Double Eviction Results and Kyra is the New HOH

Double Eviction Results
Este is evicted 3-1. Dane being her one vote
Dane wins the Head of household Nominates Kyra and Damien
Anthony wins the veto doesn’t use it
Damien is evicted 3-0
Kyra wins the head of household.

9:30pm Adam – at least I’ve been working with Kyra these last few weeks while Same has been gone so this is good for me moving forward
Adam – Kyra and Dane have this hopefully that’s legit.. (does a hand signal)

Dane comes in
Adam says if they can really make Kyra believe it’s them three and it really doesn’t makes sense for Adam to take Dane and for Dane to take Adam.
Adam – we know if you (kyra) and me work together we can get there
Dane – we can keep three
DAne – I’ve put them up three times
Dane – Mark should be the target, Anthony has never touched the block
Adam – you know Anthony is going to talk the sh1t out of them *Kyra)
Dane- I know, They’ll listen to you, Always bring up SAm. Play on Sam, Sam wanted this to work out, Sam wanted us three to work together.

9:40pm Adam and Anthony
Talking about PB still being the greatest alliance ever.
Adam – I have no idea what the f* they will do
Adam thinks he might have a better chance. Mentions that Dane put Kyra up 3 times.
Anthony – but they HATE mark
Adam – they hate mark

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By the way = where has the “master’ been all night? no sign of him for hours (odd he just disappeared – must feel so safe)


Glad Kyra won .Time to put up mark and Anthony if one comes down Dane goes up . and if is still there vote him out.


Anthony should go home. He’s so full of himself!


Kyra initially said Mark (target) Dane (pawn) as noms but then when telling AD that Dane brought up the valid point if Ant wins POV & takes down Mark then Adam goes up & they likely vote him out. (HELLO – super fan Kyra – are you just playing your part? or just that keen to take out Dane? OR is Anthony the winner production has already crowned?)

At least this made her realize if she does put up Dane & Adam went home Dane would have no reason to protect her at F4 – would likely win HOH & POV & keep the boys over her. Since she is paranoid these things will percolate although production may force their’ hand b/c ‘they’ simply aren’t being committal which tells me ‘they’ falsely trusts Ant or production already gave ‘them’ the marching orders.

Can we (live feeders) PLEASE just have nice things with Anthony losing his mind as he lands on the block (PLEASE) Just give me that moment since I’m so sick & tired of his condescending treatment, tone & misogynistic behavior all season. If the powers that be happen to read these forums just know you’re viewership will increase 10 fold if it’s Mark/Anthony on the block!


I agree! They’ll vote anyone out on the sense of being a good “social gamer” yet Anthony has been called out for running the house basically and everyone knows he’s never been on the block & has everyone following what he says SO if he isn’t put up ASAP I can only say production has their hand all over this!!! This is getting extremely boring BB, get viewers excited to watch! pathetic! I’m so sick of Anthony acting like he’s god! And sick of MR genius master planner biggest move maker mark! Byeee and byeeee, losers!!!


I know production plays a part or at least I believe they do. BUT, you have to remember anyone not part of the PB alliance has all said they were in an alliance but then talked themselves out of it, for some reason. Kyras’ a superfan? yeah right, I say BS if she is playing this way .. I just can’t see a superfan playing like that. I think Kyra like obnoxious Anthony thinks he will beat everyone in the house. He wont. I don’t think he will beat Adam and he (nor anyone else) certainly wont beat Dane. Everyone seems to like Dane that is in the jury, except maybe Cory. They have all at different times said they liked Dane and with all the wins he has had, so far, just by wins and still keeping friends, Dane sadly has it made. I don’t like anyone in that house right now. I liked Mark up until a couple of weeks ago. But, I think since he started to hang around with Anthony so much he has become as arrogant and obnoxious as Anthony. So, now I don’t like him at all. Adam is pussy IMO he doesn’t seem to be able to do anything or make a decision on his own, who is he playing for? seems like he is playing for Dane to win the prize. After what Damien said to Adam about Mark, if he was smart which he doesn’t seem to be, he should have had Dane and Kyra or Damien vote for mark and broke the tie sending Mark to jury. HGs are always saying they want to go to the end with strong players but when it gets down to it, they go with the weaker person that they know they will beat in the end. I call it now, Kyra will get 2nd place.

another name

battery change after midnight.
anthony has been in d/r for what seems like an hour or more. I doubt he went to bed early.
gee, i guess anthony is going to use ALL the WORDS at Kyra tonight, once he’s out of d/r or by morning.
I can’t possibly be the only one thinking it.
Heck, even Dane noted it.
Statistical Probability analysis still puts Dane at the most risk with Mark right behind him in terms of eviction this week.
What Adam should be doing: gluing himself to Kyra like Kyra glued themselves to Chelsea when they were both on the block.
Adam’s first error, not trying to convince Kyra to take anyone but Anthony to Wendy’s. Giving Anthony time with the hyper suggestible Kyra… stupidity personified.

Guy From Canada

Turned on the feeds and Kyra was talking….,saying now winning HOH, may as well self evict…..I know this was kidding……but only that happened…..if only…..


Ya cause she’s too much of a wimp to make a nominee lol ohhh geez I’m going to make one of my boys mad ? lol lol


Why do they keep saying them? And they? Is that kyras new name?? Lol

Feeds Gold

My reaction to the ‘petty betas’ alliance failing at the last hurdle of achieving their season long obsessive quest(that bored us all sh!tless) of having all 4 betas in final 4…
(or if direct links arent allowed here, google search: Scott’s never gonna give (you) up #BBOTT and click the NotToomsClips twitter video link)
(click unmute on the video for the full epic audio/visual experience)

team young blood forever b!tches!…keeks and her bestie este!


Yea buddy no… I’ll pass on that self promo thanks. The PB are still some of the strongest alliances we’ve seen and you’re just bitter. Este sucked and Kiki sucked even more as players. Kyra, along with the rest of the non PB (and Mark) simply doesn’t deserve to win. Them winning this hoh doesn’t change that. Awful player.

And btw, the “alpha” “beta” talk is really cringy and overrated.