Graig “Right before I climaxed Cindy started moving. She was sleeping, it kind of ruined it, well not really.”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV April 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: Kevin Cindy and Brittnee
Have Nots Jordan, Brittnee, Naeha, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Willow, Johnny, Britt, Kevin, Bobby.
Jordan is the VETO HOST!

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graig bbcan3
3:25pm Out in the backyard Pilar, Graig, Willow and Zach are talking about random things. Zach asks was it before or after you did the deed? Graig asks what deed? Graig says it was after. Zach says that’s why you were up after. Graig says it was after. Zach says that’s why you were up walking around like a new man. Graig says I got one out last night. Willow says oh yeah. Pilar asks what one? Willow says he got one out. Pilar laughs. Zach says I didn’t think anyone had. Graig says Kev did for sure. Me and Bruno guarded the bathroom door like night 4. Zach laughs. Graig says it was weird too. It wasn’t great. Graig says that Cindy had one of those black things over her eyes so I wasn’t worried about her but right before I climaxed she started moving her hands. If she would have just stayed still it would have been a lot better. She was sleeping when I was about to, it kind of ruined it well not really. I couldn’t like fully love it. Zach says unreal.

3:45pm Out in the hot tub – Bobby discovers if you hit two of the buttons together it sprays water out of the hot tub from one of the jets. They decide to go get Zach and Willow and prank them by getting them close and hitting the buttons. Bobby then goes inside and tells others he thinks he found a dildo by the hot tub. Others come out to look and they spray them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-30 12-47-59-645

4pm – 4:20pm Out in the backyard – Graig and Bobby talk about how they believe they have Kevin on their side. Bobby leaves. Bruno joins Graig. Graig tells him about busting Naeha and Johnny talking last night. Graig and Bruno agree Kevin is with them. Bruno comments on how he talked with Pilar today. Graig says Pilar’s with us too. Bobby joins them. Graig says I’m so glad Cindy’s going home. They talk about how they think they have a great cast. Graig says oh yeah. Last year they were fighting, this year we’re doing yoga. Bruno says but they like that.

At the end of this video Pilar says that Big Brother gives her lines in the diary room. Big Brother cut the feeds right after she said it:

4:20pm – 4:50pm Bruno, Naeha, Jordan, Britt, Graig and Johnny are sitting on the backyard chairs. Jordan is talking about each of the house guests and why he thinks each of them were cast. Naeha leaves and head up to the HOH room with Zach. Zach asks who Naeha wants gone first? Naeha says Graig. Zach says if people threaten us and our game then they are the next to go. Naeha brings up breaking up the couples like Kevin and Pilar. Zach says that people are scared to get out a couple. They talk about Emmett & Jillian and Jon and Neda how no one tried to take them out and they got to the end. Zach says that Pili can go in the next couple weeks, I don’t care. We can take the legs out. She doesn’t talk any game any ways.

4:55pm In the bathroom – Zach and Willow talk. Zach says so Pili and Ashleigh are close eh? Willow says yes. Willow says that she wants to win HOH this week. Zach says you’ll have to fight Naeha for it. But she won’t be here long considering the whole chop shop wants her gone.

5pm – 5:20pm Kevin and Pilar start making out in the hot tub. After he tells her that he could totally dunk her in the water. He then pretends to try and dunk her. They finish making out and head inside. Kevin and Pilar take separate showers. During the shower she asks for body soap so he hold the bottle over her and squeezes it. After they’re finish showering Godfrey comes in and asks Pilar about the live feeds. He says he had no idea people could watch everything live. He says he wishes she had told him because then he wouldn’t have opened his towel. He says he though big brother would just edit it out for the show. He says its creepy people might watch that and post it. He says if d**k pics are on the internet he’s going to shave his head so no one recognizes him. (He likely did this during the week of no live feeds because we haven’t seen what he’s talking about.)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-30 14-13-23-062

In the bathroom – Kevin is painting Ashleigh’s nails. Kevin tells Ash about Johnny’s birthday tonight. He says at 12am it will be his birthday and someone will pull him away and then we’ll all surprise him in the HOH room. Ashleigh says and then you strip down and give him a lap dance!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-30 14-47-04-109

6pm The house guests are having their dinner.

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Too bad we didn’t get to see Risha play, Pilar is sweet but she doesn’t seem to know she’s on Big Brother and she’s kinda boring to watch so far. Great cast though, they all seem to have a bit of game in them (except Pilar, and that’s not meant to sound mean).

another name

I doubt it is strategy, but if pilar were actually playing the be the nicest person and stay out of game talk in order to make yourself harder to evict strategy, I would have to give her some respect. who wants to evict her and look like the dick that shot a cute and fuzzy bunny when there are actual predators in the room. but… I really doubt it’s a strategy. too bad, it might work as a social game move in the first couple of weeks.


I think people are underestimating Pilar.

another name

why do I get the feeling it isn’t the first time graig has said, ‘and then she started to move and it ruined my climax?’ semi joking: semi creeped right out. shudder. creeped out wins. yeah… I really think I dislike graig.


Graig has a mullethawk……………..yuck!!!


Craig looks like Jake Busey and Zach looks like Jean-Luc Bilodeau, That is all..


Willow is obsessed with Zach lol


pilar and kevin are cute but I find them so boring
Hope this gets the attention off nae and jonny

The Truth

Am I the only person that doesn’t buy Pili and Kevin? I don’t think he has an ounce of interest in Pili even “just for fun”. I also don’t believe that Pili is interested in him, he’s just helps her pass time. Something is just not kosher.


Finally someone speaks the truth 😉

another name

watched the Monday episode just now…. I realize it’s a one hour program, so not everything is included, but golden edit much?
if I disregard the feeds and the updates the chop shop is getting such a good edit.
no one would know about graig’s rants, or that godfrey had stirred the pot with a lot of people as sketchy making him the initial target, or that willow is mugging for airtime to become a favorite quickly becoming annoying, or that Zach and willow were doing whatever they were doing pre-ashleigh, or that sindy has flirted her way through kevin, bobby and graig in about a week before ending up on the block, let alone that b&g and Ashleigh and bobby have final 2 deals. given the edit, you’d barely know godfrey, graig, Bruno, willow, or pilar were even in the house.
my conclusion is the editing staff is trying very hard not to have too much of a recreation of bbc2 first 5 or bbus 16 bomb squad. when they don’t show any of the chest beating tomahawking we rule the house meetings that occurred quite a bit before bobby even became the hoh, gotta wonder, is production backing that horse?


Oh no, Naeha, no. Talking to Zach, who clearly wants you gone? Dammit I hope this whole thing doesn’t turn out like BBUS16 where the girls give over their trust to the hidden alliance.