Nomination Ceremony Results. “They are all f***ing stupid but we need them.”

6:45pm Storage room –Paul and Raven are in the storage room together. Raven – I think Kevin knows, he is acting weird. Paul – I don’t know, we’ll calm him down. Raven leaves and Paul says F**K go away! F**k! Josh joins Paul. They high five. Josh does a happy dance. Paul shhhhh’s him. Paul – I know, they are all f**king stupid. But we need them… (Paul whistles) Matt and Raven are no good. And then next week (send them out) We have to, or else we’re f**ked! Josh – so what are you thinking if we get picked for veto? Gun for it or no? Paul – yes, and take Raven off. Josh – and put who up? Paul – Kevin.

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HOH & Nomination Results! “Matt, I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association.”

Raven talks about Derrick Levasseur (BB16 winner) coming into the house. Raven – Matty is like a block star right now .. its so funny. Three in a row. If you’re going to do it, do it. Christmas – Someone said that was the most peaceful nomination ceremony. Did you say that? I thought about saying Matt I just don’t like you. You’re guilty by association. I was actually having a hard time figure out what I wanted to do. Raven – you did a good job. Raven – I feel like this next competition will be endurance. Christmas – I feel like I won’t be able to compete. Raven – you can’t because you’re HOH. Christmas – Oh yeah.. sometimes I’m just pretty.

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Nomination Results! “You don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training!”

7:12pm The live feeds return – In the bedroom – Jason and Josh wrestle and then Josh tries to take on Paul. Paul puts him in a “figure 8”. Paul – you don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training. Alex – where is everyone? Paul – beating off! Paul – I really hope this year we have a how bad do you want it Comp. Punishments and stuff. Elena explains how its a points comp where whoever has the most points wins the veto. There are punishments that increase your points and rewards that decrease your points.

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Big Brother Spoilers Veto Ceremony results “They don’t grovel”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:05pm Paul used the Power of Veto on Jason
Paul is trashing Cody for not giving a speech during the veto ceremony.
Josh – part of this show is giving a speech.. you don’t give a speech you don’t participate and you don’t get personality than what are you doing here
Paul =- that’s what I’ve been asking
Paul – you’ve got more chances than everyone..

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Nomination Results “You’re a bad mother f*er.. she’s a bad mother f*er “

Big Brother Spoilers 7:23pm HOH Kevin, Alex and Jason
talking about Dom being the target this week.
Kevin – why did they turn on Dom
Alex explains Cody outed them it was Mark and Dom that knew about Cody backdooring Paul.

Kevin – you want to put Mark up
Alex – yes
Kevin – You’re a bad mother f*er.. she’s a bad mother f*er I’m afraid to leave her side.
Alex says Mark was Cody’s ride or die. Mark had lied.

Kevin – I’ll work on Christmas.. i’ll let her smell my cologne
Alex – right now everyone is onboard
Kevin – we’ll find out at the vote

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Nomination Results! “That’s how you execute an HOH! Checkmate!”

Cody – f**king cowards! It’s a about a 15% chance I get to play (in the veto). Jess – technically if I play.. Cody – yeah you’re right. That was a bad move on their part. The should have put me and you together and forced my hand that way. Jess – I really thought it was going to happen once Ramses stood up. Jess – Ramses is going to have to throw the veto because if he wins it … then there is no replacement nominee. Cody – then they would send Alex home. They’re going to sh*t if I get picked for that veto. Jess – I’m going to sh*t if you get picked. Cody – I am going to continue to walk around and make them feel as awkward as f**k.

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