Bobby “He becomes possessed when he’s on the block.” Graig “Puzzles and sh*t, he’s insane!”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

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8:05am – 8:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bobby goes around with new batteries for everyone. In the HOH room – Graig talks with Bobby. Bobby asks Graig if there’s anything to report? Graig says no, nothing. I’m not saying a word for three days. Booby says Yeah I think that’s a good idea. Fly under the radar right? Graig says yup exactly! Done! Graig says The only thing I am going to say is to JP. Bobby asks what are you going to say? Graig says oh, I’m just going to make sure he’s on board. That talk at the top of the stairs is all that needed to be said. I’m just going to be like.. we can get Brittnee out whenever we want, she’s not a threat. Cindy is a comp threat. Bobby says yeah and I like Brittnee better any ways. Bobby says that Kevin scared the sh*t out of me the other day. Even more so than the other day. Gaig says in comps! Bobby says he becomes possessed when he’s on the block. Graig says puzzles and sh*t like that, he’s insane! Bobby says he really turns it up. I just don’t know how genuine he is about a guys alliance.

9am – 9:20am Ash and Brittnee are getting ready in the bathroom. In the kitchen – Cindy, Pilar, Johnny are talking. Kevin asks how do you feel about him coming to tell you? I think it was pretty respectful. (Bobby let Cindy know she’s going up as the replacement.) Cindy says I did, I just wish I had a chance to talk about it. He made a decision before. Johnny agrees. Cindy says I tried to talk to him yesterday but he didn’t give me the chance. He would walk off. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Jordan, Bruno and Zach talk about their auditions. Brunos says this was the first time he applied and the last. Godfrey and Bobby join them and they talk about their backyard photos. They comment on how Risha’s is greyed out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-28 06-19-42-240

In the bedroom – Cindy talks with Pilar about what she’ll say to Bobby. If I stay next week, then I am still the target but I Brittnee stays then who is the target. Cindy says she wished something would happen like they would look over the video of the POV and realize that Kevin did crawl or that everyone was disqualified.

9:35am – 10am Bobby, Bruno and Graig game talking in the hot tub. We just have to keep Willow and Ash close. Bobby says we need to keep an eye on Willow and Kevin. Willow I do trust. I just don’t know how much she trusts us. They talk about getting close with Naeha and Johnny. Bobby says that the two people that need to be backdoored are Johnny and Kevin. Naeha doesn’t. Bobby says I wish Willow would give us some intel. Bobby says so there’s no doubt that Cindy’s going home, right. Bruno and Graig agree. She’s gone 100% Britt’s perfect we can get rid of her any week. Kevin won’t make a big play, yet! Kevin is voting Cindy 100% Bruno says if the vote is 6-3 or whatever then we know who we can trust. Graig says I don’t trust Pili. She acts like a nice innocent girl. Graig asks if they (diary room) asked about the chop? Bobby and Bruno both say yes. Ash joins them. Graig asks her if she’s with the chop shop? Ash says yes. They do some chopping. They ask her to get in good with Pili. But when the time comes.. Ash says I know, I know. Zach joins them. Graig tells Ash if you ever hear any of our names just agree and then come tell us so we can prepare. We’ll never reveal it was you. Ash says she will. Bobby says I say we agree not to talk too much. Graig says so targets next week Naeha and Johnny.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-28 06-48-57-516

10:20am Zach, Bruno, Graig and Bobby are talking in the hot tub.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-28 07-45-09-545
10:30am – 10:50am Cindy and Graig are talking at the top of the stairs. Graig says that he wants to work with Naeha because shes one of the most deadliest players. Cindy says the five of us could work together. Cindy, Graig, Naeha, Burno. Cindy says if the five of us want to work together then we should talk. Graig asks then why did you throw my name out? Cindy says I know, I know. Graig asks where Pili’s at? Cindy says she’s with me. Graig says good talk and tells her maybe she should talk to Bobby.

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just saw that graig or someone from the “chop shop” alliance is planning to expose themselves in the “goodbye messages” for cindy.
would production not show the “goodbye messages” because that would be unfair towards the alliance?


all’s fair…if one of the guys want to play cock of the walk and rub things in the evicted players face then that person should suck it up if it comes back to bite them in the ass…we all know the potential is there for an evicted houseguest to return.


Already getting bored with this season. The only standout unique person in the house that would stir things up was Risha and people kept Pilar. Stupidity. Did people not learn their lesson last year with Allison?

But I guess we at least have “Zankie” V2 with Kevin & Johnny…


Sorry but I couldn’t vote to keep risha, she was just a bItch. Putting pili down just because she wasn’t campaigning was just distasteful. Im glad Risha is gone as she showed her true nature. Also using her big boob’s and body to stay in this game is not game play to me. Did she really think the guys were that stupid. So good ridden’s Risha.

Me, who?

I couldn’t agree more. Risha may have been the oldest one in there, but she was acting like a teenage girl. Complaining like that about Pilar? What a bitch! I’m glad my vote was part of the reason she’s gone.


Hated BB16, Hated the bomb squad. And hate big alliances that make every week predictable ughhh
Ash the guys are going to use you and cut you like what happened to Christine, jtlyk
Willow seems smarter than Ash by far hopefully in the upcoming weeks she can help split this large guy alliance.
Kevin knew all the guys were voting him out so I hope he takes a stance against them.
Sarah seems to be the smartest girl, I hope the guys don’t see this though.
I feel like this season might be a typical “can’t make “the house” (guy alliance) mad so target outsiders” season

Awko Taco

Does graig like slapping everyone’s ass. Like is that necessary?