Big Brother 21 Week 10 recap and Double Eviction Results

Here we go, Folks, the Double Eviction we wanted a month ago to clear out this house.

Last week we saw Nick get evicted during Holly’s Head of Household. Going into the week 10 Jackson pull out the HOH win. He nominates Christie and Jess. Tommy wins the Veto and uses it on Christie. Jackson nominates Cliff as the place holder. Jess will be evicted tonight.

Jackson’s clever plan is to get Jess out leaving 3 pairs in the game. Christie/Tommy, Holly/Jackson, Cliff/Nicole. Jackson wants the opposing pairs to think they are in a final 4 with him and Holly so that they attack each other. His true intentions are to go to final 4 with Cliff/Nicole but is hedging in case Christie or Tommy win tonights HOH. In practice, these events won’t happen this way. Christie and Tommy would target Jackson. Cliff and Nicole, however, going against Tommy/Christie.

Double Eviction Results

Julie confirms no Jury battle back.

They are told about the Double Eviction tonight.

First round of Eviction
Holly votes to evict Jessica
Nicole votes to evict Jessica
CHristie votes to evict Jessica
Tommy votes to evict Jessica

4-0 Jessica is evicted.

“On Thin Ice”

Nicole wins it (F*** YEAH!)

Cliff tells her he has her back if she puts up Chrsitie and Tommy or Michie and Holly but he prefers Chrsitie and Tommy

Nicole nominates Christie and Tommy

The Power of Veto is “what the Bleep?”

Cliff wins the power of Veto (F* YEAH)

Cliff Doesn’t use the veto.

Michie votes to evict Christie
Holly votes to evict Christie
Cliff votes to evict Christie

Christie Evicted (F* YEAH)

Next POV will have Swaggyp and Bayleigh on as guest hosts (ZOMG)

7:13 pm Feeds come back.. Packing Christie stuff talking about the HOH competition they will be playing tonight.
Cliff comments they don’t have to change clothes so it’s not an athletic comp.

7:15 pm Everyone but Tommy
C – we’re one hell of a step further
C – Nicole.. your day
N – People were saying put you two up and it was probably smart to put you up but this is what I’m sticking with this is the sword I die on I gave my word.
H – Same ..
Everyone saying Some sorta Sword dieing saying.

J – We shook hands
C – we shook hands.. I don’t need swearing on bibles or anything else we Shook hands and that is all I need.
H – If this is the word I die on it would be the sword I am honoured to die on and that’s what I wanted in this game
Cliff – With HOH if one of us wins one of us will go up but it doesn’t matter from a vote standpoint.
Jackson – as long as he doesn’t win the veto.
C – that’s the big part I know
J – BB Comics. probably

Nicole talks about the HOH competition and taking that first shot that missed.
Nicole – I’m not letting my anxiety ruin another HOH .. I just calmed down and lined it up and whaled iot
N – I can’t believe it
J – I’m so proud of you Nicole seriously you are going to watch it back.. I’m literally like a dad watching I’m like GO GO GO
Nicole is very happy “I knew it I felt kit it was meant to be.. ”
She’s ecstatic about getting pictures from her family.

7:34 pm
Cliff – gonna feel weird with 5 of us in here now… that’s a big drop

7:44 pm With no one left Tommy turns to Jesus then meditates.

7:46 pm Holly and Jackson
Shocked they made it through the double.
J – I’m proud of you
H – I’m proud of yo u
They kiss he slaps her a$$ and she squeaks

8:01pm Kitchen. Jackson to Tommy – get your a$$ up and give me a hug! They hug. Jackson – I never thought her picture was going to go black and white. I truly thought she was going to win this thing.

8:08pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the HOH competition..


Check cliff out.. once he hears that Nicole is done he moves a piece that’s clearly in the right spot and tries another spot for it.

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Hoping Holly,Nicole or Cliff wins HOH.

Cheryl Uhl

Are they doing the HOH now?

Zingading ding

Christie was all smiles going to Julie when she heard the yelling and hollering for her thinking she isn’t hated as much as she thought…smh…they were becuz she was FINALLY out of the house lol wtg Nicole/Cliff

Zingading ding

not holly


We are under a severe thunderstorm/lightning alert here… I may be bothering everyone about what happened tonight 🙂 My little towns power goes out if two people fart at the same time


Here is your first update: Paul won in an extra special battle back so he has a 3rd chance now ! 🙂


I live in Detroit and would do almost anything to live in a town like yours.


Sherry…just over 5000 people and no you really wouldn’t. While I’ve been on the sofa all day sick, the storm started just as BB was coming on. We are having high winds (not unusual this time of year after 100’s for 3 weeks) along with rain, thunder and lightning. I fear my trashcan is down the road somewhere and my neighbors grabage has decorated my front lawn…but I really hate high winds with the old half dead tree I have


I think we must live in the same place because this exactly my life last night.


Sherry, Detroit is a vibrant and energized city. I love it. I know there is a long way to go to change the residential neighborhoods, but it is a city that is really great to live in now.


i’m sorry wolfwoman but that fart comment made me literally like LOL 🙂

Tide Pods for Supper

Here we go again, man you make me laugh!


Oh my God Jessica has no social skills. That was the most awkward 45 second interview ever. I don’t even think I could make myself watch the long version. Just so cringe.


She’s all titt1es no brain.


Did anyone hear her say ‘Like’…?


That was THE shortest interview ever, I don’t think it was even 45 seconds!

Jess showed how truly unplugged she was from the game with her answers.
She obviously THOUGHT she knew what was going on in the game, when in fact the exact opposite was occurring.


Like “Yay”.


Have they showed any footage from the jury house? It seems there’s very little coverage on that this season.

Roll Tide

That was always a favorite part of the show.


Yes they showed Jack, Kat and Sis in jury so far.


Just a question and answer with each juror and one bit showing the place they are kept


Hope Nicole doesn’t blow this chance to get rid of Jackson or Christie


Of course she’ll blow it. She’s so infatuated with a Michie she’ll do whatever he wants. She’ll be the next one out the door. Idiot

another bad creation



Simon you forgot to add the “(F*** YEAH!)” after “Christie evicted”


Omg! Nicole!! Please put up Crusty and Tommy!!!

Kat's Alien Bitch



Woohoo Nicole

Dakota Barb


Kat's Alien Bitch

Nicole will put up Miche and Tommy (prediction)
She should put up Tommy and Christie

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Nicole flipped the script!Rewrite!Rewrite!


I hope one wins the POV and Jackson goes up as a replacement

Dakota Barb

Will not matter….they don’t have the votes to evict Jackson. Finally Crysty and TomTom will be split up!!!!


Don’t matter Jackson would have the votes to stay .


OMG Nicole!!! I’ve never screamed at my tv more!! Way to go girl!!! You deserved this!


Simon, do you have a shrine cranked up tonight ? Could Crusty be finally gone?

Dakota Barb

GOOD BYE Crysty, don’t let the door hit you in the A&& on the way out!!!!



Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

No more eating gifs!


thank god! simon keep those damn things in the vault! lol


Got to say I think this season is the best houseguests have been at “What the Bleep”. With Christie going I think Jackson has won Big Brother because I don’t think the others will be able to get him out now


Nicole just handed the game to him. She had one chance to get him out and she blew it. stupid.


We can hope


Too funny. Like either have a snowball’s chance in hell. That’s why Jackson and Holly picked them.

The Beef

Right up until Christie choked on that last question, which may have been the easiest one of the entire contest! How the Hell did she miss that?


She second guessed herself. She had it.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Christie going home on Nicole’s HOH would be fricken awesome.


Just putting this out there, but with Jess going, then Nicole HOH with her noms, Cliff in the clutch, and Christie on her way out………………………………………………………………………………………….(in Dr Will’s excited trampoline voice) THIS MAY BE THE GREATEST DOUBLE EVICTION EVER IN THE HISTORY OF BB!!!!!!


In a double does Nicole still get her rewards of hoh? like her pictures and letter from home?i forget


Yes she gets a basket and pictures but not the room.


Yes she gets her basket and letter


Yeah she will still get her basket. 🙂



Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Now they need Tommy to win HOH and take out Jackson.

DE time! Let's Go!!!

Literally WORST SEASON EVER!!! MOST BORING DOUBLE IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM OUT…. In what world do u always do exactly what the Hoh wants every week… No blindesides, no going against the house or hoh….. Cant stand to even watch one more epusode its soooooo BAD and predictable! Congrats Jackson uve prob just won the whole season….. cant stand jackson, holly or cliff…. christie is annoying n nicole is just along for the ride…


In one or two m.ore evictions, J and H may be looking at sending each other home. Cliff and Nicole could easily move on with Tommy


Yes this season has been a lot of what the hoh wants but for tonight to be your last straw shows you are likely just a Christie fan angry she got sent out (maybe jessica but I haven’t seen many of her fans). Nicole wasn’t going to vote against her partner cliff and be a solo act with two couples (michie&holly tommy&christie) and a jess. Holly wasnt going to vote out Jessica seeing how she’s been up Christie’s ass and targeting her showmance. Those votes alone mean jess was leaving regardless.
Nicole winning hoh had a choice of nominating either of the other pairs and in my mind made the right choice. Cliff would take her to final 2. Either couple would take her to final 3 over cliff. If she noms jackson and holly I think she hits the block this week if the surviving houseguest wins hoh. If she noms Tommy and Christie and her target Christie goes home tommy wont target her with an hoh win. Also by eliminating christie I think tommy takes her to final two now also. So out of the 5 remaining houseguest 3 take her to final two (herself cliff and Tommy). As far as cliff holly and Jackson voting Christie out it was more personal than game but it certainly wasn’t cause that is who nicole wanted out.


Give me a break, tonight was awesome!!! Christie should’ve been out a long time ago, yay Nicole!!!


However….. Christie wasn’t a threat in the game. But will be in the jury house. She’ll do what she does best. Mess up the final five games. And all her clueless BFF will go along for the we were screwed & it isn’t fair ride bs.

g Love


Jackson's Only Fan

Hallelujah! Finally.

Danger Will Robinson

FINALLY!!! The wicked witch is DEAD!!!!! Nicole, YOU are a BOSS!!!!!! Waited a long time for this…..


Totally agree and it was so exciting to watch her win… Plus she will do down in history and Crusty will be so embarrassed over the fact that she went on NICOLES HOH…. the one they passed off and dismissed the entire game… I am so proud of her that she won.. and gathered the balls to get crusty out!! It was a good episode for once……GO NICOLE!!

Last Season was Better

Bye Jess and Christie. Good job Nicole and Cliff.


Can the BB Comics comp PLEASE be part of the live feeds!


NO MORE…Like…..Jessica….Like…always like…saying like in every conversation. NO MORE…of Christy constantly flipping her hair. …and I hope not too much longer of Tommy screaming “O MMMYYY GOD” !!!!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“O MMMYYY GOD…high kick, high kick!”




Jess was embarrassingly clueless on her exit interview and will really feel stupid walking into the jury house.
Christie walking into jury and telling them NICOLE took her out is going to shock the ish outta people.
And NONE of them had the guts!

Sally B

Haven’t you noticed? For the past several weeks Tommy’s constant “OH MY GOD!!!” has been replaced with “Oh my GOSH!!” Strange, but not really, considering how ultra PC this has all become. Someone probably complained. Whatever…..

Nannie Loves BB

Damned Hurricane Dorian coverage means I missed the double eviction. Thank you BB Online for the updates!

Comic cutie

Same here! So thankful for Simon and Dawg.


And the sad part is we had continuous coverage and most of what they did was talk about and reshow the news conferences from the last couple of days. They also showed that people weren’t out in the street and it was raining…

Itsa Hogg

Way to go Nicole!





Kat's Alien Bitch

Glad C is gone: but man there are 5 left and Miche and H have won a ton of comps. And they both play in the next HOH.


I am quite literally crying right now!! (; _ 😉


All bad

The Beef

LOL! Big thumbs up for you Mav! I swear on my sisters life I’d give you 10 if I could!


Thanks Beef !

Go Christy

The DE sux. If they had given her a few days to manipulate Nicole and Cliff she would have stayed.

Anyways, its not over. Vote Christy AFP !!!

Tissues please?

Poor thing…. Someone please hand Crusty’s sister a tissue….LMAOOOOO
You did bring some serious comic relief for sure


Swaggy and Bayleigh hosting veto next week. Bet there will be a cliche’ proposal next week.


He already proposed

Swaggie's Missing Brow

The network throwing them a bone? I know they lobbied very hard to get onto The Amazing Race, which is what he said he was aiming for all along.


Didn’t he propose in the finale last year?

another bad creation

They are happily engaged and getting married this year! Thank god they didn’t pay attention to all the haters! They living their best life and people who have no life still probably hating lol

The Beef

Which parents basement they living they best life in? Pimpin’ ain’t easy when all you got to sell is SwaggyC tee shirtz!


His babysitting career must be going great. Who wouldn’t want to leave their kids with that idiot.


I thought I heard Julie say they’ll be here Sunday for the HOH comp…which means they’re there right now?


According to Kaitlyn, they just moved to LA


Gang gang


Best possible, now let’s have some fun. Tommy wins puts Mellon head and hol up and one of them goes home.

SD Bird

Awkward Arrivals at Jury!!


Underestimated Nicole had a hand in both evictions : 0
My Heart is Singing


FINALLY!!!!!!! 5th times the charm…..buhbye Crusty! So proud of Nichole….she handled that like A BOSS!!! now Tommy can win HOH and take out Jackson?!? (hopefully!)

Brenda Little

Tommy is more of a threat to everyone left in the house. Plus he has a great social game. Kristie wasn’t a threat in any way besides being annoying. They had a chance to get rid of tommy but didn’t. As I’ve predicted all year Tommy will win this game! Even if Tommy and Michie are final 2 the house will vote for Tommy. I’d rather see cliff or Nicole to win personally but that would be a tall order lol

The Beef

Please explain to me this great social game play Tommy has exhibited. Seriously, what has he done “socially” to make his game any better than anybody else still in the game? If you mean he is well liked, I think Nicole has him beat with many of the people on the jury. If you mean avoiding the almighty “getting blood on his hands” by throwing comps and trying to get others to do his dirty work, he would lose points in my book for playing that type of game, but that’s a personal opinion.

Tommy is on his own now and his next move will likely be his last move, unless he can win the next two veto’s and make it to the final 3 (or win 1 HOH and 1 veto, otherwise he is gone).

If Nicole or Holly make it to Final 2 they will get Jess’ vote (girl power!!!! BARF). Tommy would get Christie’s vote for sure and possibly Sis, but who else? If Hollie and Michie don’t make the final 2 (if one of them does obviously the others vote goes to them), I think they will vote for either Niccole or Cliff over Tommy. Nick is pissed at Tommy too and unlikely to give him a vote if he made it to final 2, certainly not against Nicole. Kat will vote for Holly if she makes it, but I don’t know who she votes for among the others because M and T left her out of Gr8tful, but she got her feelings hurt when Cliff made the deal to send her to jury (and Nicole voted against her). I think Jack is a wild card who may be the only juror who truly votes based on game play, but it depends on who’s sitting in those seats.

I get jury management, but I also get that the nature of the game is that everyone except one person has to be eliminated for there to be a winner, and to me, the person that wins the comps, works with other people to acquire the numbers and secure the votes to accomplish those eliminations best, should win the game. Unfortunately, due to bitterness and lack of sportsmanship on the losers part, and sometimes due to lack of tact on the victors part, we end up with undeserving winners. We also end up with a completely over blown focus on social games, blood on hands, and getting someone else to take the shot, leading to too many thrown comps, too many people voting with “the house” and a chicken shit game of Big Brother, IMHO.


I am sooo glad Christie is gone but they should have voted out Tommy. He has won more comps than Christie and he is wwaaayyyy more likable than she is so he would get more jury votes than she would in a final 2 situation. They could have gotten rid of her pretty much anytime.


Game wise I agree, but having her a$$ out of the house made me Hollar for joy , I dislike her sooo much, I totally 100% stopped watching feeds, it made me angry hearing her voice , lying on her sisters life, watching her eat !!


And NICOLE takes out Christie? Lol
Nicole told Bella about Christie…she went home
Nicole told Nick about Christie n he went home
Jackson had Christie up after she talked crap on him n Sis went home instead
Nicole told Jess about Christie n she went home
Now Nicole got her out (finally because none of them could). Is that a $500,000 pitch?
Who do u think has the best argument to convince jury so far?


Steve was able to sell it because it was the very last eviction and fresh on everyone’s mind. Nicole needs to follow up and stay on top of the house to be able to pull it off.

The Beef

Remember, as the numbers dwindle down, opportunities for victories increase. Last years winner Kacey won nothing during the first half of the season but won veto after veto when the numbers started to dwindle, allowing her to close ground on Tyler and Angela.


I also think she wasn’t looking to win those early ones unless she felt she needed to. I remember watching a couple comps where she just stopped as soon as the weeks target was out. But now that Nicole and Cliff are always going to play in the veto their chances go up. Tommy and Jackson are the ones most likely to win the physical type challenges but the closer to the end the more likely we’ll see the more mental/luck type ones too.


Christie wasn’t a threat. All the other contestant there are. Instead of her gut, Ncole should have used her brain and took control of the game. She sent Christie to jury and it’ll cost her and or Cliff a half million dollars.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I only watched tonight because I knew it would be a double eviction and I hoped for something to “manifest”…and I was not disappointed.

From reading the tweets during the show, it seems I wasn’t the only one who found this to be the best, most enjoyable episode so far this season. Nicole may just “be along for the ride” but tonight she did what everyone else should have done four times.

Way to go!


Absolutely hilarious when Jackson was drinking his pop while Kristy was speaking. Was waiting for him to ask
Holly to hold his beer (I mean pop) while going to vote.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Gloating was all over his face.


Am I dreaming??

Cliff & Nicole, making it happen when it really matters… whoop-whoop!

See ya Christie, tell the universe we said thanks!


Now her sister can start living again

The Nightmare Is Over!

Somebody finally had the balls to put them both up! Now Nicole has something on her resume, she one the most important HOH and got rid of the person behind everything that happened this season. The Cult Of Christie is over.


To Nightmare, excellent comment!
For sure the nightmare is over.


It wasn’t the moment when Christie was finally evicted, it was the priceless look on her face when she was in the boat room with Nicole, and Nichols told her that she might be going on the block. I’m telling you that made the whole season for me.
It made it all worthwhile!!


Absolutely one of the best moments! She looked shook! And her ears were not manifesting what she wanted to hear
When she tells jury lil ol’ harmless Nicole got her out, I am going to holler out loud!!


They just missed a perfect opportunity to backdoor Jackson. Cliff should have used the veto and voted him out.


Very disappointing. Hard to understand how out of touch with the game Cliff & Nicole are. But then not as much as “like” Jessie “like” etc. …..BB 101.Break up a power couple in a romance. Duh! Oh well. The show has gone downhill since they started the cele one. We don’t even bother watching it. The only way to save the season is for Jackson and or Holly to not take each other to final two. Now that would be epic. In Canada it happen. The guy dropped the girl who ran the game from the start. Then then got married after he won. So a win win in the end.


Exactly! “BB101” lol!


Very exciting nite. Good to see Nicole so happy. To change direction, I think zingbot needs to be funny,
Not CRUEL or else do away with zingbot


Anyone else notice that Crusty got away with an early start to the Thin Ice Comp? Thank goodness it did not help her


I have goosebumps I’m so freaking happy with this outcome!


Literally a dream come true !! Bu bye Christie !


I can start watching feeds again !!!


I can watch feeds while eating a snack now!