Adel: “I’m 100% in a guys Alliance.. If I win HOH I’ll cut off my manhood before I nominate any gentlemen”

9:00pm Sarah and Neda

They are onto the boys alliance, There is no secret that Kenny and Andrew are working together. They suspect Kyle is the mole for the guys group so they think there might be a chance of getting Andrew to backdoor Kyle. Sarah is sure that Andrew and Kyle are not friends.

Sarah – I think Kyle and Andrew hate each other.. I always see kyle and paul together.. and Adel
Their biggest worry right now that Andrew puts up two girls this week.

9:08pm HOH Andrew and Heather

Heather telling Andrew Kyle is targeting him. Andrew says he’s not worried. Adel and Kenny join them ask Heather if they can have a minute with Andrew.

Adel swears his allegiance to the guys alliance he swears up and down that he’ll win a HOH.
Adel: “I’m 100% in a guys Alliance.. If I win HOH I’ll cut off my manhood before I nominate any gentlemen”

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Paul warns there’s a leak it’s Kyle and he’s working with the Females

7:47pm Hammock Kyle and Sabrina

Sabrina tells im she only has Sarah. She thinks Jon and Neda are working together. Sabrina: ‘My number one paranoia is Adel.. and right now the power in the house is Kenny and Andrew”
Sabrina brings up Adel drawing a knife to her face.

8:00pm Storage room Paul by himnself
Paul is going over his theory about the leak in their group of 5. He tells the camera that his plan is to throw kyle under the bus and cause confusion.

Paul: “If I make it through this week I’m going after him .. Kyle I trusted you dude.. you’re playing the game”

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Kyle: “Everyone is either $uck!ng d!ck to stay alive or nothing else”

5:44pm Rachelle and Sarrah Sarrah shares how she has difficulty dealing with anxiety. In her regular live she can “Power throw it” but in the house it’s a bit harder. RAchelle says she hasn’t felt herself since entering the house. They are suspicious how Paul, Kyle and Adel were out in the hottub for so long talking.

Sarah doesn’t know 100% if she is safe ans she has no clue who is going up. She claims to have heard PAul and Adel’s name get thrown out there. RAchelle says her name has been mentioned. Sarah hasn’t heard that.

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KYLE & Sabrina Share Information from Both Sides & Promise to take each other to the end..

2:25pm Out in the backyard – Kenny, Arlie, Paul, Kyle and Jon are talking about how whenever they try and talk to Andrew one of the girls comes and breaks it up. Paul tells them we can’t crack – down to the final 7 guys. We have to stick together. Kyle says that he wants HOH so bad so that he can make the girls sweat. Kyle says Ah they’re so dumb! Kenny says at least we know they’re dumb… they’re not playing smart at all! Kyle asks so who is Andrew putting up? Kenny says I’ve been trying to figure that out. Kyle says I want to bang Rachelle but I don’t care about her. Kenny says I am going to go up to the HOH soon and tell the girls I need to talk to Andrew.

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ANDREW wants to Nominate Paul & IKA – Then Back Door Heather!

11:35am The Live Feeds return. Andrew and Kenny are out by the hot tub talking. Andrew says he will put up Paul and IKA as the pawn. The discuss back dooring Heather. Kenny tells Andrew how Ika and Heather are the ones planning and trying to get out big players. Andrew says that Kyle is gunning for us but its not time to get him out yet. Maybe the next time or the time after that. If we make him feel safe this week, then he won’t come after us next week. Andrew says he can win the veto to keep the nominations the same. Kenny says that he hopes he is picked to play too.

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Jon Pardy says Worst Part About Being A Guy: CHUBS! CHUBS IS ME!

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Most of the house guests are waking up and showering. Jon and Arlie are in the bedroom talking. Jon says that he tried to get up several times to go pee but couldn’t because he had a chubby. He says he thought he could just rest his eyes for like 10 minutes and wake up and go pee but the chubs was still there. Jon says Worst Part About Being A Guy: CHUBS! YO CHUBS ITS ME! CHUBS IS ME! Chubs & J-tugs! Arlie and Paul head out of the bedroom and to the kitchen for breakfast. Paul & Adel come into the bedroom and talk about how Andrew will be making his nominations today. Paul tells Adel how he hopes they aren’t nominated and how they should just stay away from Andrew. Adel comments on how its obvious the other guys have an alliance. And we’re not apart of it.

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Big Brother Canada – Watching People Watch the Feeds “Oh My god.. They all look pissed off”

1:40AM Feeds come on for the mystery Houseguests. They 3 mystery players start freaking out looking at the feeds..
Scott: “Oh my god oh my god.. who is the gay I can’t tell.. oh my god”
Scott: ‘Look at Kenny’s face i would love him”
Allison says she likes Kyle.

Sounds like a big chunk of the houseguests are still up. We cannot see what cam 1-4 is showing but we can watch the mystery houseguests commenting on their feeds. Sounds like PAul isn’t very happy..
Scott: “That guy can’t keep his hands away from his crouch”
Nate: “Andrew”
Scott: “Adel”
Scott: “I need to put on a cuter outfit we’re going to be up all late”
Nate: “They all look pissed off”

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Scott Analyzes the Bobble Heads: “Paul looks like a sleazy strip club owner”

10:05pm Feeds are back

3 Mystery house guests chatting about the bobble head houseguests in the Mystery room. Allison says she likes Anick but thinks Neda give her bad vibs. Scott says he heard a rumor before entering the house that a relative from a Big Brother Canada Season 1 cast member was going to be cast. Scott thinks that Kenny is Emmett’s brother.

Scott thinks Andrew is gay
Scott: “Paul looks like a sleazy strip club owner”

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Big Brother Canada Season 2 First ‘Live’ Eviction

Yesterday we watched the premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 2 and found out that this year one of the twists is to have a 15th player voted into the house out of a potential 3.
Scott A drag queen, Nate the sheet metal worker and Alison psychiatric nurse are the pics. There is also a series of “Twisto Twists” which I place a curse upon.

Paul won the first HOH and proceeded to get a terrible case of HOHitus. The first 12 hours of the feeds was packed full of him making deals and talking game. Paul nominated Anick and Andrew, His reason was Anick was the first Girl to get off the ice block during the HOH competition. Andrew was the first Boy off.

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The Big Brother Canada 2 House Guests Get READY for the LIVE EVICTION!

10:30am In the kitchen – Anick, Kenny, Andrew, Adel and Arlie are talking about people sending food back in restaurants. The talk about random things and about different diets. All of the house guests are waking up and getting ready for the day. Meanwhile in the bedroom Sarah, Ika, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda and Kenny talk about how this experience will bond them together for life.

11am ON the living room tv screens the house guests notice the Live Eviction Today displayed. They then see something else on the screen and comment on how they could see Paul talking without audio. They comment on how Big Brother f**ked up and then the camera turns away.

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Big Brother Canada 2 – ARLIE says “Day 8 baby! DAY 8! Life is so good! You got this!”

6:45am Arlie is the only house guest awake. He’s in the kitchen doing the dishes. He then heads to the diary room, presses the button and gets let in. When he emerges again he is holding a dish. He returns to doing the dishes. He heads to the bathroom. When he comes out he washes his hands and says “Day eight baby! DAY EIGHT!” “Life is so good! Life is so good!” “You got this, you got this!” He then heads back downstairs to the storage room to look for something to eat.

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IKA to Rachelle – You’re Kenny’s type “Rubbing his back and his underwear”

12:30am bathroom Rachelle and Neda

Neda thinks she is spending too much time Jon

Neda “Andrew hates me so much.. ” Neda says that Kyle and Jon do not want to win HOH she thinks Andrew will be trying to win. “He’s going to win and win and win”

Ika joins Rachelle in the bathroom.. Ika is relaying her conversation with heather. Ika points out that Heather is saying to people that Rachelle and Kenny are getting close. “When you were rubbing her back she said you guys were getting close”
Ika adds that Heather told her she is safe tomorrow so not to worry…
IKA: “It’s weird cause sometimes I like her sometimes she annoys me”
Rachelle: “I don’t like her”
IKA: “I don’t trust her I like her but I don’t trust her.. the voice is a little annoying I’m not going to lie”
IKA: “I feel bad for calling her a b1tch”
IKA is worried about Rachelle she thinks people are starting to notice her and Kenny. Ika points out taht Kenny told everyone his type and it was like Rachelle and next thing they notice is Rachelle is “Rubbing his back and his underwear”
Rachelle says she is not going to f*** hook up in the house. She sees it as just a massage “you gotta do what you gotta do”

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