Nomination Results! Jag “When I saw Cams face come up, I was going to be like “Sucks to be you!””

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

4:20pm Storage room – Blue, America and Jag.
Blue – Hisam came up to me and gave me a hug and asked how are you doing? I wanted to be like bro get the f**k away. America – he is acting like this was his plan. Blue – I know. I had a single tear run down my face and he was like how are you doing. I said I’ve had better days. This is so good. America – this is so good. America – its going to be okay. Its going to go well. We just have to make him (Hisam) feel comfortable.

Bedroom – Jared and Matt.
Matt – I think they all know that Hisam is trying to control the game. Jared – yeah. He wants you out. But we said no we’re not doing that. I told Mama Felicia that Matt is somebody you can trust. And Jag is staying. And if nobody wins veto or if Cameron wins and comes down, then Hisam goes up and he is gone. If we win, we take Jag down and Hisam goes up. Matt – I am going to act scared thinking I am going to get backdoored. Jared – yeah do whatever you want to do. Blue and Jag join them.

Comic Bedroom – Cameron and Red.
Red – you’re another pawn situation? Cameron – I think I played it so cool last week that they said hey.. maybe this is our guy every time and if that’s my job, then that’s my job. Got to earn it! Red – for a backdoor if one of them wins, still puts you in a safe position. Cameron – I’m okay. I’m okay. Red – yeah. It just makes me wonder how much they trust me because they didn’t even let me know but .. you already knew. Cameron – I am guaranteed to play in the veto. Red – yeah for sure. Cameron – and that’s what I was pitching. That’s what I am prepared to do. It will be my 7th competition in a row.

Games Room – Jag and Blue.
Jag – the dumba$$ is celebrating being on the block. What the f**k!? Blue laughs – either way you’re good. Jag – I walked in there being told I am on the block and walked out the second person aligned to her. Blue – what now? Jag – that’s what I am saying .. do I just be sad? Any time I talk to anyone its going to be me being a paid actor. That’s what I am. That’s what we all are right now. Damn now what should we do? I hate sulking around.. being all solemn …especially when I am told that I can’t laugh or make jokes. And I’ve really got jokes. When I saw Cams face come up I was going to be like “Sucks to be you!”

4:46pm – 5:10pm Bedroom – Hisam, Jag and America.
Hisam – I was just wondering how you and he were doing. America leaves. Hisam – did you say the why? Cam – who say why? Hisam – Felicia. Cam – mainly so that I can definitely fight for Veto so that he stays so that I definitely get pulled to play. Hisam – that’s true. Cam – without saying, saying that. Hisam – I will tell you that I do know that her target is Jag. Like 1000%! Cam – yeah I am with her on that and I think that rather than put anyone else in harms way I think I proved this last week that I am cool under pressure. I can handle everything that is coming at me. I am going to gun at it. And that is one more person that is not going to get it. Hisam – yeah I definitely know that Jag is 1000% her target because he basically.. she was LIVID! LIVID! Like we were in that room and she was LIVID! Cam – I stared daggers into him the whole nomination ceremony. He knows I know. He knows. Hisam – he deserves it. Cam – I know. I made sure of that yesterday to let him know.. hard fought. Know I am not mad at you. I know what you did but you have to understand… Cory joins them and leaves.

5:16pm Comic Bedroom – Cam and Izzy.
Cam – I don’t want to put him in that position. (if Cam pulls HG choice in the veto pick tomorrow) Izzy – then you can put me in that position. Cam – if I picked Jared would that be too closely related? I don’t want to burn that and I don’t want to put Red in that position but I know that you know what’s up. Red joins. Cam – we were talking about house guest choice if I pull that tomorrow and what to figure out. Izzy – I know I haven’t been able to show a lot but if you pick me I will fight! You know!? I’ll go hard! As hard as I can! I will channel my inner Red. And decide that I won’t stop until it f**King destroys me. I am itching! I want Jag to go! Cam – It will legitimately be one of the two of you. I will talk to Mama about it because if I don’t pick one of you she will pick one of you to host. Red – she said she would pick me to host. Cam – do you want that or do you want to play? Red – I always want to play, I am a competitor! Cam – well hopefully you both just get pulled and then you’re both in there. Cam leaves. Izzy – how do you feel about tomorrow? Red – I feel very on the outside because no one told me what was happening. I feel very untrusted. Izzy – I didn’t even know, all I knew was that she wanted to target Jag. Red – yeah that’s what she told me too. And I guess it makes sense because it eliminates one of them campaigns. Izzy – I think probably one of the other worries is exposing The Professors .. like she doesn’t obviously want to put one of us up ..Like she isn’t going to put one of us up as a pawn next to Jag. And Cam is the perfect person because he is going to fight like hell in the veto, probably win and then Blue goes up and then the house can decide which of those motherf**kers goes. Red – thinking about it, it kind of does make sense to do that.

5:25pm Living Room – Blue and Hisam.
Blue acting and crying about seeing Jags face on up there being nominated. Hisam – Miracles and twists and turns happen all the time.. the truth of the matter is we don’t know what will happen, right!? (Right!?) Jag wins veto and it changes everything. You win veto and it changes everything again. Blue – Yeah, but I definitely want us three to talk to see if there is anything. Hisam – that’s the thing I told Reilly, we didn’t have to be on opposite sides, right!? (Right?!) Blue – I feel like Jag is a really strong competitor. I would want him to stay over Cameron and I thought other people felt the same but I don’t know. Hisam – I don’t know what the plan is per say.. I do know that she felt that he rubbed her the wrong way. Blue – and I get it he was campaigning hard for her (Reilly) to stay.

5:40pm HOH room – Felicia and Jag.
Felicia – this week before I come out of this room, the 7 of us will come together. What was the name you said over here? Jag – The Debt Collectors. We’ll think of other ideas too. This whole plan is.. Felicia – no one would anticipate it. Jag – if you had put someone else up .. people might have been like sh*t. Felicia – and just walk around kind of solemn.. but talk to everybody. Blue knows .. Red does not know and Hisam doesn’t know. So those are the two that don’t know. And I have gotten everyone to say that if they win veto, they will use it, take you down and we’re going to put up Hisam. Jag – okay, good. Perfect, perfect!

5:43pm Havenot room. Cam and Red.
Cam – bottom line is when we pick players tomorrow morning. If he (Hisam) is not standing up there as one of the 6 people.. I will then breathe a sigh of relief because the plan will be moving because the whole house is in on it.. even Jag. Red – well I would imagine. Cam – even Jag and he is playing it up. He is playing it up and I am still f**king pissed at the guy. Red – yeah I still want to see Jag go. Cam – but we’re just going to play it cool. He is till moping around and he is playing his part. We just have to keep him (Hisam) comfortable. Red – it is the right move. Red – and if you do get HG choice, try not to pick me. Go with Izzy. We already are a target. If he gets picked for the POV and f**ks around and figures out that something .. he will keep noms the same or just pull me off and put Matt up .. he will try to. Regardless Plan B someone is going home. I am going to play my role this week. This is my 7th comp in a row. I am ready to go. There is one target .. and we about to get that a$$. I didn’t tell you a single piece of this and you keep on acting like you’re out of the loop. The cool part about this is you now get to see how your alliance reacts around you knowing the truth. Red – yeah I already know. Cam – now you get to see them lie to you. You get to see how they react. And I am doing the same exact thing watching how they react to Hisam. I am going to pay attention to every one of their moves.. when they’re speaking with him in front of me.

6:44pm Comic Bedroom – Jared, Cirie, Matt and Izzy.
Izzy to Matt – Hisam is trying to listen to people talking. So especially if you can’t hear anything.. I am going to be aware of the doors because he is being quiet. What did Hisam say to you? Matt – he is now coming to me saying he wants to work with me. He is full of sh*t! He said that he thinks the reason why Jag is up is because of Reilly. Cirie – he practically argued with her (Felicia) to put you up. Matt – I know. Jared – what is wrong with this dude. Cirie – he thinks he has people under control. Jared – good. Cirie – When the veto is done and he know the chains are coming down. It’s going to be hilarious.. He is going to act up.. When we get him on the block and the veto is done.. and there is no chance of coming down.. I am going to sit back with popcorn.

7pm Bathroom – Izzy alone talking to herself.
Izzy – Am I f**King it up? Can I get to final 3… I can get to final 3 but am I going to win. Why am I feeling like this. How I feel about Cirie clouding .. Am I being reasonable about it? Kristen, Reilly, Hisam, Cameron, Jag, Red… (The eviction order she wants)

7:22pm Cycling party..

7:23pm Bedroom – Jag and Blue.
Jag – I hate that motherf**ker. My thing is this, like if I f**k with you then I f**k with you till the end till death.. If I don’t f**k with you then I won’t give you the satisfaction of you f**king with me. He (Hisam) was up there and being like I am sorry and I just sat there in silence for the next two minutes. I didn’t say sh*t to him. I was like well I appreciate it like two minutes later. And he was like I know that doesn’t help. And then I was like well I am going to go. His side don’t give a f**k about him. We don’t give a f**k about him. We need to get him the f**k out of here. Dude did it to himself. Blue – absolutely, I don’t feel bad for no one.

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Nether Region Euphemism

They’re all strategizing about their acting abilities for the next few days, as they should, but ironically I doubt Hisam has the social instincts to even notice much of anything is off unless it is really overt.

Idk if I can recall a player in the past not having any inkling of a potential betrayal that involved a lot of HGs, but Hisam seemed to have no clue of that last week. There are always some sort of cues or oddness about who is talking to whom, and what-not.

Besides being a very bitter person, he completely lacks ability to read people.


The sad part is, as a psychiatrist, his job is to read people.

Spot ON





Matt for veto.


Matt for veto – take jag down and backdoor the mysigonist ego maniac with a god-complex! One can only hope Jarat and Cirie lose this season.


Apparently Cameron told Red it’s a good idea & good opportunity to backdoor Hisam..
Felicia specifically did *not* tell Red about that plan. Cam told Red that the rest of the house knows about the Hisam backdoor plan. Do you think Simon that this info gets passed on to Hisam by red. Though red mentioned it’s all about the professors prior to this conversation.

The Beef

I’d say it was a dumb move by Cam, but if Hisam get’s picked for veto, happens to win, and leaves noms the same, it’s likely to be Cam going home. Plus Cam and Red are a duo, and I can completely understand him wanting to fill in his partner on what’s going on, rather than leaving him in the dark, and having to explain to him why he didn’t trust him with the info after the fact.

They just have to keep it quiet until the veto pick is done, and if Hisam isn’t picked, the plan is basically final and locked in! That of course assumes Hisam doesn’t intimidate Felicia into changing her mind IF he finds out about it before the veto meeting on Monday.


Cameron is an idiot with a “Daddy “ complex

Spot ON




un autre nom

What ACTUALLY split the house?
Remember that morning before veto when outta nowhere (was there a weird d/r call? i dunno) Izzy got paranoid getting Cirie paranoid getting Hisam paranoid that Reilly was going to blindside Cirie?
Even after Cirie realized it was hokum, and told Izzy it was paranoia… Hisam and Izzy went on high alert and continued to bring up the paranoia as fact.



I was curious about this. Could you further explain the house split cause.

un autre nom

There was always going to be 2 sides.
The animosity, however, began as soon as Cirie told Hisam he had to win veto to save her from going on the block.
It was complete delusion. Cirie was in no danger.
The resulting Izzy and Hisam paranoia kept the animosity going.


The young and old separation whos to blame for that? Thank you again for your commentary.

un autre nom

The young flocked to HOH.
The older set up a retreat in the comic room.
let’s not forget: Cirie and Jared pregame plotted being on opposite sides and feeding each other intel.
There’s the fact casting was equal 30-under / 30-over.


Great commentary and insight. Thank you!

The Beef

Let’s be real here. The cast/players ran to the side they felt most comfortable with, or maybe I should say ran away from those they felt least comfortable with.

The youngsters naturally gravitated towards each other (Reilly, Matt, Jag, Blue), while some of the older Black players (Cirie, Felicia) naturally hooked up together. Izzy and Hisam wanted no part of the young White men, but Hisam felt slighted by the fact TOS “stole” some of the players he felt were “his” to align with (Blue, because she’s an LGBTQ and Jag because he’s Brown). Jared was always going to be aligned with his mom, but is playing the “rat” game, so he aligned with the youngsters. Cameron aligned with the youngsters because he thought it was smart early on, but bailed and went to TOS before the end of week 1 – a true floater if there ever was one. America appears to be like Cameron, as she was somewhat aligned with the youngsters, but now appears to be on the bottom of the Professors side.

I think Meme is sticking with Cirie, Felicia, and Jared somewhat because of race (the success of the Cookout is hard to deny), but she’s done so little in the game so far that she’s really just there. HOWEVER, lately I’ve noticed her insight on what’s going on in the house, and her read on things, seems to be on the money, and her alliance mates should be paying more attention to what she has to say, and what she thinks about things.

I think the Handful thought they might end up with Red because of Cameron, but once Cam bailed, Red knew he was on the power side already. Cory kind of got left out because of the Nether region, which seemed to be fine by him, since he wants to float anyway. Bowie is another that was just left hanging, which based on her lack of game play, it’s hard to argue against anybody not really doing much to add her, except as a voting number, which is exactly what the Profs did.

Bottom line is, Hisam blaming Reilly for splitting the house is ignorance of the highest order. Apparently he’s never watched a single season of Big Brother, or he would know alliances are ALWAYS formed during the first week of the season, if not on the first DAY! He also is giving absolutely zero accountability to the alliance members themselves for agreeing to be in that alliance with her, and against him, and/or not including him as a member of that alliance. Yes, Reilly was dumb in admitting to him that she “said his name”, but I’m not at all certain she was the person who initiated the formation of the Handful alliance or who it’s members were going to be, and even if she was, they all agreed to be in it, which necessitates the exclusion of the other players. That’s just the way alliances work, until you form another side alliance designed to support and work FOR your primary one.

Hisam is a moron and a vindictive biased prick, and I hope he gets evicted this week.

Team Taylor

OMG!! Keep talking your way to the block Hisam. It’ll be great preparation for when Julie interviews you on your downfall.


MRS.FIELDS,,,Get rid of the gray bathrobe and fuzzy slippers…not a good tv look.
JARED,,,You are a grown man now…leave mommy alone and grow up.
JAG,,,stop hugging everybody…too much touchy feeling from you. Too needy.
BLUE…you are not the Paris Hilton of Big Brother 25…stop posing for the cameras.
MEME…I can tell you are in politics by your stubbornness and refusing to listen to reason.
BOWIE,,,I’m pretty sure all that loud music has stunned and short wired your brain, DJ.
RED,,,your longgggggggg red hairy chin does not make you a man, neither do the overalls.
AMERICA,,,this is not the medical office and your job here is not “Cheerie Receptionist”.
CAMERON,,,you really don’t believe in first impressions do you. Get a life.
FELICA…you got spunk..I like spunk…don’t whimp out and disappoint me. I can’t take it.
CORY…you are no IAN so stop thinking you are. You are just not that savvy.
IZZY,,,.STFU..Annoying with stalker behavior. Hairy armpits doesn’t make you a man.
HISAM,,,I get sick looking at you. I Bet you are one disfunctional human. Just VANISH.
MATT…I am soooo sorry you got thrown into the weirdo stew this year. Just make sure you don’t look into their eyes…stay strong and fight. I’m praying for you. I hope you win.

Backseat Driver

Nic… nailed it….I don’t know you but I like you!

Spot ON

“MRS.FIELDS,,,Get rid of the gray bathrobe and fuzzy slippers…not a good tv look.”

un autre nom

So Manson telling cousin It…
what do we think that does short and long term?


Long term he obv shouldn’t be trusting much from the Cirie, Izzy, Felicia crew. He’s gotta see they talk more to even Jared/Cory than him.

Short term it doesn’t seem to benefit him much to spill the beans, because if he ruins the Hisam plan isn’t the backup plan Cameron?

IF Hisam gets picked AND wins the veto, then I think Red/Cam tell Hisam everything and try to get the POV used on Cam and get Jag out. Of course in this hypothetical Hisam is now finding out that they knew all along and probably doesn’t use POV without Matt being the replacement. Which still likely leads to a Cameron eviction.

The Beef

So they tell him, he goes to Felicia and sez “Cam and Red told me blah blah blah”. He’s safe, takes Cam down as a reward. Who do you think she puts up?

How about RED for ratting out her plan?

Red’s certainly not on her side if he does so is he? Even if Hisam wins and leaves noms the same, Cam goes home (not Red), so there’s no way it benefits Red to get involved in that by telling Hisam anything.

Hisam could still make the move (save Cam) and NOT tell Felatio he knows about her plan to BD him, and maybe she puts up Matt or Blue instead, but if I’m Red I’m staying out of it, especially since the HOH didn’t tell me the plan.


I can’t believe Cameron spilled the plan to Rex. How long before Red tells someone that he knows about the plan


Ok can Red riding hood keep his mouth shut, it’s apparent that Manson can’t but it is a long time still to go. Given veto should get picked early and played tomorrow afternoon.

still betting hashmark gets picked for veto and wins.


I anticipate him going to one of them saying “So, you left me out of the plans?”


Or he will get pulled into nether region and not be eligible for a back door nomination

Spot ON


un autre nom

with Squeaky gone, Manson has pulled Tex into the family. Pretty soon they’ll try to grab Bowie Jane Krenwinkle and figure out which of Jared, Cory or America makes a better Kassabian.
I keep wondering how long after veto is played before the cat is out of the bag. Do they even make it to veto?

Spot ON




People believing Hisam will get backdoored? Not happening yet. This season will be boring without this whacko. Hisam is the guy, people love to hate. People HATED Evil Dick! Guess what, he won. But, if he gets backdoored, good riddens. Some of you act like the other houseguest are wonderful. Ciri, Izzy, and Felicia have made some nasty comments. To be women (and older women at that) is pathetic. Unfortunately Reilly will now get to read them. Hisam’s comments won’t surprise her but theirs will.

Spot ON

“Jag – I hate that motherf**ker. My thing is this, like if I f**k with you then I f**k with you till the end till death.. If I don’t f**k with you then I won’t give you the satisfaction of you f**king with me”