Big Brother Canada 3 – Kevin says I’m not the one to draw the line, I’m just exposing it.

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Brittnee and Kevin
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-27 11-58-54-111
POV PLAYERS: Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

Up in the HOH room – Kevin is talking to Bobby and Johnny. He tells Bobby that if he hadn’t heard the conversation the girls had in the bathroom Bobby wouldn’t know the information. Bobby thanks him. Godfrey comes into the HOH room. Bobby says that he might have to nominate one of the girls if the veto is used. He says that he needs to think about what he would do. Kevin tells Godfrey that the girls were throwing his name out. They agree that they need to go out and win the veto.

The cameras switch to Sarah and Cindy in the bedroom talking about how Kevin heard them talking about why they didn’t understand why Godfrey didn’t go up. Sarah says I just wish we had grabbed Kevin and talk to him. They’re all against him. Naeha says he should have put up Godfrey and B. Sarah says Risha told me specifically there is a guys alliance and Graig initiated it. Naeha says that Graig needs to go. Sarah says Godfrey was the plan for the whole week so how were we not supposed to freak out.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-27 12-09-13-885

In the kitchen Kevin tells Godfrey, Graig, Britt that he heard Sarah and Naeha talking about how they would never vote a girl out and that the girls would be going after the guys. Graig thanks him for exposing it. Kevin says I’m not the one to draw the line, I’m just exposing it.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-27 12-04-06-751

3pm In the kitchen – Graig, Bruno and Godfrey are talking. They talk about how they think Cindy is the head of the girls and needs to be backdoored. Graig heads up to the HOH room. Graig says he wants Cindy out because she mentioned his name. Cindy is the brains. She’s Neda! In the HOH bathroom – Graig talks to Zach, Bruno and Willow about wanting Cindy out. Bruno says Sarah is a feminist. As soon as I head that I knew she would start a girls alliance. Graig says there isn’t a guys alliance, its all about the Chop Shop! (Ash, Bobby, Bruno, Graig, Zach, Willow) Willow tells Graig you have to tell me if they’re coming after me. Graig says for sure I will. To the end!! To the end!

In the bathroom – Johnny, Graig, Bruno, Kevin and Bobby. Graig says we have to get Kevin off the block. Graig asks Johnny if he’ll take Kevin off if he wins the veto. Johnny says I don’t know. Graig and Bobby ask isn’t that your boy?! Johnny says we don’t talk game. We’ve never talked game. Kevin is going to the bathroom and pops his head around the curtain and says we haven’t talked game. If we don’t get him off the block they are going to get rid of me, Bobby, God, You!
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-27 12-28-14-591

3:35pm Sarah talking to Graig. Sarah says I wish I wasn’t all in on this. Graig tells her she’s straight. You’re all good with us. We’re straight. Sarah says I just don’t want things to get skewed.

3:40pm In the bedroom – Zach is talking to Kevin saying I don’t want to be mixed in with Graig and Godfrey. Sarah joins them and he reiterates what he just said. Sarah says the first thing I thought about was that you’re too smart a guy to get mixed up in that. Sarah says the veto hasn’t even been played yet. Sarah says that she figured why not put up Godfrey who most people didn’t trust and wanted out. It would show all the guys aren’t together. Zach leaves. Sarah says its not enough to just stay another week. I want to stay longer, I want to make it to jury and beyond that. Kevin leaves. Naeha comes in. Sarah tells Naeha that she was just trying to explain that it was just a debate and not girl power. Naeha tells her we have to be careful. Sarah leaves. Bobby comes into the room. Naeha asks if she can talk to Bobby. Bobby says that he’s in a difficult situation. He’s not happy that Cindy brought up his name. Naeha says that she isn’t a part of it and doesn’t want to be brought into it.

Cindy talking to Kevin about what happened. She says she’s mad to Graig. I’m sure he’ll be apologizing to me tomorrow. Cindy asks Kevin if he’s been talking much game with anyone. Kevin says no, not until the last 2 house. Cindy tells Kevin it shows so much character from you that you will sit here and talk with me after you heard me say that if I had to choose I would pick Britt over you. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Bruno, Bobby and Graig have a chop shop meeting:

4:15pm Nick, Graig, Bruno Godfrey and Pilar are working out in the living room. The house guests are waiting for the POV to start.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-03-27 13-21-45-494

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LOL jk i just got caught up on what’s happening… oh how school sucks. please don’t post my last comment


If Bobby is resonsible for sending Kevin home this early there is no way I will root for him. lol Please Kevin win POV

Kenneth Chow

What’s so good about Kevin???…is your name Peter Brown and you don’t want your predictions to fail miserably???…lol…jk jk…i like Kevin only for the reason i find him and Jonny cute…lol…(gay guy here), but if he stays and a girl goes, it would make the game so much more predictable…


I am LITERALLY glued to my feeds.

Bruno, Godfrey, and Graig are pushing HARD for Naeha, Sarah, or Sindy to be put up. Bobby is worried, but I think he is leaning towards putting someone up beside Britney.

Willow is talking through both sides of her mouth. On one end, she is defending the girls, but she is also saying she is after them.

It is interesting how Zach just went and laid up with Naeha. I do not think him or Jordan are worrying.


backdoor Sindy with a big B, Backdoor!!!

Kenneth Chow

*URGH*…this may be fun to watch in week 1, but i’m afraid we are going to watch another season of the guys completely demolishing the girls….that’s where it looks to be going…i smell Big Brother 16 US repeat…BORING!!!…i’m waiting for more twists personally…and don’t these girls ever learn from past female contestant mistakes???…Willow is going to fall in the Christine trap again…


Same here. If the girls crumble, here’s hoping that the 55555320 twists BBCAN is doing that at least one of them has to give the girls a standing chance.


Don’t worry, Arisa and the producers will definitely come up with something if this season gets too predicable and unlike Allison Grodner… they actually care about the fans.


BB US 16 was lazy layabouts not doing anything. These girls have to win comps it’s that simple. If the idiots hadn’t opened their big fat mouths the guys were gonna gift them a number on eviction day. open your mouth become a target it’s that simple.
Instead of complaining it’s not Godfrey, like they had the power, take out Kevin and shut UP. Nope girls gotta talk …. ROFL Cindy(S) is a cancer if Bobby were smart that’s who gets backdoored. Since I’m getting very comfortable early Bobby not the brightest light on the Xmas tree if either comes of he’ll Put up Godfrey. week 1 the girls get a guy out that’s my hunch. Next HOH can solidify the girls numbers or maybe Cindy and Naeha on the block. crazy early days like the season early. Not a fan of the Chop shop at this point. Don’t see strength just numbers.


Forgive me feeders but I’m hoping that the veto is not played and Kevin goes home. At this point Cindy is pure entertainment, I laughed so hard at “we did screw ourselves over just a little bit”.

Kenneth Chow

I hope this does not succeed either. Only because it does and Kevin stays and Sindy goes, we know exactly what the season will look like…SEASON 16 US REPEAT!!!…girls get demolished, Willow getting disposed of at top 7 or 6…Pilar being the Victoria this season likely to get dragged to the end…this is just the Bomb Squad 2.0…does this make Ashleigh an “Amber”???…creepy…anyways…we have the Bomb Squad 2.0…The Shyeld 2.0…a “Christine”, a “Devin, a “Victoria”…what else am i missing???….you see what i mean…a predictable and boring season…at least we have twists….

sunny Dee

You didn’t mention Emmett/Bobby. complete with hat and tats


I haven’t really studied the alliances yet. The obvious is us versus them also known as guys take out all the girls agreed ahead of time without needing discussion. I was intrigued by the Chop alliance being a mix of Male and Female.

i have to agree with whoever mentioned the Twisto Twists, i enjoyed being able to vote out a HG, but all that happened is Canada did the HG dirty work, since i have no doubt they all wanted Risha out before Pilar. When what they should have done is said to themselves ‘here is the perfect pawn’ you can always put her on the block and she will probably not win a POV. With Cindy not on the block, we have no idea what Pilar might be able to do, if i were a HG i would have voted out Pilar and kept Risha because her lack of abilities is proven. i suppose that the vote went the right way, as Canada would not want things to be easier for remaining HGs, and leaving Pilar in definitely not going to make it as easy as it would have been with R.

Also, in interview, and after watching the show when it was too late to vote, honestly she was a complete dud. too much complaining, too much lack of interest in what she could have been doing. You don’t wear no shirt coming into the house and not expect people won’t put you on the block. You don’t hide in the bathroom when you think these people are going to be voting for or against you. You don’t isolate yourself or when you do interact, you don’t try to flirt, you try to make a deal and a connection with someone. it’s like she’s never watched the show about what not to do.

another name

i’m always surprised that people don’t figure out alliances more quickly. if you see two people in a side room alone that get more animated or completely shut up when you walk in… you’ve interrupted game talk. if it’s the same people more than once… you aren’t a member of their alliance. if the same group of people are in a room and you feel like they’ve changed the subject or paused when you walked in… you aren’t on their team. if you aren’t in an alliance by the end of week one… you’re a target of an alliance because you’re considered useless or you’re considered a threat. and really, there’s always a bromosonal alliance. if people say there isn’t one, you’re not in it. why is this so difficult for players to notice?

Kenneth Chow

Well…it’s crazy in there…and i’m a viewer and have access to every angle and I can’t figure most of it out…

another name

well of course we have the luxury of camera feeds. but i’m thinking if I was in a place where strategy and social connection has a lot to do with longevity, first and foremost on my mind would have to be who is clicking really well, are they clicking publicly or lurking in corners together, and do I feel odd man out when I walk into a room. these indicators are complete red flags. and if nobody has approached me to be in an alliance, or agreed to be in one with me… damn.

Kenneth Chow

And where is Pilar during all this???…If her strategy is to pretend to not even be there…it’s working right now…

Risha's Boobs

She’s being a Victoria tbh.


And this is why I preferred Risha over Pilar, had Risha stayed she would definitely be a key player in this growing divide among the players while Pilar aka Rochelle 2.0 / bland Jocasta is slowly becoming one with the furniture.


Omg typical male…Graig was pretty much dry humping ‘C’indy lastnight on the livefeeds and now he wants her out lol…& as for Sarah i think she is alot smarter than she is leading on to the rest of the house and she has a good fighting chance to win this game i just wish she wasn’t working with a nitwit like Cindy. The chopshop is ridiculous it won’t last. My faves are 1. Sarah 2.Jordan 3.Willow and i do like Britnee even though she is on the block this week.


Not really a fan of Graig but I do like the chop shop solely because they are silly..

Does anyone have early favs after two days of feeds? Might be easier to ask who everyone dislikes the most.

For me I like the majority of them this appears to be a really good cast (yes i know I say that every year 😉 ) . I’m finding Jordan, Willow and Zach a bit much. Still liking Zach/jordan heaps more than the shield. I also don’t mind scindy, I was fully expecting her to be death on the feeds but I foresee major drama spewing from her which is good.


Sarah is definitely my favorite, she’s on the outside of the majority alliance but is not yet a target because she positions herself on the back of Naeha and Sindy. Having said so, she’s able to prove that she has game with her abily to clear her name with the guys.

Sindy surprised me, she reminds me of sabrina in terms of entertainment value. Her conversation with Sarah really cracks me. She knows herself and she knows how to play.

Pilar is someone I absolutely hating on right now, she’s basically nonexistent and took up the space of Risha who from the two episodes that we saw is playing the game. (Even though it’s terrible gameplay at least she’s trying)


I do like Sarah more after two days of feeds I think she’s going to do well this season.

another name

graig is just this year’s incarnation of season 1 tom season 2 Andrew. look how well that worked for them.
as far as sheyld 2.0…. it’s a fine line between emulating them and becoming the gremlins. they should watch that, because they already creep me out a little.
if talking to the camera soliloquy in order to hopefully become a fan fave is a tactic, Jordan pulling double duty emulating arlie, and sarah is trying to emulate adel.
scindy is giving me the complete season 1 liza season 2 ika vibe. the player that gets herself played out the door.
naeha appears to be playing from the neda handbook jonless. complete with early week stress that she’s being brought out of the shadows.


Back to this wonderful site!
Im having a hard time picking a HG I like, let alone root for.


Feeds came back for 2 minutes.. Not sure how long they will be off for. Here are teh videos we captured no idea who won the POV.


sounds like kevin won


That’s what i’m thinking.

another name

I got the feeling from bobby’s face that he threw the comp. not overly obviously, but threw it nonetheless. keeping his noms the same doesn’t make sense given today’s climate. changing his own noms gets direct blood on his hands instead of being ‘forced’ to make another nom.


Kev won, Bobby’s putting up “C”indy