“I had a dream I was on Big Brother it was pretty dope” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte, Joe
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

The Situation

Monte, Joe, and Monte will be nominated. There is multiple targets based on who wins the veto. For once in this damn show recent history it’s interesting. Names that have been thrown around as possible evictees: Terrance, Monte, Kyle, Jasmine, and Daniel. If Daniel and Kyle get picked for veto and they beat the beefcakes to win expect active feeds. I may have to build a shrine for this. other than that All is good for our girls Alyssa and Taylor are Safe.


Noon Michael and Kyle

Kyle – was I overthinking things the situation with the people remaining out of the five if we get rid of Alyssa and Daniel
Michael – I don’t think so. it’s things to consider and I’m glad you voice those things they are things I think about. It’s way scary to say because who’s it going to get back to
Michael – If we want Daniel to stay it makes more sense to put you guys up because no one will use the veto it’s a guarantee to have you play but it’s risky

Kyle brings p that last night Monte told them indy, Jasmine approached him and Hoe with an alliance they obviously didn’t say no to.. THey would be stupid to say no to
Kyle – my fear is two weeks and Alyssa and Daniel are gone we have no options and they have three pawns.. weak players.
Michael – I’ll probably put up the three guys. If you and Daniel win the veto and decided to use it then I would be forced to put up Jasmine.. I would say I’m not putting Taylor up again.

Kyle is starting to wonder why they are pushing for Alyssa so much.
Kyle – at least we have the majority in the 7 with Brittany and Turner
Kyle – I don’t want to over think it but I also don’t want to be relaxing when they are playing
Michael tells him not to throw the veto.
Kyle – if the boys are up if we throw it you guys would use it?
Michael – I wouldn’t want to but I would feel like I have to. Ideally, best case scenario is you guys get picked and win

Kyle – that way we’re safe the boys are safe and it’s down to jasmine and Alyssa
Michael – if you guys won I wouldn’t want you to use it
Kyle – and keep the boys up? take out Terrance
Michael – yeah, it doesn’t make sense to take jasmine out with her foot
Kyle – we have 5 groups there’s not a lot we can do at this point there’s no room for maneuvering at least next week if they break up the festie bestie there’s more maneuvering
Kyle – I do trust you. you are the one person I feel I can tell anything to and it won’t get out
Michael – same. I trust Brittany but I don’t tell her everything I know you will keep a level head.
Michael – Daniel going this week makes me think about what will happen next week then. When the biggest target goes out .. who is next?
Feeds cut. When we’re back.
Kyle – Am I overthinking it with Monte, Joe, and Taylor?
Kyle – they seem so genuine up here when they told us all that information
Michael – when they said I was approached with this alliance. That makes me feel good they would not tell us that if they didn’t trust us
Kyle – in two weeks will they think the same? when it’s 7 to 3 what is the benefit to Joe and Monte to vote out Indy, A Terrance, or a Jasmine?
Michael – there’s nothing .. (No benefit)
Kyle – I can’t believe how strategic Joe is, ‘I’ve been planting seeds all week blah blah blah’
Kyle – I can’t help but think he’s been saying Daniel and Alyssa are the biggest targets in the house. I don’t know if he’s that smart but I think he’s planting those seeds for our game that is not the best.
Michael agrees “it sucks how none threatening the other three are
Kyle – I know there’s no argument like indy needs to go
Kyle – week 5 I never talked game to her, she won’t give me the vote in Jury.

Kyle – Right after we had that conversation (last night) Monte and Taylor come in and are like I honestly felt GUILT for even thinking those thoughts because of how genuinine they were
Michael – you have to think about those things.
Michael says he’s seeing something he’s missing
Kyle – about Taylor, Joe, and Monte?
Michael – I just don’t see that but I could be completely wrong
Kyle – seeing Joe and Taylor over the last
Feeds flip to the girls talking about Joe sleeping in Taylor’s bed last night for 20 minutes

12:13 pm

12:17 pm Jasmine enters the Head of Household acting over the top and fake.


12:30 pm Joe and Michael
Joe says the tiers of dangerous players are Daniel, Alyssa, then Jasmine, and Indy. Joe talks in length about how Daniel should go, Alyssa is more dangerous than Indy. Indy was the only one out of the girls being honest last week.

12:48 pm Taylor and Michael
Michael- it’s going as expected pretty much everyone is throwing Daniel under the bus
Tayor – DAMN under the bus

Taylor – have you talked to the boys as a group
Michael – not as a group Monte hasn’t been up here for his one-on-one.
Michael says even Terrance brought up having the 3 boys play in the veto would mean three VS…
Taylor – people aren’t stupid they see the logic behind it
Michael lists off that jasmine wouldn’t be a good pick because she might not be medically cleared to compete. “You’ve been on the block 3 times in four weeks”
Michael – and you were the pawns last week
Taylor – we’re still good on this final three?
Michael – YES 100 percent
Taylor – I’m trying to back down a bit because you are a duo. people have eyes they’re not stupid
Michael – in the event that everything goes wrong and Daniel/Kyle wins the veto and they decide to use it I would put up Jasmien and Turner. that is what I would lean towards. I don’t want to put you up unless you are like DO NIT
Taylor – I am not volunteering as a pawn, However.. I would rather have our targets in order than personally I do wish jasmine would be here to celebrate her dads birthday
Michael – I agree.. that is the worst-case scenario
Taylor says the whole house will be upset if Jasmine gets put up “because of what happened to her dad” (her Dad?)

They hug

Michael – everyone has turned on Daniel
Turner – that’s fire.. especially for you that’s gas (LOL)
Turner – I had a dream .. it’s going to sound so baked.. I had a dream I was on Big Brother it was pretty dope

(OMFG Turner is funny)

1:04 pm Michael and Brittany
Michael starts the conversation the same way he’s started the last few. talking about how Indy was the only one that told him NO I won’t be the pawn.

Michael – if Daniel goes home this week Kyle joins someone. if the festie bestie twist doesn’t end it’s down to four. I feel like it will cause too many waves to not do Daniel.
Brittnay – have you thought through the scenario where Terrance, Monte and joe stay up?
Michael – mmmhmmmm honestly that is best case scenario for us I think
Britt – mmmmhmmmm mmmmhmmmm

Britt -when and who strikes first. we know there’s not a reality where we make it to the end with this very strong group
britt – BUT to take a strike right now our heads will be on a platter with everybody else unless you thought there were enough people like Taylor, Turner, or Kyle
Michael – I’m not going to approach those conversations until we know
Michael says Kyle has backtracked on wanting Alyssa out and everyone is saying we want Alyssa out. “If daniel and Kyle win the veto and keep it the same then you know we see what happens. I do think Terracne will go”
Britt – you think?
Michael – I don’t see Indy voting against Joe or Monte.
Britt – or jasmine..
Michael – it’ll have to come from here (the votes to evict Monte)
britt – that is so risky. to entertain that conversation it’s so risky
Michael – if the alliance made the move all 5 of us were on board with it.
Michael – if the three of them did stay up it would take four votes to tie (Three boys joe, Monte, and Terrance)
Michael – I do get the sense that Kyle is a little nervous with joe and Monte saying.. ‘I have Terrance, I have Indy I have jasmine’
Britt – I know
Michael – he talked a lot about how strong their relationships are outside of us
Britt – yeah what makes you think they (boys) will start picking those people off? (Indy, jasmine, Terrance)
They agree why would you not want them in the house to compete against?
Michael – taking Daniel out could cause too much disruption.. but when Daniel is gone who is the target? I feel like it could easily flip to me.
Britt – yup
Michael – who does Kyle join?
Britt – if Daniel stays we have to make sure the target stays on him
They agree that the fact Monte told them about the Jasmine/indy alliance makes them feel better.
Brittany says she’s been getting closer with Alyssa “I think she’s sensing that Indy and Jasmine are .. what was the group?”
Michael – Indy, jasmine, Joe, Terrance, and Monte
Michael – what else of Jasmine’s can we eat? I feel that will get old very fast.
Michael – this was the perfect HOH to get. Monte volunteered to go up, Turner volunteered to go up there’s a clear target.

Michael – with the pairs and everything we’ve isolated ourselves so well if we were on the block but on the flip side of that we’re insolated SO well there isn’t a pair I could put up to like guarantee we have the votes to take a shot
Britt – YEAH that’s true
Michael – I’m just worried if we win the veto and the random pick isn’t Daniel and Kyle they will expect us to use it because if Terrance goes it’s back to two uninsulated pairs. I would rather Terrance go. I love Terrance but I would rather compete against jasmine.
Britt – yeah
Michael – I feel better with Alyssa siding with us over Monte when it comes down to it.
Britt – I do too
Michael says Joe and Monte are already planting seeds and that the targets are Daniel and then Alyssa. “I’m more worried about Jasmine in mental and, Indy in physical, and with Alyssa we have Kyle”
Britt – Jasmine has ZERo loyalty and it doesn’t bother her.
Michael – only to herself which I respect that is the game.

Britt says she thinks there is more “there” between Monte and Jasmine. She doesn’t see Taylor with them all that much.
Michael says Turner will side with Kyle before Monte.
Britt – I don’t see Turner and Joe too close.. It’s almost like all of us can band together against Joe and Monte
Michael – if Monte makes it to the final 6 I can see him winning at least one competition per week. He’s the most well-rounded competitor
Michael adds that Kyle will also perform well. “I don’t know what he did but he had some job in tech prior”
Michael – was Monte an athlete?
Britt – basketball
Michael says being an athlete helps so much in the competition because you are used to working under pressure in a physical manner

Britt says she’s a super fan but she doesn’t remember the details season to season (you and me both)
They talk about Michael’s competition wins
Michael says inside the alliance they have more people, Kyle, Turner, and Taylor but outside the alliance, Monte and joe have more people
Britt – which means they won’t want o pick off outside the alliance you know? when it comes down to it if they win HOH again.
Michael – I was hoping Monte to come up here so I can feed him a story like ‘ohh Daniel has put a target on both of our backs’ Blah blah blah
Britt- yeah we need him to feel more insecure about Daniel
Michael – I gave INDY half the chocolate bar so hopefully that wins her over.

Britt – what’s your ideal group moving forward
Michael – I think if we can get to the final four with Taylor and Jasmine I don’t know if any scenario where that is possible. I would feel good about our chance in those competitions.
Brittany – I don’t see very many scenarios in this game where I win. Can you think anybody, if I was paired up with I, would win>? Maybe indy. *Well final 2 with indy)

1:50 pm Monte and Michael
Michael says Taylor going up 4 times in the first 5 weeks is not going to build trust with Taylor. “I want to make sure we don’t do anything that pushes her to the other side”
Monte – If Kyle and Daniel win the veto and his allegiance to Daniel is still strong then maybe that is something to be considered like us staying on the block. I feel comfortable with that because I know we got the votes and you know kinda removing that sorta sidekick that Daniel might have in this game.
Monte – Daniel doesn’t have it in with the girls at all and I think Terrance will be his only option if he were to stay
Monte says that Daniel gained a lot of respect from Terrance because of the sympathy vote he gave him. “he was still allowing Terrance to have hope”
Monte – hopefully, Kyle and Daniel don’t get selected to play and it’s Alyssa, Indy, and Taylor. One of us takes home the veto..
Michael – even if they do get picked I was thinking about that.. You and joe can beat Daniel at anything Physical
Monte – I would hope (HEY he’s 6.3″)
Michael – if it’s mental it’s pretty even across the board.
Michael – Daniel is painting a target onto both of us. I fully trust the 7 and that’s all I Have in my gameplay.

Monte – if you are feeling good I am feeling good
Michael – I’m feeling good.
Monte leaves.. NO HUG (the only one that didn’t hug)

2:03 pm Michael “I hope I am a convincing liar”


2:05 pm Daniel takes out a fly “almost dude it was so close”

2:07 pm waiting for the veto

2:33 pm Alyssa, Indy and Jassmine
Alyssa says jasmine isn’t going up because Michael doesn’t know if she’s medically cleared to compete and he doesn’t want to put her in a situation where she can’t compete.
Alyssa – eh said that only leave one option the boys that are where we left off.
Jasmine – that makes me happy… then he’ll backdoor Daniel and Kyle. I don’t know I’m asking.
Alyssa – if somehow Daniel played in the veto and left it the same it’s not the worst thing that can happen (no, not at all)
Jasmine – then we would get a big target out… who would it be?
Alyssa – Monte, I want joe here and Terrance
Jasmine – I want joe here.
Indy – I’ll follow whatever you guys do
Jasmine – I know but you are close with Monte

Alyssa – he put us both up and wanted me out apparently from the argument.
Feeds go down…

2:40 pm Should Monte be worried?

4:30 pm Feeds return Monte, Terrance and Joe nominated

4:35 pm Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa
They talk about Turner never doing his dishes.
Indy – just call him out
Alyssa – I will
Jasmine – you saw what I told him he touched my muffins. I don’t want you touching my sh1t. nobody wants those nasty ass hands that haven’t showered for an entire week touching the muffins. I’m sorry I’m not trying to be mean if that’s you that’s you. You do that outside this house but inside this house, you have to respect everyone else’s wishes.
Jasmine – I care if you want to be a dirty person that’s on you go for it don’t make me feel bad for wanting stuff clean.

Jasmine – he never cooks for anybody. He never cleans for anybody
Jasmine – I ASKED HIM TO PASS ME A CHAPSTICK and he won’t do it. I cooked all the slop in the big boilers and Nicole helped me make some.
Jasmine – I was a have not BY MYSELF he did his own f***ing thing

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un autre nom

Backstory as far i remember it:
Jasmine has been pushing the death of her father (who she says was a fan of he show) as her reason for wanting to be on Big Brother.
Further, she’s been pushing his Birthday and her Birthday as milestones she wants to hit in the house. (I think her birth date is in two weeks).
Yeah, if my birthday was well into the jury phase and production was trying to get me to stop using my foot as strategy…. I’d be pushing for that stay until my birthday too.


I thought the same thing, I don’t trust Jasmine, she can say she made it onto the show, but due to an injury, she had to leave “Stop playing the sympathy game to go farther”.

Last week when they took the Scooter, and told her she needs to start putting weight on her ankle, I felt production felt the same as we felt about using the ankle injury as her strategy to go farther in the game.

I wish the LO’s would stop saying putting Jasmine on the block would not be fair because of her injury, she can’t really compete for the veto 100%.

If that is the case, that’s more reason to evict her, send her home, she’ll get all of the attention and care she needs being back home. I’m over Jasmine seeking sympathy.

Why should she be able to go to jury, or possibly make it fo final 2, if she can’t participate in Veto or other competitions, she should not be eligible to win 750k, send her packing !

indy's gross mammeries

What do Dementia Joe and Jasmine have in common? They both get their rosebud’s scrubbed squeaky clean by the “help”. Jasmine cant’t reach it because of the blubber on her arms and torso and “let’s go Brandon” plain forgot where his is.

I Spy

This comment screams for the addition of a “downvote” button.

Chi-Town Chick

If ignorance is bliss you must be the happiest person in the world!

Nanny Baker

Boy aren’t u a bucket of racism & hate!


How is that comment racist? Using the word all the time for everything diminishes it and makes you look like a moron.

Paul Sucks

The funny part about you can’t nominate her because she can’t compete and that would be unfair is that all the targets are back doors so they can’t compete. Just silly.


Have these people lost their minds? Who cares if Jazzy can’t compete? What’s the point of keeping her(too bad she can’t vote for her selfish, egotistical self)? She’s totally worthless and no one seems to get….easy vote, no blood spilled!

un autre nom

Britt… safe for the week… mopes that there is no path for her to win let alone final 2.
Sure there is. Stop moping, put a bow on your head and tell everyone you are the perfect final 2 gift because nobody is making you winner.
Then tell the jury that was your strategy.


does that strategy ever work? i feel there are more people who have tried and failed to do this than succeeded.

indy's gross mammeries

Why not that strategy worked for Josh against Paul? Wait a minute, come to think of it, all the votes for Josh were really against Paul because he is a racist, bully and hypocrite.


not quite. josh very much rode paul’s coattails. i’m not sure if he would have beaten anyone else. the i-was-trying-to-get-the-person-sitting-next-to-me-out-and-you’re-all-morons strategy does work (even if you lie that was your plan the whole time once you’re there), but i-was-everyone’s-number-2 is a garbage strategy.

un autre nom

I always thought Josh’s “strategy” was to do what the d/r told him while they fed him game information that he cried on feeds about not believing.


Ugh, there is SUCH a blatant lack of self awareness and an ability to take accountability when it comes to Daniel.

Even when he went to plead his case to Michael, he couldn’t even get THAT right!
Instead of offering Michael something… ANYTHING… all he said was “I’m a wild card, I’ll go after whoever!” and Michael said to himself “Well, I’m included in that “whoever”.

un autre nom

They let them keep it? I never charted the name because I didn’t see the show letting them keep it.


If they don’t we will hear about it considering the discussion on other names that the houseguests were told by Production that they couldn’t use

un autre nom

If we had to stay on the block, it’s okay because we’ve got the numbers.
Hey Daniel, If you put me on the block it’s okay because I’ve got the numbers.
I’m on the block but it’s okay because I’ve got the numbers.
I volunteered for the block but it’s okay because I’ve got the numbers.

It’s like Marellas and Lawon became the head writers of Big Brother, and Parhar is the new head of storyline.


Are you saying that if they play that on a tv episode there should be a laughter soundtrack

un autre nom

I’m saying my TINFOIL HAT is getting a little bit annoyed by some pretty obvious stuff happening.


Yup. Depending on Veto…..this is gonna be a long boring week. Another week of J”ass”s fake loudness. Wish she was going. Yuk yuk yuk


Yet you call Kyle selfish for not volunteering to go up with Daniel because he’s got the numbers. I pointed this out earlier. 3 previous evictions person who was evicted was convinced they had the numbers so that’s enough reason for pause from Kyle. If he does volunteer and gets voted out he gets called dumb like pooch and Nicole. No win situation as far as how the fans view him

un autre nom

Kyle IS SELFISH. I mean… listen to him for a few minutes. His character as a person is incredibly self involved.

I say that Kyle is his own worst enemy.
Who made Alyssa a target? Kyle.
Now who is mad Alyssa is a target? Kyle.

The reason that Monte is a comedic foil in this season long i’ve got the numbers train is because he has a blindspot for KYLE.

Should Kyle worry? Yes. Anyone should worry. HOWEVER, he’s the dumbass saying Taylor would keep Daniel over Kyle? That’s how he started his spin out last week, that has now evolved into his current United Nations vs. Kyle plot.
If the alliance breaks, what happens? Kyle creates the alliance split he’s afraid of.
If the alliance doesn’t break, Kyle has said too much.


Wait… what are they doing now?


I’m really not sure why the feeds are down.. possibly a twist or something … or they’re watching videos or something to memorize for tomorrows veto?


Why are the feeds down now

un autre nom

changed out nom chairs for a nom couch.
sound like veto pick might happen soon as well.
Jasmine said something about early veto tomorrow morning.


If actually true they better get to sleep at a decent hour this time


Soooo. Muffingate is still happening


Alyssa is being extra cheesy on the feeds


There can never be too much Cheese…..just ask Kyle!