“let me shave your face.. don’t be scared.. just let me do it” – Sam to Angela

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: Haleigh & Scottie Have Nots jc, sam, scottie

Big Brother Spoilers

11:37am Scottie and Tyler
S – has she come up with a Pitch for you guys yet
T – dude, she has not been leaving me alone
S – I have had a few solid 1 on 1 conversations with her they have not been positive experiences
S – for me.. I heard a bunch of sh1t in jury and I’ve been asking her about them..
S – both Bay and Rocks have told me thing and I am straight up confronting her being like OK this is what I’ve heard and she gives me the runaround
T – of course
S – I’m not f*ing happy about it
T – she’s sketchy as hell
S – I’ve heard people think I’m falling back into the trap before.. because I was talking to her..
Scottie says Haleigh was mad at him for not cheering her on during the comp, “You f*ed me over what do you expect”
Scottie brings up talking to Brett and JC where they asked him if he’s doing any campaigning.
Scottie – no I don’t think I’m the target
Scottie – In one of my conversations with her I said I think you are in danger
Scottie laughs
Tyler doesn’t know why haleigh is always around him he doesn’t have a vote
S – is she trying to make deals
T – no, She’s trying to get me to tell her if she’s the target or not

Tyler says Scottie coming back in was his biggest sigh of relief. HE did not want one of the other three to come back.
Scottie – if it was one of the other three the house consensus would be to go after one of them..
T – mmmmmhhhhmmm
Scottie – I would like to think I was the only one where that doesn’t apply to
T – yeah you are..

11:50am … face masks..

12:02am Sam and Angela
Sam – let me shave your face
Angela – NO
Sam – don’t be scared
A – hell no
Sam – just let me do it
A – absolutly not
Sam – you might be surprised and pleased..
A – no I won’t
Sam – you do it then
A – I don’t want to shave my face I’m not a man
Sam – it’s not.. it’s the same.. you would do the same thing in a spa I promise
A – I can’t do it I feel it will grow back extra..
Sam – it’s not .. you can’t change the amount of follicles in your skin just feels like it’s more because it’s course..
Angela – I don’t need course hair on my face
Brett joins them “you’ll probably break out real bad too”
Sam – you break out when you shave like a man
Sam – if you do what I said when your face is super cold and dry.. you are just taking off the dead skin. It’s the same as micro-blading or whatever they call it.. dermablade..
A – I am open to the idea just probably not on national Television
Sam – go have it done at a place.. you get a whole new layer of skin
A – it’s like a chemical peel

12:27am Sam, Angela, Haleigh., BRett houseguests milling around getting ready..

12:57pm Brett. Sam and JC
Sam says she’s going to straighten Tyler’s hair today
They joke it’s to piss JC off
JC doesn’t mind says Tyler likes looking lie a women..

Sam tries to get JC out of bed.. says production wants them all up. “you got to get up and get moving.. a body in motion stays in motion”
JC – I told them they make me a have not I don’t know why.. I’m here the whole week in the corner..
Sam – are you trying to show us how much we would miss you if you weren’t here..
JC – no I don’t really care..
Sam – how about I make you some slop spaghetti..

Brett leaves..
Sam telling him she doesn’t want him to get in trouble she wants him up.. She says she feels best around him..
Sam – you’re the spoon to this sh1ty pot you stir it up..
JC says they put him on slop they as in production are the ones adding Slo into the game. “I have to deal with the consequences of my actions they have to deal with the consequences of their actions.. ”

1:14pm (feeds are hoping all over the place…)
Sam – I can’t believe i’m 27
JC – you’re acting like you’re 85
Jc – I want to be important one day
Sam – you are important.. you mean important to a lot of poeple
JC – yeah
Sam – why
JC explains his dream is to do “something BIG and be important”
Sam – well that’s this.. this is something BIG you’ll be remembered by
JC – something real.. something beneficial..

Sam offers the wrap him up like a “little baby” and carry him outside like he’s her baby..

JC – you are probably one of the only girls that don’t annoy me so much..
Sam – thanks..
She laughs..
Sam – i’m the girlest boy
Sam says she feels like s shitty friend..
JC – you are sometimes crazy.. but I don’t think you are a bad friend..

1:50pm random games being played.. check out Sam’s table of crap..

2:55pm being sam..

3:26pm snuggles…
3:34pm Tyler says he doesn’t believe Scottie when he says he’s not coming after them.
Angela thinks Haleigh will go after Sam right now she’s so pissed at her. So they know one of them would go up against Sam.. If it’s scottie it could be the two of them.
Tyle r- Right.. and he won’t put Sam up ..
Angela – I think Scottie still need to go
Tyler – I do to
Angela asks if Kaycee and JC are still down
Tyler confirms.. “I feel that Brett and JC have been more.. saying more reasons why Haleigh should go”

Angela hopes it’s a double eviction on Thursday and both Haleigh and Scottie can leave.
Tyler says Jc and Brett see haleigh attached to her and Kaycee so they get a little paranoid.

Angela says there’s 3 people that want to take out Haleigh right now.
Tyler says the smartest thing for Haleigh to do would be JC and Sam.
Angela heard the exact same thing from halegih last night in the shower.. She was mentioning the middle person aka JC. She says it was implied that put JC up with Sam to guarantee Sam goes home. “Everyone loves JC.. I can’t say it right now ..mmm ”

Angela hopes that after this week it’s their 4 vs three floaters.. (Haleigh, JC and Sam)

Brett joins them.. “I’m ready to blow up on f*ing Sam.. ”
B – Haleigh does something to her and she takes it out on me..
Brett explains that Haleigh took Sam’s pillow tops then Sam took Brett’s pillow tops etc.. etc.. etc.. .
Brett – dude everything she’s doing is pissing me the f* off…
Angela – I can’t be in the same room as her..
Tyler agrees brings up how he’s had to walk away from her in the kitchen earlier today.
Brett =- it’s death by needles..
Brett – I’m embarrassed I’m mad about this.. it’s so stupid.. I’m embarrassed..

4:05pm in the HOH JC, Tangela, and BRett are talking about Sam’s mood swings and generally just all the crazy things Sam does. Sounds liek they’ve had enough of Sam..

Downstairs Sam is doing those crazy things..

5:52pm Volleyball…


7:16pm Angela, Kaycee and Tyler

Kaycee to Angela – has Scottie talked to you about game or Haleigh .. votes
A – no
T – he’s starting tomorrow
A – are we going to tell him what we are doing
T – tell scottie?
K – Just be vague.. be like I don’t know.. I was planning on being super vague and say I’m seeing where the house is at
T – I’m just worried if he figures out he’s going out he’ll throw some crazy sh1t out there.. not like he has anything but people go crazy in here..
K – so we’re pretty much blindsiding him
T – I guess so
A – another blindside
T – it’s been a minute
A – its what we’re good at
K – See how good we can hide it
T – yup
K – do you think if haleigh wins HOH she’ll put up Sam
Angela and Tyler think so..
halegih come sin

7:22pm JC and Scottie
SCottie asks if he’s ever had a final 2 with Fes
JC – no, I’m not stupid Scottie
Scottie says in the jury bay and Rockstar told him Haleihg made final 2’s with them and Fes.
Scottie tells him about the deal Fes/Haleigh tried to make with Tyler/Angela. Scottie tells him that Haleigh has made deals with everyone in the house.
Scottie – Tyler’s been telling me for weeks that she’s been using me
JC – I don’t know I don’t pay too much attention to all of that
Scottie says the only people we was working with put him on the block and took him out. He came back into the house a blank.

Scottie stresses that Haleigh has deals with everyone in the house.

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Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I think the wheels have started with Brett and JC. They may use Hayleigh to make a big move and oust Tyler if they can win the HOH.

Who said that!

Not Tyler Angela,Tyler doesn’t want that to happen until Haleigh is gone.


Tyler hasn’t pushed for Haleigh to be evicted and that could be his demise.

Scottie would work with him but she is out for blood.

He does not have a vote this week but could have made sure Angela,Kaycee and Sam vote out Haleigh reiterating the fact that she put all of them up and hates Sam etc but really hasn’t done much at all.

Tyler is slipping and in a trance when it comes to Angela. She is way to much a distraction and he is not hustling enough keep Scottie over Haleigh which wouldbenefit his game moving forward if Scottie remains loyal to him

It’s all a big …IF you just never know.

Brett is smarter than ppl give him credit. Great social game. Infiltrates. Is in good with everyone in the house except for his goodbye messages. He will win when he needs a life line.

Should be an interesting final stretch if Scottie or Hayleigh win next HOH.

Let’s Go!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

You make some good points. I think possibly all of L4 thinks they’ve been super loyal and fought for one another since day 2 so to break away and work with Scottie or Haleigh is just too risky. I think there are still good conversations going on between all of them; there’s just less people in the house and only so much to talk about over and over. Also the reason certain people are getting on other peoples’ nerves more. There are less people to distract each other and the walls are closing in.

Tyler’s thought bubble: “Lay with hot Angela for awhile and pet, or talk AGAIN with JC and possibly get groped? Hmmmmm. Listen to Scottie or Haleigh tell me conflicting stories and lie to my face, or lay with the hot girl some more. Hmmmmm.”


Holy shit Sam has got big balls to bring up the stache……lol.

Just my opinion

I no alot of people don’t think fes made an impact with his speech, but I think Brett was already thinking about being on the bottom and making a big move… and fes gave him a hmm I’m not the only one that see it perspective to think about…any way Brett is a smart guy and I hope when hayleigh wins the next hoh he lets her no she has support to make a big move and nominate Tyler and angela..

Cra Cra

He has a final 2 with Tyler. Why would he want Tyler nominated? *know

The Hive is Compost

Because he can’t beat Tyler.

Miss Conception

JC will be remembered without question,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lets just say it will not really be in a positive way! Although he may be able to get a job as a rep for Perv-O- Matic!


Sometimes Sam is annoying, and sometimes she is the funniest girl in the house. She would be fun to be around if she was in a good mood, but when she’s in a bad mood, she’s like hell on wheels. I guess that’s typical of any overly moody people.

Fruit Loop Dingus

It’s called medication


Or lack of.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Really? 16 down votes? If it walks like a Fessy…


I adore Sam. Does she have issues? We all do. Has the nature of the game amplified her issues? Probably. Has production manipulated her to take advantage of her issues? Definitely. Every remaining houseguest has complained about her, yet she remains in the house “hiding” in plain sight. The things she suggests sometimes come from way, way outside the box risking her very existence in the house. Shave Angela? Seriously? It’s like production makes her perform stupid stunts in exchange for her meds.


Shittt you can have her. I’m tired of watching her crazy. She is out of her mind nuts. This is beyond just typical issues that everyone has. She has the mentality of a child the way she takes things out on people. And even with Angela and the shaving thing.. she said no, yet she can’t drop it. Production didn’t make her do that. Sam made herself do it.


Jesus Christ Does she have problems we all do….yet she remains…our side the box….wow. has problems red flags, remains because other house guest allow her to remain, outside of the box no out to lunch. Please stop with the terrible analysis and try hard blog job. She has done nothing but float because of others house guest’s put her on the back burner. That’s it, that’s all. She can’t take credit for her being the, can’t win a comp, can’t be part of a group, can’t be social. Sam is a waste of big brother space.

BB Fan

Must you bring Jesus into the mix


Obviously you take your name way too seriously. This site is full of opinions, not analysis. None of us are qualified to analyze the houseguest’s performance until we’ve been put in the same situation – locked in a house full of strangers, competing for 500k, cut off from all contact with the outside world and anything that might keep us grounded, constantly on camera like a lab rat in an experiment. Some people can cope, others cannot. Sam was probably the least equipped to handle the first week’s robot punishment, which seems to have left her feeling like an outsider. It’s snowballed since then.

****Disclaimer – the above is merely an opinion and should not be construed as analysis.


Look in the mirror


Can’t win a comp? Did you miss the week she was HOH?


She didn’t win that HOH out right she begged Tyler to let her have it.

Smitten Kitten

There used to be a reoccurring skit on David Lettetman called “Stupid human tricks” (as opposed to stupid pet tricks).
Sam shaving the girls faces qualifies.

If I were Angela, I would perceive Sam’s request as SO outrageous I might think that Sam may be America’s Player & one of her challenges is to get a female hg to shave her face. They already think that America loves Sam, because she won the first power app by popular vote.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

LOL she’s probably learned in real life the things that help her stay in a good head space. Lots of open space, out doors, cigarettes, staying busy, etc. And the occasional doobie.


Agreed. I absolutely loved her at first and thought she was the cutest thing. I wonder if she has ADHD. Being in there with nothing to do would drive her crazy. The way she always has to be doing something, I just wonder.


JC- he who stirs the shit pot will lick the spoon

who me?

And here I thought the viewers were the only ones that thought Angela needed a shave lol


yeah that mustache has to go!


Sam just wanted a straight razor…

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Seriously, if Angela is ugly, then those of us who think we are attractive in the real world are hideous trolls.

Smitten Kitten

I found myself staring at a photo of Angela for like 5 minutes the other day & had to snap myself out of it, lol.
The girl is absolutely beautiful & her body is near perfection.
She was born with the holy grail of bodies for a woman; long legs, long torso, shapely hips & butt (that b!tch! lol).

Seriously though, I never understood why some women feel the need to hate on other women out of jealousy & envy.
I appreciate beauty & recognize that it probably takes a sh!t ton of work for her to keep that body of her’s so rockin.

Boring week ahead

She’s average and it cracks me up that ppl here on site thinks she fine when she’s not! Glad other sites are with the real world!Cut that mustache! And by the way i don’t think she ugly she’s just not fine or beautiful she’s ok looking! 6 at best! 7 with makeup


Oooooh, you got us good with that reverse psychology… the people on those other sites must be so wise & all knowing, lol.


JC is a baby. Sam should totally wrap him up like one. Comparing the “consequences of his actions” (ie. Sexual assault) to being put on slop which is apart of the game for which HE decided to join is No one’s fault but your own. Kaycee should have used the veto and put him up. He is getting dangerous and needs to go.

What Now

When did a peck on the cheek become assault? If the kiss from JC to Tyler’s cheek was sexual assault, then was Tyler’s kiss on the back of Angela’s neck while she slept also sexual assault?


That’s considered rape by these ridiculous people……its called recreational outrage.

Cra Cra

No, the ice cream scoop would be sexual assault!

Buh Bye

“What Now”… the difference is known as consent. Tyler and Angela have been playing kissy face for awhile now. JC, on the other hand, had no consent from Tyler to caress and kiss him. No means no… including a “peck on the cheek”.


Oh poor JC his lies and manipulations are catching up to him hes a poor sissy baby lol bahhaaa bout time.


Why is all of Sam’s crap sitting on the kitchen table? Did the doctor make her gather it up to get rid of it? Or is she trying to institute a community craft day? If everyone thinks she is a hoarder, she can’t be much of one. That camper she lives in is so small that there’s nowhere to put anything!


Did B!+ching Hayleigh clean really clean the pink room today? So far NO. Sam is a busy bee, she needs to do sh!+ so what. And there are/were drinks and the comp food there to last I saw. If it bothers Hayleigh so much please say something, I dare her to.

Here’s a thought, why get rid of Scottie, he hasn’t put up Tyler. Almost always comes im second place. And wants JC out if he won, there you go Tyler
Let’s stupidly keep HALEIGH who has put Tyler Angela and Kaycee on the block, won 2 mental comps almost won the Spin/Pie and is so far up Angela’s a$$ she now showers with her


At least now Haleigh will tell Bayleigh and Rockstar in the jury house how great Angela is.


What’s up with all the crafts, anyway? Production didn’t used to give them toys like this, at least not till later in the season.


I don’t get that either. Why does she think it’s ok to take up the whole table top with her crap. I find it disrespectful when they are all sharing the same space. No one can even sit at the table to eat.

Picture on the wall

JC, Tyler is NOT gay. Even if it wasn’t Angela, it still wouldn’t be you. He just doesn’t swing that way. Can I make it any clearer???
Get over your infatuation and move on.

Who said that!

I don’t think he heard you.

Buh Bye

It really seems like JC has been very antagonistic towards Tyler since he got in trouble for his inappropriate behavior last week. JC is pushing it right to the line of what BB will let him get away with. He has a crush on Tyler and is acting like “if I can’t have him, I’m going to make him miserable”.

Don't touch

I think Sam shaves her face.
She always looks bright white around her mouth like her mustache chin goatee area has been freshly shaved. Why would one do that to herself why would she offer to do that to someone else. That’ll just make things super worse, you’re going to ruin your life. Get that lasered!


Her purpose for wanting to shave her was not for removing hair but to remove dead skin.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Perhaps, but most women know if you shave your face (much like our legs), it will grow back darker and more course…. and ain’t NO body got time for that. She can do electrolysis when she gets out of the house, or whatever bleach type treatment my sister uses.


laser costs a lot, that is why most women get their upper lip and chin waxed, some people get their whole face waxed. you would think sam and angela would know if they wanted to remove dead skin all they would have to do is exfoliate, get a good one not a cheap one and it works really well for removing dead skin. Would never suggest that a woman run a razor over their face.


Well, don’t understand the thumb downs –I’m not guessing or assuming here… That is why Sam said she wanted to do it!

Smitten Kitten

Not only is it expensive, but when I had it done it was SUPER painful (and I lasered my bikini line & under arms, ouch!).

The good thing about laser is that it only takes 2 or 3 visits & it never comes back. I did mine 10 years ago & not a single hair has come back.

I’ve heard it’s not as painful anymore & I would love to do my legs, but Im not taking a chance… it so sucked!


Threading beats waxing.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Trying to start something with that title?

Harry hillbillies

Sam is the devil.

Dirty Harry Reid

Sam and jC. That is quite a couple.


Someone else on here mentioned Angela’s stache….must be pretty unsettling if Sams begging to shave her face lmao


Me? I wouldn’t want Sam anywhere near any part of my body with a razor of any kind, even if she’s been medicated.


I wouldn’t be surprised if production didn’t put the bug in Sam’s ear about shaving based on some people’s obsession with Angela’s facial hairs. Didn’t someone on here mention it was some sort of disorder or something opposed to an actual moustache? The increase in women’s facial hairs these days is also attributed to the horomones in the food we eat these days – girls are developing at younger ages because of it also.


Best line of the day (so far): “You’re the spoon to this sh1ty pot you stir up.” Hahahaha!

I’m wondering if Tyler might make a move today to turn the tide against Hay. He said in his DR session that he would do what’s best for HIM in this HOH, and the best thing for his game is to get Hay out. Scottie wants to work with him. It won’t be easy convincing Brett, but he just needs to convince two others since Sam’s vote against Hay is a given.

Dirty Harry Reid

I hear what you are saying but I want Scottie to go just for the message that it sends back to the jury house. Here is your Battle Back winner. Total domination by Level 4.

Whomever goes it is a win for Level 4.

Carlene Trujillo

Exactly JC is already bugging Tyler, can’t win a comp and the Twitter world wants his head. So time to show him he’s not the puppet master he thinks he ius. Get Hayleigh out and keep Scottie to get JC out. Why is this great L6 not even thinking, this girl won’t leave us alone. She saw us celebrate, she’s won 2 comps almost beat EVERYONE on this last HOH (not getting into his feet being off, CBS should have said it at that time, sorry it’s not going to change at this point) and she has put 3 of 4 L6 people up.

Hello get her first then Scottie duh


Here is the counter argument for why Scottie needs to go first:

* Scottie tells whoever he speaks to what they want to hear, so he won’t necessarily go after JC. In fact, I suspect he would target Angela and Brett. He sees JC as the house does -an easy out. Plus Hal can win certain types of comps but Scottie is a bigger threat to win all types.

* Sure Haleigh could go against everything she’s said and put up any combo of the trio. But then what? In a likely DE she can’t play so the remaining L6 trio & Sam would gun for her. Therefore she’d have to win out from F7. Granted her choices are limited, but she has a better shot at buying leverage via going after Sam/JC. Of course L6 would agree & just throw HOH to whoever remained between Sam/JC but still – it’s her best shot of staying more than one week. Besides, her target (Tyler) wouldn’t leave sitting beside Angela (he might even stay 4-0). In some ways this scenario almost helps Ty.

Not to beat a dead horse, but Tyler NEVER does anything without a purpose. To wit, he was glued to Kaitlyn, Scottie, now Angela. All b/c they’re who he wants to be on the block with. Entering F7 there are four well guarded secrets:

1) Level 6 (Ty seems to have convinced Hal the 4 were celebrating Sam going up & since Brett commiserates with Hal all the time it’s believable).
2) Tyler is KC’s true F2
3) Tyler won the second power app.
4) The only F2s in the house ALL belong to Tyler.

Either Thursday (late) or in his GBM Ty can elect to play dumb to Scottie or out L6. The truth is Ty tried to help Scottie during Angela’s 1st HOH & Scottie ran to Hal and told her everything the next week electing to disregard Hay/Bay’s “LEGENDARY move” to back door Scottie. He played the middle ground & never found his footing b/c he couldn’t keep secrets.

I still think Scottie could be someone we see again b/c he’s a nice guy who could apply lessons learned (align with trustworthy people & don’t run back & forth spilling all the tea). But, this week it’s a matter of Hal’s game is far more obvious and predictable than his, so he’s got to go.


I think booting hay is the right move, but booting scottie isn’t that bad. If ty looks at it like L4 vs Others, hayleigh stays and she won’t team up with Sam. If scottie stays, there’s a better chance to unify the others against L4.

I think hay vs scottie is 6 in one, half dozen in the other. Even if one wins hoh next week, Ty has the votes to stay if on the block against anyone. In fact, that’s one less persons blood on his hands later and hay/Scottie can’t compete the following hoh.


There’s no one better choice but I do believe that Scottie has a slight edge in the physical comps and is therefore the bigger threat. Out of the two comps that Hayleigh won, neither of them were based on memory, but rather unscrambling. Scottie, on the other hand, won the battle back (physcial), and came very close to winning on two comps, at least, which were both physical. (Hayleigh did come close on the last one which involved little multi-tasking in a physcial comp, but more endurance.) Chances are down the road, while Hayleigh may do well in a non-physcial comp or a chance comp, she is more likely to flounder in a physical one later on. The odds are in their favor to let Scottie go, and risk it with Hayleigh knowing that if she did win eventually, she would be on the chopping block the week after, sue to more comps being physical.


I meant to add too that Scottie already won a true false comp and a physical veto comp, week 3…don’t know what I left that out. So, really he’s already won 2 physical comps, one non-physcial/memory comp, and come very close on 2 physical comps. he is the bigger threat.


Agree. I want Tyler to talk to Brett about all the crap JC is telling Tyler that Brett is saying, so Brett can tell Tyler no, JC said that. I’m so sick of him saying “if I win HOH”, when is that going to happen?


Yes! Absolutely! Tyler has just over 24 hours eastern time to start convincing his crew to vote out Haleigh or all his hard work earlier in the season will be for nothing.

Brett is so ready to flip. JC right there with him and boom game over for Tyler.

Tyler better get his head outta the gutter or he’s Gonzo! ;o)

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Totally agree, Haleigh should go first but if she doesn’t she’ll follow soon enough. As for the possibility of Brett flipping, I wouldn’t count on it yet.

To begin with he believes he’s in a final two with Tyler, who is very good at competitions while Brett has either been sandbagging greatly or isn’t all that good in comps. So some believe that he would throw that away to team up with an erratic at best JC who is completely pathetic at comps…and even if he succeeded in getting rid of Tyler he would then have to face Angela and Kaycee…both of whom are very good at comps.

I just don’t think Brett is that stupid.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

You might be right but Brett knows Tyler is top dog and I think Brett believes that he can take Angela and Kaycee in comps. I feel a flip coming but only if Brett/jC/Hayleigh win the HOH.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Brett believes he’s in a final two with that top dog.

Why would he throw that away to align with JC (who has never won anything and probably never will), and risk going to final two with either Haleigh or Scottie who have the remaining Hive votes locked in…and would have some unhappy members of his alliance to content with also.

He not only has to nominate Tyler and either Angela or Kaycee, but he has to hope that neither of his nominations gets veto, and even if he gets one out, he now has to face the two best remaining competitors in the house for the next HoH…and be top of their hit list.

I just don’t see the odds in that in his favor at this point. There will be a time when L4 has to eliminate their own. I don’t necessarily believe there will be hard feelings when that time comes; right now I think it would be seen as a betrayal.

The Hive is Compost

Brett would throw it away because he has no chance of beating Tyler and with Tyler gone Brett feels like he could beat anyone left in the comps (At least in his mind).

Just my opinion

I don’t thing Brett wants to get rid of Tyler…he wants to separate Tyler,kaycee, Angela…and if he can get hayleigh to do that it would be very smart for his game


I wish both Scottie and hayleigh could stay.
Since one has to go I’d rather it be Scottie.

The Hive is Compost

I wish they both could go this week.

Who said that!

I think the happy pills have turned Sam into a house cat.


Can someone confirm if Tyler and Angela have actually kissed yet?

Self Inflicted Wound

Well I know Tyler just kissed 500K away. I hope it was worth it to him.

Who said that!


No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

But no one in the house saw them kiss. Live feeders seeing it has no effect on the jury or the house.


I like to think he’s playing the game within the game now- he’s seems like the type to blow 500k pretty quick, especially after taxes its not that much. On the other hand, Angela auth her modeling and business acumen is a steady income stream a house husband could live off for a long time.

Backseat Driver

I am a female and my gut is telling me Angela is totally playing Tyler….she’s out to win
the $$$. She is NOT the snuggle-kind-of-gal…..she’s using Tyler.

Who said that!

How does that benefit her game?

Backseat Driver

You have a good point! My remark is based on my “gut”.


I totally agree!! I just hope Tyler catches on before it’s too late.


See it for yourself: (it’s really sweet PG rated) approximately 2:33 AM BBTime on Monday Morning Right after BB says to them, “Please put on your microphone”


Looks like JC and Brett are taking their Tangela babysitting duties very seriously today !!


CBS has gold in front of them and they can’t see it: A Wizard of Oz series. You’ve got Sam as the Scarecrow searching for a brain, Scottie the cowardly lion looking for courage, and Angela the tin man in search of a heart. Haleigh is the wicked witch…cough wart cough…, Kaycee is Dorothy, Brett is the good witch, Tyler is the wizard, and JC is the flying monkey

Swaggy's Missing Brow

LOL! Love it, however, might I suggest you cast JC as a munchkin…and the jury as the flying monkeys.


Excellent fix. Much better casting.


Fabulous idea for a comp!!!! Good job Ronnie!



Rocky's Mom

I just saw online that Haliegh is a psychology major so why would she bash Sam about being crazy and needing medication? I thought she was a b*#@% before but now I think she needs a new major and she is an insensitive jerk! I wish she was going this week and not Scottie!

Who said that!

You realize Angela was saying the exact same thing right?


Psychology degrees come in varying degree of difficulty. It’s one of those areas where if you want to avoid straining the brain you can avoid the science research type classes and stick with the more subjective ones. It’s much harder to do with the hard sciences.


She’s a psych major because it isn’t a terrible tough course load.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Binbo…Fessie graduated with it.