Big Brother 17 After Show – Hosted by Ryan Carrillo, Jen Johnson, Ashley Iocco & Kevin Zelman

BB17 After Show Hosts 2 (Copy)

The Big Brother After Show on has a weekly episode that analyses the game from the perspective of big brother alumni and from a superfans point of view. The segment is hosted by Ryan Allen Carrillo, Ashley Iocco (BB Season 14), Jen Johnson (BB Season 8) and Kevin Zelman – all super fans! In each weekly segment the panel will discuss, review, and breakdown each new episode of Big Brother Season 17.

As you well know our live feed updates keep you up to date minute by minute on what happens inside the house and the BB After Show helps provides a recap and analysis of the events over the past week. Watch the newest episode below and join in on analysing what’s happening in the game by commenting below. Also check The Stream TV’s YouTube channel including episode 2 when they had Big Brother 16’s Zack Rance on the show.

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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What was the second HOH room used for when there was no BOB?

Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box and maybe something else.


It should be used for Liz, Judas, and I for a honeymoon suite. Well I guess Liz doesn’t need to be the only girl there since all the women in the house want me……

That’s what the extra room should be… But it used to be a luxury/penalty room, like Pandora’s box.


Pandora’s box

Just in case you missed it live.....

After Show? Who cares, Jen quit touching your hair!


This show is horrible! They didn’t even know Austin purposely voted the way he did so that he could pin it on Steve being Americas player. So they don’t even watch the feeds. I like to watch the robhasapodcast shows – they are funny and pick up on a lot.

brotalk to human dictionary

started watching this. when jen said ‘i’m not sure if I can say this, did they show it on the show?’ I stopped.
if the show edit and the feeds are so disparate that they don’t know what they can and can’t talk about before they start filming, i’m skeptical.


Jen Johnson still looks as hot as ever. ^.^


I know eh holy cow


Funny, I was just thinking of Jen this past week, with all the have it rule break and what not xD


the show sucks get two legendary females like janelle or brittney.
Those girls suck overall strategy and comps they did not even know
what to do.