KYLE & Sabrina Share Information from Both Sides & Promise to take each other to the end..

POV Holder: Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and IKA

BBcan2 2014-03-07 11-26-29-529
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2:25pm Out in the backyard – Kenny, Arlie, Paul, Kyle and Jon are talking about how whenever they try and talk to Andrew one of the girls comes and breaks it up. Paul tells them we can’t crack – down to the final 7 guys. We have to stick together. Kyle says that he wants HOH so bad so that he can make the girls sweat. Kyle says Ah they’re so dumb! Kenny says at least we know they’re dumb… they’re not playing smart at all! Kyle asks so who is Andrew putting up? Kenny says I’ve been trying to figure that out. Kyle says I want to bang Rachelle but I don’t care about her. Kenny says I am going to go up to the HOH soon and tell the girls I need to talk to Andrew.

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2:40pm Kyle and Sabrina head out to the hot tub room. Kyle tells Sabrina that he trusts her and will take her as far as he can. Sabrina asks if she is in trouble? Kyle says no, swear to god. He will not put you up this week, I promise you! Kyle says that they have done a bunch of tricks to see what would float back to them. He says that Ika promised him she would tell him if his name got brought up and she didn’t. Kyle tells Sabrina that Ika and Heather are targets big time! Kyle says your name has never come up. Sabrina tells Kyle that there’s a girls alliance: Heather, Ika, Sarah and Rachelle. Sabrina says that she made sure with Sarah that you are the person I can trust. I am close with Sarah. Kyle says the way I know Ika is not trustable is that I let it slip that Heather isn’t trustable .. and what do you know during the competition Heather was sitting right there by my basket. Kyle says that the plan with the boys is that we creep around with the girls and always come back to the boys. If the buys put me up then I guess the trust wasn’t ever there.

BBCAN2 2014-03-07 11-48-43-701

3pm – 3:20pm Kyle heads up to the HOH room and talks to Andrew about where his head is at. Andrew talks about how he is just listening to everyone and weighing his options. Andrew says that Pj (Paul) is annoying the s**t out of him. Adnrew and Kyle talk about how of all the girls they trust Sabrina. Andrew says that whoever I put up, I am going to win the POV and keep it the same. Andrew says we need to keep our eye’s on the girls but I don’t think they will be able to strike right away. I think its better to put up Paul and a girl and let her know she’s okay.

BBCAN2 2014-03-07 12-02-14-523

Jon, Kenny and Paul workout together: Kenny teaches them different techniques
BBCAN2 2014-03-07 12-13-55-678

3:35pm Up in the HOH room – Arlie & Andrew talk game while Jon listens to the HOH cd. Arlie and Andrew both agree that they don’t trust Kyle as far as they can throw him. They agree that they don’t think he would take a swing at one of the guys yet though. Arlie ask which of the girls would be best to get out. Andrew says Heather. Sabrina, Ika and Heather join them and the conversation ends.

BBCAN2 2014-03-07 12-33-59-956

3:55pm – 4:10pm Everyone leaves and Arlie and Andrew continue their conversation. Andrew says that he will put up Neda and Paul with Neda as the pawn. Andrew says if someone comes off the block I will put up Kyle. He thinks putting up Neda is best because she won’t freak out. Kenny joins them and Andrew fills him in on the plan. Arlie says it is 100% that it will be either Paul or Kyle going this week. Kenny says his only fear is if Kyle stays and takes a swing at us next week. Arlie says that wont happen because he thinks the guys are strong and we have the numbers. Arlie says if Kyle won HOH and we even thought he was going to put one of us up …all five of us (Andrew, Arlie, Kenny, Jon, Adel) would go up to him and tell him we’re all coming after him. Kenny tells them that Paul just came up to him and asked him to swear on his son that he isn’t going up on the block.

Meanwhile in the bedroom – Adel, Jon, Neda, and Rachelle are hanging out and joking around. Adel puts on Kyle’s hat and belt and starts imitating him. Adel starts walking around like he is huge and goes to show the girls on the balcony and Kyle in the bathroom. Kyle isn’t impressed. Adel heads back to the bedroom and tries to get Jon to come out to cause some sh

4:15pm The guys – Kenny, Andrew, Jon, Adel, Kyle and Arlie head out to the hot tub room to smoke and talk about random things.

HOH Game talk with Andrew / Kenny / Rachelle:

Sabrina and Sarah talk to Jon about trying to get ADEL nominated / evicted:

UP in the HOH room Kenny, Jon, Arlie, Andrew, Heather and Ika talk about random things while Paul listens to Andrews music.

Kyle & Adel Hot Tub game talk / Racehelle and Sabrina Girl Talk:

bbcan2 2014-03-07 14-13-04-361

5:15pm – 5:30pm Paul joins Adel and Kyle in the hot tub. Kyle tells Paul that he is in trouble. Paul asks so now you tell me?? Paul says that he is worried that he put his trust in the guys and now he can’t trust them. Paul says now lets get this clear …when you are hanging with Andrew and Kenny ..who’s names are coming up? If he puts me up.. we’ve got to flip the house! Adel says the big move is next week. Paul says I put a lot of faith in Kenny and Jon. I made him look at the camera and swear on my kid that I was safe! Adel says that the girls are closer with them. Paul says maybe I should talk to Andrew and tell him that there were 7 people to make that decision to put him up. Paul says if you hadn’t told me right now I would be blind to it. Kyle says you know they are coming for you. Paul says there is one thing knowing it and confirming it. Paul says I will make the girls flip to our side. Paul asks are you willing to go against the HOH? Adel says of course! Adel says wait until tomorrow before an attack or a mind f**k because I swear to god you will wreak our momentum. If we win veto we take you off. Paul says he better hope to god I don’t get the POV.

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So far,

Like: Andrew, Sabrina, Kenny, rachelle, neda, Jon

Ok: heather, Sarah, Kyle,

Don’t like: adel, Arlie, ika, Paul

Allison to be mystery HG


I’m not sure about Andrew yet. He seems ok, but he was overly aggressive the first night. But i agree with your dislikes. Those four are annoying. Arlie is like Alan from Two and a half men – but on steroids or crack. .

I like Jon, Rachelle, Neda a lot though.

Can’t stand Kyle either – dude, get over yourself.


I knew Sabrina and Kyle would be partners since the live feeds first came on. Hopefully they can keep their alliance a secret or at least quiet so they won’t be taken out as a pair.


I am really getting nauseous watching Sabrina travel through many jars, bowls, any container holding food, shoveling stuff into her mouth not once washing her hands before doing so – I have seen her pick her nose, run her hands all over people and through her hair (which pretty well everyone does) – I am surprised no one has been sick yet – give it time – I hope they all wash up after taking all the “dumps” they speak of??!!!!


Irony is Paul bitching that people always do what the HOH wants, even though he was HOH last week and has no right to complain