Jared – “Reds hate for America is DEEP like DEEEEEP” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Red and Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Red and Cameron going to be nominated. America/Bowie may be renoms if veto is played.

10:13 am Jared and Bowie
Jared says Cameron is already panicking he told Jared last night that they could use Cameron gto take out Red.
Jared says America and Cameron with Cameron being the target is his likely play.
Bowie – who fo you put up if someone wins the veto
Jared – if Cameron comes down it’ll be America if we put Cameron and America up and one of them comes down then I’ll have to start thinking about it. I will have to start exploring a Corey.
Jared – if Cameron comes down it’ll be a corey if America comes down it’ll be a corey
Jared says he really needs Red to not use the veto if he wins it.
Bowie says Cameron has overplayed a little bit.

10:24 am Izzy and Jared
Jared – based on my conversations with Jag he trusts you 1000% percent
Jared says he trust what Blue is saying to him about Jag than what Jag is saying to him.
Jared – Jag told Blue he doesn’t feel any type of way towards you, Cirie or Felicia. He feels some type of way about Corey and America.
Izzy – Cameron can s** his own D*** what is wrong with him?
Jared says Bowie os closer to Red than Cameron “She’s pushing America HEAVY”
Izzy – lets keep Red, Red is down with getting rid of Cameron.
Jared – if Red wins he’ll put me up beside America. He won’t put me up against y’all

Cirie joins them. Jared says Bowie and Red don’t care about Cameron going.
Cirie – you need to tell Red that Cameron is already throwing him under the bus
Izzy leaves.
Jared says he knew Cirie threw the HOH.
Jared says he’ll tell Red he’s going up because he can’t risk red using the veto on Cameron.
Jared says matt came up and told him he used the power to save Jag.
Cirie – only me, you and Jag know.
Jared – if Bowie wins and pulls him down America goes up.

10:47 am Jared and Red
Jared tells him that Cameron is throwing Red under the bus. He hinted he wanted to be a pawn next to Red.
Jared – people trust you way more than they trust Cam. People want to work with you way more than they want to work with Cam.
Jared tells him he’s leaning towards cameron Going up.
Red – even if I am a NOM next to him as a pawn I get what you are saying. If I do win the veto what do you think of America?
Jared – she’s going up
Jared – She’s going up 1000% she should expect to go up against cameron.
Jared – Cam is my target this week.
Red says it will look suspicious if he puts America up right now.
Jared is worried corey would start running rampant “that kids scares me also”
Red – th’s not playing a game where he’ll be winning sh1t.. he talks to everybody
Feeds flip to the Jag and Izzy conversations. When we’re back Jared is talking about how he trust Cirie but Felicia is playing the game. He mentions that cirie and him want to work with Red long term.

11:10 am Jared and Jag
Jared says last night Cameron came to him and was basically saying he’s ready to go up as a pawn against Red. jared explains that is what he’s telling Both Camero and Red.
Jared – I have to put them both up because at the end of the day I can’t trust you won’t take the other one down.
Feeds cut. When we’re back Jared is telling Jag Matt told him last night he used the power.
Jared says he’s contemplating putting up Bowie or America is the veto is played.
Jared says Bowie is closer to Red than Cameron.
Jag says if Bowie is up against Cam/Red the guys are going for sure no contest. If America goes up people will start questioning things.
Jag – if you put up Cam and Red and both of them stay ..
They start laughing
Jag – they’re going to be looking at me call me BOY
Jared – That’s something to consider.
Jag – this week went from the worst case scenario to the best case scenario and nobody left.
Jag – you played it the perfect way this guy left the pressure immediately.. Cam and Reds wins mean NOTHING
Feeds flip to Corey/Cirie on the hammock. When we’re back.
Jared – I hate to see my people nervous Bro.. or upset bro..

They start talking about hanging out together after the show.
Jared thinks him and Jag will be cast on another season of Big Brother “bro I already know who they will pick to put on different things.. You know what I mean”
Jag says pick him for houseguest choice he’ll win it. “I’m going to get after it”
Jared brings up already telling Blue he was thinking of picking Jag.
Jared’s other choices were Blue or matt, “I’ll pick you for sure”

11:41 am Jared and MEME
Jared going on about how they can take a breath of fresh air now.
MEME says Cameron is more dangerous than Red. He is the glue that brings together REd/Bowie. She adds that Cameron is also actively trying to recruit America, Corey and Matt.
Jared Says he can’t wait to get rid of America and Bowie. Then they can get rid of Blue and Matt. Last would be Izzy then they can “Brown sugar it”
Jared – Reds hate for America is DEEP like DEEEEEP
Meme – we all know America does too much she lies and she talks too much why is it so DEEEEEP
Jared – you know why
MEME – cause she don’t flirt with him?
Jared – mmmmhmmmm, I don’t want to say it.

12:09 pm Jared and Cameron
Jared says he’s considering his noms to be Red/america, Bowie/REd or Cameron/Red
Jared goes on about how Cameron is such a solid guy if he’s not nominated and he wins the veto he’ll take his boy off the block.
Cameron says he respects what Jared does this week. tells him if he wins veto Jared is the first person he’s coming to for advice on what to do.
Cameron – I’ll bend over backwards to make what you want happens. If you want Red that’s the game.
Jared – I do want to see you play in that veto.. I’m a competitor Bro I want to play and aI want to play against people that want to play and win
Jared says he expects Cameron to fight for his “Brot” just like he expects Cameron to fight for him. “I consider you my Brother and me your brother”

12:12 pm America and Corey
Corey says the “They” will push to Jag that America knew Jag wasn’t protected when we she made the deal with Cameron during the pressure cooker.
America – that’s fine. whatever if he believes them he believes them. I am over trying to get Jag on my side when he’s clearly not.
Corey – I think you should just keep being best friends with Jag.
America – that’s all I have
Corey – I don’t see anything else to do.
Corey – Cirie was talking about the 7 of us.. I’m going to be very honest to Jag about it. Hey Man it was a 10-0 vote. Was I going to die on the hill keeping you? no I wasn’t America wanted to keep you the entire time. Did I think the votes were there? No. I lied to you for these reasons.
Corey says he’s trying to distance himself from America. He’s trying to prevent the two of them going on the block together “If Red win’s you’re going on the f**ing block. I need it against Blue. If it’s against Blue we can get Blue out. he also f***ign hates Blue”
Corey – if You flirt with him [Cam] in front of everybody they will burn you at the stack

12:47 PM America and Blue
America is bringing up a conversation she had with Cameron. She told him her and Corey are not in a showmance or an alliance.
America – he said the way I see it it’s just a pair. He’s so in denial and he’s so biter
Blue – He’s just mad you didn’t choose him. Straight up
America – straight up. I didn’t choose him and now I’m choosing him for Corey. I know Corey is younger so he might take offense. An ego thing
America – he thinks he can intimidate Corey. He tells him he’s like a son to him.
Blue laughs “Ohh like Reilly is a Daughter to him”
Blue – what nerve..

They head outside to talk showmances.
Blue is nervous about her showmance. “I don’t want to be in a situation where down the line. I’m nervous about making something big with Jared’s connection with them.
America – An now Matt
America says her connection with “them” is Corey, Blue’s connection with “them” is Jared, Jag’s connection with “Them” is Matt
America – they don’t trust me and they will never trust me. Even me voting out Jag this last week was enough.
America says she’s sketched out by Corey “See how close he is with everyone else”
Blue feels the same way about Jared.
America keeps saying that they have to lay low this week and not stir anything up “we’re saafe this week”
America adds they have to vote Red out he’s actively after the two of them.

America says “they” have everyone in their back pockets.
(They = Cirie and her stunt crew)

1:00 pm Matt, Cirie and Jag
They are forming a 3 person alliance can’t figure out a name.
Matt suggests “Reillys’ promise”
Jag – the villains..
they laugh
Matt – the chosen..
Cirie – the chosen ones.
Jag tasks Cirie to come up with a handshake for their new alliance.


They come up with some goofy handshake. Nobody likes it
Jag – I would rather be called Reilly’s promise
they laugh.

1:17 pm Cirie and Jag
Cirie says America is bringing Red information
Jag – I’m pretty sure Red doesn’t like America at all
Cirie – Red’s information from America is going to Cameron and information from Corey is going to Red and Cameron
Cirie – Red doesn’t talk to America at all
Cirie now says that Red gets’ his America information from Cameron

1:36 pm Izzy and Cirie

Izzy – I gotcha y’all.. I’m still nervous about what the end looks like but I gotcha y’all
Cirie – Girl you’re going to beat either one of us and it’ll be your choice
Izzy – that’s maybe not a good feeling either
Cirie – well I told you already about that it is what it is. the fact that either one of us will be there is more than enough

Waiting for nominations

2:26 pm jared and Corey
Jared says this is where America “really f**ed up”
Jared – She said to Matt. When me, Cirie and Izzy got out of the pressure cooker she said ohh would you look at that the first people gone and they really thought we would do their dirty work for them.
Jared – She said that to Matt
Corey – she’s so dumb why did she tell Matt anything?
Jared – and MAtt told Izzy and Cirie
Corey – I think Matt is loyal to Cirie which is great for us but he just makes me nervous and I just want you to keep your guard up.

2:45 pm Blue and Jag
Blue – I totally forgot this was said. When I had a conversation with Felicia she said something about next week we put up REd and Corey. I was like ohh that is interesting. She was like Corey is sitting pretty he’s got a lot of connections Blah Blah Blah
Blue – those three are thinking about it.
Jag – who can take shots? Felicia has also mentioned to me Corey is sitting pretty
Blue – Felicia told me that Cirie and Bowie have a weird relationship. They have a very rocky relationship. I don’t think Bowie is Big enough or bold enough to take a shot.
Jag – we have to be so careful. The moment it goes back to them.
Blue – we don’t have to start making BIG moves until later we could strategize and think about it.
Jag – we have trust and we’re starting to build trust with america as well. You should talk to matt. the way we see it is they have their solid squad and their pulling in as many people as they can. If we can have matt with us and he stays solid with us that is important to us.
Blue – I think matt and I are really cool. America is ready to play a bigger game than she’s been playing
Jag – I want to work with her. We just have to be in touch with what we share with her our games. are really similar in many ways.
Blue – we can’t pulla Reilly where she slipped up.
Blue says for now the heat is off of them.
Blue says it’s a good idea for them to move in with Cam to cover their bases before Veto is played.
Jag talks about the stories he’s hearing from the other side to explain why he was blindsided.
Jag – Sh1t is no adding up.
Blue – they are trying to cover their bases
Jag – they are trying to pin Corey and America every conversations. Suddenly I’m hearing America is feeding information to Red. I straight up was like I thought Red Hated America.
Jag – then there’s the backtracking like ohh she could be telling Cam whose telling Red. I’m like whatever. She’s telling Corey, whos telling Cameron whos telling Red
Jag – America is being pinned as this number one target and Corey is left out of the conversation or sometime brought up.
Blue – He’s the bigger threat
Feeds flip.. When we’re back.
Blue is saying Red leaving is better for her game.
Jag – Cam is loyal to nobody so we can use him week by week red is loyal to them.
Jag says conversations he has with Cam COrey knows about. “Corey and Cam are way closer than corey or cam will ever say”

Feeds cut to pound 3:20 pm Expect Cameron and Red to go up.

4:25 pm No feeds just this cute Kitty which is better than the feeds.

4:34 pm feeds return
Jared is going over what Cameron told him. “he through America under the bus and brought up Izzy again. He said he was down for a BIG move. He wants me to put up Izzy”
Jared says he’s worried about Bowie winning the veto and pulling one of the noms down.

Felicia says next week one of them will win again and go after America, Corey and Jag. “we running the damn house”

4:38 pm Corey tells Cameron he believes Red is the target. Asks if Jared gave him a inkling of his intentions. Cameron said he knew he was going up but not because Red.
Corey says this week he’s going to need to campaign more than he did the Reilly week.
Corey – the way I see it is this is not going to be a split vote.
Cameron says he’s played in 10 competitions straight.
Corey asks who he will pick for houseguests choice
Cameron – I would pick Jared.
Corey says the vote isn’t determined at this point. “you shouldn’t sit around on this one. WIth Hisam and Reilly yes”

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un autre nom

Feelings / Venting
So Matt’s entire game strategy is to honor a promise made to a gullible moron?
That he knew for two weeks?
That friendzoned him?
He must have ‘gasmed at the idea of fulfilling his oath to keep Cirie and Jag safe, and getiing into a final 3 with them.
He dislikes Cory, America because Cirie mindfuqed Reilly.
He hates Cam for backstabbing Reilly.
He is in a great position and I honestly admire he has made his way into every circle.
However, his ideology is faulty and he has to know it’s faulty because he’s been told to tell the same lies about Cory and America that were told when Reilly lost the votes.
The parallels to week two that he seems to ignore are problematic for me, because it signals a failure to recognize pattern. Always notice people’s patterns in gameplay.

The bb25 family tree is starting to get creepy.
Cam is Reilly’s daddy.
Izzy is Jared’s adopted sister.
Felicia and Cirie are both Jared’s mother.
Cirie is like a big sister to Cam is like a brother to Jared
Cory is like a son to Cam
Matt is like a brother to Red and Cam and an adopted son to Cirie.


You need to leave their happy family alone lol. :'(


I need answers because I missed a portion. Is the Jag/Matt /Cirie alliance fake on Jag’s part or has he been misted again

Game fan

But on Jag part ?
Cause America and cory are also saying Jag is more with cirie than with them. It’s weird cause it seemed Jag was figuring things out.


Maybe I’m missing something, but it seemed from show that Cirie convinced Matt to save Jag…so why wouldn’t Jag want to work with them?

un autre nom

Matt was always saving Jag. He wanted the votes to save Jag because he didn’t care if Blue left. When Jared put up a stink and the power turned up, Cirie helped flip the vote to save Blue, knowing Matt would save Jag.


Cirie is getting way too much credit for saving Jag! I agree, Matt was always gonna save him!


But is Jag the dutiful son or the evil plotting stepson in this alliance?

Not Jason’s Holly

Anything Cirie does is fake unless it’s Jared, Izzy, Felicia.


Not thinking about Cirie. Thinking whether Jag is thinking that the alliance is fake or whether he believes again that this alliance is real

un autre nom

cowardly lion strategy dictates he hedge his bets.
He is 100 with Matt
He knows Cirie is the house
He knows Matt is with Cirie.
He knows he can’t make a move on Cirie the house.
He’s getting cover for himself.
He knows Blue / Cirie have a fake deal.
He knows Cory is the rat and Izzy is the pot stirrer.
He’s trying to navigate himself a middle position.


I think he needs to quit with the interrogations before he ends up the replacement nom. Cirie and Izzy said today they were over his grilling them. They should put him up. I get he wants answers but at least wait till you are safe!


Sounds like Jared is racist, get rid of the white people and the brown sugar it! BB would never allow that kind of talk from a white player.

Mad in ohio

Isn’t that just as bad as what the other player got kicked out for


The name of the alliance is Brown Sugar, and he is assuring a member of that alliance they are going to the end. Jared seems young and not particularly sensitive and self aware, so I doubt he realized. My impression is that particular racial slurs are against the rules. The fact that there have been a number of racist comments, intentional and unintentional, in several seasons makes me think that there is no broader rule against racist comments.

The Beef

There’s a reason the alliance name is “Brown Sugar”, and it’s not because of it’s sweetness.

If you noticed, Felicia’s plan is to evict all of the men first (with the exception of Jared), and then all of the White women with Izzy being the last to go, leaving only the 5 Black players to settle things among themselves. Seems like Jared and Meme have a similar plan.

If you think playing along racial lines is okay just say so. If it’s okay for Black players to do it AND talk about it, it should be okay for ALL players to do it and talk about it. What’s right for one should be right for all.

Spot ON

“Jared Says he can’t wait to get rid of… Last would be Izzy then they can “Brown sugar it”
Wonder what would be the response or reaction if the plot was on the other foot to “White sugar it”