Big Brother Canada 3 – House Guests earn a pool party! “Drinks and Making out!”

1:30pm – Big Brother blocked the live feeds. When they return, Graig, Godfrey and Bruno are talking about Willow being bothered about not being called in the diary room. Bobby says he tries to get in the diary room all the time and gets denied. I get the red light every time.

Zach and Willow are alone and talking. She says she’s better now. I just had to have my one break down and now I’m good. Willow asks Zach if he wins next week who he would put up.

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Sarah “Damn, that is a privilege I have because of my whiteness. We live in a racist society!”

11:15am In the living room – Zach and Jordan are talking about sports. In the bedroom – Sarah and Johnny are talking about Big Brother 15 and all the controversy around the comments made by Gina Marie and Aaryn Gries. Johnny says “Go eat a bowl of rice!” ??? Are you kidding me?! Johnny asks was that Gina Marie or Aaryn that said that? Sarah says Aaryn. Sarah comment that where Gina Marie is from – Staten Island is one of the most racist places on the planet.

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Bobby “He becomes possessed when he’s on the block.” Graig “Puzzles and sh*t, he’s insane!”

8:05am – 8:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bobby goes around with new batteries for everyone. In the HOH room – Graig talks with Bobby. Bobby asks Graig if there’s anything to report? Graig says no, nothing. I’m not saying a word for three days. Booby says Yeah I think that’s a good idea. Fly under the radar right? Graig says yup exactly! Done! Graig says The only thing I am going to say is to JP. Bobby asks what are you going to say? Graig says oh, I’m just going to make sure he’s on board.

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“Got to be careful about Willow.. She’s yapping at everyone.. she’s a yapper”

2:09am Jordan and Zach Storage room

Zach tells him Jordan is safe with the Chop Shop. Jordan thinks that Canada will vote against the chop shop he gives the alliance another couple weeks. Zach says he’s going to throw the next HOH. jordan says nobody is targeting Zach because his social game is solid.
Zach doesn’t see any of the young girls putting him up.
They laugh at how they are ripping everyone in the Diary room and while in the house telling them “We love you”
Jordan is “Pumped” for them to start doing DR’s together.

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Bruno tells Craig “Go change your f***ing underwear.. Smells like the dump.. BRO”

12:22am Godfrey, Graig and Bruno

Talking about how dangerous Naeha is. They know where Sindy is at but Naeha not so much.
Bruno “Sindy her cards are deal.. I’m telling you man Naeha is the one to F***ing watch out for”
“Naeha bro she’s poison”
Craig farts
Bruno – “You’re going to give me pink eye again”
Graig – “It’s f***ing beautiful”
Godfrey – “That sh1t is toxic.. you’re going to kill something .. you sh1t your pants bro””
Bruno – “Go change your f***ing underwear.. you sh1t your pants”

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Power Of Veto Results “It’s the least amount of blood and that’s my thing this week”

10:20 Godfrey and Cindy

Godfrey says she put the target on her back because of what she said to the girls about taking him and Graig out. She warns him about Graig says he was the first person to go back on his word he’s the one responsible for her being nominated and he talks to other people about godfrey. She would not have put Godfrey up she would have put two of the strongest players up.

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Big Brother Canada 3 – Kevin says I’m not the one to draw the line, I’m just exposing it.

Up in the HOH room – Kevin is talking to Bobby and Johnny. He tells Bobby that if he hadn’t heard the conversation the girls had in the bathroom Bobby wouldn’t know the information. Bobby thanks him. Godfrey comes into the HOH room. Bobby says that he might have to nominate one of the girls if the veto is used. He says that he needs to think about what he would do. Kevin tells Godfrey that the girls were throwing his name out.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Nomination Results! “You’re the target!”

11am The live feeds return from being blocked all morning. We learn that the nomination ceremony took place where Bobby as head of household nominated Brittnee and Kevin for eviction. Bobby didn’t want to get blood on his hands by making a big move so his rational for the nominations was to nominate the two house guests that fell off the HOH competition first.

In the kitchen – Brittnee is sitting at the bar with Bobby. She comments that its okay. Bruno comments that its a tough decision but that his reasoning made sense.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Have Not Results “My adrenaline was on f***ing overdrive “

10:43 In the Kitchen Most the houseguests milling around getting food

Cindy calls Kevin out for cheating (I think she’s joking around). Kevin tells Cindy it wasn’t his intention to cheat he was just having fun. Craig says Cheating is not the right word, “You threw all the balls at Bobby”
Naeha is distraught being on slop. “I’m going to ask Big Brother For light maple syrup I can’t eat all that sugar it’s bad for you “

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Best / Worst Dates – Tied up, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Video Taped, No requests for d**k pics!

3pm All the house guests are sitting around the living room chatting. Willow heads up to the HOH room to listen to the music. Bobby joins and tells her the plan to put up Godfrey and a pawn. Maybe Johnny or Kevin. Willow says you could just do the first two people to drop out. Bobby says yeah that’s what Zach and I talked about. I just don’t want blood on my hands. Willow brings up how Graig gets paranoid and was questioning if Zach was with us. Zach reassured him.

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