Jag – “Out of the three of them Bowie will for sure take us to the final 3” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Matt is putting Felicia and Cirie on the block with Felicia being the target. As it stand now if veto is used a Momma goes.

10:00 am Houseguests are mostly up.
Jag – I’m so thankful that the outside it open.
Jag thinks this means it’s a basement veto.

10:05 am Matt and Jag
Matt – I couldn’t get to bed until 7
Jag – Same I was up
Matt – just thinking about everything
Jag – Dude I’m so excited about this.. I’m so happy for you
Matt – it was a nice letter..
Jag says seeing Reilly’s picture and letter after Matt winning HOH feels like his two best friends in the house.
Matt complains about Felicia always coming up for meetings.
Jag points out that right now he’s having his meeting with him.
Matt says for next week as long as one of them wins veto they make it to final 3.
Jag goes on about how one of their three have to win the veto.
Jag – out of the three of them Bowie will for sure take us to the final 3.
Matt – I’m just scared of her teaming up with Cirie and coming after us
Jag – no she’s not going to do that.
Jag – we had to win this HOH I don’t know about Cirie and Felicia. Blue had been in Cirie and Felicia’s ear.
Matt trying to figure out if they should let Cirie win the next HOH.
Jag – Whoever wins HOH they are going to be in the final three at this point.
Jag – for next week there’s three ways to make it to the final 3, Winning HOH, Winning Veto or having the vote.
Jag – for you there’s two ways you can’t play in the HOH.
Jag says maybe Bowie should win HOH put the two of them up maybe that will make her feel comfortable to not win the veto.
Jag – teh Veto LOW KEY is the most powerful, the veto is 3v1 the HOH is 2v1, Veto will be easier it’s me, you and Bowie versus Cirie.
Jag – this next HOH I’m going to get it..
They high five.

Jag – I’m not screwing that one up.
Matt – the MOMMAs are going to campaign to me today it’ll be either Bowie or you.
Matt will tell Cirie “don’t worry you are the pawn.. Jag no brainer, Bowie didn’t put me up when she was HOH she could have. Therefore I can’t put Bowie up.
Jag – Cirie will ask what if Felicia wins Veto? you are going to say Bowie goes up and Bowie goes home?
Matt – I’ll have to
Jag – what will you tell Felicia?
Matt – do I tell her we’re backdooring Bowie?
Jag – does the backdoor even make sense?
Matt – I don’t want Bowie to get nervous and play her hardest in this veto.
Matt – what if I say I’m backdooring you?
Jag – they won’t believe it.
Jag – Tell Felicia ‘I want Bowie gone she doesn’t have to sit on the block for that to happen the only thing that has to happen is she doesn’t win the veto”
Mat t- the better chance for her to not feel like she needs to win the veto is if she’s not on the block.
Jag adds to tell her that whoever wins the veto Bowie will go home.
Jag – at this point, like LOOK, there’s five of us. Once we win the veto I don’t even think it has to be a blindside. It could be but I don’t think it has to.
Matt – what do you mean?
Jag – let’s say tomorrow I win the veto.
Matt – keep the noms the same
Jag – yeah, it’s not a blindside
Matt – for Felicia it is. She’ll be like ‘I had a weird feeling, she’ll play a guilt trip and try to make us all feel guilty she did that yesterday already’
Jag – that was so weird. At this point we just need to win the veto. The three of us have to pull out another win.
Matt – I got 6 you got 8 that’s 14 (comp wins holy sh1t)
Jag – that’s pretty good. those are good numbers
The talk about being in the final 2 as the “minutemen” and it being “So Iconic”

Matt – Three more comps before the final.
Jag – we’re going to make it happen.
Feeds cut. When we’re back they are planning their strategy to win the final HOH.
Matt called to the Diary room

11:00 am Cirie and Bowie
They talk about how happy Matt was to see the picture of Reilly and get the letter. They liked seeing him so happy. Talk shifts to sh1tting on Felicia.
Bowie – yesterday telling Blue, what a silly move (Felicia told Blue she was being evicted)
Bowie we know what she did it. She’s selfish
Cirie – it was her spirit
Bowie – She didn’t care about Blue that’s not why she did it. She’s no fooling anyone. She was so paranoid yesterday.
Cirie – before yesterday before it started. Just speak of the devil put her into a tailspin
Bowie – it really did. She tried a last minute flip, when she said ‘how are you voting, are we still doing this?’
Bowie – what do you mean ‘are we still doing this’
Bowie adds that Felicia was saying that Cirie was also unsure about the vote. “I didn’t believe it”
Cirie says Kirsten went home because she was playing the game too hard and So did Hisam. Felicia is being put on the block because she’s playing the game too hard.

11:11 am Matt and Cirie
Sh1tting on Felicia.
Cirie – do I even need to ask who’s going up?
Matt – I’m going to have to put up someone. I need to talk to Bowie.
Cirie – you told me you will never put me up.
Matt says it doesn’t matter who goes up the veto matters says that the only thing that can’t happen is Felicia winning the veto.
Matt – I can’t play next week so I have to be careful. I can’t put up Jag.
Cirie – Bowie has never been on the block and we have her. There’s not reason she should even be worried.
Cirie – just out of fairness if we are in a four you will have to tell her about the four and you keep putting the one person up. Especially after you told me you will never put me up.
Matt – I know I know
Cirie – Reilly is watching remember what she said
Matt – I know I know
Cirie – anybody’s else’s HOHI would expect it but not yours.
Matt – I know.. I have to talk to Bowie. I know she’ll.. UGH…
Cirie – it’s us.. Felicia should be worried.
Cirie goes on about how Bowie should go up based on “Fairness” (MIST)
Matt points out if Bowie goes up she could play harder in the Veto.
Cirie – She’s never gone up. If Bowie Goes up nothing will change that it’s me, Bowie, You and jag till the end.

Feeds flip to Bowie and Felicia chit chat.

11:23 am Felicia and Bowie
Felicia complaining that everyone was after her during the HOH.
Bowie thinks they were also going after jag.
Felicia – I wanted Matt or Cirie to win because they haven’t won HOH that was the goal. I was trying to figure out why is everyone coming after me?
Felicia – Jag’s been HOH twice, Let’s take him out first. it was like they were determined I would be the first one out.. like OKAY
Felicia – I know it’s a game but it still showed me something. I just need day 100 to get here so I can take my a$$ home. I am so tired of this.

11:56 am Matt and Bowie
Matt tells her Felicia and Cirie are going up.
Matt – Cirie will go after Jag over me but if Jag goes up I’m in danger. If Jag wins Veto i’m on the block.
Matt – I felt awkward when in the kitchen when Cirie was like ‘Boy don’t you think about putting me up’
Matt – I was like Yeah… F****
Bowie – She should have won. She hasn’t done anything
He’ll tell Cirie Felicia is the target if Felicia wins veto he’s telling her Bowie is going up and out. he reassures her that she is not the target Cirie will leave in that scenario. with Felicia he’ll say they are both pawns and Bowie is the target. His angle to Felicia will be that he doesn’t want her to try to win the veto.
Bowie mentions they should throw the veto to her she won’t use it then Felicia won’t be mad at Matt.
Matt says he has no problem being a savage and winning the veto and telling Felicia/Cirie he’s not using it.
Bowie tells him earlier last week Cirie was telling her she wants to make the vote to evict Blue 2/2 so Jag has to show his hand. It wasn’t only Felicia they both were (True)
They start sh1ting on America for a bit. After talk moves to Felicia freaking out yesterday.
Bowie points out that Cirie and Felicia have done jack sh1t for weeks (Very true.. other than the MIST)
Bowie tells Matt to say to Felicia and Cirie that you have to win competitions to prove your loyalty.

12:38 pm Matt, Jag and Bowie
Matt – Bro Cirie was like PUT her (Bowie) Up she was like ‘don’t do that to me I Always had your back’
Matt – In the kitchen she goes ‘I’m good right?’
Matt brings up Cirie saying that Bowie has never been up and she should go up for the team. He’s going to throw that back at Cirie and point out he’s never been up. If Bowie had won HOH would she be pushing him to go up?
Jag says Cirie/Felicia are tripping downstairs because him and Bowie have been in the HOH so long.
Matt laughs says Bowie called it.
Jag – Cirie said to me that Felicia said to her if they both go up she’ll know that Matt/Jag Played them.
Bowie – So what
Jag – Cirie said that to me. I was like Cirie you yourself said that don’t pretend it was Cirie.
Bowie – she’s been doing that a lot she said Felicia said that but really she’s saying it. (True.. MIST)
Matt brings up if he doesn’t put Cirie up and Cirie wins HOH she pulls Felicia down Jag has to go up and Cirie/Felicia control the vote. This point alone means Cirie and Felicia HAVE to go up.

12:46 pm Matt and Felicia
Matt tells her that she’s going up as the pawn.
Felicia – I’ve been the pawn 6 times this is 7, who else is going up
Matt – Cirie, My target isn’t you, I can’t put Jag up. Bowie is the target. I can’t put her up I need her comfortable. Bowie will play hard if she’s on the block. When she’s not on the block she doesn’t play as hard. If I make her feel comfortable we can all be there.
Matt adds if Bowie wins the veto Cirie will be the target, I talked to Jag “Jag is a vote I am the deciding factor”
Felicia – can I trust you and Jag on this
Matt – yes

On her way out Felicia says “I trust you MATTY ICE”
Matt – I got you, I got you, I’m sorry.

12:56 pm Cirie and Matty ice
Matt tells her she’s going up the target is Felicia.
Matt – I know you are going to be safe.. here’s the thing to I am willing to backdoor. At the same time Bowie’s won 2 HOH’s and she’s never put me up.
Matt – everyone in this house wants Felicia gone.
Matt says Cirie will be here next week.
Cirie – okay, what’s the plan for you, Jag and Bowie to be final three
Matt stutters.. for me I want Felicia gone it’s best for my game.. I love Jag of course.. is this the week?
Cirie laughs “there’s only one week left”
Matt says if he put Jag up right now he would play his heart out and win the veto.
Cirie – let’s say you win the veto then what?
Matt – it’s going to suck but I’ll Have to deal with three days of that. use it on hims then… what sucks is I go into next week not playing Felicia will COOK me, Bowie will cook me. I can’t make moves too early.
Matt – you are safe.. Jag and Bowie are not voting you out they will vote Felicia out. They never talk bad about you. They talk bad about Felicia.

Cirie says she’s not mad at him she’s looking forward to seeing what happens with the veto. Brings up that everybody’s chances are better at winning if Jag is gone.
Matt – also while I’m here feel free to use the bath and shower anything, all yours.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Matt offers her a glass of wine on Sunday.
Cirie – Okay..
matt – it’s not a fair trade
Cirie – NO It’s not Mother F***Er
Matt – it’s the least I can do
Cirie – Especially since I let you win yesterday (wait what)
Matt – I know I know..
Cirie – mmmhmmmmm
Feeds flip..

1:13 pm
Cirie says there might be a possibility Matt takes a shot at Jag.
Matt gives him a rundown of his talks they both agree Felicia has to go this week.
Jag – you’re lying to both of them it’s part of the game.
They talk about how Cirie is doing better in competitions lately.
Jag and Matt talk about how nobody this entire season have stayed as loyal as Matt and Jag have.
Matt says Cirie is starting to plant things. THey agree Bowie was the one person they were able to trust in this house.
Matt – no one wanted to work with us because we’re threats. Bowie is awesome
Jag – Bowie is awesome dude.. we did so good
Matt – we’re all f***ing loyal to each other.
They go on about their competition wins.
Matt – one more week BRO
Jag – we just have to win this next one.
Matt – No matter what we get rid of one of the MOMMAS and we take on the other one no matter what. (LOL)
Feeds flip to Cirie alone in the backyard going “MMMMhmmmmmm

1:40 pm Matt, Bowie and Jag
Trying to come up with a name for their alliance
Bowie asks how it went. Matt gives her a rundown.
Matt says Cirie has been trying to plant seeds to get him to go against Jag.
Matt- I need them both comfortable I don’t want this house to be uncomfortable all week.
Matt says Cirie has played survivor she knows how to plant seeds.
Matt is making Cirie thing he’ll be making a big shot but he’s not doing what she thinks.
Bowie – Felicia is not a very good liar Cirie is much better at it. When she gets caught she moves away from it.
Matt says Jared was also a very good liar.
Matt says Cirie’s side of the house were so disloyal to Jag
Jag – so Disloyal. I almost got f***ed BRO I was so blindly loyal.
Matt – they were good liars
Jag brings up jared putting him next to Red as a pawn.
Matt- but you weren’t
Jag – I almost got cooked
Jag mentions Even Matt was saying put me up as a pawn.
Matt – I would have been COOKED
Bowie – You know what Cirie said to me before? I said ahh the Jury is going to be mad just a reminder that I got blood on my hands and she doesn’t and she goes…..
Matt- this is why it can’t me them in the end because they will win
Bowie – they will win.
Jag – they have no blood on their hands
Matt – no blood I know and people will be bitter
Bowie gets to finish her thought “she said we’ll you’ve always played the middle”
Bowie – I was like ahhh C’mon… She played the middle
Jag – she lives in the middle. she doesn’t pick a side
Matt – she knows this works, she’s done it in survivor her formula works. She’s always gone final 2. she does it over and over that is why she’s been in final 2 multiple times. (misted people)
Bowie – YEAH
JAg – which is crazy
Matt – multiple times final 2
Jag – we’re just figuring this out right now
Matt – her next step will be breaking us apart that is how she gets final 2 survivor but we smart.
Bowie – in survivor you have only 30 days to work something out here it’s 100 days. Hang on a second things aren’t matching up.
Jag – they’re (Felicia and Jag) are cooking something outside anyways.
Bowie – there’s nothing to cook just win. All they can do is win.
Jag – I want them both out of the house I’m sick and tired of them. (same)
Bowie – same, Cirie and Felicia have been in every single alliance.

Feeds flip to the MOMMMAs playing pool feeds return to Jag/Matt/Bowie trying to figure out their alliance name.

2:18 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – Truly here is what happened the moment Cam left, fugitives are over but the moment Cam left we turned it up. We became the mafia. When Cam left I won my comps got Cory out, Blue out, Bowie won got america out, You won. You know what I mean?
Matt – My big move! I got Felicia out.
Jag – you won the vetoes
Jag – we’re not running from shots anymore we’re taking the shot they’re running
They decide their final 3 with Bowie is the Mafia.
Matt – it’s iconic
Jag – it’s iconic
Bowie joins them and they agree on the mafia

They start to work on a new mafia hand signal. Matt is really keen with the fingers showing a M for Mafia.
Bowie – the m for mafia turns into a W for winners (LOL wtf)
Feeds flip to the MOMMAS playing pool

2:33 pm feeds cut to pound for the veto Ceremony

3:51 pm Feeds return everyone playing pool. Cirie and Felicia on the block.

4:00 pm pool with some chit chat

4:12 pm Jag, Cirie and Matt messing around with the pool table.

4:26 pm They are enjoying a meal of deli meat.

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Felicia's eyebrows

Jag has had the best physical game.
Cirie has had the best social game.

Has anyone had a good or even an average strategic game?

Felicia's eyebrows

You’re right. Matt seemed pretty hopeless at the beginning of the game, but he has really improved since then.
And it is his social game that has gotten him this far.

The Beef

Strategic game? What’s that?

Game fan


Felicia's eyebrows

At the beginning of the game I thought that Cory had the best strategic game but then something happened. Not sure if it was his tweenmance, his gross-stache or the fight with Jared that made him cocky and take his foot off of the gas.

un autre nom

nobody will agree with this, but the best strategic mind left in the house is…
Let that sink in.
Just make it to jury/ just top 5/ just top 4/ just top 3. strategically planted and the tensecondboys haven’t caught on.
Knowing who stands in her way most, and stoking those people as threats or disloyal.
Always being ‘as long as it’s not me’
Now painting herself as bloody to the house. That means bitter jury won’t vote her to win.
OR She’s considered do nothing… when really she’s actively played a ‘sandra survivor style’ strategy.

I know…. it’s difficult to fathom. but of the 5…. oy vey, she’s… the… ?most?…???… strategic? dear lord.

Nether Region Euphemism

That would be great if it were actually strategy. For BJ, it’s just being reactive, a bumper pool ball.

un autre nom

how we know there is some level of strategy to what Bowie has done: sunday (?) night of week three. renom roulette night. she was able to sus out and redirect the chaoscoven, who had suggested her name as renom 3x in an hour while their wheels were spinning.


I was gonna add she’s playing a Sandra game, but you beat me to it! I imagine she will have a decent speech for the jury (being a barrister and all) if she makes it to F2. I think I’d like to see that. Afterall, good final speeches have determined the winner in the past few seasons of BB and Survivor. I just hope she doesn’t wear one of those goofy-ass hairstyles.

Gan ainm

The mystery of Bowie Jane.It seems she guaranteed to go final 3 with Jag/Matt unless Matt makes a move by winning next weeks veto and saves Cirie.In the slim chance Bowie won the final HOH who would she take?More importantly will both Jag and Matt take her?This season is such a disappointment I would like to see Bowie win.

Felicia's eyebrows

Bowie effing Jane? Cripes. It’s going to take me a minute to digest that one, lol.
You make a really good case for bfj, IF any of her “gameplay” was intentional. Maybe it’s the goofy pig-tails, or maybe it’s the continuous doofusy toothy grin, but I have a hard time believing that everything that you laid out was intentional from bfj. But if it was and she’s able to articulate it properly then I’ll buy into it although I’m not too sure that the jury will.

Bowie effing Jane??? Cripes. smfh

un autre nom

the thought will haunt you.

Felicia's eyebrows

Effing Bowie Jane!

I'm Jack's Smirking Revenge

Cirie’s social game is mid. She’s a classic floater. If she was remotely a threat to ever win anything she’d be gone by now.


Wtf! Sorry but Cirie playing both the Reilly card and the guilt card in one convo. It’s almost the end! Of course promises will be broken. Jag is seeing Matt’s split tongue I hope. I hope Cirie goes this week. Everyone should gun for veto. Only Matt and Cirie are safe. Go get ‘em!

Nether Region Euphemism

By end game, Cerie sure as hell should be working all angles to stay off the block.

As for broken promises, at this point they reveal HG final run plans. It’s an important piece of information that Cerie now knows she can’t trust Matt at all. So yes, she has every right to be disappointed and irked with him, bc she thought he was more genuine than that and she actually cared about him.

The way he tried to diminish who Cerie is as a player when talking to BJ, was really trashy of him and making it personal.


What did Reilly say to Matt? I must’ve missed it.

Nether Region Euphemism

Cerie tried to emotionally manipulate Matt to not put her OTB, by reminding him that Reilly had told him to stick with Cerie. Don’t disappoint Reilly.


Thank you. I keep giving Matt a pass because he’s so young but I really dislike the personal digs. I realize lying and backstabbing are part of the game but there’s no need to continually talk so disrespectfully about someone, especially after they’ve been evicted. I could never be a HG. I’d be offended by the name calling & personal attacks.

Nether Region Euphemism

He’s 27, old enough to know better. I’ve been losing more and more respect for him in recent weeks, and now his way of trashing Cerie’s game play is beyond redeemable. She took him under her wing and forgave him for betraying her and Jared. It’s like slapping a positive maternal influence in the face, and nothing to do with the game advancement.

He’s an overindulged little golden boy. I am sure he had to work hard to succeed given his disability, but he also was born with a lot of gifts and he’s very entitled and coddled.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Before Reilly left, she told Matt to trust Cirie. LOL….


said the worst player of them all…. haha!


Actually it’s more like Cirie isn’t fooled and sees through what Matt told her since she employed certain gameplay on Traitors. She will not hold this against him when it comes time for the Jury to vote

Another Dixie

Quick!!!! Check out the live feeds. 1:30BBT Felicia is NOT wearing her nasty robe. Probably in the washer getting rid of the rotten food smells. Yep, Cirie just moved clothes to the dryer. Something huge & white flopping around,


I thought Felicia looked rather nice in her black pants and blue shirt.

The Beef

Last I checked Matt had 1 HOH and 2 Veto wins for a total of 3 legit comp wins and 1 additional “special power” comp win, where he only had to compete against 3 houseguest, one of which “timed out” in the comp. Jag has 2 HOH and 5 Veto wins for a total of 7 legit comp wins. Where the heck do they come up with this 6 wins for Matt and 8 wins for Jag horseshat? I watched those two douchecanoes flexing all over the house last night after they beat two old women, a middle ager, and a young woman who hasn’t won a single challenge all season, as if they’d just won their 4th and 5th Olympic Gold Medals or something, so I realize their hat sizes must have increased exponentially, but does that mean their win totals do so as well?

I feel like I do when watching a Notre Dame vs. Alabama football game, and rather than trying to decide who to pull for, I find myself wishing for an earthquake or stadium implosion. These two are just insufferable, and the best thing that could happen now is………….given who’s in charge and what he would do no matter who wins the Veto, I can’t think of a best case scenario. 🙁

un autre nom

night one safety comps. Matt won rowing machine. Jag won judge wire length.

The Beef

I’d be embarrassed to count those as competition wins given one of the comps was a total farce (the nether region), and all of them were only among 4 contestants each. On the other hand, 2 of the 4 losers did end up OTB, so in that sense, you could say they were legit, so I see it both ways.

Still made me want to puke to see them flexing on TV after beating up on a bunch of women, three of which are mid 40 or older.

I’ve also been a Survivor fan since the very beginning but somehow missed all those seasons Cirie reached the Final 2. I think our star-struck house guests need to study up on their Survivor history a bit, because Cirie never once got to plead her case to the jury in a Final Tribal Counsel (usually a final 3 now, but formerly a final 2). Her best finish was in Survivor Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites, her second season, where she finished 3rd. That season was won by Parvati Shallow.

I don’t know where they got the idea she made multiple final 2’s in Survivor.

Where’s granny?!

I thought the same thing on Thursday night after Matt won.. him chest bumping and flexing around like a sumo wrestler.. as if he had just taken out a mf army. *eye roll*

Congrats dipshit, your Olympic level strength/size has FINALLY helped you win. (Now that your only competition is the AARP, that is.) What a virile competitor you are..

Watch, his dumb ass probably only went hard for veto because he heard there was candy in it. Lol


Matt & Jag should take each other to the end, if they can. There’s a lot more money in being a perpetual reality show pair going forward than just the $675,000 difference between first & second place on this season of BB.


That’s something I hadn’t thought of. Good point. Jag will be the first of his religion to win. Matt will be the first deaf person and gold medal Olympian to win. What a pair. Matt will beat any of those left in the house, including Jag.


One week left and Matt saids it’s too early to make a move. So when is the best time to make a move????

Nether Region Euphemism

He implied in DR that he’d decide at the end if he’s keeping Jag vs Cerie. Not sure if that means F3 or F4, but looks like he’s playing it by ear week-to-week. I’m not saying that’s wise, just what he’s thinking.

Or, maybe he’s decided he doesn’t want to get rid of Jag at all and is just saying that to Cerie.

Seems this week is helping Matt make some concrete decisions where in a push vs shove, he’s ready to lose Cerie and go in deeper with Jag. But by next week he might decide that Jag needs to go instead of BJ.

It’s a process.


Jag/Matt/Bowie bragging about beating two older ladies (Felicia/Ceri) and two incompetent players (America/Blu) is hilarious! Yeah, Janelle, Tyler, Micheal, Cody and the Brigade got nothing on them! And on another note, Jag said he knows how to get people to do what he wants. He does it in his real life. That should have been a red flag to Bowie. Jag is one creepy looking guy.


The only guys that were good at Comps in the brigade were Matt and Hayden. Enzo is one of the worst male competitors of all time. bottom 8 with the likes of Cowboy , Spencer, Glenn, Joe, Derek f , JC, adam poch. He only trampled over ragan to win a veto. It is bewildering how Enzo has never won a single final part of the final hoh after he has played in 4 parts. You take Enzo to final 2 as he never wins a jury vote.


Matt : “Kathy! Enzo Next to Kathy? It’s ridiculous! It’s preposterous!”
An overwhelming amount of viewers were happy when Enzo got 3rd in big brother 12. Made it even better having 6 other players win more money than Enzo did that season. Hayden, Lane, Britney, Ragan, Monet, and Rachel all won more money. Enzo has no win equity and is the most overrated player. That jury speech oh boy was horrific.

Just The Truth

age doesn’t matter. they are just playing the game better. end of story.


Matt’s getting backdoored next week. Jag’s already setting it up. He knows he can’t be Matt and that letter from Reilly (he looked jealous) sealed it. He’s already letting goofy Bowie Jane know, they can’t beat him. And in some strange way, I don’t feel sorry for Matt at all. The constant derogatory things he has said about America (on a personal level), I feel zero about him getting backdoored. Matt has not played a sweet nice guy game. People are giving him a free pass even though he’s been crude and an asshole as well.


Are these 3 stooges for real?!!!!! It’s honestly like a comedy show. I can’t get over how mindless they are. None of them deserve to win this. So what if jag has won a lot of the comps he doesn’t have competition and they are throwing it to eachother. Matt would win this season if he took out jag now but he is clearly just like Bowie clueless! By far worst season and players!

Nether Region Euphemism

That alliance name really shows just how much this game has messed up these people. Making a parallel with an organized crime network that uses fear to prey on hardworking people, kills its own, and will stop at nothing for vengeance.

So this is the result of repressing any self-awareness of what they’ve been doing all along.

At least Hitmen, Derrick/Cody’s alliance concept, won’t coldly kill their own friends and family; it’s all transactional.

Nether Region Euphemism

So much for the anemic floated theory that Matt was working with Cerie bc he’s a fanboy. As if his love for Josh Duhamel was evidence of that.

Matt is a bro dude, just the type to idolize someone who fits the male prototype of strong, masculine, handsome, military hero.

Matt doesn’t swoon that way for female role models.

Just The Truth

Double eviction night as well as current HOH and noms could not have gone better if I did it myself. Thank you. This season has hope for a good ending now.

Just The Truth

LOL the dislikes. Stay salty.

Matt's Appetite

I wonder if Cirie and Felicia will try to do the Amazing Race together.

Just The Truth

wouldn’t last 3 episodes unless cbs wants them to win.


When you get the chance listen to different interviews with Blue & America. It’s like Night and Day; with America it was full honesty and with Blue it was nearly as frustrating as her interview with Julie

Gan ainm

Blue is the fakest person.Put a spotlight on her and she becomes an annoying obnoxious cliche of a wannabe celebrity dreamed up in the demented deranged mind of a fuqued up child.

Mean Jean

I think Matt’s letter and picture put him on Jags hit list. Anybody he thinks can beat him with the jury has to go in his mind. So now the only one he wants sitting next to him is BJ


For the second season in a row I have no desire to finish this season. They need to change up the comps to make it more fair. Too many physical comps which allow the young fit guys to steam roll. If they are going to have a more diverse cast then they need to make the comps more that anyone can win. Fe and Cirie stood no chance of winning that veto in the double against Matt and Jag.


Felicia was actually in second place when Mqtt won veto. She had gotten two balls in the tube, but Julie never mentioned it. I thought that was odd. Pretty good for a woman in her 60’s!


If you can rewatch the comp please do. We noticed that some peoples tubes were sucking down and some were blowing air out….pushing the balls away

un autre nom

y’know why this Reilly shit’s happening, right?
be careful, Grod’s trying to purple koolaid the viewers.
After a few weeks of petulant, entitled garbagemouth behavior…
they’re trying to pull the nice loyal good guy sentiment out.
Last week they were feedblocking his uberdouche tendencies.
This week, manipulation to spin control image.
Don’t think prodo would do that?
Get. Real.
All the heroes are villains this season.
May not be able to shine a turd, but they’ll spray it with perfume until you can’t smell it. It’s still a turd.

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t see how they are controlling that, given what’s happened today. Matt has been on and on trashing Cerie, who is so loved by the casuals, and it’s all in plain sight on the feeds. All that talk has prompted BJ and Jag to switch the target to Cerie and wait until after veto to tell Matt.

The Reilly stuff is just some silly fluff to get a squeal out of viewers. It’s not really that deep.

un autre nom

When it’s edited into episode form, and all cirie trash-talk is edited out…

(if i’m editing the next episode to follow season format)
10 minutes of double flashback cirie threw double hoh implied
hoh comp incl cirie trying to win, matt concerned cirie isn’t letting him win. felicia bagofats comments.
cirie: have to get power because i’m all alone d/r
matt cryptic win to keep my options open d/r
matt wins.

they’ll include matt telling cirie she’s safe.
d/r matt: fe is my primary target, but i’m not sure if there’s a bigger shot i want to take.
hoh reveal crap and five minutes of reilly schmaltz.
post reveal:
interlude 1: Jag Bowie contemplate Cirieviction.
matt d/r noms are going to be tricky. have to see if they’ll keep cirie safe.
interlude 2: jag bowie telling matt oh yeah of course we’ll keep cirie safe.
interlude 3: fe/ci talk jageviction
interlude 4: discussion with Matt re Jag target.
interlude 5: fe after bj nom, matt saying she kept me safe.

d/r matt: i want to keep both jag and cirie, not sure if i want to make the move, we’ll let veto decide. jag and bj promised to keep cirie, but cirie wants jag out, so i don’t have a choice. sorry mama. have to keep them happy because i can’t win hoh next week, but i’ll keep you safe.
(interspersed will be felicia d/r bitchfest commentary) we s’posed ta be a 4 mustard seed, this is all that bj’s fault. why am i a pawn again.
Post noms d/r
matt: sorry cirie, but everyone promised to keep you.
FE: @$&%#@?# shouldabin bowiejane
Ci, disappointed mom tone: ohhh matty, hope i can still trust Matt to keep me safe, and we can get him to target jag but i’m going to have to win that veto.
bj: narf…wallaby. dingo ate my baby. zoinks.
Jag: now we win veto and we have all the power, sorry cirie.

Nether Region Euphemism

Yes, but you’ve also used the feed blocking as evidence of attempts to protect certain HGs from viewer judgement. In that case, how do you explain that they allowed feeders to see Matt trash talk Cerie these past couple of days?

If it’s only the episode edit that matters in terms of narrative, then why would they care what the feeders see?

You can’t use the point of feed blocks only when it suits your own conspiracy theory. Unless you’ve realized in this comment I’m replying to, that you’ve been wrong about that.


Watching the episodes vs watching the feeds…..how is it that Matt gets a letter from a previous houseguest? Where was his letter from his family (which all letters have to be vetted before they can receive them)?
a ploy by production? To get their literal golden boy back up the ranks?

un autre nom

the Reilly letter is very much a Shapiro era callback thing to do (Shapiro was exec prod before Grodner). Think season 6. Janelle wins a viewer vote, gets a phone call from her showmance that was evicted week 2 (Kaysar’s best friend, that’s what connected Kaysar and Janelle). See the storyline parity?

Nether Region Euphemism

Because viewers find young love crushes to be endearing.

There are so many reasons for a show to promote a narrative that has nothing to do with presumed golden HGs.

This is scientific theory 101 I’m trying to explain here. You’re looking for shreds of information to confirm your position.


“Matt – I don’t want Bowie to get nervous and play her hardest in this veto.
Matt – what if I say I’m backdooring you?
Jag – they won’t believe it.”
PLEASE do Matt! Then maybe you would earn a win. Oh and is Jag just full of himself or what?