Big Brother 20 Week 10 Summary and Live Eviction Results

It’s the same thing as last week. As Level6 puts it the only thing different is they “actually” like Scottie he’s not a “douche” like Fes. From here on in it’s really getting down to who wins the first batch of competitions and uses those wins to take out a level6 member. After this week, 2 votes give you a tie. This gives the trios in the house tremendous power (Angela, Kaycee and Tyler).  For this week after level 6 locked the veto there wasn’t anything much happening. For a hot minute it felt like there might have been a late Wednesday night flip but it fizzled out within hours.

Posts of the week

Part 1: Catch Up From the previous Week + any new powers

Fes was evicted from the Big Brother house. There was a HIVE reunion party in the JURY with one HIVE member getting a chance to come back in via a competition.  Scottie won the battle back and proclaimed to the fans he was going to try and get back in with Tyler. (poor wounded bird). Tyler ends up winning the Head of household later that night. No new powers were introduced.

Part 2: Nominations

Tyler nominates Haleigh and Scottie for eviction. Citing that Haleigh has targeted him before so for his own personal game he has to nominate her. He tells Scottie that he’s the pawn. In reality the target is Scottie. Tyler puts in serious work to convince Scottie he’s good this week. (this doesn’t last).

Part 3 Power of Veto

Kaycee wins the power of Veto. No one in level six is going to flip at this stage of the week. They plan on not using the veto and sending Scottie home. Angela notes that it’s been a while since they’ve had a good blindside.

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Kaycee does not use the Power of Veto. At this point Scottie makes it known that the HIVE made a jury pack. They will each pick one person they do not want to win. There will be 4 hive members minimum in jury but most likely there will be 5. The HIVE will be a strong voting block on Finale and will sway who wins the season. If this goes as planned the pack may not have much affect as a Level 6 member will still win Big Brother 20. Level6 was one of the strongest most loyal teams in Big Brother history.

Part 5 Pre eviction

JC is worried about the Angela/Kaycee/Tyler power block he keeps trying to get Tyler to want to have the final 4 Sam, Haleigh, JC and Tyler. Tyler won’t flip on Level 6 this early. JC shops this concern around to Sam and Brett. He’s ready to make a move against Angela if a double comes up if not he’ll keep hiding. Haleigh crawls DEEP up into Angela and Kaycee but it’s not working they still want her gone.

Where does this leave us?

Scottie is going back to Jury and unless JC or Haleigh win HOH a non level 6 members will be evicted next. Late Wednesday night they got alcohol again for the third time. Brett and Haleigh got in a argument over her spraying him with the kitchen faucet and him telling her that Scottie is winning his heart over because of it. Haleigh started crying and “made a big deal of it” This pissed Brett off even more and he started talking about getting Haleigh out this week. After a cool down period he decided against it. JC is suspecting that production is pushing the Angela and Tyler showmance (production is 100%). He points out that the questioning in the Diary room and the constant alcohol they are getting is evidence of this. At this stage looks like Haleigh is the next target.

There’s no TOP 10 Gifs this week as we didn’t even get 10 gifs published.. so here are the gifs that we did get to..

Head of Household and Eviction results

JC Votes to evict: Scottie

Sam Votes to evict: Scottie

Kaycee Votes to evict: Scottie

Brett Votes to evict: Scottie

Angela Votes to evict: Scottie

Scottie evicted

The Head of House hold winner is Kaycee




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Dirty Harry Reid

I’m not sure if it is best that Scottie or Hayleigh go but getting one of them out is a plus for Level 4.


my cat says meow when its hungry

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

What does it say when JC “pets” it?

The Hive is Compost

Tick Tick Tick Hayleigh

Worst Alliance Ever

Can we have a moment of silence for The Hive?


If my grandmother had balls she’d be my grandfather

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I think Scottie goes tonight, Kaycee wins head of household and Hayleigh follows him out the door.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

Two for two and looking good. Making for an entire jury house of Hivers. LOL.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Wouldn’t it be great if they both could go tonight?


Great the president is in Billings mt and my local station thinks we should watch him apparently.
Simon what’s the web page for the live feeds

Smoke Show Angela

Well we have three chances for some drama Brett, JC or Hayleigh winning HOH.

Does JC Wear a Diaper?

All I want is one week of JC on the block. Now that will be some interesting tv. I can’t wait to see his Bayleigh impression.


Up and out please. Done with JC like Fes, Rock, Bay and Chris. Very unpleasant people to be around. Ick

Eh eh

Substitute Hay for Fes in that list and it’d be more annoying than five JCs.


I want JC to win HoH so he shows his cards

Red Wave

Is anyone else conflicted? I think Scottie should go but I want Hayleigh to get evicted.

You lose

The hive will pick the winner of the show and if it’s anyone in final 2 with either Angela or Tyler they will not vote Angela or Tyler to win. If Angela and Tyler are final 2 I hope Tyler wins.


They will each vote for themselves, except Rockstar who votes for Bay crowning her the winner of BB20 lol

Botox Pelosi


Thanks for fixing the ranking system. The grid and the detailed breakdown are awesome.


Damn you 8 second delay!!!!!

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat Snared

C Ya Scottie.

The Hive is Compost

What a speech Scottie. All class without the C & L.


Way to keep it classy Scottie. Wow. Totally inappropriate and unnecessary

Cray Cray6

I missed the speech and eviction tuned in just in time for hoh. What did Scottie say I’m his speech?


He said something like you guys can suck it except for Tyler who would be getting that later tonight.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

He said something like, “I want to thank everyone in the house …. well, except for Tyler; if I get evicted, I’d say he can suck it but someone else is already doing that.” (the implication that Angela is?). Tyler threw something at him. He also made an a@@ of himself in his interview with Julie. He reinforced what everyone said, that he was unpredictable, because he couldn’t walk a straight line with his answers even to Julie.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Haleigh- He (Scottie) said “you can all suck it except for you, Tyler, cause I know you have been getting that Hilton Head”. JC- I literally just got it. That is so funny! Haleigh- It was not classy. Angela- I didnt understand it until 10 minutes after

Eh eh

If that’s what Hay said, she wasn’t hearing too well, or just delusional as usual. Scottie’s exact words were “If you don’t then you can suck it. Except for Tyler because he’s already getting a steady diet of that.” In other words, Tyler is already sucking overtime, in his book. The virgin who rarely spends more than a few minutes in the HOH room is the least likely of anyone besides maybe Kaycee to refer to a showmance (maybe the most PG in BB history, ironically) in such pornographic terms just to be nasty. He probably isn’t even aware of their flirtation, let alone cares about it.

“Hilton Head” is a potentially funny line if it were actually apt (if they were getting excessive like Bay/Shaggy) but if it came out of the mouth and mind of Fessy’s squeeze, that’s some mighty ironic try-hard slut-shaming. And to what end? Thinking that pretending to disapprove of her own meanness and struggle to project it on another evicted Hive-minder like she did after Fes’s eviction makes her somehow sympathetic? Sounds like just another example of her painfully cringey social game.

Cali Girl

Fessie, once Scottie hits the house again, will probably take credit for it being unanimous and celebrate. Biggest. Fruit Loop Dingus. EVER!


Scottie’s interview with Julie solidified what an idiot he is.

Dirty Harry Reid

Scottie I hope by the time you need to vote that you are honest with yourself and admit than Tyler played you and your alliance like a master.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

And the backstabbing starts with Brett throwing Tyler under the bus in his goodbye message to Scottie. Let the games begin.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

And Scottie bites the dust as Level 4 racks up another kill.


Oh Brett with his GBM !!! His problem with that is he has lied multiple times on rockstar and Scottie and those lies he owned. So. Doubt they buy what he’s selling. But good try.

Level 4 Seriel Killers

Did you see that fake smile on Hayleigh’s face when Kaycee won the HOH? Later Hayseed.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

“Julie, you look CAPTIVATING tonight.” Haleigh is eloquent with absolutely NO substance.

Eh eh

“eloquent with absolutely NO substance”. Yep. Or in more common parlance, she’s full of sh*t.

Jc hat

Kaitlyn ruined this game week 1 .. wowy wow .. all she did was make level 6 alliance stronger and stronger .. boy did she have no clue what she was doing and in the process ruined her whole alliances game. Wow she gets the medal for worst move ever and ruining the whole game.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Really the Hive makes me want to see a season with all the worst players ever. Maybe the prize could be a doughnut or one of those Big Brother floating pool ducks.


It makes sense that Kaycee won HoH. That competition was designed for Brett & Kaycee

Sour Grapes

Need a hanky?


Just saying. They are the 2 in the House that had the best eye-hand concentration coordination required for that

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

I could see saying that about Kaycee but Brett has not been very competitive in anything comp wise.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I figure that Veto comp where they had to keep the balls rolling from side to side required major eye/hand coordination, endurance, concentration. Brett went out before Scottie & Tyler… and KC? (When he had to wear the granny sweater and look after granny for the week). Brett looks like he would be good at comps, but he just isn’t.

Why am I still watching?!?

JC and Tyler?


I think they thought Sam would be good at it. You have to have steady hands to weld.

Why am I still watching?!?

And she quit smoking. Steady hands are not likely yet.


Is it a double?


No next week is

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

Next week is a double.


Well he’s going right where he should- the bitter barn. Haleigh will see you soon enough

Level 4 Seriel Killers

The Hive Hotel.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Haleigh and JC on the block? I can’t see her putting up Sam. (Let’s go!)


I was trying to decide myself if Tyler will be ok with her putting JC up. Keep going back and forth. But that has to be the best option. I can’t see him letting anyone else go up. And I’m pretty sure Kaycee will run it all by him It’s going to be fun seeing JC on the block. But if Brett and jc keep going. Brett might find himself there very soon.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

JC is unpredictable and Tyler knows that he’s flipped votes frequently in the past and that he has designs on Angela/Kaycee…JC could want to keep Haleigh around to help him in that. On the other hand, Sam seems more manageable and wants Haleigh gone.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

Kaycee just really improved her chances of winning. I wonder if Tyler has second thoughts about her now since she has been kicking butt lately?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Man, I hope JC goes up. Sam doesn’t make sense for anyone in Level 6 really. PLEASE put JC on the block. Good riddance, Scottie. You are a moron, once again.


Wonder if Tyler tells Kaycee about Brett and jc throwing out putting her and Angela up to keep Kaycee from putting Sam up ? He will tell her Sam would never put her up. But does Tyler go that far to protect Sam from going up at this point.

Buh Bye

Haleigh and JC

My intuition

Sam and Hayeigh. Backdoor JC.

Botox Pelosi

Do you put up Sam and a pawn hoping that you can backdoor Hayleigh so that maybe she will not be able to play in the veto? You know even if Hayleigh wins veto she is not taking Sam off the block.


Only 2 people don’t play in the veto this week. She has too good a chance at playing no matter what. Haleigh starts on the block is my best guess.


Actually only one person doesn’t play in the veto this week. Hayleigh would only have a 60% chance of playing if they try to backdoor her since there would be the four other people and a houseguests choice token in the box with three tokens being drawn.

Tennessee Nana

Only 1 person doesn’t play in the veto this week. There are 7 players left and 6 play in veto.


Hayleigh & JC…..I hope………

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

Put up Sam and jC and backdoor Hayleigh.


Too dangerous and too likely she gets to play anyway.


Well if you backdoor her there is a 60% chance she plays and if you don’t there is a 100% chance.

Jon Reremy

Wow. Scotties really is a dumb fuck! Even julie thought he was a fucking idiot! That interview and her reaction to his idiocy was priceless. He really had no game and no strategy. You are going home and Tyler is a coward? No he figured out the game. When he came back he could have said the jury respects tyler and angela the most. He could have put a target on angela and tyler and bonded with brett jc sam. Dumb!

Jon Reremy

So Sam and Hay go up. And then a whole week of ass kissing and brown nosing from the 2 of them.


What did Scottie say on his way out the door?


And..production helps level 6 again lol.

BB Fan

L-6 doesn’t need help from anyone.

Dirty Harry Reid

That was bad Scottie. Even Bayleigh went out classier than you.

Darrell G Irick

so looks like Haleigh, Sam or JC will be evicted this week…. all will depend on who wins the veto…. no way will kaycee go after Tyler, Angelia or Bret.

I really want Haleigh to win the VETO …. stir shit up.


As much as I’m a fan of stirring things up, I don’t think I can stand more than one more week of Hay’s childish behavior. Sucking on her fingers and then sticking her hand back in community canisters of food, then crying and running out of the room because her “feelings are hurt” (apparently forgetting that she signed up for Big Brother). Evict Hay and then let the games begin as L4 battles it out.

Eh eh

JC doing that already. H not capable of stirring a bowl of milk with one of her chewed off stub fingers; she’s just a clingy, weepy, eye-rolling distraction. The real fun begins as soon as that weight’s dropped.


Why was Scottie’s eviction speech???

Big brother fan

I’m going to be blatantly honest but I hope Brett, Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler are in the final 4 all of them deserve it ….
on a game level the four best players of season just happened to be loyal to each other


My thought is Kaycee puts up Haleigh and JC. If Haleigh wins the veto, Sam goes up and JC goes out. That’s my thoughts. The power lies with the veto from here on out.


Scottie, you don’t get $500,000 for being brave. That’s Fear Factor.

My streaming glitched and I missed the part of Scottie’s speech that made Tyler throw the rabbit at him. What did he say?

The Beef

Your streaming didn’t glitch. CBS hit the dump button and censored his speech (7 second delay on live broadcasts). Read some of the comments above and you can get the “gist” of it. It was a not very classy shot at Angela and Tyler (and not true either, as I’m sure we would know about it due to the “cameras everywhere” in the house if it were true).