Sarah – “I am going to be livid! I can’t even look at those people! It makes me sick someone is lying!”

12:10pm The house guests continue to hang out in the HOH room after each of them had individually left to allow the person responsible for breaking the backyard camera to confess. Big Brother then tells them that the head of household room is now open. They check the kitchen fridge and pantry to see if the food was returned and realize they only have slop. They decide to go about their day. Jordan and Willow come up with a plan to clean the house by tackling the rooms in teams of four.

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Bobby – “I think everyone is a HaveNot today!” “Happy Birthday Johnny!”

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests and then blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return – Britt and Jordan are in the bedroom talking about the havenot alarm going off last night. Godfrey had moved his mattress during the middle of the night and set off the alarm. Jordan says if he hadn’t moved, they would have been all right. They wish Jonny a happy birthday again. Brittnee explains how there are sensors inside the room. Sarah asks so you can get out of the room without setting off the alarm?

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Big Brother Canada 3 – Johnny’s Birthday Party “the best part was kissing Kevin”

MIDNIGHT – Johnny’s Birthday present
Bobby starts off giving Jonny a lapdance, kevin follows and finishes it with a kiss. Godfrey jumps up and grinds it out over Johnny. Everyone cheering having a great time. Zach and Graig decline to give Jonny a dance.
Johnny says the best part was kissing Kevin.

After Godfrey, Bobby and Kevin gave Johnny some lap dances Godrey goes into telling them a story about a crazy women he dated.

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Kevin – “I might have to cuddle with Johnny tonight it’s his birthday”

11:21pm Kevin and Pilar
Kevin complains about the little bit of fat on his belly says if that was gone he would have a 6pack. Pilar is shocked that he thinks he’s fat. Kevin corrects her he doesn’t think he’s fat he loves his body he’s just saying.. Kevin tells Pilar she’s ripped has great abs. She thanks him and hugs. Pilar adds she just needs to cut out the nutella, “I love the smell”

Kevin – you like my body

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Graig “Right before I climaxed Cindy started moving. She was sleeping, it kind of ruined it, well not really.”

3:25pm Out in the backyard Pilar, Graig, Willow and Zach are talking about random things. Zach asks was it before or after you did the deed? Graig asks what deed? Graig says it was after. Zach says that’s why you were up after. Graig says it was after. Zach says that’s why you were up walking around like a new man. Graig says I got one out last night. Willow says oh yeah. Pilar asks what one? Willow says he got one out. Pilar laughs. Zach says I didn’t think anyone had. Graig says Kev did for sure. Me and Bruno guarded the bathroom door like night 4.

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Naeha tells Zach “Graig is insane! He’s psycho! Like f**king nutz! You’re not under the radar!”

12pm In the bathroom – Naeha tells Zach that Graig is insane. He’s psycho. You are not under the radar I can tell you that much! Zach asks what do you mean? Last night he said he thinks I’m with Johnny. I asked him what he means and he said there are little groups of three. I I like Zach and we’re all right but all the showmances. You and Ash. Pili and Kevin. It scares me. Naeha says she told him that she thinks people are just having fun. He’s crazy! Like f**king nuts!

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The Fortress Alliance plans to bring in Captain Canada “We’ll be at the core & out number him 2 – 1”

9:15am Big Brother begins waking up the house guests by turning on the lights. Soon after they live feeds are blocked. At 10am the live feeds return. In the kitchen Jordan and Kevin are talking. Jordan comments that at first being a havenot wasn’t so bad but then it got worse. They head out to the hot tub room. Kevin says its been a successful week but that it was scary. Kevin asks about when Jordan informed him he was the target in the bathroom. Jordan says these guys are so stupid. Kevin says so stupid.

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Jordan – “We’re the centre.. we control everything .. Kinda like the Brigade”

10:25pm Jordan and Zach in the bedroom
They laugh at Graig, Zach mentions how hilarious it is when Graig talks to Jordan because Jordan is 5 steps ahead of him.
Jordan – I know everything.. let him think he’s the master let him thin he’s running the show.
They start talking about Kevin locking down pilar and Zach locking down AShleigh this leaves Bobby with no one, no showmance. Ideal situation is Graig goes out first this leaves Bobby and Bruno with no one. Jordan thinks Bruno will come to them at that point.
Jordan will keep Willow close to him.
Zach – What about WIllow how long do we keep her
Jordan – As long as we need her then cut her

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Chop Shop Vs. Naeha, Naeha Vs. Chop Shop, Newport in the Middle

9:27pm Graig and Bruno Pool side

Thinking about telling Brittnee that Neaha has been trying to rally votes against her.
Graig thinks it’s a great idea.
Bruno – That will make her distrust Naeha
bruno proposes he’ll even start talking to Neaha to make it look like she’s trying to get votes.
Bruno is worried that it might blow up “should we play it safe”
Graig doesn’t think they need to.

Graig – I trust Zach

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