Kyle to Michael – He [Joe] has all those jury votes. **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

Taylor is telling the girls Monte is her target and she’s looking at a backdoor. The real plan is for her to nominate Indy and Terrance. Terrance is the target but the door is open for Indy to be evicted if she “POOCHES” herself. Alyssa could also be in danger but it’s more remote than Indy / Terrance at this point. Jasmine is safe. (only a savage would nominate her on the week her birthday is on)

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

9:44 pm Monte and Kyle
Kyle – has Taylor decided who is going up
Monte – ohh shit you weren’t there
Monte says Indy and Terrance ‘The easiest people to put up”

10:00 am Taylor tells the camera she’s putting up Indy and Terrance she just needs to figure out a lie for each of them. Terrance is her target but she needs Terrance and Indy to think Monte is.
“well today is the day I have power and will have to betray my word of protecting the girls but why am I so adamant to protect people when they didn’t want to protect me? EVER.”
“I felt so strongly about never nominating or evicting a black woman Jasmine is SO LUCKY that circumstances are what they are this week because I would go after her with a vengeance if I had no conscious. I have to make decisons that I can live with”
“It doesn’t make sense for me to come to this game because of the cookout and completely abandoned everything for that. to evict Jasmine”
“Which is frustrating because I know she has actively to this day kept my name in her mouth.. I would love to target and evict her I would. I just can’t do it. So the next person that is a threat is Alyssa. Someone that can win HOH’s and that is terrible for our alliance. I don’t like that for Kyle”
“For my game, it makes sense for me to take out people I have a reason to get out”
“Do I tell Indy and Terrance the truth or do I wait until the veto is played and I think that is the obvious case I’ll wait until the veto is played. I’ll apologize for taking back my word to protect the girls. I’ll tell Alyssa specifically she is someone I’ve always wanted to protect and come Monday depending on what happens with the veto I’ll do whatever the F** I want to do.

10:20 am Britany telling Taylor about Indy cornering her asking for her to go talk to Taylor.
Britt – this is going to draw a line in the sand for both of us with the girls.
Taylor in quotes “it will be a plan to backdoor Monte until Monday”
Taylor- I need two people up there I’m sorry Is aid I wouldn’t nominate you I have to show the house it’s not Girls girls girls
Taylor is going to tell Terrance he knows the “plan” is to take out Monte so go out there win the Veto.

Brittany says if the nomiantions stay the same the majority of the Leftovers will not target Indy over Terrance.
Taylor – I can’t go after Alyssa this week and I won’t go after Jasmine this week.
Brittany – I just don’t want you to be surprised if Terrance doesn’t go home (and veto is played on Indy) if he’s up against one of the girls this week.
Taylor – not at all. For me, it’s all about jury management if I am getting a girl out it better be some benefit to them because even though they are the ones that are hypocrites they are going to be using that against me.

10:48 am Indy talks about a dream she had about Alyssa, Jasmine, and Ameerah. They had a fight in her dream.

10:56 am Taylor and Indy
Taylor – I’m still going Terrance and Turner that is still where I am leaning. I am a little frustrated that.. just to be completely honest I’ve done so much to prove to you all the girls like I’m with you guys I’m with you guys.. The thought has crossed my mind having one of the girls play veto and just protecting that and putting Terrance up there. Monte is the target. I’m between Turner and like any of the four girls honeslty.
Taylor tells her if they are thinking about a girl as a pawn the options are Indy or Brittany
Indy – I was scared of that happening that is why we talked before the fesite Bestie was over.
Indy – it would put me on the risk I wouldn’t do that to you as a pawn. Like the day before the festie bestie was done.
Taylor – all the girls that second week.. I was disposable then.
Indy – ohh that wasn’t me I wasn’t in the power..
Taylor – everyone was telling Jasmine like..
Indy – I wasn’t in the power so.. I didn’t put you as the pawn Jasmine did. so..
Taylor – Ok
Indy – I was there two weeks ago and it’s not a good feeling
Taylor – I know
Indy – I thought we were good for the next time we won.

11:05 am Alyssa and Taylor
Taylor one of Brittany or Indy is going up beside Terrance. The target is Monte she wants the veto used on Indy.

11:17 am wait. Did Jasmine get a punishment costume?
Jasmine says last night Taylor told her she wouldn’t put any girls up.
Alyssa comes down and says that Taylor wants to put up a Guy and a girl.
Jasmine – how can you change your mind that quick?
Alyssa – that’s a little bit scary.
Indy – if I was going home I would go home I just don’t want to go into Jury right now.
Jasmine – I think her target is Monte.
Indy – this is the time she has to prove to us that she’s on our side. It’s the only time that she has real power and she puts a girl up.
Jasmine – I did it. I used a girl as a pawn too. SO.
Indy – yeah but we never had to question you.

Indy – if Monte gets picked for the veto he’ll win.
Jasmine – then Terrance goes home
Indy – we don’t know baby we don’t know.

11:23 am Terrance and Taylor
Taylor tells him he’s going up next to either Turner or Indy. The target is Monte.

11:24 am Jasmine and Taylor
Jasmine – is everything still good? where’s your heads at?
Taylor – you are not going up as a pawn you are fine. I did tell indy I was thinking of putting her up as a pawn.
Jasmine says she understands “If you put two guys up it looks like you’re targeting the guys if you put a guy and a girl up it’s mixed. That was my strategy”
Taylor says she needs a girl to play in the veto so the girls can build up their resume (LOL)

Taylor – the whole house wants Monte gone.

11:34 am Taylor and Michael
Taylor – Terrance knows he’s a pawn Indy knows she’s likely a pawn. She played it smart.
Taylor – I don’t give a f** which one of them goes home.
Michael wonders if Monte gets picked and wins the veto who will the other side pick?
Michael – do Jasmine and Alyssa know it’ll be Indy
Taylor yeah .. we’ll see what happens between now and MOnday.
Michael – have you thought about what you’ll say
Taylor will keep it light today and “Shed blood on Monday”

11:36 am Michael and Kyle
Michael – after you went down last night Joe was saying the girls will be mad tomorrow and start fighting. I think that is the perfect excuse to be like I don’t want to be part of this thing.
Kyle – 100% I’ve already planted this seed with Alyssa.
Kyle – we made the alliance two days ago and didn’t talk any game. It’s not like they will be shocked that I’m not in. Did anything change with Indy and Terrance?
Michael – I don’t think so, it feels like a missed opportunity to go after Terrance.
Kyle – It think Joe is fighting to keep Indy because he’s always like Alyssa is the physical threat.. Alyssa Alyssa. He realizes the same thing we do his Indy is his number moving forward just like Alyssa is ours. I can see it in every conversation we have.
Kyle – Alyssa is a better person to keep over Indy
Michael – it sucks that all the shit jasmine has talked about her and to not be an option to go up.
Kyle – it’s insane. It’s a moral thing at that point.
Michael – I can’t argue but it’s frustrating.
Michael – the only good thing about Terrance going is he could be an easy person. Let’s keep him around till the end.
Kyle – they’re leaving the three girls that are tight so there’s still; the threat of two people in our alliance picking them up.
Michael – Joe said ‘I don’t want to be in your alliance’
Kyle – he’s really good at lying to protect himself.. it’s amazing. it’s mind-blowing to me how good of a liar he is.
Michael – I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to try to please people outside of the alliance.
Kyle – it’s for Jury votes and in case they win HOH he wants to be in the room with them.
Michael – this is still an individual game but if you are only benefiting from an alliance and not contributing people are going to notice.
Kyle – people in the seven are going to notice
Kyle – He has all those jury votes.

Kyle – did you hear Taylor immediately say let’s put up Turner as a pawn?
Kyle – Monte was like you and Joe need to go up there and settle her down.

11:50 am Indy says her friends are going to die.
Indy – they are going to hate her
Michael – ohh no
Indy – she promised me and Alyssa. she wouldn’t put us up. we promised each other we wouldn’t put each other up
Michael – when was that?
Indy – A day before yesterday
Indy – it’s ok it’s life.. If I was going home I would be more relaxed. I can go home anytime I love my house I don’t want to be the first one in Jury I will die there.
Indy – there are so many other people that should leave before me.
Indy – she told me she’s still figuring out me or Turner.
Michael – He was one of the last people to talk to her.. I don’t know if he got in her ear
INdy – maybe a deal? A Better deal I didn’t offer any deals.. (LOL)
Indy – I would never put any girl and you up.
Michael – I appreciate that


12:06 pm Taylor is Ready for noms.

12:30 pm Terrance, Alyssa and Jasmine
Terrance – I will say this. It’s fine I don’t have the energy for it this is the fourth time I’m going up on the block. I’m f***ing tired so at this particular point, it’s jury Management. You are f**ing up your jury.
Jasmine – I thought you were close I thought she f***ed with you
Terrance – it doesn’t matter.. so from what I’ve heard I am going up against Indy.
Jasmine – I don’t understand this
Terrance – I Don’t have the energy for this.. I’m going to manage jury. I don’t give a f** how you move. Jury is important and I bet you one thing for sure two things certain. I know a lot of f***ing skeletons in this f***ing house. Jury is going to be very influential when I hit that b1tch. I’m going to have a lot to say once I hit jury.
Terrance says Taylor loves Joe she’s “never never going to touch him”
Jasmine – she doesn’t even get to f*** with him like that
Terrance – doesn’t matter she gets to look at him every day.
Terrance – if you guys don’t see now that there are two sides and that side is already aligned. You got to see it now.
Jasmine – do you think she’s getting Monte out?
Terrance – I’m supposedly the pawn to get him out.
Terrance says he’s supposed to win the veto take himself down so she can put up Monte “what’s the likely hood of that?”
Alyssa – if you get houseguest choice pick me. I’m serious I want to play. I want to win.
Indy joins them.

12:41 pm Chess

Waiting around for Nominations.

1:14 pm – 1:50 pm Joe and Taylor
Joe says if he wins the veto it will be very hard for him not to use it on Indy.
Taylor says if Indy comes down Alyssa will go up.
Taylor says it’s against everything she came into the house for her to go after Jasmine.
Joe – putting up Jasmine won’t be good for your image outside of here.
Joe leaves on his way out Taylor goes “Hey thanks for reminding me I’m a sword”
Joe – you are you 100% are you don’t have to thank me for that. You are the girl that whooped all the guy’s asses on the wall is the sword.

1:52 pm Joe, Indy and Jasmine (hard to hear)
Joe – best case scenario you win the veto and we’re done

Joe is saying that Taylor told him she’s hoping their games can work together there’s no point of them “Sparking something” if one of them has to send the other one next week.
Jasmine – Dammit I should have come into this f**ing game single..

Joe – I haven’t won shit and I am a physical threat.
Joe is saying he gets the worst of both “swords”
Joe – I get the threat level ohh shit he’s a physical threat and then doesn’t get the benefit of being a threat and winning.
(since about 1 Joe has been chatting with everyone non-stop. First Taylor, then Indy/Jasmine, and now back in the HOH with Taylor and Brittany. He’s either playing too hard to engage in some next level Social game)

2:06 pm Taylor and Brittany
Brittany says she, Micheal, Turner, Monte had to stick their necks out for the leftovers. “We don’t have that extra blanket of security. Jury Management that’s not even a word any of us can say.”
Taylor – not you or Monte that’s for sure.
Brittany – you can see how perpetuating a fake alliance
Taylor – that benefits some but not the rest.
Brittany – yeah.
Brittany – You are in two alliances and we’re in one alliance. that is what it is at the end of the day. If you are in an alliance and you call it fake but they are in it with them you are in their alliance.
Taylor – he [joe] is working really hard to make it so that the only options for them on that side of the house is to put up Turner and Monte. They don’t think they can control Monte and they don’t think they can control Turner.
Taylor – he said by their logic it will be Monte and turner they target.
Britt – how can it benefit the leftovers and by the leftovers I mean all 7 of us. Especially those that had to draw hard lines in the sand for others earlier on.
Britt mentions they had talked about this when they joined the leftovers. What if they are there to do the dirty work only to be axed eventially.
Britt – then you feel used.
Britt says if Terrance is Taylor’s target that is not what she’s hearing from the other leftovers. “I just want to make sure YOUUUUUU accomplish what you want to accomplish on your HOH”
Taylor – they will pull me in anyways.
Britt – pulling you in doesn’t mean anything.. that is why I caution joe.. They are very beguiling they will tell you exactly what you want to hear. That is the reason Joe and I got real close they were saying his anme week two and I was the only one with guts to tell him.
Britt – I could see these people do not keep their word
Britt – Pulling you in.. doesn’t actually, it’s sand it doesn’t actually mean anything. I wonder how hard we should fight for something that doesn’t mean anything.
(Joe was going to try and pull Taylor into the fly swatters Brittany doesn’t see the benefit)

2:57 pm Taylor

“Everybody always knows there’s always a bigger target in this house.. I’m sure you all know there’s always a bigger target in the Big Brother house. Michael may have been afraid of a challenge last week but I always make sure when I take a shot I don’t miss”

3:00 pm Indy and Brittany
Brittany thinks the plan is still to get out Monte but if the veto isn’t played she still has the votes. “I don’t think there’s any scenario where it’s you”
Indy – you, Jasmine, Alyssa, Michael probably Joe so I’m okay.

3:13 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies

4:30 pm Feeds return Taylor nominated Terrance and Indy

Indy picks up the phone and pretends she’s talking to god.
“We know that Veto is coming and I hope you can help me out so I can win and pull me out of the block so someone else can take my place”
“Going to save me from the veto and you are going to give me the next HOH ohh that sounds good.. ohh and I maybe device who is going to go home in the double eviction ohh.. that sounds amazing okay perfect deal I’m going to be a good girl I promise”
“Okay thank you god talk to you soon it was always a pleasure thank you so much bye bye”
“Now I feel safe I have the best alliance in this game. It’s god you guys know that. he is my sugar daddy God is my sugar daddy so I’m 100% I’m going to be fine. ”

4:40 pm Indy and Taylor
Indy going over moves this season and explaining why she made the decisions.
Indy “I never say I put Taylor up”
Taylor – I’m not letting a girl go out in my HOH Period.

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un autre nom

While Joe is downstairs with the swatters feeding them crap… AND TURNER SNORES THROUGH THE WHOLE THING…

Taylor has already told Britt the genius keep the spygames going and he can rope in Taylor to the alliance that hates her, and they can shield Britt.
In therapist speak… Britt is telling Taylor Joe is full of shit, and she needs to wake up.
Joe wasn’t expecting Taylor to tell Britt this quick (he was pushing to people that Taylor is in need of alone time, he’d check and pass on messages at one point last night before she got her room). He’s trying to sell the plan to Britt as beneficial for Britt.
In therapist speak… Britt is saying come on now, who you kidding?

The fact is the fake alliance isn’t fake, it’s Joe’s OTHER alliance. He’s doing it out in the open and just saying it’s fake. It ISN’T.
Everyone has been endgame talking about taking the weakest people to the end.
Joe is going the extra mile of wanting the women around him…. but having the pairs of women hate each other in his final 5 dream so he can get them to take each other out and keep his jury votes.
Yeah, Britt is clocking.
Just like she was calling Kyle on his crap last week, she’s clocking what Joe is doing this week. What she’s sure to tell Michael: Taylor is considering joining the meangirls with Joseph, he’s got too much influence over her, we’re losing her to Joseph and he’s double dipping it’s not a fake alliance, he’s in two alliances.


It’s unsettling to know that Indy is going to be casting a jury vote, why is she even in this house??


Season 20 SAM & FOUTTE jury was indisputably worse.


She is ignorant…

Watch her vote like she is voting someone out.

Taylor unknowingly to her getting her jury vote would be hilarious!



Indy is going to vote herself off the island.


As much as I dislike Terrance, I’m not sure that he’s the best choice for Taylor to target this week. He is not a threat to her game. Sure, he’d nominate her if he was HOH, but the day that he wins HOH is the day that I finish my shampoo and conditioner at the same time (aka: NEVER).

Indy and Jasmine are both more likely than Terrance to win HOH (the former because she showed some stamina on the wall comp; the latter because production seems to favor her). I understand that Taylor may not want another female evicted, notably a black female, but let’s face it… neither of those females would do the same for her.


of jasmine, terrance, alyssa, and indy i would rank their likelihood of winning hoh in that order. jasmine can’t do anything physically but in some of the mental comps like hold/fold or name the competition i like her chances the best, which is why i think she should be the target (also i like her the least). terrance showed he’s not completely checked out in otev. indy and alyssa will never win anything.

un autre nom

Why do I still feel like Production is very much trying to keep Jasmine because they think her Diary Schtick is golden ticket? i can’t help it. We’ve seen them pull this before, house guests have talked about it on feeds in the past.

Who had Terrance pegged as Bitter Juror? Everyone.
Now he’s tired because he’s been on the block so many times? But what happened to the big plan? What happened to his self professed manipulator resume? Eyeroll. I mean, yeah, eyeroll covers it.

Joseph is already back to saying… but the spy game is good, we can’t give up the spygame. He’s saying he’ll have to use the veto on Indy and then they get rid of Alyssa.
Joseph is soft volunteering to be on the block, but more pushing KYLE. to sell the split house alliance that the rest of the alliance wants done TODAY that Joseph isn’t willing to concede after saying he’d tell them today. He’s softshoeing Indy’s anger at Taylor. He’s saying both Indy and Terrance will be calm on the block and won’t be mad?? Oh someone come get Joseph, he’s just blatantly saying words to say words at this point.
When / If Taylor relates ANY of this back to Michael or Britt? Sideye. They are so on to his game and done with it at this point. They are even picking up that he’s tailoring his intel reports.

Anyone still saying Joe is loyal to Leftovers NEEDS to go back and listen to his talk with Taylor. He’s admitted he’s burying himself in the middle, and that he’s working jury votes, and that he can likely rope in Taylor with him with Jas/Indy for chapter 2 of the game.


“Why do I still feel like Production is very much trying to keep Jasmine because they think her Diary Schtick is golden ticket?”

100%. My guess is that GROD loves her Southern flair in the DR and tells Production to play that up. “Blindside butterbeans” screams fake line fed by the DR.

un autre nom

I know the Leftovers was always Pound with extra votes.
Just putting that out there.
I know Michael, Britt, Kyle and Taylor already talked about taking the first move.
I get that.
Anyone find it interesting that Joe never said that on feeds until that weird D/R where he said he’d maybe take out Monte? And he has said multiple times D/R wants him to be more proactive with the showmance. He’s telegraphing that D/R says jump and he jumps.

I don’t hate his strategy, it’s not criticism it’s critique. I mean, it’s easy to see that he was a Survivor applicant that accepted being on Big Brother. He’s building his spy shacks and running up and down the beach speedtalking, while his tribe is back at camp saying he’s doing too much.


Terrence: “I know a lot of skeletons” Me: They are all fake plastic ones and are meaningless

un autre nom

Jasmine’s chicken wing bones do not a skeleton make.


Backdooring Alyssa for Monte & Joe is another sign that the Taylor, Michael, Britt trio are getting played as dirty work convenience store puppets.

un autre nom

Monte was more pushing Indy for most of the night last night.
Finding out INDY wanted him out last week bruised his ego.
He gave Joe pushback in the pound talk when Joe started his Alyssa talk. Turner did ass well because Indy beat Alyssa on the wall by about 20 minutes.
THAT’S why Joe is doing end run around Monte to Taylor.


Having Alyssa exit is still a big win for Monte. The pieces have been put together that she was going on Monte’s HOH. That Leftovers threesome are used like gun shop bullets for Monte & Joe’s target practice.


I just don’t understand why Taylor cannot put Jasmine up on the block. Birthday week or not, I’d tell her you should understand, you used me as a pawn, so it’s only fair that I use you as a pawn. I cannot believe Taylor wanted to use Turner as a Pawn, Turner didn’t put Taylor on the block like everyone wanted him too, Taylor is a really strange bird, I don’t know if I would be around her much outside of the house, she’s kind of off putting.

Taylor needs to stop pleasing the other side, I’m getting tired of hearing I cannot put a Black woman on the block. As a person of color, if I were in the house, and I was told by a non person of color, they cannot put another non person of color on the block, I would not feel comfortable, especially with all of the crap Jasmine has said about Taylor.

I’m with Michael, Jasmine used her birthday last week, she wanted to celebrate her Birthday in the house. Well she can still celebrate her Birthday on Wednesday the 17th, in the house, be evicted on Thursday the 18th, head over to the empty Jury house and keep celebrating her Birthday week as long as she pleases.

She got her wish, she was able to celebrate her birthday in the house “On the Block”, nobody owes her anything, Jasmine ran Taylor’s name through the mud for the past 5 weeks for absolutely nothing, and she is still talking crap about her.

If Jasmine wins HOH next week, Taylor will be on the block. Remember what they say,
“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”, Jasmine will be right back to trying to get Taylor evicted out of the house. Taylor is not making good choices with her HOH in my opinion.

Oh, by the way I only know the date of Jasmine’s Birthday, because she has said it over and over and over on the live feeds.

Also, the rest of the Leftovers better pay attention to Joe, Michael seems to be the only one onto his game play, Joe is priming the Jury Votes in his favor, but the other members in the Leftovers are doing all of the dirty work.

They better get rid of Joe ASAP, he is not to be trusted.

Taylormade Victims

taylor is no comparison to danielle reyes and her greatness backdoored kaysar out of the house on his actual birthday more importantly had gameplay to survive a house vote week 1


Taylor is not the brightest light in the shed. I believe her true personality is coming out. She is indeed off putting and not too smart if a player.
Her and her chips can go to jury soon.


It would hurt Taylor because of the woke racists? Why is there this obsession with pitying black people the past 2 years?


@racistthisracistthat. Because it took until the past 2 years for people (anyone with clarity) to stand up to the imbalance of “normal, everyday people (that didn’t include “black” people) racism that exists EVERYWHERE. Not just BB. I have a POC mom and a white as paper (joke ppl) dad. I’ve truly lived both sides of the coin. I had to teach my ex MIL, when she was spouting off about POC’s complaining about being treated differently….I reminded her that driving through the border of Canada and the USA, anytime my POC mom spoke, we were pulled aside for extra searches. If my mom didn’t speak, we were always waived through (not a few isolated instances, but at least 12 separate times). My own experience as a POC who doesn’t look “completely black”, driving in the U.S. When I was pulled over on the highway for going 5 mph over the limit, seeing a white trooper walk up to our minivan, where my mom, dad and 2 young boys were (at their young ages, they were truly scared from all they’d seen of the world), was excruciating, terrifying….completely unsure of what his actions/reaction would be, being in a Southern state and pulling over a woman of colour. (BTW, the trooper was so very kind and reassuring, didn’t get a ticket.) I tried to explain to her (ex MIL) that she would NEVER understand racism as she’s been a white woman her entire life, she’s never experienced any kind of racism ever. I believe she actually “woke up” because she eventually apologized for being clueless….
To further my point, do NOT try to “pin all the shit you don’t like” actually claim “woke racists”as obsession with pitying “black people”! In my opinion, you really should give your head a real shake.


I think it will hurt Taylor more in the real world not to put up Jasmine. After everything they did to her and she doesn’t defend herself by showing them you can’t treat people that way. Jasmine is still saying Taylor needs to prove herself to them? Her and Indy need to go. Alyssa needs to tell Taylor what they are saying about her.


Honestly I don’t care which one of 4 goes home Indy alsyass jasmine or Terrance. They were all equally mean to her and none of them have really won anything except jasmine (by luck)

So it does not matter to me which one she sends home first. None will vote for her to win anyway and they would all put her on the block or Backdoor her


Can someone remind me how Brit has made sacrifices for the alliance!? And what her contributions are? If she doesn’t have the jury’s vote, it’s because she is a floater with the personality of a dead weasle.

un autre nom

The Ameerah vote.
Go back to that week. The alliance told Britt to keep playing up she was with the girls even though she was already in exile with the girls. Her vote to take out Ameerah cemented that the girls would exclude her.
So, in the planning of the Leftovers, they acknowledged that Britt was actively lying to the girls and giving up any chance at playing a middle game in order to keep the girls calm until Ameerah was voted out.

Taylormade Victims

duo twist veto saved her week 3 the votes werent there for leftovers to save Britt by one vote her two vetos and week 1 safety vote have been handed to her she gets too much credit


AN touched on the main point – but Britt is the voice of reason in the Leftovers & frequently the best strategist.

Case in point: Taylor who is still riding a high of seeing the dime store Elvis exit the building & winning the infamous Wall makes the mistake of telling the girls they are all safe. She also comes away from those talks with the intent of putting up two guys (either Terrance & Turner or Terrance and Monte or even Turner & Monte!).

Monte & Turner deal with it well (although they both register how easily Taylor was willing to put them OTB). But it’s Britt who steps in as the voice of reason noting – she realizes Taylor plays with loyalty and honoring her word but they (the 3 girls) don’t and would never give her the same respect in return. She points out how the end of the twist makes the game more complicated and that’s why it’s even more imperative to put up two from the non-LOs to ensure they keep one OTB regardless of what happens in POV.

In a few sentences, she appeased Taylor into feeling she was in a tough spot playing an honorable game and made sure Monte/Turner didn’t go OTB which showed them how loyal she is to them & the alliance.

Later in a one-on-one, as Taylor downloads how Joe wants to pull her into the FS (man Joe’s mist is really good, particularly his effect on women is insane) so that will protect the LOs & how Joe is pushing hard for Monte/Turner to go OTB if they win. But Britt sticks the proverbial pin in Taylor’s balloon reminding her those girls will NEVER fully want to work with you & doesn’t come right out and say it but hints what if Monte or Turner comes off the block (ie: this plan puts Michael/Britt in danger).

And she reminds Taylor the reason they were hesitant initially of joining the Leftovers was b/c they didn’t want to be used just to get rid of the other side & become disposable but what Joe is doing (and is trying to pull Taylor into) is the same thing. More accurately it’s being covered by every single person in the house b/c it’s not just a smaller side alliance it’s the two halves of the house: ie, he’ll NEVER go OTB.

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of Britt especially when she spirals in her worry bouts but she has (IMHO) the BEST READ of the house as a whole – of each individual’s personality & intentions as well as where the lines are within the house. The ONLY things I think she’s yet to clock is the Pound and the smaller alliances like F2 deals. I think the reason she doesn’t see the Pound is bc the more obvious ties for Kyle are to Ally/Turner for Joe to both sides as being a truer placement of their intentions.

Anyway, Britt is very valuable to the LOs b/c she’s able to hear both sides of a debate & quickly isolate the best move to benefit the alliance as a whole. BB is a game where you need to work with others but personal agendas often cloud progress so having a person with that ability in your group is the difference between the Leftovers and the Fly Swatters (seriously WTF is that name?).


Spot on as always!


im ok with these noms. if there were to be a replacement jasmine would be nice.


Interesting. Joseph is doing a “reverse Cody” by offering himself as a ploy to be used if someone uses the veto and takes either Indy or Terrence down off the block. If this happens and he stays in the game, it needs to be added to his resume

un autre nom

Joseph is currently volunteering to go on the block as replacement nom.
It will hide them working together….. from the girls he just told he had Taylor wrapped around his finger?
It’s Friday.
By Sunday it will be back to Kyle or Alyssa.
Remember, he’s already softpushed himself or Kyle (in absentia) as renom thoughts.
Q: Did Joe forget Pooch volunteered?
Q2: Did Joe forget Dan and Nic were clowns for using the veto?
HE”S NOT BEING GENUINE HERE. He’s just pulling in Taylor with more of his absolute trust so that when he comes back and tells her who he wants on the block she Stepfords.


Maybe but the way he is doing it engenders trust because a couple of the alliance members are like “Nope, Nope, nope…not me” call it part of his social game

un autre nom

It’s unneeded.
He’s hypergaming squirrell today.
There are 4 targets on the other side.
Joseph knows the Pound plan is Indy. The rest of the Pound cosigned it last night.
6 out of the 7 wanted the alliance to drop the pretenses this week.
Joe has been told by the alliance, and agreed this morning at the group talk that the swatters ends today. Look at what he’s doing.
He’s going on a limb to keep Indy. He’s trying to continue the spygaming by end running around the alliance and going to Taylor directly with the squirrelling.

I Spy

This is all a mess because and Taylor is having to go back on her word because she had those conversations before speaking to her team. Sophomoric. Get input from the team, analyze and then make your decision. She did it backwards.

un autre nom

It’s more than that.
Her convo to cameras when she was isolating in HOH room before Daniel’s eviction.
She considers that now that the biggest heads of the monster are gone (Nic and Daniel)
she can go back to the pre-arranged game strategy she had before the game.
That’s the problem, she’s trying to go back to what looked good on paper before the game started and the house dynamics made her pregame strategy untenable.


Why does society accept black people being racist, but acts as if it’s the ultimate sin if a white person merely calls out a black person for …anything relating to their CHARACTER…? Not evicting a person because of the color of their skin, and evicting someone else merely because of the color of their skin IS RACIST. The REAL original meaning. Taylor is racist. Jasmine does not deserve to be in the game any longer – from a game perspective and Taylor’s personal perspective.



You sound delusional! Calling Taylor a racist? She’s attempting to right sooooo many wrongs by sticking to her moral compass and NOT nominating Jasmean, despite knowing what Jasmean has been saying….didn’t she nominate Terrence? Yes. Facts. It seems to me that you’re the one coming across as “racist”, @racistthisracistthat ?

Wait. . .what???

“Wait. Did Jasmine get a punishment costume?” ROFL


haha yeah and the punishment to clean the nasty bathroom.