Big Brother 20 Week 9 Summary and Live Eviction Results BATTLEBACK

Week 9 with still a month to go.. Holy cow these seasons are real marathons. Lucky for us for the most part this is a killer season. I’ll sum this week up in three posts titles..

Fes – If Sam goes home this week I look like a f*ing genius

Fes-  “F**k Man! We suck at this game. You sent home Rockstar & I sent home Scottie!”

Haleigh to FES – “You can’t sleep for 48 hours”

It’s a pretty big night tonight we have Fes getting evicted followed by a Juror Battle Back and a Head of household. Should be a full weekend of getting foutte’d.

CBS sent up this.. confirming the head of household on the feeds..

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Big Brother 20 Week 8 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Where does one start with a week like this.. Given how successful Haleigh’s HOH was the week prior I assumed Fes’ week will be as much or greater a shit show.. When Fes won the grueling 14 minute endurance I tweeted something to the effect, “so does this mean Haleigh gets evicted” well I was almost there. Fes is going to evict the only other person left in the Foutte alliance. go Fes!

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Big Brother 20 Week 7 Summary and Live Eviction Results

THE HIVE! One of the most comical alliances in Big Brother history. I love the HIVE! Every week they make the same mistakes it’s too good to be true. How Does this happen? Haleigh wins the HOH but her side cannot secure the Power of Veto or Hacker power, couple this with tragic game play does not bode well for our once ‘great’ FOUTTE alliance. Haleigh’s Hive was too feeble to sway anyone in the house other than Sam (in the end she won’t flip either)   The Level six alliance (+JC) ended up just toying with the HIVE all week. Rocks continued her same Schick attacking Angela with the same material she attacked Brett with. She also comes up with a killer speech that was way too much fun to type out.

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Big Brother 20 Week 6 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Big Brother Spoilers – The week definitely had it’s ups and downs. We had the first house meeting with expected blow up! There was standard HIVE f* ups that we’ve all gotten use to by now. There was also some punishments given out along with the Hacker power. In what could be the funniest thing this season the HIVE still doesn’t know the vote flips and I never think they will.. lol..   “Rockstar thinks it was Scottie, Scottie thinks it was Haleigh, Haleigh thinks it was fes.. “

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Big Brother 20 Week 5 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Kaitlyn was evicted last week by a vote of 9-1, She was given a 6 piece 3D puzzle to complete to re-enter the house but failed. Kaitlyn is now gone from Big Brother 20 and posting madness on Instagram. Bayleigh and Tyler still have their powers and nothing new was introduced into the game (thank god). Tyler has kept his quiet but Bayleigh told hers to Fes/Rachel. As of writing this Angela, fez, Kaycee, Tyler and JC now know about the power.

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Big Brother 20 HOH Competition Results! “I’m still here B***hes”

9:48pm The live feeds return – Bayleigh has the HOH key around her neck. In the bathroom – Rachel tells Tyler – its not the worst case scenario. JC – what do you think she is going to do? Kaycee – I don’t know but Fes, Rockstar and Scottie were in the storage room cheering.

In the bedroom. Tyler tells Rockstar that he voted to keep her. He says that if Kaitlyn had stayed in the house or came back he would have told her that he voted her out.

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Big Brother 20 Week 1 Summary and Eviction Results

Big Brother 20 Week 1 – It’s been good first week; plenty of Game talk, plenty of community outrage and plenty of all newb goodness. There’s two alliances that dominate the house with a healthy dose of power 2’s and Power 3’s. Tyler’s playing the hardest but he is a longer than normal HOH. In a Vet season some of the things he’s done would probably gotten sussed out but seeing as this is more classic BB he’s not.

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