Big Brother 20 Suntanning, Aliens and a Veto Tattoo

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 1
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Sept 6
Noms: Haleigh & Scottie Have Nots ?

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11am Brett, JC, Haleigh and Scottie are still sleeping. Big Brother wakes them up. Everyone gets up for the day except Haleigh. The cameras zoom in on her covered up with just her head sticking out. Angela heads outside to suntan. Kaycee, Brett and Scottie head outside to workout. Angela and Brett start studying the days / events of the season.

1:40pm Its a lazy suntanning type of day…

1:50pm Kaycee talks to Scottie about how she wants to suntan a veto onto her arm. Sam tapes a veto on her arm.

2:14pm Backyard. Haleigh and Angela. Angela – I wonder if the fact that Tyler and I are both from Hilton Head, if it brought it any publicity. Hayleigh – I bet. Angela – cause we talk about it all the time. Do it for Hilton Head! I wonder if it has done anything at all. Haleigh – I bet so.

2:50pm The suntanning continues.. along with talk of aliens and whether or not they would be hostile. They see pink balloons and wonder if its for a gender reveal or aliens disguised as balloons. Meanwhile, Sam is inside cleaning the house.

3:10pm JC is finally awake and in the kitchen. He tells Kaycee that her veto tattoo looks more like a stop sign. Scottie tries to talk about his week outside of the hosue. Big Brother tells him he can’t talk about production. Scottie – I can’t talk about the week I wasn’t here. Its like it didn’t happen. Scottie – one of the things I’m worried about is the speech made it seem like she (Haleigh) was the target and I am the pawn. But from what I understand that’s what Fes was told last week. I tried to have so many conversations with him but it was legit like talking to wall. JC – I felt bad in that situation but I didn’t feel like going and talking to him. Scottie – so last week you think Haleigh was the target but Fes was just so sh*tty that the target switched?

5:07pm Bathroom. Sam and Brett. Sam – are you mad at me? Brett – I just woke up. What’s wrong. I promise I’m not mad at you. Sam – I don’t know. You haven’t been around me very much.. Brett – I promise I’m not. Sam – is that all in my head? Brett – MMMmmmmHHH I promise. Sam – I am a straight shooter. I would prefer if there is something wrong for you to just talk to me. Sam – I don’t know what is defined when someone says they’re working with someone because in my head I would never put you up. That’s all that I ever meant. Brett – did someone say something? Sam – no. I am not going to prank people. I’m not going to talk bad about people. I don’t know what the game definition of working with someone is? So if that to you meant something else that is not what I intended. Have you been disappointed in some way? Brett – no I am even confused what this is about at all? Sam – okay, are you mad at me? Brett – I am not mad at you. Sam – are you disappointed? Brett – I am not disappointed. Sam – are you confused or at any point questioning my word? Brett – no. That’s why I am so confused about what this is about at all. Sam – I don’t know. Is there anything you’ve got to tell me? Brett – no, I’ve got nothing at all. Like I am literally blindsided by this conversation. Sam – okay, good. That is a pleasant surprise. I have not trying to do any game-y things. Brett – this is all news to me. Sam – I am glad we had this talk.

5:15pm Backyard. Angela and Haleigh. Haleigh – I am so pissed that she (Sam) is still here. All she does is b***h and be abrasively rude and half-a$$ clean. I clean up after myself. I clean as much as anyone else in this house. Then I realized I ain’t nobodies b***h!

5:18pm Kitchen. Sam, Brett, Angela and Scottie. Sam – I will take something from every single one of you. Every conversation. I have grown in a lot of ways but we’re never done changing. I don’t all the personal stuff that I share with everyone to make anyone uncomfortable. Brett and Scottie both say I’ve never felt that way. Sam to Scottie – I don’t want to you to ever think that I am trying to glitz you. I would only want to build you up. Scottie – that’s good because I need to be built up. Sam – I don’t want anyone to tip toe around me because I am about to snap. I am fine. Scottie – I appreciate that. Its a balancing act in here. When we want to say something to someone but we can’t because we feel it will be manipulated or used of another persons benefit of demise. So then you do nothing and you feel even weirder. I don’t want anyone to tip toe around me. Angela – they (production) wanted to get in your head and over think things and turn against people. Sam – I do complain a lot about something that I should be thankful for. Angela – you are one of the least people that I would say complain about this opportunity. Today will pass. Today is a weird day for you.

5:29pm Bathroom. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – Sam is f**king crazy. Angela – I want to shower upstairs but I feel like I am going to get judged for it. Haliegh – do it! Do it!

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Swaggy's Missing Brow

Hmmmmm, this is like The Travel Channel…interesting scenery.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue


Is aliens code for Rockstar?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Aw Dude…on her daughter’s birthday no less.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Not to toot my own horn but I know a dude whose 2nd cousin lives next to a girl who knows Rockstars daughters backup postman’s dog walkers friend. Just saying.

BBJuicy Blast

Can’t even own it!


Awwww how cute, the pink balloons are telling them Bayleigh is having a girl lol

On another subject, Simon and Dawg how do you feel about the whole JC and snickers situation. I’ve seen so many bad comments about it online and I was just wondering what everyone’s opinion on here is.


I think CBS responded to the different JC “controversies”: In the prelim of tonight’s episode, I believe I heard CBS call Scottie “The Virgin King”????


Lol. The question marks are supposed to be multiple laughing icons

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It doesn’t help that moron Swaggy C. is all over Twitter egging this narrative along. His game in real life sucks as bad as his game in the house did. IF he had said the word they insinuate on Twitter, the other house guests would have called him out on it. On the CBS shows, they give sub-titles with all of JC’s conversation because we can’t understand half of what he says.

Swaggy C Ya

Do you have any idea how stoked Swaggy is that you are talking about his Twitter account? He is probably covering himself in peanut butter and honey as we speak.


It’s ok, he’ll need a reliable income stream for the baby.


It’s the internet, They just want something new they can hate JC for because the hate they had yesterday isn’t keeping them warm today. JC could resuscitate a dying man and they’d say he sexually assaulted the guy.


I’m so happy you said that. I was on a B.B. Fan IG account and so many people were sooooooo sure he said the N word. Everyone was outraged and setting up a petition to have JC expelled from the house lol. I 100% believe he said snickers because like you said it made zero sense that why in the middle of that conversation he would randomly just say the N word. I’m not a fan of JC but I also don’t believe he should be accused of something he didn’t say.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

There are people who are obviously listening/watching intently looking for anything at all that they can somehow use to fabricate some sort of outrage with. When I first saw this latest “outrage” I just rolled my eyes; not this $hit again!

Paul Treffinger

Things always get boring on every season of the live feeds from Sunday to Thrusday when it’s get down to 8-7 people left and will continue to get more boring, it’s just the state of the game. Only thing that is good is the actual show and they can put it all together because their is less information to revel


This week will be predictable unless Sam decides to take care of Haleigh before then. Next week will mark a new chapter no matter who wins. If Sam/JC win, it could go many ways, Haleigh goes up but who sits next to her? If she wins the veto, who gets screwed? Being on the block becomes dangerous now even if you control the votes. No one is going to want to risk being there anymore. L6/5/4 may have to eat their own should Haleigh win the veto.

Roll Tide

Brett is the man!!

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Bravo Dawg Bravo

Haleigh's Melanoma

I knew it, Haliegh wants to win because she doesn’t want to live with her family.

Eh eh

or because they don’t want to live with her?

BB Fanatic

Once again ur post is just plain stupid. I picture you as a very overweight, nerdy male who sits in his chair with a bottle of lotion and box of tissues next to you. I’m spot on aren’t I??!!

BB Fanatic

I respond to ur posts trying to give u a heads up that u are gross. The last thing I would want is anything of yours within 20 feet of me. I will pass right over any further posts by you as I wouldn’t want u to think anything other than I am disgusted and grossed out by you. Enjoy your relationship with ur hand…covered in ur favorite purple panty I guess!

OMG Noooo

Fes, Hal, Rock, Bay and Scottie decides who the winner is! They don’t even know what happen this whole game…!@@#$%@#$@#%@#!


3:10pm – JC is finally awake. This dude really does break all the rules! Not sure what it says about me, but I’m still rooting for him to stay at least another few weeks. 🙂

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

I liked when Tyler asked JC if he would be upset if he put him on the block.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

The show was actually good tonight. Saw a little of the HOH comp I didn’t see before; I thought JC threw it but he got bounced off similar to the way Brett got bounced off. Sam actually climbed down the rope and laid down (eye roll). JC can’t stand it that he can’t manipulate Tyler. In actuality he isn’t manipulating Brett, KC or Angela either; Tyler just calls him out. he almost stomps off (LOL)>

Botox Pelosi

i don’t like her but I do have to give Hayleigh props on her HOH performance. She hung tough and almost won.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

The downfall of her game is usually in her lack of maturity in understanding her opponents’ game and the weaknesses in her own team. She talks too much.

Dirty Harry Reid

Kaycee has really impressed me. For her to throw up and not give up in the head of household comp was pretty impressive. I’m so glad that another Hiver is going this week. Level 4 is an awesome team.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

I love how JC plays people against each other.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Uh…you did see how no one is buying it didn’t you?

First Blood

Faysal bought it and did you notice that Tyler nominated the two people that JC told him to? He also has Sam and Hayleigh going for each other too.


That is who Tyler would have nominated anyway, it’s not because of JC. Sam and Hayleigh have been going for each other because they don’t like each other, it’s not because of JC.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Of course Fessie bought it. He didn’t know whether you need a passport to go to Hawaii or not.

Tyler nominated the two people he intended to nominate, Sam and Haleigh were already going at each other.


Those nominees were decided 3-4 weeks ago. Tyler wanted both of them out but not before serious threats to himself were gone. Those threats were Chris, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Angie, and then Fez. Either because they mentioned Tyler was running things (Angie), were too erratic (Kaitlyn), comp competition (Chris and Fez) or had a power (Bayleigh), so they had to go. There’s no one else for Tyler to target outside his alliance at this point.

JC was able to get Fez to put up Scottie but Fez was half way there already because Scottie was getting some of Haleigh’s attention.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

I agree that Level 4 are on to jC but Hayleigh has swallowed the bait for sure. You also should notice that I never said it was working.

Botox Pelosi

Tyler is so good with his nomination speech. This guy has a lot of game and if he can keep his libido in check he just might win this game.


UGH..I am SO over Sam with her constant fakeness. On and on and on how she just wants to help people.
She said the other day that she never watched BB or anyone she knew. That she was approached a few time.
That she’s playing for Superfans.
Excuse me?
I call shenanigans.
I bet she APPLIED as a superfan.
When someone has to tell you over again umpteen times how good they are etc etc etc…know that it is the opposite.
Her * I don’t know game….what does this mean..that mean. C’MON. BS all the way. is a bit boring right now. It;s just this time in the BB house. It’s always like this with only a few people.
Things should liven up with DE.
Sam is getting ready in case she goes up. Not going to work though. Everyone is sick of her. Rightly so.
I feel a bit bad for Scottie.
But then I remember his flipping and spilling all the info to the Hive.
His being sucked in to Haleigh.
AND..pouring oil and milk over the floor..when people could have been really hurt and be out of the game.
That was when I decided he was not a worthy winner.
KayCee. Her socil gme is on point. Brett also.
I wonder if Tyler will twig (if he gets to final 2) that he will only win against Angela? Will Production (NUDGE)

Simon Dawg Fan

Can anyone explain to me the Brett and Sam conversation. It comes off like the Twilight Zone. Does it make more sense if you see it on the feeds? Are you mad at me? I think she’s making me crazy now.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That conversation Dawg transcripted above between Sam and Brett… wth? Sadly, both Haleigh and Scottie need to go before they put Sam on the chopping block. They can probably afford to keep JC until L4 is down to final 5 with him. He clearly isn’t good at comps so they can get him out. I’d say Sam annoys me (and she does), but so does Haleigh. Her immaturity is coming through stronger since Fez left the house. Next to him, she seemed incredibly insightful.

I agree Angela is Tyler’s best bet in a final 2. I kind of think he could win against KC; remember, the brain dead Hive think she’s a floater, and Fez knows she can win a physical comp but I’d say he’s salty over getting beat by girls. Brett, I’m not sure. Remember, Rockstar thinks he’s rich and doesn’t need the money. BUT Angela is his best bet.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

i would like the Academy to nominate Dawg for his Cinematography efforts on today’s post. Bring out the statue.

The Oscar Goes To

Long over due Dawg. Where is the after party?

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

Sounds good please send Rachel McAdans by with the limo.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

i am really sick of Hay’s whiny attitude. Please send her packing already. She belongs with the other woe is me Hivers.


I’m wondering if Tyler’s best move wouldn’t be Haleigh going. I don’t remember the actual number of comps for Haleigh vs Scottie. But seems Haleigh is a better competitor or at least the same. I know Haleigh’s wins. Just can’t remember Scottie. One HOH for Scottie. Is that it ? Haleigh stood so strong in that HOH and she can win memory comps. Plus. Haleigh without a doubt will put Tyler and Angela up. She can b***ch about Sam all day but I think she goes after Angela / Tyler. Scottie at least may put JC up next to one of them. I don’t know. It will be almost impossible for Haleigh to hang in there alone but one HOH and the 4 are split for sure. Brett just might flip things her way after that. JC may as well. I really think Haleigh going is better for L6.

Eh eh

Plus, for purely comfort reasons, surely there’s only so much pissing, moaning, eye-rolling, & projecting anyone can stomach.