Nomination Results Corey – “It’s me”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto Baby..

1:11 pm Cameron and Jared
Cameron swears he will not put Jared or Blue up next week. No Backdoor.
Cam – When I make a f***ing deal it’s a deal and that’s the only thing I have to offer and I’m not going to appeal to your sympathy side. You don’t f** with that.
Cameron says if he stays this week he will do everything he can to make sure that the three of them (Blue/jared/Cam) make it to Jury.

1:20 pm Blue and America
America – It really is just Cirie, She’s the expert game player she’s done this before.
Blue – she’s a really good gameplayer.
America – her and maybe Felicia are in his ear. I know he values Cirie a lot
Blue – Especially now with Izzy gone
America – I know Cirie is PISSED that was her number one.
Blue – for Jared I believe Izzy was (number 1)
America – He’ll try and take them as far as he can he knows they aren’t going to cut him and they know he can win competitions for them and he knows he can beat them when it comes to the end.
Blue – that’s what I am trying to figure out where in his hierarchy do I fall. A few weeks ago I didn’t feel like I was his number one when I was on the block Which is fine he wasn’t my number 1 either I was sitting next to my number 1.
Blue says she felt for jared is was Izzy, Cirie, Her, Felicia “Corey somewhere there too maybe Corey then Felicia”
America says right now she feels closest to Blue, Matt, Jag and Corey
Blue – yeah for sure you are all who I feel closest too.
Blue about Jared “I obviously like the guy.. right. When yesterday happened I was ready to drop him.. easy, that was fine by me didn’t really care too much.”

2:05 pm Jared and Cirie
Talking through his One on ones this is a long conversation I only captured a bit.
Jared says MEME really wants to rock with Cirie.
Jared says Cameron told him “I need to make it to Jury like I have to financially he was swarming.. Deals, Promises”
Cirie – GOOD MOTHER F***ER.. Make the deal with im for you.
Jared – I said to him I can’t make no deals but I won’t put you up.
They have a drink.
Cirie to Jared – I love you so much I love you so much
Jared says Jag made a promise to him that he won’t put anyone in the 6 up
Cirie – Ok, Which means he might continue to throw it.
Jared – the only people I am worried about
Cirie says Bowie Jane is trying to do something between her, Matt and Jared “I don’t know if that’s a smart thing You don’t want her telling anybody anything”
Cirie – Maybe me, You and Matt can do something

2:10 pm Felicia and MEME
Felicia – Cirie was so worried about being backdoored that she convinced Jared to not take me off the block. When he won that Veto I was so excited because he had already said I got you I got you I got you. He was willing to let me go home.
MEME – mmmhmmmmmm
Felicia – I sit and I watch people and I watch Behaviour change. You’re the only one where your behaviour stayed the same so I knew it wasn’t you.
Felicia – A couple times now people have had conversations with me and cirie and she’s felt to come to me and tell me if you heard this it’s a lie. That right there tells me some of what they are saying is true
MEME – mmmhmmmmm
Felicia – you wouldn’t feel the need to come and make me understand it’s a lie.
MMEMEM – MMMMMmhmmmmmmeme
They agree to a final 2.

2:40 pm Cirie, Matt,Blue and Jared
They form an alliance (A barf Alliance)
Matt – I’ve seen you on survivor I know you are a badass

2:44 pm America and Corey
America says she feel closer to Blue than Jag and Matt. She thinks if Blue wins Veto she’ll take her down.
America – do you think there is a chance they wouldn’t use it?
Corey – I trust Jag and Matt the most
America – I do too
Corey – right now I’ll pick Jag but I could pick Matt. (For veto)
Corey says if they pick cam and he wins takes America off corey will get voted out.
Corey – if Cameron is off the block we have his vote.

2:50 pm pound.

4:00 pm COrey and America
Corey – it’s me
America – no it’s me.
Corey – there’s only one scenario where we are f***ed Jared wins and has been bullshitting everyone. Including Matt and Jag.
Corey – if anyone else wins we’re good.
America – i’m going to start campaigning Immediately
They laugh
Cameron comes by
Corey – Personally I am thrilled
Cam – Yeah I can tell
Cam – so this is what it’s like to not see your picture on the TV
Corey – is this your first time
Cam – literally
Corey – that’s very funny the funny thing about hat is you are safe for the week (huh?)
Corey – you know what your job is? to make sure you are up against Jag that Blue will vote to keep you. that’s your job this week
America – I know they have reconnected and now they are best buddies. like…
Corey – you can be closer to her..
America – I can try
Corey – you’re a girl
They kiss.
COrey says if it’s America and Jag She would survive if it’s him and Jag it’s a coin flip. “60-40 chance.. I think it’s doable”
Corey – there’s very few scenarios where noms stay the same. The only thing I can see is Cameron or jared (Not using Veto)
Corey – I trust that Jag and MAtt will use it, I trust that Blue will use it, I trust that Bowie will use it, I trust that F***ing MEME will use it, I’m worried about Cirie and Felicia right now.
America – isn’t this harder?
Corey – which one?
America – Being on the block
Corey – look I’m fine..
America – I’m not.. I’m am so angry.
COrey – you know what I think our mistake was? Dropping form the wall. I just thought If I fell it would be okay and Me and Jared have a final 2.
Corey – here’s the truth if we didn’t make this move you would be on the block anyways. I would not be for sure. YOu would have.

4:35 pm Jag joins them.
Jag – if you get houseguest choice who do you choose? Me?
America – My first choice would be Blue
Jag – whoever gets Houseguest choice first choose me.
Corey – I’ll pick you and if you are already picked I’ll choose Matt.
Jag says for one of them to leave this week Cam needs to be chosen for veto and he has to win “For this to be f**ed everything has to fall in line”
Corey – If Jared wins he’ll keep it the same. that’s the other possibility
Jag – I don’t think he’ll do that.

5pm Bedroom – America and Cory.
Cory – the worst part of yesterday was Jag walking around with sunglasses on all day. America – he looked so sketching and in the robe too. He f**king did it. I was so mean to him too. I think I said something like oh you didn’t say anything!? And he was like I think Cirie knows. And I was like how would she know? And she said something about Bowie Jane asking the vote not going a certain way. Cory – so it was Bowie that set this whole thing off. America – but at the time I thought it was him blaming it on Bowie and I was like are you sure you didn’t say anything. Bowie insinuated to Cirie that maybe the votes won’t go the way that she thought. So Cirie asked Jag if anything had changed so that she could be on the right side of the votes. Bowie just can’t hide her emotions.

5:10pm – 6:25pm In the living room – Meme, Jag, Cam, Matt, Felicia and Bowie
They’re playing word games.

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Well the veto will be individual timed comp or a crap shoot.

with Cam winning and NOT using it. As he is trying to get to jury

wins hoh and gets jarat out because double puts him in jury.

that’s my prediction lol ?


I’m biased/disappointed. No matter who wins, it’ll already be in Cerie/Jared’s favour…..I’m truly of the school of thought that this season is fixed. The folks who talk the nastiest, are horrendous (again, IMHO) are already, have been the picks to win. It just pisses me off that real players, real actual fans are being screwed over because of the mom/baby duo.



Not Jasons Holly

I think Cameron will not be so happy when he hears the news of the duo.


That sounds good to me. I don’t really care if he uses it. Of the 3, I’d rather see him take someone down, put up Jag, and send him out. Jag is too wishy-washy for me. He shows no loyalty until the moment he is forced to (the vote) then is right there sucking up to the newest HOH. He is presented with information and he takes forever to ponder, evaluate, calculate (… Whatever the hell he is doing!) before he can commit to anything.
I want Cam to make it through this week!

Matthew schneider

Texastigger the next 2 go home jury is 7 players there are 11 people left after the double week 8 starts jury i think jury will be bowie, matt,felicia, blue,jag,cory,mecole i think cameron and america are out before jury.none of them like either 1


I heard some inside source says it’s going to be OTEV. If Cam is in the veto, he has a good chance to win that.

Julie Chen

Just like America was a favorite for the wall. ????


OMGosh, I know. Such a disappointment. I’m really struggling to find someone to like in this game. I WANTED TO LOVE JAG…but he’s failed me.

Blue? Ewww. Miss Girl was too purposely cute and being intimate with Jared — ICK.

OK, Effin Bowie Jane – but she’s like clueless?

Cirie, I enjoyed watching on Survivor and The Traitors because she was a quiet cobra. But her endless advantages and foul mouth and support of a despicable son ruins it for me.

Felicia was hilarious with the “MR. B I need” videos – even though she had a potty mouth and gave up every secret known to man, ultimately, nope.

Meme, I love her style, smarts, but I don’t see her game plan, is she Machiavellian or just floating?

Matt, Jared, & Cam – very troubling, disparaging, creepy, and disgraceful behavior and speech about the other house guests especially the women.

Cory? Bleh…wishy washy?

Who do YOU Like?

Nether Region Euphemism

Did Cory just state that he and America threw the HOH comp? He was relying on his F2 with Jared?


That’s how I took it, and if that’s the case, that was really, really dumb.

Nether Region Euphemism

I reread it several times now, seems maybe he was being facetious. Dropping off the wall was accurate, he’s saying they screwed up.

Then saying he thought he’d be okay after he fell (ambiguous, not jumped off) bc of his earlier relationship with Jared. I think it’s all self-effacement.

I was on other social media sites where typically sharp quick stream of feeders didn’t take it seriously.


That’s how I took it too. Stupid decision, one of them deserve to go home. Why wouldn’t they try and win it. Ugh!

Spot ON

“1:11 pm Cameron and Jared
Cameron swears he will not put Jared or Blue up next week. No Backdoor”

CAM….stop wasting time talking with Jrod. That’s not going anywhere. You have NOTHING to offer him at this point because you are trying to negotiate a deal from a position of WEAKNESS.
Invest time in trying to convince AMERIKA and CORY to pick you to play if that becomes an option. Only other option is hope that lightning strikes, and someone pulls your name from the hat.
How poetic it would be if HOODIE pulls CAM’s name, and CAM wins VETO?


I give credit to anyone who is able to win The Wall competition. But Jared ?!?!? F*ck !!!

The Beef

Pretty sure now most of the competitive players threw the competition to that loser. Players now in the throw camp are up to 4 with Cory and America joining Matt and Bowie who dove like Greg Louganis near the end of the comp.


Apparently Jared was born with a horseshoe up his a$$. Anyone throwing any comp just doesn’t do it for me, shame on those that did.


That had to be rigged. The whole competition lasted somewhere around 40 minutes when it usually lasts for hours! I have never seen it go that fast.


Taylor won it after only 45 min.

Team Hisam

not true. Taylor won the wall after 1 hour and 26 minutes


Forgot about that but I quit watching that season too because it was also so
obviously rigged.


Listening to Jared makes my soul sad like it cries real tears of sadness


I actually went to my piano and played “moonlight sonata”, one of the most soulful, depressing songs I know…..

un autre nom

I had to go out before noms.
I’m lost.
Did Jared take Cam’s deal?


No he still wants to go after Cam if he doesn’t win the veto

The Beef

With all due respect, do you really think he’d honor it even if he did?

I can’t even believe Cam offered him a deal, knowing there’s no way in Hell it would be honored. I guess Cam had nothing to lose by asking, but it just looks like he’s begging at that point – at least IMHO.

Jared could accept and say he honored the deal if Cam wins veto and leaves noms the same, hoping that Cam doesn’t win the next HOH, but it’s just one guy lying to the other guy who’s lying to him. They both know it, and it’s just more gasoline for whoever gets backstabbed first (fourth, fifth, or sixth?) to pour onto the burning fire when it occurs.


ideally i want cam to win, use it on whoever, jag to be the replacement, and jag to go home. jag’s too much of a floater for me. i think he has no intention of ever winning an hoh and intends to just float to whoever wins power. don’t have much respect for that kind of gameplay.

Not Jasons Holly

Bowie & Matt are doing that, too!

un autre nom

D/R as of end week 6.
Cirie, Cam, Felicia are 95-110 appearances
Bowie, Mecole, America are 18, 24, 48.
It’s not unusual in recent years that the lowest d/r are women, usually relegated to the ‘sometimes we get bored in the bb house’ explanations.
D/R inclusion is a storyline plot device generally used to make episode onlies support or hate some houseguests more. You don’t want to be lowest at week 6, it means you have no purpose to storyline.
Let’s be crucial: Week one evictee Kirsten still has more d/r inclusion than Bowie.


That’s interesting.

Nether Region Euphemism

The photo where Cory is positioned behind and below America, my brain perceived it was America holding a baby. Cory’s head.


Hope Cam plays and wins veto. Leaves the noms the same. Split up soy boy Corny and Lamerica. And hope one of em makes it to jury only so they can be apart the rest of the summer crying.Hahaha! Cringey losers. LET’s GOOOOOOOO! Team Jared & Cam!


Are you, by any chance, Jared’s BRO, Cirie’s relative, or part of the production crew? You are the only person I have seen that supports him!


Sigh…I’m still disgusted that Jared is still there and having nothing said about his code of conduct violation.