Cameron nominates Felicia and Izzy **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Kaboom.. Izzy and Felicia on the block. Sounds like Izzy is his target.. BUT it could be Cirie.

3:23 pm There’s some nice kittens on the feeds this year.

4:10 pm Feeds return
Felicia – he doesn’t realize the same big move will come next week
Cirie comes by give Felicia a hug
Felicia – I knew it wasn’t going to be America because he wants her in the jury house (Felciia getting nasty)
Felicia – just a reason for me to be home.

4:12 pm Izzy and Corey
Corey cools her down.

4:14 pm Cameron tells Cirie she’s not going to be put on the block. They hug.

4:18 pm Felicia and Cameron
Felicia – Yesterday we were actually voting out JAG until about an hour and hour and a half before the ceremony and that’s real. When Cirie and Izzy came to me and said Red just said you are becoming an liability to the team and we might have to get rid of you. I’m like WHAT! what are you talking about. Where did that come from. That is what I heard from Cirie and Izzy. That is when they said maybe we should flip our vote.
Felicia – I was like well who else is going to flip? That’s as honest as I can me cause that’s the truth that I know. (LOL)
Cameron asks for confirmation it was only “those two names, Cirie and Izzy”
Felicia – yes.
Cameron says it feels like he was left out of the vote to spite him “like I was the butt end of a joke”
Cam – I looked like a fool on national television there were two cameras one trained on me and one on BOwie they knew.
Felicia – what made you pick me over Cirie? it was Izzy and Cirie those two that came to me!
Cam – I only can put two people up. I just know this now.
Cam – nobody wanted to tell me the details of the truth. It was only after I did my time in the diary room and I come in and all four of you are sitting there together then I got the story
Felicia – we were talking to Bowie Jane..
Cam – I can only put two people on the chairs, I have one person I want out this week and it’s not you MOMMA. I’m not mad, NOT mad.
Cam – I have one person that’s got to go, She and I haven’t got along the whole time we’ve been here.
Felicia – yeah I know

They hug it out.

4:32 pm Cameron and Jared bro out
Cameron – I went Bowie, Cirie and you.. (in nom reveal order)
Jared – that was a f***ing show
Cameron pretends to throw a match.
Cameron – Step back.. step back and watch it f***ign burn baby.. watch it f***ing burn.

4:42 pm Izzy and Cameron
Cam – you are not the target please know that.
Izzy – Please know that is hard for me to believe in this situation
Cam – I know I’ve been there

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Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Something to route for!!!!! One of those two going home!!


I agree. Something to liven things up. I’m rooting just to see those two get a taste of their own medicine.


What are routing for???


I’m rooting for Izzy to go or backdooring Cirie.


Hip, hip hooray! I feel like dancing.

Team Hisam

I know white people are happy! Lol


WTF, who made this about race???


Wow! Way to go Cameron now let’s hope he is going to backdoor Cirie.

Spot ON


The Beef

I’d love to see it! Would be especially sweet if that dumb ass Jared won the veto, took down Felicia only to see his momma go up in her place! ;-o


He knows he better not use it. Mama would do him in the head right there on national tv. It would be great if he could do it. I don’t think Cirie enjoys this game as much as Survivor or Traitors. A lot of the times she looks grumpy and like she can’t be bothered thinking about the show. At least that’s the impression I get from her. She should enjoy it. This game is right up her alley… treachery and deceit.


That’s the ONLY smart play. Take the head off the fix in the game.

Team Taylor

And here we go…


WOW, look how Cameron has raised up in the rankings!! What’s up with that?


Yes! Yes! Yes!


I want Cirie and Jared to go, but their best move right now would be to keep the noms the same and flip the vote on Izzy and blindside her on eviction night before she spills their secret.

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


It’s 3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead. And Jared already told Blue his mama is in the house. So they’re up to 4! So far.

Rachel not Rielly

I’m not a Cameron fan but I loved that he won hoh. We needed some drama this season.


I’m a Cameron fan now!

Another Dixie

I can’t believe they are so surprised by his nominations. Did they really think he’d do what Cirie told him to do when they have been gunning for him and lied to Red to get Red to turn on Cam?


Probably. Everyone else is doing what Cirie says.

Carlito's Way

Cameron makes this great move then tells Jared everything he is planning! Why does he trust the guy who had him and Red on the block last week? Now Jared will go run to mama and mess everything up. I hate this Jared/Cirie connection. F’s everything up!!!


What a mess! I don’t know anyone who would trust Jared. He’s loathsome.

Spot ON

I don’t understand it either. JARED stabs him the back, and then CAM is still “bro’n” with him. Maybe there is ANOTHER plan in CAM’s pocket, and he’s playing dumba*as JARED for what he’s worth.

Nether Region Euphemism

idk if Cam is being genuine. He lied to Jared prior to noms. He’s playing everyone except Bowie.


There was something odd about his talk with Jared. He told him to keep that hoodie and glasses on to cover his face for the rest of the day and go downstairs and be Jared. It was very strange to me. Like he knew Jared was a snake. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking though.


Bad enough when they stunt-cast. Worse when they give the stunt-cast an additional advantage: a relationship. Worse still: a *secret* relationship.

At least in BB8 with the previous relationships, those relationships were revealed right away — Dustin and his ex- Joe, Jessica and her ex-bestie Carol, and Dick and his estranged daughter Daniele. And Joe and Carol were taken out quickly. Dick and Dani of course went F2. And was it BB13 when they brought back “famous duos” — Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendon, Dick & Dani? Advantages, yes, the the HGs knew how they played the game — and that they were together — and the newbies generally ganged up on the old-timers (particularly the Shelly heel-turn on Jeff).

Anyway, this is completely unfair to the other HGs. Cirie needs to go so they stop seeing who can go win the game of going farthest up her butt and instead try to win the game of Big Brother.


Cirie had 3 big advantages: (1) didn’t have to do the comps the first night, (2) people knew who she was and were “star-struck” and (3) her son being in there secretly.


Did you mention the twins? And the fact that most of the other pairs had an option to keep the connection to themselves as well?


Unless Cameron is lying to Jared..


I hope he is. I nominate Jared as renom if someone comes down. But really, I just want Izzie gone.

Another Dixie

I love that Izzy keeps saying she’s not upset & then whines & cries & makes promises that she will get Cam. No she’s not upset. Neither is Felicia.

Spot ON

ICKY and FELICIA are not upset….they are THURDERSTRUCK !!!


Izzy is not trying to win HOH. She wants everyone else to do it.


Izzy just may have to expose Cirie to get off the block. But, she won’t do that unless she doesn’t win veto.


She should. But right now her plan is to not win the veto if she wins it. What an idiot!


Cameron was one of my pre season favs and I’ve been pretty disappointed in him up until this point now he’s the best again


Did Felicia throw Izzy & Cerie under the ??? ???


Sure sounds like it

Rubber Ducky For The Win

Finally!! Someone has woken up and taken a shot to make this season – or at least this week – interesting. Thank you, Cameron! I want to see Izzy spiral completely out of control and implode.


Hallelujah, Izzy and Felicia are on the block! I didn’t think he’d have the guts to do it. I’m hoping izzy goes home if noms stay the same. Cirie if veto is used or Jared since he’s such an idiot !!


If noms stay the same Izzy will leave


I meant to say Izzy will stay


I REALLY hope it’s Jared that goes…..


Time for Izzy to spill the momma/son beans.

Spot ON

The current situation doesn’t seem to be of any benefit to ICKY if she was to spill the beans. ICKY would have to be on the block with either MUMMA or SON, and no vero power


It’s probably in her contract not to


Hell yeah!!! Best headline I’ve seen on this website in some time. I have to root for Cam now, he’s the only one whose made any type of move!

Love that he kept it to himself too, well played.


Also, just to be clear. America is still #1 for me. But props to Cam for finally doing something.

Nether Region Euphemism

Felicia saying Cam doesn’t realize this will come back to bite him next week. As if he wasn’t the house target. All she’s good for is threats and retaliation, which is not really relevant here.

Spot ON


Paul Sucks

Bye Felicia!!!

Time to PLAY

LOVE this comment!


Okay, I’m down with this gameplay right now … he’s telling people different things than he’s actually doing … like, why bother letting these blabbermouths know anything! Just take action! Love it!!

So funny to see the sunglasses and hoodies … like, is this a poker game? Why are they covering their eyes? I’m no body language expert but … Gosh, like who is actually trusting these people?!

Go Cam! Clean house!

Spot ON

“So funny to see the sunglasses and hoodies … like, is this a poker game?”

Yeah, I took note of the “look” too. I would have told dumba** JARED to take off his sunglasses because there is no sunlight in the room, it’s totally disrespectful, and I want to see your eyes when we are talking so I can tell when you are lying to me.


They put on sunglasses when they’re lying.


I notice it every season…I think it’s because the TV studionlighting is so bright. I also think the A/C must be cranked because everyone wears their bathrobes or blankets around them all the effin time.


Ok Cam I believed your BS when you told everyone that Jag and Blue going up on nomination and then go your own way of nominating Izzy and Felicia. I went from SMDH to NMDH (nodding my d*mn head) YESSSSSSSSSSS.
Oooooops Felicia please be one of the Brown Sugar Babes gone! This week will be fun seeing all their hungry d0nkey b#tts kry!!


Cameron told Felicia that she is not his target and he told Izzy she is not his target. I wonder if Jared is the real target. Jared is the person responsible for the split between Red and Cameron, so there may be a change in nominations after veto.


That would be awesome.


Hadn’t thought of that, good thinking.

Jared Sucks

I am so excited that Cam did something to actually shake things up a bit!!! I hope Izzy, Cirie, or Jared goes this week!


Love when the tables turn. They were all high and mighty thinking they were running the game until it happened to them. They didn’t like others talking and playing together unless they were involved in all the conversations. Now they get to squirm for a few days and kiss Cam butt. Wrong thing to do right now is kiss butt and be nice to his face, then talk about him because it will probably get back to him this week. He is on to your BS lies. Yes, I agree with another commenter, the Cirie/Jared thing this year is not fair. Just because Cirie couldn’t win on Survivor doesn’t mean Production should let her and her son (for the milestone moment…..”POC Mother/Son win BB25″) win. And, why didn’t Jared get called out for saying America was the R word? So tired of the double standards. I hope they have double eviction this week and two of the Cirie/Felicia/Izzy Bully Squad go home. Jag has been a fav this year, but now adding Cam to that.


What’s wrong with a “POC” winning it? Is that a problem?


I don’t think that is WhyDoIStillWatchThisMess is saying nothing wrong with a POC winning. It’s about the mother/son duo…..IMHO, the context is that production is trying to make sure Cerie wins, to prove their “wokeness”, by doing NOTHING about Jared saying the “r” word and editing the tv shows to “mist” what live feed or Reddit readers see, hear or communicate about…..It seems that “some” people are allowed grace….it really irritates me.


Way to go Manson but I am wondering if jarat is his real target and he is acting like he told Jag to be sad. I mean it’s because jarat put Cam and Red up when they are supposed to be on the same side and broke up the chillbillies.

Started building my shrine for America to win the veto then she is safe and will simply say I am honoring the hoh wishes and NOT using it.

Now as long as Jag does not slip up and screw over Cam next week’s hoh should prove interesting. I am speculating that one will be the wall.


Whomever wins the POV should definitely use it! There are too many Fields in the house – get rid of either Cirie or Jared!!

Queen Catia

Felicia very quickly giving up both Izzy and Cirie y’all!
Cam tells Felicia “I can only put two people up”…
BB25 just got real!!!

Just The Truth

If he made these nominations his 1st hoh run he would be in a safer place in the house where one side still backed him. Now it furthers no one trusting him. While I like these nominations much more than his 1st terrible hoh reign. His days are likely very numbered. I would like to be wrong though.


His days are numbered before he won HOH


So who is the she that he (Cameron) has not gotten along with since they got there?? Izzy? Or America?

Time to PLAY

Yes, I wondered that, too! I’m thinking maybe Cirie. I’m HOPING he puts up Jared, though. I think he, Jag, Matt, Cory could beat Izzy, Felicia & Cirie in most comps (the 3 other people besides Jared who need to go), but now’s the time to get Jared out!

The Beef

He’s clearly talking about Izzy, as Izzy has been making comments about hating him since the 1st week, although to be fair, she’s made comments like that about half the house. She and Cam just don’t get along, and Cam pitched her to Jared as a re-nom candidate just last week, which of course went absolutely no where since she’s part of his family (Cirie, Jared, Izzy, Felicia, and Meme).


Izzy and he don’t get along.


Yo! I saw the title of the post and I got chills! This is awesome.


About time…