Big Brother Canada 3 Have Not Results “My adrenaline was on f***ing overdrive “

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players ?

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Have nots are Jordan , Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 19-47-35-699

10:43 In the Kitchen Most the houseguests milling around getting food

Cindy calls Kevin out for cheating (I think she’s joking around). Kevin tells Cindy it wasn’t his intention to cheat he was just having fun. Craig says Cheating is not the right word, “You threw all the balls at Bobby”
Naeha is distraught being on slop. “I’m going to ask Big Brother For light maple syrup I can’t eat all that sugar it’s bad for you “

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-26 19-54-02-067

10:53pm Godfrey telling Britnee they have to worry about the have nots room He’s trying to make her feel better saying they shouldn’t worry about being have nots. Brintee just wants to win something.
Godfrey tells her she did great adds that ‘My success was based on watching what you did”
Godfrey – You did great you and naeha did great”
Brittnee – This was more fair I felt like I had a fighting chance .. everyone gave it their all
Brittnee jokes says after being a Have nots she better get some secret a$$ power or some sh!t

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 19-59-55-321

10:56pm bathroom Zach and Bruno
Bruno – My adrenaline was on f***ibng overdrive
They go on talking about the have nots Competition ample amounts of “Bro” chatter. .
Bruno – I use to play goalie in soccer.. I couldn’t use this hand that was the problem (His thumb is in a splint)
Bruno – I was jacked man I didn’t want to go on slop

They start talking about Game, Bruno wonders if it’s worth they throw the POV so that it’s used and they can backd**r someone.
Zach says they have to get Kevin out this week, “He’s going to be able to rally votes he’s good with the girls”
Bruno – God will vote with us
Zach tells him Brittnee is going up
They agree Cindy has got to go soon and Jonny has no quit in him.
NAeha rolls in they start talking about the competition. Bruno says his thumb is getting better.
Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 20-00-46-323

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-26 20-17-18-928

11:16pm Bathroom Ashleigh, Brittnee and Scindy
Cindy says that the only person on slop that might go on the block is godfrey
Ashleigh – Too bad soo sad
Kevin joins them
They mention that the nominations are tomorrow. They all claim to not know where Bobby’s head is

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 20-23-02-727

11:22pm Scindy and Bobby snuggling
Cindy says Jordan is telling them that Noms are tomorrow but she thinks that Saturday is Noms and POV. Cindy says she’s scared to go in the hot tub her body does do well with drastic changes in temperature that is why she’s getting sick.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-26 20-35-06-642

11:35 HOH Graig and Bobby

Graig saying if he puts God up the house might vote for God. Bobby is thinking about sticking with brittnee but us worried she might be upset. Willow comes in.
Bobby laughs says Kevin is strictly for the camera adds that Kevin is going up.
Graig – Nobody has a f***ing clue we’re working together
Graig – Don’t throw God up
Bobby – I’m not going to
Willow asks if they should meet.
Graig – let me know what time .. in a hour
(Sounds like Bobby is nominating Brittnee and Kevin)

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Canadians are so nice… Ok I am an American BB Fan…. I can tell you Canadian Douchery has nothing on US douchery…. Everybody seems so nice so far. Of course I ma going by recent US Big Brothers here. I still don’t understand the Alliances, but that is refreshing, because here the Alliances (in my opinion) form way to soon… last years almost the whole entire house was in the first Alliance.

I also love a good Floater… hate floater as a game play term. Listen having both sides like you if you are not as good at some of the challenges is not a bad thing. I really love that you guys don’t seem to have a bully yet. The US games have just gotten too ugly with the drama. In Canada it seems to be more about game play. I can say… showman’s kill games… Bobby get rid of Sindy, it might be best for your game.

another name

don’t worry. sindy was swapping venom with kevin before bobby became hoh. i’m betting she’ll be the new best friend of every hoh.


please Bruno and Graig keep your shirts ON!!

what? and don’t even get me started on Graig’s hair or Bruno’s earings (he looks too old to have that look). :p


Brit and Kevin going up? wow this is sad. 2 of my favs 🙁


something about graig rubs me the wrong way!