Podcast Mashup – Big Brother 17 After Show episode 8 hosted by Kevin Zelman, Ryan Hooks, Ashley Iocco (BB Season 14), Jen Johnson (BB Season 8) – all super fans! On the Block – With hosts Spencer Clawson and Mccrae Olsen from Big Brother 15 talk with Clay Honeycutt about last nights double eviction and Jason Roy gives his rundown of the game thus far. Unfortunately AM 2 PM did not produce an episode this week but stay tuned for one to come out soon. Also Simon did another podcast guest appearance on the Kill Show last week.

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Big Brother 17 – After Show – On The Block – AM 2 PM – Kill Show! Podcast Mashup!

A podcast mashup with the After Show – On The Block – AM 2 PM – Kill Show! Where Big Brother alumni and superfans discuss and analyse the game. The Big Brother After Show – Episode 7 – hosted by Kevin Zelman, Ryan Hooks, Ashley Iocco, Jen Johnson. On the Block Podcast with McCrae Olsen and Spencer Clawson with special guest Clay Honeycutt. AM 2 PM podcast with Twins Andrew Monaghan and Pete Monaghan. And the Kill Show featuring OnlineBigBrother’s Simon.

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Post Big Brother 14 Interview List

Big Brother 14 finally comes to a end. It was a great season with some of the better Players we’ve seen in a while. Ian Terry finally defeats the DAn Gheesling and the fabled Dan “Mist” is gone. The Vote was a shocking 6-1 with Danielle being the only vote for Dan. The image above was taken from the superpass interviews where Danielle was told Dan said said to Shane right before Shane left that Danielle was playing him from the beginning. It’s sad to say that for the most part these interviews are filled with fluff and really do not get to some core questions. We’ll need to wait for Evel Dick’s interviews for that.

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Frank says that he is figuratively going to take his head and stick it on a spike outside the front door.

1:15pm – 1:30pm Frank and Ashley are in the arcade room. Ashley says that she is in a pickle. Frank tells her he isn’t telling her what to do. Ashley says that she knows. She thinks Jenn will have it out for me though, instead of thinking strategy, she will be out for revenge. Frank says that if Jenn had just handled it differently we could have worked with her, but she is just being a b*tch. Especially for someone that hasn’t won anything. She could pull it off today but I doubt it. Frank says that his prediction coming into the house was that he would win 3 HOH’s and 4 POV’s so he still has a few more to win. Frank says that if get Dan out we might be able to overt Britney and Shane to getting out Joe so that it takes the target off us. Frank tells Ashley that is why he thinks she needs to stick with giving Mike the vote because then they will think you are just a floater and it will be hard to convince others to get out the floaters and not you.

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Frank says Ashley told him everyone was Eagle Eyeing him when he practiced the game in the backyard.

7:30am Boogie wakes up and lays on the living room couch. 8am Frank wakes up and then head into the arcade room to talk. Frank says that he can’t give up all hope. Boogie talks about how he has been practicing his speech all morning. They wonder about if Joe was serious about telling them who he’s voting for ten minutes prior to the live show. They discuss what they can say to sway his vote at the lasrt minute. Frank says that as much of a f**king baffoon as Joe is, he is an emotional guy. Boogie says that he is a family man; he is so will bring up family. Boogie says that if it doesn’t work, we’ve done all we can do. Frank talks about Ashley saying that she is a f**king soldier. Frank says that boogie choose wisely to get her on his side.

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Danielle tells Ian that he is playing with fire if he doesn’t put Frank up if he wins HOH.

12:35am Danielle, Joe, Jenn, Dan are out in the backyard sitting around the hot tub talking. They discuss the importance of getting to the final five. Danielle says that the key to winning the Pirate Ship edurance was telling herself that losing is not an option. Jenn leaves and Ian joins them. Ian tells them that he still has the dog costume. Danielle says she has the candy corn suit and that she might wear it for Halloween. Dan returns from the diary room. Dan says that Frank’s leotard was the most uncomfortable. They talk about what type of competitions they think will be coming up. Dan and Jenn are sitting on the backyard couch talking about Jenn and how she doesn’t like dating straight girls. She says her first girlfriend was straight and that it was heartbreak city. They continue to talk about her past relationships.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Joe about Frank: “I am so honoured to have played this game with God.. “

10:18pm HOH DDBSJA
They are talking about having to win The HOH this week. Britney says that the order of the competitions are very important. Quiz HOH then Physical POV or the other way around. Shane wants it to be a quiz HOH then a Physical POV. Shane points out that Frank will be playing hard for that HOH.
Joe: “You can’t beat GOD”
Britney :What?”
Joe filling them in with his Frank conversation earlier today. Joe says Frank woke him up and tickled him. Joe explains about Frank saying he’s the most intelligent, Strongest and powerful player to have ever played Big BRother. Joe: “I am so honoured to have played this game with God.. “

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BB14 – Frank offers Joe the opportunity to play with the Strongest most Intelligent Player EVER

6:13pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!
Would you date Danielle out of this house..
Shane: “I would and I wouldn’t… she’s really jealous alike when I talk to Britney or entions Danielle Donato.. she goes all stink eye”
Dan :”I had to get up here and get away.. I feel like this has been the longest day in the house.”
Shane: ‘I agree”
Dan: “I thought Danielle would seem a lot older if she wasn’t so .. I dunno sensitive”
Dan: “I would not be OK with Jenn or AShley winning”
Shane: ‘Hopefully we can get rid of AShley here soon”
Dan: “She has got to go”
Shane: “Do you Frank will get America’s favorite player”
Dan : “I think it’ll be Ian or you”
Dan points out that Shane has had to overcome a lot in this game and hasn’t been a “PR**K” about it like Frank.

Joe comes up..
Joe says that the backyard will be open in 2 hours.. Shane and DAn: “Sweet..”

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Spoilers – Ashley: “everyone thinks I’m sl***** it up with Ian and Frank.. I do things to pass time”

3:32pm Cam 1-4 Arcade Frank and Jenn Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Frank says that Jenn is number 6 in a group of 6. DDBSJ will vote her out as soon as they can. Frank says he’s 2 for 3 in the HOH’s he’s got a good chance to win it.. His plan is to get Dan out, he think Dan’s the shepherd and the rest of them are sheep if he can get him out the other players will scramble.

Frank don’t hold it against me for trying to get the votes for Mike it’s nothing against you You know I love you girl. He goes on to explain Ashley and how she felt last night. Ashley is concerned that she lost Jenn as a friends and AShley doesn’t think Jenn understands why she was trying to get the house to vote her out. Frank makes it sound like the conversations Jenn had last night with AShley ended poorly. Frank wonders if there is anything he can tell Ashley to make things better.

Jenn: “I plan to talk to Ashley.. I felt that it ended off on a positive note. I don’t know what she said to you as opposed to what really happened” (Jenn’s tone = Not Happy)

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