2nd time & couldn’t have seen what he did anyway unless his hands were waving all around, even toward her, which they weren’t. So, it’s possible some of that got cut but at least some of it, if not all, is just Hayleigh embellishing (perhaps thinking it makes her seem sympathetic?? Admittedly not one of her skills).


Excellent sleuthing. The truth is out there.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

I would hate to say I trust Hayleigh but she likes Scottie and I don’t she her making it up just because of her friendship with Scottie but maybe she did to try and suck up to Ang and Tyler.

I also could see CBS cutting that out just like they did to the audio.


Nevernind, I just rewatched it, it think it was the “dicking around so I can’t make any plans” part that Tyler was talking about.


I cringe when she goes into that bizzare Hellllooooo Julie you look (fill in superlative) tonight! She must be unaware of her fakeness lol.


Julie in this week’s Veto comp…
“Houseguests: Haileigh called me ‘beautiful and spectacular’ before or after she called me ‘scrumptious and vivacious’ ?”
^^ 10 questions just like this

Elizabeth Cherokee Warren

Hayleigh is faker than Faysal’s diploma.

Buh Bye

Hayleigh’s constantly tries to talk to Julie and the viewers like a sophisticated grown up but she’s sounds like a 6 year old trying to be a sophisticated grown up.


She said she took speech classes. She should get her money refunded.


I always thought there was something off with her….I think you hit the nail on the head!!

Faker than her boobs

Angela trying to act like she has a heart now. She can dish it but can’t take it. Make racist comments and is nasty to everyone in their goodbye messages, but the minute someone says something to her it’s “WHY ME?!”


. Angela has not made a personal, below the belt, untrue attack on anyone.


I totally agree with you FTHB!!! It’s O.K. for HER to be nasty and say things about other contestants but when shots are taken at her she gets on the defense. SHE lies to people, she gives off-handed remarks about people, laughs like an evil witch when others get shafted in some way. This is like someone else I know of..HE can say negative remarks about others BUT when someone says negative things about him “THEY lie” etc. Ewwwwww, he AND she really bug me. I ‘hopefully’ look forward to her getting evicted (ahhh ha, ha..snicker, jump up and down) and HIM ‘getting the boot’ also.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Scottie insinuating she gives Tyler oral sex on national tv is NOT the same as her calling someone an idiot or irrelevant! They ALL call each other names in their personal conversations but what Scottie said on National prime time TV was personal and out of line.


agreed… #entitledbitch

who me?

Come on Simon & Dawg..call her what she is…slightly pretty but stupid as Fes: Angela – was that f**king speech aimed at me and Tyler? From Scottie. He said Hilton Head and D**k. I didn’t get it.
Loved the speech Scottie made to the houseguests! Hated how Hayleigh was all jumping and hugging like she is an actual L4 member.
Loved the GBM’s from JC & Brett showing/telling Scottie who has been running the house and the votes, and backstabbing people he has F2‘s with.
Now to get L4 out! Maybe Kaycee will make a big move, but being (one) in F2 with Tyler I doubt she will. Need a Brett or JC win to get that done.


It’s not being stupid. It was so out of character from her interactions with Scotty that she didn’t realize he was attacking her. Scotty isn’t the most eloquent speaker. Even dirty minded jc didn’t get it.


Kaycee is better off taking Angela to final 2 if given the chance.

Scottie may just be the swing vote and will probably vote for Tyler to win in a Kaycee vs Tyler final 2.

Most of the jury likes Kaycee who has the better social game and now has an impressive resume.

She might as well take Angela who is disliked by Hive and JC.

Let the games begin!

Let’s Go! 😉


I don’t think any of them has shown class or dignity. It was funny to see them complain about it. They didn’t need to tell Scottie he was a pawn when he wasn’t They didn’t need to call Hayleigh and Scottie names behind their backs all week long. Only get worse from here as people get voted out who expect to win that money.


15 thumbs down LOL must have low standards on class and dignity or just poor memories of each and everyone of them has said about other people in the game. I remember. I suppose being locked up in a house for 2 months and 2 weeks will get anybody crabby.

True Dat

It’s not poor memory. It’s that most people see a difference in venting frustration about someone on the live feeds vs. making it seem like a female is giving another houseguest fellatio on the live broadcast show.


They’re adults they can do that every day if they want to.


Lessen reconfirmed – never trust someone shaky like Scottie. This could be a good lesson in real life. Brett and JC do not deserve any respect from this point (Based on their private comment and reaction to Scottie’s speech). I do not like what Tyler did to Angela. I hope it was his game play and he would do thing differently in the actual game. Otherwise, he will not deserve to win. I have not had any favor for Angela. But I did not think she should be the only one to get personal attack two week in a row. I am a man. Those men (Scottie, Brett and JC?) are disgusting. It is fine to lie because that is part of the BB. But picking a girl to abuse and attack, it is so low. Before this point, I am fine to any L4 to win. But now I think Angela really deserve to win. She did the dirtiest job for L4 and look how “thankful” Brett is right now.

Eh eh

Well, that’s an interesting take. What did Tyler do to Angela that sat with you so badly, and is this a special separate standard you have for males with female allies, or would it apply equally the other way around? Like, if you have a female buddy, are you not allowed to let a male buddy talk about wanting to go after her without blowing it up? Or was it something else? I’m kinda curious what you had a problem with from Brett & JC too actually. Not trying to insist there couldn’t have been anything there but it’s not obvious.

I thought it was hilarious and I'm a woman.

Take it easy. It was a joke. It’s funny because it’s true, ty and angela are from Hilton head – Get it ty’s getting that Hilton head. Angela might not be giving ty literal head, but as far as the houseguests are concerned she may as well be, as they’re in a not so secret showmance.

Haleigh's Melanoma

And the nationwide audience? How do they figure in all this? Brett, JC, and Scottie have implied that Tangela are up there having all kinds of sex when they haven’t. No wonder Angela has trouble trusting anybody when people who are ostensibly her ‘friends’ are willing to drag her and her reputation through the mud when nothing else in her past or her demeanor would suggest that is what has been happening. I hope they all suffer fiery BB deaths.

who me?

In the words of Angela…”Thats Big Brother”!


It’s BB. We see year after year after year that the one thing no one can stand is people that won’t own their game, won’t own their actions. Be in a showmance or don’t be in a showmance… choose… you’re not 6. Trying to hide it tells people you think they’re stupid and makes you a target. This is not news.


They are trying to put it on pause more than anything, I think they don’t want to act like bay and Swaggy on tv. And they want to focus on the game. As far as hiding it from other hg, I don’t see it as a any different than trying to hide any other relationship. If it wasn’t for diary room questioning jc about the showmance, the other hg would probably not have a clue. DId you see how shocked Brett was when jc brought it up? Tyler and Kaycee hide their relationship from the rest of the house. Should they tell everyone how close they are? They aren’t being 6, they are playing the game.


They’re being 6. They spend HOURS and HOURS huddled in the HOH room together. JC described in great detail how Angela hangs around in the kitchen at night and then scampers up to the HOH room when she thinks no one knows. Everyone in the house has commented on it and asked about it to the point that they came up with that stupid points game. They’re not fooling anyone and they’re not cute and they’re not 6. I’m not saying they need to breed like rabbits but they need to own it.


Why SHOULD they “own” their relationship whatever it is. They are working together and have since the beginning. Clearly they have developed some feelings for each other. But they are still playing the game. Production is probably fucking with them to take it further after Dumb and Dumber fucked it up (and frankly had the sex appeal of a dart). Tyler actually shows maturity and class by not abusing the situation with Angela and won’t be pushed. He’s enjoying her and her him but both with the eye on the prize. I admire his resolve because as he has said many times, he’s here for the 500K. JC is pissed because he is flat out jealous. That’s his entire motivation to out this “showmance”. He’s not playing the game in that regard, he’s trying extort Tyler desperately hoping Tyler will somehow wake up gay. Nobody owes anybody ANYTHING in this game including the audience except to play their own game. Watch it and enjoy or step the fuck off. mic drop


Abused and attacked? REALLY?? Give me a break. Angela was neither abused OR attacked. IT’S A GAME!!!! Was Scotty’s speech uncalled for? YES!!! Was he abusing or attacking Angela?? NO!! I actually think that Scotty’s speech was more directed at Tyler than Angela……

And while I’m at it…..Angela is NOT innocence in all this. She has done her fair share of talking trash about others in the house –


Is somebody jealous? She hasn’t done anything to Scotty.


I personally think that the speech was a desperate attempt by Scotty to win AFP. He’s heard heard all of the bashing of Angela in jury, and thinks bashing “the villain” is what the fans want. But just like all of his other desperate game moves, it hurts him mire than it helps him.


Bad speech by Scottie, weak reaction by Angela. :-/

Smoke Show Angela.

Kelly is jelly.


I like how they’re all critical of the way Scottie left the game. It’ll be fun now to watch how they all handle it in the weeks to come. Haleigh has known she was the pawn the last 2 weeks and that’s the only reason for her lame speeches. This week I’m guessing we’ll see a Haleigh that finally realizes it’s over… can’t wait to watch her lose it.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Why do you think he ran out of the house like a bitch? He was afraid he couldn’t take a punch from a girl..


The thing I don’t understand is why Brett is thinking of going after Angela or going along with JC to target her. He heard from Scottie about how much the jury hates Angela. Instead of evicting her, plan to take her to the end! If they are that bitter towards her, they’ll vote for Brett over her. Scottie said in tonight’s episode that they hate Brett, but hate Angela more. If I were Brett, I would go after Tyler and Kaycee, not Angela. JC won’t think of that because he is Team Tyler. Tyler probably wouldn’t go after him specifically for targeting Angela, but she would be the ideal person to take.


I thought the same thing. If you know the jury loathes a certain player, wouldn’t that be the player you’d want to sit next to at the end to guarantee your victory?


I get the impression Brett is ramping up all of JC’s ideas so JC will pursue them and wind up shooting himself in the foot, so JC will have the blood on his…. uh… foot. I don’t think Brett has any intention of actually turning on his alliance himself yet… he wants to motivate the floaters to do that for him.


Unless he thinks if he gets Angela out the jury will thank him?????


He *did* mention that on the show. (cringe) Brett… if they hate her so much, she needs to be sitting next to you in the end, dude.


Agree 100%! Anyone who sits next to her in the end wins. She is beautiful, successful, hard working, and well off. Everyone hates her for it!

Haleigh’s red chomped fingers

Long cursed be rock star! May Haleigh’s succulent Crimson sores where her nails should be cause a nasty infection to drool over!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Kaycee got some fancy new hot sauce so Haliegh has a new condiment for her bloody stubs. She was gnawing on them in Kaycee’s HOH reveal where there shouldn’t be any stress.


As I said in my previous post..Scottie is vicious. A sore loser. s he knows the game so well..I don’t know why he thought he had the votes.
He did Level 6 dirty..spilled the info to the hive…and in reality played a very bad game. Personal all the way.
He did himself no favours by his speech. Again..personal and not game. Crude as well.
It says a lot about character the way one loses..as well as when one wins.
So Scottie..that was an epic fail.
So what can we look *forward* to?
I imagine a lot of crying and whining from Halegh.
Lots of cooking, cleaning and weirdness from Sam. ( whom you will notice has FINALLY shown her true self to the camera. Yep. ALWAYS planned on staying…and she thinks winning. Because she is all sweetness and light. In her mind anyway.
SO happy for KayCee. She’s a gamer through and through. Always keeps her cool..only *blows* for game. Rocks…Scottie on the vote in Fess’s HOH room.
It would be a hard pick with Tyler and KayCee in final 2..IF I was a juror.
I am not a huge fan of Angela’s…nothing against her..just don’t clck.
However..she does NOT deserve these personal attacks.
I think it comes from wounded male egos/ She would never go for a Fess or Scottie.
And…she comes off not willing to stroke a guy’s ego.
Oh..well..I’m gong to try not to give my dentist more money. I know it will be difficult not to grind my teeth with Hay’s crying and fakeness.
I remember all her crowing and bitchy remarks when she thought Foutte was going to steam roll.
At least she can save on nail polish.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Scottie managed to do everybody dirty, except Steve, but Steve just wasn’t there long enough.

tilton ted

no, he outed popo Steve as well


I really think that over everyone, Scotty was desperate to win.His wearing the Swaggy T shirt for an APP. His flipping so easily. No loyalty to ANYONE. His stealing supplies. Spilling oil. His anger.
Yes. A VERY Angry, Hostile person. And he will NEVER stop hating the people responsible for getting him out.
I think he really thought he would win. And was not prepared for the real deal in the house.
He miscalculated badly. And just wasn’t good enough to win more than 2 comps.
He just couldn’t pull of the harmless nerd.
Disappointing player all round.

The real rockstar

Are you talking about Scottie or the Democrat party?

BB Fanatic

I agree with you, Scottie was terrible at this game and ended up being just a nasty person, very sore loser. Nerds usually love game play, Scottie is another level nerd. No wonder he ended up on the Hive side. He belonged there with all the other sore losers who never look at themselves as the one to blame for their inadequacies. It is now very evident that no Hive member will be able to win AFP, thank goodness!!


I couldn’t take the way he would switch back and forth between his man voice and his whining little innocent boy voice.

Kaitlyn’s crystal ball

Long live slop!

Kaitlyn predicts that Haleigh will gravitate towards brett’s Bits and bytes much to the chafrown of poor Fes.

Bayleigh’s home pregnancy test

Long live Swaggy C’s tshirt business! Unlike JC’s ice cream truck, he had the real scoop!

(I’m done with these now)

Swaggy's Missing Brow

…and Swaggy is having an epic meltdown on his twitter page. Very fun to read.


soggy has been a real idiot on twitter..


You too can have a Swaggy C shirt!

(or you can be a *real* fan and follow that amazon link above for Simon & Dawg and give them some Kraken therapy for all the crap they put up with for us…)


Oh gawd… he’s made a Swayleigh youtube channel now. :-/
Believe in something… even if it means monetizing everything. Just don’t.


Babies are expensive.


I hope Haleigh wins veto but even if she does Sams gone! Brett is a surprisingly good player him and Tyler are playing hard but sometime soon they will be against one another and the winner of the 2 might win Big Brother. JC is playing too but he’s overplaying. I’m starting to think Tyler’s plan of taking Kaycee is to final 2 is a bad idea she’s likeable and winning a lot. Best personto take is probably Angela(seems the most hated).


Scottie chose the wrong side to partner with. I agree with Derrick this game does involve a little bit of luck at times + productions help. I bet they load up the alcohol to screw up Angela’s game & maybe Haleigh will feel the effects of alcohol and get close with Kaycee!!!!!!!!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Haliegh is gone. Her fake a$$ will be out next week.

Stormy Daniels on Celebrity Big Brother UK

Scottie should have played up the “keep me to final two to prevent the Hive/FOUTE voting block majority.” He should have been more selective about what he revealed about Jury, perhaps using the info as bargaining chips… hell, even outright lie to freak ’em all out!

Jon Reremy

Tyler is a pussy for not slapping Scottie before he left. I dont think he should have beat him up. But he should have given him an open handed pimp slap. Sometimes you gotta keep a ho in line. I used to give a 3/4 open handed pimp slap once in a while. Scottie acted like a bitch. You cant let a bitch get outta line like that.

Jon Reremy

Julie laid down the smack on scottie’s ass. Julie actually watches the show. good for her! It was painful to watch scottie blabber about nothingness. It was like watching a chimp trying to have sex with a bicycle tire while doing trigonometry. He literally had zero game plan in the house. It was a wasted week.

another name

Wasn’t a wasted week if you’re part of the golden edit crew tending to Nicole 2.0 and you wanted to find a way to keep her in the game for another week without telling the HOH not to target her like they did in Nicole 1.0’s season. Only reason they did the battle back at all was to cause a disruption in the level six alliance by allowing Scottie to breech the rules and use production as a strategy, while at the same time providing a viable alternative to evicting the last member of the opposing alliance. I believe the reason JC even went off the rails and wanted to flip the vote, imo, was because he was ticked at production and wanted to stick it to them. Over booze. Notice he’s back on track now, and even starting to suggest Sam should go instead of Haleigh?


Julie’s watching the show now? Must have some time on her hands since she moved out of Les’s pad.

Jon Reremy

I thought she was standing by him????

Jon Reremy

JC needs to get to work this week or he is gone soon. After Hay goes its final 6. Tyler Angie and KC are tight. You got JC Sam and Brett. Sam will hang with Team tyler. Brett will have to hang with team tyler. JC Sam and Brett are getting picked off 1 by 1 if they dont make a stand. But Sam always votes with tyler so brett and Jc are odd men out.


Angela to Tyler after being personally attacked. Angela: What did I do to Scottie. Me: ummm you evicted him.

another name

So wait… along with the egomaniac that got himself evicted week two, his bb widow that demanded everyone vow to put her game ahead of their own in order for her not to nominate them, the whining hypocrite that thought you have to be in financial need to win the game, the shower peeping creeper … we get to add the slut shaming poor sport guy? Oh. and these are the supposed good guys? Man, how corrupt is the moral compass we’re setting our standards by? Each one of them sucked at the game. Good riddance. Cursory twitter search tells me many of the people that took such umbrage to Sam’s nomination speech were congratulatory about Scottie’s eviction plea. hmm. There’s that pesky double standard moral compass again.
The week that Tyler and Brett swapped roles as middle of the road informant, I remember writing here that somewhere between final 8 to final 6 Brett would be the one to break the alliance. My assessment was Brett was too much of a bro / wannabe alpha. Being on the outside and not feeling like he was the leader would cause him to become insecure and look to start a new team. It still hasn’t technically happened yet, but I hold to my assessment. He’ll play yay team this week with Kaycee in power, but the first chance he gets, he’s taking out the knives.
Tyler and Angela need to stop giving production the showmance footage the Grod needs every season. Oh, wait, are we all still sitting here under the delusion that they’re actually a real thing that would stand a chance in hell outside of the game? Oh. Okay. I’ll wait.
I have my doubts that production actually wanted Kaycee to win that hoh. It was surprising to me that they got a camera designation on her so quickly though. I wasn’t impressed by the coverage and cam switches for the actual comp. The control room switchers always seem to have a problem with the quick comps. But good job to whoever switched to Kaycee at the end. I would have preferred a wider shot that showed us how close it was between Brett and Kaycee. Maybe that’s just me.
At this very moment I’m guessing there’s a meeting that will result in Production monkeys scrambling to come up with veto comp Haleigh can win… anyone know any more of the individual timed veto comps they can ‘fudge’ the times on?
Oh wait, isn’t it almost comic book veto time? I’m not the only one thinking this, am I?

Haleigh's Melanoma

We watched Kaycee win the HOH competition but not one shot of Brett who finished a split second later. Someone was asleep.

another name

yup. lol. every once in a while I start analyzing how they edit the camera shots as if i were still storyboarding or editing. If I’d missed the most dramatic part of the scene because i’d chosen a close up instead of a wide shot, I’d have been sent back to redo it. Glad i never edited live.


Maybe the comp where they mix up the features on everyone’s faces to make some strange looking alien creatures? That one is always fun too!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For the record, after reading your comment I immediately thought of about ten things I could say about RS…but I’ll behave and not mention any of them.


“they mix up the features on everyone’s faces to make some strange looking alien creature”

You mean Derrick??

The Real Deal

I’m pissed that they uploaded the episode with Scottie’s speech dubbed on All Access, I agree it was inappropriate for airing on network TV, but not on “All Access.” Imagine if the feeds were dubbed. *flipping off CBS*

And yes… we are nearing the Morph comp. I believe it will be next week though.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Man, Haleigh is going to be up Angela & KC’s a@@ all week. She’s using her full on fake “You look stupendous tonight, Julie” voice up in KC’s HOH now on AD. (Rockstar, your girl “Hay” is a ‘fake### b@@@@”, as you say so fondly of KC & Angela.) Better all the pretend niceties (for me, anyway) than the nasty mob rule bully behavior of the season that shall not be named.


^5 Figuratively! Spot on! 😉

King Silva

Scottie went out like the vulgar rat he is..

Seriously ‘Mr. Unanimous’ must have thought he was so cute to say Tyler got a lot of ‘Hilton Head’ the past week from Angela.

Very classy..

Clearly that isn’t true and even if it was he would just be a catty hater with blue balls so bye x2.

He won’t be missed and he won’t be back ever again..

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I hope that the final two, who will be from L4, take the opportunity to not answer any question Scotter has but to use the time to explain to Scotter why he’s such a loser. In fact, if any of the jury asks snarky questions they should let them have it with both barrels.

King Silva

I would live for that.

Basically f*ck The Hive and deal with it you gotta vote for me or my fellow smart contestant.


They are all vulgar. I know that isn’t popular but they are


That should put to rest scotties dreams of AFP. I wish they’d show houseguests entering the jury house

The real rockstar

Good luck Scottie at trying a smuggle a pair of rockstar’s panties out of the jury house.

Festicular Logic

Hayleigh’s eviction speeches are eye roll worthy…. much like her Fake-ass Compliments to Julie….. I don’t f’ng care that she’s 21 either…. she annoys the sh!t out of me

The real rockstar

Scottie looked and sounded like Racheal Maddow during his speech.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Extremely boring show last night.

– Instead of showing the shenanigans going on in the house, we’re treated to wasted minutes of listening to Derrick not really say anything at all; anyone could win, anyone can lose, some luck is involved, some gameplay is involved, he’s still boring.

– Scottie didn’t just get blindsided last night, he cemented his legacy as a self-proclaimed superfan who has no respect for the game or any idea of how to play it. He had the opportunity to redeem himself, he instead to show how pathetic and nasty he truly is. And just remember Scottie, while Angela and Tyler are visiting Hilton Head you’ll still be playing your console games in your mother’s basement.

– The average TV viewer would get the impression that JC is just this comical little guy who is also a master strategist. BB continues to give him plenty of air time and the most incredible edits of the season; I’m quickly coming to the opinion that Grodner is pushing JC for America’s favorite.

– Speaking of editing…while I’m sure some find Brett’s selected but limited screen time promising to the kick out Angela/backdoor Tyler crowd, you need to remember that during the DR sessions the players are responding to multiple scenarios thrown at them by production; product then selects to air only those segments that fit the narrative they are trying to feed. Would Brett try to kick out Angela? Maybe later when they’re down to final four and he doesn’t want to sit across from someone Scottie told him is the most hated. Really? Does he want to backdoor Tyler right now, a strong player he has a final two with?

who me?

Seems everyone has a F2 with Tyler. Hell I’ve got a F2 with him and I’m not even in the game.

another name

I still say when someone comes to you and says “we should be a final 2” there isn’t really an appropriate answer that isn’t yes. lol.
We know Sam proposed a final 2 on day 4. This is after the final 2 with Kaycee on day 2-3 (no idea who proposed the idea). I’m not sure when the JC final 2 happened… or if JC just decided and told Tyler he’s in a final 2 so deal with it (tell me you can’t see JC just walking up to someone and saying shut up, you’re in a final two with me now cus i the brainer, you not the brainer). Brett proposed the final two two weeks ago. If Tyler had proposed all four deals, I’d be rolling my eyes far more than thinking how exactly do you turn down a final 2 without becoming a target?


Brett’s discussion with Sam shows why L6/5/4 has done so well. He’s already prepping her for the nominations and Brett didn’t have to be told anything. He’s still selling the I’m all alone thing to her as well. Tyler and Kaycee know about the gist of the conversation.

I think the other three members are feeling uneasy with Brett because he hasn’t won anything. His comp resume’ is non-existent and considering everyone else has multiple wins and things they can easily point to that shows their control of aspects of the game, Brett can just talk about his talking. They know he has the weakest argument in a final 2 setup so they see how he may feel the need to shake it up. I still say Haleigh goes this week but after that it’s crazy town.


Brett took himself off the block by winning a veto. His comp resume is not non-existent.
Love Brett – funny throughout the season. And I love that Rockstar hates him so much – makes him that much more awesome.


I forgot about the veto, so virtually non-existent resume’.


Poor Angela . .what have I done ? I am a good person . . .I am honest . . .I have not said anything about anyone. They are slandering me. They are bullying me . . . .hmmmm . . Angie . . . you have come across as a mean girl, a snotty biatch . .and you have said things about everyone !!!! And you will be surprised to hear that NO ONE was upset when Scottie told the world on TV that you are giving Tyler a special job under the sheets !!! Because we all know it is true ! I cannot wait to see your face when Tyler back doors you!

The Real Deal

“We all know it’s true” Yeah? Prove it. Give us a live feed timestamp, Chattycat.

The Real Deal

7 idiots who can’t deal with requests for PROOF of FACTS.

All hereby nominated for Darwin awards.


Hi Rockstar

Miss Conception

Name and claim it,if you have not seen it…………………………take a hike! Are you related to Superman?Well,your X-Ray vision is failing you !


Spew your lies all you want… you can’t back up your false allegations.


Can someone please explain wtf “Stan” means??? I’m seeing It all over Twitter, I don’t get it.


It means a fan…

Twitter is trash

The Real Deal

Twitter IS trash and for seriously low IQ sheeple with fast fingertips. Stan came from Eminem a bazillion raps ago.


Yes, I do not have a twitter account but like to go look at Eveldick and a few other past houseguest’s pages just to see what their thoughts are on what’s going on. So of course while doing that I see all the crazy obsessed tweets and what not. It’s weird to me how popular Hayleigh seems to be on there.


Absolutely spot on Simon


stalker fan. it’s almost depressing how over the top obsessed some of these ‘fans’ are-that people are like that over people they’ve never met.

who me?

Sort of like on here huh? The hypocrisy

Swaggy's Missing Brow

See Trey1 below…


So…I can’t figure out why Brett isn’t trying to keep Haleigh to use her. Like he knows she’ll never go after him and unless I’ve missed something he doesn’t have the same kind of side deals that the rest of the house does. I guess he’s in good with Sam but she’s pretty useless.

Tyler is extremely protected, I think the only person who would nom him is Haleigh or maybe Brett. Kaycee has the deal with JC/Tyler. Angela may not have any final twos but at least she has reason to think she’s protected by Kaycee and Tyler. But unless I’m missing something Brett really doesn’t have any protection and it’s getting time that L6 should be thinking about who to take with them. Just thoughts.


Isn’t it weird the feeds are down? Something must be going on for that to happen, especially since it’s early in the morning

The Real Deal

It’s probably just wake up tune time. Happens every morning.

The Real Deal

I take back my earlier comment (still awaiting moderation).

Luxury POV comp maybe?

The Real Deal

I REALLY need more coffee. Noms first. Duh. *chugga chugga*


I thought I saw something about a movie promotion tie coming soon, maybe it’s a comp for that.


Oooh… are they rebooting Scooby Doo?

My Take

You’re full of it.

Dropping a Deuce

Put down the pipe Trey. It is never too late to turn your life around.

Is Tyler my daddy???

Maybe Sam finally went Postal!

Sam's Nicotine Patch

I was just about to say…Maybe a hostage situation!! LOL!! Sam done lost her mind for real!!


It’s all downhill after Double Eviction! If all goes to plan Hay goes out this week. L4 plays for HOH… Kaycee cannot play. Tyler won’t want to play. Assuming JC and Sam are the last targets Tyler has final two deals with both. Brett most likely wins HOH. If she can, Angela will step back and let him. Brett puts up JC and Sam. Whoever stays after Thursday night’s double clearly sees L4. The next week in the house becomes hell.

The Real Deal

My prediction for next week’s DE is Hay goes 1st and will be followed by JC.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Yes, I think JC will be the first to go after Haleigh. Everyone knows all of his silly tricks trying to manipulate people and now none of the L4 will need him anymore and they all will assume that they will be able to take Sam out.


I hope you’re right. Would be great if it goes down like that. The most deserving and strategic players should be left in the final 4! IMO

Level 4 Serial Killers

I hope it goes Hayleigh, Sam and then JC in any order.

The Real Deal

This jury would be lucky to hit a double digit COLLECTIVE IQ when it comes to this game.

As for jury management? The “crazy” Sam is the only one who has been nailing it.


When Sam was saying “hundreds and hundreds of things to be thankful for”, was she talking money? I can’t tell if Sam is playing to win or is on a personal journey of some sort. Could be both, a personal journey to win 5 thousand hundreds.


What is sequester?


Contestants and alternates are kept in a hotel for a week or two prior to going into the house. They each have a separate room, with a handler in an adjoining room. They’re kept away from each other and not exposed to media during the time.


Thank you for taking the time to reply…never knew this


Hayleigh and jc need to go during the double if Tyler wants to win. He would be crazy to take JC to final 3 JC is a great manipulator and has been giving good GBM to secure his votes. If he makes it to final 2, he can convince.every single one of the hive Tyler played JCs game. I think taking Brett or Angela will be Tyler’s only chance of winning the game because of the bitter jury. Although it believe he deserves the win over everyone left.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Remember Fez warned Scottie about JC so The Hive may be on to JC and bitter towards him.

BB Fanatic

Fessy, how did u get out of the jury house?

who me?

wow..all the thumbs down. Anyone goes after the king & queen of the prom (BB) gets laid into. Everyone has a right to their opinions.


I am dying to know why the feeds have been down for so long! Dawg/Simon, any intel?


nothing yet 🙁

The Real Deal

Well, looks like a “No Live Feed Friday.” Simon & Dawg get a much deserved break. Enjoy guys!!!


Agree with you completely Trey1.