Sarah – “I am going to be livid! I can’t even look at those people! It makes me sick someone is lying!”

In the kitchen – Bobby says that the only person he thinks did it, is the person that has nothing to lose (Cindy). Jordan says late last night he heard someone coming down the stairs. Graig says he will go up to Cindy and ask if it was her. Give me 5 more hours without food and I’ll do it. Bruno says he doesn’t think anyone would purposefully break the camera. Graig says we would all say we would never throw out mics in the pool but that girl (Chima) did on BB11. Big Brother has been calling everyone in to the diary room one by one. Bruno and Graig think BB is giving them one more chance to confess. Jordan says “Sorry guys I should have jumped in the bed with Cindy and kept her preoccupied all night” They talk about how Johnny is dangerous. Graig says that Kevin isn’t, he’s on our side. Jordan says he’s just here to make out with Pili. Graig says who ever broke the camera is f**king gone! Godfreay says wouldn’t it be funny if tomorrow they just evicted Cindy saying you didn’t come clean.

3:40pm Big Brother tells the house guests the backyard is off limits. All the house guests head inside. Jordan puts his arm around Cindy and then head in. He jokes that the Big Brother house is his and wants to show it to her. He takes her to his room (The havenot room) and shows her his “cat piss stained mattress”. He then takes off his glasses and starts making out with her. She says No, No, Stop it! Someone is going to see. Jordan persists and they continue making out. They finish making out and she asks if they should leave separately so no one suspects anything. Jordan says he thinks it would be weird if they didn’t leave together. They then exit the havenot room.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-31 12-27-24-750

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I liked Sarah but really? No one killed anyone girl, stop acting like it’s the end of the world.


I find it interesting that first of all, Sarah is throwing a fit that this camera situation is ruining everyone’s experience…when she is the only one complaining about it…while rest area taking it in stride and going about their day.

And more importantly, if this was real…because it isn’t (big brother is behind it and Sarah should have thought of that)…but if it was, Sarah should cut them some slack. It was just the other day that SHE left the tap running in the HOH, which flooded into the kitchen, and she initially denied it. I believe she said something like, “I was in here to poop, but I swear it wasn’t me…Naeha and I came back in here and I would have noticed it.” Well, it has since been revealed that it was her and now the house isn’t allowed to run water while using the bathroom. She…and the house got off very lucky that that was the only punishment…since water damage could be disastrous in that house.

Anyway, my point is that she made a mistake…that she initially denied making…and they could have been punished much worse. So, for her to be so pissed at someone else’s mistake and claiming it is ruining the whole house’s experience…is hypocritical…since the house could say the same about her mistake.


Come to think of it, not only does the camera breaking stink of production shenanigans…but Sarah’s tears and hypocritical rant after coming out of the DR…seems a little fishy as well. A secret task, perhaps?


I’m pretty sure she’s just cranky that she can’t have a cigarette all day…I know i would be !! lol


I think It was some saboteur big brother stuff… I would not be surprised if they asked someone to vandalise something in the house and have everyone else suffer the consequences because I find it hard to believe that someone would be dumb enough to break a camera. And if someone really did break it, they would call that person to the diary room right away and possibly expel that person like Chima in big brother 11


oooohhh good theory! I didn’t even think about that. I mean i knew the whole thing was BS, bc someone would get expelled over that, but i couldnt see what their endgame was. Thought it was an april fools joke to have for the show tomorrow.

That Girl

Lol, production totally messed with that camera.
How lame!

CSI Toronto

I think its sweet how Graig (the legal expert) is rounding up a posse and deputizing housemates to begin interrogating the minorities. Almost as special is Sarah (the CSI) determining that it was deliberate and therefore someone is lying. This must be a gag, right?…RIGHT???


BB Canada is so unprofessional its not even funny.

April fools joke or not, if they are truly unable to find out who did it, that is VERY poor preparation considering they have an entire f**king crew working shifts 24/7 watching these houseguests. And if it is an April Fool’s Joke, then seriously BB Canada STEP UP YOUR GAME, THIS JOKE SUCKS. The joke got old 30 minutes in, for the houseguests and for feed watchers, which just hurts the ratings regardless.


K calm down lol


exactly, but a couple things,… its not April yet, and i guess they aren’t watching everything 24/7, because water was running and leaked really bad!


also, all the hours speculating and talking about it, fake or not. it takes away from game talk, and gameplay!


I tried to like Sarah and not judge her from her looks (rat face…hello ANdy? lol) and disgusting hygene, but I can’t.

another name

the whole thing completely smells contrived.
admittedly, I’ve yet to get a handle on how production is spinning the season, other than to notice what they are leaving on the cutting room floor and what they are putting into episodes.
I get the gut feeling that the camera shenanigans (and yeah, i’m calling shenanigans on production) are going to be used as explanation for storyline progression. after all, so far episode edit makes it look more brady bunch than texas chainsaw massacre.


Brady Bunch pretty spot on. It’s early lines will be drawn in a week or 2. All depends when the chop shop pushes the agenda. Like it to be questions next HOH anyone could win perhaps shake things up. Expect someone laying low to get evicted the next couple of weeks as to many folks think they’re safe IMHO.

another name

was on the global bb site for a few minutes. in the vault they have each of the houseguest’s biggest secrets. most of the players unwisely mention their alliances.
wouldn’t it be battle lines drawn if the hoh comp this week was “whose secret is this”

Spazzing Sarah

I kinda see why BB would “fake break” a camera because with the exception of a few this whole cast really likes each other and they could use a little drama but Sarah is being OD dramatic it’s so annoying to watch.

another name

a couple times a week, sarah does the alone talking to herself dramatically thing. I’ve gotten the feeling that she’s doing it in an attempt to make the episode cut as an underdog. similar to the adel talking to himself ad nauseum routine last season; sort of the same way Jordan does the talk to the camera ‘aren’t I a mastermind’ schtick in the pantry a la arlie.
I don’t really buy either of the routines as anything more than a propaganda tool.
every soliloquy sort of smells of production ‘what’s going on in your head’ moments.
and i’m going to try to suspend my disbelief and not mention my production theory stuff for at least 24 hours now. pretty sure it’s already gotten annoying to read.


damn from that pic I was sure it was Kevin and Pilar making out.
Jordan and Sindy? meh I willl pass.


Ok I love Naeha even more now with that anti bully shirt <3


So Jordo’s type of girl is someone who is desparate and has absolutely no standards whatsoever? So much for having goals, creep.

another name

if the old ‘you’ve had sex with everyone your partner has had sex with’ psa can be extended to kissing, then by kissing sindy Jordan has just kissed more guys than jonny has this season.
sure he’ll spin it to look like she was trying to win his vote but he held strong to the will of the house. and it will likely work. it’s not like they can ask her once her ass is next to risha.


here’s a thought… instead of passing judgement on production just wait for the episode to see what really happened… we have the luxury of not being in the house and being able to watch the episodes


Ew ew ew ew Jordan and Sindy.
Felt like I had that Phoebe moment when she caught Chandler and Monica making out through the window. Lol