De-Nominations results Cory and Jared taken off the block.

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots:  Jared, Corey, Hisam

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Reilly used her HOH to denominate Corey and Jared. Kristen and Felicia are on the bloc. Kirsten is the target.

12:09 pm

12:15 pm Cerie and Bowie
Cerie give her a summary of their conversations and general goings on in the house.
Cerie says Felicia is the pawn, “her rational makes sense, why she doesn’t want to put up Corey they are scared that maybe he has something which is not very far fetch..
Cerie – With Jared it won’t guarantee that .. She wants Kirsten out because Kirsten was in the chaos spreading lies. She said the only way she can guarantee Kirsten goes is nobody will vote for Felicia. If she puts up Jared people might take the shot to get a comp beast out.
They agree Reilly’s plan makes sense.
Cerie – I trust her and Felicia trust her.

Cerie – the core group is Izzy, Felicia, you and Myself
Bowie – Love it.
Cerie – Izzy has this idea that maybe we will get split up into four teams. So we have to solidify this four incase we get split up.
Bowie – what about Hisam?
Cerie – Hisam too

12:27 pm Jared and Reilly
They assure they are good with each other. Reilly wants to keep things cool this week doesn’t want a blow up
Jared – this week there’s no blood on your hands.

Reilly – I hate hurting people’s feelings I feel like I am on the block.
Jared says everyone is on the same page with what this week is. Nobody can be mad at her for the nominations.
Jared – you are in such a great spot.. Your personality is such a great personality.. Everyone understands BRO it’s like Big Brother nominated us instead Reilly didn’t nominate us.
Reilly – worst case scenario a veto competition happens and the person I need gone wins that veto and then there’s an issue.
Jared – but you have the numbers on your side.
feeds cut..

12:40 pm feeds cut to pound puppies
Feeds return.

2:48 pm Reilly and BLUE
They’re talking about Luke being a Doctor not a artist.
Reilly says Jared is also nervous about Luke.
Reilly – we’ll have to flip on Luke eventually.
They agree Cirie is loyal and Smart.

2:55 pm Bros

3:04 pm Cirie, REd, Hasmin and Izzy

C – It’s ridiculous the immaturity
Hasmin – Yeah yeah.. HOw Smug Corey looked. Like I was just… It felt like… like Dude
Izzy – you can feel elated but like have some empathy that the people in week one based on a comp you know? it’s just .. Do better.
Hasmin – Yeah yeah
C – Do better
Izzy – that’s on you, you have a reasonability in this house as a human.

Reilly chilling in the HOH.

3:10 pm Jag, Kristen, Blue
Jag – DOn’t count yourself out
Jag explains how she’s on the block because she didn’t win a competitions.
Blue – when the veto comes around show them who’s the f***ing boss. Show your true colours really make your waves.. Really think on it. It’s all about strategy this game.
Kristen – I just wish I had better relationships.. I know it’s so soon. I’m usually a super people person.. Like I talk to everybody.
Kristen – I think I understand more than anyone. Coming from Africa and having my teachers tell me .. Oh you should go back to where you came from.. because You know my accent and trying to assimilate and becoming this person I feel like I’m always trying to play someone
k – I was in fourth grade.. You sound funny don’t be here.
Kristen begins to cry.
Jag – You deserve to be here..
Blue – people don’t know the real you.

Blue give her a pep talk. “You got to play for you. You really have to show them your true colours. you really have to show them you are here for the game.
K – If I’m not here for the game what am I here for?
Blue – she didn’t put you on the block, she just didn’t take you off.

America has jointed them.
America – Don’t dig yourself down there’s still a week left. It’s Friday .. it’s only day three
Blue – You have a good amount of time to stir shit up and I know you can stir it up.
America – Stir shit up to benefit you
Blue – Don’t think of anybody elses game think about your game.
K – that just makes me look bad.
America says still stay true to herself and the way she wants to play. (But still stir shit up)

3:40 pm Blue and America
Blue – Izzy was telling me that Kristen was going around telling people Matt and Reilly are going to be in a showmance.
America – Reilly told me that Hasmin told her that.
America – it was probably in a big group setting.. you are saying things you shouldn’t you should think twice. You got to play with your brain. We have to lift her up I don’t want her to feel ostracized

3:48 pm Izzy and Hasim
Hasmin – I think Kristen is the target..
Izzy – I thin so 100%
Hasmin – she has created a lot of chaos.. Reilly is smart enough to keep her there. I think she’s putting Felicia there because she doesn’t think she’ll win veto
Izzy – I want to win and get her to put Corey up .. If I get picked I want to pull down Felicia and get Corey up
Hasmin – that would the perfect plan.
Hasmin – he’s really a very smug difficult person.
Izzy – he’s so privileged with his presence. I want him to be scared. I wish I could force Reilly to put him up (LOL)
Hasmin – she might, who knows.

Hasim says he feels that Reilly and Corey are closer than Reilly and Jared.
Izzy – I got total opposite from her. She said Jag is her number one.
Izzy – all the boy we saw up there they are sucking at her Teet. They are keeping her close until they can rip her head off.
Hasmin wants Corey then Cameron and Luke out next.

Hasmin adds that Luke isn’t as big of a threat than Corey, Cameron and matt. Those are the two competition threats.
Izzy agrees.

4:05 pm Blue and Jared
Blue – He’s a super fan and he’s SMART
Blue says Corey is impressionable “I can see him making big move but I don’t see him going against us”
Blue says Corey has really been making an effort to hang out with their group, “trying to stand there talk to us and be on our side more than the comic room people”
Blue – I trust you, I trust Matt I trust Reilly . Them Two (Jag and America).
Blue – between you and I you know who I think is a wild card? Luke
Blue – I like Matt I trust him

4:20 pm Chit chat in the HOH

4:23 pm Kirsten, Jared and RED
Chit chat

4:40 pm chit chat

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My IQ dropped watching the “Bro Conversation”


Kirsten said preseason she wanted to lay low and not play to hard nut I guess getting nominated scared her and she went way to hard to fast and now is gone.


She’s not gone yet. In previous seasons people would have frozen her out. I am glad people went and talked to her giving encouragement


Ok, Cirie just gave Corey good advice about hiding his facial reactions in order to be more respectful. We will see if he takes her advice


Izzy and Cirie need to go. Izzy likes to lie and stir the pot. Cirie is the biggest threat in there.


No, no, no, I LOVE Cirie! I want to watch her spin THIS game. She is a Master. And Yes, she is the biggest threat in there. Poor houseguests may not know it yet, but they will. Hee hee
Agree about Izzie tho. I wanted to like her but…

Rene' M

Yes! Say it again! Cirie and izzy need to gooooo.


Thanks for doing this Simon! I really enjoy this site!
Remind me how to help you keep the site up… I do NOT want to lose you!!!


Glad you enjoy our site. To help keep the site going we have a support OBB page :


Not sure how much anyone buys into Spoiler Girl but she’s reporting there will NOT be an eviction on Thursday — instead an 18th player will enter the house & it will be split into two teams. Reilly will be allowed to play in HOH.

I have NO IDEA if it’s true but after watching Cameron who was persona non grata until a few hours ago when he crawled up Reilly’s a** and suddenly was jettisoned into the 5 person (The Handful) & 8 person (Family Style) alliances I found it stomach-churning to listen to him YET AGAIN reference Felicia as the cook/cleaner & shade Kirsten for showing emotion.

No comments about his buddy Cory who smugly smirked during the de-nomination ceremony.

As for Kirsten, sure she played too hard, too fast, but other than Felicia, Jared & Cory no one in that house knows how they feel. Reilly told the ladies “I won that for the girls” when she got the HOH so the fact two women are sitting OTB serves up evidence her “I want to play with honesty and integrity script was precisely that — a BS spiel!

And while Kirsten’s being judged for loose lips can we revisit the HOH chit show that channeled Frenchie yesterday with all kinds of intel being tossed around or any number of the other hamsters who’ve shared too much?

Why is Kirsten the ONLY one being ridiculed for her behavior (ummm, b/c that’s how the hamsters play – find a reason to make someone a definitive target, and then everyone piles on board for the easy oust).

I like Kirsten’s personality and while she needs to do a ton of tidying up of her game it would be great if she & Felicia (and that amazing laugh) could both stay either via the POV comp or if SG got the above intel right.

As for Cameron, although he’s clearly intelligent I could do without him in the house via the first or second eviction.


I agree… Izzy is running her mouth just as much if not more than Kristen but no one says a thing about her. Izzy drives me absolute nuts. Cannot stand her.
Heading Felicia referred to as the cook/cleaner is absolutely disrespectful, ignorant, cold and condescending. I would hate for her to find out they said that about her. I know it’s a game but some things can be very hurtful.


True, but Izzie is not an option and Kristen is. This time. Izzie is grating on me too. I wouldn’t mind seeing her go soon.


Izzy could be an option if one of them wins the veto though and they decide to replace whoever removes themselves with her. This game changes so fast sometimes. You have to play the game 24/7, pay attention to everyone all the time and take notes, keep a log on everyone and store that data in your brain, no matter who is on the block that week. I couldn’t play week by week, I would play minute by minute paying attention to every single person as much as k could. So everyone would be an option to me. But that’s just how I would play. Probably wouldn’t last long, but who knows!!


I tend to take Spoiler Girl with a grain of salt because she’s not always right. Jared almost got caught yesterday so we shall see what happens with him and if he can control himself. As far as Izzy, she’s been playing too hard too fast so it may only be a matter of time for her. While you want Cameron gone, I am hoping Luke is gone very soon because he rubs me the wrong way


Luke…. He’s hard to read, seems all over the place. Strategy ? Nervous? Anxious ? Or is he just that way? They don’t seem to be getting much sleep…. I know when I’m sleep deprived I’m wonky and a lunatic ?


I just wonder how long before Izzy spills it that Jared is Cirie’s son. I agree that Cameron needs to go. He’s very annoying to listen to when he starts talking over everyone.