Big Brother 21 Nomination Ceremony! “I survived last week, I’ll survive this week.”

Bedroom. Nick, Cliff and Nicole.
Nick – I’ve got a job to do. At least I have a chance. I knew I was going up. Cliff – well veto competition. Nick – I knew I was going up after I went up there the second time. I need some help from the gods. I’ve got one help. Cliff – she’s a strong competitor. Nick – If I am sitting next to her I have a good chance. I could always take myself off. I am going to need to pick someone for house guest choice if I get it. Cliff – if you need to pick someone you can talk to me later. Nick – Yeah I will talk to you later. Cliff leaves. Nick to Nicole – that’s Cliff’s target. That’s what he told me going into this week.

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Nomination Ceremony Results! “You two are my biggest threats”

4:55pm The live feeds return to all the house guests in the kitchen hugging. Jackson to Tommy – If you want to talk, we can talk. There are are a lot of angles to this. Tommy – I know, this is your week. That’s okay. Its your game. Jackson to Christie and Sis – I said to them but I am happy to discuss and explain the reasonings. I’ve been completely upfront about everything this week. And this is not personal. This is the exact opposite of personal. I came here to win and quite honestly you two are my biggest threats. Christie – its fine.

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“I was meant to play in OTEV .. I’m chalking it up to that .. Thanks, America Thank you”

11:33 am Christie and Kat
Christie says now they know everyone they know who they love and who they want to work with and trust.
Christie – it’s hard because you love both people on the block
Christie – it’s going to be a weird couple days I’m sure we’ll (I) will talk a million times.
Christie – I was meant to play in OTEV I’m a big brother super MAGE fan. Thanks, America Thank you
Christie now claiming that Tommy would have used the veto on any 3rd nominee because it’s not fair
Nick is now with them.

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Big Brother Spoilers – “Bwak Bwak Bwaaak .. Bwak Bwak Bwaaak.. How did the Eggs turn out”

10:19 am Christie, Jess, Sis, Cliff

Christie – She’s not allowed to speak English
Christie – she had to do one round of sunny side, one round of Hardboiled and one round of Scramble
Christie – this is her fourth round

Jess – why don’t I have 4 plates
Christie – she doesn’t have to deliver them every time. We got sunnyside
Christie explains she can pick and choose who gets what eggs
Jess – ohh so you don’t have to wake everyone up

Christie said she never ate the Sunny Side but they looked good.

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“I actually have to win now. I’m not going to let an opportunity with her on the block and us not having to put her up slip by “

9:46 am Cliff, Jackson, and Holly
Jackson – I got you big HOGG I’ll do everything I have in me
They are agreeing Christie picking Nick to play in the veto means he’s got something worked out with her. otherwise, Christie would have picked SIS
Cliff leaves.

Jack – I actually have to win now. I’ll win and keep them the same. I can’t risk you getting put up.
Jackson – If she picked Nick, Nick is working with them and we aren’t
Jack says if Nick wins it he’s using it on Christie

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“I’m so depressed, I feel like America hates me, I don’t know how I look, My personality is really strong”

12:03 am Nick, Sis, Christie, and Tommy.
Christie – IF I win the veto blow it up I don’t give a sh1t
Tommy – I’ll say this only in this room, I think Kat is more dangerous than Cliff
Tommy – Number 1 he’s a guy I don’t want a guy going out this week
Tommy – number 2 I respect him and his game so much (don’t you love it?)
Tommy – If Cliff is on the block at the end of the week I can say to Cliff I have people that will vote the way I want them to vote. I heard you want me as your number one target
Tommy adds if Cliff offers him 2 weeks of safety he’ll tell Cliff he’ll get him the votes to stay. Nick and Tommy both saying they want Cliff in the house “I value his word moving forward”
Tommy – THe goal is to get you off the block this week, Make the deal with Cliff and Get Kat out. I want to get out of this week with no blood on my hands.

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Big Brother 21 – Nomination Results! “I’m just kind of embarrassed by her response.”

Tommy to Cliff – I am so sorry. Cliff – you know, nothing changes what we’ve got. We’re playing a game. Like I told you beforehand we’re good. If I go out the door on Thursday, you and I are still tight buds. I don’t take the game as a personal thing at all. Tommy – good. Cliff – I’ll play, if I win, that’s good. If I don’t whatever, we’re buddies right? Tommy – yes. Cliff – no we’re coll Tommy.

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“I’m just sad and really confused right now with everything.. I really have to pee”

2:57 pm Sis and Jack

Sis crying.
Jack – this game’s hard
Sis – I know I f*ing hate it I signed up for the wrong thing

Sis – I really trust you and everything. I don’t know what to do about Christie.
Sis – it makes me scared because if she was close to you and is doing whatever the f* she is doing I don’t even want to know what she could do with me
Jack – I already know what I am going to do
Sis – what
Jack – I don’t even want to say it out loud. I know what I am going to do
Sis – I don’t know what to do

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Nomination Results! “I could swear on my kids. I would take it back and do it anyway.”

Sam – Alright Jess is out to get you? Big whoop! Is she going to go win something and then throw you up? Who cares? You have us in the game, we’ve got your back. Look at the couples, you really think you’re above Christie and Tommy?! You think you’re there? We can help you get there. Maybe Nick mentioned your name but those people he mentioned it to were saying it right back at him. It goes both ways and in a million years he would never go after you. If you did not put us up right now there would be so much trust right now. He was like alright let me ask you this … would you very put me up? I said yeah Michie I could swear on my kids .. I was like whatever screw it because I don’t care I would take it back and do it anyway.

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“I have no respect for Nick and Bella’s game I don’t trust them but from a numbers standpoint this week I have to work with them”

Big Brother Spoilers Head of Household Winner – Cliff Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Powers in the game Jack – Chaos After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is […]

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Big Brother 21 Nomination Results! “They’re like cock roaches.”

5:10pm Jess and Nick. Jess – it sucks that nominations are today. Nick – I know I haven’t even had a chance to talk to anyone. I thought they were going to be tomorrow. I haven’t even had a chance to think about what I’m going to do. Now its going to be today so I have to hurry up. I was going to put Cliff up because I think he’s America’s player. Because of that Owl and sh*t. The knife. That Owl, he always has the f**king Owl. He is being weird. I don’t trust him. Jess – your decisions are your decisions. When I was on the block, I really tried to not play any game last week. Nick – He (Cliff) is getting paid for that sh*t.

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Nomination Ceremony Results! “I’ve been terrified for my own safety in the house.”

Ovi and Davids room. David – Jack has resources. Whoever Jess or Kemi told in confidence got back to him. Ovi – yeah. David – so my thoughts are Kathryn the wild card that’s been spilling information to me. She told me that she got kicked out of her alliance. Ovi – what was her alliance. David – Jack, Sis, Holly, Jackson (Michie). Ovi – is Christie in it or no? David – I didn’t hear her name but I would think that Christine is in it.

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