Big Brother 24 Double Eviction Results

We’re in the final stretch of Big Brother 24. Today’s double Will bring us down to 5 people! What a season we had. Combine the last two season and they still are no where near at much fun to watch than this one.

Michael won the Head of Household this week and nominated Terrance and Alyssa. Michael won the Power of veto and kept nominations the same. The rest of the week was filled with Brittany overplaying, Terrance trying to form a cookout and Alyssa being cute. Nothing much more to say here. At this point of the game competitions are very important. With Michael winning all the competitions I find it hard to believe someone won’t take a shot at him if he stop winning. The good news for you Michael fans, The odds are he won’t stop winning.

Jury house segment

Joe – What happened to going to war?

Monte votes to evict Terrance
Brittany votes to evict Terrance
Turner votes to evict Terrance
Taylor votes to evict Terrance

Terrance evicted

Double Eviction Results

Head of Household winner Turner

Nominations are Brittany and Alyssa

Power of Veto winner is Monte

Monte – Michael this week..

Monte uses the power of Veto on Alyssa. Turner nominates Michael.

Brittany and Michael are on the block.

Michael’s speech destroys Brittany

Monte votes to evict Michael
Taylor votes to evict Michael
Alyssa votes to evict Michael
Michael is evicted


Brittany’s when Michael tosses her under the bus

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un autre nom

Get Michael Plan. Oops Michael won.
Britt wants Turner out. Oops Michael won’t. Spiral incoming.
Terrance 2nd place goat target.
Michael wins by 3 minutes and won 6th veto record.
Britt Plan B Spiral. To Turner.
knows Monte is after Britt.
Michael won’t do it. Turner reports too. With twisted information.
Michael doesn’t use veto. Drunk Turner stair fall.
Sleeping Michael on couch as Julie talks about him.
New Alliancing emerges.
Michael doesn’t want to sit next to Terrance.
Terrance says Alyssa is a bigger threat.
Monte says Terrance is the ring leader.
Britt says everyone is out to get Michael and he’s playing nice.
Alyssa is emotional. Flashback three women plotting.
Britt is not willing to put all her eggs in a Michael basket when one lost veto ends that dream.
Taylor visits with Alyssa.
Taylor D/R wants Terrance gone. Taylor and Alyssa discuss four times on the block on eviction day.
FILLER: Turnerism Language. Jasmine’s Birthday super mega disgussin. Eating the muffin super mega bussin.
Terrance says he is all for POC winning. ED. BULLSHIT this is campaign lying.
Taylor D/R sorry Terr, but I’ll be the POC winner for you.
Monte Terrance Talk: Black people united. ON week 9 he wants an emergency cookout when he’s on the block. Terrance and Monte talk about female juors voting illogically and emotionally.
Taylor Monte Talk: Alyssa jury votes valid point. So he isn’t pushing Taylor Monte final 2. He’s saying what if I’m final 2 with Alyssa or Terrance.
Jury visit Incoming, along with Eviction One.
Commercial break at 9:18 ends 9:21.
Indy and her unicorn foatie. good thing Alyssa and Kyle didn’t have that.
Jasmine arrives. Indy figured. Jasmine announces double.
Joseph arrives. Betrayal should have anticipated.
Let’s watch. Split house recap video. They don’t like Britt and Kyle due to emotional manipulation. Twist took them out. Jasmine thinks Kyle is dangerous and cutthroat.
Joseph couldn’t win out over the tagteam. Joseph thinks Michael is playing best.
Terrance Monte or Alyssa expected. Jasmine post debrief is pushing Taylor finals. Joseph wants Kyle evicted.
Kyle arrives. Video. Miniature HOH. Shock face Turner won HOH. Turner noms Taylor and Britt. Michael veto win. Kyle reveals race alliance idea. Compared to Cookout. Indy says use the internet educate yourself. Nobody okay with this. Indy leaves. The idea of WHY and WHEN it was revealed also upsets jurors, they want to know what the process was. Kyle says Turner, Monte and Terrance had the same issue. Kyle says he has to own his own words. Indy returns. No hate from the jurors, but big disappointment.
Soft music forgiveness.
Commercial break at 9:35 ends 9:38.
Who is the target?
Turner spills to Monte (before last episode to Michael). Women might be GilrsGirlsing again. Let’s bro out and power our way to the end. Let’s pull in Michael. Should we pull in Michael?
Gentleman’s Agreement Introduced
Michael sort of buying it. Why would the girls try to form something so late. Let’s run to the end together. Let’s take out the women (like in week one’s Oasis days).
FILLER: Alyssa’s Childhood.
How they grew up. Alyssa had a sand floor and a hammock. Michael couldn’t have colored paint.
FILLER: Job Lies.
Who lies about job. Taylor? Says they saw her photo with sash. Monte is mech. engineer. Monte questions Michael. not an escape room guy. Says he designs rooms too. doesn’t admit Lawyer.
Gentleman’s Agreement Meet:
Women combination on the block. Turner wants to take out Britt nomming Britt and Taylor (he promised Taylor safety). Monte would nom Britt and Alyssa. ED. if veto isn’t won by Michael Michael is renom in their last talk.
Commercial break at 9:48 ends 9:51.
Terrance: Miss wife and family. Everyone lies to me. Terrance says Jury threat.
Alyssa: Family every day. Best summer, keep me if I benefit you. Terrance good friend.
Evict Terrance:
Monte. Britt. Turner. Talyor.
By a vote of 4-0, TERRANCE is evicted.
Terrance does a Daniel. No goodbyes.
Commercial break at 9:57 ends 10:01.
Terrance Julie chat:
Pulled a Daniel as homage, and because pissed.
Chose Alyssa because he’s a social powerhouse. 5 time nominated Social powerhouse.
Worked being a nom into his game. Michael tenacity and drive is respectable. Why your veto choice: bridging the “sell-out” Taylor gap. Terrance most loyal to Daniel and Nicole.
GBM: Michael. Taking you out takes out the end game threat. Turner: didn’t pick me for veto. Taylor: hope to have your vote. Alyssa: friendship. Britt: I wanted someone else out. Monte: Taylor wasn’t on board with keeping you.
Terrance loved the experience. Terrance wants Taylor evicted.

BB24 WEEK 9a.jpg

Snoozefest in 3,2,1

un autre nom

10:06: Final Six Congratulations. Bad News: Live Double Eviction.
Go to backyard for the HOH.
HOH BOOTH COMP: Laser Focus.
Commercial at break at 10:08 ends 10:14.
Michael kisses ring.
Sequence of lights. Simon Basically with 6 colors.
1) blue. all get point. 2) pink. Alyssa wrong 3) Orange: women wrong.
4) white: women wrong. 5) green: all correct. 6) Red: men wrong.
7) Pink. Britt and Turner correct. Turner 6 points, Britt had 5 points.
Turner tells Alyssa pawn, everyone is on board, don’t worry. You aren’t going anywhere.
Commercial break at 10:24 ends 10:26
Turner noms Alyssa and Britt.
Commercial break at 10:28 ends 10:34
Untangle the wire to plug in your amp.
Michel tried to run too soon. Taylor tried to run too soon. Turner tried to run too soon. Michael too soon. Monte and Turner too soon.
Monte is taking down Alyssa to get rid of Michael. Just like Britt waned for days continuously last week.
Commercial break at 10:40 ends 10:45
Monte removes Turner from the block. Michael pleads for Monte, then Turner to be loyal.
Michael is the renom. Has to open up first place.
Commercial break at 10:47 ends 10:49
Britt: Keep me I can be an asset.
Michael: Britt under the bus. Don’t let them have the move Taylor and Alyssa.
Britt in tears. Shocked Michael bussed her.
Evict Michael:
Monte. Michael. Taylor.
MIchael pulls a Daniel.
Needed to win comps he didn’t want to at beginning but was the first target.
Everything he said about Britt was what they house already knew.
Doesn’t want to go to Jury.
In house: Britt in tears for a reason for once.

BB24 WEEK 9b.jpg

So what was Michael’s speech exactly that had Britt in tears? I don’t have a way to watch episodes right now.

un autre nom

She’s a liar, she’s been backstabbing everybody all week. She can’t be trusted. Alyssa, Taylor if you keep her, Monte and Turner are going to gun for you and Take her to third place because she’s so easy to beat.
In his one on one to Alyssa he said even Britt’s career is a lie.


Does anyone know what Michael was saying to Monte after the commercial break? Michael was saying something about Monte putting up an LGBTQ person. That was all you could hear. Wondering if anyone was watching the feeds during the commercial.

Bye Michael

She was already tearing up when they were nominated. The full on vet was after Michael’s speech.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Terrence played a lazy horrible game and was a sore loser to the end. Michael sort of showed his true colors and walked out without saying goodbye. But he calmed down a bit with Julie admitting he didn’t blaim them and they should have gotten him out, as they did.


I love that jasmine and Joe already know Michael saying it when he did is shady af. Praying he doesn’t win this veto and Britt doesn’t win hoh so he can go home tonight


Lets go baby this is why Monte has been my favorite since week 1 its about time Michael is gone


It’s funny they mad at Kyle for thinking a all people of color alliance. But Terrance Monte and Taylor now talking about a people of color alliance. He was right it was all game strategy by Michael and Brit to save themselves


There was a partial lack of context. Terrence was trying to do the Way-too-late “Let me be nice to Taylor” bit so he wouldn’t be evicted even though Taylor holds grudges and there’s a “few” things that made Terrence be in her hit list


Really Jim?

Scorpio Goddess

No. Just hell no. They have every right to be upset with how for trying to start a race war. Monte and Terrance hated (hates) Taylor, and Joe has really just been on his own. Stop trying to validate Kyle’s blatantly racist way of thinking.

Grape Banana

Racism is wrong regardless of the motivation or pigments of the person; try to be consistent.

Big Brother Blizzard

If it’s not acceptable to speculate on there being an all black alliance or an all non-white alliance, it shouldn’t be acceptable to speculate on there being an all women alliance or an all men alliance. I suppose several past big brother and survivor players will be coined as sexist for being paranoid about all women/men alliances.


It’s certainly OK to speculate based on indications and evidence but it was CLEAR Terrence and initially Monte had no love for Taylor so to speculate in that account would purely be unconscious bias on Kyle’s part. Period


I may be the only one to think this but the transition during the Kyle part of the Jury segment from one emotion to another was awkward


Clearly heavily edited for sure


Lol. BB Showing the “3-man alliance” without context of what happened right before. This is not a real alliance


It’s amazing how quickly the jury came to the conclusion to blame the messenger and forgive Kyle without hearing any of the story. Sure that looked authentic. Can they stop wasting time with the fluff, that would be bussin.


JFC. Terrence was acting like an idiot from start to finish so I shouldn’t be surprised by how he exited


This episode is dragging so badly. They have less than an hour for HOH, veto, and eviction now.


Rooting for Michael in veto


His (Terrance) false ego was a wonder to observe. As if he was EVER a factor.


Wait…Turner mentioned Brittany? I am assuming it is because of her wacky week


Well, I like the veto comp music:)


Bye Michael


You must like bad tv….

Mike Honcho

No, we just don’t like the Michael show every week.


If there was ever a time to put an gif of evil laughter now would be the time considering what is about to happen


crap… they are going after Michael for sure. ugh rather see Brittany go.


Boooo.its always double evictions that gets the best players


Wooooowww!!! I am f**king gagged right now!!!! Yaaaas Monte!! Michaels been great but this is the move for their game!!!! Hyped!!


You saw Michael’s reaction. He knew what was about to happen


Totally all over his face!!!! Byeeeee


Oh man that was awesome! Monte just jumped over Turner to be my favorite player. This was such a beautiful thing to behold. The look on both Michael and Brittany’s faces through the whole eviction. Ha! Loved it!


Heres hoping allissa steals the votes and wins it all


This season aside what kind of player do you think deserves to win BB? Someone with decent social skills? Comp skills? Strategy? A combination? All? Someone without significant negatives?

Imo under this rubric it’s why we object to floaters winning. Many of them have excellent social games but can’t win a comp to save their lives. Yet the lack of comp skills is often seen as disqualifying.

My view: early strong alliance, decent strategy, very good comp skills and at least good social skills are all necessary components to win. I also consider when the comp wins take place: if after the strongest players are knocked out *I* count them less. Strategy: alliances and not being a target. And not annoying the other HGs.

On those metrics Michael did very well—except for winning too much early on and thus becoming an identifiable threat. That forced him to carry Brit so he essentially became two votes. Brit should have been happy with second given her poor performance; now she’ll get nothing. Greed can be like that. I like Brit but… so it goes. Pity she spiraled this last week. Just maybe it would have made a difference. Also the veto was NOT her comp. It should have been Taylor’s or Turner’s…

Anyway that’s my take; given Michael’s fate. What’s yours?

Guy From Canada

Floaters who are friendly social but don’t talk game are boring. People who are positional, talk game and have strategy are loved. Floater is too vague a term that is thrown around…….


Originally BB didn’t have the comps like now. What was the criteria before veto iyo?

The game was initially set to be a “social” experiment and competition and didn’t involve veto initially.

Wondering if the “wins” affects the viewing of the social aspect?

Original BB was like 90 episodes n no veto. So in essence everyone could be considered a floater at one time or another.

Enjoyed reading your insight.


Potato Monte finally falls into a win i guess it was bound to happen someday.


Woot, woot! Karma!

Michael is not the great player people have been saying.

He said it himself. If he had a better strategic and/or social game, he would not need to be beasting it to the end.

That never, ever works. They always lose one.

Monte has been the sleeper. He nearly won HOH and pretty much crushed the veto.

M was too low key last week. He knew he had no other game besides winning comps to the end.

He totally threw Brit under the bus. Sleaziest eviction speech ever.

This is in line with what I’ve been saying since his Kyle move.

He is entitled and unscrupulous.


Bullshit…he stomped these idiots week after week it took them 3 months to finally take him down and a team effort….if Turner had any balls he would have told Monte to stick it and put allissa up and then worked with Michael to assure that he doesnt get put out by Taylor who has him on her short list next week. I would have taken my chances at getting out the unknowns atleast you know your enemy in Michael now where do you go.


Bitter, much?

Mike Honcho

Bullshit… Michael had the opportunity to take out monte during brochella and last week and chose not to. He also used a personal reputation attack to hijack another players HOH. Other than winning comps, poor game play all around.


That boy’s alliance—had Michael actually meant it—was the only reliable way for Monte and Turner to reach F3. As it stands the girls might win mental comps (actually, they might beat Monte in physical comps too, he hasn’t exactly been a fearsome competitor); well, maybe not Alyssa…
Michael’s eviction speech wasn’t fun to listen to but it was a hail Mary and his last hope. Pity he didn’t take a moment to whisper “that was just game” to Brit before his quick exit—which I don’t blame. They were all liars & weasels (which was also game—the holier than thou crap was not!) but he didn’t. I doubt he meant to hurt Brit any more than Joseph wanted Taylor to be hurt (thank you saint Kyle).
Anyway, I’m expecting BB to be a hell of a lot less interesting for the next two weeks and I’ll be less… invested in the show. I know who I’m voting for AFP now, though. Turner was a contender but no longer. Not as “punishment” but because Michael was booted, can’t make F3 and is most deserving imo.


Michael is an attorney. His timing regarding Kyle. His sleaze ball speech to Brittany. Enough said!!

Bye Michael

Michael you bitter bish! Lol


I can partially excuse Michael’s exit because of him being upset (I think partly at himself)


The hurt on Brit’s face right now (Michael cut throat on live tv)


She was having a breakdown throughout and about to go over the edge in that seat, when he just pushed her off.

Bye Michael

I absolutely LOVED tonight’s show. Michael’s true colors shown bright! So back to the timing of the “cook out” issue?


Poetic justice.
Timing was gross and can’t be explained away.

illegal smile

Love this season. Keep it going I definitely want a Taylor/Brittany win now just for the show.


omg what are you crying about Brittany. You did talk to people about getting Michael out. lol


So Simon, do you think my prediction of Turner winning Big Brother will happen ?


Honestly, I thought Turner would go far at the beginning thinking he would be the villain (was wrong about that) and then once I got the sense that Kyle and Michael would cancel each other out with their rivalry I predicted Turner would win


If he survives next week, he has a great chance.


This is a major HOH…if Monte doesn’t win one of the guys are going home.


I’m not happy he is gone because I liked how he played. I am rooting for this 3 and for now I’d love to see Taylor and Turner Duke it out for jury votes. I think Turner has the best chance of winning out of everyone now.


can taylor win? so much of the jury hates her. i think alyssa has a better chance of winning than taylor (or brittany).


This has not been a boring season at all but this season I want a live cam in the Jury House just to see the other jury members react to Michael now being in the Jury House and Terrence having to cancel his “Let me poison the jury” crap


Let’s go….Taylor? Yeah, she has somehow become the most deserving of the win. Turner is a close second for getting Michael out. Monte is boring. Alyssa’s a joke. Britney is a mess.

Buh Bye

I hope whoever drags Alyssa or Britney to final 2 loses in a landslide. It’s sooooooo boring when the best players don’t get to the end. Would’ve loved to see Turner vs Michael or Monte vs Michael in the finale. At that point I don’t care who wins …


I couldn’t agree more—although I kind of see Monte as an empty gun: noisy but nothing much comes out. His veto win Thursday was a big deal but it took all season for what, his second win? And his strategic/social game isn’t worth much (Turner’s social is far better for all that his strategic sucks).

At this point I’m unenthusiastically rooting for Turner mainly because he’s fun to watch and is the best remaining competitor.

Good grief BB24

Brittany’s facial expressions keep me entertained …. And not in a good way.




I honestly don’t know who to root for now…Turner is not the best player left, despite what people think, I think Monte is better for the win for the men and Brittany for the women. Brittany didn’t hide behind Michael’s wins, she lucked out partnering with a comp beast but strategized as much as he did. I haven’t liked Taylor’s game play since her chaotic HOH and Alyssa played Big Showmance, not BB this season. I would like to see Monte and Taylor in Final 2, not for Cookout reasons, but equal game play.


He’s GONE!!!! Yahooooooo!!!


Micheal showed his real colors in the end. POS!! Hope this moment haunts you the rest of your life.


Complete sleeze ball, but he is a lawyer after all. And did I hear correctly but I thought I heard when Turner was about to put him up as the replacement Michael was trying to use him (Michael) being LGBT as a reason for Turner to not put him up. I could hear Turner saying something like “Michael I support the LGBT community”. Maybe I misunderstood but if he was trying to use that to guilt Turner into not putting him up then he’s even worse than I imagined.


Michael bent over backwards to treat Turner especially well the previous two weeks. He chose Turner for movie night (hoping, as he observed, to garner good will); he honored his word not to put him on the block—a promise he didn’t need to make and in a house that is now full of back-stabbers, he could have easily over-ridden with a back door. All the while Turner was planning for weeks to backdoor Michael the moment he got the chance. If Turner felt guilty he had a reason; but it’s big brother—what Turner did was every bit as legit as every move Michael made. It is game. After 24 seasons one would hope this isn’t shocking!

Avid watcher

Silly. He knew he was going. Had to say whatever to stay in the game. And he didn’t lie. He got played and he played himself by winning too much.

The Kats Meow

One of the best players in years taking out on Turner’s HOH, has to be a feather in his cap if he makes it to F2. My only concern is him going into F2 against Alyssa or Monte. Alyssa has too many jury votes on lockdown and Monty was just more socially popular than Turner was. I think Turner can easily beat Brittany or Taylor in F2. Right now Turner and Taylor are probably the last HG’s I can legitimately root for. Big kudos to Michael for a hell of a game.


Took out Michael, Kyle, and Ameerah with his 3 HoH wins (All touted to be candidates to win it all), first HOH helped lead to formation of leftovers who steamrolled for a while, only nominated once despite being a key player and decent competitor with I believe the 2nd most wins under his belt.. and even then, the house was split, if not for the twist I think he’d be sitting with all that on his resume and 0 nominations.

I wasnt big on Turners gameplay during the twist (albeit like a lot of others, probably due to my bias of who I preferred him working with), however it definitely has ended up benefiting him a lot more than I had imagined. With Michael gone and him unable to play HoH itll certainly be the most danger hes been in yet, but if Turner can make it past this week I think hes got a really good chance of winning it all.

Although Monte I think has played a great underrated game as well, and Idk if anybody beats Taylor If she does make it, hard not to respect coming from the absolute bottom week one and making the finale.

Honestly people are upset, and I’m ngl I was pulling for Michael, but I think this makes for a much more interesting and unpredictable final 5. Feels like it could really be anybodys game excited for these last few weeks!


SO glad Michael is gone.


See y’all next season, I’m out! Don’t care who wins now. I hope Brittney Paloma’s herself and self evicts. Just for spite, I hope Taylor and Alyssa go after Brittney self evicts. Yes, I’m bitter!

Mike Honcho

Now you see how many of us felt with Kyle leaving over BS


Thanks for a perfectly fantastic BB summer Michael!! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding and I feel fortunate to have stuck around for more than my usual 1 week to watch the brilliance of your game.

Sadly, you were just too much of a threat. Now some float will win, which is usual and customary on these reality game shows!

And congrats also for accomplishing the new record of most vetoes in a single season.

Keep up your good work as a Public Defender!

(Maybe Michael will actually find this and read it!!)

Adios to you all, It’s Been..

Big Brother Fan

Bye Hayden!


I am looking forward to the week of Brittany not having a clue what to do without Michael there to carry her.


That gif of Brit at the end is everything! Great double eviction episode.

Bye Michael

This was the best… Brit crying and Michael begging. This couldn’t have played out any better. Monte for the win! Teamwork makes the dream work! #turnermonte


My bootlist from the 19th of August: “Monte for the win! Boot list: Kyle-Terrance-Alyssa-Taylor-Michael. Final 3 Brit-Monte-Turner – Final 2: Turner/Monte Votes for Monte 7 to 3”
So it’s I thought Michael would be out at 4 not at 6. We’ll see if final 3 are Brit, Monte, Turner. Brit is the best goat, as Alyssa has friends in jury.


Regarding M’s eviction being on Turner’s resume.

Turner was really nervous about it. He was anxiously telling Monte to be really certain of the votes so that Turner doesn’t get targeted next week.

Base on that, I think Monte should get most of the credit for tonight. As long as he can make that clear to the jury, if he and Turner are F2.

Monte was fully confident and focused. He could have been just as targeted, but he was not thinking that way.


Completely agree. Monte made this happen. I think if Turner had won the veto, Michael would still be in the house right now. He didn’t look like he had the guts to do it. Really disappointed in him not being all in. Thank God for Monte! And this is coming from a big Turner fan.

un autre nom

Yup, Britt is a bag of cats Hyperhypnotoad.. but her read of the house dynamic was always superior to Michael’s. He was warned so many times it was sickening. But let’s take out Terrance. Let’s play it out:
If Monte or Turner had been renom, who would MOST likely still be in the house given HOH comp and veto comp. Britt was second in HOH. Michael was second in Veto. Terrance might have been a factor in HOH. Might not have been.
Oh well, at least he kept his word to a guy that lied to him. Eyeroll.
Sorry. Been calling that a mistake for almost a week, and so I feel very entitled to point it out. It’s bad when you have the graphics prepared on Monday night for the Thusday episode.

Captain Kirk

What do you know…lol ? ! ? !

Interesting (quite bizarre, really) to hear Michael (right before commercial break) complaining to Turner that Turner had “promised” never to put up “another LBGQT person” on the block.

From the guy that was holding the “race card” in his pocket (Michael) against alleged Kkkyle now pulls out a LBGQTABCXYZWTF card out of his crack in an effort to save himself !



Damn! I was right! I thought I heard him saying something like that. Disgusting that he would try to use that to stay in the house. This man has no scruples. And how bitter can you be just walking out of the house like that and not even giving Brittany a hug. And after all of them just calling Terrance out on that an hour earlier lol. Ugh so glad he’s out!

Captain Kirk

YOU heard right, but WHO in that house has ANY scruples?? LOL

What I’m puzzled about is why do these contestants (and viewers) keep referring to BB as a “game” ??

This so-called “game” seems to me to be nothing more than a sociological experiment for studying human behavior when a little money is dangled in their face.

The “game” is predicated on lying, weaseling, misrepresentation, cheating, backstabbing, faking ankle injury (lol), pitting males vs females, Blacks vs Whites, and a host of other disgusting behaviors that are too long to fully enumerate here.

Thus, arguably, one could say that having these character traits and disposition is nothing but a predicate for being on BB in the first place.!!!! So, why are you surprised??

But for the rest of us, it’s free and cheap entertainment at the expense of others (although i do miss watching Indy). (yummy). LOL

un autre nom

He was throwing what Turner said to Michael in the HOH room back in his face. While trying to convince Michael that he should final 3 with Monte and Turner, and final 2 with Turner, it was Turner that said he couldn’t live with himself if he took out another LGBT individual, and it would be fire if they made it to the end together.




Joe was super bitter towards Kyle (prior to finding out about the racist comments).

Poor sport, very unseemly.

His facial expressions were childish.

It’s a game, no reason to make it personal.

Sweet and friendly is great, but grace is even more important.


Michael should of nominated Monte and Turner last week. What was he thinking?

Mike Honcho

He had two solid chances to take out monte, last week and most importantly at brochella. But he played a poor game all around besides winning comps, so I’m not surprised

Houka Inumuta

I can’t believe Michael lost becuase of a stoner of all people.




Bitter Kyle fans still can’t get over the fact that he said something stupid and it came back to bite him, that you trash the guy who hands down was going to win the game if he got there.

If he was so bad at the game, why was he everyone’s target except for laser eyes? Hell Daniel knew week 1. He said himself tonight, he had to win to survive early. By then it was too late. It didn’t matter who he took out this week. If he lost any Veto he was going home.

Your precious Kyle threw every alliance under the bus except for the After Party because he wasnt given the chance to. But he was doing whatever to survive right? His game, even in the bedroom, had plenty of ups and downs but ended prematurely.

Pretty sure Janelle’s game took some time for people to respect. Hopefully over time you realize how great this season has been and respect the gameplay all around.


That song Bye, Bye, Bye Michael. Whew I am so glad that opportunity presented itself when it did. They got comp beast out just in time. Lol loved how he tossed Britt-flea-bag under that freight train of a wreck. Just disappointed on how rest of the players consoled Britt after Michael’s bolting exit.


It looked like Michael was way in the lead in veto. Heard monte say michaels rope broke. Doesn’t seem like a fair win.