Big Brother Canada 3 – Johnny’s Birthday Party “the best part was kissing Kevin”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin Cindy and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

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MIDNIGHT – Johnny’s Birthday present
Bobby starts off giving Jonny a lapdance, kevin follows and finishes it with a kiss. Godfrey jumps up and grinds it out over Johnny. Everyone cheering having a great time. Zach and Graig decline to give Jonny a dance.
Johnny says the best part was kissing Kevin.

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After Godfrey, Bobby and Kevin gave Johnny some lap dances Godrey goes into telling them a story about a crazy women he dated.

He explains this girl tried to kill his cat. She saw him cuddling with it and got jeleous she took the cat for 7 days when he got it back it was sick green snot coming out of it’s nose. “You were spending time with that damn cat” (Feeds cut alot) He adds she took him for a date rock climbing almost killed him. His friends were telling him she was sending them emails saying she would cut herself if he left her. He later talked to her family and they said these are some of the tricks she does to keep guys “Willow take notes it might work with Zach” .

He goes on telling a story about getting revenge with a guy that took his girl. He met this girl “This girls had tricks.. She told me she was a v!rgin but she had more kills than Graig.. this girl was a manipulator I would recommend this girl for this game.. this one time she faked being pregnant with a pillow” He adds he was only 19 he didn’t know.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-30 21-28-54-479

12:28am Sarah and Kevin Hot Tub

Talking about Godfrey’s story about his crazy girlfriend.. Johnny joins them say that was the most uncomfortable moment. “God where do you find these people.. super uncomfortable”

Johnny and Sarah both say they are speechless from his story. Sarah says he needs a therapy session. Johnny can’t believe he never noticed.
Sarah – “He doesn’t pick up social cues like we do”
Johnny – It give me shivers.. lets hope they aren’t true.

Johnny says the hot tub is a cesspool of disease.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-03-30 21-55-02-030

12:40am Godfrey gets ready for bed

1:03am bedroom Graig, Pilar, Jordan, Bruno
(Looks like most houseguests are getting ready for bed)
Chatting about Godfrey’s stories. They believe his cat story but the other ones they’re not sure about. Graig calls him a riot.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-30 22-14-30-478

1:14am Jordan and Sindy making out..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-30 22-21-18-622

1:21am Sarah and Bobby HOH

Bobby says Sindy leaving sucks but she’s a great competitor “Britt’s going to stay.. I feel awful but.. ”
Sarah – it sucks but at the same time it’s a game
Bobby – she got caught she force my hand
Bobby says unless something crazy happens Sindy is going home.
Sarah mentions how sindy has been going around telling people who her targets are, “I don’t believe anything she say”
Bobby one second she’s grabbing my stomach being flirty the next she’s dropping my name.
Bobby – Graig is pretty vocal on how he feels about Sindy.. this is going to be a easy week.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-30 22-28-25-525

1:25am Naeha and Brittnee
Brittnee saying she’s going to fight to win the HOH if she stays, “I want it”
Brittnee points out that Bobby has had the easiest HOH from now on it’s going to get dirty, “You have to make hard decisions”.
Brittnee – “you have to get your hand dirty”
Naeha – “The dirtiness starts now”
Brittnee – We need Kevin.. we have to win
They say goodnight.. Naeha working in deep thought counting with her fingers..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-30 22-33-00-475

1:34am Johnny and Kevin cuddling tonight

1:43am Kevin leaves Johnny’s bed and slides in with Pilar. They start making out.. Johnny wakes up and sees them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-30 22-48-32-224

Some Kevin/Pilar kissing before bed While Johnny listens in the other bed.

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does anyone else get the gossipy overly judgmental vibe from sarah and johnny? i don;t usually feel this even though Godfrey’s story was insane…… i think they need to cut him a little slack (maybe i’m just being sympathetic knowing Godfrey’s life story and all)

another name

imo, jonny and sarah can be judgemental. i’m not sure if overly judgemental. I also think they weren’t the only ones casting judgement in this particular case. BUT they were casting the harshest judgement. and they have been judgemental in the past, and likely will again. so I somewhat agree with you.
you’re right, the story was over the top. i’m not sure if someone’s difficult life story is reason to cut slack when that person said he wanted to underplay his assets and intelligence and create drama.
who is to say that he didn’t intentionally tell the story in order to be over the top as psychological warfare. keep everyone off balance in ever figuring him out. the whole house was present in one place after all. why cut slack when it could have been strategic?


Totally agree! I liked her at first but each day that passes they (especially Sarah) get more judgmental. She has a total anarchy mindset that is rearing it’s head. I dont like either of them tbh


any chance of you making one of those alliance chart/final 2 chart things that amkes it easy to see whos with who ?


Ok. Naeha literally needs to win HOH. Everyone is just dead scared she’s the ‘next Neda’ … and after last season, I guess the physical threats don’t matter as much


If eyes could speak a thousand words! Johnny seems to be a logical person when it comes to Kevin especially his sexuality but any sane person wouldn’t be taken for granted! Why go to the trouble of cuddling with him just because it’s his b-day then go over to the next bed and be with Pilar you just cause more harm than good. Should have done that from the very beginning than mislead! Friends or no friends anyone can see past the social bull crap especially Johnny.


Nah, I don’t think so. Johnny knows Kevin is straight. I think he knows nothing will ever happen. Some people just like the company? I don’t think Johnny feels deceived.


I’m sensing a love triangle forming between willow, Zach , Ashleigh. Did you guys see Ashleigh’s face when willow hugged Zach and call him babe. PRICELESS. jealousy is coming in the bb house. ahaha

Ariana Grande stinks!

Zach is 100% gay. All gaydars go banana!


I’d like to see Godfrey win HOH, just to mess things up


Jonny is JEALOUS!!! 😮


I feel so bad for Johnny 🙁


I agree. It made no sense on Kevin’s part to randomly do that and, judging from Johnny’s eyes, that definitely made an impact. There’s playing a social game and then there is being a jerk.

Just sayin'

I agree, gay, straight, bi or whatever it’s mean to play with someones emotions like that. He is clearly not interested in Johnny and by snuggling with him and flirting he is definitely leading him on. It’s never fun liking someone when they don’t feel the same way, and Kevin is almost going out of his way to make Johnny feel bad. There is no excuse for having someone fall asleep in your arms and then having that same person wake up to you sucking the face off someone else. HARSH!


I don’t think Zach is gay at all, but I do think Kevin is bi 100% 🙂 I can’t decide if I want him with Johnny or Pilar though.


Kevin clearly doesn’t really like Johnny, just by looking at his actions you can see it’s for game.


Hes a whore!


If Kevin is bi, he’s more bi for show. I think they are all just showmances for him.


I feel bad for Johnny cause I think it would be cute for Johnny and Kevin together <3 but the whole Kevin/pilar thing is very sad for Johnny 🙁


I think Pilar is going to have a harder time figuring Kevin’s game out than Johnny will. I really feel bad for Bobby though, Ash will drop him like a hot potato when he’s no longer useful.


They are kinda similar with Kevin. Both super-flirty and playing with everyone. But i like Kevin. He is cute <3


Just a heads up. If you got the vid of Pilar/Kevin later when they woke up about 4:10 their time I wouldn’t post it as your youtube account might get flagged as it was “questionable” with some hand movements and I’ve gotten hit for a lot worse.

Keep up the good work as you guys are the best in the business.


Thanks for the heads up xx2000xx


I for one enjoyed Godfrey’s stories, I just wish that big brother would stop blocking the live feed whenever his stories gets interesting. Johnny pic is so funny, you guys were able to capture a moment of pure jealousy, great screen shot.Someone should tell him dude he is not that into you! Kevin is playing him and the girls are making it worse by making him believe there is a chance when there is none, it sad but true.


Johnny’s bday was amazing. I laughed so hard! Kevin needs to be careful with Johnny/pilar. It might put a target on his back. Sindy and JP hooking up is really surprising!! Kind of random!


Hey Simon and Dawg, just wondering where the videos are of Godfrey’s stories and also Sarah and Johnny discussing them? I swear they were there last night but I could be wrong.


I think Simon might have removed them because the audio wasn’t working on them. Sorry about that.


These showmances are getting in the way of any good gameplay. It’s like everyone is waiting for a significant move from someone else, but in the meanwhile let’s just play a game of grabass while we are waiting.