Power Of Veto Results “It’s the least amount of blood and that’s my thing this week”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-27 17-37-36-898

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-27 17-36-55-897

8:37pm Willow and Zach
Willow tells him 100% she’s always got his back. Zach says he’s got her back.
Willow – I tried I really did
Zach – It’s better it went that way
Zach – How close are you with Jonny
Willow says she had a good talk with him “He’s a threat though too”
Zach says as long as Graig stay in the house he’s safe, points out that Jonny doesn’t have the “NUTS” to take out a big player. He adds that Cindy makes him super sacred.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-27 17-57-13-373

8:37pm Kitchen collection of houseguests (talking over each other)
Graig points at Johnny “I think you were the first to finish you were an animal out there”
Bobby – “I couldn’t see how fast kevin was going I could see he took off in the beginning”
Graig “Britt did really good she battled so hard”
“I was super impressed with Britt”
They mention how all the cheering for Britt helped her out in the competition.
Jordan – “The fact that Kevin was on the block.. in his head” (I believe they are implying Kevin did well in the POV because his life was on the line)

9:01pm Feeds cut again. We do not know the results of the POV at this point.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-27 19-01-34-650

10:01pm Kitchen Willow and Kevin

Talking about the POV cam switches to the HOH (Zach, Sarah, Bobby and Johnny”. Bobby saying he didn’t want to win the Veto it would just put more blood on his hands “I wouldn’t have used it”
bobby leaves. Johnny says he’s such a nice guys. Zach points out that “G” (Graig) was going nuts today “It’s on.. it’s f***ing on”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-27 19-09-45-279
10:01pm Cindy, Pilar, AShleigh and Bobby

Bobby tells Cindy she’s is going to be the renom, He tells her to start working for Votes. Bobby can’t nominate Godfrey or the guys will come after him.
Bobby – “Fight Get some votes.. it’s the least amount of blood and that’s my thing this week.. Sorry Sindy.. get the votes I’m sure you can get the votes if you want to”
He leaves. Cindy says she’s worked so hard to be in the house. Pilar tries to comfort her. “It’s not over yet.. you see what happened to me there’s a twist.. twistos is crazy man”
Cindy – I would have made a deal with bobby.. I should have won that HOH.. not once did I think Bobby would put me up.. he won’t even look me in the eye .
Pilar leaves Naeha comes in.. they try to comfort Sindy.

Sindy says her her target next week if she wins hoh “Is not bobby” (it is .. lol)

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-27 19-18-47-866

10:19pm Living room random conversations.. Brittnee and Graig cuddling.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-27 19-19-57-838

10:20 Godfrey and Cindy

Godfrey says she put the target on her back because of what she said to the girls about taking him and Graig out. She warns him about Graig says he was the first person to go back on his word he’s the one responsible for her being nominated and he talks to other people about godfrey. She would not have put Godfrey up she would have put two of the strongest players up.

Pilar joins them. Cindy tells them if she won HOH she would take Graig out. Sindy and God hug she warns him one last time about Graig “Watch your back.. Risha said the same thing before she left”

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Awko Taco

Kinda disgusts me how yesterday Graig massages & cuddles with Sindy, and the next day, he cuddles with Britanee. #playa


I hope Kevin realized he was not in the bomb……. I mean the boys alliance and then decided to squeal on the strong girls in the house who were never coming after them and could have worked with them instead he decided to be there puppet


I mean him yet lol


What he effectively did was switch targets off himself and on to a girl. For week 1 and on the block I call that good game play. Early on every season it seems someone benefits from the stupidity of others. Kevin won the jackpot this year. Now all we need is to see sweet Britnee survive and hope Cindy has a melt down for added entertainment. Love early season drama. At some point Bobby is going to tell Godfrey the girls wanted him nom and evicted but Bobby saved him LOL. Hope he remembers Cindy(his buddy) ROFL. Godfrey wins HOH the little revelation is most definitely happening.
No idea on the vote and how safe Brit might be or not. Chop shop solidarity will get seen on the votes. 5 on Cin and maybe they have something.
PS Willow shut the F up before you really mess up your game.

Quick question for the readers. Who is playing to Canada the best in your opinion. With Twistos I think this is definitely an important part of the game now. Which means the edits on Global content become very important this season. As I believe they were last season on slice.


Like I mentioned on an earlier thread regaurding Britnee is never good to be on the block. Willow way… way to hard and not necessary with Chop Shop IMHO.

another name

people just watching episodes don’t know the chop shop exists yet. they know about Zach and Jordan. they know that the most dr edit so far is concentrating on scindy, kevin, Zach and Jordan or jonny for current event reaction (I think). willows improv dancing will make the cut prolly. brittnee and godfrey have had just about zero camera time in the past two episodes.
I get the feeling they will play up sarah as underdog. soliloquys in rooms usually end up getting background music.

sunny dee

Sabrina played for TV, not for BB. That could be why she got to the end too, but as a viewer, it was super annoying. It was before and after they realized how much influence Canada was going to have on voting, and after it was clear she should have stopped trying to be good TV’ and start trying to play BB.

Kevin (as Jon and Peter were also good at) is playing for Canada votes/fans, which will serve him well in the game depending on the number of votes that influence different parts of the game and where he is at in the game. Everyone wants to watch someone take the $ and challenges like pop the balloon. no one wants to watch or hear someone who says they are on BB for exposure, to be famous, to be on TV.


Why the hell did Canada save Pilar she is boring compared to Risha at least she tried to play
The house was so ageist against her and women are just jealous of a hot confident woman ughhh


Poor little Kev he didn’t even realize that he was not in with the boys and jordon is just using him haha
He is no Zack attack


At least he still has Jonny… Oh wait, he is using him for cuddles…lol…jk…


Very nice Cosby sweater, turd-burglar.


Sindy had the chance try to take out a big guy on day 1…instead she put up pilar…now the big guys will take her out… She will regret that…


Poker is an individual game. He’ll learn from his dust up this week. No idea if he’s a “player” BB style. But skills like reading people are an important part of the game. He should figure out the shine’s off the apple. No idea if he can do any thing about his lack of position in the house.
For the 1st of many times this season…. it’s a social game!


lol why do girls get picked off one by one. annoying.


This cast is so boring! and I knew it from the second I saw their bios! while everyone was happy and congratulated Kassting … I fucking knew they were going to be a complete bore!
atleast BBcan2 had amazing personas, Ika the sassy bitch, Heather the sweetheart, Jeda gamebots, Kenny the undercover gay guy, Sabrina the delusional, unstable patient, Adel the funny outcast

what do we have this year , a bunch of bores!!!!!
why is Pilar here????? she doesn’t bring shit!

and why girls always crash and burn!!!!!!!!!!!!
bye Sindy! you had your shot to make a move


Am i the only one who wants Cindy to get evicted this week?

The Truth

LMAO! All the hard work Sindy put it cuddling with Bobby gone to waste. Laughing even harder at Pilar’s “don’t give up speech” which is very reminiscent of the very speech Sindy gave Pillar except she was only saying it to cover her ass just in case. While Sindy can be very entertaining, she set this whole plan in motion when she nominated Pilar as a replacement vote, another woman. She guaranteed that the women would already be down one vote should it come down to Guys vs Girls. Who could ever have imagined that it would play out this way. I know who….EVERYONE!!