Frank says that he is figuratively going to take his head and stick it on a spike outside the front door.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


1:15pm – 1:30pm Frank and Ashley are in the arcade room. Ashley says that she is in a pickle. Frank tells her he isn’t telling her what to do. Ashley says that she knows. She thinks Jenn will have it out for me though, instead of thinking strategy, she will be out for revenge. Frank says that if Jenn had just handled it differently we could have worked with her, but she is just being a b*tch. Especially for someone that hasn’t won anything. She could pull it off today but I doubt it. Frank says that his prediction coming into the house was that he would win 3 HOH’s and 4 POV’s so he still has a few more to win. Frank says that if get Dan out we might be able to overt Britney and Shane to getting out Joe so that it takes the target off us. Frank tells Ashley that is why he thinks she needs to stick with giving Mike the vote because then they will think you are just a floater and it will be hard to convince others to get out the floaters and not you.

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1:40pm – 2pm Frank says that he wants to win HOH just so he can cuddle with her. Ashley laughs. They talk about how Mike saved 3 beer that he is going to drink before the live show. Frank says that Mike went in to the diary room to ask if they can get Dr. Will out here so that he would have a friend to be with when he gets out. Frank says that he might wear the Brady t-shirt or the Boogie basketball jersey tonight or the baseball one. Ashley said that she woke up all bloated this morning. Frank says that she didn’t eat a lot of salt so he isn’t sure why. Then he says maybe Jenn’s saltiness is rubbing off on you in your sleep. Frank says that he is at the point where he feels like even if he doesn’t win the HOH or POV, at least if he leaves he can go to jury and relax. Mike joins them. Mike says apparently this is the season of liars. Mike says that he can’t believe how gullible these people are, they will believe the first thing someone tells them. Frank tells Ashley that if they win HoH during the Double Eviction, they should put up Dan and Britney to split the pair down the middle. Mike says that Jenn will be so confused tonight if there is a double eviction. Frank says that if they get Dan up in the double eviction she will tell Jenn to vote out Dan right in front of everyone. Mike says f**king eagle-eye Joe what a f**king Loser! Dumb motha f**ker, red neck piece of sh*t! The guy makes horrible food that doesn’t wash his hands. From a guy that his owned 17 restaurants over the years I have never tasted more worse food! They talk about how when Joe gets home his son Levi will have lost the karate tournament, not mowed the lawn and his wife Sarah is f**king the neighbour. Boogie says if you do win and you get him (Dan) up, I need some taunting! Frank says oh I will.. Frank says that he is figuratively going to take his head and stick it on a spike outside the front door. Frank says at least that cube is still in there. Boogie says oh… imagine if they took that out. Boogie says that he is going to say to Danielle “I am in a time of need, just think of me as if you’re a nurse”. Boogie says that he is going to air it all out! She is going to be shaking! I am going to just give it to her. Boogie says that he is going to skull f**k her with his eyes. Frank says that he has been waiting for them to call him in the DR and have Diamond Power of Veto waiting for him.


2:10pm – 2:40pm Jenn and Ashley are in the storage room talking. Jenn tells Ashley that she betrayed her. Ashley says on a game level. Jenn tells Ashley that there are far bigger targets to shake out before they get to you or I. Ashley says I just want to be friends. Jenn says we can. Ashley says that she is alone in the house, …well I have Ian and Frank now. Ashley thinks they knew this was going to happen, that’s why they put you up. Jenn says that she thinks if they had put up Ian and Frank, that Ian would have just told everyone to vote him out and let Frank stay. Jenn says I know you are voting against me. Ashley asks how do you know that? Ashley says that if I go and vote for you then it looks like all I do is switch to the power. Jenn start giving Ashley advice on how to be social in the game. (Really?) Jenn then tells Ashley that she knows she is voting her out and that she should stick with what they did. Ashley says well we can still be friends and have snacks together. She says I feel like we were in a relationship and that I just cheated on you. Ashley says she still isn’t that comfortable with doing it but she will. Jenn says you can feel free to change your vote if you want… hahaha. Ashley says that Jenn is the only one that understands her spiritual side. Jenn says I do, I understand you fart glitter. Ashley says that she wishes she farted glitter. Jenn tells Ashley to remember that she never did her wrong. They hug and leave the storage room.

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2:50pm Ian is in the have-not room pacing around the room. Danielle, Jenn, Boogie, and Frank are in the kitchen eating and sitting at the table. Frank tells Jenn despite what the other side may have told you, we have never said anything bad against you. We have only campaigned for Mike and not against you. There is nothing bad we could say about you.


2:50pm – 3pm Frank and Ian go into the kicks room and tells Ian that he just wants to give him a hug. Ian says that he just feels bad. Ian starts crying. Frank says that he has been sent home before, and he might not go home. He is going to be rooting for us. We are going to dedicate this HOH and nominates to him. Ian says that what kills him is that Joe is still here… and that he should been the one going. Frank says he has been so good to us and we will be friends for a long time outside of this. Frank says that they are going to sh*t their pants when we win HOH. Ian says that Dan respects the game and he is a good guy. Frank says he doesn’t respect the game, he scum bagged us. Frank says I would love it if you, me or Ashley could win the HOH this week. He says that he has been up 4 times now …if they get me out on the 5th time …then maybe its just my time to go. They at least I will be able to relax. Frank talks about how the other side used Joe and we didn’t we tried to set up a deal, it was a back up plan but he doesn’t know that..

4:08pm Trivia Next stop double eviction


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249 thoughts on “Frank says that he is figuratively going to take his head and stick it on a spike outside the front door.

  1. If Dan survives tonight, DDSB need to operate making fake F3 deal with Jenn and Joe.
    Dan/Dani/Jenn – Brit/Shane/Joe.

    1. @EricMoonless, It will never Happen. The curse lives on! DDBS will fall apart & they will scramble all over. Shane or Dan leaving. Better luck next time.

          1. Seriously, Saw the competition last night. Dont see how he cheated. But whatever people need to make up stuff in order to justify that he won the POV.

            1. You saw the edit. You did not see it as it happened. Of course CBS isn’t going to show the cheating – they want their golden boy to continue on.

            2. LOL educate yourself before you defend the idiot. He cheated when he picked his token, he admitted to Boogie he grabbed a handful of them, spotted the ‘Houseguest Choice’ and put his hand back in knowing he could only choose one but he palmed the houseguest choice token. The DR said it wouldn’t have affected him winning, but honestly, if Britney or Dan had been chosen he probably wouldn’t have won.

        1. You know production will let Frank cheat again because for some stupid reason production likes disgusting Frank America likes this disgusting foul mouth bully which they don’t. BB should of sent both Boogie and Frank home when they caught them cheating but of course BB does not have the common sense to do what is right and sad but if they had sent both of these scum bags home then ratings would of gone up, but needless to say Production will cheat once again to keep the scumbag and BB will be canceled for good because I know I will stop watching as will the rest of America!!!!

    2. @EricMoonless. Dan won’t survive this double eviction.But not for the reason that the poster who has never been able to write a coherent post gave.I’m sure you already know that Frank is production’s favorite.They’ve saved him from being evicted.They refuse to do anything about the cheating they(production)and he(Frank)admitted to doing in the veto competition.I can bet my life on it,unless Frank screws up the HOH or veto competition,that production will make to favor him.Frank will win HOH and Dan will be evicted.I know your a Dan fan and so am I,but the writing is on the wall.Production will do everything in their power to continue saving Frank.This game is a wrap for the rest of the players.It’s definitely a wrap for Dan,unless Frank screws up like Jeff did last season.

          1. see this is what makes chilltown awesome

            you are a HUGE hater. you actually care about chilltown, just in a negative way.


            get over yourself

            chilltown is awesome, you can evict mike boogie from the BB house, but you cant take away his, or DR wil’s Victories in big brother, back when people didnt have tape of BOOGIE and DR WIL to tell them how to play the game

        1. I really think there must be some production people who keep posting on here. They do NOT want us knowing how fixed this silly show is. Every year there are the favorites, who are allowed numerous chances, cheating, etc. This year’s lucky winner is Frank, but I don’t know why. I guess maybe they think he’s the most funny & personable in his DR sessions, although those are probably scripted by the show’s producers also!

          1. you nailed it. they only feed DR lines to frank

            they didnt feed ian that “like father like son line” that was ALLLLLLLLLLLLL ian right?


          2. I read on CBS comment section that the writer of the BB used to wrestle with Frank’s father. I don’t know how accurate it is but if it’s true I can see why
            Frank is getting a good edit and getting help from the production.

              1. Thanks Simon. Is that why he is getting such a good edit on CBS? Possibly want him to win $50,000 American choice just in case he doesn’t win BB? From the edited CBS show, the production portrayed him to be all American boy next door and throw in under dog so the viewers will feel sorry for him and vote for him to win American choice. Also, getting so much help from the production. I think they saved him twice that I know about.

        2. Why “give up” on the most obvious reason for Frank’s continued presence in the house? He’s not a player. He hasn’t had an original strategy all season. Boogie has held his hand throughout. And yes, production has favored Froogie (for obvious reasons) consistently. They’ve tailored competitions in their favor, swooped in for a last second rescue on a night when Frank was certain to be evicted, put the POV into Frank’s lap and allowed Team Froogie to cheat. This isn’t reality TV. Enjoy it, but call it what it is. Fiction.

          1. Because the coaches didn’t have free will in selecting to come back into the game while knowing that it meant keeping Frank. You people are so quick to ignore that.

            1. They didn’t need to cancel the eviction just because the coaches were coming back in. It made no sense to cancel evictions. There’s going to be at least one more Fast Forward because of that. Totally unnecessary.

      1. If Frank wins, then somone will write an article outing AG and how CBS supports, manipulates and allows cheating. How they have supported and promoted a foul speaking, woman hating tool. They cannot get away with the argument that this is a scripted show – these are his own words coming out of his mouth. If this were any other medium, the media would be up in arms, people would be screaming can the guy, boycott CBS, boycott their advertisers, etc. It says alot for AG and CBS to support people who threaten to f*** someone’s wife, who call women the “c”, who use the “n” word, etc. Just look at the negative impact they have had on Ian and Ashley. Ian’s language has been on a huge decline since being involved with them. And Ashley, where did this foul mouthed person come from. All of a sudden, all we hear is her swearing.

        They evict Willie – accusing him of head butting Joe. I watched the tape – there was no head butt. They were forehead to forehead, but Willie just shoved off of Joe. Joe incited the confrontation – no repercussions for him. Prior to the incident, they refused Willie entry into the DR, intentionally allowing things to escalate. Anything for ratings, right?

        I will continue to watch for the rest of the season as I have already paid for it. But, if Frank continues to advance in this game, it will be the last time. I will not support the show or the network that airs it. Too bad, because once upon a time, this was a good show.

        1. I agree with you. In fact, depending on how tonight goes (which we all already know how it will turn out) I may not be watching after tonight. I watched the tape of the “so called headbutt” too and I can’t believe Production let any one of thos HG’s talk about it when it DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! Also, can’t believe that Willie was locked out of the DR causing the whole thing to escalate. Which is sad becuz Willie DID keep it real. I personally think production wanted Willie out becuz he was going to make it difficult for productions big plan to bring the coaches in. I just can’t continue to watch a show that encourages bullying, negativity and racism. :*(

          1. And, who was it that “suggested” the coaches coming into to play in the first place?

            Britney. She has been stirring trouble since day one.

          1. I agree with you but I for one will not be watching anymore if nasty Frank wins tonight as I assume he will because production will CHEAT ONCE AGAIN to make sure he does. I may come on here and read what went on but as for giving CBS a rating point or anymore of my money for the feeds that is a big NO. Hope CBS and BB gets in major trouble like the quiz shows and the producers and the network did back in the 40’s or 50’s when they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar cheating just like BB. There is no difference in what they did and what CBS and BB are doing. Cheating is Cheating pure and SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Filth is Filth and that is what Boogie and Frank are and have to add BB in there for their helping those two liars to cheat without any consequences, but big surprise I mean we all know that wrestling is the biggest FRAUD there is so like father like son where Frank is concerned!!!!!!!! Wish BB would at least try being honest and do what is right and send both of those douche bags home tonight.

            1. Um, how is wrestling fraudulent? They don’t exactly claim it’s real, you know? But you’re really smart, so you already knew that….

          1. Exactly. These people threatening to take their ball and go home are kind of missing the point. The term “reality TV” is one of the great ironies in American popular culture

          2. By scripted, I mean the cast and what they say. CBS is not putting the words in the cast members mouths…those are all theirs. THAT is what I take issue with. I realize that the shows are “scripted” to a point – but not dialogue.

          3. It is a reality show where people go inside and live not for them to be scripted.

            If it is then they will be outed! then people will not be watching it will be the glass house all over again.

            No wonder people go to cable

        2. Agree, agree, agree on ALL points! I stopped watching last season when Brendon was “miraculously” brought back into the game and won’t hesitate to stop watching again this season. Such a shame, because I love the show so much, but the way the “special powers” come about just in time to SAVE someone is BS. So irritating. Make it fair and whoever wins, wins…quit setting it up so someone like an annoying, horrible person like Rachel wins money she in no way deserved. Way to award despicable behavior CBS.

      2. @jw, Why are you obsess of production saving Frank? You guys think his father is professional wrestler. Really! You never watch wrestling!

        1. Because people like you want others to shut up about production’s on going attempt to keep Frank in the game.Frank got got weeks ago,but production saved him.They refuse to do anything about the cheating he(Frank)admitted to,and what the producers admit to seeing.It’s not surprising that you want people to stop talking about it.You tried the same thing with Squabble,whenever he mentioned Rachel&Jordan being saved by production,with the pandora’s box. Lol.

  2. At what point will the HGs realize that the Diamond Power of Veto is a dead concept? C’mon Frank, you’re a fan, how many times has the DPOV actually been part of the game? Relying and hoping for stupid crap like that has cost HGs many times before.

    1. Where’s Lawon when you need him?
      “If I get evicted, I will come back with a super power” ….um, yeah, sorry about your luck.

    2. They are crasping at straws bb doesn’t just give it to you and it has only been done twice first in bb4 and then in bb12 during pandor’s box and since there hasn’t been a pandor’s box and america hasn’t voted for anything i would doubt it. In fact i don’t even know if there will be a pandor’s box there are too many people in the house and they are running out of time

      1. @Hallie. The pandora’s box will come into play,whenever Frank is in danger of being evicted again.You know production will continue thinking of ways to save their favorite(smelly Frank).Lol.

          1. THE REAL FANS CARE because we are disgusted by SMELLY FRANK and by Production’s CHEATING to keep that skank in the game. He should of been sent home when Shane put him on the block but no production saved his ugly ass, and now he has cheated, bullied, threatened and still production will save his skanky ass!!!!! Gag it makes me sick just looking at his ugly lying face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. And this is why I usually end up rooting for who most BB fans hate. You guys are so irrational with your hated.

              What has production thrown Frank? The fact that he got to stay in the house because three of the four coaches were greedy enough to want to be in the game themselves (coincidentally, greedy Boogie wasn’t the greediest coach afterall but we’ll conveniently ignore that). The coaches KNEW Frank had one foot out the door and the coaches still KNOWINGLY made the decision to keep him so they could enter the game. If you want to blame production, fine. But not blaming the coaches themselves means that you’re saying these people have no free will. The coaches are as much to blame for Frank being there as production.

              How about the veto comp and Frank being told to fold at a certain point? You mean that it’s somehow different than Rachel helping Brendon out during comps if she can’t play or Dick guiding Daniele through comps that he couldn’t play? Give me a break. That’s grasping at straws. Just because Joe decides to Foghorn Leghorn about it doesn’t mean it was wrong.

              The drawing of the HG’s choice chip? I asked for the time specifically to see this and what I gathered was that Frank drew the HG choice chip to begin with. At that point, Frank was told to redraw so he put his hand back in the bag while gripping the HG choice chip HE ALREADY DREW and pulled his hand back out. Did he cheat production? Absolutely. Did production attempt to cheat him? Absolutely.

              Anymore straws you guys want to grasp at? Any other conspiracy theories? If anything, production kept the coaches safe for a month but it’s funny how little people complain about that.

              1. The problem to me isnt that Prod saved Frank but that because three coaches were greedy, prod threw out Shanes entire reign as HOH, why couldn’t of that eviction happen, what the big deal between 12 and 11 players, the only benefit of canceling that HOH was saving Frank.

                1. BUT the coaches knew it and still made the decision to keep him. If it was Joe going out the door and the twist was exactly the same, would anyone have cared?

                  The only thing I cry foul on was that Shane’s HOH was wasted completely and he didn’t even get any sort of compensation (safety, automatic POV play, whatever) for it. If the coaches come back in, fine. But not getting any type of perk for, literally, a wasted HOH is bullocks.

    1. what is going on here?? How come booger and carrot top aren’t chest bumping in the back room this week? Is the telephone broken in the DR cause there hasn’t been any calls this week?

      Interesting how fake booger was hugging Janelle when she left but he states he will not be fake and tell everyone to sit when he leaves.

      Booger gets pissed when people do not do what he wants, such a shane, I mean shame.

      Time for AG to step in and mess things up as usual. You know she has trolls redings these boards to get a feel what people are thinking.

      AG is a d-bag

  3. Last few hours of the Booger pity party for 3, I guess? They better do something for Ian’s video for him when he leaves

      1. I’m hoping Boogie can rattle them enough that a couple of them change their votes.
        He seems to be missing all the triggers at this point, though, so unless one of them has some sort of power…Chilltown 2.0 has just frozen over.

          1. I figured it was time for a change…Janelle’s worn out lip was, well, worn out. :)

            1. Speaking of Janelle’s worn out many people think that Dr. Will’s Botox job on Boogie will really change his expression (on his creepy eyebrow surprised look) when he finds out about the lawsuit???

  4. Why they let such trashy people on this show is beyond me! Why Ashley would want to align herself with that trash is blowing my brain cells trying to figure it out!

      1. Wow. Did some googling.

        A “Big Brother” contestant who vowed never to “boink on camera” to win is accused of screwing her ex out of big bucks.

        So claims former S&M king Anthony Marini, who is suing his ex-flame Ashley Iocco in Manhattan Supreme Court for $820,000.

        “She’s a thief,” charged Marini. “Nobody understands what this girl is doing.”

        Marini, 56, who in the 1990s ran The Vault — a notorious bondage den in the Meatpacking District — cast the 26-year-old buxom blonde as the star of his first feature film in 2010.

        A few months into the shoot, the two began dating.

        1. Nevermind. Nothing new than in Will’s link. Didn’t notice the gray text before.

          Didn’t somebody here suggest she may be a porn star? She kinda looks like a girl that would do disgusting movies. Not talking about straight porn even, but some really nasty stuff.

    1. Because she ultimately is attracted to trash ( like a 56 year old dude that was making her film a porno for sadocism&masochism (S&M)

    2. Because trashy people are more interesting to watch than a house full of folk reading the Bible and singing Kum Ba Yah.

    1. i’m thinking the cube has to do with the veto comp. The will be in HUGE arcade ball machine and will need to find a particular prize

    2. The Cube is for Boogie to put all his awesomeness in when he leaves tonight…as you see it’s not a very big box!!!!

  5. Wow!Boogie&Frank are pathetic.But,ofcourse CBS won’t dare show the viewers just how awful Frank is because that’s their(production’s) favorite.

  6. Frank will win his 3rd HoH & PoV! Make DDBS Alliance beg for Safety. Frank will say, “Sorry Shane & Dan” You are on the block” Bye, Bye Shane or Dan!

    1. and you just waisted good space ….lol…. really you are backing the likes of the 3 stooges… i mean trash talkers … really …

      1. They aren’t the only ones who have talked trash this season. Britney and Danielle were talking trash about Janelle while knowing she was already going home. This season has had more trash talking than actual game play.

        1. Its ok for them to trash talk though because they do it behind peoples backs and are pus*** about it smiling in peoples face minutes later. Bunch of pus***.

  7. Heres an idea for a BB season. Fifteen new players, three of which are labeled as ‘targets’ at the beginning. Each one worth a different value of money, 20k 50k and 100k, who is worth what isnt ever revealed. (value based on the IQ of the player) If the hoh takes out a target they recieve however much money the targets worth. The targets cant play in the first two hohs but once they can and win hoh and once veto is played they get to cast the single vote to evict. They have the chance to play in any pov and if they win it the veto becomes a diamond veto. Those hohs and povs only apply until final five then its normal. If a target wins the game they get the grand prize and the money they are worth. If they get second the winner gets the grand prize and what the targets worth. Interesting concept or not?

    1. Interesting in a sense….. none of the other houseguests should know who the targets are so having them inelligible for the HOH will single them out even more than being the target

  8. For someone who is always critizing other people that have never watched it he does realize that they don’t just give you a power the diamond veto is either won or american votes on who gets it and since he isn’t america’s favorite then i would say that would never happen ( even for bb that would be wrong)

  9. “Mike says f**king eagle-eye Joe what a f**king Loser! Dumb motha f**ker, red neck piece of sh*t! The guy makes horrible food that doesn’t wash his hands. From a guy that his owned 17 restaurants over the years I have never tasted more worse food! They talk about how when Joe gets home his son Levi will have lost the karate tournament, not mowed the lawn and his wife Sarah is f**king the neighbor”

    LMAO! this is what I will deeply miss when boogie goes home tonight. too many sensitive fans will disagree, but if you want some wholesome holier than thou type of people in the game, stop watching BB.

    1. AMEN!!!!!! LOL!!!! I’m going to miss Boogie if he goes. He plays too nice this season. He and Evil Dick together will tear the whiney house down!!!!

    2. I agree! I think he is funny! Maybe they should all just sit around reading the bible, or compliment each other! What a great show that would be! (NOT) lol

  10. Dan Should keep boogie because he wont win unles he sits next to him or brittany because a coach will never win next to a newbie And i hope they decide to put ians head on a stick. most of all i want ashly to pull out a win and take out DDBS LOL

    1. The only way ashley would win anything is if nobody else is playing lol Frank is in trouble if his fate is tied to that airhead

  11. Boogie and Frank are the main ones saying don’t make it persona and then they go and say that about joe and his family!? That isn’t right, since they say they tell everybody stuff to their faces maybe they should go tell Joe that instead behind his back. I disliked them too, but now I truly hate them. They took it too far! It’s just a game, but now its different once you start bringing families into it!

    1. yea, it’s one thing to talk shit about the people, but bringing family members into it is just wrong, sure his kid is proud of his dad

    1. He may be playing his heart out but he is attached to some real winners so it makes him look bad….. Boogie has manipulated him and if he was playing his heart out he would have taken out dan like HE wanted to instead of listening to boogie

      That and the showmance with the porn chick will be his secondary downfall…. his first was being close to boogie

      1. Oh, come on, it’s his dream. He and he alone deserves to win. After all, he is the self-proclaimed best player EVER! LOL

        1. This site has A LOT of Frank and Boogie haters. Like you. Try bitching about someone else for once. Jesus what will this thread be like without Frank and Boogie?

      1. That is THE dumbest SHIt to say to a father. You’re an IDIOT!!!! I’m sure Frank is a great guy. He has done ANYTHING to say to his father he should be ashamed. What a shitty thing to say dumbass!

    2. Oh yeah disgusting smelly ugly Frank is someone a dad should be proud of or only a dad that has no morals or conscience or integrity. Your son is a disgust to the human race with his foul mouth, threatening women, trying to bully people to do what you want, his whining when he does not get his way, and his laughter and agreement when his bed buddy, Boogie, threatens to sexually assault (rape) Dan’s wife. That really is a piece of trash for a son and apparently the father is just as disgusting and vile if you are proud of that piece of garbage which is what your son is!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be ashamed but that would require you to be a man and apparently you are just as vile as your pathetic son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. maybe your bf/husband should meet his father and talk it out face to face…. betcha any money that the tune will change … either that or your other gets the living shit kicked out of him… after all sid has been fighting professionally for the last 20+ years

      2. !!!!! dont make your opinions better than anyones elses. You look like a 12 year old who is calling names. Take a midol and shut the hell up.

    3. Love Frank, hope he wins it! Just keep winning those hoh’s and pov’s and pluck the quack pack off one at a time! You raised a great kid, be proud :)

      1. When did Ashley tell Jenn she was not a straight line and had a crush on her, or was that just delusional Dani making that up? Dani and Jenn are SUPER close? When did THAT happen? Jenns only been in the house since Monday…lol. I was LMAO off when Dani was talking about how jenn was her girl, and how if they put Jenn on the block she would DEMAND to be on the block too…..of course you would, your teams not going to vote you off. Sad part is that tats fell for it hook, line and sinker…….dumb, dumb, dumb…….

    4. Oh you must be so proud of that!! If that is something to be proud of I would question your parenting! What would you think if these things were said about your family by the other players?!? I think you need to think about it because if someone said that about franks nana you wouldn’t be too happy!! Or maybe you would, if that is what you consider good game playing than by all means everyone should talk and act like frank…..NOT!!! I would be embarrassed if that was my son far from proud!!!

  12. Jeezus! Boogie you have got to deal with your negativity or your life will take a death spiral. 17 resteraunts you scimmed all the profits you idiot.

    1. direct to you from Jayelle’s house of life coaching and libel.
      you nor I have no idea what the facts are in that case…but it sounds good when you say it.
      don’t forget the counter-suit for extortion.

  13. Haha I love how Frank says Jenn has never won anything or will be so confused about a double eviction..umm look at your girlfiriend Ashley. They’re just so salty they didn’t backstab anyone first because they would have done it in a heartbeat.

  14. OMG are these two for real … if there is a lord up above . booger gets the boot .. frankintine falls on his foul mouth face and licks the floor on his way out the door… BB out did themselves with these two DISCUSTING exuses for humans .. they are nothing more then the TRASH that keeps coming out of their mouths…. come on BB i thought you had more class then this … and if by chance frank does win .. let there be a speacial something for one of the players to remove who ever he puts up and they choose who goes up … one can hope … please please please .. thow out the trash

  15. Simon and dawg just wandering… Why do u give frank and boogie such a bad edit all i ever see on this site is something bad about my favorite two frank and boogie they may talk bad about others but when it comes to game their the ones who tried to stick to S6

    1. And what do you suppose would have happened next week when the house shifted back to B&F? They would have pulled the trigger. Frank came awful close last week – only Ian and his bizarre logic and Boogie stopped him from backdooring Dan. Face it, the S6 was really only formed for the purpose of getting Frank off the block. As soon as it was formed they started talking about the order in which they would dispose of the others and who would be best at the end.

  16. hate on me if you want, but i like Boogie in this game, he is the only conversation i watch on BBAD, i FF most of the rest…..but good lord his comments and attitude have gotten so nasty…above and beyond!! although they ALL are nasty people in here with what they say….this game is terrible in that regard! just nasty talk about everyone all the time! i am routing for Dan to secretly flip his vote tonight and blame it on someone else..just because that would be awesome fun!!!!

    PS- i have watched all the interviews Jeff has done w evicted houseguests on CBS.COM and if you havent watched him and Wil, you should! it was FUN! :)

    1. why would anyone want to watch a homophobe interview a gay guy?

      better yet, why would anyone want to watch a homophobe, period???

      until jeff decides that gays are as good as he is, and are qualified to teach, i have no use for him, period.

    2. Boogie, Frank and Danielle’s body parts are the only things I watch on BBAD.

      The alternatives are Britney eating with her mouth open, Frank talking with food in his mouth, Joe’s complete incomprehension of the impending bitch slap he’s about to get (or his cooking show that is so annoying, it has received about 30 seconds of airtime on a program starving for content), Ian’s “snitches get stitches” impersonation of a hall monitor and Jenn either sleeping or going “yeah, yeah, yeah” ad infinitum.


    3. I am a Fan too! I hope he stays!!!! I think he is funny. If he goes, the house will be sooooo boring! It will be like watching a church show! lol

  17. We don’t give any of them bad edits… we simply transcribe what they say and do …so if you think a house guest looks bad then its because they are doing it to themselves..

    1. not sure if that was in ref to my comment since it is not numbered, but I am not thinking of any bad editing if it was, I actually am wondering what Joe thinks he did to cheat, Best I have heard, read and scene there has been no cheating witnessed by people on here aside from Joe eating cheese cake while a have not, yet it seems based on Joes accusations people on here are now saying Frank is a cheater.

      1. @Henry.Dawg was responding to the person that said they’re fans of Boogie&Frank and that person wanted to know why this site gives Boogie&Frank a bad edit.I agree with Dawg’s response.Obviously that person only watch the CBS show.Which is why they think the stuff they read about Boogie&Frank are lies.But it’s not.Boogie&Frank are really that awful,but CBS refuse to show the viewers,Boogie&Frank true colors.

        1. Yea, I may not waste my money on the feeds, but I know I’m gettin the scoop on what’s goin down in the house by OBB, Simon and Dawg never let us down

        2. Especially to get how the HGs REALLY acts and not just the bullshit edits to make certain people look good or bad, which has been happening constantly throughout the seasons…

        3. BBAD gives DDSB good edits. They switch from DDSB when they are talking bad about everyone else in the house I wish everyone would quit acting like DDSB is Golden.

  18. Franks face is like an ass and his mouth is the hole. He talks so much shit its like diarrhea coming out. He acts like a good person but he is a punk.

  19. I hope sweet little Ian wins HoH tonight…or DAN!!!–Big support to the coaches, I like how he has taken Ian under his wing,,,

    1. For real?
      Ian is Dan’s (actually the whole quack pack’s) bitch. When Dan is done with him, Ian will be on the block and out the door.
      Boogie and Frank were actually looking out for Ian more than anyone else in the house.

    2. Ian worries me because his game is simliar to that of dan’s in season 10 but Ian doesn’t want to win if he wins it will be out in the open that he is working with dan,danielle, brit and shane and it won’t take frank long to figure out that ian has been playing them ashley may take awhile to figure it out

      1. I think Ashley still wakes up every morning and asks her self “where am I? who are all these people?”

        1. I laughed out loud when I watched Brit talking to Ash – waking up and thinking that they are in purgatory in the BB house – they don’t know they died – and now when they walk out the door – the jury house is hell.

    3. Now this is funny when the votes come out it is going to look like ashley flipped and is floating again which means frank will be mad at her and nobody will be wise to Ian unless he has to win hoh but i have a strange feeeling he will target joe

    4. Are you kidding me? He ain’t sweet. He worst than Dan! Frank will win his 3rd HoH & 3rd PoV! Period!

  20. It’s alright if Boogie does not like Joe, but there is no reson to bring his family into this. Not cool. I thought Boogie would take the high road. I was wrong.

  21. Frank will win 4 HoH & 5 PoV! BB will never do that. He will survive the Double eviction! DDBS doesn’t stand a chance.

  22. Frank’s attitude may change when Boogie leaves; he may feel a little insecure. He will definitely be affected if he does not when HOH or POV. I’d love to see that, he needs to be taken down a notch. No, a few notches!! Can’t wait to see tonight!!

    1. yes, he needs to be taken down a notch.
      Maybe put him on the block…for the 5th time?
      Nobody has had a harder battle in this game than Frank, from day 1, for no other reason than Janelle needed someone to hate.
      That sentiment has stuck with the house the entire season.
      Then he got scumbagged by his own team for “mentioning Dan’s name” when thinking about who to evict…even though he kept his word…again…and Shane screwed him…again.

      Can you really blame him for getting a bit pissy?


      1. Exactly. If anybody has a right to be pissed, it’s him. On the block every single week that he isn’t HoH. I would be fuming too. People continuously considering you a target when you haven’t done ANYTHING.

        People need to realize Frank has earned his spot here and if he does win, I’d be happy because who else has been put on the block every single week and manage to avoid being evicted? He fought his butt off in this competition, so my hat goes off to him.

      2. Frank did more than mention Dan’s name – he pushed hard over and over to Boogie to put him up. Then Boogie sealed their fate by 1) the convo with Ian about who to put up in a double eviction situation last week – Joe and Brit? No Shane. and 2) talking to Danielle about her being ready to make a big move, but one she wouldn’t like. They had to go up together to ensure they could break up this duo. I wish it were Frank going home because, even tho I don’t like Boogie (I think he is lower than scum), I would have enjoyed watching him and Dan play together. Unfortunately, Frank won veto – and it would be stupid to allow them to remain together now.

      3. No apparently the concensus in the house and on this board is he should just smile and not trash talk anyone and be happy about constantly being the target. If it werent for Janelle who hated Jojo Danielle would have been out and Dan eliminated but we know how that turned out. I know how BB works and am hoping the power will shift as watching these cocky mfs in the HOH nightly is getting on my nerves. The idiots like Jenn and Joe who are joining an already crowded alliance. They are too dumb to realize once the other side is out they will be picked out first. Oh well it will give me something to laugh at the very least.

  23. Boogie was just sitting up by the chess set, crying with his face buried in a towel. and Ian is in the have not’s room pacing and crying.

    1. This is about more than just being evicted from BB. Boogie has some serious problems waiting for him on the outside. I am thinking that “The Wizard” told him about the new lawsuit. I do think, however, that his ginormous ego has taken a hit and think that he may feel better about the real reason he is exiting…Ian.

  24. Mike is an asshole, but lets face it, he is very entertaining on this show…Dan might be a better player, but he doesn’t make good TV like Mike does…Janelle was also entertaining, and she’s gone too :(((…Worst season since season 9…It will never happen now, but if Mike stayed he might go into Evil Dick mode on some people in the house…

    1. I keep hoping he goes Evil Dick. The nice guy thing hasn’t worked.
      He needs to start belching out some of the silent six’s secrets like who they were talking about putting up, how Joe was the target when he was up, how Dan said he had no problem cutting Danielle loose after they got rid of Shane… and show the other players in the game what’s up.

      I have no idea why he doesn’t sing like a canary.

  25. I have been wanting to ask, I saw earlier in the week that Joe was accusing Frank of cheating in the POV. How exactly was he supposed to cheat when it was a look and guesstimate the number comp? Not like he walked over and was actually counting up close when no one else could. Anyone knoiw what Joe thinks he did?

    1. Frank had a houseguest chip in his hand before they pulled the chips out he palmed the chip if you watch last night production only show Frank exiting the bag not before so Shane picked first than Boogie now Frank stacked the deck with HG choice so Danielle and Dan or Britney never got to play once POV started and as everyone got eliminated until it was Ashley Frank Boogie yelled fold to Ashley so Frank won because she folded

    2. The way I saw that comp, Frank had the absolute least advantageous position.
      He was always asked first whether he wanted to stay or fold.
      The last person asked has the best advantage in that scenario because you know how many people are in or out.

      1. Actually all the contestants had to lock in their hold or fold answers before they started going down the line revealing their choices. The problem was Boogie as usual jumped the gun and was eliminated first, then he sat over and yelled instructions to Frank after the guesses were revealed as to whether to hold or fold. The chip thing is up in question, but I don’t doubt it, especially when BB went to all the trouble of dumping out the bag after to “prove” everything was on the up and up. That action in itself implies guiltiness.

          1. what specifically was Joe ranting on? He said because of the cheat Ashley should have won. Well if it is a chip thing then Ashley was in it due to it. If it was a yelling thing, first I didn’t here a rule saying you couldn’t cheer and coach on much like the endurance challenges and second even if she stayed she was far enough away should would have lost, and third even if she had won the point it still would have been 2-1 at that time for frank.

            When was the bag dumped out? Was it just mentioned or was it on the feeds, first I heard of it? What prompted it in the first place?

  26. I just don’t feel bad for an at all…crying in the have not room….he has been watching this show for how many seasons…he knows what this came is about…no sympathy…I think it is ridiculous. on the first couple of seasons on these long running reality shows like survivor, bachelor and bb you know what you’re getting into. in bb épée illy ts all about deception…Ian if you can’t handle itt self evict…you took someone else’s spot who was willing to follow thr and play the game that they knew was going to be the game.

  27. Seriously frank is acting like a punk I liked Frank in the beginning but after this week he just is a asshole the man really showed his true colors

  28. Why the hell is ian crying all the time if mike leaves its ians fault.If he doesnt want mike to leave than he better get goin and try and do somethan otherwise quit bein a little B***H

  29. Frank: It kills me about Dan. His story is similar to mine trying to get on this show so many times but he tried to scumbag me.

    WTF???!?!? So, he has to help you to win the game?

  30. So calling Jenn brown water trash (or whatever) isn’t talking bad about her?? Ian is overridden with guilt about Boogie and fear of Joe ratting him out, hope that kid can survive the night without throwing up.

  31. maybe frank and boogie could blame theist messed up game on Simon and dawg..I think they have run out of all other things to blame.

    1. Their ‘messed up game’ was because they mistakenly trusted
      Ian, and because Shane was so busy letting Britney tell Shane
      what to do that Shane didn’t have time to figure out that
      getting rid of the other ‘big targets’ this early was foolish
      for all the ‘big targets’.

      1. Exactly! Eliminating big targets is not good this early in the game, especially when you’re one of them!

        This move was good for Britney and Dan and nobody else.

        It’s Shane’s fault for not snapping out of this “coach” thing and realizing that Britney is playing for the same prize that he is.

        He has no game play and he doesn’t know how to think on his own without someone guiding him.

        Like I said, this is what happens when BB casts people that have never watched the show before.

        Looks do not equal Brain.

    1. It was announced during last Thursday’s television show
      (right after a commercial maybe, can’t remember exactly

  32. tonight’s predictions…

    1. mike is evicted
    2. frank wins hoh
    3. dan and shane are nominated
    4. shane wins pov, pulls himself off
    5. joe is renom
    6. dan is evicted
    7. hoh comp is endurance, danielle wins

    for the record, i’m hitting about 30% accuracy in these predictions…we’ll see tonight…

    1. Here is my prediction

      1.Mike evicted 5-2
      2.Frank wins HoH
      3.Dan & Shane on the block
      4.Frank wins PoV
      5.Keep the nomination a same
      6.Shane or Dan evicted 4-3
      7.Ashley wins HoH!

      1. Here is my prediction. I will keep make stupid prediction while butchering english language, and people will agree with me because I best blogger in histories of OBB!!! Yay me!!!

      2. i would love to see ashley win an hoh…couldn’t begin to count how many combinations of noms she could come up with before nominating someone else at the last minute she had never even talked about…it would be great drama!

        1. If Frank wins HOH – DDBS out Ian as the one who fed them info. Frank running on emotion nominates Ian and Dan/Shane. Unless Ian wins veto, DDBS has the votes to evict Ian – Ashley (if she plays) will go with Frank’s noms.

      1. brit has been covering both sides of the house this week, and dan hasn’t tried to defend his name. i think brit, ian, and shane would all take dan’s nom as an opportunity to rid the house of a huge threat, but maybe not…

    2. “Jenn says I do, I understand you fart glitter. Ashley says that she wishes she farted glitter.”

      Wish I farted glitter that would be awesome, I’d fart on everyone in site, and when they start to get angry they say “Oh Look at the pretty colors” that’s when I’ll say “You’re Welcome”

  33. frank says that if he and mike are gone they they are going to work the votes in jury if he is against dan


    Frank just helped Dan his way to F2

    1. @EricMoonless, It will never happen. Frank wins his 3rd HoH Fast Forward! Either Dan or Shane will never survive the live eviction. Same as Ian, He will just keep on throwing. Dan or Shane will be te first member of our Jury.

  34. A couple of days ago something clear and square hanging
    from the ceiling was mentioned (if I recall correctly?).

    And there is still the clear box with the question mark
    on it.

    It makes sense that people are wondering about a twist.

  35. If Boogie treated people better he wouldn’t be in this position. I didn’t watch the show but watched the live feeds that night. I guess Boogie was throwing a tantrum, was rude or pouting or something that night. That was the night in the HOH room when they all decided to become the Silent Six. When Boogie and Frank left the room the QP was formed and they decided to bring in Ian. Ian agreed that night I think based on Boogies reactions and attidude. No, Boogie cannot play the game without Dr. Wil at his side. Dr. Wil would have had all his bases covered and treated people with respect knowing the game always changes. Mike lucked out!! He was never the man behind the moves.

    1. Boogie isn’t in this position because of the way he treats people.

      He’s in this position because Ian thinks that Ian will be an important
      villain player if Ian can claim credit for getting Boogie out.

      1. The entire reason DDBS decided to nominate Frank and Boogie
        was because Ian told Britney that Boogie/Frank were coming
        after Britney/Shane next. That is what broke up the Silent Six.

  36. For anyone playing the drinking game.. Frank said Dream 4 times in his conversation with Ian about 20 minutes ago + Ian said Dream once seeing as it’s early that’s 5 drinks :)

    In Case Frank leaves tonight we can change the drinking game to Ian or Danielle

    1. How about the Danielle Do I look Fat drinking game.
      Nevermind, I’d be drunk by noon.

  37. Mike actually cared about Ian, he gave him $3,000 and protected him from being nominated for a week…Ian should feel bad, the one person who would’ve taken Ian to the F3 he just screwed over…Dan doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Ian nor does Britney…

    1. He gave Ian the money because he HAD to give it to someone, and Ian was on slop for 2 weeks, THAT’S WHY HE GAVE IT TO HIM

      1. I don’t understand why some people think he gave anyone any money. There were 3 prizes and he could only keep one. Being a millionaire, I felt he should have kept the smallest amount for himself – we saw how teared up Ian got when he got $3,000 and how much the money meant to him. UNLESS, Boogie is in a bigger financial trouble than we know, with all the lawsuits against him. Is that why he went for $10,000? I guess we’ll find out in the news sometime.

  38. “Jenn says I do, I understand you fart glitter. Ashley says that she wishes she farted glitter.”

    Wish I farted glitter that would be awesome, I’d fart on everyone in site, and when they start to get angry they say “Oh Look at the pretty colors” that’s when I’ll say “You’re Welcome”

  39. If Frank wins HOH you can truly believe that the game was designed for him to win or he once again cheated to win. BB wants high ratings and will do anything for people to keep tuned in, so I don’t put it past them to see to it he wins HOH. Frank has to be evicted. Please BB get him out!!!!

  40. I sense that Ian might flip his vote. Slim chance, but I really think he is re-assessing his actions right now.

  41. love mike boogie hahahaha. go out with a bang mike

    also like how he wants frank to go for blood, its just pure awesome if frank somehow wins this next hoh

    PLEASE frank win the next hoh. or ashley, that would be even better.

    AG, please save boogie, or we will lose one of the most entertaining men in reality TV forever….

    sad day in chilltown…population…1.

  42. Re: Boogie about Danielle’s weight. At least she can do something about her weight, you can’t fix ugly, Mr. Leprechaun. Plus Joe has a wife and four kids that love him dearly, Boogie is hoping his” mommy” is there when he gets out, how pathetic.. He talks about families being appalled about their actions, I hope his son never sees the live feeds. I feel sorry for the kids mother, being stuck with Boogie for the next 18 years!!!!! Hope I get to see his face when he realizes it was Ian that took him for a fool. He wants Dan to feel bad for something he didn’t do, when he finds out Dan didn’t say anything will Boogie be sad. Sore LOSER!!!!! I mean loser in more ways than in the house (in life). How come he keeps coming back to big brother, is that the only place he feels satisfied. I can understand people being upset but to be so mean about it. It is a game, he know this happens and you can tell he just hates it that he can’t tell people what to do. He thinks his way is the right way. I can’t wait until everyone sees what bad things he said about them, I don’t think anyone will want him at the reunion, nor will they want to talk to him.


    loyal to boogie, I appreciate that so freaking much.

    ian, you suck, and if you had pl ayed it right, JOE IS GOING HOME, instead you got your FRIEND out of the house. a friend you could have beat

    stupid kid.

    1. I agree 100%…If things bounced his way, Mike was going to take his team members to the Final 4…With most likely Ian and Frank in the finals…

  44. Someone a while back in these blogs stated that Mike Malin will find out that once he is out of the house he has another law suit filed against him. Where did that information come from?

  45. booooooooooooogie.

    I hope if they do a pairs all stars season, boogie and frank come back

    this sucks, its just too early. needed another 2 evictions of mike boogie wit.


    cmon allison, save boogie. do it do it do it do it

    if you dont, let frank win hoh, it HAS to happen, or the rest of the game will be the most obvious boot list since russell released survivor boot list

  46. Simon/Dawg do you think we will be able to see the second hoh comp on the feeds tonight? I can’t remember from last season.

      1. They didn’t show the 2nd HOH last year. It was the snake tournament that Porsche won (think Jordan was 2nd). They showed it on the Sunday show. Feeds were not down for overly long. They have to get it accomplished within 3 hours before BBAD.

  47. I personally dont want frank to win the first hoh i hope he wins the pov then the second hoh that would be the best thing for him

  48. Hopefully both Ian and Joe will both figure out that DDBS+Jenn
    leaves them both in #6 or #7 in that group.

    Both Ian and Joe would be better off with Boogie/Frank/Ashley.

    It’d be great to see Ian/Joe do some grade school math.

  49. Ian isn’t crying about booger leaving, the fuck would he be crying about that for(THIS was HIS doing) he’s crying that Ashley won’t be giving him that hand job, she’ll be giving it to Frank as well as blow.

  50. Franks a moron if he thinks he has played a clean game, no one has. He’s a even bigger moron if he thinks we as viewers believe that.

  51. I saw how Ian was pacing back and forth alone in his room, crying. For like 20 minutes or so. He must be terrified of what happens if he does win HOH and has to put Frank up. Little guy is in a tough spot, trying to be cool with both sides.

  52. I think they should tell Frank it was Ian and NOT Dan that told Shane about putting up Britney and Dan. They need to throw 8an under the bus right before HOH comp to shake him up. Frank is so full of himself and Ian crying because Booger is going home sickens me. Shane flipped the house like the promos said. Booger and Frank are making it personal by calling others names. I am sure their moms are embarrassed, or baby mommy. They are acting like the 8th graders I just taught today. Ian is no longer any use to them, so I hope they do it. I respeted Ian’s game until he started crying. I bet he says later ig was strategy…booohoo

  53. Let’s make this like Christmas morning. Vote out Boogie followed by Ian winning HOH and putting up Frank. Seeing the turd in Frank’s mouth when Ian gets him out would be priceless. Quack Pack two Team Ahole zero.

  54. I wonder if production offered Ian 10 or $20K if he could get Mike evicted and that’s why he turned into a double agent.? Maybe he’s crying because he feels guilty.

  55. Why are you people so angry? If you have really been watching you would have noticed that lil miss snowflake has been the biggest manipulator and bully out of everyone. Perhaps you should familiarize yourselves with this show. And if you have such a problem with swearing and vulgarity, don’t watch… This is all just make believe. Not real life. Just for entertainment. There is a lot of research that goes into reality shows, and the number one priority is ratings and increasing viewership, there is obviously a reason CBS, casting, and the show is going in this direction… So to everyone whining about cheating, swearing, and backstabbing, and lying, you are clearly the minority, stop watching, quit complaining, CBS will not miss you. Every season people lie, swear, flip flop, float, mislead, and flat out just change their minds (which last time I checked, is allowed in this country) its just a game. So sit back enjoy, strategize, try to guess, and just take the show for what it’s worth. Entertainment!

    A lot of people commenting on here are far to up tight. Stop being so judgmental. If you don’t like something someone does, don’t be friends with them, and don’t do those actions yourself. noone is perfect, do not judge just because someone sins differently from you.

    CBS, keep producing a great show! The more controversy the better!

  56. Settle down, at the end of the day it is a tv show. Why is everyone getting so pissed? Frank is hilarious, otherwise te show would be a snooze-fest this season. all reality shows have producers and favor certain people. Also, how do Dan and Brittney keep getting voted fan favorites, they are so annoying and both just as cocky as Boogie. If you don’t like te show change the channel and quit whining, don’t let it ruin your day. Surely, the world has bigger problems.

  57. @Simon: Why does everybody think that if Dan outs Ian to Frank that he was the one that told that Frank is going to believe him or anybody else on that side of the house. Even if Brit were to tell him he’s not going to believe them. Frank is so fired up about Dan that Dan can tell him that the sky is blue and Frank won’t care. Does no one else see that? Ian has positioned himself pretty well with that.

  58. Ok heres a few facts 1 CBS at this time has the lowest ratings ever for bb this show is so old it’s lost it’s steam hell even survivor does better in ratings . Has for the live feeds your morons for paying for it hell slice tv shows it at night for free on cable tv . 2 mike boogie has been a loser and still is a loser on the show frank is mikes puppet .franks so far up mikes ass I bet he can smell the flowers . Now Ashley she looks like a space cadet she so loopy she makes real junkies look sane where did CBS find her in rehab . Danielle is smart but for 23 she acts like a 15 year old all she needs to do is mature some more . Ian he’s a lost little boy if he thinks Ashley would ever hookup with him in this life span then he needs a reality check because she is out of his league and he’s being played like a fool . Now if I were Brits hubby and I was watching my wife act the way she is on bb when she gets home I would have something waiting for her called divorce papers for a married woman she sure acts like a single girl . Does anyone know if Britney is bi or not she sure flirts alot with other girls when she’s had a few to many drinks . Now Dan he says he’s married but odd he spends so much time with Danielle you really have to wonder how dans wife must be reacting to seeing her hubby spend so much time with another woman . Jenn is useless on bb she’s a waste of space . If joes food is so bad even I wouldn’t eat it . Shane on the other hand needs to grow a set because if you don’t cut the snakes head off it will bite you in the ass .

  59. Ian a little shit, i bet you he vote to keep boogie. trying to play a big mans game and dont have the balls to do shit. fking little wierdo.

  60. OMG Boogie needs to grow up. Really, Trash talking people like that. Hey Boogie, whens the last time YOU looked in the mirror? No George Clooney!!!! Way to set a good example for your son. Disgusting.

    I love what Dr. Will said in his interview…”Hey Boogie, season 2 called , they want their clothes back”. He has posted in his blog he doesn’t even watch the show any more. So I laugh when Boogie talks to the cameras thinking he’s talking to Will. He needs to finally STOP RIDING WILL’S COAT TAILS after all these years!!!

  61. OMG Boogie needs to grow up. Really, Trash talking people like that. Hey Boogie, whens the last time YOU looked in the mirror? No George Clooney!!!! Way to set a good example for your son. Disgusting.

    I love what Dr. Will said in his interview…”Hey Boogie, season 2 called , they want their clothes back”. He has posted in his blog he doesn’t even watch the show any more. So I laugh when Boogie talks to the cameras thinking he’s talking to Will. He needs to finally STOP RIDING WILL’S COAT TAILS after all these years!!!

  62. Live feeders have seen /heard Frank say he grabbed the houseguest choice and palmed it somehow and also Boogie admitted to Frank that he cheated on the Veto comp. Of course production did nothing, Boogie should of at least got a vote like Jenn did in BB8 for eating if I remember correctly. Oh well who knows….

  63. How can bb let mike and frank continue to talk about other peoples families?? They are not in the game and should be off limits!! Not only is mike saying he was going to f*ck dans wife but Britney’s husband was f*cking woman on his birthday and now joes wife is f*cking the neighbor!! Really CBS that is unacceptable that right there is grounds for at least a penalty vote wtf??? Who are these people?! I am so sick of frank saying Dan Dan Dan over and over and over! Admit you have a crush on the guy already jeez!!! It’s pathetic really once Dan is gone who will he talk about then. Oh yeah it will be dans fault if anything happens to frank for the rest of his life, unreal!!! And Ian?! I’m so mad at him what a little weasel he thinks he is so smart until he gets caught!! Dan better leave boogie a goodbye message that says you were duped by your kid, not me! Oh and btw I will be kicking your a@@ when I get out of here for what you said about my wife!! I wanted Ian for the win but screw that now he can sleep with frank and go right into jury for all I care, Dan should win by default for putting up with this crap!!! Oh and someone give mike and frank some soap they definitely need a mouth cleaning mother f*ckers!! Never said that in my life but man heard it quite a bit lately. Unreal!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!

  64. Why doesn’t anyone give Danielle credit for winning HOH? She got Janelle out, one of the biggest moves of the season. Plus I think Dan should get an award for keeping his lips zipped. It is harder to sit there and take it from someone who has it all wrong that to bully people because you didn’t get your way. Some say it is a sneaky way to play but I would say it is the harder one by far, plus if he can get everyone to do his dirty work, the smarter way too. I could undedstand Boogie saying that stuff because he was mad about going home but he was saying that stuff when he was safe and thought he knew better than anyone else.

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